God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, September 28, 2012


September 28, 2012

                                               Bonus and pay for bankers to be kept in line

It has been brought to my attention, once again, that if you have the good fortune to have some wealth, you are hated. This is something I will never understand. In fact it makes about as much sense as hating someone because they are of a different race. But, it is totally accepted by many people. If a person speaks, writes or acts racist towards another race of people the world stands up in anger. If others speak write and act the same way towards someone with wealth they are applauded. Even if this wealthy person received their wealth through the hard work of their ancestors, themselves or even both.
Therefore, if greedy criminals steal their money these wealthy deserve the theft?  
It boggles the mind.
There are some wealthy who come by their wealth honestly. I’ve wondered what percentage do they fall into according to the occupiers? At the moment they don’t apparently deserve a percentage…there’s the 99% and 1%. People like me don’t exist. Yet I do know these wealthy are victims just like the occupiers and we’re all being victimized by our greedy corrupt leaders, US government & their posse’s.
In Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave they document the greed and corruption of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, president & first lady of the Philippines. The book goes into much detail about how they deposited into many different banks their looted gold bullion in exchange for “Gold Certificates.” This seems to be a perfectly reasonable solution to what to do with tons of gold. After all you most certainly cannot walk around with that much gold in your pocket. The truth is it should be a reasonable solution were it not for one key factor. That is the total dishonesty of the banks that issue these certificates and the greed they breed.
I never had tons of gold nor did I have billions of dollars. I just happened to have more than a lot of people and certainly more than the people hired to protect it. Like most people I trusted the banks, attorneys and trustees entrusted to protect my assets. Why shouldn’t I? After all there are federal laws governing and protecting us from dishonest bankers, attorneys and trustees. The only problem is the people in government whose job it is to enforce these laws are possibly more greedy and lazy than the previously mention cabal of greedy bastards.
Look at what happened to Imelda as she brought to Hawaii billions of dollars worth of gold certificates. Granted, she and her husband did come by them through crime but the crime continued when the US Government confiscated all these gold certificates and said them to be worthless.
Yet, these certificates promptly disappeared into some unknown official’s pocket. Now this could never have happened were it not for the willing complicity of the issuing bank. It is very simple, the bank does not want to lose all the gold held in their vaults so they will lie cheat and sometimes kill to keep it there.
Why let the law get in their way?
True, this was a very large amount of money and the Japanese stole it all from many different people and countries. Does that make the crimes and deceit that it bred acceptable? It doesn’t but to some the greed is worse than any addiction, worse than drugs or alcohol. The Emperor of Japan caused the death and destruction of untold numbers of people for one thing, greed. Not only did he do this the US Government allowed him to retain billions of dollars just to keep him happy.
 Why, because these US civil servants wanted the rest of the loot.
So why is it so hard for the average person to believe banks are dishonest? Some law firm on behalf of a class of plaintiffs occasionally sues them. Then after many years they settle with said bank for what appears to be a large amount of money.
Here is the rub, the plaintiffs receive just pennies on the dollar against their loss and the law firm takes the lions share. That in and of itself is bad enough but lets say the bank cheated X numbers of people out of say 10 billion dollars and they then settle the lawsuit for say 2 billion dollars. Gee pretty nice profit of 8 billion! A 2 billion dollar settlement was just the cost of doing business.
Never mind the lives that are completely destroyed.
The bottom line is there will always be people that are greedy and want what someone else has. They will do whatever is required to take the gold from the rightful owner. Also, the cabal that is created will lie, cheat and steal from one another because of their uncontrollable greed.
The greed these individuals exhibit is just a mere shadow of the greed exhibited by the banks that take in the stolen loot. The really amazing thing is most people have bank accounts. They keep their money in the bank for safekeeping without giving a thought to it being guarded by the biggest most greedy of them all…the financial institutions and the government authorities paid by our taxes to regulate the banks while not lifting a finger to do so.
This brings me to possibly the only other group of people that could be worse than the bankers. They are the politicians and leaders, considered today’s rock stars. Some of these people start out with good intentions and probably think they can make a difference. But soon inevitably they succumb to the greed that permeates the world of politics.
As quoted in Gold Warriors, “Greed feeds narcissism and narcissism feeds greed.”
I recall what my last attorney, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq., also a criminal, said to me just before he evicted Larry, our six dogs and me from our 2M$ home. “Be happy you’ve had wealth for over fifty years of your life; many people never have any money all their lives. So be grateful.”
“Oh my God,” as I heard this monster say this to me I almost threw up! I couldn’t believe it yet what he had criminally done to my lawsuits and was illegally doing by stealing my home was the proof of what he actually thought.
What I would eventually learn is our government authorities obviously believe this too.
The hell with upholding federal laws in this country, while the public has taken on this belief as well, all generated from jealousy.
What many people don’t realize through their green eyes of envy is when one of your fallen Americans is starving in the streets because of unaddressed federal crimes they will now be less able to ever become wealthy themselves because their taxes will now go up in order to pay for us who before the crimes were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, generating an income; employing people & giving to charities.
So our demise is yours too. Whats worse your tax dollars are laden with crime by our government. Do you think your tax monies are used for that which your told?
Not to mention these leaders, politicians, unethical attorneys and government officials continue to commit crimes against us all while the public focuses on what the lying media manipulates them into focusing upon?
This is so the government can continue to commit crimes as the public is otherwise detained with issues such as Fast & Furious, which was never going to be addressed properly, just used to keep the public busy.
I believe the worst of all this is it’s now considered almost a crime to work hard and create in the United States of America. If from doing this honestly you grow wealthy, you must be punished, whether by taxes or theft.
This attitude has destroyed this country and everyone’s ability to take care of them selves…next stop socialism where we’re all cared for at a pauper’s level with no hope for anything better.
By the way, the one-percenters in my mind are within “The Fort.” These would be the banksters, attorneys, politicians and government employees.

BY: Deborah Breuner

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