God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, September 28, 2012


September 28, 2012

                                               Bonus and pay for bankers to be kept in line

It has been brought to my attention, once again, that if you have the good fortune to have some wealth, you are hated. This is something I will never understand. In fact it makes about as much sense as hating someone because they are of a different race. But, it is totally accepted by many people. If a person speaks, writes or acts racist towards another race of people the world stands up in anger. If others speak write and act the same way towards someone with wealth they are applauded. Even if this wealthy person received their wealth through the hard work of their ancestors, themselves or even both.
Therefore, if greedy criminals steal their money these wealthy deserve the theft?  
It boggles the mind.
There are some wealthy who come by their wealth honestly. I’ve wondered what percentage do they fall into according to the occupiers? At the moment they don’t apparently deserve a percentage…there’s the 99% and 1%. People like me don’t exist. Yet I do know these wealthy are victims just like the occupiers and we’re all being victimized by our greedy corrupt leaders, US government & their posse’s.
In Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave they document the greed and corruption of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, president & first lady of the Philippines. The book goes into much detail about how they deposited into many different banks their looted gold bullion in exchange for “Gold Certificates.” This seems to be a perfectly reasonable solution to what to do with tons of gold. After all you most certainly cannot walk around with that much gold in your pocket. The truth is it should be a reasonable solution were it not for one key factor. That is the total dishonesty of the banks that issue these certificates and the greed they breed.
I never had tons of gold nor did I have billions of dollars. I just happened to have more than a lot of people and certainly more than the people hired to protect it. Like most people I trusted the banks, attorneys and trustees entrusted to protect my assets. Why shouldn’t I? After all there are federal laws governing and protecting us from dishonest bankers, attorneys and trustees. The only problem is the people in government whose job it is to enforce these laws are possibly more greedy and lazy than the previously mention cabal of greedy bastards.
Look at what happened to Imelda as she brought to Hawaii billions of dollars worth of gold certificates. Granted, she and her husband did come by them through crime but the crime continued when the US Government confiscated all these gold certificates and said them to be worthless.
Yet, these certificates promptly disappeared into some unknown official’s pocket. Now this could never have happened were it not for the willing complicity of the issuing bank. It is very simple, the bank does not want to lose all the gold held in their vaults so they will lie cheat and sometimes kill to keep it there.
Why let the law get in their way?
True, this was a very large amount of money and the Japanese stole it all from many different people and countries. Does that make the crimes and deceit that it bred acceptable? It doesn’t but to some the greed is worse than any addiction, worse than drugs or alcohol. The Emperor of Japan caused the death and destruction of untold numbers of people for one thing, greed. Not only did he do this the US Government allowed him to retain billions of dollars just to keep him happy.
 Why, because these US civil servants wanted the rest of the loot.
So why is it so hard for the average person to believe banks are dishonest? Some law firm on behalf of a class of plaintiffs occasionally sues them. Then after many years they settle with said bank for what appears to be a large amount of money.
Here is the rub, the plaintiffs receive just pennies on the dollar against their loss and the law firm takes the lions share. That in and of itself is bad enough but lets say the bank cheated X numbers of people out of say 10 billion dollars and they then settle the lawsuit for say 2 billion dollars. Gee pretty nice profit of 8 billion! A 2 billion dollar settlement was just the cost of doing business.
Never mind the lives that are completely destroyed.
The bottom line is there will always be people that are greedy and want what someone else has. They will do whatever is required to take the gold from the rightful owner. Also, the cabal that is created will lie, cheat and steal from one another because of their uncontrollable greed.
The greed these individuals exhibit is just a mere shadow of the greed exhibited by the banks that take in the stolen loot. The really amazing thing is most people have bank accounts. They keep their money in the bank for safekeeping without giving a thought to it being guarded by the biggest most greedy of them all…the financial institutions and the government authorities paid by our taxes to regulate the banks while not lifting a finger to do so.
This brings me to possibly the only other group of people that could be worse than the bankers. They are the politicians and leaders, considered today’s rock stars. Some of these people start out with good intentions and probably think they can make a difference. But soon inevitably they succumb to the greed that permeates the world of politics.
As quoted in Gold Warriors, “Greed feeds narcissism and narcissism feeds greed.”
I recall what my last attorney, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq., also a criminal, said to me just before he evicted Larry, our six dogs and me from our 2M$ home. “Be happy you’ve had wealth for over fifty years of your life; many people never have any money all their lives. So be grateful.”
“Oh my God,” as I heard this monster say this to me I almost threw up! I couldn’t believe it yet what he had criminally done to my lawsuits and was illegally doing by stealing my home was the proof of what he actually thought.
What I would eventually learn is our government authorities obviously believe this too.
The hell with upholding federal laws in this country, while the public has taken on this belief as well, all generated from jealousy.
What many people don’t realize through their green eyes of envy is when one of your fallen Americans is starving in the streets because of unaddressed federal crimes they will now be less able to ever become wealthy themselves because their taxes will now go up in order to pay for us who before the crimes were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, generating an income; employing people & giving to charities.
So our demise is yours too. Whats worse your tax dollars are laden with crime by our government. Do you think your tax monies are used for that which your told?
Not to mention these leaders, politicians, unethical attorneys and government officials continue to commit crimes against us all while the public focuses on what the lying media manipulates them into focusing upon?
This is so the government can continue to commit crimes as the public is otherwise detained with issues such as Fast & Furious, which was never going to be addressed properly, just used to keep the public busy.
I believe the worst of all this is it’s now considered almost a crime to work hard and create in the United States of America. If from doing this honestly you grow wealthy, you must be punished, whether by taxes or theft.
This attitude has destroyed this country and everyone’s ability to take care of them selves…next stop socialism where we’re all cared for at a pauper’s level with no hope for anything better.
By the way, the one-percenters in my mind are within “The Fort.” These would be the banksters, attorneys, politicians and government employees.

BY: Deborah Breuner

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Banks Are Predators; We Are The Prey; Gov't The Mind Behind It All

September 25, 2012

                                                                    Predator Switch

Its not so much the fact that financial institutions and financial elite are embezzling, extorting and laundering funds out of our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, its what’s happening to the victims to these unaddressed federal crimes, by the proper government authorities, that’s the real problem.
Because these criminals know they will never be held accountable, while the government authorities continue to sanction the financial institutions to commit federal crime, it will continue and escalate.
I mean if the disappearance of 80M$ out of a personal trust account, in the care of a number of financial institutions, can go completely unaddressed by the proper authorities, can you imagine what these criminals have been getting away with over years and years of being ignored?
Additionally the problem isn’t just affecting my family and me it’s yours and your family’s problem too. It doesn’t matter what you’re worth because it behooves financial institutions to steal a little money from everyone rather than constantly rely on the big heist.
Those of us who offer opportunities to go for the big heist are being attacked with huge amounts of their funds disappearing. It’s all in what you’re worth, but we’re all being attacked. Those of us who report these crimes will be punished severely. I didn’t know this until it was too late?
How profitable is it for a bank to steal a mere hundred dollars or less from thousands of their customers? Sometimes they’ll call the removal of these funds from your account some sort of fee.  Most of the time you’re too busy to notice a hundred dollars missing; the bank relies on this so they just remove the funds.
All banks have to do is adjust your monthly account statements and when you complain that it differs from your records; you’re then shown proof that you’re wrong.
But have you considered the banks records have been fraudulently tampered with?
You should; worse yet there’s not a thing you can do about it because if you’re angry enough to try to prove it by hiring legal help you’ll find seven or more years later the attorney withheld documents from the judge, unbeknownst to you. The judge never forced the financial institution to open their books and cough up your account statements and it cost you everything you owned to find this out.
This isn't one destroyed lawsuit because of a lousy attorney; no, its the way legal issues are handled; period; mostly unlawfully against the rightful prosecution!
Yes subpoenaing account statements from a financial institution is very interesting. Most of the time they never have to supply them through loopholes their army of legal representation knows by heart.
My, you’d think the judge would be onto these tricks of the legal trade? And I believe they are, but I also believe they’re being paid, under the table, perhaps by the bank, to rule in a way that protects the bank but allows the victim to think the judge just subpoenaed the account statements.
What makes you think the bank in some cases doesn’t just fraudulently create a set of account statements to be given to the judge; making themselves appear as if they didn’t embezzle, extort and launder a penny?
Sometimes the financial institution doesn’t even bother to do this. The judge just doesn’t order a trial, based on the victim’s attorney purposely withholding, documents of proof, to federal crime committed by the bank, from the judge. It depends on the victim’s sophistication with legal matters involving unlawful foreclosure, embezzlement, extortion, and laundering as to how their, paid under the table attorney, will lie to them.
Most of the time the victims to these federal crimes don’t have experience at all until they spend ten years or more watching their lives disappear because of financial and legal corruption.
Why? Because the government authorities and media won’t tell the people of the United States of America that the financial institutions are in the governments’ pockets and the media is sworn to secrecy with more funds going into their pockets!
The victims end up in the streets with no way to take care of themselves because our government makes it their job with a “Mafia Hit” to these lives, making sure you and your family don’t spread the word and should you, you won’t be doing so for long. And who's going to believe a stinky unwashed vagrant anyway?  Besides, you’ll be dead before you can expose too much causing great harm…to the criminals.
They need to be poised for their next unsuspecting victims.
And the worst part about all this is most of the public doesn’t realize these federal crimes are taking place; don’t believe it if they’re told; in denial or believing as the media wants, “These homeless penniless people just need to get a shower and a job”!
Right where the government wants their little sheeple. Now the US government can be assured the victims die in the streets and the rest of society will be none the wiser, while they refuse to help their fellow human beings, because they believe these victims are such because they brought it all on themselves.
Now doesn’t this sound exactly like what the abuser claims as the reason why they attacked their prey?
Why? Well most of all because subconsciously the public has been taught by the media that what’s happened to the victims of great financial or other loss is their own darn fault, so if they spend wisely; stay away from predators; be sure to dress properly so as not to make a predator come after them; listen to their friendly banker and money manager, the same tragedies won’t happen to them.
And here in lies the trap!
It’s the whole financial world lying to their clients, while the government authorities protect them from investigation or prosecution while the legal world and media help keep the crimes hidden from the public.
Why? Because the US government, politicians, legal word and media benefit from these outrageous federal crimes being committed, that’s why!
Because many times these financial predators are also the sexual and physical abusers in society they usually don’t get prosecuted either until it’s too late, when an earlier responsible arrest would have saved a number of lives.
How many lives, investigating and prosecuting the banksters, will be saved? It's time we demand this financial corruption to stop! Ask you candidate what their plan is?
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By: Deborah Breuner

PS: Get back to Gold Warriors soon


Monday, September 24, 2012

First Amendment Doesn’t Exist For…Heiress Lives In A Tent

September 24, 2012

Hello America, you’ve known me on Twitter as @MsGaslight, @Godsonourside and @deborahbreuner. I’m at the moment known as suspended from Twitter? In fact I didn’t have @deborahbreuner more than twelve hours before suspended?

I must use deplorable language? No! Oh I get it; I continuously start fights with people? No! I gossip about others spreading untrue rumors? No! Wait! I tweet relentlessly after people who want nothing to do with me? Yep, I do after the government authorities & politicians whom have thrown me into the streets to shut me up and a few media people.

Do you blame me? They won’t do their jobs after continuously being contacted for twelve years in the proper manner?

Nevertheless one receives an e-mail from Twitter when they break this rule and I haven’t? Must mean I haven’t abused then.

So none of the above offenses are true! What is true is my family and I are perishing in the streets of the United States of America because of serious federal crimes committed by a number of financial institutions and financial elite; government authorities refuse to investigate now going on twelve years. My continuous requests of Eric Holder and other state attorney generals such as California’s Jerry Brown & Kamala Harris plus Michigan’s Attorney General Mike Cox have gone completely ignored. I’ve even contacted President Obama and past President Bush and watched them completely dismiss me.

In fact I’d go as far as to say our US government has “Mafia Hit” my family and me into the streets to die purposely so the rest of America won’t learn what we have.

Financial institutions aren’t only unlawfully foreclosing on our homes but embezzling, extorting and laundering our funds straight out of our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. If you report these federal crimes to the government authorities, as you should, you’ll instead get a contract out on you and your family.

And if you didn’t believe me over the last six months since I’ve been on Twitter you should now. Why would Twitter want me silenced? I mean we’ve all known the mainstream media and alternative media refuses to expose what’s really going on in the world; when it comes to the federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against the public they actually get violent towards anyone who wants to expose this by sharing what has happened to them.

In fact between the US government & media they’re working on killing us Americans off by allowing us to wither away to death from starvation and exposure in the streets, which is exactly where we’ve been since 2007!

You see the government makes it so you can’t get employment or government assistance, so people can’t survive very long like this.

Are we angry yet?

Americans no longer have a First Amendment. Did you know?

I can only suspect Twitter suspended my first account because I called it @Godsonourside? The USA has taken God out of our schools; courts and now off our currency, so the name of my account I’m sure was upsetting!

Additionally Americans no longer have the right to report horrendous crimes committed against them by financial institutions, to the proper authorities, such as an 80M$ embezzlement?

So do you think the unlawful foreclosures mean anything?

This is nothing less than communism and a new president won’t be making one ounce of difference.

Unfortunately if you do everything humanly possible to merely get an authority to investigate these outrageous crimes, finding no success you turn to social media only to find out its as bad as MSM or alternative news.


Twitter obviously wants to control content, not help Americans have a place to share, which sometimes becomes exposing that which our government & media won’t.

I will open another Twitter account today hiding who I am, for as long as I can; sure Twitter will silence me once more when they figure out I’m still talking.

I want to say thank you to all my followers for your support; those of you who dare protest to Twitter on my behalf I’d really appreciate it:>) Those who just can’t I understand, you don’t want the same fate to hit you as has hit us? The problem is, this is how our country got into the shape its in today.

What would have happened if our founding fathers said, “I don’t want to get involved, it doesn’t affect me”?

But I will not give up on exposing these horrendous crimes going purposely unaddressed in America as they continuously destroy us all.

Ah but, @deborahbreuner has just made a mini comeback. All I had to do is admit to Twitter that I’m a bad person for telling my story to people who don’t want to hear it? I was unaware? Now I am; besides this I wasn’t aggressively tweeting anyone, not even government authorities or politicians because I just opened the account at midnight last night? I hadn't had time yet!  
So carry on:>)

Meanwhile @MsGaslight & @Godsonourside with all their followers is down and out. Can’t get too far on @deborahbreuner with 14 followers?

Whoops, spoke too soon:>( @deborahbreuner took another crash into suspension as I tweeted out another grateful THANX4FOLs to followers???

If you believe in the United States Constitution and the First Amendment please help me make my story go viral. It won’t just save our family and my life but help millions of other Americans in the same boat who have lost their ability to communicate to the outside world.

Wait another update. Twitter has reinstated @MsGaslight  & @deborahbreuner; @Godsonourside is a probable loss I think?  But though I've received an e-mail that @deborahbreuner is back up the "Tweet People" behind closed doors of secrecy haven't released the "suspension" from @deborahbreuner yet?  @MsGaslight is back; can't promise what the next hour will bring?

I will keep you updated.

Update September 25, 2012: Twitter has written three e-mails to me saying @deborahbreuner is up and running; un-suspended, but it's not:>(

WHEW! But I'm exhausted! Personally I think this is the goal, get me so tired I can't expose today after losing most of yesterday:>)

God Bless you all.

By: Deborah Breuner

PS: Back to writing more reviews on Gold Warriors as soon as I can

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


September 23, 2012
So why should you care about what happens to me? What difference is it to you that I was unfortunate enough to have been stolen from? You haven’t been, probably because you’re smarter than me and absolutely wouldn’t allow such outrageous crime to attack you, your family & your lives!
Besides you have an excellent, ethical, moral attorney with integrity. Known him since you started your business years ago; he or she handled everything; even your parents estate after they died. You have he or she on retainer.
You just don’t understand how anyone with a great attorney, such as Anthony M Kennedy Esq. before he became a SCOTUS, or law firm behind them could possibly lose everything to crime? There are laws that take care of these kinds of things and besides there are real idiots out there who just spend all their money and want to blame others rather than take responsibility!
Besides this no one deserves to be financially secured even if they came by their assets honorably? It’s just pain not f#*king fair!
This is another time for strong language!
Yes, well jealousy goes back to the Bible but one would think evolution and technology would help lessen the sting of what the jealous can do to another. We first of all have laws now that are prosecutable should anyone break them.
BUT, the American legal system doesn’t uphold these laws because they are more corrupt than the times before Christ.
Understanding and accepting this is important because as smart as you might believe you are, if you’re doing business with either a financial institution or an attorney I can almost guarantee you have been stolen from; you just aren’t aware of it.
The financial institutions fraudulently adjust your monthly account statements; sometimes after hiding your monthly payments, on a loan, in phantom accounts so they can illegally foreclose on your property; the attorneys lie about the laws and withhold documents from the judge; they fraudulently don’t do what they should do to protect you & lie about their hours generating outlandish costs. The judges help them commit crimes against their clients, while they commit crimes themselves.
If as a consumer you catch any of these professionals in committing a crime, or at the very least in unethical behavior and report to the attorney general or state bars I will now guarantee you will be receiving a  “Mafia Hit” into the streets, with your life destroyed, to die not an investigation into the crimes.
And this is about the time, which is part of the “Mafia Hit,” you’ll hear rumors about how the little heiress spent all her funds because she was either on drugs or nuts; often times the media goes for it all. She was on drugs, nuts and tried to commit suicide.  Well that is if the media tells the story at all. Most of the time they don’t! If their forced to, because the heiress or heir is famous, then they skew the issues towards the victim’s weaknesses, not the big bad financial institution and powerful government authorities who are paid by our taxes to regulate the financial institutions.
Remember all the stories you’ve heard about very wealthy people and their financial demise? It’s always about their shortcomings, never about the jealous criminals that stole from them. In fact most of the time the criminals are glorified for their criminal acts, while the victims blamed?
So as you make judgments about how stupid I am for allowing myself to be victimized, you’re being stolen from and don’t have a clue!
Time to read Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave.
My mistake came when I reported the federal crimes! Shame on me! Now I must reap the consequences and be murdered by our US Government for reporting these crimes!
Oh and why should you care? Well because your taxes are not only paying for government authorities to regulate the financial institutions, which they’re not, but also paying for the care of vagrants like the three members of my family, when we were actually employing people in our business; contributing to society with donations and generating beauty.
Well our poopie, Malibu has given and continues to give lots of  love & joy, if nothing else.
Now you will pay to keep us alive until we die, at which time you’ll pay for our pauper’s burial, Malibu’s shelter and being fed or put down…more money out of your pockets.
If we choose to commit suicide, because we can no longer deal with the horrendous pain, you’ll pay for the investigation which could have been done when the financial institutions committed their crimes, and wasn’t. This would have put us back on our feet, as viable contributors to society, and protected you and your family from being victimized by the crimes that almost ruined my family and me.
It could also save millions of people from emotional illness, drug addiction and alcoholism; victims whom are unheard, by government authorities, after having horrendous crimes committed against them often finally end up with mental issues.
As Gerald Celente, American trend forecaster, publisher of Trends Journal, business consultant and author says; “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose; they lose it.”
 Why wouldn’t they?
It amazes me that people who live with the comforts of life make such opinionated comments about the homeless and penniless of society?
For sure the media has and will continue to put their spin on this too, as they criticize the homeless and penniless for mental illness, drug & alcohol addiction issues when in fact they drink and drug because they are destitute by their own United States of America. And now living below poverty level because of it.
What’s worse? The money you pay in taxes to care for us, victims of unaddressed financial crimes, doesn’t actually go to people like us. It goes into the pockets of church accountants and clergy, as well as charity directors, while the government authorities ignore these crimes too.
PS: Stay tuned in for more on Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave. This just wasn’t a Gold Warrior day, although there’s little that can be said about financial crime committed by the powerful that isn’t mentioned in their book. So stay tuned:>)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day In The Life Of…. Heiress Lives In A Tent

September 22, 2012
It’s a very short window before we could die of starvation and exposure, yet we’re doing everything humanly possible to prevent this, but its been twelve years since the worst of these federal crimes were reported for the first time to the proper government authorities and ignored. The original crime was committed in 1997; now we’re very tired. This is exactly where our US Government wants us…so tired we give up or we’re forced to because of living below poverty level.
 Since I’ve been reviewing Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave and posting the articles to my blog I thought the public would like to see a “day in the life of” people whom have been, “Mafia Hit” to the streets for reporting serious federal crimes, committed against them, by financial institutions and financial elite to Attorney General Eric Holder, and prior to him, reported to AG John Ashcroft; after which AG Alberto Gonzales heard about the crimes committed against my trust; my partner and me.
They all ignored my complaints; I never even received an obtuse form letter. Not to mention multiple state attorney generals, FBI and  national financial watchdogs ignored me as well.
So today is September 22, 2012 and after living my life as an heiress until I was fifty years old, worth millions of dollars, I now live in a tent that leaks; ripped; hotter than hell in the summer; colder than Alaska in winter. And my Sweetie, Larry, our precious poopie, Malibu and I have been here for close to three years continuing to fight for now both our civil rights and as human beings, while being totally ignored by the government officials, paid by our taxes, to handle federal crimes by investigating and prosecuting the financial criminals.
They don’t!
And you know all the particulars if you’ve kept up with my blog but you may not know what our life is really like which could be your life too if Americans don’t stand up. I don’t so much mean stand up to the financial institutions as much as our US Government who are our ultimate criminals.
They could stop the banksters but choose not to.
We have a nice tent that has seen better days; now there are rips, holes and broken zippers on the doors and windows. Tents generally aren’t designed to be consistently used for over two years.
We have a queen size blow-up mattress, which has had to be replaced at least five times, because they aren’t made for long-time use either. They spring multiple holes that you can get away with patching a few times then it’s over. Added to our d├ęcor is a second hand Costco put-together-yourself steel rack that’s only three shelves high, which we use for a desk and upon which our computer sits; our only lifeline to the world as long as we can pay our twenty-five dollars a month for the privilege. Our cell phone will not work near our tent and there are times we can’t afford the ten dollars minimum that must be paid in order to use it after walking a few miles out of the area so it will work.
I suppose things could be worse if we didn’t have each other and we lived in a cardboard box?
Still a few months ago we had an electrical fire in our tent, so now there’s hundreds of holes in our floor, which we must keep taped so ants don’t keep coming in. Can’t spray the floor with ant spray…this could make Malibu sick?
Of course we have no closet; just multiple suitcases piled upon each other full of our clothes that are often all wet when it rains; in summer the suitcases are full of critters. To add insult to injury the tent is full of spiders, webs; bugs; ants and the occasional lizard, which I call baby alligators just for fun & laughter.
As I mentioned before we’ve been here for over two years with not much hope of our life changing for the better, other than by the sale of my book and the three scripts Larry and I have written together.
As it stands now there will never be any investigation into the financial institutions that held my trust or the financial elite who advised me. So there certainly won’t be a prosecution. Just as in Gold Warriors, our US Government is busy protecting someone like SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy so refuse to investigate the embezzlement, extortion and laundering of my trust account to tune of 80M$. Added to this were two illegally foreclosed upon homes and destroyed successful business Larry and I shared as punishment for reporting the embezzlement and Tony Kennedy being at the bottom of it all as my attorney from 1969-1978.
In fact the more I report the crimes the more “Mafia Hits” Larry and I get!
Now we can’t get employment, or government assistance, not that we want assistance in this way. We’re loaded with talent and capabilities. Our US Government, we believe, has a contract out for us, which involves us dying in the streets, shut up forever.
If they knew where we were I wouldn’t be surprised if our government would have us all snuffed out! You know, outright murder all three of us with a bullet to our heads.
Consequently the only way we’ve been able to support ourselves is by selling our belongings; finally we had to sell our only vehicle so we could continue to eat. We have nothing else left to sell.
Fortunately both Larry and I are very healthy; Malibu is too thank God, but what we live with existing outdoors all the time is life altering. Our bodies react to every change in the weather so there’s many times we just feel like s#*t!
I believe they are allergies?
Its summer now so my skin itches to the point where there are times I could scratch down to the bone. Same thing happens to Larry. When seasons change my body aches like I’m dying for about three days; then it’s gone. I also get nauseated. Larry deals with headaches during these times. Malibu? Unfortunately we don’t know but something affects him, as he gets really depressed for about a week. Then back he goes to his little ol’ happy self again.
The public bathrooms are about a two mile walk, round trip, for both Larry and me. Not very pleasant, especially when they aren’t clean.
Winter is coming now too and I’m scared to death to spend another one here. There’s nothing colder than Southern California in winter sometimes, and I’m a lifetime skier, I know what cold feels like.
We do have a way to hook up to electricity but because of construction in the area, it’s often out, which affects the computer and our work…writing.  Not to mention the constant noise we deal with, making it difficult to concentrate. There are good heavy equipment operators and bad ones; we know many bad ones, and one good one.
In summer there are hundreds of electricity outages, because of air conditioners running overtime. However, we don’t have one of these; we have dusty, dirty fans.
Plus this year, we’ve run out of stuff to sell and our heater no longer works. We can’t afford to purchase a new one. We had a hotplate on which to cook our meals; it’s now broken too. We still have a propane barbecue, but there are times we can’t afford the propane.
There are many things outrageous about all this, and we’ve figured out what we can do and are doing it…writing.  In fact, people in countries I didn’t know existed are reading my blog? When I read the list of countries it’s like the opening day of the Olympics. There are thousands and thousands of people reading my blog, thank God!
The worst of it all however, is we’ve lost almost every so-called friend we ever possessed and our families. My family lost because they’re in on the crimes; Larry’s family thinks he’s crazy to love me so refuses to speak to him?
The media is actually at fault for the friends we’ve lost, because without experience with what we’ve seen they believe what they hear…”the financial issues are the borrowers fault”. This couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. Instead these financial institutions are committing federal crimes arrogantly in the sunlight because they know they will never be held accountable. 
They are creating homeless, penniless Americans by lying to the public.
The public doesn’t realize this until it happens to them… again, the media’s fault. If the media exposed these horrendous federal crimes destroying lives it would stop!
 Americans need to ask why they aren’t.
Just yesterday a self- described old family friend contacted me via e-mail and chooses to remain anonymous; kindly he or she sent to us $220.00, cash.  Neither Larry nor I can have a bank account of any kind because of illegally destroyed credit! Thankfully the cash sent will help keep us fed for a month with our talent for grocery shopping. It will do nothing else and we’ll very likely be evicted from our campsite while we have no vehicle and our storage unit will be getting foreclosed upon too.
No, churches and charities will not help; just so you know.
My family friend, most probably has an attitude like, “Well, whatever I’ll do something; this way she can’t accuse me of not”. All along he or she is disgusted with what has happened while blaming Larry and me.
Again just what the government wants.
I’m trying to understand why this old family friend wants to remain anonymous? Why not talk to me? Why not find out the facts? I’m also trying to figure out why fellow Americans don’t gather together and help each other? Soon this will be all we have, each other, yet we can’t be bothered right now?
The United States of Americas' leaders are running a criminal enterprise that has set an ugly example for their fellow Americans.

PS: Stay tuned for more reviews on Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave

By: Deborah Breuner

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Friday, September 21, 2012


September 21, 2012


Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave should be a must read for every citizen of the United States of America. The lies, deceit, corruption and outright theft it exposes is almost hard to believe. I say almost because after what I have seen personally not much surprises me.
This country has become a nation of greedy self-serving people. It starts with our elected leaders and works its way throughout the population. Please do not misunderstand me there are good honest God loving people in America. The only problem is they don’t make as much noise as the idiots. Why is that?
In Gold Warriors they go into much detail about Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The President/Dictator of the Philippines. This US Government backed dictator stole BILLIONS of dollars from his own country as most of the population lived below poverty level. He tortured, imprisoned and murdered untold numbers of people.
Yet, he was not only tolerated by our US Government he was given control of the looted Japanese treasure.
Kind of reminds me of Clinton or as I call him Slick Willy.
Now days he is considered the elder statesman and borderline God, not to be mistaken for the new Messiah, Obama. How on earth could this be? On the one hand Slick Willy was caught red handed having sex “with that woman”; lied on television about it to the world; was investigated for his double dealing along with his wife. Then we have Obama who no one knows truly where he came from, nor how he got his money?
This has all but destroyed this country and still people talk about this idiot as if he were the second coming of Jesus Christ. If that is not blasphemous I don’t know what is.
I’m reminded of what that other lawyer/liar in the Whitehouse said, “I’m finally proud to be an American”.
When she spouted this, and the why she did are the reasons I am not for the first time in my life proud to be an American. I am saddened beyond measure at the road this country has taken.
Then today on the news Obama is talking about his biggest regret during his first term. I know what you are thinking; it’s the fact that he has made everything worse. NO! It’s that instead of ending the wars he extended them. NO! Well, then it must be because unemployment is rampant and foreclosures have not been addressed. NO!
His biggest regret is that he was unable to turn all the illegal immigrants into US Citizens. According to Obama it wasn’t his fault, it was the Republicans fault. If you notice Obama always blames someone else and takes credit for things that he didn’t do. Amazing!
The truth of the matter is, I don’t believe anyone can fix the problem the people of the USA find themselves in. The only way this will ever change is when the PEOPLE start demanding more from our leaders. Being a liar and a cheat should not be a prerequisite to being a politician, yet it is. But how can this possibly change when shows like Survivor are so popular? I enjoy the show myself, yet it sickens me because in order to win you must lie, cheat and steal. So why would our coming generations want to do right? Their examples are Obama, Slick Willy and Holder. Not to mention the lawyers/liars and the banksters. Their example is, the more dishonest you are the bigger the bonus. The more people you screw the bigger the payday. Disgusting!
This is exactly why Gold Warriors is such an important book. It shows in exhausting detail how when money is involved it will always corrupt. It shows how a piece of human garbage like Marcos can become one of the richest men in the world and the US Government protects him and encourages him.
The Japanese royal family was in bed with the Yakuza and we employed them after the war. We allowed the criminals to keep what they stole from all over Asia. Well, all except what the US Government kept for themselves. This enormous amount of gold has financed criminal activity ever since the end of World War II and it continues to finance more today.
I have nothing against the Japanese people. In fact while I was growing up my family was fortunate in having Suzuka as our housekeeper. She was the sweetest, kindest and most loving person in the world. We all adored her. When I was a young teenager I got mad at her because I thought she stole my boyfriends love letters to me. Come to find out it was my Mother trying to protect me from him. Turns out she couldn’t have been more correct.
My point is, this country has got to wake up. If they don’t we will never survive what is coming. This isn’t about what party you belong to; it’s about how it’s become where anyone wanting to be President of The United States by definition is a narcissist at the least and usually much worse.
Leadership is about possessing extraordinary ethics, morals and integrity: thereby through great leadership instilling these values in others.  Our sick leaders are most definitely instilling their sick values in others today; these values amount to producing criminals.
The fact that a SCOTUS is one person being protected from investigation because of who he is while his once client had 80M$ embezzled from her trust account is outrageous. Whats worse, in this country, if you report the crime to the proper government authorities, such as Eric Holder you'll be instead "Mafia Hit" with more financial federal crimes until you die in the streets from starvation & exposure. 

Welcome to America, land of the free....to steal!
Stay tuned for the next installment of my take on Gold Warriors.

By: Deborah Breuner 

Heres a link you must visit and read;
q=BANKING+HITLER http://www.occupythebanks.com/search? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What’s The Difference Between A Politician, Banker And The Criminal?

September 19, 2012


It’s taken a lot of ugly experiences with financial institutions; the government authorities; politicians; unethical attorneys & judges and the media both mainstream and alternative to really understand what's going on in the publics’ lives.
Come on you didn’t think the public would be normal with all this federal crime, in particular, going on did you? I mean our finances are our foundation to life and yet in America it’s the sickest part of society while our government is the ultimate criminal. From what I’ve seen, I believe the government benefits from the federal crimes the financial institutions commit so they aren’t going to upset the apple cart by actually investigating embezzlements, laundering or extortion of funds from customers’ accounts nor illegal foreclosures.
Additionally as you’ve already learned if you report these federal crimes, such as an 80M$ embezzlement of your trust account, to the proper government authorities you’ll find yourself hit with more federal crimes by the financial institution with the intention of destroying your life…not just financially but physically too.
 Your financial institution hasn’t attacked you yet, so who gives a rats azz? Besides you don’t have close to 80M$ and there aren’t plans in the future for such so federal crimes don’t concern you and your family, that’s for sure.
Plus, to the victim of the 80M$ heist, no one in their right mind deserves 80M$s so you deserved to have this money stolen!
Often times people come right out and say this as if I’m a criminal for having been an heiress?
You know I didn’t steal these funds; some people come from families who actually earned every penny and contributed to society in astounding ways, such as my family did.
There was a time I would have told you a Democrat said I didn’t deserve to be an heiress, and a Republican would never utter something so cruel, especially without knowing the facts. Not true, it’s society today to be liberal thinkers and everything is okay as long as it doesn’t happen to me, you think to yourself, and we get to eat lots of popcorn with our favorite beverage as we watch the horrid details unfold about the poor heiresses’ life on Lifetime TV or some other channel.
When and if something similar happens to the liberal thinker they’ll give up after two tries to get justice; blame everyone rather than seek to make a difference; scream bloody murder rather than intelligently stand their ground for what’s right.
Of course the public understands that if they sheepishly ignore crimes committed against them or their fellow man they are as much of the problem as the criminal who committed the crimes!
Hey, our examples given by our leaders are horrendous and if you consider once again the lessons in Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, you’ll understand why society has become so liberal about crimes…as long as it doesn’t happen to them! Sometimes injustices can occur that don’t even bat an eye for anyone such as the short story below which made no sense to me at the time; now I regretfully understand.
It’s the desecration of society showing up in small ways first as the large crimes continue to be hidden.
A young bride was given as a wedding present a beautiful perfectly preserved white linen tablecloth from the 1800s; it had been her great grandmothers. For some reason she happily loaned the beautiful piece to her sister-in-law during the next Christmas season. When the bride got her beautiful tablecloth returned it had a twelve-inch whole cut in the center of it? The bride’s mother after learning of this was horrified, after all she had cared for this piece for thirty years after her mother had done the same. Her daughter the young bride said, “Oh Mother who cares my sister-in-law didn’t mean to cut a whole in it; she just wasn’t thinking!”
There are all kinds of messages woven within this short story but the important message here, at the moment, is the lack of caring and respect of heritage; destruction of what doesn’t belong to you and lack of respect for the one who loaned the tablecloth?
Of course the mother cared but she’s from another generation.
Sure things change from generation to generation and we all need to accept this but today we see the complete breakdown of morals, ethics and integrity, along with lack of respect for our history and God?
Gee, isn’t this how our leaders run our country today? Why would we wonder what in the world have happened to our children with their lack of respect for anything?
Trust me our children are far more influence by what they are globally surrounded with than by their parents, unfortunately.

Yahoo September 19, 2012 by Pete Yost/ Associated Press

The Justice Department's internal watchdog is faulting the agency for misguided strategies, errors in judgment and management failures.
Oh for Gods sake I can’t even read this article, so here I’ve given you the details so you can. I assume Holder, who has never been investigated as the media claimed he would be, has once again, like all the other leaders, gotten away with, “It’s not my fault, it’s my staff’s fault and now I’ve fired them or they have resigned. All better now, ‘SMILE”
Plus I don't trust anyone who picks their nose in public, unless their a child of course.
Well I happened to know Holder has known about my 80M$s extorted, embezzled and laundered since 2008; he has totally ignored launching an investigation into the financial institutions; elite financial experts and the financial “Mafia Hits” that continually attacked me until the government authorities were sure Larry and I were living in the streets with no possible way to take care of ourselves other than writing. Publishers & movie producers don’t care about our bad credit, thank goodness.
So if you’re even thinking my situation has nothing to do with you, think again because as long as the financial institutions are allowed to arrogantly do whatever they want as our government sanctions their criminal acts you will be attacked one day too even if you don’t have 80M$s. The financial institutions and financial elite can come after you also and you’ll never know when or probably why?
Oh and the answer to the title? It’s a trick question because there is no difference!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

PS: More on Gold Warriors coming very soon.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


September 19, 2012
So now after being knee-deep into reading Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, and having a better understanding as to why there are so many federal crimes committed by the financial institutions; covered up by government; supported by attorneys and judges; then completely and purposely ignored by the media, lets talk about how Americans help and support each other?
I don’t want to minimize the help and support Larry and I have received so lets make this clear right from the onset.
Americans need to realize once and for all that they are not getting the truth from the media, whether that be mainstream, alternative or out there alternative. None of these entities are telling the truth.  The government isn’t telling you the truth nor are the politicians including our President Obama and many presidents before him whether they were Democrat or Republican.
Who is telling the truth would be those of us whom have had experience.
In general the American public is fixated on the November elections like their waiting for the messiah. The Democrats want Obama in office for another four years and the Republicans are positive Romney will save America, while media spins one lying tale after the other and the alternative media repeats the lies.
The truth is there’s something much more sinister going on behind the public’s back, or I should say right out in the sunshine, for all to observe and we ignore it, unless it happens to us. Then we’ll find out there’s no one who will investigate the crime committed against us and our family; no charity or church will lend a hand, and there will never be a prosecution of the criminal or restitution paid to us!
This apparently is normal business as usual in the world, yet we hear on the news about how so n so was investigated and prosecuted for such n such. This is government and media’s way of keeping the public calm, thinking there are laws that protect them.
There are too but the secret is the laws aren’t being upheld!    Since the media is bias towards keeping government secrets Americans don’t often know what the truth is unless they get to hear from people like me. This isn’t often because people like me usually don’t stick around long enough to spread the news…they more often die in the streets soon after the “Mafia Hit” they received from the government authorities. This is because the government’s goal is to shut us up, and they know exactly how to do it.
Victims like us lose our fine credit after the financial institution continuously commits federal crimes against us until we don’t have a dime to our name. After this the government makes sure we can’t get either employment or government assistance, especially if we report these outrageous acts to the government authorities. We’re left to selling your belongings in the streets like carpetbaggers for money to eat; gas for our car; place to live and food.
Most people don’t have the belongings Larry and I had; fortunately we were loaded between us with too many but they have kept us alive long enough to share and warn. Yet, had the vultures not seen us coming I suppose we could have sold many of our belongings for top dollar which actually could have given us enough money to do something besides merely survive.
I’d guess you could apply the philosophy, “ there’s a reason for everything.” Larry and I found out why we had so much stuff.
Now all the stuff is gone; we still can’t retain employment because I’m sure there’s something on our records somewhere mentioning one fact; FBI investigation. This is all that an employer needs to see and they’ll run as fast as they can to get away from you. Conveniently there’s no mention as to why there’s a so-called FBI investigation going on? Actually there should be on the financial institution that purposely destroyed Larry and my life.
Truth is the FBI has refused to investigate though they have 90% of all the documents of proof? Instead they hide behind locked doors and ignore the victims; for us since 2001.
But, the general public who haven’t experienced these kinds of crimes, so therefore don’t understand them nor believe they are actually occurring, say to us, “Go get a f#*king job!”
Some write e-mails with offers to send cash to us so we can continue to survive until the book sells. Then they never send the money?
Still others get power out of our possible demise as is obvious with their haughty attitude towards us. Last Christmas after many spent the same way, with zero food, people living near our tent in beautiful motor homes didn’t seem to notice we were starving and had been for days already.
We were waiting to sell something in order to get food money and just hadn’t yet.
No one, even aware of our story, offered to feed us; share his or her Christmas meal or offer a box of stale cereal. I’m sure I can speak for Larry too; we would have gladly taken the cereal in gratefulness.
Although there have been a number of caring people who have helped in one way or another, in ways that have been extraordinary to us, most of the time people treat us like garbage. They have no clue I guess that unless the federal crimes committed by the financial institutions and financial elite are stopped we will soon all be living in tents or worse yet in cardboard boxes, as the haughty, un-scaved at the moment, Americans step right over their fellow downed American dying in the streets.
In all honesty in my opinion the fact that the public continues in such unbelievable denial is our biggest problem in America and worse yet the government understands this better than most anyone…they rely on it!
 We American citizens would rather sit around and discuss these pieces of s#*t running this country and who the next piece of s#*t will be than face the fact that we the people of the United States of America are the only ones who can stop what our government is doing, to all of us, as they laugh their heads off at our ignorance & apathy.
By the way there's a time and place for strong language; I believe the time and place is now!
I had spent years, before all this crime, generously giving to my family, friends and entertaining them in my home(s); giving my time. Today Larry, Malibu and I face our death everyday, while the world discusses Obama, Romney and Ron Paul, plus a multitude of issues that pale in comparison to having all our funds and assets stolen while there’s no recourse.  All politicians are criminals today! I know because I’ve written every one of them and they have ignored me.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a mistake to rely on these less than honorable candidates, as they all know about the financial federal crimes and don’t care. The media makes sure we’re otherwise detained with some other issue so our own government can continue to steal from us.
Bother anyone?
If we don’t as a people start standing up; choosing our battles by importance at the moment, helping our fellow man and demanding that the laws and US Constitution be upheld we are all doomed…not just us.
So listen up and pay attention to the victims, the only venue there is to the truth. We Americans need allies; right now we don’t even have each other. Our government uses methods, through the media, to keep our thinking scattered in a million directions, which keeps us divided and powerless.
And it appears Netanyahu has figured out Obama isn't his friend; merely a metaphor to the fact our government isn't our friend which I believe trickles down into society in the way we treat each other. 
 If we can realize this we can over-ride it.
You can never convince me that Democrats, Republicans & Independents would disagree over whether its wrong for financial institutions to embezzle our funds out of checking, savings, trust or stock accounts.
So lets start with this issue and stop it!
By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent PS: Stay tuned, more review on Gold Warriors soon Please visit link below;very interesting I assure you:>)) http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/03/breaking-911-cia-whistleblower-usa-otb.html

Monday, September 17, 2012



                                          The Real Terrorist At Work In Washington, DC

Posted on September 16, 2012 by creeping
Re-posted on September 16, 2012 by Deborah Breuner
On September 11, 2012, as U.S. embassies were being attacked in Cairo and Benghazi, Barack Hussein Obama addressed the Arab Forum. The video is currently on the Whitehouse’s Youtube page. Obama began by verbally bowing to the government of Qatar and an Islamic sheik referring to him as “his Highness” in an Arabic accent.

Published on September 11, 2012 by Whitehouse
President Obama is committed to fighting corruption worldwide and supporting the democratic transitions that are taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. Corruption has been a core public grievance in the region, and the United States has worked closely with the new governments and citizens of Arab countries in transition as they fight corruption and seek justice by recovering stolen assets. As the president of the G8 in 2012, the United States is supporting these aspirations by leading a coalition to focus on asset recovery as part of the Deauville Partnership.
Hum, really? Then why aren’t there asset recoveries occurring here in the USA after they were embezzled, extorted & laundered out of an American citizen’s trust account by a few national financial institutions and financial elite?
Yes, and what’s being done here in the United States of America about all the illegal foreclosures? What’s being done to return these properties to their rightful owners?
Now that you’ve been introduced to Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave one can see how all this federal crime and corruption got a leg up and why it continues. We can also understand that this corruption is not about Democrats, Republicans or Independents; it’s about leaders, no matter what political party they belong to, who are corrupt. If they aren’t corrupt in the beginning they must become such in order to survive being in or dealing with Washington DC.
I’m sure there are many examples of this but it is Gold Warriors where I found the below story and its not a pretty one. It does give more credence to what I’ve experience as a victim to federal crime that the government wants hidden. It also gives some insight into why so many attorneys choose to become criminals themselves rather than uphold the laws.


Enter Norbert Schlei who was an exceptional man. Born in 1929 in Dayton, a graduate of Ohio State, he was a naval officer during the Korean War. Going to Yale Law School, he became editor-in-chief of its Law Journal and graduated magna cum laude in 1956. After serving for a year as a clerk to US Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan, Scheil entered law practice in Los Angeles. In 1962, at the age of 33, he was appointed Assistant Attorney General of the United States by President Kennedy. He was deputy to Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1962 when the US Army was sent to enforce the racial integration of the University of Mississippi. During the Cuban Missile Crisis Schlei developed the ‘quarntine’ concept relied on by President Kennedy. He found himself in opposition to men like Dean Acheson who was all in favor of bombing Havana back to the Stone Age. Later, Schlei was the principal draftsman of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Immigration Act of 1965, and the Anti-poverty programs of the Johnson Administration. In 1972, he joined the Wall Street law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, establishing an office for the firm in Los Angeles, where he was a prominent trail lawyer representing clients like Howard Hughes and Morgan Stanley, handling business and securities law for clients such as Carlsberg and Arco petroleum.
Schlei became involved with the M-Fund and “57s” quite innocently when he agreed to make inquiries for Asian clients of his California lawfirm. While acknowledging all along that the government of Japan claimed these Certificates of Redemption were counterfeit, his clients vigorously contended that these officials were lying in order to avoid redeeming them. They told Schlei how previously they had held normal government bonds, only to be forced to relinquish them for the “57s” and Dal-Ichi checks, deliberately printed to look unusual, which would allow them to be denounced as fraudulent. They asked Schlei to look into the possibility of persuading the Japanese government to redeem their certificates. Bringing in a lawfirm of the stature of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, they hoped would put pressure on the Ministry of Finance and on Dai-Ichi Bank, who might agree to make an out-of-court settlement to avoid a public scandal. They told Schlei they did not seek to collect the huge face values, only wanted the percentage promised them for acting as Tanaka’s straw men.
As Schlei began his inquiries, he provoked an extraordinary reaction from an unexpected quarter, the US Government, which ultimately set out to destroy him and his reputation. Schlei was convinced, as are many people on Wall Street and at various universities that he became the victim of a sting operation that went out of control when Washington had to cover up its involvement in the M-Fund and Japan’s black money politics. What happened to Schlei reveals a breath-taking depth of deceit, a measure of what is being kept hidden.
What Schlei could not foresee were the extreme measures the government of Japan and the United States would be prepared to take to keep secret the historical origins of these financial instruments.

Because Schlei was trying to be an honest ethical lawyer and help his client the US  & Japanese Government set out to destroy this man rather than allow the world to know about Japan’s stolen treasures and the US Governments briberies to keep it secret so they could enjoy the benefits of these funds.
How did they do this? Well they charged Schlei with a crime they knew he didn’t commit. He beat the lawsuit but this took all his assets; after which he never recovered.
Gee in a much smaller venue this sounds like my story. I’m trying to get US Government authorities to investigate the financial institutions and financial elite who embezzled my funds out of my trust account; they refuse and worse yet they have purposely set out to destroy me financially and in every other way they can possibly think of so Larry and I both perish in the streets. Why would they do this? 
Because I want the world to know how corrupt Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is. Otherwise why not do your job and let the chips fall where they may. 
I know that people love to call anyone that believes in a conspiracy, a "kook". In fact given how incompetent the U.S. Government is, it is hard to believe that they could pull off a conspiracy as large as the gold and treasure stolen by the Japanese. Yet when you think about it for more than a minute, you realize money breed’s corruption. Not many human beings would pass up billions of dollars of looted treasure, especially if you are a government employee. Lets face it if you really had anything going for you why would you choose to work for the government? You would want to do something with your talent?
Now once again Obama gives a speech full of crap; this time about people other than us here in the United States whom have had their assets stolen, and how they’re being returned? 
I don’t believe him. Its just more media hype.
On the other hand Washington demonstrates more sense of responsibility towards corrupt foreign politicians than towards the United States’ citizens. It’s obvious what’s most important to Washington DC is to protect and preserve a system of secret financial issues, including financial collusion with Japan; as well as protect US Government officials and Bankster’s involved.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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