God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day In The Life Of…. Heiress Lives In A Tent

September 22, 2012
It’s a very short window before we could die of starvation and exposure, yet we’re doing everything humanly possible to prevent this, but its been twelve years since the worst of these federal crimes were reported for the first time to the proper government authorities and ignored. The original crime was committed in 1997; now we’re very tired. This is exactly where our US Government wants us…so tired we give up or we’re forced to because of living below poverty level.
 Since I’ve been reviewing Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave and posting the articles to my blog I thought the public would like to see a “day in the life of” people whom have been, “Mafia Hit” to the streets for reporting serious federal crimes, committed against them, by financial institutions and financial elite to Attorney General Eric Holder, and prior to him, reported to AG John Ashcroft; after which AG Alberto Gonzales heard about the crimes committed against my trust; my partner and me.
They all ignored my complaints; I never even received an obtuse form letter. Not to mention multiple state attorney generals, FBI and  national financial watchdogs ignored me as well.
So today is September 22, 2012 and after living my life as an heiress until I was fifty years old, worth millions of dollars, I now live in a tent that leaks; ripped; hotter than hell in the summer; colder than Alaska in winter. And my Sweetie, Larry, our precious poopie, Malibu and I have been here for close to three years continuing to fight for now both our civil rights and as human beings, while being totally ignored by the government officials, paid by our taxes, to handle federal crimes by investigating and prosecuting the financial criminals.
They don’t!
And you know all the particulars if you’ve kept up with my blog but you may not know what our life is really like which could be your life too if Americans don’t stand up. I don’t so much mean stand up to the financial institutions as much as our US Government who are our ultimate criminals.
They could stop the banksters but choose not to.
We have a nice tent that has seen better days; now there are rips, holes and broken zippers on the doors and windows. Tents generally aren’t designed to be consistently used for over two years.
We have a queen size blow-up mattress, which has had to be replaced at least five times, because they aren’t made for long-time use either. They spring multiple holes that you can get away with patching a few times then it’s over. Added to our décor is a second hand Costco put-together-yourself steel rack that’s only three shelves high, which we use for a desk and upon which our computer sits; our only lifeline to the world as long as we can pay our twenty-five dollars a month for the privilege. Our cell phone will not work near our tent and there are times we can’t afford the ten dollars minimum that must be paid in order to use it after walking a few miles out of the area so it will work.
I suppose things could be worse if we didn’t have each other and we lived in a cardboard box?
Still a few months ago we had an electrical fire in our tent, so now there’s hundreds of holes in our floor, which we must keep taped so ants don’t keep coming in. Can’t spray the floor with ant spray…this could make Malibu sick?
Of course we have no closet; just multiple suitcases piled upon each other full of our clothes that are often all wet when it rains; in summer the suitcases are full of critters. To add insult to injury the tent is full of spiders, webs; bugs; ants and the occasional lizard, which I call baby alligators just for fun & laughter.
As I mentioned before we’ve been here for over two years with not much hope of our life changing for the better, other than by the sale of my book and the three scripts Larry and I have written together.
As it stands now there will never be any investigation into the financial institutions that held my trust or the financial elite who advised me. So there certainly won’t be a prosecution. Just as in Gold Warriors, our US Government is busy protecting someone like SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy so refuse to investigate the embezzlement, extortion and laundering of my trust account to tune of 80M$. Added to this were two illegally foreclosed upon homes and destroyed successful business Larry and I shared as punishment for reporting the embezzlement and Tony Kennedy being at the bottom of it all as my attorney from 1969-1978.
In fact the more I report the crimes the more “Mafia Hits” Larry and I get!
Now we can’t get employment, or government assistance, not that we want assistance in this way. We’re loaded with talent and capabilities. Our US Government, we believe, has a contract out for us, which involves us dying in the streets, shut up forever.
If they knew where we were I wouldn’t be surprised if our government would have us all snuffed out! You know, outright murder all three of us with a bullet to our heads.
Consequently the only way we’ve been able to support ourselves is by selling our belongings; finally we had to sell our only vehicle so we could continue to eat. We have nothing else left to sell.
Fortunately both Larry and I are very healthy; Malibu is too thank God, but what we live with existing outdoors all the time is life altering. Our bodies react to every change in the weather so there’s many times we just feel like s#*t!
I believe they are allergies?
Its summer now so my skin itches to the point where there are times I could scratch down to the bone. Same thing happens to Larry. When seasons change my body aches like I’m dying for about three days; then it’s gone. I also get nauseated. Larry deals with headaches during these times. Malibu? Unfortunately we don’t know but something affects him, as he gets really depressed for about a week. Then back he goes to his little ol’ happy self again.
The public bathrooms are about a two mile walk, round trip, for both Larry and me. Not very pleasant, especially when they aren’t clean.
Winter is coming now too and I’m scared to death to spend another one here. There’s nothing colder than Southern California in winter sometimes, and I’m a lifetime skier, I know what cold feels like.
We do have a way to hook up to electricity but because of construction in the area, it’s often out, which affects the computer and our work…writing.  Not to mention the constant noise we deal with, making it difficult to concentrate. There are good heavy equipment operators and bad ones; we know many bad ones, and one good one.
In summer there are hundreds of electricity outages, because of air conditioners running overtime. However, we don’t have one of these; we have dusty, dirty fans.
Plus this year, we’ve run out of stuff to sell and our heater no longer works. We can’t afford to purchase a new one. We had a hotplate on which to cook our meals; it’s now broken too. We still have a propane barbecue, but there are times we can’t afford the propane.
There are many things outrageous about all this, and we’ve figured out what we can do and are doing it…writing.  In fact, people in countries I didn’t know existed are reading my blog? When I read the list of countries it’s like the opening day of the Olympics. There are thousands and thousands of people reading my blog, thank God!
The worst of it all however, is we’ve lost almost every so-called friend we ever possessed and our families. My family lost because they’re in on the crimes; Larry’s family thinks he’s crazy to love me so refuses to speak to him?
The media is actually at fault for the friends we’ve lost, because without experience with what we’ve seen they believe what they hear…”the financial issues are the borrowers fault”. This couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases. Instead these financial institutions are committing federal crimes arrogantly in the sunlight because they know they will never be held accountable. 
They are creating homeless, penniless Americans by lying to the public.
The public doesn’t realize this until it happens to them… again, the media’s fault. If the media exposed these horrendous federal crimes destroying lives it would stop!
 Americans need to ask why they aren’t.
Just yesterday a self- described old family friend contacted me via e-mail and chooses to remain anonymous; kindly he or she sent to us $220.00, cash.  Neither Larry nor I can have a bank account of any kind because of illegally destroyed credit! Thankfully the cash sent will help keep us fed for a month with our talent for grocery shopping. It will do nothing else and we’ll very likely be evicted from our campsite while we have no vehicle and our storage unit will be getting foreclosed upon too.
No, churches and charities will not help; just so you know.
My family friend, most probably has an attitude like, “Well, whatever I’ll do something; this way she can’t accuse me of not”. All along he or she is disgusted with what has happened while blaming Larry and me.
Again just what the government wants.
I’m trying to understand why this old family friend wants to remain anonymous? Why not talk to me? Why not find out the facts? I’m also trying to figure out why fellow Americans don’t gather together and help each other? Soon this will be all we have, each other, yet we can’t be bothered right now?
The United States of Americas' leaders are running a criminal enterprise that has set an ugly example for their fellow Americans.

PS: Stay tuned for more reviews on Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave

By: Deborah Breuner

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