God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; 10 Reasons Our Country Has Gone Down The Toilet

Originally Posted On Beforeitsnews.com April 12, 2012

Attorney General Harris' second letter indicating the federal crimes committed against me, (embezzlement of my 80M$ trust acct by a national bank) weren't her jurisdiction, but she doesn't bother to mention who does have jurisdiction. This is because she's lying.

I finally understand why the United States has gone down the toilet. No I didn’t mean getting ready to go down the toilet, it’s not circling the drain. It is completely flushed away. Why might you ask? Let me tell you.

#1) Our elected officials KNOW that the public can do nothing to them no matter what they do.

#2) The Government employees get paid just for showing up, sometimes they can just call in. After all their union has gotten them the sweetheart deal of all deals. They cannot be fired.

#4) The media has their own agenda and refuses to report anything of importance.

#5) Worst of all the citizens of this country,  tell themselves "I have what I need the hell with everyone else." They hear of people in dire straits and just go on about their day as if nothing is wrong. They expect or assume that someone else will do something. It truly is amazing!

#6) The churches are more concerned with building a bigger church than the one down the street. They want to turn their pastor into a Rock Star. They forgot why they are there.

#7) The "not for profit "agencies are gathering all these donations to pay the founders of these Non-Profits and their cronies bigger and bigger salaries. They have forgotten why they were formed, or maybe they never knew?

#8) The Supreme Court of The United States has completely forgotten why they are there. The Constitution has become a document that is just a recommendation as opposed to what it is THE LAW.

#9) The civil courts are ruling on issues without any concern for the true victims. An individual is considered an equal to a multi-billion dollar bank. Really, now how the hell is that even remotely fair and impartial?

#10) The Lawyers are so corrupt and the Bar Associations so inept as to be a joke.

A legal document listing my assets; signed by then Anthony M Kennedy Esq. as my counsel in 1974

I could make this list into a thousand issues, but I need to get this up before my Internet runs out. I’m writing multiple articles today because it keeps me occupied and not thinking about my hunger pains. It helps to keep me focused on what I want my legacy to be. I want to be a contributing member of society I want to open peoples' eyes to the real reason we are in this situation. Yes, I am scared but I truly do know that God Is On Our Side. I just wish He would make it a little easier.

I hope you readers remember me when the world you live in collapses all around you. I hope that doesn’t happen, I just know that it will. Unless, of course you have prepared yourself to fight back?

I feel very much the way I assume a death row inmate must feel when they are less than 48 hours away from being executed. Because in less than 48 hours I will no longer have the ability to communicate with anyone but Larry and my weenie dog Bu Bu.

God only knows if that will be a cause for celebration for the readers of my articles? I know it will be for my family, I mean blood group. My family is here with me. I don’t know the people I once called family, because family doesn’t treat one of their own this way.

I’ll write as fast as I can, see ya.

By: Deborah Breuner (Davis)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; The End Of The World As We Know It

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 12, 2012

Through all the financial crime that has attacked my life as well as now my partner Larry’s we have managed to take care of ourselves for a good twelve years in the midst of unconscionable circumstances and battle; an issue we shouldn’t have to suffer through some more, but instead address together with the authorities to resolve.

In my experience the shocking truth is the worse the crime in this country the less motivation there will be to investigate, by the proper government authorities. Obviously the crimes committed against me have been horrendous because they have been completely ignored.

These crimes committed against me concern a number of high profile people; one sits on our Supreme Court, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. I’m not even saying he’s done something that caused this, but it’s odd that he won’t address my issue at all or send my file back to me? I've been asking for eight years. He must still act in the capacity of my attorney though it was years ago that he represented me.

I’ve learned through all this that the most elite in society use childhood tactics to hide their crimes. Totally ignore the victim and the world will think they’re lying and crazy. Now the victim is not only fighting for their rights but to be heard as well.

These elite criminals also count on the years that pass to eat up all the evidence.

The most pathetic part of all this is all it would take is an honest ethical attorney to take one look at my documents of proof and there would be no question as to what I’m claiming.

Meanwhile, Larry and I have spent three whole days with nothing to eat but dried stale cereal. The experience of serious hunger is one I’ve never had before and it’s very painful.

However, we finally called a past resident of our campground,  with whom we became friends and he and his wife went to the food bank and brought us two boxes of food…thank God. And, in many ways they’re worse off than we are because they don’t have a plan to get out of they’re mess, also created by financial crimes and unethical legal wrangling.

We have the four-part memoir and three screenplays. The work we’ve done when there have been no other choices.

Yes, the only option left for victims of serious financial crime is their own work at exposure. That’s it! And, against the lame stream, alternative and some people powered media. More battles for the financially tortured while the elite criminals prey on their next victims because the government authorities refuse to investigate the previous crimes.

Turn on 48 Hours and view week after week stories about murderers who could have been caught five murders sooner but they got off on some technicality or the crime scene investigators screwed up. I mean if congress wants to create new laws they should start with demolishing these ridiculous legal technicalities that allow murderers to walk because there was a mistake found in the written complaint.

Speaking of broken laws and technicalities, Larry and I were doing just fine before a Temecula Sheriff sighted us for driving our unregistered truck with no auto insurance and two year old tags.

I know how disgusting, right? We deserved it! I mean there are laws and we have been breaking three just concerning our truck.

I mean never mind the outrageous federal financial crimes committed against Larry and me that the government authorities refuse to investigate and because of this corruption our lives are ruined, not by the crimes as much as the refusal to address these crimes.

But, hell we could be thrown in jail for not registering our frigging truck?

Does anyone see the outrageousness of this?

The bottom line is if the crimes committed against Larry and me had been addressed when they were first reported in 2001 to three state attorney generals, US Attorney General, the financial watchdogs and the FBI, we’d be active participants in life instead of poverty stricken low life’s who have to make a choice as to whether we eat or pay for registration and insurance? We opted to risk being thrown in jail and lose our wheels? We chose to eat and continued to run around to antique stores selling our belongings so we could eat and pay for the storage unit that houses the treasures to sell.

There has never been enough money to pay for the truck too?

Now we can’t drive at all, nor get to the storage unit and therefore can’t sell what we have left so we can eat and pay for storage. Plus there’s not even a chance now that we can earn enough money to register the truck? Add all this to having three minutes left on our cell phone and the Internet going out in two days. We don’t have a way to pay this.

Believe me, we’ve learned this is the exact scenario our government counts on, so why bother investigating the financial institutions? First off I believe they benefit from the crimes they allow the financial institutions to get away with. In my case alone someone or many someone’s are reaping the benefit of an extra eighty million dollars. Second of all our government doesn’t care a rats ass for any of us…period!

As of now we can’t risk driving the truck because this Sheriff warned that if he sees us driving again, without our registration, he would throw Larry in jail!

This is the last thing we need.

Not long ago I was reminded that it’s not the government’s fault that all this injustice is destroying Americans’ lives. No, It’s the public’s fault for sucking it up and allowing it. We seem to have an attitude like, “You’re right the government is corrupt but there’s nothing I can do about it,” then we mosey on down the road thinking all this corruption isn’t going to affect us or our family, so who cares?

Elderly Germans will tell you that the reason they didn’t do something about the Nazi’s is because they didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late. Well someone knew enough to warn others, but no one listened.

Herein lies the problem. The government will get away with whatever we the people allow. And, you can see just how serious, what we’re allowing, has now become. In fact it’s gotten so bad in this country that none of the news media will talk about any of the really serious issues going on that will destroy your whole family.

We as a nation need to realize and organize together. Larry and I have started the process and will continue with this purpose very dear to our hearts obviously, but there’s little else we can do if we’re silenced and eventually dead, while the book never hits the shelves, and our screenplays are never read.

There isn’t a large organization or financial institution in this country that isn’t poised to commit any crime they choose. How do you think this will concern your family?

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

                                                                                             ~Luciano de Crescenzo

By: Deborah Breuner

Friday, June 15, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; I Know This Is Hard To Believe, Yet It's Absolute Truth.

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 11, 2012

Being homeless and penniless in America is not a disease as many choose to see it; it’s not an issue that needs years of analysis to figure out what must be done, as the media wants you to believe? It’s a situation that is more often than not brought on by federal financial crime committed by our national financial institutions and mortgage companies. How do I know this? Well because I’ve seen the crimes being arrogantly committed, first hand, and I’ve seen them continue over and over again as if there were no fear of being caught. And, I was correct. There is no fear because these elite financiers know something the public doesn’t understand yet, they know they’ll never be held accountable by the government authorities the only entities that can investigate, charge and prosecute.

The worst part about this is there is nowhere one can go for help in addressing these crimes. You know, the financial institution never gets investigated for committing the crime that destroyed your life?

Yet, ever since you’ve been paying your taxes you’ve paid a certain percentage towards federal, which pays for the government authorities to regulate financial institutions. Unfortunately way to late you’ve found that though your tax money has indeed been paid for this service…you’re not getting what you paid for, because no one is going to investigate the horrendous crime committed against you.

You have to suck it up, with your credit criminally destroyed and your employment opportunities gone; figure out what you can do to go on? There really isn’t any way to do much but just survive… and, what for?

Life becomes not worth living. Why would it be when everything that must be done has become an albatross and to make matters worse you’re treated like a leper with Aids and a criminal to boot.

What use to take a few minutes to accomplish can now take a whole day to get done? Not to mention you exist in the land of no choices. You’ll be thrown around like a top; one month you’ll sleep in your truck, eventually you might luck out and get a tent where your cell phone doesn’t work unless you walk a mile down the road. You’re constantly at risk of losing your truck because you can’t afford to register it. If the cops find out you’ll go to jail; the truck impounded.

If you have young children you’re at risk of losing them because you can’t care for their needs properly. You’ll lose your precious dogs for the same reason and be looked upon as if you’re an abandoning abuser.

For over a decade you’ll balance your life between, selling your belongings for pennies on the dollar; looking for a place to live when you don’t qualify to rent;(destroyed credit creates this problem); figuring out how to get enough money together to pay for the essentials, which is impossible in this situation; writing the government authorities about the crimes committed against you, which they continue to ignore with form letters; and applying for employment of any kind while never getting even a call back.

Why such destitution? Well because if you happen to have been an heiress, who has paid over the years hundreds and thousands of dollars in taxes, you don’t qualify for any government assistance of any kind. If you owned your own business and it failed because of the crimes committed against you, this destroys any opportunity for government help as well.

Government help only comes if someone else has employed you.

The only way you can get government help, otherwise, is to have yourself considered mentally ill and examined by a government appointed physician who will attest to this, even if it’s not true?

And, your job opportunities get worse every year as you turn sixty-three years old. Plus you have no family.

You could try going to the churches and homeless organizations for help? You’ll be shocked to your soul to find they won’t help you at all. Why, well probably because they make money off the donations they call for in the name of God and the homeless, then spend it either on them selves or the next candidate they want in office?

Of course, I can only assume this is true since every church or homeless organization I’ve had contact with ignores my cry for help?

Again, the government authorities should be regulating this and we assume they are amidst all the new laws that protect nothing; reverting our attention towards ridiculous issues.

I’m confident they aren’t. If they don’t regulate the banks from committing out in out federal crimes against the consumer, why would they regulate the churches and homeless organizations? And, God knows what else we’re told is regulated and it’s not.

I mean we’ve already been informed, a few years ago, that the SEC employees were watching porn all day while on the job. Do you think this behavior might be a growing problem in all the government job descriptions? Why? because their union won't allow them to get fired so there's no reason to do their jobs.

Of course, again our tax dollars pay for government protection, yet we get none? I mean one can’t even call this apathy a mistake? It’s unethical, immoral and full of lack of integrity, not to mention corrupt.

Americans should be honoring the homeless, jobless and penniless public for their tenacity to survive and flourish amidst pure evil and corruption. They’re paving the way to what the public can expect in their future. We should be walking beside these victims in support any way we can, not walk over them like they’re God’s mistake. Not to mention what these suffering souls can teach us, is invaluable, in case you become the same way, or better yet, in case you’re enraged enough to want to be instrumental in doing something about all this government corruption.

When all your options are gone as a homeless, jobless and penniless weight on society, (as you’re thought of, yet you’ve managed to care for yourself so far) created by government corruption you can write all the lame stream and alternative news organizations there are with your story that will help millions of others in America.

Shockingly you’ll be completely ignored again. What’s still worse there are people powered news organizations that are now refusing to print certain articles of truth.

Woe, you should be very scared. But, we can do something about it all if we gather in numbers. This is a fact.

What I’m talking about here is domestic terrorism. Problems that will destroy families much faster than any other issue the candidates discuss. It will destroy people faster than foreign terrorism, although it’s done manipulatively and in silence so the next victim has no clue until they’re destroyed like mafia has attacked them.

Unfortunately the media won’t be warning you. And, they haven’t been for at least a century from my personal experience.

By: Deborah Breuner


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: This Could Happen To You

Orginally Posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 10, 2012

I am well aware of the fact that I’ve been resented all my life for being an heirless; ultimately this resentment is why I’m now homeless, penniless and unable to retain employment.

I’m positive this is a government plan and I can show you how my demise, welcomed by many jealous, actually destroys you too.

Think about it. Why would our government allow the financial institutions to commit heinous crimes against their customer? This would be because they benefit greatly from these crimes.

And, what the government has sanctioned against me costs you money eventually if not already.

Your tax dollars pay for the homeless in one way or another, while our government is creating us on purpose.

This morning on Yahoo an article describes how these foreclosed upon homes cost the taxpayer’s money. It’s your tax dollars paying for lawn care etc. for these empty homes that most likely were taken from the victims unlawfully while “The Fort” benefited from these broken federal laws. They made money.

“The Fort” of course is made up of the government, financial institutions, politician’s government authorities, unethical attorneys, judges; plus lame stream and alternative media. I’d add the churches, care for homeless organizations and most of the literary world too.

They all benefit from the unaddressed federal crimes and the homeless, penniless credit destroyed victims they created, while you the general public don’t. You have another tax bill to pay. What’s more you’ll be next in the homeless, penniless bread line.

By the direction our country is moving today, the only people in the public that will survive are those who are part of the elite posse and those who work for the government.

If you don’t see that Hitler has returned, you’re blind.

If you believe the upcoming election will turn this country around because your candidate wins, you’ve grown still blinder.

If you don’t choose to pay for our pauper graves…too bad you will anyway.

Yet, both Larry and I were contributing members of society, creating beauty; product; employment; taking care of our selves; our homes and our pets. We often gave to charities, which had I known what I know today I would find another way to help the forgotten; charities appear to mostly be another criminal arm leading directly to our corrupt government.

Now because of purposefully unaddressed federal financial crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions, against both Larry and me, our whole family has become homeless, penniless, jobless and wards of the state. What’s worse we’ve lost all our rights as human beings and believe it or not blamed for our situation.

Like sociopaths, this is what your government wants you to believe; they’ve summoned the lame stream and alternative media to cement this lie in your mind. Get you all riled up against the victims they created, on purpose, so to take your minds off the truth.

You’re next if you have anything worth taking!

Then the lame stream media goes further to discuss the poor homeless pets. However they purposely don’t mention why these pets became homeless, such as by financial crimes and unlawful foreclosures that our government authorities are purposely ignoring.

Right about when the media has your sympathy for the pets they slam you with, “And, these borrowers took on loans they couldn’t pay. It’s their entire fault these pets are homeless. They abandoned them!”

But, you see this is another lie more often than not. Most of all the foreclosures have been created by federal crimes committed by the financial institutions and mortgage companies and the robo-signing and lost documents are minuscule crimes compared to what the media is hiding from the public.

The crimes these financial institutions are committing are downright one hundred and fifty year prison sentences to the layperson…like Madoff. Hey, but the financial institutions can commit these same crimes and worse; be a Madoff’s right hand man, and the authorities won’t even lean forward in their seat to look at documents of proof.

The media has been paid not to raise a pen about these atrocities. How do I know? Well I’ve written every lame stream and alternative news outlet there is, at least 200, over the last four years constantly. They ignore me, yet I do have a few obtuse personal letters on my computer, from a few, that would curl the hairs in your nose, as you breath in their lying excuses for not reporting these crimes.

Because of all this unaddressed federal financial crime arrogantly committed against the consumer our precious animals are homeless and often put to death.

There just aren’t words to describe how sick our society truly is.

Then you the public who haven’t been totally slammed yet; live in denial and criticize those of us who are today suffering from these government inspired crimes. You refuse to even take a tiny step towards doing something, anything to challenge what is happening to you too.

A start would be to write articles about your experiences with crimes your financial institution has committed against you, small as they may be today. Submit them to people powered news sites. All your stories matter and lead to more stories such as eighty million dollar embezzlements of  trusts and more unlawful foreclosures; next time it could be your account or home.

And here’s another truth. Should you become homeless and penniless and you happen to have been an heir or heiress, you will not qualify for social security or government assistance of any kind. Unless you’re willing to have yourself proven to be mentally ill, by a government appointed physician, there is no help.

If you have always been your own boss, owned your own business and have lost it all because of federal financial crime there’s no government help for you either, in spite of the fact that state attorney generals claim, in writing, that they have victim funds allotted for victims such as Larry and myself.

Larry and I fit into both these categories, therefore perfect victims for these kinds of federal financial crimes. We don’t even qualify for food stamps or welfare, and if the attorney general refuses to investigate the federal crimes committed against us, then the victim’s fund is available to be spent by the attorney general on power lunches?

But why should we even have to be part of this poverty system? We’re victims of horrendous crime after being huge contributors to society. Why in the world would our government want three more mouths to feed? Well, that would be two…they’d just put poor Bu Bu down.

They don’t…they count on us all dying in the streets.

Meanwhile, the illegal aliens are given food stamps, welfare, medical help and whatever?

What a very sick world we live in and the only way there will be change will be the revolt of the people of the United States of America.

I’ll keep writing until April 13, 2012. My computer goes out late on this day and right now I have no idea how I’ll be able to re-up my time or eat for that matter. There isn't anything I've experienced in life quite like looking towards our slow painful death while those whom have been elected, appointed and paid by our taxes to protect the public from federal financial crime laugh at us.

By: Deborah Breuner

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

America's Denial Won't Work

April 9, 2012

I am very well aware that no one wants to face what Larry and I have dealt with for over eleven years.  I believe this is because of denial, which is a natural defense our brain takes, until we’re thrown into the truth. At this point we can continue in denial, which eventually causes personality and mental disorders, or we can finally face this head-on and be part of the efforts it takes to start the ball rolling towards change.

What I’ve personally seen is that most Americans want nothing to do with Larry and my issues in spite of the fact what has destroyed our lives is destroying theirs right now. Oh it may only be in small ways, such as being  “feed” to death by your financial institution or other illegal irritants, committed by the powerful, that you know are against the law but you only lost such and such and you’ll get over it. “Life must go on,” you say to yourselves.

You positive thinkers actually believe if you keep up all those good energy vibes that all will be well, and it will. Wrong again unless you’re actively doing something towards change. It used to be called fortitude.

This character trait was once honored in society. Today it’s called being a “whiner,” usually by the believers of  “The Secret” some of the permanently scared Americans who think, “believe and it will come true.” I use to believe this too, and in many ways it is true, but not when comes to addressing the crimes our government is committing against us by ignoring what the financial institutions are doing.

This is because the public remains in denial.

And, it is true; there are so many battles in life we must pick very carefully which ones to address. I’d say the financial institutions embezzling funds from the consumer and criminally foreclosing on our homes is a big one, wouldn’t you say? Adding to this our tax paid government authorities are purposely ignoring these crimes, while the media is purposely mute.

Without this issue dealt with none of the others matter.

Most of the comments I receive on my articles are well meaning, yet there’s always an ass that seems to emulate what they think our government is doing for them. In fact they’re so righteous about it all, and of course have no experience, but hell they know our votes count and their going to vote for, whomever.

Sorry Bucko; need to start thinking corruption, mob, mafia, Hitler and death in the streets of the United States of America along with your children and grandchildren. Being a liberal or a conservative is not the issue anymore, because all the politicians are in on hiding the financial crimes.

But, I’ll keep writing and sharing; warning you until my computer goes out.

We’ve heard, “Well that couldn’t possibly be true; no one can steal assets out of a trust account.” Here’s another one, “It’s against the law for the banks to withhold your accounts statements.” Two of my favorites, “You should call an attorney and the local news.” Wait here’s one more, “Do you have proof?”

The answer to these questions and statements is a resounding, “Yes.” Besides this, if my eyes could tell the story on what they’ve seen it would shock your little trust-my-bank-it-must-be-yours soul.

The biggest all-time problem is the lame stream and alternative media will not report these horrendous crimes that are going to destroy your life because you weren’t warned. Not to mention the media is actually helping the financial institutions continue their crimes against the consumer, by not exposing this.

Gee, I wonder why they’d be willing to hide such important news?

Maybe they get lots of muslin bags full of money on their doorsteps…often.

But, this is your lucky day. I’m warning you; willing to devote my life to exposing this and many of you aren’t listening.

Would this be because the message is coming from an experienced layperson instead of a so-called-professional? Yeah, the powers that be count on your ignoring all this because you haven’t heard it on the nightly news…this is why they ignore stories like mine. If they aren’t reporting it then it must not be true?

Sorry again. Our government has become so corrupt, while the lame stream and alternative media has been bought off.

The only way the truths will be told are by the victims of these outrageous asset heists committed by financial institutions we all bank with everyday.

I even understand your denial; when our most sustaining life force is being shaken; actually stolen from us, it’s very difficult to admit that no matter what we do, we’re going to be financially murdered. Ultimately by the media because they refuse to warn the public about these elite criminals so they’re going to repeat their crimes.

Stop; face it and actively do something to help yourself and your brothers and sisters of our country. We’re all in this together.

I’ve broken through much of this with both personal experience and action to expose. Do you have a story to share concerning financial crime?

It seems Ruth Hulls of Orange County, California who does have a law license and experienced much of what I’ve seen, wants to go to Washington DC in force including as many people as possible.

Want to be included in this history changing pilgrimage and save your own lives at the same time?

Contact Ruth Hull through her articles at OpEdNews.com

By: Deborah Breuner

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: It Must Be Jesus' Plan

It’s Easter today, the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead, after he died for our sins.

Hum, perhaps this is why people in general feel they can do whatever they want to a fellow human being. They think their sins will be forgiven no matter what they do.

And, I don’t know the answer to whether we die and go to Heaven or Hell based on past earth performance, but I’d prefer to believe we are judged in the end. We might be forgiven, but we won’t go on through eternity without punishment or reward for what we’ve done.

I’m just going to play it safe and assume we’ll be held accountable for whomever we chose to be on earth.

Since the first KeyBank” mafia hit” that attacked me in 2000, (and quite obviously a purposeful mission to destroy me) I’ve been shocked by how evil our world truly is.  I’m still in shock.

What’s sadder still is the general public has no clue to this truth until horrific financial crime attacks them and it goes unaddressed by the proper authorities.

The truth is financial crimes committed against you will take you down, not the criminal.

No matter what you may believe about fighting wrongs; you’re wrong unless you’ve seen a battle like Larry and I have fought alone for over eleven years.

And, I know there are other citizens who have experienced our kind of battle and pain; we’re not alone on this account, but we don’t socialize together in the effort to strategize our next move. No, there’s no time. We’re all fighting moment to moment to survive in the jungle of pure criminal activity that our leaders commit against the public..

Please don’t say, “Other foreign countries are worse; just look at Gaddafi.”

Believe me our United States of America is worse because the crimes committed against humanity here are done so manipulatively…the goal the same.

Kill off all Americans that get in our way.

At least under rulers like Gaddafi the people know what their up against. Here in America, those without the past luxury of seeing what we’ve seen, think America is freer than most other countries…not true, we’re more sociopathic with the same goals as any country run by a dictator.

What Larry, Bu Bu and I have had in the last four years, is the ability to go to our storage unit; rummage through to find treasures and sell them… albeit for pennies on the dollar. There have been some days we sold something to someone at the last minute just before we ‘d run out of gas.

Now we’ve lost this opportunity, if you’d call it this? And, I do now that we’re actually feeling what it’s like to starve to death, while our trailer park neighbors look on as if all is well.

My favorite as I stumble through the two mile walk to the bathroom, “ Hi! Happy Easter. Having a nice day?”

I wish I could respond with, “Happy Easter to you too. No I’m not having a nice day. My Sweetie and I along with our weenie dog Bu Bu are starving to death starting today. Know anyone who would be willing to be heir to our literary work so it will for sure get sold and published? It will help all Americans and you’ll get the royalties. What do you think? Want to give it a try? We won’t be able to follow through because we’re in the process of dying from starvation.”

It’s Easter and we’re eating out of a box of dried cereal? It’s all the food we have left. There’s nothing more to sell and no way to get to the storage unit should we have more treasures? We’ve asked for rides, but no one will help. We’ve asked for rides to the food bank, but none will help.

Before we completely ran out of money, Larry would walk four miles to the small neighborhood grocery store to buy, for instance coffee, and walk back as one neighbor of ours after the other passed him?

I mean we’ve lived here for two years; it’s not like people don’t know who we are? Many know our story, which seems to give them a license, since we’re already half dead, to treat us harsher than our government has.

Trust me, there have been a few God loving people who have helped us along the way and to whom we will always be grateful, but we haven’t met anyone else since our Jennifer left.

Though she didn’t have much herself she has more than we do so she kindly gave us what she could…her time, some food and taking me on an errand or two to the grocery store so I could buy my own food.

But, starting today our safety nets are gone. We have nowhere to turn, but write until our computer goes out on April 13, 2012.

By: Deborah Breuner

Friday, June 8, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: God's On Our Side, Sweetie!

God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! This is what I hear over and over every day of my life. When I get scared my sweet Larry says this to me, when I get scared inside, I say it to myself. I feel in my heart and soul that God led me to this site, because he knows that the rest of the media have ignored me for years…and continue to do such.

When this first started I contacted the proper authorities, if (that is a very big if) they responded to me it was either, “This isn’t our jurisdiction” or “An eighty million dollar embezzlement, from a trust account, and multiple other federal financial crimes, resulting in two unlawful foreclosures, committed by a number of national financial institutions isn’t important enough to investigate, but we’ll keep your file open to see if anyone else complains.”  And, this continues now after eleven years.

But, God promises to answer our prayers. So I pray, every day of my life.

When this all started I must have been living in a dream world. I had always believed that the Government was working for the citizens of the United States. I didn’t realize that they all had an agenda that had nothing to do with their job. I thought one could report a crime, while it would be investigated and the criminal(s) would be charged, prosecuted and thrown into prison.  I must have watched to many crime shows on television.

What I’ve watched have been the shows Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery. It’s taken many a while to notice what these shows are really about? They aren’t about a murder that is investigated. They are about the incompetence of investigations and prosecution of the un-subs.

I pray that what I’m doing now will make a difference in this world which God created. I pray that it will open someone’s eyes to the absolute destruction of this country I’ve always loved. It seems our government and its employees are determined to destroy it, just as they work to take God out of everything remotely related to the United States of America.

The sad truth is, believing in God is our only hope. Why would our government want to take this away?

Since I’ve been writing and submitting articles to Before It’s News I’ve received a couple of responses from readers. The incredibly sad thing is they’ve been from scammers, what they are trying to scam me out of, I don’t know? I have nothing to be scammed out of, no bank account, no belongings and no cash. So I can only surmise that they get joy out of other people’s misery, in a word Schadenfreude.

We see on TV all the celebrities sending money to Africa and any other foreign country that have people in misery. They hold telethons to raise millions of dollars to help these poor people, yet they will step over the homeless, penniless person sleeping on the sidewalk in the USA to get to their favorite cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

I don’t understand? I’ve always believed charity starts at home, apparently not in the United States of America?

What these celebrities should be doing, with they’re God given power, is helping to expose what is going on in their own country first. After all what has happened to me is continuing to happen because the media will not address these crimes. What’s worse these crimes can attack the movie stars too because these financial institutions love the wealthy…their next victims.

Because, these outrageous federal financial crimes committed by the national financial institutions, mortgage companies and huge corporations are going unaddressed by government authorities guess what’s being announced on Yahoo this morning?

Americans brace for next foreclosure wave

By: Nick Carey| Reuters – Wed, Apr 4, 2012 7:09 PM EDT

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (Reuters) - Half a decade into the deepest U.S. housing crisis since the 1930s, many Americans are hoping the crisis is finally nearing its end. House sales are picking up across most of the country, the plunge in prices is slowing and attempts by lenders to claim back properties from struggling borrowers dropped by more than a third in 2011, hitting a four-year low.

But a painful part two of the slump looks set to unfold: Many more U.S. homeowners face the prospect of losing their homes this year as banks pick up the pace of foreclosures.

"We are right back where we were two years ago. I would put money on 2012 being a bigger year for foreclosures than 2010," said Mark Seifert, executive director of Empowering & Strengthening Ohio's People (ESOP), a counseling group with 10 offices in Ohio.

"Last year was an anomaly, and not in a good way," he said.

Instead of the public shaking in their shoes with fear about all this, resting on denial that it won’t happen to them, why not get involved together and revolt against this? Larry, Bu Bu and I cannot do it alone.

In fact, without our combined efforts we will be dead within a month from starvation and there are many other Americans in the same boat who have lost their ability to communicate from their computers. The killers? Well that would be the United States of America’s government authorities.

Whoever today has our family of precious dogs that we dropped off at Briarcliff Kennel in Menifee, California, with the promise that they would be cared for until we could get the government authorities to act,  (Scallywags; Tahoe; Willie; Wyatt and Der Pope) please love them and give them our love.

You’ll have to read all the other articles I’ve posted to get the full gist of this outrageous disease attacking the American public.

By: Deborah Breuner

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: The Grapes Of Wrath Redux

With all the in depth advice we’re getting from the financial experts on how to flourish during what many call a depression there’s simply one truth that overrides anything well meaning today. The government authorities are sanctioning outrageous federal financial crimes committed by financial institutions against the consumer.

Some experts say these financial institutions and large corporations are controlling the government. How so?

The government is above them all and can print money if they want and do; demand taxes so high that they destroy these corporations; bail out the banks and failing auto industry in spite of crimes they may have committed. They can even send money overseas to help foreign countries create businesses or hide money in foreign banks.

All the while our government authorities, led by our government, can also turn their heads away from the financial crimes committed by the financial institutions against the consumer.

Gee, I’d venture to guess that the government rules the banks? The media is purposely mute on the subject.

The truth is we’re re-living the Grapes of Wrath, while the Great Depression back in the 20s was probably caused by the same crimes we see today. Many experts say they believe this to be true. If you’re going to respect the experts, listen to this.

 Seems like the government's got more interest in a dead man than a live one.

                                                                                                               Tom Joad:  The Grapes of Wrath

I wouldn't pray just for a old man that's dead, 'cause he's all right. If I was to pray, I'd pray for folks that's alive and don't know which way to turn.

                                                                                                                  Casy: The Grapes of Wrath

This is why it angers me to see these Occupy Wall Street gangs marching against the banks and corporations. They should be revolting against our government, who are allowing on purpose, the crimes that are being committed by these powerful entities.

If our government authorities held these powerful accountable for their crimes, half of Americas’ problems would be solved.

I do not understand why many of the liberal public doesn’t get this? Instead they act like, “Oh poor little government is being controlled; stop that right now you big bad financial institutions and corporations. We need the government to take care of us!”

Guess what? You could take care of yourselves if you could retain employment. You could even get work you enjoyed. But, if all the employers are either out of business because of  the outrageous taxes they must pay; have moved on to a foreign country in the effort to pay less taxes; or new businesses can’t start up because of costs then where does one find employment? To add insult to injury America now has most of her products manufactured in foreign countries today.

In my opinion, large corporations employing hundreds or thousands of people shouldn’t have to pay taxes. They are already helping America by supplying jobs.

Except of course Walmart who only employs someone with enough hours to insure they don’t have to pay for their victim’s health insurance. The government should not allow this!

What’s worse we’re all forced to shop at this God forsaken establishment because we can’t afford to shop anywhere else, while there isn’t one product one can purchase made or produced in the USA…well maybe one or two?

I mean it’s only common sense that because of our government, America is failing, while the lame stream and alternative media shout across the airways that we’re experiencing a horrible economy and job loss because of the corporations paying their top executives too much, as just one reason.

I must agree, while Larry, Bu Bu and I sit here in poverty, because of outrageous financial crimes unaddressed by the government authorities on purpose. This is disgusting but it’s not what’s causing the problem, unless of course the government is sanctioning these outrageous bonuses because of their own agenda…extra contributions for the political candidates they want in office? We’ll never know.

As a for instance, Larry and I had a wonderful start up business called Deborah Breuner Ltd. We had over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars invested in it and were selling both wholesale and custom work. Larry designed and built furniture; I designed and developed lines of clothing as well as created one-of- a- kind garments for individual clients. Most of the time we employed at least ten people and were adding more as we grew. We were selling our custom pieces in the thousands of dollars.

You can visit “Wayback Archives” through “Google” and type in www.deborahbreuner.com into search and find our old website. Hopefully the pictures will still come up? They don’t from my computer because our connection isn’t great here in the campsite. I believe the end of the line for our business was 2003.

This business; all our work and the jobs we created were destroyed, overnight, because of the federal financial crimes committed by KeyBank against me, which of course ruined Larry too. It would take two pages of written material to list the outrageous crimes but the one that started the ball rolling to destroy our business was when KeyBank hid my monthly payments on a personal line-of-credit and called be in default, when I wasn’t.

Seven years later it was proven, in legal documentation, that they actually had been paid up on this loan two years ahead. Besides this KeyBank used this lie they concocted to foreclose on a three million dollar property that still had close to two million dollars in equity available.

It’s against the law to even use a personal loan to foreclose on property…a federal crime.

In the end KeyBank still got my trust protected home on ten acres; all my furniture and what was left of my trust account with forgeries of my signature; destroyed Larry and my business and we left with relatively nothing. Ten employees had no jobs; Larry, our six dogs and I were in the streets.

( This home cost me three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to build from scratch in 1989; completely paid for in cash and owned by my trust; by 2007 when KeyBank unlawfully took it, it  was worth three million dollars because of my good real estate sense; it sits at 241 Greenhorn Gultch, Hailey, Idaho sold by the bank for one million nine, I believe; most probably to some damn bank executive. I've heard of more criminal buyers under these circumstances, while the transactions are all hush, hush. So it doesn't even pay anymore to be a good investor. If you are, a financial institution will find a way to take it from you, even if all you have is a bank account with them; no loan against it.)

This is just one example of what is going on in this country. Sure KeyBank did this, but the government authorities are responsible, and paid by our taxes, to investigate this kind of federal crime committed by financial institutions. So you can’t blame the banks for getting away with murder when they know the authorities actually sanction what their doing. They wouldn’t do it if they were afraid they’d get investigated, charged and prosecuted. They know they won’t.

How "do it" know?

And, this is just the short version of my story, while not including the eighty million dollar embezzlement of assets out of my trust account involving three other national financial institutions.

Come on these crimes are not a mistake; they are a mafia hit sanctioned by our government. I’d say, committed by our government on purpose, using the financial institutions as they’re paid assailant.

And, we aren’t the only victims to this. You are being attacked everyday even in the smallest way; bank fees. They are attacking us all anyway they can. Are you going to tell me the government financial watchdogs and authorities don’t have control over this and all the other horrendous federal financial crimes? This is their job for which we pay our taxes.

Instead our government creates new laws, like the Magician and their sleight of hand, concerning whether gays get married or sugar violates our health? Who cares? It’s our own personal business as to whom we marry or what we eat…unless there’s poison injected into our food? And, from what I’ve seen, I’m sure there is, sanctioned by our government.

Then these sick politicians claim we’re going against the Bible and God’s laws, for marrying the same sex? This still is our own business not the government’s. At the same time the lobbyist, hired most probably by our financial institutions, corporations and government are proclaiming God doesn’t belong in our schools or courtrooms?

Do we think the devil is in control here?

Why isn’t our government enforcing the laws already in place, like the federal financial laws that protect the public?

Because they don’t want to, that’s why?

Then if we want to fight these horrendous financial crimes, committed against us, we must hire attorneys, mostly all unethical, to file a civil case against these criminal financial institutions?

For crying out loud, we shouldn’t have to lose more of our money fighting something that the government authorities have been paid, by our taxes, to control in the first place.

Then the only employment available anymore is government employment, where employees get paid for sitting on their Asses watching porn; can’t get fired even if they steal; retire with a pension and the right to retain another job.

Have you gotten the picture yet?  A society cannot flourish by working for itself, unless of course, the society is a Hitler regime.

It’s the lazy; “I don’t want to actually work for anything,” believers in our government taking care of them that is actually creating this mess. They are playing right into the government’s hands while the government is laughing their heads off at them, you and me.

Well, not me. I’ll probably be murdered for harping on and on about this. And, then the government will resume their laughter over my situation.

Wait, my mistake, I am being murdered slowly, amidst many other victims of financial crime already. It’s our government’s new way of killing off the public…allow enough crimes to go unaddressed that the victims die in the streets. If Larry and my efforts aren’t recognized soon we’ll be dead in a month…including Bu Bu. And, you’ll never hear about it; the media will make be sure of this.

How can I be so sure? We saw a person shoot themselves in the head, and then the coroners picked him up. Never heard another word. And, we should have. This poor soul killed themselves because of unaddressed federal financial crimes.

Ah, do you think my family or Larry’s, for that matter, will make sure our exposing work gets sold upon our death? I doubt it.

In fact many of Larry’s ancestors created their own businesses and have since passed on; he followed their fine examples of hard work in creating his own business a couple of times in his life. The rest of his family, remaining, work for the government. And, they don’t like him anymore.

What a metaphor!

Well, I see Charles Mason is up for parole again and I wouldn’t be shocked if this time they let him out? I’d be disgusted, but then again there isn’t much about what has happened to this country that doesn’t disgust me.

By: Deborah Breuner