God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


A friend of mine, a loving mother of a good son, who was murdered by the misconduct of police said to me “Once you get into the legal system whether through crimes against you or crimes you have committed you’ll never escape until your death; victim or perpetrator both the same to the authorities.” I knew what she meant; I knew her son was a wonderful person and absolutely wrongly attacked by police. What she meant was you’ll suffer, as if you’re a hardened criminal, once your name gets into the legal system even if innocent. In fact you’ll be terrorized by the powers that be who will continue to terrorize and attack you until you are dead if you try to defend yourself.

The real criminals always get away these days.

And so ladies and gentlemen this is exactly what is going on in the foreclosure crisis all over the world, while the financial institutions continue to ravish the public with more and more federal crimes; even embezzlement, extortion and laundering funds right out of customers’ trust, stock, savings and checking accounts. And who ends up blamed by the police, attorneys, courts, judges and media?
The victims!

What disturbs me most are many responses I receive concerning my plight. In general uninformed Americans believe, “Well you had wealth once so be happy that you did; I’ve never had money my whole life” or “What does the embezzlement, extortion and laundering of funds out of your trust account by a national financial institution, and those they bribed, have to do with me, I’ll never have that kind of money so who cares?” I’ve actually been shocked by these reactions in the past; I’m no longer; now I’m disgusted that basically people believe if you come from wealth and lose it by federal crimes committed by financial institutions, encouraged by USA Government, ignored by authorities, attorneys, lawyers, judges, courts and media then you deserve it!

In fact I’ve learned from my experiences that if your family ancestors came to America, the land of the free, back in the early 1800s as my ancestors (great grandparents) did; creating businesses; working through sweat, tears and commitment; earning a great living and then upon their deaths leave an inheritance to future family members you’re considered a criminal and so are your children; your children’s children and their children as well. What this means is that our USA Government will sanction any and all federal crimes committed against you and the public has been taught, subliminally, that this is perfectly okay. This doesn’t take into account what is happening to the rest of the public such as unlawful foreclosures, CPS corruption, prison time for the innocent; insurance fraud; attorney and judge misconduct; abuse by the authorities, USA Government; the media and much, much more.

For some reason Mr. and Mrs. Citizen believe embezzlement, extortion and laundering of funds out of trust, stock and bank account has nothing to do with them? And, they’re wrong; what it has to do with all Americans, no matter what they’re worth, is the unaddressed crime by the proper authorities are the same crimes going unaddressed that concern your life. The crimes are all the same. When unaddressed federal crime takes all you have, it doesn’t matter how much you had. If whatever was stolen from you renders you homeless and penniless, what difference does it make?
Your life like mine is destroyed!

By now we all know that the proper authorities in this country refuse to do their jobs; in fact they’ll throw you in jail or sanction even more crime to come after you if you report a horrendous crime committed against you or your family to the proper authorities.

In comes “Common Law” American citizens new hope, but beware it’s also a new area for crime! And there are lots of groups springing up all over the country claiming they can get you justice!

Where do you think I’ve been for the last two months? I’ve been investing my time into new hope for my justice; learning information that will help all victims, gathering documents, writing out my story; labeling evidence and waiting for my opportunity to get the “True Bill” from a people’s court…a people’s jury. Trust me, I believe in this process; it is America’s best hope; what America was built upon, but just like everything else in this country, there is no one protecting us from scams and since Common Law has come into vogue again, as it should, because of all the unaddressed crime destroying lives it is subject to scammers.

Lucky me I believe I’ve just found one group who are scammers:>(Well it felt like they were?

Unfortunately I’m not totally aware of this group’s agenda except possibly taking a number of Americans out of circulation of complaining, for a short time, while these Americans are busy organizing their documentation for the People’s Jury. However this group representing the people’s jury is very secretive; won’t give out their names; treats victims like criminals, or at the least less than, and though there are directions on their site describing how to present one’s case the group won’t allow you to pass go even if you have done everything exactly as instructed. If you ask questions, they aren’t answered. Instead obtusely ignored. Writing out your story and giving the facts becomes like trying to catch mercury running around on the table after breaking a thermometer as far as being approved to go forward and receive the holy grail or True Bill. Some of us may land on a correct presentation; the rest must keep trying, with no verbal contact to speak of, with anyone who knows how to instruct them. In my case I received from my secret advisor via private email, “I don’t even know what a KeyBank is?” The hidden message here is, “But hopefully everyone on the jury will get it and they’ll present you with the True Bill.”

It feels like emotional abuse after a while:>(Better said, it feels like pouring salt into your already seething wounds…being re-victimized.

Going through this myself, and by the way, I never did achieve their approval for the horrendous crimes that destroyed my life. Since when is presenting one’s personal story, in writing, more important than describing the events to listening ears? I believe this process was created to stop me, once again, from exposing the criminals and getting justice! Perhaps the group is a Washington DC mole? I know some of the people of this jury are living near Washington DC.
Could they be moles?

I believe there are some great groups educating the public on Common Law; working towards creating grand juries in every county in this country; changing things for the better; helping each other. The group I just excused myself from doesn’t seem to care about anyone but them selves.

You can’t help this country, or each other, using secrets. The purpose is to get all Americans on the same page concerning unaddressed crimes committed by the powerful and stop it! Instead I was treated, by the group, like I was a mole recommended by a good friend of the leader? I had to prove myself, not to be a criminal after them, before I would be accepted. This was accomplished by emotionally abusing me for two months, it seems? If I were able to put up with this for one more month I would be in?
Who knows?
I would have been gone at least a month ago had I not listened to my friend defend them with, (paraphrased) “They are on the cutting edge with this and we’re all learning so please try and be patient?” Well this dragged me along for a while but you know what? No matter how new one is at something; it’s never an excuse to be abusive. And I have left because of this insidious abuse and wondering what have they learned? They should have learned from the relationship they had with me, “No abusing of potential True Bill recipients.”

It was again explained to me today that everyone tried to help me but…well the hidden message is “You are the problem Deborah.” Yet, in spite of the problem I am no one, in over two months, ever explained what I was doing wrong in my presentation or spent more than five minutes with me on the site discussing what I was doing incorrectly. I still don’t know! On top of this two months after I finally stopped trying, I was told one of the leaders also had a very long convoluted case like mine; he lost 50M$s. Could he have explained to me how he presented his case two months ago? Not to mention today was the first time I have ever heard this supposed sliver of truth he conveniently kept close to his vest while I struggled to capture my story going back sixteen years; 80M$ embezzlement; RICO; six courts; many corrupt attorneys; withheld evidence; never my day in court and I must address it all on three pages? We’re talking about dates, the violators’ names and addresses; sixteen years of story and the evidence.

A good two months into my evaluation, as a presenter of my case, one of the leaders sent through one of his clerks, my friend the clerk, that I should capture just the atrocities and the evidence for the People’s Jury to see in my written facts. This I would do as my fifth re-write or was it my sixth? How does one capture sixteen years of continuous federal crime attacks upon three pages? I did it on six after removing twenty pages of what I had previously written; then this same leader apparently calls my friend and tells her it still isn’t right; he didn’t call me?

By the way, the other leader claimed my original twenty four pages was going to be fine; the group would take two days to cover my case; but he since ended up in jail; can’t get out yet and apparently the remaining leader isn’t as accommodating;>(

Just so you know, my not getting the federal crimes committed against me out, addressed; receiving a True Bill, hurts all Americans who won’t know the danger they are in since they have no idea what to protect themselves from. It seems to me that no matter how stupid I am; how horrible of a writer, how long winded I remain or how convoluted my case, this leader, who claims to want to help all the suffering victims to unaddressed crimes with Common Law; hold the offenders accountable, should have kicked my ass to the side and fixed my poor, grade F + presentation so my case could get a True Bill and I could then move forward towards justice for me, which translates to justice for all Americans whose voices are still waiting to be heard. Instead I got, “How come you didn’t mark that like this; whoops sorry have to go, be back later”; cryptic criticism’s about how I labeled evidence and other stupid messages sometimes never amounting to more than two words, in a few emails spanning over two months, yet certainly these issues aren’t as important as Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy committing horrendous crimes, earlier in his career as an attorney, against me his client. My 80M$s he advised I put into a trust to protect my assets has been embezzled!

And this is precisely why I don’t trust this group! They may not even be bad people, however they don’t know what they are doing in my opinion.

Now, I’ve lost my chance to get the True Bill to hear the group tell it; pity, pity. Sounds exactly like what was planned all along because even a dog will walk away from a home where he/she is being abused. Most adults understand this. Yes, I walked away finally; couldn’t tolerate the abuse anymore. Seems to me this group has learned more from what is going on in the corrupt US courts, and applying these tactics to their group than treating potential True Bill recipients with respect. After all these victims, to unaddressed crimes, have already been victims, some for many years, so they should continue to be while receiving help?

Still more upsetting to me, my good friend is and continues to be, very involved with this secret People’s Jury giving out True Bills. She’s the person who inspired me to get involved. I don’t blame her for how they turned out to be; I blame her only for saying she’s my friend and then refusing to believe me when I’ve told her how abusively I’ve been treated and she has never submitted a written proposal about crimes against her, so not sure how she’d know about what I’ve been through; still she believes in what this group is doing more than she believes me. This breaks my heart!
And this isn’t her problem, it’s mine:>(

Yes, another secret about this group, there’s no way anyone but the e-mailer and the emailed know what is actually stated to a potential True Bill recipient. You are encouraged to speak only through a supposedly protected email address. Being careful about with whom you share life and what you are willing to expose is very necessary in this world today, but using this tactic to otherwise abuse people, while claiming to be helping, is obviously a playground for the evil just like many of the foreclosure specialists who claim to be helping you, when if you knew the truth you might make other choices with what you have left after serious unaddressed crimes that the courts will never address, nor will you ever get justice from these corrupt USA Courts as our country stands today.

Yes, Common Law is the answer but it has to be addressed with knowledge, sharing, and community efforts within all the counties in the state creating Grand Juries who hold all the criminal leaders accountable. Secrecy will get Americans nowhere and allow the criminals to continue their plight against the American citizen. The more citizens align together against USA Government, leaders, legal world, authorities and media corruption the sooner we can see change in America and the world for that matter.

And, I’m praying my dear friend will finally get it or I start to accept how overly sensitive and stupid I am:>) Only time will tell LOL!!!

By: Deborah C. Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Welcome 2014, I’m hoping that this year my small family and I will see some sort of justice, all the while understanding there is no authority, court, attorney or judge who can bring it to me/us; no church or charity who will help us; no employment that can pull us out of this mess, especially with our ages, lack of employment history and unlawfully destroyed credit. We had always had our own businesses before all the unaddressed federal crimes. This is what I have learned over sixteen years of trying to retain an investigation and justice.

The more convoluted the federal crimes, committed against we the people, the better for the criminals because they know victims have little chance for anyone to help them, because who's going to care enough to spend the time necessary to listen and review documents?

The legal measures (police, courts, attorneys and judges) are all corrupt, charities and churches are too, so victims must rely on other resources such as representing themselves (in your own person) in various ways, while having no money to pay for the filings with the many different courts. In my/our case courts in four different jurisdictions, while we have no longer an automobile to get there. The best defense for criminals is to create chaos in their victims’ lives using RICO, numerous court filings, creating horrendous amounts of documents, emails, stalking, terrorizing and lots of lies between them all. And so the victims are victimized again and again rather than receiving the help they need. We, the victims, do learn all the laws, from law books, at the library or we download the laws onto our computers but continue to watch them all broken along with our Constitutional rights. And did you know there’s a difference between the Constitution of the USA and the Constitution for the USA? What is still worse few in the public, who have yet to see the same crimes in their lives, will even believe the victims. Consequently the criminals win again!" Not to mention, that Larry and I are being terrorized and stalked, I believe, by whom I have no idea? I would suspect it would be those who want the federal crimes committed against my trust, my small family and me hidden forever mostly because these federal crimes were originally committed by a US Supreme Court Justice, in his capacity as my attorney and at the very least caused by his neglect, then continuing to be committed over thirty years now by trustees, more attorneys, courts and judges. So we’re also talking about Misprision Of Felony committed by the USA Government authorities, attorneys and judges amidst, financial fraud, embezzlement, extortion, laundering, grand larceny, forgeries and breach of contract committed by trustees and attorneys.

Many in the public believe because I was once an heiress what has occurred to me by unaddressed federal crimes has nothing to do with them because after all they aren’t independently wealthy, never will be and who cares about a stupid spoiled heiress anyway? Remember, I’ve been living this nightmare concerning outrageous federal crimes committed against my trust and me for many years while I’m well versed in seeing and experiencing these outrageous crimes; who’s attacked and the responses to them of not only the US authorities but the everyday American I share my story with. By the way, this is interesting. The Europeans are outraged with my story because I believe they too well remember Hitler and the holocaust.

Most Americans could care less and think what has happened to my family and me will never occur to them for the reasons I have mentioned above. Many Americans think what happens to someone who always had it all deserves the federal crimes committed against them no questions asked! This is unfortunate because what occurs to your fellow human being concerns you too no matter what you are or aren’t worth. We are all connected; it’s up to you to understand how. Here’s one reason, there’s another holocaust occurring, now here in the USA, and whether you’re wealthy or not you’re going down; will never be able to make a great living, at least not for long, because federal crimes sanctioned by our USA Government, instructing all the authorities to ignore is going to take you and your family down too.

Have you ever asked yourselves, “If financial institutions can embezzle, extort and launder great amounts of funds from citizens’ bank accounts I wonder if they can take my measly funds out of my accounts too?” Hey, people yes they can; do and will continue! Still worse, because of this you can’t use your creativity and talent to create a family legacy as my family once did. One can see for how far back these federal crimes have gone, unaddressed by the proper authorities, by focusing on just exactly how much has been stolen from people like me. If a financial institution can arrogantly steal 80M$s out of one persons’ account(s), knowing all along they will never be held accountable, but instead congratulated by the USA Government, can you imagine what they have gotten away with prior to the 80M$ heist? And, I’m confident still more has been stolen from other victims. Our government wants we who had some power in funds out of the picture first. You’ll never hear about these crimes but from the victims’ lips and unfortunately you won’t believe them:>(This is all created by our USA Government, on purpose, so you won’t be aware of what is going on, you’ll continue to be in denial and very likely the next victim. Our USA Government uses the media to manipulate you into staying in denial by refusing to report these federal crimes to the public while lying to you about an improved economy. At the same time the media gets less fortunate Americans all riled up about how criminal the wealthy are? This is a great way to keep us all separated and creating a weak front against all the unaddressed federal crimes.

The truth is there are many families who came to America a few hundred years ago believing in the American dream and they realized their dream while the forth and fifth generation, still alive today, from these families have had inheritances created by hard work and sweat! Not all wealthy people came by their wealth by crime! And, at one time most Americans had the opportunity to succeed through hard work and sweat. Not anymore, while the inheritances that have been left have been stolen by the powerful. However, our media purposely sends an ugly negative message to Americans today about wealth, so the not yet wealthy can be angry with the old successful families and stop noticing that America has changed. No longer is America a place where one can succeed and become wealthy unless they are criminals, such as our government leaders. This is a fact. Those, in the public, who somehow slip through to great success by avoiding financial institution and government attacks are merely biding time. Eventually they will lose all they are worth and the bottom line will always be unaddressed federal crimes. Those Americans who never seem to be able to get ahead in spite of all their hard work is the new reality to America today. Why? The why is because our USA Government leaders don’t want anyone in this country to succeed and they’ll sanction federal crimes committed by financial institutions; authorities ignoring outrageous financial attacks on everyday citizens; continue to sanction Americans losing their homes to more federal crimes; outrageous taxes; refusal to otherwise protect society when it’s their job and sit back watching American families, children and all die in the streets. Ladies and gentleman until we are all ready to come together realizing we are all being attacked, where our strength is most prominent, therefore fighting back together, nothing will change. Just like the holocaust was to Germany what is going down in our USA is the same, done slightly differently but will result in the same, our deaths by government corruption and greed.

Additionally if you report these horrendous federal crime attacks to the proper government or other authorities, in this country, you will be considered a whistleblower needing to be f#@$*% with more and you’ll end up as a targeted individual; stalked and even find yourself no longer living as far as documents are concerned. For instance my first trust, along with my three daughters’ trusts were created in 1975 and 1976, if one calls the proper probate court, in the county these trusts were drafted, they aren’t registered; in fact you’ll be told none of these trusts ever existed. And, yet I have originals of my trust and most of the copies of the revisions. I don’t have originals of my daughters’ trusts or copies of my trust drafted in 1975 and the revision in 1979. Interesting don’t you think? What’s weirder still, I’m no longer a registered voter in the county where I registered to vote. Slowly our USA Government, and other powers that be, are helping each other get rid of me; making it appear as if I’ve never existed. The plan is that I die in the streets never heard from again while a rumor spreads about my insanity rather than the truth; unaddressed federal crimes. And these crimes are destroying the lives of all American citizens, other than government employees, who are given the right to either sanctioning federal crimes or demanding taxes so horrific no one could overcome and create a better life for themselves or their family. So you see these issues concern all American citizens, as a whole, not just those of whom may have had extra funds. Our country, through corrupt leaders, is stealing from the hard working wealthy everyday citizen and making sure those who are working towards the American dream never get there. And it’s all done with crime! When are we together, as Americans, going to stand up and create change? Perhaps when the rest of you realize the legal system, in this country, is set up for the criminals to win or get off.

Haven’t you ever heard of a metaphor? Whatever goes on around you is the metaphor to what will soon happen to you.

By: Deborah C Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent.