God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crime Does Pay, Just Ask A Politician!

                                                                  US Senate

Hear ye, hear ye. All financial criminals please gather; best if you’re the elite professional in this world as the more everyday type citizen will get arrested for something far less criminal than what you can get away with, so beware of these pit falls if you’re a non professional.

Elite professionals only, listen up!

Are you hankering for the millions of dollars you’ve spent your life dreaming about earning? Why work for it, when you can merely embezzle these funds? But your career choice must be carefully thought about first. Absolutely do not entertain the idea of any of the creative endeavors; these are areas of life, should you embark in, will likely make you a victim of crime before you ever get around to committing your first criminal act…so not a good idea.

Now you need to become a banker, attorney, judge or politician. If you choose politician, you better win the election or know who will appoint you to office; otherwise you’ll never get away with your crimes. However, if you’re fortunate enough to join the right posse as a candidate, you’ll for sure get elected, and you’ll know you have been before the so-called voting public knows you’re in?

You need to pay attention, with whom you make as friends. This is very important. You are allowed to marry a creative type individual if they have lots of money…especially if these funds are protected by a trust. In fact, being an elite professional often attracts these creative types who love their family; they feel like they have built in geniuses that will protect their interests.Oh and, try to make sure these creative types have no family of origin left alive or the family they do have are teetering on being estranged. This isn’t mandatory, but it sure makes life easier for the elite financial criminal.

Additionally, being an elite financial criminal has many other perks besides the big one. The government authorities will not investigate you, though the tax paying public thinks they do because the media lies in their reporting.

So go for it! Steal til’ the cows come home. You will get away with it.

The other perks are no worries about 401Ks; retirement pay, or social security benefits. You won’t need any of these because you’ll spend your career embezzling funds from others and end up on a beach in a foreign country lapping in the land of luxury.

What happens to your victim(s)? Well, they’ll finally find out what it’s like to be poverty stricken with their credit unlawfully and criminally destroyed. The attitude is, “They deserve it!” What’s best is that all these victims will die in the streets, so at some point, you criminals can stop looking over your shoulder. Be assured, none of the homeless organizations or churches will help; they're stealing donations made to assist the homeless and penniless. The government authorities don’t regulate this either, yet we’re lead to believe they do?

Welcome to America the land of the free: free to steal, and not what our forefathers had in mind.

Along with all the other issues, our once great United States of America must endure federal financial crimes, committed by financial institutions and other elite financiers, unaddressed and ignored by the government authorities in this country. It’s gone helter-skelter, and what other issue will ever mean a thing if the public must fear their livelihood being stolen, and there’s no protection, investigation, prosecution or restitution?

Unfortunately this is what is already going on today. We’re living a financial Holocaust.

By: Deborah Breuner
The Heiress That Lives In A Tent

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