God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I’m From The Government and You’re On Your Own!

I’m having a difficult time understanding and absorbing this at the same time, though I’ve been writing about the issue since I first started my book, God’s On Our Side Sweetie! But, The Devil Has Control! in 2007. I began writing my memoir as I was in the middle of fighting a battle of corruption and federal crime committed by KeyBank National Association against me. I was a forty eight year old, independently wealthy woman when this started with grown children; deceased parents and estranged family.

I didn’t realize at the time why the government authorities chose to attack me like mafia, but as the years have passed I believe I now get it?

It had everything to do with, my botched murder, submission to a mental hospital that didn’t pan out as planned and being exiled by my family in 2000?

I couldn’t understand what in the world was going on after a twenty-four year happy marriage, three grown beautiful daughters and one adorable grandson?

In 2004 I figured it out, eighty million dollars had been embezzled from my trust account apparently by my family and a number of national financial institutions.

Besides this Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was my original attorney back in 1969-1978 who advised that I create a trust to protect my assets?

How in the world could this even have happened? It didn't matter the government authorities wanted it hidden; know how to accomplish this and wanted Justice Kennedy protected. But I still didn't get it totally because I just refused to believe our USA is this corrupt?

So hey, no problem, I’d keep reporting the crime along with KeyBank’s continued federal crimes to the US Attorney General, four state attorney generals, FBI and all the government financial watchdogs in the country starting in 2001 and I’m still writing these letters of complaint today as all I’ve received back for over twelve years are form letters written from behind closed doors of secrecy.

The biggest trick government authorities use is not mentioning the proposed crimes I’m listing; instead they word these obtuse form letters so that they can’t be traced as to what was meant by them or to what they are referring?

The government authorities absolutely won’t interview me. I’d say a claim for the largest crime amongst many, the eighty million dollars, which had been embezzled from my trust account, would summon at least an interview?

But, it didn’t and still won’t.

So I wrote Governor Schwarzenegger. His office staff wrote me back directing me back to Attorney General Brown. Brown sent me finally to District Attorney Tony Rackauckas of Orange County, California so that he’d start an investigation. More crime amidst back crimes though, as I’m informed the crimes against my trust and me aren’t important enough to investigate.

An eighty million dollar embezzlement isn’t important enough to investigate?

And, I’m not even talking about the two multi-million dollar homes that were criminally stolen from me by KeyBank and my Orange County, California attorney, at this point? Or the design business my fiancé and I created and lost because of all these crimes. But, of course the AG and DA had known all about these ongoing crimes too.

So far my complaints have gone on for over eight years with not one bit of help from the proper authorities, which our taxes pay for? Yes, I’d hired attorneys who in the end did nothing on my cases and then withdrew. They took me on long enough to allow statutes to pass; in other words they were protecting the criminals from me.

It’s a rude awakening to what is going on in this country that most Americans have no clue about until a federal crime is committed against them and they shockingly realize that the government authorities won’t lift a finger to investigate these powerful financial institutions who arrogantly commit these crimes, because they know the authorities won’t investigate.

Finally I started contacting my senators, congressmen, assemblymen and various other powerful such as candidates vying for the ticket to run for president of the United States of America.

They ignored me whether they belonged to the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or  another independent party?

I finally wrote both past President Bush and Obama. They ignored me too.

Oh there were a few form letters that trickled in from the senators; there were none from the congressmen, assemblymen or candidates and nothing from past President Bush.

Obama sent me a form letter about why we Americans should vote for him in the next election. He didn’t mention the crimes committed against me, and now my fiancé too?

You know what, Obama would accomplish more by being impeached, then leasing office space where he can get psychotherapy and work on his birth certificate, in case he wants to obtain employment. In what I have no idea?

In the last six months my fiancé and I have put in a concerted effort to seek out churches and homeless organizations for some help; instead we’ve found more corruption.

Back in 2009 before we had to sell everything we owned, we tried to find help from the same sources, in between writing the government authorities.

The best offer we’ve received over the years from establishments that help the homeless and destitute is that we could come get our feet washed on Wednesdays once a month?

If you don’t have a car to get there then that’s unfortunate. They don’t make house calls.

All the other hoops we must jump through, to get help, would be difficult for the financially healthiest in society.

So now we’re pretty much at a loss as to what to do? All our belongings but just a few have been sold. Although we’ve tried over and over again to retain employment we can’t get it because our credit has been so destroyed. Neither of us qualifies for social security. I qualify for even less because I was an heiress who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes for nearly fifty years.

Of course the media won’t hold these government authorities to performing their jobs without corruption, nor will they expose the federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against their own customers, while the government allows this and the unethical attorneys and judges cover up everything by withholding documents.

I call them “The Fort” that is destroying our country. And it kind of puts a kibosh on thinking our candidate will be better than the next, because they’re all corrupt apparently.

By: Deborah Breuner

The Heiress That Lives In A Tent


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