God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, May 25, 2018


I called the FBI today, the DOJ, and the FTC to report horrendous financial and real estate crime, once again, during the last eighteen years; of course I know better.

None of them do anything; today an FBI agent in Sacramento, California said, “Aw, if an agent hasn’t reached out to you ( there’s that mellinnial term again) in eighteen years then there’s obviously no crime.”

This is after I said, “No how can there be that decision when no one has ever retained my account statements or read the legal documents? This is the reason I’ve had to call so many times, plus I have been stalked for as long; attacked by still more crimes; the more I report the original crime, an 80M$ embezzlement, and believed laundered TRUST, I’m attacked by more outrageous crime.

Eventually it has been real estate crime and more embezzlement.”

The agent continued with, “ Why would you report so many times, stop that! We’ll get back to you if we think you have a case”

“Huh? “ I said, “So it takes eighteen years, to think about it!”

I got, “Mame I won’t take your abuse, I said there’s no crime!”


Mind you, these FBI agents are merely those who answer the phone, abuse and have never heard of me until just this minute I’m talking to them!

Then I’m told, by another FBI agent in LA, there’s no such person as Paul Bertrand, Special Agent of The Economic Crime Unit in Los Angeles. “Right” I’m thinking to myself “I’ve talked to him on the phone; emailed and sent ten pounds of documents to him nine years ago? So is he dead or never existed, except as a plant? Where did my documents go?” The agent says, “ Gee I have no idea? I’ll transfer you” And she did to an automated system that went on over and over for ten minutes.

Next time, if there is one, I’m clicking the number for reporting terrorist attacks, on their system. Thinking maybe they’ll consider taking a report. I mean after all Larry and I have been attacked by Financial Terrorists. They have to take Terrorist reports!

Not! Homeland Security didn’t!

How does this make you feel Mr. and Mrs. Public?

The truth is, I believe, the Government authorities are purposely ignoring the horrific crimes against me because Justice Anthony M Kennedy is at the bottom of the original crime. But I also know the authorities are ignoring the whole of the public... not just my case.

Now my Larry and I are being stalked through our bank accounts and employment, because I just won’t shut up about how the authorities, in this country, ignore crimes; the more serious the less likely an authority will investigate.

But then again, one can’t even trust the”No Call” list in this country!


Larry and I now, in the last few weeks have gratefully between us, and independently, about eight employment opportunities, I’ve actually been hired; have another opportunity in marketing. Larry and I together have two couple’s management opportunities we’re being interviewed for, while Larry has four sales positions, these can be done by appointment and on the phone. So he can actually do all of them no matter where we live.

Now I’m hearing, “Great, wonderful; I’m so happy for you” from the public. Problem is we can’t afford to take any of these positions , as we live in our POS car. We paid nothing for it, but it runs; overheating often.

We can’t afford to take showers most of the time.It costs over $24.00 to take a shower at a truck stop. We have often had to live on this amount of money for a week of food; so it’s food vs shower?

And only complete out-of-the-loop-of-poverty people would suggest a shelter.

We’re praying, and waiting, for one check from Larry’s commission sales, which he earned a week ago when we had some funds. Now we’re out of money again...waiting. If we had to pick up this check somewhere, other than withdrawing funds from a card, we’d run out of gas getting there.

If the funds don’t show up in time, I lose my employment; Larry and I can’t interview. And then there’s those employers who judge us for being victims to all this crime?!

You know like the Buz Muse’s...and fire us before we work the first day. Add those potential employers who judge us for being fired, as a result of being victims to financial crime; and fired for this.

How about Wells Fargo, I mean Wells Fraudo, who actually returned to Larry’s employer his salary check for quite a few thousand dollars he’d earned working a month.

We learned the employer, broke the law, and in retaliation for Larry asking about this, the guy fraudulently recalled Larry’s salary, and Wells Fargo refused to take into their fraud department the black and white proof, in writing, that the funds belonged to Larry.

The criminal, also Larry’s employer, goes free and paid to go free, while the authorities we reported this criminal to, refuse to investigate.

Wells Fraudo has vehemently broken the law; a wire transfer, accepted, cannot be returned to the sending bank unless the receiver returns it...period!

I’m sorry people but this is how corrupt this country has become; it’s not about “The Secret”.

The charities, churches and shelters do nothing; the authorities do less; the powerful are committing any crimes they choose, while employers often hold victims to all this crime at fault. If they don’t, then the victim is passed over because hiring one presents too big of a challenge...we hires don’t have the money to sustain ourselves until we’re paid in two weeks, even a week.

Hell we don’t have the funds to buy a bus ticket to get to an interview.

So you think we’re living a Holocaust in America?

Well you should spend a night at one of millions of rest stops or Walmart parking lots across the country, as we have. They are packed with educated Americans living destroyed lives because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes.

We could hold a homeless convention, or revolt, at each site!

One of the FBI agents I stupidly called today asked, “If the FBI won’t investigate your claim, why not go to the local police?” I responded, “ Oh right, the last cop I contacted told me in writing, an 80M$ embezzlement of a TRUST isn’t important enough to investigate”.

The FBI agent slammed the receiver down,in my ear, with this truth!

The cop’s statement, with intent to ignore, alone is an annihilation of my Constitutional, Civil and Human Rights. Then the guy puts it in writing! You know why? Because he arrogantly knows he can get away with it!

No one will hold him accountable!

I spent another half of the week contacting Civil Rights attorneys. Haven’t heard from a one. I’m used to this abuse!

Apparently none of them, as do the Government authorities, think having an 80M$ TRUST embezzled and laundered, a home illegally foreclosed upon by KeyBank, when it had no loan against it; owned outright; another home stolen by one’s own attorney, in an eviction, a bogus eviction no less; most belongings stolen by this same attorney, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. and a multitude of other crimes...serious enough to prosecute.

Catanzarite amidst all his crimes also committed grand larceny.

How about the attempt on my life?

Did you know that America has the largest prison population in the world?

Who are the inhabitants? You and me it’s obvious! It’s certainly not those who belong there!

The financial institutions, US Government, authorities, attorneys, judges, CPS, charities, churches, shelters and media are the Gestapo in this country, and we the people are experiencing the Holocaust!

End of the line? It’s either prison of one sort or another or death in the streets.

The Polly Anna’s are calling me negative. I’m calling them In Denial!

Larry and my family, who have had a substantial hand in our demise, call me angry, and walk away.

Interesting? Their attitude exactly like the financial institutions, US Government, authorities,attorneys, judges, CPS, charities, churches, shelters and media.

We the people need to stand together and do something. However, just like Nazi Germany, no one believes the victims.

And to those of you who hold an attitude against me like, “You always had money so what do we care that you now live in the streets?

You deserve it!”

I have no words; young people, and some older folks, in our society have no respect for those of us who’ve worked hard to create and earn a great living doing so.

I get that! Wealthy does not necessarily mean the person is of the one percent; if they aren’t members of the criminal leaders, politicians and financial movers and shakers, they aren’t. Instead they are often attacked by these same criminals out of greed.

Those in denial, or uninformed, have little to no understanding about all the crimes taking place in this country, as they order their morning Starbucks and pay for it with their iPhone.

Who are they going to contact when their latte ends up costing $5,000 instead of $5.00?

They just trust the email or text they send to...where?

This is called less transparency, not more as our corrupt politicians state. We the people need to observe actions and results; not believe all the words.

So many today have no interest in History or empathy about people suffering; they think it will never happen to them.

“If you don’t learn from history, you’re bound to repeat it”

I was guilty of this in my youth...but this is only because I attacked an issue based on false information.

Yep, exactly like the false information presented today via the media; false information by omission.

Last but not least, what difference does it make how much money I once had? When crime causes the kind of loss that lands one in the streets, then losing $500.00 is the same as 80M$s.

You’re penniless!

The only process energized in our society today, is marketing and advertising, including the hype about the authorities.

The delivery of what is claimed through this is nill...

Hey even the hospitals today are kicking you out with your bladder dragging on the ground, claiming, “Go home and recover” as your handed a $10,000 bill for two days in the hospital.

Yep, I almost forgot, most of the doctors in this country are lying to their patients about the seriousness of their condition, so the insurance will pay for illness that isn’t real. Plus once you start taking the medication for this made up illness you will be sick! On the other hand, if you really are sick, “Go home if you have no insurance”.

Yep, these powerful annihilators of the public need to be added to the list of the corrupt!

By: Deborah Breuner Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent


I found the little FBI creep; he now lives in Washington DC ; calls himself a Wine Taster; Grape Grower at Bertrand Vineyard

His LinkedIn quote about himself;

“I enjoy sampling good wine and good friends”

You’d have to check out this FBI agent’s “Articles, Posts and More” on his LinkedIn Page to realize who he is, because he’s trying to hide himself.

It appears by a “Google” search that he’s now a Long Island FBI. I’ll try him in Long Island.

He has quite a resume, judging by his experience on LinkedIn, a resume that should cause the public to throw up when one considers what he has done to, or hasn’t done, with my case starting nine years ago.

He shelved it!

Larry and I live in our car, don’t have enough money to get employed, and Paul Bertrand is living the good life on his vineyard in Washington DC.

One should “Google” E Paul Bertrand and read at least the first two posts there; an article about the Holocaust, as Paul makes a quote in the article, and another one about Chaplin’s for the FBI in the second article.

He’s such a hypocrite!

Well possibly not on the post about the Holocaust he made,the importance of the newer FBI agents to learn and understand it, probably so they can be instrumental, as he is, in recreating the horrific time in history.

Interesting read considering his actions, or non actions, on Larry and my case, and the title of my article; mind you a complete coincidence!


Feel free to write him and tell him what you think of his investigation into the horrific crimes committed against my TRUST, myself and now Larry too.

Mr. Bertrand’s email above.

Mr. Bertrand has annihilated the Constitution, our Civil and Human Rights.

And this is how he did it, how all Government agents do it!

1) Leave a tip

2) Don’t expect us to contact you, we’re too busy, but we do consider all tips

3) All investigations are an ”Ongoing investigation” so we can’t discuss them.

4) An Agent will REACH out to you if we find there needs to be an investigation.

In my case,however, I left no tip, I contacted Paul Bertrand personally; had a conversation with him; emails back in forth, and he requested my documents of proof, and I have many. Then he jumped to the FBI corrupt formula I state above.

A formula that breeds corruption. This way the public or victim has no idea what’s going on, while the FBI agent can shelf the complaint and documents doing nothing.

Hell they get paid no matter what they do, so why not do nothing!

You can contact them, and you’ll get a response like the ones above, or they’ll say, ”We found no crime.” This when you know for a fact the investigator never retained the most important road map to embezzlement there is...the friggen account statements!

Or you might hear from a personal friend of your FBI agent, in an email as I did, Mr. Bertrand says he found no crimes.

I mean come on a two year old could handle their corruption better than this.

Today, I contacted a retired FBI agent on LinkedIn, apparently he was big time and has written some books; he lectures now and has an MBA.

I asked if he could lead the way please, and help me.

Haven’t heard from him yet; stay tuned I’ll reveal his name after I see what he’s going to do...if anything.


Well Mr.Ethics wrote me, after apparently reading my blog and my note to him...

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the connection; I apologize as I’m not real savvy with LinkedIn, been busy surviving. Your credentials are impressive and caught my eye because of what my family and I continue to experience because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes. My complete story is wrapped up in my blog; I’ve been writing since 2012, mostly because I’ve needed, not only a place to expose this atrocity, but a place to vent in order to stay sane. My latest post says it all.


Perhaps you have some direction you could send me please?

Of course based on my experience with the FBI, so far, you can also choose to ignore me?

If this is the case, please accept my apology for bothering you.

I wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend...

Best Regards,

Deborah Breuner Davis


I read through your blog. Your story is very sad and I wish I could do something but since I am retired, I have no influence over investigations. In effect, I have technically got out of the investigations business and now simply teach leadership, financial crimes, and ethics.

I wish you the best in your pursuits. Sometimes you just have to keep trying although I would now be worried about the statute of limitations on your case.

As far as help with the YPO and leadership courses, I would be appreciative of any contacts you can provide.

Enjoy your Memorial Day.


Hello Bret,

Thank you for responding; there are no statutes on ongoing financial crimes and “Fraud Upon The Court.”

If you are as educated as you claim, and you actually read my blog, then you’d know this.

Shame on you for trying to mislead me!

And as far as “having no influence over investigations?” Well neither do the employed FBI agents. This is why I contacted you; thought you might be able to point me in the right direction for help? Or you could help?

As a retired individual, it’s your continued responsibility to use your contacts and expertise to help your fellow man.

I haven’t stubbed my toe, I’ve been hit with “Financial Terrorism” while a sitting SCOTUS is involved as well as I believe RICO to be a large part of this; likely much going on overseas as well...

This spells Terrorism!

Your response is unbelievable, yet this is the same response I’ve received since 2000 from employed State and Government authorities.

My husband and I are on our death beds, because of this unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crime, and all you can say is what you uttered above?

Why are you even on LinkedIn? This is a business connection site where people assist each other; you apparently feel it’s a site for you to obtain recognition and gigs for yourself...only.

Certainly you don’t mind if I promote you further?


Since my contact info, for YPO, is in my storage, I have no way to assist you with contacts.

Lucky for me because I wouldn’t want to recommend you as a YPO speaker; you’re obviously a hypocrite, Michael Bret Hood retired FBI with an MBA ,CFE and...particularly educated in embezzlement and laundering money.


You could actually assist me, but purposely choose not to? I’m left speechless.

You’re the type of guy, in character, who would see a bleeding man laying in the street and run over him again to make sure he’s dead.

I Believe God knows your heart. I’d be scared to death if I were you.

Who wrote all the reviews on LinkedIn for you?


Happy Memorial Day to you too...


Deborah B Davis

An excerpt right off LinkedIn;

Michael Bret Hood FBI, MBA,CFE

See why people are raving about Michael "Bret" Hood’s unique approach to leadership, financial crimes, and ethics training. If you want fun and interactive training designed to make you and your colleagues think more deeply about yourself as a leader or to learn more about ethics and financial crimes such as fraud and money laundering, contact Bret at 21puzzles@gmail.com and see why Bret was consistently rated as one of the FBI National Academy’s top instructors. 

Bret is a founding partner in 21st Century Learning & Consulting, LLC, a group that offers leadership, ethics, implicit bias, & financial crimes training, investigative consulting and expert witness services. Bret is also the author of the critically acclaimed leadership books, Eat More Ice Cream! A Succinct Leadership Lesson for Each Week of the Year, and Get Off Your Horse: Fifty-Two Succinct Leadership Lessons from U.S. Presidents, available at www.amazon.com

Friday, May 4, 2018


Things have become really serious for Larry and myself again; for the last month Larry has been employed; a position found on indeed, as we recall, and now realizing he won’t be paid his salary, obtain the new car or medical insurance promised in the, signed by both parties, contract.

This company also fraudulently had my bank accounts frozen with bogus reports about me. We believe the company could be terrorists?

Just when the public gets to say, “Oh my God what’s wrong with these people, get a life already. Certainly eighteen years of struggle against unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crime should produce something positive”?

Well not if you’ve been stalked by the powerful perpetrators, of your lives, in the effort to both shut you up, ruin your credit, reputation and find joy in watching you die in the streets, to offset their crimes.

Plus the authorities do nothing about serious financial and real estate crime in this country, and the perpetrators know this.

It makes the authorities as bad, if not worse, than the perpetrators. In fact many of the authorities are committing the financial and real estate crimes... against the public.

So the perps arrogantly continue their plot against their chosen victim(s) via all the ways possible today.

Frankly Larry and I are pleased to discover our continued troubles have been caused because the original crime was never addressed properly, so it’s not a result of something we are or aren’t doing. Still the perpetrators are afraid we’ll eventually succeed in our efforts, therefore they terrorize us using any and all means possible.

In other words the reason we’re still struggling with all this crime is out of our hands, yet at the same time we alone must repair our lives...with God’s help.

Meanwhile the financial and employment world is where we’re being attacked; so seriously that The Department Of Homeland Security has been called upon now, and this should cause Americans to feel all warm and cozy...right?


Again I’m exposing crime that could be connected to terrorism and no one is listening at Homeland Security?

These authorities are doing nothing! What Larry and I exposed to them, should cause an immediate investigation; instead these authorities protecting the homeland haven’t taken one step in the last 24 hours.

Actually my only experience with Homeland Security is watching them tottle over, at a snail‘s pace,to the scene of the horrific crime, after the fact, when there’s nothing that can be done, but record the incident. I guess my experience, unfortunately,is is right on target;>(((

We went to the police first, yesterday; the officer at intake was sitting in a cubicle behind bullet proof glass, wearing a bullet proof vest, while cynically asking Larry and I why my banker sent us to the police?

By the way anyone ever wonder why these protectors of the public need to be protected to the hilt, while “we the people” receive no protection at all, and pay for this with our taxes?


I said, “Besides the fact that all four of my bank accounts have been frozen because someone, from Palestine, posing as a victim to my being a fraudster, my banker feels this latest criminal act, against Larry and myself, is connected to the original crime, which I found out about in 2004, while the authorities have refused to investigate. I first reported the embezzlement of my trust to all the proper authorities in 2004, and have continued since. The real estate crime that took place before I learned of the embezzlement, was reported starting in 2000.”

The more powerful the criminal, the less likely anyone in authority will investigate.

This stupid “ass” now says to me, “Well I guess no one found any crime then.”

I was going to choke this man, but decided to explain further because, of course, he’d change his tune when he heard what the hold-up continues to be?

I responded, “Aw...no the financial institution that holds all my statements refuses to honor a number of court ordered subpoenas to retain them. So can’t very well investigate without bank statements now can they? Obviously my statements not being forthcoming is the main way these authorities, attorneys and courts keep the truth hidden.

Without these bank statements, I can’t even represent myself in court.”

So the cop says, with a smirk on his face, “Where are the statements sent to you monthly from your bank?” I responded on the dime, “ My ex, one of the perpetrators, has stolen them from me.”

Now I hear this cop say, “Do you know how many people come in here reporting financial crimes? I get at least a dozen a day.”

I say, “So and? What do you do to help?”

Sorry by then I was so “friggen” mad I didn’t hear what this cop said.

I think it was, “Well I’ll call your banker and see what he has to say,” as he picked up the phone and made a call. In the end, I heard him leaving a, if he were dead, monotone message for the banker.

I finally said, “ My banker thinks what’s happening to Larry and I today, is an extension of the original crime I told you about.” This cop has the nerve to say,

“No I don’t think so!”

I thought to myself, ’Oh you investigated all this in the last three minutes?’

Larry had to lasso me out the door; I believe he feared I was going beat the crap out of this guy.

Today, Larry and I waited to hear from either the cynical cop or Homeland Security; we heard from neither though they both claimed they’d get back to us immediately.

We know we have to merely start all over; looking for employment again; try to rebuild our lives with our wrists and ankles tied.

Meanwhile anyone wondering why there’s so much financial and real estate crime going on in the USA? Why there’s no control on terrorism?

I just told you why!

Meanwhile “Google” the article below please...

Department of Homeland Security oversight report: DHS is a terrifying failure | ZDNet

Prayers for us all Americans...

By: Deborah Breuner-Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Sunday, March 25, 2018

What’s Next For Buz Muse & His Entourage

Hello Buz, Kevin and Juliet,

Thought you’d appreciate an update on our lives, since the evil action you have taken against us.

Letting you know what you have accomplished.

We all know you’re well aware of Larry and my situation over the last eighteen years, which I have never hidden; if I were I certainly wouldn’t be exposing the atrocities all over the Internet, my blog, FB, Twitter and now Instagram.

Larry and I still can’t figure out what your “gig” is? There isn’t a decent “God Loving Soul” in the world who would kick people when they’re down and out, and this is just one atrocity, but when they’re finally gaining an upward position, it’s truly sick! Then who would hold being struck by financial crime, causing the need to turn to fundraising to survive, reason to cancel a contract?

What did someone from my past contact you people, offering money , to murder us? Or are you all so dishonest you were afraid we’d see your dishonesty through working for you Buz?

Perhaps as you said Kevin, “Buz doesn’t want your influence on his business.” Interesting response to what very likely would have been a great marketing tool for Monkey Island. It’s not everyday two people with backgrounds such as ours comes along, with the talents and experience we have, but straight out of homelessness!

What a media release for you Buz. And you’d come off in Oklahoma, probably the whole country, and Europe too, as a hero; your Monkey Island Resort and Big Chief RV Parks would suddenly be the only RV places to go to.

The public loves human interest stories, stories that warm their hearts bring tears to their eyes. Just one marketing idea for you Buz.

And my exposing corruption in your business dealings with us will be a better promotion for Monkey Island and the other RV Parks?

By the way you still have an opportunity to change the course of this situation ...do the right thing!

This isn’t a legal issue, because we all know the law, courts, authorities and most attorneys are corrupt. This is a moral issue for which God is judging you.

And Buz, in your condition you need to be thinking about this now.

And Kevin, Mr. President Of Oklahoma Christian University, was it?

Difficult to believe and God actually gave you a second chance in life after your accident?

I wonder why? Probably to see if you could finally become a good person? Just a guess.

God will forgive you, and so will we, if you repent.

We are in a tiny motel in the middle of nowhere; we have no car; all our belongings are now gone. We have $200.00 to our name. Just like it takes money to make money, it takes the same to retain employment. And employment can take months and months to retain under the best of circumstances, but especially with all the challenges we have, now more than ever!

As you know from reading my blog, the churches, charities and authorities do nothing for the victims of horrendous financial crime. The financial and real estate crimes that took our lives away took every dime we had therefore putting us in the position where we didn’t have the resources to retain employment, or re-educate ourselves, and we have lived in motels, or a tent since 2009, applying for employment existing on small donations sometimes. We have no family as you know, which makes what you have done even more outrageous!

This is why we were so grateful for the position you offered us Buz. The position offered you talent in so many areas that would put your upscale RV Resort on the map all over the country. We have this kind of expertise, while we would have finally gotten on our feet, and been able to add still more income for ourselves with a number of side businesses you could have even benefited from financially.

As I mentioned to you Buz, a number of weeks ago now, Larry and I had a list a mile long of ideas for Money Island that would bring in lots of revenue for you and us both. Funny you never even asked what our ideas were?

Now why would this be?

But that’s in the past now.

Today, if we don’t get a miracle we will die in the streets; the blood will be on yours, Kevin’s and Juliet’s hands.

Again this is not a legal issue; it’s a moral one, and one, should you believe in God at all, you are being judged for.

We don’t want your employment back, but we could use a little financial help so we can retain employment elsewhere.

And whatever you do, I will write about it. And in fact this letter I’ve written you here is next on my blog.

Thereafter I might be posting some good you’ve done? It’s all up to you.

May God Bless you all...

Deborah B. Davis

By; Deborah Breuner Davis

Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


It appears there’s still another criminal I must expose; Leslie Wayne Muse (aka) Lw Muse, Buz W Muse & just Buz Muse, owner of Monkey Island RV Resort, Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees in Afton, Oklahoma.

And guess what I uncovered today? Lw Muse apparently is also an attorney which he likes to hide, obviously. At the very least he’s the principal of a firm offering legal work under the title of Lw Muse Lawyer.

Buz owns a very upscale RV Resort near Grand Lake where Prevost go to vacation. Larry and I were hired to take this diamond of a resort, a five star we’re told, to a whole new and higher level.

The complete saga unfolds below...

I guess it doesn’t suit one to expose horrific financial, real estate and employment crimes committed against one; crimes that concern all consumers, when the authorities, courts, and media refuse to do their jobs in this country?

Nope; the exposer is instead considered the criminal. In my personal opinion by those who committed the crimes against one (you) and those employers who commit crimes in their everyday business and have yet to be exposed.

I believe Buz Muse to be corrupt in his business dealings; while performing legal services asked by the book with potential employees.

They , such as Buz, are amongst the millions of employers out there in the world seeking the right employee who obviously won’t be smart enough to notice they are being hired by criminals...people who bend all the rules to the point where they are corrupt.

Activists, can spot criminal acts and this is what corrupt employers hate in potential new hirers, and therefore won’t hire...so we have learned over the last ten years.

Doesn’t matter what our skills are otherwise. Well it would if the employer weren’t a criminal obviously, but he/she is and the ratio of honest Americans vs criminals is obviously very low amongst those in finance, real estate, the mortgage business and law.

Yep welcome to the world we live in today; welcome to Larry and my continued experiences with that which proves everything I have written about over the years to be completely true.

I don’t have a million readers on my blog, from all over the world; even Russia, for nothing. But apparently telling the truth is politically incorrect.


I am very open about the horrific crimes committed against Larry and myself; it’s on purpose to not only help ourselves,but
potential victims of the kind of crimes and corruption we’ve seen and experienced, and by whom?


Would the public rather find out for themselves who’s committing the crimes and how they are doing so?

Honest people are thanking me; dishonest people, obviously like Buz Muse cancel contracts with Larry and myself for no reason two days after all legal and job description documents were signed along with an LLC created where Larry and I would receive our excellent salary considering Buz was offering a home for us to live in with all utilities paid except cable TV.

The attorney involved in creating these documents was Kevin Jacobs, Buz’s counsel. Kevin was kind enough to explain everything we were signing in detail, since Larry and I didn’t have counsel. And as read, we didn’t need one.

The contract was very fair except for one clause. “Fire at will” but then again we could quit at will too, but would have to give a thirty day notice.

A bit out of balance, but hey Larry and I knew there’d be little reason to fire us, as we’d been courted by Buz for three months and he knew who we were and many of the plans Larry and I had for Monkey Island.

He was very happy with us.

It was last December 2017 Larry answered a Craigslist ad in Oklahoma for couple managers of Monkey Island RV Resort.

Juliet Hutton, Buz’s apparent secretary, answered Larry’s cover letter claiming Larry and I are very impressive in our skills and talent, but she and Buz feel we’re over qualified to manage an upscale RV Park. She stated further that they would instead keep our resumes on file for other projects down the road.

Larry wrote back claiming we weren’t over qualified, and because of our work ethic we aren’t over qualified for anything. We want the employment as offered.

So for almost three months Buz and Juliet courted and interviewed us over the phone, Kevin Jacobs Esq. prepared legal documents, and a year long contract, for all parties to sign; created an LLC for Larry and myself.

All that was finally left to do was sign.

Of course Larry and I continued to send our resumes out to employers 𝑯𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 Innkeepers and property managers.

Concentrating on our best skill sets.

We sure weren’t going to hang our hat on just one opportunity. At the same time we continued to work at call centers to keep us afloat until we were gainfully employed, while seeking an investor for our rebuilding of our fashion/furniture business as well.

Our thoughts were we’ll take the employment that works out best for us.

Meanwhile Larry and I continued to struggle financially no matter what we did. We needed full time employment...now.

It got so bad Larry and I spent three whole nights in a row, sleeping on the benches at the Vegas airport at night; working all day long.

Yet Buz and Juliet continued to drag their feet in 𝑯𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 us. One email claimed we’d be hired the end of January or the beginning of February; during the next interview we’d be informed that employment would start the end of February or the beginning of March.

We continued to work, wait and send out resumes, while keeping a list of all the ideas we’d come up with for improving Monkey Island at Buz’s request.

Finally Juliet sent us a check from Buz for $1,200.00 to rent our moving truck and go to Oklahoma as managers of Monkey Island RV Resort. Larry and I arrived in Oklahoma March 1, 2018 with barely $100.00 to our name.

However Juliet had made reservations, and paid for a night for us, at The Renaissance Hotel and Buz had invited us for dinner, along with Juliet, Kevin, Tony the RV video camera guy, and himself, at his favorite restaurant; Juniors, in Oklahoma City.

Larry and I were so excited; finally we were going to have a life with added opportunities to re- create our business on the side, starting small.

Juliet and Kevin showed up at the hotel to escort Larry and myself to dinner. This was the first time we learned that Kevin, the attorney, and Juliet were husband and wife?

I wondered why this fact had remained some sort of secret? It would be considered a conflict of interest!

After most invited guests showed up and were seated, Buz finally arrived, a slight thin man, sporting a short cropped beard and coifed hair du.

Nice enough and very polite; shaking all hands and talking as if his tongue had been removed. And truthfully we’d heard it was gone from Cancer.

Additionally, Buz was high on something; perhaps pharmaceuticals from his recent surgery, Juliet said later, as support of his behavior, which grew much worse during dinner with his lude mouth, in swearing and using God’s name in vain. Not,to say we all didn’t experience a wonderful time, laughing and sharing, because we did.

Kevin was most interested in my story about Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Juliet wanted to know all about both Larry and my designing and the financial crimes. She wanted to know all about the financial crimes that destroyed our business, and thrilled about the men’s shirts I’d be launching soon as a smaller version of Larry and my past business, which we’d slowly be rebuilding to cover fashion and furniture as we once did in time. I reiterated that for now Monkey Island comes first.

By the time Larry and I stood up to leave the table and start back to the hotel, feeling happy and grateful for our new opportunity and wonderful new business friends, Buz was disgustingly drunk, and digging into his mouth with a napkin constantly, as Juliet made still more excuses for him.

“It’s the surgery Buz has had for Cancer that causes him to get drunk after just two white wines” said Juliet. And part of me believed this. I merely wondered why Buz didn’t have a handle on his new limitations? I saw him drink two huge glasses of white wine, a full glass of Brandy and an ice cream drink full of alcohol. Then I decided his surgery was a recent occurrence so perhaps he’s still being caught off guard...needs time to adjust.

The next day, as Juliet wrote in an email the day before, we were to be escorted to Monkey Island to move into our new home. First, as planned at dinner the evening before, Larry and I would be meeting Buz and Kevin in Buz’s real estate office to sign all the legal documents for our employment and the LLC docs.

Once this was done, Kevin left, leaving all of us copies of our documents; he took the originals to keep in his office.

Buz then started counseling Larry and myself on our employment, as if we were children? Basically his whole personality changed from trusting us as viable talented managers to flunkies. And it appeared he was trying to suddenly scare us with job descriptions we had never heard about? Nor had they been mentioned in the contract we just signed. We knew in time we would possibly be managing three properties, but Buz was suggesting this start today with a one week trip to another RV Park, Big Chief, in Ponca City, Oklahoma and then we were to move on to Coffeyville, Ks for a week.

Both RV parks designed to accommodate the Oil workers.

And there would be no escorts.

In fact Buz was acting like he had no clue that we were driving a sixteen foot moving truck, though he had signed a $1,200 check to Larry to pay for it. He said, “Oh so you have a moving truck? I’ll call Fred at Big Chief and ask if there’s somewhere there to unload it?”

I say, “Wait, we can’t do that. Larry can’t keep packing and unloading that truck, while we have nothing else to drive but the truck. And we need to return the truck or pay more for it. We can’t afford to do that right now. We were under the understanding that we were moving into thev Monkey Island home today? Now you’re suggesting we go elsewhere for two weeks, which means we’ll have to keep the truck.”

Buz says, “You mean you don’t have a car?” Larry says, “No we drove that truck here; I was going to purchase a car in Grand Lake; I already have it picked out; it will be our first purchase using our LLC. But, if we’re going to these two other RV parks, we’ll have to wait to purchase a car, because we have nowhere to store our belongings but the truck. We thought we’d be able to unload the truck today?”

Buz comes back with, “Well the home is being lived in right now on Monkey Island, by Tony my video guy, and he doesn’t leave until Tuesday.”

I’m thinking, “What is going on here? We were supposed to be escorted up to Monkey Island today and you knew we were on our way to Oklahoma and knew when we were arriving? You never mentioned the house wouldn’t be ready for us, in fact quite the contrary. And you knew we were driving a moving truck, you paid for it!”

This scenario about what to do with us; our truck, and belongings goes on for an hour. Juliet is in the office but seems to be shut up in her own room at her desk?

She is obviously staying away from the whole situation?

Finally it’s agreed that Larry and I will go to Ponca City until Tuesday; keep our truck, keeping it packed; stay at Big Chief RV Park, in one of their cabins; meet Fred Wigley, the current owner, and plan our move into the home at Monkey Island Tuesday.

Juliet suddenly comes out of her den of protection to drive Larry and I back to our truck, acting all shocked about the new turn of events. She says, “Don’t worry, I’ll get Buz to reimburse you for the cost of keeping your truck longer.”

Yes, this being one of our main concerns since we were running out of money. The good news was we’d be paid every week, so not too long before we’d receive $1,000; our first paycheck.

So Larry and I drive to meet Fred at The Big Chief RV Park. We spend three days sharing, laughing, going out to breakfast once, and visiting a couple museums. One of Fred’s office managers, Diana spends some time teaching Larry and I how to check guests in, while saying it’s not the same at Monkey Island anyway?

Sunday we drive up towards Coffeyville,Ks to meet the manager, Bret of the other Big Chief RV Park there, which Fred owns. Nice man; it turns out, we even share some things in common...like Sacramento, California and skiing.

On Monday we meet Val, the head honcho office manager at Big Chief in Ponca City, and she wants nothing to do with showing Larry and I how to do anything. Instead she sends us off to check cabins for a whole list of issues.

With this Larry and I find lists and lists of issues, including recommending cleaning products that can help clean certain areas of the cabins.

Val visibly isn’t interested in our input. Her attitude and words are, “Hey these customers we have don’t care about clean and they aren’t important enough to go out of our way for any reason.”

The common thread through Fred, Diana, Val and Bret is one question. “What makes you and Larry qualified to manage RV Parks?”

We’d answer, and most always get a positive response.

On Monday AM I write Juliet to address a rumor about my favorite designer Gaultier. That evening I write her again about making sure the deposit Buz’s office made for essentials at The Renaissance Hotel should come back to them in full, as Larry and I didn’t use it.

Juliet never responds to either email, with her now familiar;

“Brilliant” or “Till Soon”

In fact neither Larry nor I have heard from Buz, Juliet or Kevin.

Things are feeling weird, and exciting at the same time. The weirdness is bothering me a bit...

Larry and I nevertheless pack up and load the truck with the few suitcases we’d been using.

We are deciding whether to pawn Larry’s iPad or ask Buz for an advance on our salary coming Friday?

We decide on going to the pawn shop.

On our way out of Fred’s property we stop to say “goodbye “ to Fred and ask about where the best pawn shop might be?

With the answer Larry and I are off to Monkey Island stopping at the pawn shop for gas money.

Meanwhile Fred calls and asks that we return to see him after we pawn Larry’s iPad.

Larry and I of course are wondering what in the world he could possibly want?

All Larry was able to get for the iPad as a pawn was $100.00; not great but enough for gas to get to Monkey Island and eat a little until Friday.

On our way back to Fred’s we stop at the gas station; as Larry fills the tank the phone rings, I can see that it’s Kevin Jacobs and answer. His usual fun living spirit filled by coldness at the moment. He wants to talk with both Larry and myself and recommends that he call us back, in five minutes,once Larry gets back into the truck.

The wind is blowing fiercely so it’s a bit before Larry makes it back into the truck as he wrangles with the door to sit down.

Just then Larry’s phone rings. It’s Kevin with, “You guys aren’t going to like this that I have to pass onto you, but Buz wants to cancel your contract effective today. He’s willing to give you $1,200.00 if you sign the cancelation agreement.

“What? Why?”

Larry is speechless
Kevin responds, “Well Buz has been reading your blog over the last few days and seen your fundRazr; he doesn’t want such an influence on Monkey Island!”

“Really? So we’re seen as criminals rather than people who have been financially destroyed by unaddressed by proper authorities financial crimes? And you’re alluding to our hiding these facts from you and Buz? How so? I’m all over the Internet; there’s no way I can or would hide this. All one has to do is “Google” my name. So Juliet didn’t do her due diligence over the last three months? This is difficult to believe. Everyone looks people up on Facebook these days.”

“You are sending us into the streets. And for what reason?”

“You are canceling our contract because we have been struck by financial crime the authorities don’t investigate? While at the same time we possess all the qualifications Buz needs for Monkey Island.”

This is sick!

And all this could possibly mean is Buz and his entourage are obviously criminals. What’s more we now see, Buz owns another business, a legal business calling himself LW Muse Lawyer?

Under this fact Larry and I shouldn’t have applied, but most employment opportunities as we apply don’t reveal to whom we are replying? Then again, we have very few choices when it comes to employment, as often times we don’t have the funds to sustain us; we need employment yesterday; sort out the details later.

Meanwhile, we return to Big Chief RV park and Fred, who’s now as cold as ice to us. He hands Larry $1,500.00 and coldly sends us on our way. But before Larry and I walk away I say, “ And you’re merging with Buz in business? Watch out!”

Larry and I are once again without employment...”Till Soon”.


Heiress Lives In A Tent

By; Deborah Breuner Davis

Buz Muse Renaissance Real Estate Group, LLC 11032 Quail Creek Road, Suite 109 Oklahoma City, OK 73120 Phone: (405) 946-3000

Lw Muse, Attorney
16601 Little Leaf Lane
Edmond, OK 73012

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dear President Trump, Now where do we turn?

Dear President Trump,

You want to “Make America Great Again"? Then my story will matter to you; it mattered not to Obama, while this story is about an American leader committing horrific crime against an American citizen, in this case, his own relative.

Yet my story concerns all Americans doing business with financial institutions, in this country.

My name is Deborah Breuner Davis; I’m Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s second removed sister-in-law. In his capacity as my attorney from 1969 through 1978, he recommended I create a “Trust” to protect my assets, as well as more “Trusts” to protect my daughters’ assets.

However, my 80M$s has been embezzled, my Trust emptied; that of my grown daughters I’m not sure about, because my whole Tony-Kennedy-loving-family have exiled me as of 2001.

To prevent my finding out about the original crime, I was “Mafia Hit” over many years with more federal crimes; illegal foreclosures, evictions, and grand larceny, until finally, my partner and my business destroyed;


We landed in the streets in 2009, we became homeless in 2007; where the criminals want us; homeless, penniless, with illegally destroyed credit; all our belongings gone, including my very important California Gold Rush Family heirlooms…this is where I am today at 68 years old along with my beloved business/life partner Larry; he’s 61.

Retaining employment has been very difficult under our circumstances, by living in our car now impossible; we continue to try, though my own country has criminalized us, instead of the criminals.

The FBI, Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, local law enforcements, Congressmen/Women, Senators, Assemblymen/Women, SEC, OCC, CFPB and other financial watchdogs continuously ignore my emails, letters & claims; law firms turn me down. The Fake News Media want nothing to do with this story as well. It’s a criminal enterprise protecting Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

The one continuous factor is that none of my account statements have been retained; my personal copies disappeared.

If we don’t get the help we desperately need, soon, we’ll die in the streets. This being murder; nothing short of! I’m confident I don’t need to tell you about the churches, charities & social services? They don’t work at all in this country; in fact they resent helping us; most often they refuse!

Please Google; Heiress Lives In A Tent to read my Blog

Thank you for your time.

God Bless you and your family; you’re all in our prayers.

Merry Christmas.

Most Respectfully,
Deborah Breuner Davis

Friday, December 1, 2017

How Would You Like To Help Change The World?

To Those Of You Reading This Blog;

Thank you:>)))

Suddenly my blog is lit up with readers; hundreds of them; the curious perhaps?

I’ve seen this before, over many years, but of late it’s been pretty quiet until today. I only have 100,000 visitors from all over the world, and without much effort on my part,(too busy surviving) other than what I have time for.

Thought I'd take advantage of this opportunity.

I’m aware of how to retain more readers through Blogger Outreach, but most of the time my small family and I are fighting for our lives, jumping from cheap motel rooms back to sleeping in our car; seeking food banks, gift cards for gas, churches, charities, social services, seeking out friends, strangers and posting ads for investors for multiple ideas for businesses from the very small to a few million dollars, while sending out résumés for employment.

This takes time and a lot of it; it can take all day, to a number of days, on the phone. Then a half day rest and the whole process of survival starts all over again.

Sometimes we retain employment often taking eight months, of sending out résumés to get it, each time we need to seek such, while we’re already in our car by the time we finally obtain this employment…then of course we lose the employment, because we’re living in our car.

Why is employment very difficult for us to retain, otherwise? Because we have always been successful business owners, and employers rarely hire anyone who once owned a business.

Meanwhile, there is rarely any help from those who are supposed to assist in this country; small, sometimes bigger, gifts come from caring strangers and nothing from family, friends or agencies anywhere.

We have tapped out gifts from strangers; we really prefer no gifts; prefer instead an investor, or well paying employment, so we can earn money and take care of ourselves, add to society as we once did.

We no longer have friends after ten years struggling with homelessness and poverty brought on by a national financial institution, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, in his capacity as my attorney, and our families; all federal crimes purposely ignored by the proper authorities.

So haven’t much time to tend to the Internet on a 2008 Mac Computer. It’s very slow to say the least and has been since 2012.

We have, between Larry and myself, started three businesses and were extremely successful until the unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crime took our lives away…this included our last business; although it has been close to fifteen years since our last business was up and running the link is below;


We have talent, abilities, experience, knowledge and an uncanny degree of financial wisdom, even financial experts don’t posses.

As, Merv Griffin was known to always say, “I don’t hire anyone who hasn’t failed at least twice in their careers.” Merv Griffin was a billionaire, for those of you too young to recall him.

Larry and I have an extra component to financial failure/wisdom; we know most of these failures are due to unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crime, and not through any fault of the business owners.

The general public has no idea, while the media makes sure they don’t! Then Trump calls for lower taxes, when in fact the American people are getting nothing for their taxes at all, at least not financial protection or upheld laws.

There should be no taxes paid at all, in this country, for the fact that all Americans are on their own. No one, especially the politicians, leaders, financial institutions, or courts have our backs; we can only trust someone we've learned to trust through experience, and never any government employees no matter how powerful their job description.


Because they're all hiding a fact. This would be that the financial institutions are embezzling your funds from trust, stock, checking, savings, and 401K accounts. The authorities do nothing; they won't even answer complaints filed for an investigation, so it isn't too far fetched to believe I'm not the only victim to an 80M$ heist of all my funds, and mafia hit of illegal foreclosures taking my homes away, once I reported the crime to the proper authorities.

And I've been Tweeting President Trump, visiting him on Facebook, and emailing him for a year, with this information. I'm ignored for the lowering of taxes and sex crimes? Truth is if the financial institutions are allowed to continue embezzling funds out of multiple different accounts...draining them sending the owners into the streets with no recourse, but to die, then neither lower taxes or less sex crimes will matter.

After ten years, in some instances it’s been twenty years, we are headed to the streets again; this time we no longer posses the drive to continue living. We are worn out of survival; we need the space for our creativity and work ethic to finally show up.

We need to rebuild our livelihood; we need an investor. It’s the only way we’ll survive, while we have much to offer.

Like I mentioned earlier, we have multiple investment opportunities for the savvy investor, with proposals and financials for a number of them as well; ranging from small comfortable investments to much larger; they all improve our world in one way or another.

Just ask… and we’ll send an NDA…

I believe you’ll see these ideas aren’t mercy funds (investments), but instead clever, much needed moneymakers for all involved, as well as most of all a way to end homelessness that will actually work, born from minds, in heads, on bodies living in a car off and on for years creating, keeping notes; eager to live and contribute.

As we all hear constantly, "There's a reason for everything that happens in life; inventions are born out of necessity"; we believe our experiences have created a number of ideas that will change the world for the better, therefore the reason for our ten year experiences with homelessness, poverty and realization to this country's corruption in the government and financial elite.

Would you like to offer your strength in funds to our strength in creativity, talent, abilities, and great work ethic for ideas born of necessity, that will change the world? Please email to the address below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Deborah Breuner-Davis

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Senator Ted Gaines; 1st Senate District Of California

As a homeless, penniless American with no supportive family, no roof over my head or employment, for all intents and purposes because the commission sales positions my business partner/husband, Larry and I both hold, has yet to render a check, so what’s Thanksgiving?

Well it's exactly like it's been for the last ten years; it's a quarter in our pockets, living in the streets; waiting for a check.

By the way, commission work is just about the only employment, people our age, in our situation, can get; this or an investor.

We don’t have the funds to even take a bus to a shelter for Thanksgiving Dinner, but hell Sentaor Ted Gaines, of Northern California is busy passing out turkeys for Operation Gobble to non-profits?

The truth is homelessness and poverty can be ended almost immediately, but our leaders don't want this. You'd have to be experiencing this lifestyle to totally understand why I know for a fact that this is true.

Just so you know, as an experienced homeless, penniless person, non-profits are not passing your donations out to anyone but themselves. The churches are doing the same, and it's impossible to get employed when you have no money or a roof over your head, and it's even more impossible to get a roof without employment...it's a recipe for death in the streets and exactly why there are so many homeless in this country.

Many of the homeless and penniless are educated people who had horrific financial crimes committed against them by the powerful, while the authorities, especially the FBI, ignore these crimes on purpose. The rest are veterans, whose own government used them to fight for our freedoms, then pushed them into the streets with outrageous physical limitations, to die there.

Having good family can be the remedy, but if your own family is the enemy, like Larry and mine are, and want you dead then I guess one is pretty much doomed, but by the grace of God.

Senator Ted Gaines is my nephew from my mother’s side of the family; Ted is not a Breuner, contrary to what you have been told…Mr. and Mrs. Constituent.

His grandfather’s name was/is Marshall Fisher.

Why would Senator Ted Gaines’ aunt be homeless and penniless? Well because of serious unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime; much of it committed by my own family, trustees and the rest by a number of national financial institutions the public does business with everyday, but rarely gets in the news.

And for good reason; they are bigger criminals than the Wells Fargo's and Bank America's.

Well there are few people in this world more grateful to have been raised as my father’s stepdaughters than my sisters Winifred “Winnie” F. Gaines, (Ted Gaines mother) or Jennifer “Jennie” F Langan. I used to believe this was love, respect and affection; after my life experiences however, I know it was and is nothing more than pure greed.

My two oldest sisters, whom I once considered as such, though much older half sisters, and deserving as only this, or less, after what they did to me as their 21 year old little sister, helped in the embezzlement of all my money, throwing me in the streets at fifty years old.

I’m now 68…

Justice Anthony“Tony” M. Kennedy was my attorney as well as that of my sisters when my parents died and with his guidance the ball started rolling towards my demise, by giving me advice that would destroy me; he knew it, and did it on purpose, because he obviously knew what I didn’t at that age. The authorities do not investigate or prosecute these horrific federal crimes, committed by someone like Tony Kennedy and powerful financial institutions.

They were all in on it, while gathering my now ex- husband and daughters to partake as well.

This is the reason Senator Ted Gaines refuses to do what any good family member would do, with ties more closely connected to government than mine.

That would be assist me, with his connections.

Or here's an idea from a pure stranger to another God loving human being needing assistance in getting out of living in the streets;


Victims cannot run their own campaigns because they don't have the where-with-all to manage them; we know, we've tried.

I was good enough to be called Aunt Debbie, allowed to entertain Ted in my home, water and snow ski together, and for years upon years this took place.

We were friends…I thought!

Today, I believe Ted Gaines is trying to cover up what his mother and father, Robert “Bob” F. Gaines did to me when my parents died. Again, I was twenty-one years old.

Fortunately I had my funds in my own name until my last daughter went off to college, soon after this I was suddenly fighting for my life beneath the sea from an attempted murder plot. Though I survived, the next attempts took place with more horrific financial crimes resulting in my becoming homeless and penniless, when I was worth many millions of dollars, with a flourishing fashion/furniture business.

The goal obviously was to kill me off… one way or another, so I couldn’t do what I do today…expose!

This was and is a RICO plot, in which my family is involved along with a number of financial elite and Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy.

Interestingly it is by step family that this federal crime got its lead.

Senator Ted Gaines is obviously involved as well, although I would never have thought such until he, along with the known embezzlers in my family, exiled me from their lives…in about 2000.

This is the action the guilty take; they are usually the psychopaths too, so they’ll be blaming the victim, which is probably what Senator Ted Gaines shares with constituents who ask about the many posts I leave on Twitter @TedGaines.

Let me just guess what Senator Ted Gaines shares with the curious on his aunt’s revealing posts, mostly @TedGaines, “Oh my Aunt Debbie? Well she’s mentally ill like my grandmother was; never mind what she says, poor thing.” Or another piece of bull; "The family doesn't speak to her because Larry is after her money."

Don't we love it after what my own family has done to me?

And, by the way, my mother was not mentally ill, she was victimized financially as I have been by jealous, greedy family, and Larry has been by my side for twenty years, as we live in poverty, navigating through a nightmare, finding our way out alone.

I’d like to make my next article about my beautiful mother, whose talent, creativity, beauty, love, integrity, character and generosity knitted a life most loving family would emulate rather than destroy out of their jealousy and greed. I need to write still another article about Larry and his fine character; a character few in my family have ever seen, other than in my mother.

I chose to try and emulate all my mother’s gifts and look what my jealous, greedy family did to me. Yes, nothing like family who eat their own with a matriarch as beautiful and talented as my mother, Winifred Kaseberg Breuner.

My mother was an entrepreneur, many times over, but she had great wealth and chose to use all her inventions, talents and skills to shower her family with such as she single handedly managed an 80 thousand acre sheep ranch, the Diamond K Ranch in Roseville, California, amidst her other responsibilities.

I hear Ted Gaines claim,to the public, he's an entrepreneur by taking over his father's insurance company? First of all insurance is a very large scam, as we all know, and an interesting choice of careers Bob Gaines, (Ted's father) chose, coming from a background where his father spent years in prison for, I believe embezzlement? Not sure on the crime after all these years.

So Ted Gaines has a paternal grandfather who was a criminal, and who cares except for the fact that Ted embraces these genes rather than uses them to better himself; plus did you, the constituents, know this? You should have full disclosure from your leaders, don't you think?

I've actually created a business on my own from scratch, and it was destroyed by family, because of the family curse; it's a jealousy curse mixed with greed. No one in my family has ever created their own business or used their finally tuned God given talents, other than my mother, and myself, instead they choose to destroy those who have and do.

I love and respect history and know, we the heirs inherit much more than money; we inherit the gifts of our ancestry. I believe we owe it to those family members, who lived before us, and God to find those talents in ourselves.

I raised my daughters to seek out their God given talents; for awhile they did, then they took on the family curse of jealousy and greed.

How dare Senator Ted Gaines have family photos taken with my mother's, (his grandmother's) beautiful Victorian ranch house in the background; he doesn't deserve this privilege; he hasn't an ounce of her, style, talent, creativity, honesty, beauty, integrity or most of all character.

But then again, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree; Ted's jealous, greedy mother, Winnie spent her whole life criticizing and blaming our mother for everything that was wrong in her life, and posing as a 'Woman of The Cloth" until she died at 86 years old, while lavishing in all my mother gave her, from her time, attention, involvement and love, while generously sharing her great wealth; so why wouldn't Ted see my mother, his grandmother, exactly as his mother did? Well if he had a brain he'd realize his mother's problem, but he doesn't; he's a user as she was.

He's a politician too... the career for the lazy, blaming, lying and criminal...need I say more?

We really, as the American people, need to choose our leaders with character...but we don't! Why? We vote for leaders who are less than we are.

All things considered, Ted Gaines is a poser, and the public should know exactly who he is. Ted poses at church, as a Christian, and claims God and Country to the public, and behind the scenes he has an aunt dying slowly in the streets, because of federal crimes committed against her by family and financial elite, and Ted is doing nothing to help her. Oh but he's passing turkeys out to the non-profits for the homeless and penniless?

Hello Ted, and by the way, a turkey or two, twice a year for these suffering souls is not the answer to homelessness and pennilessness; stopping the financial elite from stealing money, homes and assets from the public might be one way to eradicate the problem. Aw, hadn't thought of this have you Ted? None of your colleagues have either? You're too busy handling it all as a cover-up to the real problem. Now why would that be? Perhaps I can write an article about what would help sometime, once I manage to get back on my feet.

Senator Ted Gaines' motto is, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance; baffle them with bullshit." And of course Ted's not alone in the political world; he's one of the worst.

"Entrepreneur; Someone Who Jumps Off A Cliff And Builds A Plane On The Way Down"

This is not Senator Ted Gaines It more honestly stands for someone, such as my business partner/husband Larry and myself, after creating a flourishing business from scratch; losing it by unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes, attacked and abandoned by family and yet somehow have survived it all, for twenty years, to build a new life. This is the character of entrepreneurship.

And we are on our way!

Last but not least, it takes strength,grit,tenacity and the true entrepreneurship to weather what Larry, The Bu and I have weathered; it takes a true coward, who gets their power to pose, by destroying another's life.

Happy Holidays…

By:Deborah Breuner-Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent