God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

What Do You Do When No One Cares If You Die?

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The Bu

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And the saga continues with more abuse, as my daughter, Lexi says yesterday, “If you don’t promise to go to your Social Security appointment, TODAY, I’m jumping in the car right now; driving down to Fort Worth and taking you at 1:46 PM.”

Interestingly, Lexi has had almost a month to come visit me, just to visit; made promises to visit, but hasn't...until she must?

Lexi has been so manic in getting me to one of these Social Security appointments, I’ve missed one already, that it’s caused me to start thinking, men in white coats would be there; put me in a straight jacket and take me off to a mental facility.

As paranoid as this may sound, it’s truly not. I saw this exact scenario occur to my mother in the early 60s. I was ten years old. Apparently, my father retained a judge’s order from one of his Mason cronies, who was a judge, to have my mother committed to a mental hospital when there wasn’t a thing wrong with her, but my father kept her drugged, with sneak attacks of drugs, called her an alcoholic to family and friends. He even went as far as to commandeer his four older brothers, my uncles, to take over if need be in committing her, when he was out of town on business.

What was Robert A. Breuner’s goal? He wanted my mother’s money. What he was worth, in his own right, wasn’t enough.

How do I know this is all true? Well for many reasons, but for the first reason, I was watching all this as a ten year old through the age of sixteen. My three sisters, whom my father was lying to at so-called family meetings about my mother where she wasn’t in attendance, didn’t live at home; they were married; one was in boarding school.

I lived at home; I saw every manipulation, lie, and the work my father put into keeping the lie about my mother alive. He ended each evening with downing at least four straight up Scotch’s… often many more!

I recall my mother crying in pain; this highly educated, loving, capable, beautiful, creative and talented woman accused of being something she wasn’t by my father, Mr. Respected, by society, merely because he owned a highly respected furniture business in Northern California, that my great grandfather created and built with his own two hands.

My father was of the third generation and as spoiled, jealous, greedy and lustful as any man could be.

I swore to God, that one day my mother’s name would be cleared, her life rectified. I had no idea that in doing so I’d be uncovering the same plot by my own husband (now ex) and my three daughters, only as my mother use to say, “If you don’t pay attention to history; you’re bound to repeat it. Only it will be worse the next time around.”

So I should have known? However I was stupid enough to believe, for very many years, if I kept the lines of communication open with my daughters, as they grew up, I would start a change and halt to this horrendous family curse of financial and mental abuse of the female family stars.

Yes, it’s worse this time around exactly as my dear mother warned. To shut me up, from exposing the horrific financial and real estate crimes, unaddressed by the proper authorities and often committed by them along with my family, my family is slowly killing me off; allowing me to die in the streets.

I did actually bite the bullet of fear and went to the Social Security office to get the ball rolling for my SS. I’m receiving $1,200.00 a month starting in a month or so; not enough funds to keep me anywhere but my car or a tent. My ex-husband who embezzled my complete trust account, worth 80M$s, as one my of my trustees has all these, MY, funds split with his, money manager of a criminal wife, brothers and Mother, plus another $2,500.00 in SS benefits.

I’d guess there are even USA tax laws broken here and yet not one government authority or financial watchdog will do one thing!

I wasn’t picked up by the little men in white coats and put into a straight jacket. So today is a good day!

In spite of all Lexi’s manipulative ploys to get me to go to the Social Security office, the ploys and promises she made are now mute. I went so that’s all that matters. She’d even insisted that I let her know once I’d returned, promised to pay my storage to save my patterns, if I went and also promised that my good will in going to SS would encourage my family in invest in Larry and my business; help us get on our feet. However, I'm feeling exiled again today, we'll just have to see what progresses?

Lexi's not calling anymore it seems? Larry, the Bu and I will be okay for another few days, and then facing the streets again in 100-degree heat.

This time we hope to be smarter and save enough cash for gas so we have an air conditioner for a while, until they come repossess the car.

We’re praying for an investor for our business, https://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/ It truly is our only hope.

Why should criminals such as what I’ve described above win? And why should creative, talented people, such as ourselves, die in the streets because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes?

My story here isn't just about me, or us, it's about horrific crimes going purposely unaddressed by those who are paid by our taxes to address, and what has and continues to occur to me, or us, will if it hasn't already been happening to other Americans! This is wrong! How much worse does crime committed by the powerful, against we the people, have to get before something is done?

Today my daughters, and the rest of my family, are reading all that I write here and criticizing my anger and probably the words I've been spelling incorrectly. This is what they do to avoid the truth!

You see, what you're observing in my family is the result of four generations of unaddressed financial crimes going unaddressed by the proper authorities, against the creative, talented women in our family, so my daughters have grown up to have no respect for me. I mean if the authorities have no respect, for me, then why should they, in their minds? In their minds there must be something wrong with me and there's little truth to the crimes...all because the authorities won't do what they are supposed to do...investigate crimes and prosecute.

Does the public actually believe these same unaddressed financial crimes won't affect their families and offspring? Well they will. We teach our children, as they grow up, to respect authority; punish them when they don't. Then many of these children grow up and have a really hard time believing the authorities, their parents taught to respect, are actually criminals? So when these criminals aren't even investigated, while the media is mute, the public, not yet affected by these horrific crimes, has a very difficult time believing they are actually taking place. They would prefer to stay in denial, and claim the victims as crazy...until it happens to them, and the unaddressed financial and real estate crimes are like wildfire today.

Since most of the criminals committing the financial and real estate crimes are the financial elite and government, whose going to investigate them? We have one choice in this country, all the leaders must be replaced!

We the people are the only ones who can do this!

Larry and my family know, what we all know; unaddressed financial crimes have destroyed our lives and credit; its not likely we'll find employment that can support us even in low income, so not investing in our talent and business is like signing our death warrants:>((

PLEASE copy and paste; https://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

I know for a fact, my arrogant daughters are next...and it will be worse this time around, worse than it has been for me:>(( Why will this happen? Because they refuse to learn from history! I personally didn't know all the facts; I learned them after much work in uncovering over many years. I shared every milestone of my uncovering with my daughters, because I love them, and they still refuse to learn!


While posting this morning, desperate for help, and crying my eyes out at the same time, from fear and frustration, knowing Larry, the Bu and myself are hours away from landing in our car; a car with no gas in it, and it's 100 degrees, or more outside these days, in Texas, my daughter Lexi calls. She's demanding to know if I'm going to the Social Security office for my appointment, where I'll start the ball rolling for my SS, only I have no drivers license, nor the funds by which to buy the gas in order to drive to the DMV; I also have no address.

Drivers' licenses aren't supplied to transients; in other words the homeless with no address; either are Social Security benefits. I told Lexi this; told her we didn't have the funds to even stay in our motel room, much less have funds to do all the things still needed in order to go to an appointment at the SS office, besides we are going to the streets in a car with no gas tomorrow morning, which will make our situation still worse. And, Social Security doesn't kick in for at least three months, what good will any of this do for us now? "We need help now" I screamed at Lexi and hung up on her! Moments later, Lexi PayPals $750.00 to Larry's PayPal account, because I can't have any bank accounts for bad credit from all the financial crimes committed against me. Larry is better off, he at least can have a bank account.

Anyway, Lexi tells me somewhere, on a phone message, text or email? I can't recall where, as I'm so angry and grateful, at the same time at the moment, I don't know what to do with myself. Lexi's message is, "I just sent to Larry's PayPal $750.00 from the funds Uncle Bob (Bob Gaines Sr. (my brother-in-law) sent last week; this is it though!" I'm thinking, "Oh that's nice, more games! Why didn't Lexi just send the funds last week? She also told me last week what funds were sent then would be it?" So I've spent days scared to death of going into the streets; so much so I haven't been able to eat, when all along Lexi had $750.00 she could have sent! What's worse my family, worth millions of dollars alone and between them, could invest, in Larry and my already proven to be successful business instead of throwing all these $100.00 bills at us?

What a waste of money! I'm wondering just what makes this kind of waste worth the waste? And, just what makes anyone so bitter jealous that they'd rather watch family, they claim to love, suffer than support them into a better life, with their strengths, which "we the victims' of financial crimes don't have at the moment?

Larry still must sell his sculpture case study, also known as a prototype, paid for by our last investor, a selling tool for the Dallas Cowboys so the art department will order from Larry and we'll make money. Instead, in order for us to survive long enough for either of us to get employment, supplementing, until our business makes money, we must sell what is the catalyst to bringing in money?

Larry and my family could be supportive in not allowing this to happen, since the groundwork of our business has been started, and yet our families could care less; this is not supportive, its instead patronizing to keep throwing small amounts of cash our way, just enough to keep us alive but poverty stricken!

So far in the last month with funds from other family members, of mine, who choose to remain anonymous, Larry and I have received, $600.00 cash; $1,200.00 paid on saving the car; $900.00 in motel room rent, and $750.00, cash, today from apparently Bob Gaines Senior, who actually sent the funds last week to Lexi; she chose not to send them because, if I were to guess, my family thinks Larry is a criminal after my money! Ha! on this...

What's more my family still refuses to save our storage unless Larry and I turn the ownership over to Lexi and David, Lexi's husband. We have refused! And, for good reason; taking our chances that Larry, or both of us, will land a good job soon and we'll be able to pay our rent ourselves. Lexi apparently prefers, along with other family members, to go to the auction, of Larry and my belongings, and pay up to $50,000.00? Now why would this be I continually ask, of her, but never get an answer!

For God's sake all my patterns for my designing are in our storage. How supportive is Lexi being, causing me to have to worry about these and what will happen to them? I can do this without betraying family help.

We already know who the real criminals are here; it is fun for me to see how psychopaths transfer faults onto others, as proof, to what they, themselves, are doing as far as criminal activity! Psychology is so interesting.

These funds, extended in the last month, add up to $3,450.00 total thrown at us, in disgust! If these funds had been invested in us instead the investor would receive $862.00 for 25% equity in our business. Just one of my long duster coats sells for $3,500.00, wholesale. Larry's sculptures, in many cases, sell for $10,000.00 a piece.

PLEASE copy and past to view our work; https://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

For a mere $100,000.00 Larry, the Bu and myself could be on our feet, in an apartment, renting a place to work and be making a grand income within a couple of months. Most of the work, along with marketing, has already been done for our business by the investment of our first investor, Richard. In fact, even a $10,000.00 investment would work; it will just take longer to see a return.

Nevertheless, I've never in my life seen more waste of funds, crowded with cruelty and agendas in my life! Obviously my family has so much "friggen" money it's worth it to them to just throw hundred dollar bills at us with the pure goal of Larry, the Bu and myself finally dying in the streets, if not from starvation and exposure, from a heart attack caused by mental games my family plays, always ending with my being exiled!

So, we now have another week before we land in the streets, while my family, and Larry's, are having a field day laughing at us; it's called "power over"

It's so sick! At the same time we're grateful, which feels like we're bleeding in the streets,as family extends scarves to put upon our heads; soaking up all the blood; yet still walk away!

Oh and I almost forgot, Lexi and my oldest daughter, Alison actually extended to Larry, the Bu and myself $400.00 a month ago, this makes all this throwing bills at us even worse; it ups what an investor would otherwise earn by investing in us instead.

Additionally, Lexi lives a mere few hours from Larry and my motel, she has suggested coming to visit me, yet never has. I haven't seen her since 2000. Her children I have never met other than her oldest Skyler, my sixteen year old grandchild, when she was a baby just three times. Reese I've never set eyes upon, in person:>(( She's eight years old. Yet Lexi and my oldest daughter Alison have no problem traveling across the country to go to the auction in California, where they would be biding against others upping the auction price to many thousands of dollars for Larry and my belongings, when if they really wanted to be helpful they could merely pay our storage rent, $800.00, now, to save some very important items such as my patterns; something I need to re-launch our business.

The consensus is these issues, in my family are all my fault! Mind you I'm so poverty stricken by the criminal acts, many by my own family against me, that I'm lucky if I can eat on a daily basis.

The best thing that can happen to Larry, the Bu and me is for an angel investor to show up, invest in us and our work; make a fortune, while helping us at the same time!

Show our families what fools they are! Our success will expose them for who they are. God knows the proper authorities, in this country, never will.

Larry and I have seen and experienced by our own families, churches, charities, professionals, financial elite, attorneys, judges, and government authorities everything from, bank fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, forgeries, grand larceny, wire fraud, real estate fraud, malfeasance of felony, fraud upon the court, physical and mental abuse, which would now be considered elder abuse since I'm sixty-six years old, and it continues because no one does anything.

And, this is the reason I'm exposing this ugly story of betrayal, no one else will, the authorities refuse to even investigate, while the media is mute. The mute media is why this abuse continues; for Larry, our six precious family of dogs and myself it's gone on for eighteen years; five of our dogs are either dead or sold because of more abuse and poverty. Larry, the Bu and myself have nothing left but each other and our talent, so our families arrogantly, without a thought of concern that their actions, or non-actions, will be investigated and held accountable, continue their abuse.

We have one weapon and/or gift left, our talent, which we can put to use and make money if we only had an investor.


My so-called-family claims that perhaps they’d help Larry, the Bu and myself if I’d stop posting truth about them; the criminal financial elite, authorities and legal world on my Facebook wall. This a very interesting request when one considers my postings started in 2012 only after begging my family, the authorities and legal world for help; starting over twelve years previously, and they totally ignored me.

In other words my postings are out of desperation to be heard…and I’m still not being heard! What do I want heard? Financial elite, my trustees,( which are my ex and family attorneys) including trusted money managers embezzled my complete trust, worth millions, and threw me into the streets at fifty years old! My story, now both Larry and mine, can be reviewed on this blog; please see posting THE TRUTH posted May 30, 2014. Read other postings from March/April 2012 for a foundation to this outrageous saga of family, financial and government betrayal. See my latest efforts to reach the DOJ, after many years of being ignored, Letter To Justice Antonin Scalia posted, and mailed, June 27, 2015. I'm still ignored! How about this posting, Open Letter To Attorney General Eric Holder; Look In Your Email $ US Mail Too, posted, and mailed, April 12,2014.

I believe it's safe to say, after eighteen years of my struggle with unaddressed financial crimes and my family IGNORING me no matter what I have done to get their attention, I'm not going to get it! I believe they are merely waiting for me to disappear into the streets...and shut up; then die!

This being said and understanding nothing will ever be done, on my case, because this is the way the USA does things and Larry and my families rely upon, I can at least, continue to expose all the unaddressed financial and real estate crimes, warning others. Today we NEED an investor so Larry and I can re-launch the business all this, unaddressed by the proper authorities, financial and real estate crime destroyed. How can this tragedy occur too? Easily, if you report horrific financial or real estate crime to the proper authorities in this country, committed by elite, you will be "Mafia Hit" from behind the scenes until everything you own is gone including your way to support yourself, and there will never be an investigation.

Aw, time for another video so my family and the financial elite can view what eighteen years of financial abuse and homelessness does to someone; even when they are strong as I am, as both Larry and myself are.

Interestingly I'm reminded by what day it is for those who suffered through Katrina; and my heart goes out to them; truth is there are more victims to Katrina who got help from government assistance, and others, than we have; we've had none; no investigation no nothing and the damage to our lives as devastating...like a flood took family, pets, belongings, lifestyle, money, vehicles, business, and our self respect, because we can't even be heard, for our pain, by those who should be listening and assisting! The media mute!

My two oldest daughters Alison and Lexi recently came back into my life about a month ago. Alison has said very little, nothing but one sentence on the phone, but sent some food and went to work putting together documents so I could get my Social Security; I haven’t been able to because of Larry and my severe poverty; no funds to replace my lost birth certificate or my drivers license; nor do I know which storage unit my divorce decree might be found? Larry,the Bu and I, are of course, very grateful for the food and momentary attention.

Alison put all this together for me in record time; it was nice to interact with her over the Internet in emails; I hadn’t heard from her at all in close to eighteen years; she remained respectful in emails lately. However as much as I appreciate Alison’s help on this; it doesn’t assist Larry and I today. We are still headed to the streets; we don’t even have the gas money to get us to the Social Security office on Monday September 1, 2015, which will start the ball rolling; even if we could, Social Security takes months to kick in; I still don’t have a permanent address. A driver’s license or an ID cost money we don’t have.

On Tuesday Larry, the Bu and myself are still headed to the streets. There are no remedies for situations like ours but solid family help; many times the victims don't have gifts to fall back on, we do! So we don't need charity; we need an investor! Or perhaps someone in the vast family between Larry and myself knows someone who would hire us?

The largest problem Larry, the Bu and I have is we don't have family who cares about what happens to us, in fact they are actively assuring our demise. Family caring in the country has become very rare, as most families puppet what they see in horrific acts their government commits against the people; hence caring individuals are what we all must depend on; our fellow human beings; creating new family connections through mutual beliefs on strong values in life.

And why would we be headed to the streets you might ask? Well because when people are attacked with the types of, unaddressed by the proper authorities, financial and real estate crimes, such as the ones, that have attacked both Larry and me at this point, you no longer have any rights in this world. The worst of it is; the crimes follow you, in spite of the fact that you’re the victim to these crimes. These unaddressed financial crimes destroy your credit too. Unless it's a family member or friend; one can't even get an investor by which to re-build their lives through their talents! The perpetrators are off scot free; most of them being the elite in the financial world and our government leaders.

I guess this is where an angel investor steps in; a non-family or friend. It's the only action that will save our lives at this point.

In my case, there are elite authorities, such as United States Justice Anthony M. “Tony” Kennedy involved; not only once my attorney but also a relative of mine, through my sister Katherine “Kitty” Breuner Davis. There is a California Senator Ted Gaines, also my nephew, in as much as he refuses to assist me in the capacity he could if he wanted to; apparently he’s not choosing to assist in spite of my many cries for help on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Lets not even mention the years I entertained Ted at Tahoe. He could at least hand deliver my complaint to, the attorney general, about serious financial crimes that have destroyed my life, committed by the financial elite and trustees. I’ve even written to Ted via his website. He blocked me on social media a number of years ago; ignores me on his website.

I entertained Ted Gaines, and his friend, in my home in Michigan for a number of days, or was it weeks? He paid for nothing while he was there!

Yes, family and financial elite are involved with my, now our, case(s) and they’re doing all they can to cause Larry, the Bu and myself to die in the streets! They’ve already allowed us to live in a tent for three years; our truck for a year and sleazy motels since. There would be no other way for me to believe anything other, at this point, than my family is trying to cover something up? In fact, it's come to my attention that there's a "blog reader" in my family whom I'm not supposed to upset by writing things she doesn't like to report; I personally believe she loves it; loves to see me suffer. I know her, it's her style as a busy body; playing one against the other. Lets not even mention the years I entertained her in my life; paid for many perks just for little "niecie-poo" Ms. JJ. I did the same for her older sister, "niecie-poo" Ann Carter Moore. So should we talk about my niece, Clare Gaines Andrews in Sacramento, California? She heads up, or just highly involved, with the River City Food Bank there, while her aunt has been living in the streets for years. Her brother, my nephew, is a doctor, Dr. Peter M. Gaines in Modesto, California; spent time in a third world country for his internship; he totally understands what real poverty looks and feels like. I entertained him in my home all summer, in Michigan, during college. I called Pete desperate for help, just the other day; he ignores me, in spite of the visions he must still carry in his head of poverty! Then there's Pete's other brother, my nephew Bob Gaines Jr. we have been friends since I was about five years old; we grew up together as I did with all my nieces and nephews; we are so close in age. I use to often cook dinner for "Bobby", as I call him, while I still lived in Sacramento. He contacted me in 2010, while Larry, the Bu and I lived in the tent, via social media. When I answered his question about how I was, he blocked me from his account.

Last night I posted on Senator Ted Gaines' new Facebook page. Hum, wonder if he's had enough of my begging and will do something? Yet after tomorrow at 10:00 AM Larry, the Bu and I will be in our car until September 18, 2015 when our car will be reposed, and it's 100 degrees or more here; often not lower than 90 degrees at night.

Most at this point might be wondering why my family, and Larry's too are so cruel towards us? It's because they all have one thing in common; they are either hiding horrific financial crimes, they personally have committed against us, or they are so enjoying the fruits of these crimes they have "cozied-up" with the thieves and embezzlers.

Being that Larry and myself were always self-employed, we have very little employee experience; we’ve aged out of most employment opportunities or over qualified; our illegally destroyed credit, otherwise, prevents any and all good employment in anything other than re-launching our business. The blog seen below of our work;

PLEASE copy and paste; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

In spite of this fact Larry and I have what’s equivalent to sixteen employment positions between us, mostly just Larry alone, however, as I can only land couples positions. Larry and I have had two of these, over the years, and they were reportable, to the proper authorities, because of abuse. The employment Larry lands ranges from low paying to reportable scams; nothing so far that will get us anywhere but nowhere. Of course the authorities do nothing about employment crime either.

Yet we continue to try, sometimes sending out thirty résumés a day for months. Larry and I are told that our résumés are wonderful; then we aren’t called back. I believe this is because of all the financial crimes that follow us, as victims, and our unlawfully destroyed credit; victimizing us some more!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this! The criminals whom have committed all these crimes have known better than anyone what would happen to us. This is why the, purposeful, financial destruction didn’t end until our business was destroyed too by more unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime; it’s called ex-husband embezzler inspired,family & financially elite supported, implemented RICO.

They all want us dead so we can’t find a way to prosecute and be stopped spreading the word in the meantime!

Oh and Lexi, using her sick manipulation of my heart and soul; promising to keep the light on in her home for me; dropping God’s name; prayers and the calling of my angels; with the explicit goal of blackmailing me into turning over Larry and my storage unit to her.

Lexi did see to it, just recently, that our past due car payments were made; both Lexi and Alison helped pay for our motel room for over a week; and somehow Lexi was able to send $600.00 to Larry’s PayPal account, by first making a comment that the funds should go to my account not his; indicating he can't be trusted? Yet I don’t have an account because my horrific credit won’t allow it!

And, who can't be trusted here?

First time in fifteen years that Larry and I have been in such dire need. In other words dire need without a remedy; usually we’d always find a remedy. But two very bad employment situations threw us for a loop. No one until now in my family has ever helped us in all this time, but just once for Lexi three years ago; $250.00; Larry’s brother helped him with $2,000.00 a year ago, and then lately an extended family member loaned us funds, slowly a little at a time, up to $12,000.00 as we tried desperately to get our business going again…our only hope for survival. Had he invested the $12,000.00 in one lump sum as I first asked of him, I believe things would be different? But who knows? I know throwing small sums of money to people, in our situation, doesn't work for long. This is not to be unappreciative of the many strangers who have done just this, and that's fine. We needed what they could offer and it gave us another day to figure out what next to do...so God Bless these angels who barely know us.

This extended family member, Rich Shawl, who loaned Larry and myself $12,000.00, felt beholden to me, for my allowing he and his family, including two children and a dog, to live with my family and myself in Michigan, when they were homeless without employment. They lived with us for a number of months. I fed them too! Rich said he felt so beholden that he wanted to return the favor, but he threw small increments of cash at Larry and myself; shaming us for our needs in abusive emails.

Still Larry and I are grateful! We'd probably be dead already if it weren't for Rich Shawl.

All I can say is as helpful as these remedies, thrown at us in anger by many who do know us, they merely put a band aid on our problem for a week or so; then the panic to save our lives starts all over again.

I had been suggesting to Lexi, through our conversations on the phone, that she talk with relatives, whom are refusing to talk to me by the way, about investing in Larry and my business, as equity partners; anything from $10,000.00 to $100,000.00; most any amount in between. We could make any of these investments work. I sent to her both Larry and my résumés and a well written business proposal for $250,000.00. I reminded Lexi that throwing small amounts of money at us would never work; waste money in the end, and investing would assure the investor will make money while Larry and I get on our feet.

Lexi finally informed me that no one in the family is interested in helping, in a way, that's lasting such as this.

Never in fifteen years have Larry or I been given the time to even get good employment in spite of the obvious challenges. We are always in a panic to keep ourselves out of the streets; so we must take what’s offered first!

A few days ago I finally understood why my daughters actually came back into my life a month ago; I originally thought it was because they missed and loved me; they couldn’t take it anymore. Eighteen years with little or no communication between us had become too much for them; it has always been too much for me, but I had to let go of them because of the severe abuse they offered up each time I contacted them back in 2000; then I was exiled by the whole family; Larry too by his family.

I felt like my two oldest daughters were back in my life at just the right time; it was God’s plan because Larry and I were finally without remedy for our ongoing poverty. Lexi massaged my heart and soul for weeks with love and support; shocking accounts of Rick and Lauren, the embezzlers; raving about Larry and my creative work and how excited she was to see us succeed in re-creating our business. She even shared how much she and Alison would love to be part of Larry and my business. This a card that always melts my heart and Lexi knows it. I believed her.

When it came time to figure out what we needed to do about getting the storage paid for, which Larry and I are behind on, Lexi offered to pay the $800.00; but then she didn’t do it. The next day she called and said, “David and I will pay the storage but you have to turn the ownership and key over to us.” She then had everything planned out that she and Alison would fly out to California, go through the storage and ship it all to where Larry and I are; mind you we are completely homeless, so more storage facilities for us, which will cost more here in the heat of Texas. I was shocked because up until now Lexi kept telling me that none of my sisters, worth each millions of dollars will help or invest in Larry and my business; she and Alison can’t afford even $10,000.00, as investors, but they can afford just over $13,000.00 to handle Larry and my storage, which Larry and I calculated as the cost based on our moving experience with hard numbers.

Well Lexi wasn’t even embarrassed by what I brought to her attention as her willingness to do and not do for us. It was obvious she and Alison came back into my life for one reason, and one reason only.

They want the storage; the hell with Larry, the Bu and me!

At this point, Lexi refuses otherwise to pay the $800.00 and stops talking to me. Now Larry and I realize we received just enough help from Lexi and Alison to keep us from disappearing into the streets before the storage was turned over to them. Had we lost our car, this is exactly what would have occurred, earlier in the week, so Lexi paid the past due amount to save the car after telling me how disgusting it was that Larry and I used some of our funds from our first investor to save the Bu's life from Cancer. Our investor, by the way, was perfectly okay with our decision; the vet charged us much less because of our situation. We just thank God the Bu is alive:>) Who else do Larry and I have, as family, who cares about us?

Now Larry, the Bu and myself are due for the streets Tuesday; but at least we have a car for a few more weeks, and the storage facility has agreed to forestall our auction for two more months; directly instigated by the arrogant attitude of my daughter, Lexi towards the staff.

Thank you Lexi; great job!

Larry is as always continuing his marathon efforts to find good employment. We together work on couples opportunities. And we do it all day long! If we don’t get his sculpture sold, recently built as a case study for the Dallas Cowboys with funds from our first small investor, we are shit out of luck! It takes time to get good employment, Lexi has already told me the last help with our room is over on Tuesday morning! Meanwhile Larry has had one interview for employment, awaiting another next week, after we're in the streets. Lexi's attitude, "You and Larry have to get out of this re-occurring poverty syndrome." Basically shape up or ship out! You know like we're snotty-nosed teenagers taking drugs! This from my 45 year old middle daughter.

However,Larry was just turned down again for employment, last night in an email, as over qualified with bad credit!

Mind you, I personally, lovingly and joyfully, spent over $200,000.00 on Lexi's wedding alone, and this doesn't even cover what I happily extended in funds to raise her in the style she obviously became accustomed to, so much so, she's willing to watch me die in the streets! Yes, Alison received exactly the same love and my willingness to make her life loving and beautiful as well. My Kelly celebrated her wedding without me as she married after I was exiled from the family; after all my funds had been embezzled! I'm confident, however, that Kelly still had a very beautiful wedding where my funds were still involved! Kelly celebrated her wedding day with her stepmother, Lauren Symington Davis, a money manager in Detroit, who helped her father, Richard Lynn Davis II embezzle all my funds; throwing me into the streets.

Of course, as of last Monday, neither Alison or Lexi are communicating, with me, anymore other than a cryptic email, from Lexi, asking if I received my documents for Social Security. All the "Love You" sign offs are gone along with the many phone calls and texts she sent the week before as she manipulated the ownership of Larry and my storage. Lexi had even promised to make sure Larry, the Bu and myself got into an apartment; guess this is out now too?

I guess Lexi forgot during the loving massaging of my heart and soul that she proudly admitted she and Alison flew out from Detroit, Michigan and Houston, Texas; met my nephew Tom Carter in Temecula, California back in 2013 to outbid, at the auction, for Larry and my belongings, and this auction could have garnered up to $50,000.00 for a ten by thirty foot unit. Hum, where did they get the funds to pay this? And what’s in our storage worth this much money? There is nothing left but photos and LEGAL DOCUMENTS!

Now what would my family want with my legal documents concerning, unaddressed by the proper authorities, financial and real estate crimes?
Larry and I were, at the time, living in a tent within walking distance from our storage. However, we sold our truck just in time to pay our rent; practically walked to the storage facility office to pay the $800.00 we owed within days of the auction.

Actually Lexi and Alison wouldn’t have had to come to the auction back in 2013, they could have merely paid the past due amount instead…why didn’t they? Today my daughters could encourage an equity investment into Larry and my business of a mere $10,000.00 to $100,000.00, or somewhere in between, from relatives, worth millions of dollars, to save our lives, earn investors some extra funds, while Larry and I will have our lives back.

Meanwhile, my family of origin, whether or not involved with the financial and real estate crimes committed against me, know my ex Richard "Rick" L. Davis II along with his wife Lauren are involved, while the rest of my family and children fraternize with these criminals as they spend my funds in the places in the world I love, such as Lake Tahoe.

Whether, or not, my family of origin has anything to do with the horrific crimes committed against me, and now Larry too, doesn’t matter anymore. We know the proper authorities will never investigate; they never do and this is why criminals commit these crimes. But here family has a chance to redeem themselves, if they do have something to do with the crimes, and if they don’t they’d be saving our lives just because they are family and God loving Christians; redeeming themselves from ignoring my calls for help for eighteen years...so why not?

Why wouldn’t they? Complete strangers have turned themselves inside out to help Larry, the Bu and myself on our horrific journey, with $50.00 here and $500.00 there, then shamed themselves for not being able to do more. I mean come on! Larry and my family do nothing! Oh wait excuse me, after eighteen years, after things have become so bad; our heath now challenged too, you, from behind the scenes, throw hundred dollar bills at us, through Lexi, not wanting us to know who did what?

Larry and my family, so far, have shown they just as soon see us die in the streets and the few dollars they have extended towards us lately, are worth losing just for the delight in seeing us die slowly from starvation and exposure! Because once Larry, the Bu and I are living out of our car, there will be still fewer employment opportunities; without employment we’ll lose the car anyway; then all is lost for any chance for us; but my family will go to auction for the belongings paying God knows what for it!

The 100 degree heat here will probably do what our families seek right in the car, quickly also! Two for one; three dead souls already entombed!

Larry,the Bu and myself gone!

Remember, there are no churches,charities or agencies that help anyone, we have had many years experience with this! So if I leave just one pointer for the public I'd say, "Please don't donate your hard earned funds to churches & charities; give instead directly to those who need help".

I sure don't expect this post to make a difference with my family or Larry's; I trust it won't; our families will merely become uglier, but at least before we're lost in the streets or dead the story will be out and the way people look at our families for the rest of their lives might be different. I know God has a hot place next to the fire for both Larry and my families in eternity.

You're unfortunately witnessing a modern day Sonny van Bülow story here or call it a Dominick Dunne saga about the wealthy; what the family has is never enough; they instead must take down another family member, for more money, a family member who had more than money; she has talent too. Larry and my work again below; work that will save our lives; set us on our feet; make a profit for all involved. This business was once very profitable before the, unaddressed by the proper authorities, financial and real estate crimes. See below:

PLEASE copy and paste: https://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

There are 60 thousand readers on this blog alone! Yeah! You're finally stars! ENJOY! And, I'm not stopping here!

Heiress Lives In A Tent (I never thought I'd miss having a tent)

By: Deborah C. Breuner

CONTACT: debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Letter From Larry

This is Larry Speaking!

This is the first, and most likely the last time, I will ever write an article on this blog. Given the things said about Deborah I feel compelled to.

I love Deborah Breuner with all of my heart; she is without a doubt the kindest, most loving person I have ever met. She is also extremely intelligent and the most courageous person anyone will ever find. I have sat back and held my tongue as her family and my own have attacked her. She has been called, “mentally ill” by people that have actively tried to destroy her. She is as far as you can get from that, she is SANE; which is more than I can say for the people spouting the crap they spew. These are people that knowingly allow their kin to live in a tent and embrace the person that stole her funds.

These same people spout stuff about me; the difference is I don’t care. You see I have a rule; if I have respect for someone then it matters to me what they say. If I don’t have any respect for them; why should I care about their opinions? These people spewing their crap have never accomplished anything and they base their opinions on something they made up. I don’t get it? It seems the most accomplished are the most humble and the ones that haven’t done a thing to be proud of are the most arrogant.

I am not proud of my inability to pull ourselves out of the position we are in. The fact is we have had angels come into our lives on numerous occasions. People that don’t even know us; have done more for us than anyone in either of our families. These are just people that actually believe in God. Not the kind that just use his name to pump themselves up. There is going to be a place down close to the fire for people like that.

It would be interesting to see how these judgmental idiots would handle it if all their family did what Deborah’s has done to her. They would all be dead by now and long forgotten.

Deborah asked me what good this would do? I told her NOTHING. You would have to have an ounce of decency to have my words affect you; I don’t see that happening. I’m doing this for one reason and one reason only. I want it on record how I feel about Deborah. Apparently the brain trust seems to think I am after her money. I guess this is why I lived in a tent with her for 3 years. The only reason anyone would do this is out of love. Anyone who doesn’t get this has got to be completely STUPID! I have never stolen a penny from her and never will. This is much more than her family can say.

That’s all I wanted to say; I have to get back to saving our lives. You guys enjoy and thanks for whatever you have done; I really do appreciate it.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Whomever This May Interest

Sculpture Prototype 5'1 with Cowboy Blue Powder Coating

So today Larry and I are looking at going into the streets again, Monday, with no car or money having lost everything, because of unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crimes. Larry and I have fought with our lives, with no support from anyone, since 2000, first against crimes then to rebuild our lives with all this unaddressed financial crime following us.

Crimes committed against victims, ruins the victims credit; not the perpetrators.

We haven’t done too badly, obviously, as we’ve managed to write books, screenplays, get employment that stinks, but get it. I was actually in a film. Larry has even obtained an investor. This is how he managed to build the Dallas Cowboys steel sculpture and the cowboy sculpture; very unique in that Larry’s sculptures cast a huge shadow, which is part of the art.

So far nobody in our families will help us enough to pull us out of the mess we are continuously in; we instead spin around in homelessness and poverty with never enough funds available to do anything, but pay for our sleazy motel room; car payments, insurance, phones, and storage.

Now, we have no funds at all and our storage is at risk as well as the car. In order to get our storage paid we must turn the unit over to someone else, in my family, to save the contents, or they refuse to help:>( Meanwhile Larry and I are headed to the streets, when only $10,000.00 would save us, allow time to retain employment so we can retain an apartment and continue the creation of our business, which already presents great opportunities.

Things couldn't get much worse in light of great success:>(

It's bad enough that we can't get justice, but now we can't even retain employment on time to save us, or create a business where an investor would actually make money. The people whom would normally invest in a entrepreneur, family, are, we believe, involved with the unaddressed financial crimes committed against us; if not all involved they are protecting the trustees and attorneys who destroyed my daughters and my trusts.

See blog below signature of our work.

As we sit right now, Larry has his work presented in proposal form in front of the Dallas Cowboys high-end art department waiting for his appointment with Jerry Jones. I can tell you his proposal wouldn’t be where it is right now if they didn’t like what they’ve seen and what Larry is proposing for the new offices, The Star in Frisco.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is waiting for a sculpture from Larry for, hopefully, the entrance to this building in Nashville, Tennessee. Right now we can’t afford to even build this piece, which will garner many buyers.

I haven’t been doing my work because, very simply, all the sewing machines I have left are in storage in California and we can’t afford to move these items, nor do we have a home to put them in, so we decided to start with Larry’s part of the business because of this and also because his sculptures cost very little to create and build, while garnering very high prices that customers pay. My work has a little higher overhead.

Larry can sell his sculptures for easily $10,000.00 a piece.

The problem is once we received the first investor’s funds, $12,000.00, we used these to build Larry’s prototypes and pay our living expenses, which was the plan. What wasn’t in the plan was the Bu’s Cancer, which cost us some of these funds, for his care, yet the vet did help us out a lot because of our situation. We have since been seeking another investor for between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00; also in the original plan.

We have a well-written proposal with light financials for this request to an equity partner.

We almost had another investor in May, of this year, but it didn’t work out and Larry’s work at Martin Lawrence Galleries was a joke; no money to be made there because no one ever comes into the place. Unfortunately our journey, for the last fifteen years, has proven so much fraud in employment. So Larry and I started seeking couples employment, on ranches, across the country not caring where we got hired, we just wanted to be on a ranch where we’d have a place to live and work, while continuing our business on the side. I’d even be able to get my stuff out of storage and start designing again under these circumstances.

Larry and I have been applying to these employment opportunities since with a few bites, but the problem is our ages, we believe. I also think the crime that has been committed against me, in particular, scares employers off.

They “Google” my name and it’s over!

Larry doesn’t meet with Jerry Jones until the art department calls him in and this could be tomorrow or a month from now?

Meanwhile, Larry has had two employment positions, since we started applying for ranch managers as a couple. Both these positions, in sales, turned out to be non- money making scams with at least two-week training sessions, which weren’t mentioned when he was hired.

At this point we’re still interviewing for these ranch manager positions; last one was last Sunday; they want us, but aren’t hiring until another sixty days from now? Something they didn’t mention in their ad.

All these issues, along with the opportunities that haven’t panned out yet, are putting us in the streets tomorrow with no car.

Larry, is now having to sell the prototype originally built to present to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. We have been working on this for days; not easy when you don’t have a name yet, as in this case, and the piece is a prototype, not the first in a series. The value of Larry’s sculptures will sky rocket once Jerry Jones places an order. And, we have little doubt about this occurring.

Still we’re selling what will start putting us back on our feet?

However Larry is working on selling this prototype as a promotional piece for a sports bar, business etc. to save our car, storage and keep us with a roof over our heads. But he can’t sell this piece for much; it’s a prototype.

We have one day left to do it in now:>(

We need an investor and we’ll be on our way making money, not only for ourselves, but also for the equity partner who gets involved. An investor will help us save Larry’s prototype too. Help me get back into my designing sooner, rather than later.

Did you know that family and friends fund most entrepreneurs?

We’ve had no family support, but timely funds in small amounts, unlawfully destroyed credit making it almost impossible to retain an investor, and our ages work deeply against us for employment, most of the time, although we did land our Russian born Richard as our first investor; we plan to only have two investors in the end. Our employment experiences scream, “You have no other choice but to start your own business,” which we know is true and it’s what we have always sought anyway.

Because, both Larry and I have been very successful in our business; my being able to earn up to $3,500.00, wholesale, for one coat. Larry sold a wall sculpture to the retired Absolute Vodka founder and CEO, in Sun Valley, Idaho for close to $9,000.00 in 1999. We did not lose this business we were once very successful with, it was destroyed by unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime.

One more positive to investing in us that you’ll rarely see; we have inside knowledge on what is going on in the financial institutions that can destroy anyone’s life, for which finding justice is almost impossible, so it’s best to avoid these crimes than have to resolve them. We can be protective of you and your funds better than most, plus our product has been well accepted, sought and paid for. Additionally, we know how to pinch a penny; another plus to the plight we were given.

One can find something positive in just about anything.

However, if you want nothing to do with investing in our talent; it’s okay. Extending to us $10,000.00, which we’ll pay back, to get us out of the hole we’re in, now, would be very helpful too. I believe with a little more effort and the order from Jerry Jones we’ll get an investor elsewhere down the road a piece:>)

Thank you for your time, attention and consideration.

Love Always,



Saturday, June 27, 2015


Dear Justice Antonin Scalia,

You know what, your Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is, not only, a hypocrite, liar and a whore, but he’s a thief as well. How do I know? Well it’s a long story I’ll try to share on three and a half pages here.

I’ve known Tony since childhood. We grew up together although I believe he’s easily twelve years my senior; he’s my sister Katherine “Kitty” Breuner Davis’ age and her direct brother-in-law. Tony is married to Mary Davis, my brother-in-law Gerard Harrison Davis’ twin sister. I attended their wedding. They attended mine. Ronald Reagan, who nominated Kennedy to be a SCOTUS kept his horses on my mother’s ranch while governor of California and he lived down the street from me in Sacramento, California.

Apparently Tony pulled the wool over Reagan’s eyes too?

I’d say Tony is my second-removed-brother-in-law and he was my attorney from 1969-1978, which means in legal jargon we have attorney client privilege, whether he’s a SCOTUS or not, and he’s responsible for the advice he gave me when I was 24 years old.

I’m writing you because I’m absolutely desperate to be heard and get help; I don’t have much time left on this earth, because of Tony Kennedy, and you should know about him before I lose my ability to have a voice; a voice I’ll likely lose next week, because of my extreme poverty. I’m thinking you’ll especially enjoy my story since I’ve noticed your frustration today with Tony’s ruling on gay marriage, as if this subject is even important in the scheme of corruption that is never ending and never addressed by the Supreme Court, (or any court) especially the corruption in the financial institutions in this country.

Perhaps the Supreme Court doesn’t address the financial corruption, in this country, because you’re tied in with the financial institutions and you like it like this as long as the crimes don’t affect you and your family in a negative way? I’m confident you know that Tony Kennedy is a crook; his client, that would be me an heiress worth 80M$s, now lives in the streets because of Tony Kennedy and his advice in 1974, which I believe was given so he could be instrumental in embezzling all my funds, slowly over twenty-four years. I believe he felt he could get away with this since I was only 21-28 years old when he was most instrumental in advising me, which started soon after my parents died.

Tony offered to me, at that time, trust because of familiarity, and a port in the storm. Losing both my parents in a year’s time at 21 years old was a real trauma.

Of course I have no idea what, exactly, Tony did or didn’t do because no matter who I’ve contacted to report this horrendous financial crime, they won’t investigate. I’ve contacted all the financial watchdogs in this country, the FBI, SEC, UCC, Eric Holder, and two attorney generals before him; including four state attorney generals, (current and predecessors) whom have had jurisdiction over the states where my funds were either held or invested in real estate, over the years, and Michigan where my trust was created to protect my assets. I’ve been totally ignored, other than my receiving obtuse form letters since 2001.

I do know Tony has a responsibility to me for his advice; he ignores my many letters of the past seeking help. This in itself is telling. I know the reason no one investigates is because of who Tony Kennedy is; no one wants to hold him accountable. And, the best way to do this is to refrain from probing into whether he’s part of the heist of my assets; I know he isn’t alone. Lots of hands have been greased by my 80M$s.

Today I trust, from experience with the authorities in this country, land of the free, that you’ll receive this letter; perhaps will or will not read it; scurry over to Tony Kennedy and show it to him; and then agree, together, to throw it away and forget all about me.

Maybe, just maybe you’re different? What I read about you says you are.

Maybe you’ll think, “Oh good the system is working perfectly for the USA’s goals.”

Until I see you offer no help to me, as you should on this matter, I’ll remain neutral. I’ll give you a day from when I know this registered letter arrives at the DOJ before I make my decision. Meanwhile I’ll post this letter on my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

However one can see, by the enormity of my situation, just how long those in authority have purposely, hidden my case. And it won’t be long before my case turns into a murder case; my life is slowly, painfully, in extreme poverty, coming to an end, along with my husband, Larry’s and our one small dog, the Bu’s. I’m 66 years old; Larry is 60; we’re homeless, penniless; neither of us are able to obtain employment, although sometimes Larry can retain low paying positions if he’s lucky enough at his age; not many employers hire people who were once business owners, as he was, and now aged out of being an employee, and for a whole stream of other reasons, we can’t get employment. I’m confident the offenders, in my case, knew what would happen to me/us; they counted on, our deaths in the streets, to hide the horrific crimes and protect themselves from being discovered.The employment Larry does manage to retain; often turns out to be a scam or for mysterious reasons, out of the blue as a targeted individual stalked, and like a “Hit”, he gets fired for no reason!

Someone, or many, want us dead!

There are no churches, charities, or government agencies that help anyone, contrary to what the public has been told. Food stamps are taken from the penniless, at any given time after a few months, as occurred to us three years ago, as we stood in line at the grocery store. We often go without food, seeking investors or sponsors to invest in our, once flourishing business, destroyed by the powerful, “Hit” style, again as punishment for reporting the 80M$s embezzled from my trust, or lend money to us until our business can generate funds again. Those we have borrowed money from want nothing more to do with us; creating more abandonment of us. And I’ve been completely exiled by my family/blood group whom I believe are also involved with the financial crimes committed against my trust, Larry, (now too) and myself. Larry too exiled by his family because they want nothing to do with anyone struggling to survive against all odds as we have been since 2000 and continue so today.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

There are no ports in the storm, in this country, for horrendous financial crime victims, especially for financial crime committed by the powerful. I do trust, those involved with the kind of horrendous crimes that have destroyed my/our lives (now) will answer to a higher judge one day, God.

I have plenty of documents of proof; legal documents, timelines, letters etc. I can’t afford to forward these to you; I have no money. I’ll be lucky to find a couple of quarters in my jacket to buy a stamp and mail this letter.

Meanwhile please visit my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ and the other one concerning the business all this crime destroyed; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/; see my/our latest efforts to get on our feet again; a campaign helping and honoring others; thereby helping ourselves. We continue to seek sponsors and/or investors by which to re-build our lives, yet I’m sure at least half of them see my/our story on the Internet, see the courts ignoring the crimes, and fear we aren’t a good risk? They just can’t comprehend the enormity of corruption in this world…in the USA financial institutions, authorities, courts and media.

The truth is investing in us is far less risky than most investments; we know the truth about what is going on in the financial institutions and can protect ourselves and our investor from financial crimes better than the best attorney, because we know that attorneys live by a special code; protect financial institutions against all odds, and we know how they do it, and understand how to stay away from all the financial crimes.

Many Americans, not yet hit by unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crime have no idea about the truth to what is going on in this country, the crime and corruption, so we are treated like the criminals instead of the victims, while the unaddressed financial crimes committed against us, follow us continuously with unlawfully destroyed credit, preventing our rebuilding.

Today in this world of, lack of values, our campaign has reached out to thousands with no response. I see the Supreme Court of The United States, ultimately, as blame for this, because they don’t uphold the laws of the land. The court doesn’t set the example for the people to follow; the SCOTUS is corrupt, as most courts are in this country, and without God. Instead they concern themselves with rights that should be natural to us all; gay rights, at the moment.

Yet you never address the constitution as it relates to the people and what they own?

Nobody, gay or not, can survive without money and yet the Supreme Court refuses to uphold the federal laws protecting our funds from corruption and crime mostly committed by the powerful.

You can educate yourselves more about my case(s) by GOOGLE-ing my name; Deborah Breuner or Deborah Breuner Davis. However, to protect themselves the courts on the KeyBank case withhold truths about my case as reported, such as there was never a loan against my Sun Valley, Idaho property; the bank took it anyway. One of the many crimes committed against my trust and myself starting just prior to my learning about the 80M$ embezzlement of my trust, and escalating AFTER I reported this embezzlement to the proper authorities.

Sounds and feels like a “Hit” to me.

Thank you for your time and “Immediate” attention to this matter. Lets see who you really are? Whoever you are, God knows you’re every move and thought! I don’t believe, confession to your priest, will remove the crime of ignoring this letter.


Deborah Clare Breuner Davis



(I have no physical address)

Please see the DOJs site concerning the delivery of my certified letter, mailed June 29, 2015; as of July 13, 2015 it still isn't there? Go to; www.usps.com and type in the numbers seen on this certified mail receipt; 70140510000067752151; is not delivering these certified letters just another way for the DOJ to ignore the public?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Help Me Honor The Fallen In Charleston, SC

Powered by FundRazr


Please take a minute to review my campaign and forward it on to your friends, family and parishioners of your churches. My wife and myself are hoping to use our strengths to be of service to those who are in need and pain. Something we understand. I didn’t want to say anything about this; yet because of some negative feedback, about what we are seeking to do through our campaign, I feel I have no choice.

Both my wife and I have been living in a cheap motel homeless and penniless for quite a number of years; often we have no food. Before this we spent three years in a tent. The opportunity to use the strength we have left, at the moment our talents; is our way to not only help others, but to pay forward the kindnesses shown to us by a few angels along our journey and help ourselves be productive contributors to life as we once were.

Our true goals are evident in this campaign; all profits generated, from the bronzes created from the original Mother Emanuel sculpture, are being donated to the families of the fallen; the original monumental sculpture is being donated to the church; with the tools I can purchase through your contributions, to build this piece, my wife and myself will be able to work ourselves into a home by being able to keep designing and creating our other work. So everyone benefits from God’s love.

The problems in this country are much worse than people realize. I have written, phoned and left messages with organizations that profess to help since 2000 after we were struck by unconscionable crime that threw my small family and I into the streets, losing everything. To this day I haven’t received a response of any kind; I also know, now for a fact, that this response is the norm, not the exception. We the people must help each other. It’s all we have.

Yes God works through us all; we can't just tell people we'll pray for them and then refrain from any action towards helping each other with what we have to contribute, through our personal abilities and strengths. We have creativity, design and building abilities that can help; we have nothing else at this point, but you can fill in through your financial strengths. And you won't just be helping Mother Emanuel Church, the grieving families and us, but also setting an example for others.

The only reason we keep working is because we KNOW God is on our side and he will help us, he has never let us down. We’d like to be an example of change in this country. We choose to help those with hurt and pain from loss and betrayal; we understand.

I don’t have a website, because I can’t afford one. My wife has a blogspot; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com, which show our talents and who we are.

There is a song out there that is titled “What would Willie Do?” I’m asking you to ask yourselves, what would Jesus do? And, what does he expect from us? I believe he expects us to love and support each other.

Join us with your financial contributions; large or small; a dollar! Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated and blessed! If the thousands of recipients of this email all contributed a mere dollar we'll meet our goals and I'll be building this sculpture of hope and healing in no time! My wife and I will be on our feet doing more good in the world.

Let us prove to each other, and God, that we have evolved, as a human race, through history. We have learned how to truly care for and love one another. Let us be here, in love & support, for the families of the fallen and in memorial of their love ones.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me larrywaynesam@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Best Regards,
Larry Green

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Below is a list of all the posts/links I've been posting on Facebook and Twitter; the links will need to be copied and pasted in order to be viewed. These posts are no longer welcome, you know where, and you know why?

It's because I speak the truth!

If you happen to obtain wealth in this country through hard work or that of your ancestors, your home, properties and funds will be stolen or embezzled from you by the powerful who live in the USA Government pockets, while the authorities and courts purposely do NOTHING! If you are an everyday American trying to obtain wealth, through hard work, you will be "fee-d" to death by your financial institution and your home illegally foreclosed upon while the proper authorities and courts do NOTHING! If you report these crimes to the proper authorities, whether you are of wealth or merely striving to have wealth, you will be imprisoned, thrown into the streets with NOTHING or murdered for WHISTLEBLOWING!




Now it's time for the Ebola to kill off Americans again; yep the crimes committed by the leaders have these goals; to scare the public; kill the public; scare them to death some more, while at the same time drugging the public so they won't REACT to all the propaganda; anesthetizing with TV; bombarded with news we have no idea whether it's true or not! And, let's not forget the poisoning of our food!

Can you tell yet? I don't take drugs of any kind! I do watch TV when I can and with the experience & knowledge I have today I can tell you, you are being manipulated just by watching your favorite drama; game show, talk show, advertisement etc. You are also being dumbed-down with drugs so you won't react; again obviously I'm not taking the drugs.

Wonder how differently I'd see the world if I stopped watching TV and eating:>(((






It seems like nothing if these horrendous crimes attack an heiress or heir:>( The public, in general, believe "What the hell does this have to do with me?" Well a lot actually because if the "banksters" and our government are committing federal crimes as huge as they have to my trust and me, in all arrogance, can you imagine what THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE TO YOU and will continue to do? The fact is with crimes, such as has attacked my trust and myself, going on unaddressed you, who are working towards the so-called American dream, will NEVER ACHIEVE IT! Your assets will be stolen before you reach your goals or soon after. Why? Because no one of authority is doing anything about the crimes no matter how big or small they are!


Additionally there are no homeowners groups, of any kind, or other organizations set up to help the victims to these crimes for heiresses, or heirs, who have been thrown into the streets because of unaddressed federal crimes because the attitude is, " You at least had the experience of having money once in your life, I haven't ever so f#@$ you!" They have no idea how what has happened to people like me concerns them directly! Why do you think so many "banksters" are dying at the moment?


Now just to keep you all calm the media is bombarding the news with reports about lawsuits filed against the offending leaders and representatives; it's all propaganda; not true; lies and more lies to make you think all the crime and corruption is being addressed. It's not; just look at my story if you don't believe me. Is there much out there today that's worse than a USA Supreme Court Justice suspected of committing financial crimes and NEVER being investigated?




I'm wondering today how my friend's case went while presenting it to the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES?





Here's a montage of attorneys who lied, cheated, stole, acted as trustees on my trust, represented me in my divorce, while hiding facts about my trust and attorney generals who ignored me when I reported the original crimes. They instead sat back and watched 85% more crime occur to my trust and me, as I first reported an 80M$ embezzlement of my trust in 2004. I still had two homes at that time and some money. Now I've got one foot in the streets, as Larry and I fight for our lives, and that of our one tiny dog.

You'll never hear about stories such as ours from the media; trust me they know! AND THE SHILLs ARE HARD AT WORK DEMANDING THESE STORIES OF TRUTH stop!

BUT guess what as of just lately? We have a new plan that will send all these criminals wishing they were dead!

Stay tuned:>)



Hey! Listen up. Keeping your assets in an financial institution whether protected by a trust or not is like dropping a diamond ring down the bathroom sink of the New York subway and expecting to get it back!
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I'm wondering? With all the education we have today for humanity concerning abuse; manipulation; sociopaths and psychopaths etc., we Americans can't see that these are the same personality traits that lead our country from our government, financial institutions, legal world (for the most part) and the media? Yet we still think we can suddenly get justice by appealing to these same "powers that be"? Come on people!! Until we all realize there will be no justice from these sources today; there will be no change; just diversions constructed by the media to calm the sheeple...for a while.
The federal crimes and criminal foreclosures continue; our complaints are merely pushing these atrocities underground! Meanwhile there are victims living and dying in the streets, silenced, with no phones, computers, vehicles or employment because of illegally destroyed credit, while the media calls these victims drug addicts who created their situation by they're own stupidity and illnesses! WAKE UP AMERICA; pick up; God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! Find it on Amazon or on my blog: http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/









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My story of horrendous federal crimes committed against my trust and me purposely unaddressed by the authorities; yes this is how Agenda 21 begins and it's well on its way;







My life in photos before & after unaddressed federal crimes!

Be sure to "click" onto each picture for this story to unfold:>)



Whoops; Ms. Lauren Symington Davis is no longer working for the employer listed in this post; busy stealing funds through her charity business would be my guess and of course I have no clue as to whether this is true? I only understand who she's married to and that's an embezzler, extortionist and launderer of funds whose name is Richard Lynn Davis II from West Bloomfield, Michigan! My ex-husband who committed these federal crimes ongoing, behind my back with professionals helping him for over twenty-four years while Ms. Symington is a financial advisor and she and Rick knew each other and dated for years while he and I were married. Humm, what would you surmise?

Now the 2nd link I have supplied below is no longer working so here is another Facebook link to this wife-in-law who allegedly helped my ex-husband steal 80M$s out of my trust:>( Check her out, she even advertises her step-son-in-law's (my son-in-law whom I've never met) business for his help in teaching clients about their ancestry??? Hum? Wonder what they all say about me?







Be sure to "click" onto each picture to read and watch this story unfold.










(BTW, Please be patient when you "click" onto this site. At first it might say "page not found" but give it a second or two; the page will appear; type in Lauren Symington Davis)

RECENT UPDATE: Take note, while reviewing the above website of Lauren Symington Davis Investment Counselor, my wife-in-law, I see registered this so-called investment company under the name "Davis Investment Group" born in 1996; I was still married to Richard Lynn Davis ll. In fact my now ex-husband, of twenty-four years, tried to murder me in October 1997; by 2004 I had uncovered the fact that my Trust Account had been embezzled, extorted and laundered by multiple financial institutions and a couple of trustees, one being my then husband, Richard Lynn Davis ll.

All my 80M$s gone!

By 2004 I was almost living in the streets caused by this federal crime; by 2007 I was in the streets and yet the authorities still REFUSE to subpoena my account statements from Paine Webber. So now Lauren Symington Davis is the president, AND OWNER, of an Investment Company called Davis Investment Group registered in 1996 with the SEC? Hum!!!! At the very least she has very bad taste! And, I'm going to see that she is investigated along with Richard Lynn Davis ll!

Here's what you'll see on her site;

Other Names: Lauren Ann Symington, Lauren Symington Davis Ms.
Davis Investment Group, Ltd.
Type: RIA
Lauren Davis is an executive and is sole owner of Davis Investment Group, Ltd., a $27M RIA. Lauren has held an industry securities registration for 3 years and is subject to SEC oversight.
Other Names: Lauren Ann Symington, Lauren Symington Davis Ms.
Davis Investment Group, Ltd.
Type: RIA
Lauren Davis is an executive and is sole owner of Davis Investment Group, Ltd., a $27M RIA. Lauren has held an industry securities registration for 3 years and is subject to SEC oversight.
Advisor Timeline
Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination
Series 63
Passed April 23, 1993
Davis Investment Group, Ltd.
April 1, 1996 - Present
Planning Alternatives Ltd
January 1, 1997 - Present
Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination
Series 65
Passed June 15, 2010
Jan. 1, 1997
Employment: Planning Alternatives Ltd
License: Series 63
Employment: Davis Investment Group, Ltd.
Employment: Planning Alternatives Ltd
License: Series 65
Employer Years Dates
Planning Alternatives Ltd 17 years, 6 months Jan 1997 - Present
Davis Investment Group, Ltd. 18 years, 3 months Apr 1996 – Present

Why the HELL would Lauren Symington Davis be the president of Davis Investment Group while I was still married to my ex-husband Richard Lynn Davis ll? I had never known her; she wasn't my investment counselor and Rick had no money!

Rick had only his salary, while NEVER having inherited funds in a trust account as I did, while by the time we divorced I was penniless and he was wealthy? Why would Lauren Symington Davis allow this information onto Google?

I actually reported this federal crime, the embezzlement, extortion and laundering of my Trust Account to the SEC back in 2004 and they ignored me. So you want to know whats wrong with this country? You want to know why Lauren Symington Davis has no fear of being investigated by the proper authorities?
I just showed you!

GOTTCHA Lauren and Rick! Can't get anyone to look at the proof yet, but getting closer and besides if no one ever does that's okay, I'll spread the news until there's no one on earth left who hasn't heard it!
PLEASE DON'T INVEST YOUR FUNDS WITH THIS COMPANY; I FOUND 80M$s embezzled from my TRUST ACCOUNT after I had been married to Lauren S. Davis' husband for twenty-four years; don't know if this woman HELPED in EMBEZZLING/LAUNDERING my funds along with my now ex-husband, Richard Lynn Davis II; a number of National Financial Institutions (KeyBank, NBD, CHASE, UBS Paine Webber, Shearson Lehman) and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, in the capacity as my attorney 1970-1978, (today our SCOTUS) HOWEVER, you might not want to risk finding out; I mean with all the federal crime going on in this country and it NEVER being investigated by the proper government authorities, while the legal world also ignores it; better be safe than sorry, is what I always say:>) AND MS. DAVIS is an INVESTMENT ADVISOR REPRESENTATIVE for this company; c the link below; she at least would have the expertise to embezzle and launder funds which is exactly what happened to my 80M$ TRUST ACCOUNT! PLUS, my ex-husband had allegedly been having an affair with MS. DAVIS for many years before he got rid of me, which was just exactly at the same time my ASSETS disappeared. http://www.planningalt.com/pages/f_people.htm While your at it visit MS. DAVIS' AUCTION BUSINESS FOR CHARITY, the link below:>( A couple of my family members (my oldest child and ex-husband) are part of this business! Paid for by????? Hey, my ex-husband, the embezzler/Launderer, as once one of my trustees on my TRUST ACCOUNT is a consultant for MS. DAVIS' ENTERPRISE:>0!

http://alisttreasures.com/about-us… And, I personally have a problem with a suspected couple of embezzlers/launderers running a charity? Hey, just sayin" "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!" Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. Scottish author & novelist (1771 - 1832).







First book published in the memoir series of six; how can you read the others without having read this? Great gift for yourself or anyone who wants to save their financial lives:>)))


Here lies the truth to what is going on in the criminal financial institutions and the corrupt courts based on experience not hear say!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

I Know, Sorry; Been Really Busy, I’ll Get Back To You Soon

A question for both Larry and myself, ‘Why have you lost contact with so many of us for the last almost twenty years’? For me this is because in 1997 my then husband of 24 years tried to kill me! Consequently I was exiled by the remainder of my family…although a few friend souls called me while I was living in Steamboat Springs, Co to chit-chat; at this same time the financial institutions were in the midst of stealing my funds; they had already embezzled 80M$s and were forging my signature to take the rest just like there was no tomorrow for me and there would be no punishment for them.

I was in a bad mood, and becoming enmeshed in a fight for my life! A fight for both Larry and I as it would turn out! They,the powers that be, destroyed our flourishing business also, with a ‘Mafia Hit’! It’s the whistleblower treatment!

No one had sympathy for our plight, nor did many want to help, just a few human angels did so; however we never purposely refused to ever call anyone again; we just haven’t had the chance to resume any kind of a relationship with anyone since; survival has a funny way of limiting what is important in life from this perspective. Most of one’s thoughts go to, ‘Why aren’t the authorities investigating the financial institutions that did this; what about the money managers, trustees and my attorney; what about Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who in the capacity as my attorney from 1969-1978 advised I create a trust to protect my assets, and they were still embezzled?' Although Larry and I have worked almost full-time to get justice, I’ve learned there is none for one reason; our government authorities know these kinds of financial crimes are taking place and they don’t care. They like it like this!

Meanwhile the social media shills are circulating remedies, over the Internet, for all the victims to financial crimes, illegal foreclosures, and other injustices; I’m here to tell you there aren’t any and this is the problem…the real problem. Not because there aren’t laws, but because our laws are purposely not implemented, because of corruption!

'Where will our next meal come from now? Will we be able to keep a roof over our heads long enough to re-create a means of support or will we end up in the streets unable from this point to continue our quest? The threat is real and constant. Will our cell phone go out before we have the money to pay for it again?' We have lost five of our precious dogs because of unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crimes, where are they? Our sixth dog, the Bu, was sick and we didn’t have the funds for vet care…somehow help appeared. 'What if we get sick? Our molars are cracking in our mouths and we can’t afford to go to the dentist. Will my front teeth fall out too? Will Larry’s gums finally give way to bone? We have no medical care at all. Will we finally lose all our storage because of non-payment, which includes my family photos, my daughter’s baby books, my birth certificate and all the legal documents belonging to us both?' All the clothes we have left belong in the trash. 'If I die where will my body end up? I’d like to be buried next to my mom and my precious Larry, and realize at this moment it won’t be possible. We'll be lucky to end up in a cardboard box and incinerated by the state! I have no family but Larry; he has no family but me; we both have our Bu and he has us; but we have been destitute and have no funds because of unaddressed financial crimes. We have lived in our truck, a tent and now sleazy motels, moving from state to state chasing employment, driving U-Haul trucks.' Someone said to me, 'I know life is shitty right now'. Shitty? Not quite the adjective I'd use. 'How about our car? It’s already been re-possessed once. We lived for three years, in a tent, with no car at all. Will we ever get good employment again or realize an income through acceptance, by an investor, of any of our eight completed business plans?’ Yeah, not much time for chit-chat as they say. People once close to me, unable to admit the truth here, call me a victim. They call Larry a gigolo. His family treats him with complete unimportance; so un-importantly they want little to do with him; a contact every 15 years works for them. Why? Because he loves me and has stood by my side so long he was attacked by unaddressed financial crimes too.

Once in awhile an angel throws us a couple hundred dollars, or even a thousand and we're so grateful; yet this causes us to feel like we're animals in the zoo, while we have the capability and experience to be an asset to society, who wouldn't want to be? Instead our illegally destroyed credit; lying rumors by the criminals, and no permanent address are the challenges we must overcome while finding an investor to launch even one of our lucrative ideas. We've actually landed one small investor through the foresight of an intelligent young man with the capacity to evaluate a great idea. With these funds Larry has been able to get a prototype completed and obtain some commitments for the future.

Now we're on phase 2; looking for another investor, while challenged with all the obstacles, which should come upon those who commit financial crimes, but instead in this country, these criminals are thought of as today's heroes by many investors. Why does it appear this way? Obviously, because these investors keep investing in stocks and other such proven fraud as if they haven't been warned of the unaddressed financial crimes taking place in the financial institutions...this includes the brokerage houses.

Has anyone watched American Greed on TV lately? Herein lies many truths about financial fraud, which supports our story of financial crimes. One would think these horrific financial stories would change the public's way of investing?

Hello, the financial institutions, money managers and other elite financial experts are embezzling your funds and adjusting account statements/ documents to hide the truth to where your money is going. I know, not all financial experts are doing this, but let me say this.

Whenever your funds are held in huge conglomerates' hands you have no idea what the truth is when it comes to where your funds are going. Larry and my experiences have proven this to be true and the concrete laws, in place, will not protect you because they aren't implemented. The smart investors need to be looking at ideas that are tangible; opportunities born of creativity; the added bonus would be investing with people who know the truth about what is really going on in the financial world. One has both with us. There is no safer place to invest your funds than with entrepreneurs who actually not only understand their craft but the truth in the financial world as well.

Still we’re both being criticized for being losers by those who committed these horrific financial crimes against us both now, and by those who choose to believe the rumors born from the gossip that started with the criminals who committed the crimes.

Then the media reports propaganda; spins lies calling it truth, and withholds the real facts! In fact had the media exposed what I reported in 2000 to them we'd all be better off, but they refused and have done so since...I keep trying to get their attention! Not just for us but a warning for all Americans who are suffering as we are.

In spite of our challenges and the ignored financial crimes we’re still overcoming our plight...slowly! Looking towards finding just one more very intelligent investor who wants to actually make money honestly and quickly.

I often wonder how the corrupt criminals, mostly in leadership roles in this country, spreading the lies about their victims, corruptly skirting prosecution, would fare if they were challenged for one second as we have been?

And you’re going to actually vote coming up in 2016? You believe what has happened to us won't happen to you and your family?