God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, June 9, 2014


So I had one of my famous “shower thoughts” today. Love these! Oh, wait, sorry, do you know what a shower thought is? It’s an “ah ha” moment when an idea comes to you as you’re spaced out in the shower going through your routine of washing your hair, shaving armpits and legs! Then when you least expect it the “shower thought” pops in your head; then finding yourself running around your dwelling, dripping wet looking for a pen, so you can write it all down before you forget. Whew!

Lucky you, I found paper and pen in time and here’s my shower revelation!

I want to know why people in this country, especially, are considered washed up and unemployable by the age of forty? It’s the most outrageous belief I’ve ever had to ingest? And, this idea is all decided by the newly graduating college students or employers who are so stupid that they think a, young, college graduate is smarter than a person with life experiences? I mean these graduates have gone through basically a government controlled education even from private schools, if the truth be known, and people are admitting today, all over social media, how their school of hard knocks has been far more enlightening than any college degree. Why?

Well because no one learns the truth about anything, while going to school, they are instead controlled by what is offered to them to learn, exactly like the media accomplishes with the public concerning the truth about the financial world for instance. And everyone appears to understand this, and yet if the same person is an employer, they actually won’t even interview a potential employee, with grand experience in their field that has age on them, lacks a college degree, attended college so many years ago that the employer actually believes they are passé? It’s outrageous! Do people not get that all of our experiences shape who we are and that no matter how long ago we may have learned, how to do something, we’ll recall today. It’s exactly like knowing how to ride a bike! I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but know I can resume this ability anytime I choose. We tell our children “Don’t worry you can do it, it’s just like ridding a bike; you don’t forget how to do this, you haven’t forgotten how to do that”. We actually tell our children this then turn around and refuse to hire an employee with experience, in our industry, because they are too old; haven’t been doing what you need done for awhile? We tell ourselves that the college graduates are the up and coming and much better, but they aren’t! And this is only because they are very inexperienced!

Therefore twenty-five year old's who lack life experience, and therefore the truth about life, which translates to lack of knowledge in business, sales, management, scriptwriting, production, film, writing, medicine, and a million other professions, run our world, because of this stupid belief? It’s outrageous! There I’ve said it again.

And this is where the inexperienced, college grad, will end up before they learn the truth, in America, which they refuse to respect their parent's experience with. I think our college students believe we brought all this crime on ourselves and they are smarter so it won't happen to them? Humm, really? Well unless they are hooking into the truth about the financial institutions, government, legal corruption and media they will find out the truth exactly as we, their parents have...by shock! This occurs when you land in a tent, penniless because of unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crime, and you have a college degree. Shouldn't we be smarter than this? Nope, not really because the schools, colleges and media claim something completely different about finances and the law than the truth. The really astute college students, and the experienced in the college of hard knocks, know this truth about corruption in America and take precautions.

If you are over forty years old in America, sometimes even younger, you are considered worthless to society and the truth is just the opposite! If nothing else, the American Indian has taught us how important our elders are for the progression of life and for wisdom passed down to their young people, so they don’t make the same mistakes. Americans, in general, toss out the old and bring in the new, all indoctrinated by government control. Right now citizens aren’t learning the truth about what has been going on in our government until they are near fifty years old, after losing their homes and funds by unaddressed federal crimes, and they are today questioning everything they were ever taught, while our own children have no respect for us; are in denial about what we have learned the hard way, while knowing the truth about it all the way down to our shocked souls. Our children, on the other hand, have just graduated from the USA Government controlled schools and colleges, lacking respect for experience, and none the wiser because of this. They won’t understand a thing until it’s too late for them too, while they’ll land on their faces, which could have been spared by listening and respecting their parents’ experiences. But our offspring are taught, through advertising & media indoctrination, that if their parent lands in the streets homeless and penniless it’s their own fault! The truth is, “and listen up offspring, the financial institutions are stealing and because you refuse to listen it will happen to you too!”

However, society promotes, as taught by advertising &media, this attitude our children have about their parents, while our government taught the attitude in the first place and continues. The truth is there isn’t a person alive who actually doesn’t come into their greatness until they’ve learn the truth about what our government is doing to destroy them, their families and their lives! This usually occurs around fifty years old or so, for some sooner, others later. It doesn’t matter, what matters is by the time we can actually contribute something of value to the human race, a business, book, screenplay, film or cure we’re considered too old; passé; washed up; nuts, ill, and certainly not worth hiring as an employee; good only to be medicated by the USA Government controlled pharmaceuticals, prescribed by the USA Government controlled medical world!

Oh and this is what I love the most, money managers and financiers are considered experts, in this country, helping Americans grow wealth, when all along they are amongst the many experts stealing our funds, while our USA Government sanctions it all. So does the graduating class of 2014 know about this? Hey but please hire them to care for your business finances; you might as well go down with your expert. You deserve it if you’re so stupid to not understand experience trumps college degrees almost every time, until the degree holder gets some experience, which often times entails a debilitating crisis in their lives, as the experienced plots along, frustrated in watching the college graduate, having started their experience long before the college graduate ever received their degree.

For me, that is Larry and myself, once we have our investor we won’t be hiring any college graduates over and above citizens whom have had life experiences and know about the USA Government; insurance, legal, medical and financial institution scams; sanctioned by our government; have lived through them; lost everything they ever worked for and decided to go on with life instead of committing suicide. These are the citizens we want to employ while most of the employers in this country won’t look twice at them…your loss stupid-s! If whom we choose to employ happens to also have a degree, then so be it! They’ll be great at seeing the contrast between the truth and what they have been taught in school; government controlled school and colleges!

All our lives, mine included, we’ve heard about the extremely successful entrepreneurs without a college degree; in fact many others who barely have grade school under their belts and yet they have exceeded what most college degreed can only hope to accomplish…ever! We talk about this over dinner with friends, family and during important business meetings while at the same time, you, we, refuse to hire anyone with age and experience over, government indoctrinated, formal education? It doesn’t make sense? I personally would rather have someone on board, in our business, who knows first hand about the financial crimes going on in this country, unaddressed by the proper government authorities, so I can protect my business rather than some young college graduate, wearing a silk pinstripe suit with an MBA under his belt and a cell phone attached to his/her ear. If they haven’t been struck by financial crime then they aren’t doing one damn thing for your business but setting you up for embezzlement, extortion and laundering of your funds and the loss of your business; period! They don’t teach these facts in school and the reason is, the USA Government doesn’t want you to know! And the advertisers, media and uninformed sheeple Americans, actually Americans in denial, keep this facade going!

Have you noticed? Many Americans will mortgage their home, to the hilt, just to have the money to put their child through the best ivy-league college while they’re offspring won’t really learn anything until they are out in this corrupt world, and the financial institution that has the first position on the family home, now illegally forecloses on the property, and then the whole family finds out there is no legal remedy to bring justice! Surprise!

Ask yourselves why these formally uneducated people became so successful? Often times far more successful than the grammar school, high school or college educated? In fact, the less formal education the more successful!

Here below; this link will take you to the history of my great grandfather; we all have one, who never had any formal education at all. Why did he exceed? Because he was never taught he couldn’t by government infiltrated education!


It’s time we learn something, our ancestors had the right to learn while we don’t, as our government takes more and more control and we allow. And here's a picture of what to expect if we Americans don't "wall up" against it all...now!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Friday, May 30, 2014


I have an idea! Why don't wealthy private investors supply loans to the victims of all these financial crimes? Many of these victims had successful businesses BEFORE the unaddressed federal crimes destroyed their lives; they are creative, talented and bestow great work ethic, or they never would have been able to create and build what was stolen from them; often have a number of business plans completed; have in depth experience and knowledge about the legal and financial world that many people probably don't, unless they've experienced the same crimes. The point is "we the victims" to all this crime can help you make money and best of all keep it!

Holding onto your hard earned money today is the trick with all the, unaddressed by the proper authorities, federal crime taking place. Doesn't appear that this will be changing soon, so we must beat it or create and prosper around the crimes! Many of "we the victims" can certainly supply the information and actions needed to accomplish these goals while using our creativity, talent and work ethic to build great things; make money, which ultimately supports the good in society; supplying employment!

Additionally," we the victims" to unaddressed federal crimes know something else better than the "not yet victimized". We know how to squeeze every penny from a dollar; we've had to live like this for survival. What's more we spend our idle hours, that most don't have, creating great business ideas; business plans and submitting these ideas to the wrong investors , because all we hear back is, "Your credit is destroyed". Well yeah it's destroyed we have been hit by unconscionable crimes! Of course it's destroyed! However, we are a wealth of experience for the right investor who understands that we not only have great business ideas, we have a depth of experience that can only deepen our commitment to a project, after all, hard work for us would be like a island vacation for others; we know suffering poverty and the injustice that brought it on. We all know how certain experiences create unusual strengths. I believe the world will soon understand what all this hardship, created by unaddressed federal crimes, has created in the human spirit! Financial hardship may destroy credit but it causes humans to dig deeper, into their souls, for creative ideas and expands one's talents as well.

Additionally, many of us lost our businesses by the federal crimes committed against us and now can't retain employment because we have always been employers and employers don't hire other "once employers". They only hire employees so where do our hearts go after living through the experience of being unable to get employment? Back to creating another business with a wealth of new knowledge that won't allow federal crimes to destroy it again!

What's more, it won't be too long before everyone in this country, and abroad, will have bad credit while, so far, lenders haven't adjusted for this or taken into consideration the federal crimes taking place, UNLAWFULLY destroying the credit of hard working, creative and talented citizens!

So be the first really smart investor, (if you don't someone else will and make a killing) to check out entrepreneurs such as ourselves; see what those in society who still use the old fashion "credit check" as their guide to invest are missing:>( Hey Donald Trump probably doesn't have good credit! BUT, he's successful because he's creative and has earned the trust for his creativity from..... well don't know who they are! In fact, in my experience, even in the past often times a person with excellent credit is lacking in talent, creativity and the great work ethic. Well just my experience.

Nevertheless, I believe the investors who jump on the ideas of those of us who have been through all this unaddressed federal crime will be the next big boom so check out our ideas, while also helping society mend.

Remember, if we weren't talented, creative, and held great work ethic, which makes us very valuable, no one would have wanted to steal what we created in the first place and now we are the only ones, "we the victims", who know the facts on how to prevent further loss through unaddressed federal crime! Why? Because the real federal crimes are being held back from the public. The victims are the only ones who know what these crimes actually entail.

The media is not sharing the whole truth!

Why pay your hard earned tax dollars towards helping the homeless and penniless survive in the streets? Make money off us, and with us, through our, suppressed by federal crime talent, creativity and great work ethic; learn from what we have experienced that will help us all KEEP what we have earned! No one in this country should be homeless and penniless with the wealth of creativity and talent that we all bestow while those of us who have the strength, many of us don't have at the moment, could lend their strength of financial resources to those who have everything else but the funds. This is what America was built on. Right?

We must stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, or better results, such as using a person's credit to evaluate their ability to borrow or own. Bad credit, created by crimes committed against a person, does not concern creativity, talent or the work ethic. We must adjust to the times and the times they are-a seriously threatening situation in this country, in fact the world, with unaddressed federal crimes that are taking out the best of society; today many of the creative, talented citizens! The fact is we're a better risk because we know right down to our souls how to protect our funds, your funds, better than those who haven't yet been stricken by federal crime.

Those you shouldn't trust are those who came up with the credit system!

If Albert Einstein lived today we'd be without his great creative mind now wouldn't we if he had bad credit! Think about it!

I created and built the home apove and a number of others; I've created, designed and made every garment you see here on the website below; my husband created, designed and built the furniture; www.bespokebydeborah.com . I have written a number of books; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ and my husband and I have together written five screenplays. We aren't lazy! And, we have recently come up with four different business ideas with their business plans and financials.

The investment monies needed range from the $2,000,000.00 idea to the $50,000,000.00 plus idea and a number more ideas needing an investment amount in between. Our ideas range from real estate investments and restaurant ideas to fashion and furniture design. We don't care which project we start with first; we know eventually we'll get them all completed! Check us out for your next investment opportunity!

My heritage which I hold in my soul below;


Email me for a business plan of your choice; debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


First I would like to thank all my Facebook, Twitter and other friends from the bottom of my heart; you have been lifesavers and I will never forget your prayers, well wishes and help.

You really don’t know a lot about me other than our interaction on Facebook, Twitter and through other relationships created by my horrendous story. I’ll send my résumé out to you if you would like to know more. For further information, I’ll also send to you my husband's résumé. As you’ll see we are experienced, talented and very capable. However what you'll read here on my blog shows how we both have been victims to serious unaddressed federal crimes that will most probably never be addressed and we choose to continue our lives rather than fight an obvious losing battle. It’s a very long serious story that started with my financial professionals, which you know only a little about; you can also see what our true abilities are at www.bespokebydeborah.com; my fashion designs and Larry's furniture.

As you may not know Larry has a new position as superintendent of the remodeling division of a Pool company. It appears he will probably be promoted very soon to the top position in that division.

Larry, myself and our wiener dog are staying in a motel and we need to get into a more permanent place. This is going to cost us $1,500.00 of which we are about 14 hundred dollars short. I am wondering if you know anyone that would be willing to lend to us the 15 hundred for 90 days at which time they would be paid back 18 hundred dollars. It would make it worth the person’s time and it would keep Larry from losing his employment for lack of a place to live.

You can access this story, our story, here; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ start with March/April 2012 postings; Heiress Lives In A Tent parts 1-6 for the foundation of a very sad story that continues to go unaddressed, but we are fighters and intend to recover, by being successful; we have realized there is no other alternative, which we accept, but we also have found we are often looked down upon with lack of understanding of a truth in this country.

Additionally Larry and I have multiple business plans for which we are working very hard to find investors so we can realize our goals again; we did it before with no problem; were very successful until federal crimes destroyed it all. It will be very difficult for us to do anything if we’re living in the streets and without help this is where we’ll end up. Without your previous help we’d already be in the streets; charities and churches otherwise do not help we have found. Please visit my Facebook page for an update about continuing unaddressed crime born from the original; https://www.facebook.com/clare.kaseberg?ref=tn_tnmn

If you find my posting completely without merit please ignore it and realize I appreciate your help and always will. If on the other hand you can or know someone that would be willing to do this Larry has no problem setting up the payments through his work to satisfy any concerns that could come up.

At the moment we have a Facebook friend who absolutely shouldn't help us because her own situation is dire, yet she's planning to lend us enough in funds to keep us out of the streets. We'd rather not take her up on this and therefore looking for a small, short term loan.

Thank you so much for your time.

Most sincerely,
Deborah Breuner

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's signature, as my attorney, on my first divorce decree, (my last name then was Strong) which also lists my assets. Will attach this list as soon as I figure out how add it to this blog:>))

April 12, 2014

To Attorney General Eric Holder,

I wonder if you can imagine the anger I feel towards you and for what I’ve learned about the USA Government authorities, over sixteen years, in which my family and I have suffered. Many of these years we have lived in below poverty level, because of the job you have been elected to do and don’t! I say BELOW POVERTY level and we still are! I assume you recall the letters I wrote to you during my husband and my three years in a tent? Did I write to you during our one year living in the truck? Can't recall. I believe this was 2010? Check your records, if you even keep them!

In fact because you refuse to do your job we have been amongst the few people,(today millions more people) who know how they’ll probably die; it will be in the streets from exposure, starvation and humiliation. Yes, I add humiliation because this is what one feels when they are totally ignored after being seriously violated! Every time I write the DOJ, and I have been doing so since 2002, I’m ignored; violated again, and again, and again! I have never received correspondence, in return from your office, while the federal crimes committed against my trust and myself are staggering. In fact with each complaint I’ve written, to the proper government authorities including the DOJ and the FBI, I instead of an investigation receive more federal crimes committed against my trust and myself, which has now affected my husband too. It’s outrageous!

Losses; My 80M$ trust embezzled while under the care of UBS Paine Webber; four multimillion dollar properties stolen by either ILLEGAL, NON-JUDICIAL, FORECLOSURE or CRIMINAL EVICTION; three of these properties were trust owned; there were no loans against the trust; BESIDES THIS TRUST OWNED PROPERTIES MUST BE FORECLOSED UPON JUDICIALLY EVEN IN A NON-JUDICIAL STATE; The personal loans I did have were paid; one paid up AHEAD by TWO YEARS; all mine and my husbands' personal belongings, furniture; jewelry; heirlooms; china; my husband and my flourishing business; all our business equipment; our fine credit and reputations and worst of all our five precious dogs… beloved family members.

Here's a list of the financial institutions involved with my trust; Crocker National Bank(Wells Fargo today); NBD(Chase today); Shearson Lehman; UBS Paine Webber; KeyBank; McDonald Investments; Raymond James and finally Edward Jones who stole my last $10,000.00. They cooked the books over a "friggen" $10,000.00? You Mr. Holder should be investigating these financial institutions and because you never investigate anything, or do your job they will NEVER cease from committing federal crimes against the public! Obviously your plan!

The worst part of all this is how does one rebuild their life, without the authorities doing their jobs? I am 65 years old with employer experience only; I’ve tried for five years to get employment and can’t. Heiresses don’t qualify for social security, though my estate has paid millions of dollars in taxes, to the USA while my credit is destroyed by unaddressed federal crimes. Today I don’t even own a car and all my earthly belongings are gone. There’s no chance I (we) can even retain a loan to help us rebuild our lives; we've tried to find investors; to no avail so far:>( My husband Larry’s life, also affected, because of the loss of our mutual business . He too always an employer and is way too young for social security. He’s been barely able to get employment, but by the grace of God has been able to work for minimum wage. We can at least eat, but we won’t be eating anymore this month until next Tuesday.

The American people should know the truth; heiresses (most likely heirs too) are now seriously attacked by federal crime committed against them by their own financial institution which leaves them worse off than most other Americans. Why you may ask? I believe you know, but the public may not. The reason is we don’t have the experience with the employment market; too old to retrain ourselves and without money to do so, (or good credit to borrow funds to pay for this retraining) we’re very likely to merely die in the streets with our credit destroyed; unheard from ever again. Also we don’t qualify for social security, unless we’ve had a business. My business, (ours), established after I raised my daughters, wasn’t running long enough to allow either Larry or myself to draw social security and you know this Eric Holder! Also once all this unaddressed federal crime takes every cent one has, just how do they pay to even file a lawsuit pro per? This is exactly where you and the USA Government want us, isn't it?

The real truth is, from my perspective and experience, anyone in this country, other than government leaders and workers, are at risk of having all their funds and assets embezzled and extorted away from them by federal crimes committed by the powerful, (especially by financial institutions and mortgage companies) sanctioned by the USA Government. If you happen to be a wealthy citizen in this country, as I was, no matter how you may have earned your wealth it will be stolen from you. THIS IS A FACT; THIS IS COMMUNISUM!


The above website is what we've been trying to get going with finding an investor, the only but slim chance we have to survive, unless you do your job! Not likely we'll get an investor now that we know what we know. Most investors have no idea about the federal crimes going on, purposely un-addressed by YOU! They gasp with disgust at us; not to mention they are probably afraid to invest knowing what has happened to me (us) will or could happen to them! So this narrows the field. Maybe we can find a dishonest investor who will steal all my patterns, while you sit there and pick your nose!

At the same time with all the unaddressed federal crimes destroying lives in this country, the employers at large not yet affected, are using fifty year old guidelines when hiring people; this goes for retaining loans and/or investment monies to start businesses, which we're certainly qualified to do. However, we're a so-called bad risk because of our, UNLAWFULLY $ CRIMINALLY DESTROYED, credit. In other words, employers aren't taking into account the unaddressed federal crimes that have destroyed lives but instead judge us, as they may have in the fifties as if we're criminals, refusing to allow us opportunities to rebuild. We are judged by our poor credit no matter how it occurred. And you know this too Mr. Holder. You and the USA Government have controlled the Media so the public doesn't know the truth!

You and our USA Government have created a holocaust! I believe our USA Government, with you at the helm, have done this on purpose, which is obvious when you allow financial institutions and other criminal acts to go un-investigated as the criminals never have to take responsibility for what they have done. So since this is true, why not be criminals?

I did not come from a corporate family who screwed over their employees for their own gain. No, I came from German/Irish immigrants who came from the old country, to the land of the free in the 1800s, and created viable businesses that employed many people all over Northern California, Reno and Arizona. They gave to the community. The respect my father’s business, (Breuner’s Furniture) generated by the many employees and customers alike, is still talked about today, though the business was sold in 1978. I assume you, sir, have actually sat in one of the 120 desks my great grandfather built, by hand in 1856 in the California Capitol, still used today! My mother’s Diamond K Ranch in Roseville, California carries even more history and respect, if one can believe it; not to mention my great grandfather and grandfather Kaseberg certainly did their share for the community. I inherited 1/4th of their estates, upon my parent’s deaths, but more than this I inherited my ancestor’s work ethic. I too created my own business which all this, UNADDRESSED, federal crime has destroyed!

You actually, if not concerned with the federal crimes against me, should be very concerned over the taxes that are probably not being paid, to the IRS, by the criminals who embezzled my funds…80M$s could go a long way now couldn’t it Mr. Holder? Ah, hell you can always just steal from bank, trust and stock accounts if you choose, so who cares?

What are the USA authorities? Mafia? The truth is Mafia treats their own with more respect; you could learn from them if you don't mind me saying so!

I’m asking you politely, once again, to investigate my 80M$ trust, which was embezzled, extorted and laundered into a business, (Davis Industries, Detroit, Michigan) actually one of my trustees’ businesses, while my account statements have been withheld from me for over sixteen years by my trustees, (one being Richard Lynn Davis II) UBS Paine Webber, (money manager Fred Mirbach Jr.) my divorce attorney, John F.Schaefer Esq., McDonald Investments, Conrad D. Chapman Esq. (second trustee) and Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. (the last attorney I hired to handle two law suits, in handling this, instead committed more horrendous federal crimes against my husband and myself)

Additionally, my ex-husband, Richard Lynn Davis II, also once one of my trustees, sold his ill growing business, Davis Industries to Tesma International out of Canada whom, I’m sure, had and has no idea the funds that made my husband’s business valuable were very likely the funds he embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust. I believe with the help of another Detroit money manager, Lauren Symington (Davis)? Yes, my ex-husband married her!

The first attorney to have responsibility for what has happened to my trust, (Deborah C. Davis aka Deborah B. Davis or Deborah C. Breuner Trust) is none other than Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy. He was my attorney from 1969-1978; he is my second-removed brother-in-law; my first divorce attorney; advised that I create this trust for not only myself, but also one for each of my three daughters. Two of these trusts have been embezzled, as well; do not know about the third? I have been excommunicated from my family, since 1999, which means to me they are all in on this heist!

All the state attorney generals and financial watchdogs, I’ve reported this to, claim, “This isn’t our jurisdiction” which I’ve since learned, means only, “I don’t want to do my job”. My case is a RICO case that spans from California to Michigan to Idaho and Colorado in between.

These horrific federal crimes do not just concern me but anyone doing business with financial institutions, corrupt attorneys, corrupt judges and corrupt media who refuse to tell the public the truth as to what these financial institutions are actually getting away with in this country. And, I believe the newest federal crimes are these financial institutions going after heiresses and heirs with family money. So now the only wealthy in this country will be the government employees and those who give money to campaigns.

You are responsible Eric Holder with your “Too big to fail”. Your attitude about the federal crimes these financial institutions commit actually encourages more federal crimes!

I have notched out quite a space for myself, on Facebook, Twitter and Google, (try both Deborah Breuner and Deborah Breuner Davis) and I’m posting this letter, I’m writing now, to every space I can find so the world can see that I have indeed sent this letter to you! And, then we’ll all watch what you do. Nothing other than launching an investigation and charging these criminals will do, while also forcing them to pay me restitution for their federal crimes.

And do not advise that I seek civil action; this is not a civil case but a federal case and your job! And, I'm now so destitute I can't even afford to buy a stamp, with a return receipt requested, so I can US Mail deliver this letter to you. But I will next month after we see what we have left from our grocery money!

Thank you for your time.


Deborah Breuner (Davis)


Friday, April 11, 2014


I’ve decided to be a self professed critic of the media and legal world, anyone want to pay me? I could really use the income otherwise we won’t be eating until next Tuesday!

I have over sixteen years experience in the USA corrupt court system as they have done everything possible to hide one thing; my account statements to MY 80M$ trust account which was completely embezzled! And, for 16 years I have watched the media lie! I live in below poverty conditions because of this corruption!

So here’s an interesting piece of news. Think it’s true? It’s very difficult to know when the media, spins, lies, exaggerates and prints articles on purpose to cause any emotion from the public they want to see.

Vietnam Is Sentencing Corrupt Bankers To Death…


My favorite is when, right in the middle of the latest and worst government economic corruption that destroys another group of hard working Americans and their families Yahoo prints an article about the wealthiest people in society; adding a stunning photo of their homes. Next there’s a horrendous disaster; hundreds of children dead or dogs destroyed! Children and animals, in pain, disturbs our sense of balance every time:>(

Then we turn around, overnight, and wake up to articles such as what is happening to corrupt banksters in Vietnam, executed by their corrupt government. Not that I feel sorry for the banksters. Their actions deserve the death penalty, as they are killing people slowly; causing death in the streets from criminally instigated poverty. But, their government, attorneys and judges should be shot along side them. The banksters could not embezzle funds without the government and law being in on it! Period! Whats more, and a twist, the federal financial crimes, committed by the Vietnam banksters, are crimes against their government. Hum, what do they do to banksters who commit federal crimes against the public? Like I've mentioned, as in America, these crimes aren't addressed and the victims die in the streets.

Ladies and gentlemen this is Communism carried on by our own USA Government,leaders,authorities,legal world and media!

The shooting squad needs to be carried out here in the USA too; the crimes would instantly stop! Personally be-heading would be scarier to look towards so I opt for this! Throw into the mix the attorneys and judges too!

However, truth be told the Vietnam story could merely be media spin reported by the Vietnamese Government and there would be no way for us to know if it’s even the truth; it should be is all I can say! Instead it's probably reported to cause still another emotion in society, jealousy, that their country isn't addressing federal crimes, bringing restitution to the victims. Truth is the Vietamese Government is sending banksters who commit federal crimes against them to the shooting squad; not the banksters destroying lives in the public. See, again, just like the good ol' USA!

One of the reasons the media likes to keep the public in “emotional chaos”, with many bogus reports, is because while we’re in chaos, otherwise detained, our corrupt leaders and other powers that be are busy completing more crimes against the people; passing laws we know nothing about until it’s done! Plus it causes us to forget about lawsuits supposedly filed against large financial institutions so we never look them up to see if these suits were actually filed; settled and who received damages? Trust me, if there are actually lawsuits (there are always some to settle the sheeple) and damages they're never paid to the victims; just the USA Government!

Yep, these articles sure stir up emotions, especially when the reader has lost all their earthly goods, and employment, created by pure unadulterated federal crimes our USA Government sanctions and helps execute against you, while the legal profession takes on our cases, against national financial institutions/ “banksters”, and purposely destroys these lawsuits because someone is bribing them to withhold evidence concerning the horrific unaddressed federal crimes committed by these banks against poor little ol’ you and your family. And, believe me, the Judges are in on all this too!

The judges and attorneys hold private conferences together, behind your back, and decide what will be done to destroy you by hiding the horrific crimes committed by the financial institution and banksters. They call these conferences “Judges’ hearings”! And, you aren’t invited; most of the time you aren’t even aware they are taking place!

In fact, in my experience, your attorney might tell you about one of these judges’ hearings, to make you feel like all is well, then when you aren’t looking many more take place!

For heavens sake, what do you think “Attorney client privilege” actually means? It doesn’t matter, I assure you! Because, it’s a vague term that can mean anything your attorney wants it to mean!

My favorite is when “your” attorney states in court “Sorry, it’s attorney client privilege” to the defense; then asks for a recess to chat in Judge’s chambers? Hello!….What are you thinking they chat about? You and how to support your claim? Nope! I believe they talk about how to protect the financial institution from you; what law they can twist the meaning of to destroy your case; what documents and facts to hide from the jury. Worse yet, I believe they are looking at how to get the case dismissed often enough:>(

Fact is, most lawsuits against financial institutions end up in settlements once you haven’t got a dime to your name, while you’re offered a half a penny for every couple of million dollars the financial institution embezzled, from your trust account, or unlawfully foreclosed upon in properties! You’ll either take this minuscule settlement or starve to death… your choice!

Did you know that your attorney makes cell phone calls to the “bankster “attorney, (he/she is suing on your behalf) to shoot the breeze and somehow lands on the subject of you! This is against all Professional Rules Of Conduct for attorneys to do but who’s watching? If they are, such as any state bar, they don’t care, except possibly Kansas, I’ve observed. This concerns the famously recited, “Attorney client privilege” which every attorney I have ever known, but a mere few that practice shuffling papers, only, completely annihilates! The paper shufflers use landlines!

Nevertheless this is when the bribes fly, I’d surmise! And, none of this legal, financial or media corruption could take place without our USA Government sanctioning it all!

I believe the worst of all the news is when we read about the lawsuits filed against these financial institutions and how much they are being sued for. What’s still worse the American public clings to these news articles with their last breath of hope, while I don’t believe one word written or reported is true! It can’t be!

My case is a perfect example of what the truth is, although many of you prefer to tell yourselves I’ve missed the boat somehow; have no case; hired the wrong attorneys; should use Common Law; a Commercial Lien and represent myself pro per; better yet, “in my own person” But, you see you’re lying to yourselves; in denial, because of one thing. There is no case, statute or common law, without account statements and the judges, attorneys and financial institutions have worked together to make sure I don’t receive these and they have gotten away with this for sixteen years while media, mainstream, alternative and alternative to the alternative REFUSE to report crimes such as this or expose the fact that many times leaders like Justice “Tony” M. Kennedy (who was my attorney when my trust, and my daughters trusts, were created) are criminals who embezzled with the help of a few financial institutions.

Hey, has corruption like this occurred to you and your lawsuits also? Just asking! I can promise you if it has you’ll be the only journalist reporting the horrendous federal crimes and you'll pay dearly for your speaking up!

Why won't any of the media outlets report these horrendous federal crimes? Because our USA Government doesn't want you to know just how horrific federal crimes actually are. They are far worse than the public knows and to keep you in the dark they are going to "poo poo" my experience, by not reporting it, so you won't believe me which leaves you open to the next horrendous federal crime that will destroy your life!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of Yahoos' articles today from Associated Press by Eric Tucker is trying to get the publics’ attention. Hum, Eric Holder is frustrated over, and I quote:

An Internet connection and a bunch of stolen identities are all it takes for crooks to collect billions of dollars in bogus federal tax refunds. And the scam is proving too pervasive to stop.

A government report in November said the IRS issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds over the previous year to criminals who were using other people's personal information. Attorney General Eric Holder said this week that the "scale, scope and execution of these fraud schemes" has grown substantially and the Justice Department in the past year has charged 880 people.

Who's involved? In a video message released ahead of the April 15 tax filing deadline, Holder said the scams "are carried out by a variety of actors, from greedy tax return preparers to identity brokers who profit from the sale of personal information to gangs and drug rings looking for easy access to cash."

$4 billion: Bogus tax refunds a growing problem


Wow! But Eric Holder could give two S&#TS whether Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy, our SCOTUS, has committed the same federal crime against one USA citizen helping to render her homeless and penniless. Well, it’s not exactly the same crime, it’s worse because Tony Kennedy isn’t only an officer of the court, he’s a Supreme Court Justice!

Both Eric Holder and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy need to be impeached! Or, is the proper term to use "fired" and we impeach Obama? Do it all I say!

Does Attorney General Eric Holder even know about my 80M$s embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust account by a number of national financial institutions, trustees and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, in his capacity as my attorney, from 1969-1978? The answer to this is, “Yes” I’ve been writing him since he took office. I wrote Janet Reno starting in 2002, then John David Ashcroft and Alberto R. Gonzales as they were in office and left before Eric Holder. They all have ignored me other than the showing up, in my life, of more federal crimes, committed against my trust and me, as the USA Government authorities obviously watched, them take place, along with the FBI.

Still, the schemes have grown more sophisticated, attracting criminals with violent backgrounds who see an easy and safe vehicle for theft, according to law enforcement officials who fear that not enough controls are in place.

Don’t we love this paragraph, especially as it relates to my personal situation and probably other Americans who have experienced federal crime that has literally destroyed their lives, while Eric Holder has the gall to wonder what he should do about tax fraud against the United States of America? And he responds like the problem is out of control? If it is, it’s his fault!

Truth is I believe this article to be merely media spin to set the public up to believe this fraudulent tax refund crime will be the reason they don’t receive their tax refund this year. What do you think?

Assistant Attorney General Kathyrn Keneally, who heads the Justice Department's Tax Division, said refund fraud remains a serious concern but that authorities are "turning a corner" in their understanding of the crime and their ability to track down and prosecute fraudsters.
"We're getting more and more sophisticated about how to catch it, how to stop it and how to prosecute it as we go on," she said.

What is an attorney generals job again? Whatever it is, none of them do it! Just for your information they are responsible for regulating the financial institutions, amongst other responsibilities, and every problem that comes their way as it relates to financial crimes, this includes those that come to state attorney generals also. Yet, they act like their job is impossible to do and for we the people who end up attacked by serious federal crime, they ignore as if what a financial institution does to one citizen won’t happen to another!

Again, according to the news, (and we can’t trust the media anyway) Attorney General Eric Holder is scrambling about trying to fix this horrible crime that concerns the USA, and it’s very complicated, but he just can’t possibly attend to Justice “Tony” M. Kennedy who needs an investigation into his involvement with his clients trust account which was embezzled, extorted and laundered while under his watch!

How dare the word “greed” even touch our leaders lips as it relates to criminals that are committing crimes against the USA as the USA commits, the same crimes or worse, against the public!

Oh and I just love this paragraph,

"That's the only thing we can do on our side, is just tell them be more cautious with your information," said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Bill Maddalena.

Yes, he’s talking about our social security numbers here, the same numbers our USA Government leaders use to destroy citizens, in the public, as punishment for reporting serious federal crimes to the proper government authorities.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Oh boy more expert advice from those in the know… the experts! Really? Experts with no experience! That’s like sending a recluse to analyze human relations! All the education in the world will render nothing without experience. This is the truth!

'Irrational' sense of fairness fuels furor over high-frequency trading

By: Michael Santoli

About Michael Santoli

Unexpected Returns is a column that helps readers make sense of financial-market moves, economic trends and corporate news. Written by senior columnist Michael Santoli, the column goes beyond the stock quotes and headlines to provide commentary and analysis on investing opportunities and risks, while placing corporate performance and news into perspective. Stock-market trends are scrutinized, economic and Federal Reserve policy explicated and corporate results and deal-making dissected, so readers can gain insight into finance, the economy and their own portfolios.

The problem is that we the public still aren’t receiving the whole truth. Oh the experts dance around it, I’ll give them this, but they just refuse to dance the facts right up into your face! Some know they are lying to the public; some are idiots with a higher education and don’t know any better!

The financial institutions are embezzling, extorting and laundering your funds into their pockets! Why haven’t you heard anything about this…except, of course, from we the victims?

This is because we speak the truth and the media has been instructed by our USA Government to not breathe a word, while you are led to believe, because of the lack of media coverage, that the federal crimes I speak and write about aren’t true or my case was an isolated incidence. No, hardly an isolated incidence; it’s an incidence that’s rampant but held secret by our USA Government, and they count on the rest of the public to dismiss me, and others like me, so the horrendous federal crimes can continue destroying including your family next! If you should have funds embezzled out of your bank account, even a trust or stock account, there are no legal remedies available to you! And the media merely overwhelms the airways with horrendous foreclosure issues to keep you otherwise detained; not that unlawful foreclosures aren’t horrific, but the media is claiming these are being dealt with through the courts. But has anyone asked who will be getting their money or home back? Plus losing one’s home to an unlawful foreclosure, I’d assume by government thinking, is more palatable than hearing that an American citizen, in the land of the free, had 80M$s embezzled by a number of national financial institutions, out of a trust account, and when the victim reported the federal crime to the proper authorities the financial institution and legal world, as the government authorities including the FBI looked on, Mafia hit this person by stealing or destroying four pieces of multimillion dollar properties; all their belongings and their family of dogs. The victim, of course, landed in the streets.

Then lets add in the so-called experts on, financial crime, like Matt Taibbi, Max Keiser and the number of others; so since they don’t mention what I speak and write about suddenly my story isn’t true?

It’s a set up ladies and gentlemen to throw you off the truth. Again, we have been sold a bill of goods, in this country, that we shouldn’t listen to experience, but instead to the experts, who by the way are journalists or financial experts who aren’t allowed to tell you the truth or they’ll lose their jobs; possibly even be murdered!

One of the tricks of a chronic liar, when they are caught, is to tell part of the truth and apologize. This deters the victim, for a time, as they feel somewhat vindicated? Meanwhile the lying criminal continues their crimes and they escalate!

Wow! Sounds like our USA Government, financial institutions, government authorities, state authorities, attorneys and judges. The media makes no apologies at all. They get paid to lie and will lose their jobs if they don’t!

“Telling part of the truth”, and meant to convince the public it’s the whole truth, is spread all over the news daily as we hear and read about lawsuits filed against large financial institutions involved with the foreclosure fraud. So you believe these misleading articles and news reports? Do you really?

Here, check this new blog out; http://usbankster.blogspot.com/

From what I’ve seen and read here it’s much of the same; articles pulling the wool over the publics’ eyes; mostly about lawsuits against banks. Ask yourselves, “What happens to these lawsuits while I’m busy living my life. I’m going to check on them in a year”! What I find interesting, as well, is we don’t know who this blogger is? Why not expose yourself so we all know who you are? I do! Hum, could it be an Internet shill? How about someone I know who isn’t really a friend? How about a “bankster” in disguise? I wonder to myself, “Would this blogger like to hear or write about a truth I hold about financial institutions?”

Did you know even if a financial institution is found guilty of committing federal crimes what they pay, in legal fines, amounts to the cost of doing business and they still advance from committing the federal crime? So they are actually rewarded for the federal crimes they commit against you! Oh and you’ll be paid $150,000.00 for a federal crime that cost you close to a hundred million dollars; took your homes, precious pets, and belongings, while throwing you into the streets.

I recall when I was very young, around thirteen years old, and just learning about having a checking account with a bank, when I heard my soul speaking and yet didn’t realize it was my soul speaking and I needed to listen. I wondered to myself how anyone could trust a bank with their money? Who was watching these bankers and tellers making sure they didn’t steal?

I mean we just hand over a thousand dollars to a bank, which no matter what size this bank is it’s bigger than we are, and expect this money to be safe? Then my father said to me, “Hey not to worry, you have your receipt and your check register.” Right!

The wisdom of a thirteen year old is far greater than an older mind having been subliminally twisted by media and false advertising so I’ve learned! And I consider what we the people are taught, about this country and the laws, as false advertising. It’s the same false advertising our USA Government uses to put young boys in the military, convincing them they are protecting their country while their own government leaders are actually terrorists against the American people and do not care when this young military man or women is killed, in the line of duty, nor do they care about what happens to them when they return from war. This is obvious by the many military heroes living on the streets; it’s outrageous!

A number of years later my parents died and I was worth millions of dollars, which eventually were put into a trust by the advice of Tony Kennedy, my attorney. You know him as Justice Anthony M. Kennedy our US Supreme Court Justice.

Unbeknownst to me these funds were being embezzled, slowly over the years, while the money managers lied about what I was worth actually to compensate for what they were stealing as many other professionals, a few attorneys and two trustees took their share. My account statements adjusted every month to keep me in the dark.

I believe the worst part about all this is not so much the serious federal crime, but to find out there’s nothing a victim can do about this legally, and the reason is because of legal corruption! A trust won’t even protect you! And this is all true because the judges are protecting the financial institutions and will manipulate your lawsuit against a financial institution to the point where the pertinent documents are purposely withheld from the judge, at his/her request I’d suspect, and your day in court never takes place, while the attorneys help destroy their own client’s case. At the same time, fraud upon the court has no statutes, so I have the rest of my life to file another lawsuit, but just try to hire an honest attorney to do such. If you represent yourself you’re even at a greater disadvantage because you have less ability to obtain past account statements, while the judge will purposely not subpoena them for you. The account statements, in your possession, have somehow up and disappeared. Interesting!

Oh and look what I found on Yahoo just now:

Big banks haven’t improved much in the last year
; http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-banks-haven-t-improved-much-in-the-last-year-200512376.html

While this information is probably all true, it’s still not the whole truth; the author isn’t mentioning embezzlement, extortion and laundering funds out of trust accounts.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is the truth about your finances, the financial institutions and the law and what will happen to you if you use a financial institution for anything other than having a small account to pay your bills every month. In other words if you owe fifteen thousand dollars in bills; deposit the money to pay them on the same day you write the checks and send your payments out. Otherwise keep your funds in a safe, buried under ground or within a secret space in your home; fire protected; an alarm attached; and somewhere no one else knows about.

Yes, I know one can’t prove what you were worth if somehow these funds get stolen, but the fact is your funds are safer kept in a safe than in any financial institution…they are less likely to be stolen.

Why do you think the ultra wealthy and criminals have safes in their homes?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent