God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Life In A Third World Country, Good Old USA

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There isn’t much I can do on Twitter today while my computer acts as if it’s  so badly constipated it needs Ex-Lax or possibly one of the newer drugs for these problems? I wouldn’t know; I don’t listen to the ads about any drugs.
I don’t know what the problem is but whatever it is it’s debilitating. Perhaps it’s the PTB (Powers That Be) with Twitter again purposely slowing me down with my message and censoring me? Maybe it’s the US Government with the same goal? Or just maybe it’s the storm on the East Coast affecting computers all over the country?
My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible storm and after what I’ve experienced and seen of our government I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, at some later date, that this storm was seeded; destroying lives, businesses and belongings for some damn political reason; right before the election?
One of the reasons might be so the government can have another bogus reason to up taxes, because after all, the damage will be demanding great need in revenue for repairs. Of course there will be great need, but why should people have to deal with a selfishly seeded storm because of government greed? The question is, “Is this storm a natural disaster”? And, “How does the public know that it actually cost the stated amount claimed by media to make repairs”? How much of this money is going into government & politicians’ pockets while victimizing the victims of the storm again?
All I can do is share my horrific story of crimes by the elite in the hopes the public will listen and stand up against government corruption! Not just for my family and me but for all Americans whom if haven’t been victimized by the same will be in their lifetime if this government corruption isn’t addressed.
Their children and grandchildren will have no life at all if this isn’t dealt with. In fact I’d say these issues have already started the process against our offspring.
This problem consists of destroying our foundation as a person; family member; employer; homeowner and citizen of our once great country and in my opinion it’s been a very long time since the United States of America was great.
Americas’ leaders have been corrupt for at least a century, getting worse with each election. And it doesn’t matter whether Republican; Democrat or Independent rules; we’re being lead my the mob and as George Carlin once so eloquently stated, (and I paraphrase) “It’s the American people who are at fault for voting these idiots into office.”
The fact is, and what George Carlin probably didn’t understand, our votes mean nothing in this country. The elected president is already known and decided upon by a group of elite and their greedy corrupt needs, having nothing to do with the people of the United States of America which insults our United States Constitution.
Well my family and I are headed towards our deaths in the streets because of government corruption involving federal crime. What a useless waste of our lives and talent! Yes, I know I’ve been claiming our impending death for months so you probably think, “Ah she’s crying wolf. Look she and her family is still alive. She’s tweeting all the time. She couldn’t be in too bad of shape.”
Not totally true. We are indeed alive and a lot longer than I would have expected a year ago; strangers sometimes throw us one or two hundred dollars now and again, which we buy groceries with that must last a month. The RV Park where we reside, in a tent, takes our expensive art as collateral, but we’ve now totally run out of anything of value. We sold our one and only old red truck a couple of months ago so we could continue to pay for our storage unit where at least twenty boxes of legal documents reside along with family pictures and some clothes. All our furniture and valuables have been sold.
No matter how hard we’ve tried we have yet to be able to retain employment for over five years because of the “Mafia Hit” we received for reporting the 80M$ embezzlement from my trust account leaving me penniless, involving a number of national financial institutions, two trustees and a few elite attorneys with financial backgrounds, to the government authorities.
One of these attorneys is one of our now Supreme Court Justices Anthony M. Kennedy.
After a good 12 years of trying to get the proper government authorities to investigate the original crime, as well as those that came as the Mafia Hit, and dealing with the many daily decisions on what to do next to earn an income; alert media who refuse to report this; write, our believed only way out of this, and stay alive we have finally come to the point where we are being evicted from our tent!
Many people ask, “Well what about your husband Larry, he can work can’t he”? Yes, and in fact we had a thriving wholesale business together but the Mafia Hit I received, from government, as punishment for reporting horrendous criminal acts including the 80M$ embezzlement destroyed his employment life too!
Yet he continues to send out his resume and call potential employers in work that suits his experience perfectly. They never turn him down; they just never call back after I believe seeing my story all over Google when they go to look up our business, unfortunately named Deborah Breuner Ltd.
People in general don’t actually read and understand these postings on Google; they see bank, lawsuit, foreclosure, and government corruption then run away from us as fast as they can.
Yes, this is what the truth is about federal crime committed against the public by financial institutions in this country; you report it and you’ll be severely punished by some secret mob squad from behind closed doors of secrecy and societies’ skewed perceptions.
The government knows all kinds of tricks to use in making sure you land in the streets, unable to retain either employment or any government assistance, and they use them.
First of all, your fine credit is now unlawfully destroyed!
Another one of their tricks is to have the media report about how all these foreclosures are mostly the borrowers faults with the exception of a few robo-signers. LOL is all I can say to this! What’s really going on are serious unaddressed federal crimes committed by financial institutions against their customers, the same kind of crimes that put Madoff in prison for over a hundred and fifty years.
The government’s plan is you’ll become so disgusting & smelly no one will believe a word you say about the crimes committed against you or who committed them?
Oh yeah, forgot to mention none of the charities or churches we contact help, while you probably donate money to these different causes. The only way to get food from a food bank is to arrive at six in the morning fifty miles away; the other destinations are farther, while we have no transportation? What’s still worse the food is disgusting; mildew laden; rotten or sour.
So on top of being so poor we can’t afford to eat anything else, we fear very likely getting food poisoning if we were to eat it! Not a good idea no matter how you look at it, but when you sleep a mile away from the public bathrooms it can be a problem should you need to visit often.
I mean doesn’t it make you furious to finally understand from the mouth of a victim to these financial crimes that many homeless and penniless citizens are created by financial institutions committing crimes against them as the government authorities purposely ignore these crimes, while you (and at one time we) pay federal income taxes for protection, by attorney General Holder, from financial abuse by the financial institutions!
We have found through our long journey that none of the government agencies do their jobs. As far a dealing with the federal crimes these financial institutions blatantly and arrogantly commit, well the government authorities know if they ignore these victims they’ll die in the streets never to be heard from again so they plan on this, confident the next victim won’t be warned as the last died from starvation & exposure lying in a cardboard box. And as I’ve said in previous articles,” who’s going to believe my story or any vagrants story about how a financial institution stole 80M$ from their trust and this is why they live in the streets?”
You should believe them, but until you understand the enormity of government corruption in the United States of America you aren’t going to. In fact society led by the media has already convinced you wrongly that most homeless and penniless are an albatross on society and therefore they deserve to be resented. They aren’t taking your money; the government, charities and churches are doing this. And, these poor victims don’t deserve to be resented; the government, charities and churches need them so they can demand taxes and donations that surely never get to the needy.
This is double victimizing and so unfair. What’s worse you could be next!
But we aren’t giving up though often things look very grave, such as a week ago the owner of this RV Park came to us after two and a half years that we’ve been here and said, “I’m tired of taking art and don’t want to anymore; if you can’t pay with money you have to leave by November 1st.”
Oh my God, seeing myself with a backpack over my shoulder walking out of here with this alone to carry next to our weenie dog, Malibu under my arm and Larry possibly being able to carry our computer, better yet wheel it behind him, is frightening! We wouldn’t be able to take anything else without a vehicle.
Of course the owner has known our situation since we arrived July 2010 and has watched us continuously work on our survival; looking for employment; writing and contacting publishers and of course we’ve been so grateful for his willingness to take art rather than money. But, here we are just weeks prior to something good happening for our selves and he wants us out!
The only place we can go is into the streets where all our work, my four-volume memoir and our four adapted scripts are on the big computer, not the laptop because it quit on us months ago…it’s old and over loaded.
Nevertheless my mind was going a million miles an hour as I visited fear and then Larry’s wise words of belief, which are always so comforting.
I must say after spending a week of near freezing temperatures at night and early morning with no working heater; a tent door with broken zippers and zero food worth eating, plus two years of constant backhoe noise all day long just a hundred yards from our tent, not to mention continuous computer outages, I felt I’d come to the end of my tolerance. But I’ve been here before many times in the last eight years and somehow rebound with Larry’s loving support and Malibu’s cuteness.
Today, Larry has potential employment starting December 1, 2012; a friend encouraged the RV Park owner to allow Larry and I to stay here until November 30th. I have an editor, and hopefully a new friend, who’s kindly willing to forgo payment until after my book on e-books starts selling; my daughter Lexi is willing to pay our storage this month as she did last and our next door tent neighbor, Gary loaned us some money to buy groceries and a new heater. To add more miracles another friend Tom, on Twitter made a video for me out of one of my articles as a surprise and tweeted it out to everyone on Twitter.
Life is good, hugs to all!

By: Deborah Breuner

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reverend Jim Jones Ain’t Got Nothing Over Obama


The United States of America the land of the free, and we Americans are taught this from the day we’re born. As we grow up becoming somewhat rebellious the one thing that isn’t tolerated is negative reference towards our great country.
It’s un-American!
But we’re also taught we must earn what we receive in life; it’s not just handed to us on a sliver platter. Each generation, as their parents taught them, teach their offspring this same fact of life.
Honorable isn’t it? We should be so proud.
We’ve also been taught to respect those men and women who fight to keep us, and our country safe.
Then of course we have the United States of America’s Constitution for which we’ve always been taught is so very special and I personally always got the idea it was something most other countries in the world didn’t have? Yes, a declaration of respect for the American people and each other.
Today I realize this probably isn’t true but in my family being a proud American came across like the threats spouted out for not cleaning my plate, “There are poor children in Africa who don’t have enough to eat, so you have no right to waste food!” You know something like, “Be proud to be an American other countries don’t have the freedom we have.”
And another thing, the United States of America was rarely spoken of without God mentioned, in the same sentence. Everything that surrounded and supported us, such as the American flag; schools; churches; courts and our monetary system had reminders of God too.
And I was always taught there wasn’t just one God who was better than all the rest but many ways to look at the same God who created our world and the people in it. In other words we had the freedom in America to see and worship God in any way we chose.
Oh and here’s something else I always understood when growing up, “The legal system isn’t perfect but compared to other countries we’re way ahead.”
Dear God if this is actually true then we’re in worst trouble than I thought because the US legal system is about as corrupt as any legal system could possibly be. What could the other countries’ legal systems be like?  I know in some foreign countries they just behead a person for the smallest of crimes, but personally I’d rather die quickly than live in a cardboard box in the streets of America for twenty years then die of starvation & exposure, wouldn’t you? No; the charities and churches in the USA don't actually help people.  Saying they do is another American tale of untruth. Many charities & churches are actually more criminal enterprises.

Why do I say this with such conviction?
Because, in my experience, I’ve seen nothing less than pure criminal activity committed by attorneys, judges and attorney generals, in the name of  “the law,” worst than any Mafia. And I’ve lived in the streets because of they’re crimes, while no charity helps.  So I actually know what I’m talking about!
Hey when you have the authorities committing the crimes; they’re having a field day! There are no authorities watching over them but media while they’re paid off, to shut up, by the government.
Perfect crime scenario!
Yes our United States of America is no country to be proud of anymore. I’m not sure when it started to go down hill or if we as Americans have forever been sold a bill of goods about how great and free we are by manipulative psychopaths?
Who knows?
I do know that my great aunt had all her assets embezzled, extorted and probably laundered back in the early 1900s; my mother did as well through a far more convoluted form of the same during the middle fifties. Because no one ever warned me, it eventually was my turn to experience all this federal crime.
In none of these cases were there ever investigations by the authorities; because they sat behind closed doors of secrecy, like they do today sending out form letters probably claiming, “This isn’t our jurisdiction, go to blah, blah, blah!” or they just completely avoid the crime writing back and addressing something else entirely, for twenty years.
In those days folks eventually gave up demanding their rights for many reasons! I know people believed in authority more then than they do today and many of these victims were independently wealthy women…easy targets. And it probably wasn’t as common of a crime in the private sectors back then?
The financial & legal elite, along with the government authorities, has finally become so arrogant they’ve given themselves away with their blatant federal crimes committed in the sunlight for all to witness as they laugh at “we the sheeple.”
We are not free; like I said earlier don’t know how long this has been a fact, and as the years pass so goes all the real or imagined goodness we once believed in. Maybe the truth has just come to the surface; rattling the hinges of hell so the chips fall where they may?
This is actually a road to improvement, and God knows we need it!
Americans also have few rights to free speech in this country as we’ve been taught to believe. And you wouldn’t know this until its time to demand your rights by being an American or for justice because of serious crime committed against you or your family.
I know our proud soldiers, coming home from active duty, can attest to the betrayal they feel when they return from war to find there are no jobs, now that they’ve risked their lives for their country, a country that gives nothing back!
You’ll be shocked! America stands for nothing but greed today and no laws are upheld! This isn’t America’s fault it’s our leaders whether they’re right or left winged.
I wrote an article recently and posted it to my blog titled, Hitler Is Alive & Well In The United States of America. I tweeted this article out to my followers for about forty-eight hours; this morning I woke up to a tweet from a follower saying “I don’t approve of using Hitler as a comparison.”
The statement actually shook me up a bit? So simple and straightforward yet made without questioning the facts as to why I would write an article making this comparison?
I thought to myself, “Certainly she knows my horrendous story, she’s followed me for months?” Yet at this point I was wondering if she’d ever read any of my articles? There are other things we have in common, which is one of the reasons I’m still following her.
I wrote her back a few times being a gentle as possible, assuming she had to be Jewish if I had offended her? In fact she wrote me again one more time saying, “Two words, I’m Jewish.” Like I said, I assumed she was Jewish. What she hadn’t known, until that moment, I have Jewish roots as well from my mother’s side, so I shared this with her.
Haven’t heard from her since.
My statement to her, and anyone who doesn’t want to see or hear about how American leaders, at the moment Obama, compare to Hitler hasn’t learned from history, because today we are living in a Hitler regime, while people like her spend more time being insulted by what I’ve said rather than rushing to battle in stopping it!  I mean she could at least ask why I claim what I’ve written?
This is nothing less than denial.
If we face it now and do something we will have learned from history; if we don’t this time around, it will be worse than the holocaust!
One of the first things Hitler did to the Jews was to seize their funds and assets; recently Obama signed an executive order to make seizing consumers’ funds and assets any time he chooses perfectly legal.
Therefore your funds should be in a safe buried in the ground.
Of course financial institutions have been stealing for years, secretly and illegally, as the government authorities purposely ignored it and continue to do so. In my case a number of financial institutions embezzled, extorted and laundered 80M$ out of my trust account and when I reported it to the proper government authorities I was thrown into the streets with a “Mafia Hit” as punishment for tattling. The Mafia hit consists of being homeless and penniless, stricken from ever getting employment again in your lifetime and rejected, though again unlawfully, from any kind of government assistance, which equals death in the streets after living in a cardboard box.
Again, media remains mute on any of these facts.
If this isn’t Hitler and his army all over again, I’ll eat dog food for a month and won’t complain! If we refuse to acknowledge and revolt against them we deserve what we’ll get.
Remember there were many Jews during Hitler’s reign that didn’t believe the rumors about what would be coming; they stayed; others left everything they owned and fled, saving their family and their own lives. Today it’s about standing up together and demanding change!
Or like Jim Jones, Obama or another president will continue to tell us to drink Kool-Aid and we’ll continue to suck it down as if we had good sense.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Friday, October 19, 2012



We all notice don’t we? Notice how the media uses the public any way they want; manipulates them at will to incite whatever emotion best suits their cause & I believe the US Government is behind it all. And our government doesn’t just save this manipulation for election years? No they use the media to manage the public, like a cattle prod, all day long, everyday with one purpose in mind.
Keep the public busy or otherwise detained so they haven’t a clue to what is going on behind the governments’ closed doors of secrecy & behind our backs. 
Apparently Americans don't learn from history? We should be thinking, "Hitler!"
Yes and I’d add advertizing to this mob against the American public; at the very least sanctioned by our government in as much as they’re not giving two hoots as to whether this advertizing might cause problems; pain or even deaths. All the while the American people pay taxes to the government  & their agencies that are supposed to regulate our food; medicine; environment and the financial institutions we do business with everyday. 
And what does Obama do? He bails out the financial institutions who are committing federal crimes against their customers? The financial executives suspected of criminal acts he as much as allows bonuses?
Of course the US Government doesn’t actually do a thing within these agencies from my experience. In fact I think these agencies are actually shell companies? Then the US Government gets the media to report on how our taxes will be rising for the wealthy in order to keep these agencies working for the little people. Then the government actually has the gall to have the media report that there are new laws being created to uphold laws already in place?
Dear God please give me a break!
From what I’ve seen & experienced this is merely a way for the US Government to steal funds from companies or individuals who may have come by their wealth honestly, (unlike the government) contributing to society; employing; yet our government wants what these entrepreneurs have worked hard to create?
Obampadonk’s new executive order about seizing assets from consumers' accounts is just more proof of our US Governments intentions. This is not about going after the bad guys; it’s about going after anyone who has funds in a financial institution or a loan.
Why else would our government sidestep the simple rules of how to get along well together, which by the way we as good parents spend years teaching our children only for them to grow up and find their lessons on being a good person don’t work in the world because their leaders are all corrupt.
This is nothing less than communism without using the word, a way of fooling the public! It’s lassoing the media & advertizing to do Hitler’s preliminary work; today’s Hitler being our US Government with Obama at the helm, the financial institutions behind him and his posse by his side… the posse being politicians & those with elite government jobs.
And please don’t fool yourselves with thinking Romney or Ron Paul will be different; they won’t be, because the problem is government corruption involving all political parties.
If this weren’t enough, our drugs aren’t regulated by the Surgeon General as we are to believe or there wouldn’t be the outrageous and continuous ads on TV about taking every drug imaginable that have side effects which are worse than any disease.
I believe our US Government wants us sick; over drugged; comatose or at the very least full of so many anti-depressants we can’t feel the wind in our face, much less bother with being angry about a horrible federal crime committed by our bank that throws us into the streets homeless and penniless!
Obviously I don’t take drugs:>) I'm experiencing every last second of my anger!
So when we report this horrific crime to the government authorities, as we should, we’ll not bat an eye when they return our request, from behind closed doors of secrecy, for an investigation with a f—king form letter reminding us to vote at the next election for guess whom?
There are laws concerning truth in advertizing but just like every other law in this country they’re ignored in the interest of what’s best for the US Government. And that would be that her people die, so there’s more stuff of value for them.
It’s called old fashion greed.
So between the media and advertizing there is nothing but lies, manipulation, withholding, sensationalism, spinning and diverting our attention away from truth.
Has anyone ever considered what all this sociopathic behavior does to our mental and physical health? What is it doing to our children who haven’t yet learned how to separate possible fact from fiction as they watch their parents unable to cope with outrageous adult responsibilities that are far worse than they should be because of the lying, dishonest, government; unethical medical & legal world and criminal financial elite, all committing crimes going unaddressed by authorities?
Well who can cope under all these obstacles to peace, joy & happiness while we’re never heard by our leaders no matter what we have to share?
Believe me I’ve learned our United States of Americas’ system is set up this way unbeknownst to many who haven’t yet experienced all the crime committed by the elite professionals & our leaders.
I apologize for this remark I’m about to make but I come by it honestly and from experience; you can write your state representatives until you’re blue in the face & they’ll ignore you with obtuse form letters or no letters at all.
You have now officially been re-victimized.
This is what our United States of America calls honoring the First Amendment to the USA Constitution, “You have the right to say whatever you want but we chose to ignore you and so we shall.”
This is our leader’s today interpretation of the First Amendment; this is not what our forefathers had in mind.
So why would we wonder about why there’s so much child abuse today and the aftermaths of it?
There’s certainly exceptions to this but most parents are so stressed by the known and unknown criminal acts destroying their lives by our leaders, unethical attorneys and the financial elite that they have a difficult time enjoying their families as they find refuse in alcohol, street drugs and prescribed medication the greedy pharmaceutical industry pushes, on their own and through the medical world.
At the same time our children are fresh and new; curious and without a fear in the world; unable to even fathom serious crime, they want to experience it all. Many children look forward to living out their dreams, never questioning their ability to achieve them.
And they shouldn’t in a healthy world, but we don’t live in a healthy world, while parents are traumatized and angry about they’re lost dreams through no fault of their own, but instead unaddressed crime; envious that possibly their offspring will overcome and achieve what they couldn’t; fearful they won’t because they understand the corruption that most likely will attack their lives too.
The innocent children don’t understand. Often the parents don’t either? Sometimes the crimes that have attacked the parents’ lives are so purposely insidious they don’t even understand what hit them.
If you’ve read books written by Sonya Roman you have an understanding of the soul and how it responds to situations our mind has no clue about, because our soul knows the truth and so this is what all humans respond to, whether they’re aware or not.
And if our soul isn’t happy, trouble ensues! It might take its toll in self-hate or we’ll lash out at those closest to us because we trust they’ll love us no matter what? We might embark into abuse of those we love; even sexual abuse because sex we’ve been taught by media and ads is where its at. Yep, we’re taught by subliminal programming that if all else fails sex will solve the problems as we focus between our legs instead of between our ears?
Years of experience as a consumer addressing horrendous crime committed against you will give way to wanting to give up or finally realizing nothing will ever get done to right the wrongs. There is no way to handle the issues destroying your life and the lives of others.
Our government won’t allow justice; doesn’t want justice; doesn’t care about justice and will watch you die in the streets rather than give rightful justice. If you’ve always believed in the United States of America well it’s time to give it a second look, because ladies and gentlemen we live in a third world country disguised as a democracy.
Now that I’ve seen and experienced what’s really going on behind closed doors of secrecy, until the indescribable happens to you, you won’t, but I understand most of all the other ills of society a whole lot better now.
It’s a rare individual who can withstand the abuse our US Government attacks us with by merely sitting back and watching other powerful entities such as financial institutions and unethical attorneys murder people spiritually and physically, without reacting to the betrayal and torture in a multitude of different ways.
In my opinion, here in lies most of the problems of society, while the media and advertizing bombard the airways to convince you and your family that you’re sick needing medication because it’s your fault the financial institution unlawfully foreclosed on your home or stole your funds? These entities even manage to convince you that should you be a victim of violent crime, this is your fault too? And if you react violently back towards your aggressor then you’re really sick? If you grow some sort of emotional compulsion because of unaddressed horrible acts committed against you then you’re really, really sick and earn labels attached to your name.
Think about this simply. What does a loving dog do, who deals with life strictly by soul feeling, if they are attacked over and over again? I shouldn’t even have to answer this?
What are we told when we’re attacked over and over again? Well lately with all the pop therapy it’s, “If you thought positively all this horrible crime and trauma would never have happened to you. Here take this anti-depressant and think positively.” Yep, we’re blamed again?
When you think about the pure soul we’re born with and compare this with what our government does to us, it’s no wonder society is angry not knowing where to turn with this anger since anyone with authority sits behind closed doors of secrecy refusing to address any problem that belongs to them and in their jurisdiction.
We know if we react aggressively then we’ll be put in jail?
Hence the outrageous expression of unresolved anger we see in schools, theaters, post offices and other public areas is explainable; not to be confused with accepted. However our government and other powerful create the anger that some people flip out over and it’s understandable. What’s more disturbing, these crimes are preventable by upholding the laws and addressing crimes, which are our leaders’ jobs. 
Has anyone noticed all “powers that be” today sit behind closed doors of secrecy, even Twitter executives?
An example of the outrageousness of this pompous rule, which by the way even an act of God couldn’t alter, was when my ex-husband, suddenly after twenty-three years of marriage, had his little Gestapo of a secretary tell me when I called his office during the day, “Sorry but he’s in a closed door meeting, but I’ll give him the message that you called.”
Of course I was stunned by this new rule; eventually considered it was a way to hide a possible girlfriend? What I didn’t learn until much later, after my then husband tried to murder me, was that he indeed had a girlfriend who was a financial advisor working with him and a number of financial institutions embezzling, extorting and laundering my funds out of my trust account…to the tune of 80M$s.
Yes and today he’s married to her, probably together nervous as hell that I’ll manage to break through all obstacles, and get justice for their crimes as well as the federal crimes the financial institutions committed against my trust and me.
Shame on Richard Lynn Davis II of West Bloomfield, Michigan, my husband of twenty-four years. And, he should know better than to do what he’s done, even being aware that the authorities wouldn’t do anything, as I’m confident he knew while I didn’t and had to learn. But, he knows I’m a fighter and I won’t give up.
I’m not the type to self-destruct. No I’ll find a way to make this all turn out positively.
Until I do you’ll at least be informed of the new disease sweeping the country…the world; as deadly as cancer and Aids possibly more painful because there’s no relief by drugs that can actually help the pain. It’s “living below poverty” and homeless, brought on by financial crimes committed by financial institutions, purposely ignored by the government authorities to which you pay your taxes for their protection, while the media intentionally remains mute.
These victims are suffering and dying in the streets right under your nose. The next victim could be you.
What color lapel ornament should our allies and charities raising money for this disease be? How about a replica of a burnt corner of a thousand dollar bill?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

<BREAKING> **OBAMA** An Urgent Message for America 


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 CENSORED: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer - 911 


Monday, October 15, 2012



Here’s a question? Who’s idea created social media? Sometimes I think it was the government as a way to keep tabs on “we the sheeple?” Sometimes I think it’s a Godsend? Social media is the saving of the First Amendment?
All I know for sure is social media has it’s own built in censoring ability by the way it often performs.
Whether someone or entity controls the censoring I honestly don’t know?
For instance on Twitter without your knowledge you’ll be un-followed from one of your best buds and sometimes you’ll find yourself no longer following them either, while you did nothing to create it? This happens if you’re chatting over social media about something the government doesn’t like chit chatted about! This may not sound really serious but it is if you’re sending tweets to someone you think you’re following and vice-versa, then to find out from Twitter they’re basically arresting you for stalking?
One for instance, of wrong information to be sending out, would be chatting about federal crimes financial institutions commit against their customers. And if the customer reports the horrid embezzlement, extortion & laundering of their trust account to tune of every cent they owned to the proper government authorities, finding shock of all shock, they ignore the financial institutions that do this and the crimes, you’ll be in big trouble on social media. Not so much by your friends and acquaintances here, but from some ugly monster behind the scenes?
Or maybe chitchat tweets are censored by catchwords like Hitler, Mafia, USA Government corruption, financial institutions embezzling, extorting and laundering funds out of consumer accounts, or the really nasty word like terrorist! You know like the domestic terrorism we live under everyday in USA.
You see the US Government wants you dead in the streets by the “Mafia Hit” they give you for reporting the federal crime, not writing about it on Twitter, Facebook or other social media! What are these Mafia Hits? Why they are more federal crimes committed against you and all you own until you can’t get either employment or government assistance?
Then the government sits back and watches the death game. They already know what will happen to you, because they’re well aware the media won’t spill a word, and you’re not until you’ve called them all and they say, “No! We aren’t reporting this story!”
Now you realize you have nowhere to turn but towards either your grave or social media and this is where you actually experience more censorship, whether by design or actual interference?
Nevertheless the interference continues all day long if you have something to say that concerns all Americans, which the government wants hidden.
One day you’ll tweet out seventy messages, one right after the other; the next day you’ll tweet thirty and the big, (paraphrased) “You’ve gone over your Twitter limit today try back in a couple of hours.”
Or how about when you try to re-tweet something really profound and Twitter won’t let you? This usually happens to me when I’m re-tweeting a statement about federal crimes by the financial institutions against the public.
This is interesting timing, to say the least? Then for no reason at all, I get suspended from Twitter; well for no good reason I can think of other than telling a truth? Usually I’m only suspended for a few hours but this takes time out of my valuable struggle to survive.
Getting the word out, the only way my family and I will survive.
However, I don’t let it bother me anymore but instead write for my blog until the Twitter account comes back; allowing more words out, but here there seems to be an ugly monster behind the scenes too? Yes, this monster takes all your hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, including countries you’ve never heard of, and sends your counters to 0.
Wow! But just because one can’t see the numbers doesn’t mean all these people around the world don’t know about your message?
So Ha, Ha, to the ugly monster!
Yes this occurs when you finally have a wonderful platform for your book and good reason to self publish with an investor, but none of your tweets with hash tags directing them to #Angel #Investors or #Venture are getting there?
Wow! Who is this ugly monster? He/She should be arrested for ignoring the First Amendment of the Constitution to the United States of America?
Nah! Why should they be when it’s perfectly all right for a financial institution to embezzle, extort and launder 80M$ out of a personal trust account while never being held accountable or investigated!
This being true who would care about the First Amendment?
Then guess what? One day you might receive a tweet claiming the party received yours but there was nothing there but your handle? And even a few tweeters find they can’t get to blogs everyone else in the world can access but them? Curious?

Hum, wonder if social media is censored as is all other media?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent




Saturday, October 13, 2012

#3 Censorship In America; More Lies At Eleven


And there’s still more to say about American censorship through the lying, withholding, spinning and sensationalizing of news from MSM to Twitter and every alternative news outlet there is in between. Yes, for instance the public has become enamored with Alex Jones and his revealing insight on the real truth, or how about Max & Stacy? They know all about the financial crimes going on in America. Another one of my favorites is Matt Taibbi. But the truth is these reporters & journalists know almost every detail about my situation and have for a long time, some for years, yet you haven’t heard a word about it except from me or perhaps by gossip in social media such as on Twitter.
What else do these reporters and journalists keep from the public? What are we allowed to discuss on Facebook, Twitter and other such people powered news outlets? I know from experience it's not just anything we want to share because we'll be censored. But lots of foul language is permitted.

This should scare the public into demanding change and if everyone gathered together and insisted on it there would be change. Instead the public would rather gossip about it all while diving into their unhealthy compulsions, to dismiss their pain, brought on by outrageous frustrations because of injustices that have occurred to them for which they are unheard.
You see when these injustices become life threatening people do something. Too bad because this is often way too late and people die because of it: either literally or they lose their lives as they knew them because they end up reacting to an issue rather than responding.
Hey Mr. & Mrs. Citizen getting involved and doing your part towards change in society will cause it to actually happen & relieve your need to instead use your pent up anger to destroy yourselves or blow the brains out of a classroom full of fellow students.
Yes I believe many of the outrageous actions of our children are reactions to the crimes of society that never get addressed. I’m certainly not making excuses for these horrible actions but I understand them; we the public could actually end some of them by insisting that our leaders do their jobs…including the powerful media.
I’m confident the media understands just how powerful they are as they manipulate the public with their fine expertise in subliminal programming. Worst of all they are quite aware of the damage they inflict on the public!
Don’t care!
Ultimately this is our United States Government’s fault, because they insist the media performs as they do.
I’ve never done what I’m about to suggest because it is very time consuming; most of us don’t have this kind of time; the government and media count on this.
But one should keep a chart of what’s going on in the world when the media reports in writing or on TV certain subjects that totally deny any real issues that need attention, such as the financial institutions committing federal crimes against their customers. First the media will gloss over it; blame borrowers and then scare the public, not yet attacked by their financial institution, with how horrible the economy is, but they’ll lie about why or withhold what they know.
The next day it seems Yahoo will have an article about a poor German shepherd who’s missing his/her front legs! Now the public, if they have any heart at all, has possibly forgotten about the small issue the media teased them with on the news last night? You know the robo-signing, which the authorities are looking into now.
Right! In our soul we wonder if we’re hearing everything that’s going on with the financial institutions but it hasn’t dawned on us that the financial institutions are actually embezzling as much as 80M$ out of one trust account and never getting investigated for it? In fact we calm ourselves with, “ See the authorities are looking into this robo-signing stuff and they’ll get to the bottom of it all.”
All along, for probably a good eight years every news outlet in the country and some in Europe have received in writing the whole story about the 80M$ embezzlement out of one trust account going completely ignored by the government authorities, over and over again, while they ignore the story. Some reporters and journalists actually send an e-mail saying they chose not to write or report about this?
So all the public knows by the media is there’s robo-signing going on; authorities looking into it all and it’s the borrowers fault they lost their homes? Most of the public will know it wasn’t their fault they were foreclosed upon, but their attorney will lie about the laws, withhold documents from the judge at hearings, so the judge won’t order a trial and the one and only authority who has any jurisdiction over the financial institutions is our United States Attorney General, today Eric Holder, and he refuses to launch investigations into now millions of federal crimes committed by millions of financial institutions.
These should not be civil cases that many unethical attorneys file just so they get some money; they are federal cases, which need to be addressed by Eric Holder and his team, whomever they are?
This is all information the media could inform the public of, but they don’t because our US Government want us confused and uninformed. The media does this kind of reporting on just about any subject imaginable unless it’s the everyday weather, of course.
The alternative media reiterates what the MSM lies about and withholds from the public.
So where is the truth? It’s in the experiences of the public and in social media? No! Would it be in the experiences of the public? Yes!
Social media is even censored today!
So next time you see the front page of Yahoo spouting a wardrobe malfunction of Taylor Swift’s ask yourself what the media is diverting you away from with a story as benign as this? 
And the more benign or emotionally charging more often? Well you can be sure what the media is hiding from the public is huge!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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Friday, October 12, 2012

#2 Censorship In America: More Lies at Eleven

                                  Language Of Liars; Liars-Poster-Jason Munn
I still have the right to my own opinion in spite of the fact that I see our United States government subtlety and manipulatively take this right away, so this and many other rights of the American public are left behind our homes' four walls. But please don’t fool yourself into thinking some day you’ll not have this freedom any longer if it hasn’t happened already. There are many very intelligent US citizens who believe it’s happening right now.
And there’s no way you’d know because our US Government is extremely corrupt, and greedy, while the media has the fear of death, career wise and maybe their life’s breath wise, instilled in them for breathing a word about what’s really going on?
Nevertheless they’re very aware, while we aren’t unless we’ve become a victim. Unfortunately, this is when “we the sheeple” realize the truth, while everything positive we’ve been taught about our rights as Americans, crime and the law are lies!
We also find out the media is being totally controlled by the US Government so they have no choices about what they can report. This fact isn’t hearsay anymore. I just wonder how any sane human being could take on a career as a reporter or journalist knowing they’re signing a contract to lie and withhold as they hold unbelievable truths within their consciousness?
How do these reporters live their lives, after hours, when they socialize with friends and family while holding gigantic secrets that could make the lives of many including their own love ones’ lives better if they shared?
Maybe they do share with friends & family, but this doesn’t help society.
Proof of the devastation, from lack of information shared with Americans before they’re victimized by something they could have learned about from reporters and journalists, are the many homeless and penniless Americans living in cardboard boxes on the streets, which you Mr. & Mrs. Citizen walk right over mumbling to yourselves, “Why don’t they just get a job. They’re disgusting!”
You’re right they are disgusting; there’s no way to take a shower; care for their looks; have decent clothes; get employment; government assistance (although most people would love a job over being taken care of by government, which the media reports as just the opposite) nor do they any longer have the will to live; not so much because of their circumstances but because they absolutely aren’t heard by those who are paid to regulate, investigate, prosecute and report.
Again the media won’t expose the truth about this; instead they first of all lie as to why there are so many homeless and penniless. To really put the comfortable (at the moment) American off guard the media spins a tale as to why these citizens are homeless and penniless, when they know the truth all along.
Sure there are some derelicts living in the streets, but many became this way because of lack of care for twenty years or less. It doesn’t take too long for hunger & exposure to show, while being completely ignored by those whom are paid by the publics’ taxes. And does the public know that the charities and churches often take in their donations, especially the cash and give it to no one but them selves?
Yes, government authorities are suppose to regulate this too and aren't.
Additionally millions of Americans land in the streets when a financial institution embezzles, extorts and launders all their funds from checking, savings, trust & stock accounts or unlawfully forecloses on their homes. Not so much because of the crimes but the authorities corruption of ignoring them. We’re taught all our lives that the authorities will handle this, but you see this is the big lie, because they don’t, and then the media gives this lie a great big spin.
The spin is, “Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Citizen better watch your spending because the economy is suffering,” or how about, “Americans need to get a grip on taking on loans they can’t afford. There have been blah, blah, blah more foreclosures this month.”
These are obtuse statements that have no substance. What has substance & truth is to report to the public that financial institutions are committing horrendous federal crimes against their customers; throwing them into the streets and the worst of this is if the customers report these crimes to our United States Attorney General, at the moment Eric Holder as they should, they’ll instead get a “Mafia Hit” to the streets unable to even get employment and be disqualified from any government assistance of any kind.
I believe the US Government does this on purpose. I’ve seen it and lived it. The government wants these victims to die in the streets in order to shut them up so you don’t hear about it. If you do it will be from a smelly; un-showered; unkempt vagrant living in a box. Now are you going to believe their tale of woe if they tell you? Especially if you smell alcohol on their breath or suspect they’re on drugs? God forbid! Truth is you might take a drink too if it were your only entertainment. And if you’d lived like this long enough with no hope, you’d probably have given up, just wanting to die as soon and as quickly as possible! Drugs can work on this issue!

In truth, we should be believing every smelly word that comes out of these poor victims' mouths and we should be honoring their struggle,helping any way we can; not blaming them.
But, not likely you’ll believe a word these vagrants, once viable citizens with families whom have given up on them, would say! And, very unfortunate, because our government counts on the public ignoring these victims at large so the government & media posse have won again!
Plus did you know our government is in the business of destroying families and close relationships too? How? Well when the government authorities refuse to address horrendous crimes that they are responsible for investigating, the victims never recoup their losses ending up homeless and penniless, while the media is instructed to report these crimes as the victims fault, so the victim’s family and close friends often blame them too? Now the victims are re-victimized by losing their families and anyone close to them, while the government authorities, from behind closed doors of secrecy, ignore the crimes… now the victims are ignored the third time!
First of all by the power of the media, you shun these victims; second of all you have no clue to the evil waiting for you; third of all it likely will because you haven’t a clue to the truth in what is putting American citizens into the streets, because the media won’t tell you which also means the financial institutions can continue they’re crime spree as the government authorities purposely ignore the crimes…continuing to force the media to stay silent.
I’ll bet the media has at least twice-year conventions about how to remain shut up and spoon out to the public what will keep them calm enough to shove logs up their Asses.
I mean just last night I did an experiment to prove my point! I timed the San Diego news at 6 o’clock on the one subject they just couldn’t let go of…the weather!  Yes, I watched the news for one of the few times I do, checking the weather, because we live in a tent. Rain is not fun. I’ve never really paid attention though to how long the report carries on? I’m telling you they took up a good part of the hour with the damn weather!  Reporters even interviewed citizens about how they felt about the stupid droplets of rain that hit San Diego?
Talk about avoidance of the real issues Americans want to know about. Isn't this what happens in dysfunctional families? Talk about the weather instead of what old Uncle Creepo did to your youngest daughter when she was 2 years old and now today she's having serious emotional problems.
Come on people, there are financial institutions embezzling, extorting and laundering your funds out of checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, maybe even yours? There are unlawful, illegal foreclosures taking place too and many more serious issues that need attention and accountability, while the media won’t report on any of these facts honestly.
I mean I could go into the way our US Government treats our brave veterans, but it’s so vast and horrid I’ll have to address this in another article.
Honestly would mean exposing the government authorities that purposely aren’t investigating these federal crimes, or doing any of their jobs for which we pay taxes, because they’re obviously in cahoots with each other and the financial institutions!
What other reason would there be? Well the other reason is we're already living in a Hitler regime.
From my experience with contacting media I can assure you they know all about the truth of what’s going on in financial institutions. I’ve at the very least contacted every news outlet there is if I’ve known about them and continue to do so. Most of the reporters say, “I know what’s going on but I’m not going to report this, besides we’re busy with this or that.” Often “this or that” concerns politics!
Yep! Who’s going to win an election, while once in office, they’ll still ignore what the financial institutions are doing. It’s outrageous! Yet, like lemmings “we the sheeple” can’t wait to hear about our candidate, Democrat, Republican or Independent who’ll lie for another four years.
I’ve also noticed when media is a bit afraid of what the public might catch onto they manipulate us with hundreds of stories about injured or abandoned animals. I mean this will take our breaths away and who wouldn’t be affected profoundly. And, the media knows it! Then, when the public actually starts to realize something, the media has to step it up by throwing in news about an investigation into a financial institution. However if you follow the story you’ll see that it completely ends a few weeks down the road and most likely never takes place.
Speaking of abandoned investigations, what has happened to Fast & Furious? Yes, Congressman Darrell Issa is involved in my case to, well to the extent that he has ignored me for four years anyway.
Madoff was a scapegoat for some very large financial institutions and financial elite all involved with the same Ponzi scheme. He couldn’t possibly have done it alone!
It took multiple financial institutions, two trustees, a few attorneys and four money managers to embezzle, extort and launder my 80M$ out of my one trust account. Madoff and his posse attacked thousands.
Madoff didn’t do it alone.
What’s still worse; you wouldn’t realize how very serious the federal crimes have actually become if it weren’t for me and social media, though I actually should be dead by now. The government didn’t count on my tenacity, Gods help and the fact that I had lots of stuff to sell for pennies on the dollar so I could survive…until now, while writing my book in a tent for two and a half years that hopefully will help millions of people see the truth.

By the way,  don't use bad language around children or smoke in their presence, and if you smoke on Burbank, California streets you'll be arrested and go to jail. And don't swear in front of children or in the public! If you drive an unregistered vehicle in California you'll get close to dying for the crime because you'll walk every place you go if you can't afford registering or getting your car out of impound.

However if you embezzle, extort; launder or foreclose unlawfully against a customer as a financial institution; attorney or law firm its perfectly alright! If you ignore serious federal crime as the US Attorney General, this is fine too. It's also okay as a government authority to ignore your job, and as a reporter or journalist one should withhold the truth from the public or DIE!

Oh, and if you captured rain water in Colorado before, I believe 2009, you'd have been arrested! Colorado finally did come to their senses on this one, recently.

More later.
By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Censorship In America: More Lies At Eleven


                           Imprint Training Center: Understanding Body Language Of Liars
Yes people are crazy all right but it isn’t our fault and if left to our own devises we’d be accessing our very capable brains for ideas that will help society and ourselves.
But the media won’t allow it!
In conversations with others all day long we can hear the media remarks from the public. Remarks like, “Oh the media lies” or how about, “I don’t watch the evening news anymore because its not news, it’s a performance exposing nothing.” But this is my favorite remark made often when asking someone where they heard the latest shocker, “On the news, didn’t you see it? It was on 6 o’clock news last night!”
So which is it? Do we refuse to watch the news or read about it? Or do we say we don’t like it because others don’t then on the sly in our own homes behind closed doors of secrecy we watch it like a dieter sneaking a McDonalds hamburger?
I’m not critiquing anyone; I’ve done this myself. As far as the news is concerned I use to watch it now and again in spite of how I felt about it…until lately. Lately meaning the last eight years since I realized the media is so full of crap I shame myself if I even catch a glimpse of a reporter speaking as I surf through channels.
Yes we have a rickety little TV in our tent. And, it works thank God!
What is it? Does the media have some way of stretching his/her arms of betrayal out into the public; luring us in like sheep going to slaughter? I’m talking about when we’re not even in front of the TV, but possibly taking a poop? A voice suddenly starts speaking in our ears, “The news will be on soon. Hurry up now and finish what you’re doing so you can go watch!”
Come on, is our US Government putting a drug in our city water system so we’ll always watch the news? Maybe they have a contract with the bottled water companies also adding the drug. Or maybe our government with the help of media know how to subliminally control the public, I mean, “We the sheeple.”
Whatever it is I’ve overcome my compulsion to watch the news since a number of financial institutions, a few financial elite, an attorney or two and my trustees embezzled, extorted and laundered funds out of my trust account, while unlawfully and illegally foreclosing on three multi-million dollar pieces of property, also owned by my trust.
It took these outrageous purposely unaddressed federal crimes happening to me (then us) to realize there isn’t a blasted word heard or read put out by the media that isn’t either spun to calm the sheeple; spun again to encourage extreme anger; lie or withhold…its called manipulation!
Then of course the media loves blood; almost as if they wish they could tell the truth about what’s really going on behind the sheeples’ back but since they can’t, or risk being fired, it’s fun to report something that’s obviously bleeding right there on the video! No one can dispute it…not even the government!
Meanwhile, the serious issues that need to be reported, thereby, actually helping society are purposely un-reported.
Once a sheeple’s life has been permanently destroyed because of horrendous, growing federal crimes that the US Government and media have been hiding from the public, for a good 100 years in my experience, your appetite for the 6 o’clock news or any news that isn’t a proven truth teller will turn your stomach.
Many people have yet to realize how serious the media withholding truth and spinning lies truly is and how closely these spins and lies affect their lives right now.
For instance just lately on Yahoo there has been reports on how the housing market has come back and continues to improve.
Hum, wondering how this can be when my three multi-million dollar pieces of property unlawfully and illegally foreclosed upon have never been addressed by the proper authorities? Nor has the embezzlement; extortion & laundering of 80M$ out of my trust account. In fact the enormity of the crimes against my trust and me as well as against my partner Larry indicate escalation of these federal crimes in the world, rather than an arrest of them.
This means they’re getting worse while the media is instructed to remain mute about it all. Besides does anyone wonder why our presidential candidates and Obama never mention these unaddressed federal crimes and why they're unaddressed and when they might be getting addressed?
Now today Yahoo reports on how the Fed claims the economy is cautiously getting better? Yes just in time for the elections too. How convenient! And who but the largest criminal of all next to our US Government would know more about the federal crimes occurring daily in every financial institution there is around the world?
Hey Mr. & Mrs America why wait until you and your families are victims to federal crime to be furious and make your move to protect yourselves?
Protect yourself now!
What the media is doing today is nothing less than censorship, while the un-reported dangers lurk in the sunlight to destroy you and your families. The news anchors might as well say, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

By; Deborah Breuner

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Sunday, October 7, 2012




Referring briefly to Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, as a reminder of the history of federal crime, and then bringing up the last self professed media tycoon, Bill Windsor of #LawlessAmerica, I was corresponding with in relation to getting my story out about government and legal corruption, I must say federal crimes committed against me are still a normal way of doing business in the world today. Horrific!
And, Bill Windsor isn't doing his self professed job for me? Is he doing so for others? Is he lying to them too?
In other words having 80M$ embezzled, extorted & laundered out of your trust account; causing an instantaneous toss into the streets is so normal it doesn’t deserve an interview of the victim…by anyone especially the government authorities?
And if this way of doing business continues even another year I trust at least the USA will blow herself up with federal crime!
So now after my review on Gold Warriors you understand where all this federal crime originally came from and why it continues. That is if I did my job correctly? You can always read the book yourself. In fact I recommend that you do for complete understanding. When you're done hopefully my book will be too and you can read God's On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! It's a romping escapade of my life as an heiress between the ages of 24 to 63 while numerous financial institutions, trustees, attorneys, husband and family plotted together to steal my funds & assets as government authorities sat naked in beanbag chairs, on purpose, eating jello watching the show unfold. It's sad; hysterically funny at times and not only educational but also proves the power of the human spirit to succeed against all odds has not gone astray in modern day.

 Additionally my book exposes federal crimes occurring at the hands of financial elite, financial institutions, unethical attorneys and government authorities that few in the public have even a clue about, purposely going unaddressed. Personally I think the multiple media outlets are the biggest criminals of all because they know about all the federal crimes refusing to expose them. I mean Matt Taibbi, Alex Jones and Fox News know all about my story and the serious, secretly kept from the public, financial crimes going on for months now. And these report outlets are but a mere few I've contacted. I've reached out to thousands. Interestingly, the more involved these reporters are with exposing the state of economy and finances the less interested they are in reporting these federal crimes?
Meanwhile I can continue to reveal in articles what has occurred to me which concerns you too because a number of financial institutions doing business with the public everyday arrogantly committed horrendous federal crimes against my trust and me over many years time, which can easily be happening to you right now.
Please do not calm yourself with, “Well I’ll never have that much money so I have nothing to worry about because nobody would want what I have.” Wrong! I believe financial institutions A) take whatever they can from everyone and B) if you happen to piss someone off in the bank or someone who has connections with a bank they’ll come after you and your finances until you die in the streets.
These federal crimes committed by the financial elite are very subtle at first. Many customers and clients have no clue because their bank and money managers are in cahoots lying to them.
They pay each other off is all I can come up with as a reason so many financiers would risk being involved? But then again their part of the government posse and know they’ll never get investigated.
What crimes would you commit if you knew no one would hold you accountable?
You’ve read your bank and stock account statements but unless you have a MBA and a masters in finance you’re not completely understanding them, but even if you are the financial institutions can fraudulently adjust your statements slightly every month so you’ll never see the heist of your assets. Then your money manager plays a huge role as he lies about what has happened with your stocks and investments…followed up with more fraudulently adjusted statements.
Depending on how much money is involved and how many financial experts have their greedy hands and brains managing your funds will have a lot to do with the psychological games they’ll collectively play with you as a diversion so they stay incognito financial criminals and you unaware.
For instance you as the account holder or investor may have some questions about your account or investments and these financial criminals will allude to you being stupid for asking as one diversion to their crimes. They may even blame you for spending too much, when you actually haven’t? The financial experts have actually been busy creating another trust account in another criminals name with your monthly-incurred interest.
You know exactly the same way the media diverts the public away from the fact that the candidates, both Romney and Obama refuse to discuss the financial institutions committing federal crimes against the public and what they will be doing to address and stop it! This is because neither the President nor Romney wants to address these federal crimes; they benefit from them too much as extra cash is stowed away for their use and investments.
Another way the media diverts we the public away from the federal crimes by financial institutions is by blaming these illegal, unlawful foreclosures on the borrower?
Interestingly there are federal crimes the financial institutions are committing to steal our funds and assets that the public has never heard about; our US Government and the media have made sure of this.
In fact I’ve seen a financial institution foreclose on a three million dollar trust owned property, completely paid for, using a personal loan paid up ahead by a year.
I’ve seen a financial institution hide monthly payments received on a personal loan to a phantom account while the bank called the borrower in default. I’ve also observed names on loan documents changed, after the fact, from the trust name to the name of the person owning the trust so the bank could sidestep a judicial foreclosure, mostly because the foreclosure was a criminal act and the financial institution didn’t want a judge to see it.
What’s worse, these financial institutions hire huge law firms to commit these crimes for them as far as completing criminal foreclosures.
I would even venture to say that if you as a buyer of real estate buy properly and the land and home appreciate well over a relatively short time, you may have made the biggest mistake of your life. Why? Because financial institutions love valuable property and if they decide they want your home and land they’ll find a way to foreclose on it even if you don’t have a mortgage with them. I’ve seen this too.

In other words besides the Robo-signing which the media decided to reveal to the public just to appease, there’s far more sinister federal crimes occurring with these unlawful, illegal foreclosures that pale in comparison of crime but of course not in the damage done to the innocent victims.
These federal crimes and more are being committed by our financial elite, leaders, politicians and clergy while our government authorities, paid by our taxes to uphold the federal laws and protect the public from financial abuse, are purposely ignoring the criminal acts, because they’re in on them.
Meanwhile we the public are hanging out with friends; tweeting on Twitter and talking about who will be our next president after these candidates refuse to discuss the financial institutions who are putting families into the streets by committing federal crimes?
Are we Americans crazy?
Listen up on YouTube to Billy Currington & People Are Crazy. It will at least make you smile:>)


By: Deborah Breuner

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