God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This is Larry and my fifteenth Christmas dealing with the unaddressed financial crimes that started destroying our lives in 1999, we have gone without propane for heat and cooking, in the middle of winter, while sitting in our 2M$ home at eight thousand feet in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; we have gone without food; been scorned by ugly people for being illegally evicted from our home, by our own attorney, and left homeless and penniless; walked the streets of downtown LA’s garment district selling our fabric and beads from our business to get enough money to eat; we have lived in a tent for three years; our truck for a year. All the while seeking legal help for the horrendous financial crimes committed against my trust, Larry and myself by a number of national financial institutions, financial elite, attorneys and trustees; to no avail. We can’t even get the authorities to investigate these horrendous financial crimes, or find attorneys who will actually push for a trial; instead they withhold evidence from the judge, and we’ve been working on this since 2000.

We’re called losers! Not such for being big time losers of funds, assets and belongings; but losers for being a detriment to society; for telling the truth and exposing it. I'm called a whiner heir-ASS instead of an activist, who helps the public realize what the financial institutions are actually doing, which is how I see myself. I'm sure not everyone sees me like this, but the jealous I was once an heiress does! All I can say to this is, "Your loss!" Since I was once enmeshed in finances I know stuff many people may not! What I know concerns what the banks are actually doing, which many who haven't earned their fortune yet don't know about financial institutions. Believe me, the media won't tell you; you're safer with a victim who has experience!

Yes the perpetrators and the public calls us losers; that is all who are heartless and within hearing or seeing range of the media. And, not because we were unfortunate enough to have crimes committed against us; no; it’s because we are homeless and penniless as a result of these unaddressed financial crimes while being blamed for being homeless and penniless and not fixing our own problems? In fact just lately I was called an heir-ASS.

In my family, and also my husband’s, they are actually getting off on our homeless, penniless plight, brought on by unaddressed financial crimes; it apparently allows them to feel powerful? How do I know this? Actions speak louder than words and cruel people often use ugly words to justify their inaction!

With no home address one rarely gets employment and if one doesn’t have a drivers license, they can’t get one without a home address; without one they can't get employment, and if you have no money you can't get a driver's license nor can you without a birth certificate and if you're homeless and penniless you’ve most likely lost your birth certificate and without a license you can't get a notary to sign a request for a new birth certificate. All the while heartless public and family judge you for being a loser; basically resent even the thought of helping you in any way! Again I'm called an heir-ASS by Larry's sister.

And this is what kind of losers we are; http://bespokebydeborah.com/; losers often don't work this hard.

However our careers and work ripped from us by financial crimes never addressed by the proper authorities!

And, this my friends is the real reason for the homeless and penniless in this country; no one in leadership does their job; any other reason for this problem is media spinning LIES!

So when was the last time financial crimes threw you into the streets with six dogs, ten years ago, no money and no home to go to, while the proper authorities refuse to do their jobs and the media refuses to expose these horrific circumstances that lurk within your neighborhoods. And one side of your family hates helping, while the other refuses to even talk to you because they are at the bottom of all the financial crimes that have destroyed your lives?

Well I’m sure there are some of you who can claim the same experiences but rarely can we come together, sharing and helping each other; we’re all busy merely surviving.

Tell me what would you do? Walk away from all this crime when rebuilding your lives is as difficult as having been hit by all this unaddressed financial crime; perhaps more difficult; illegally destroyed credit follows us even into employment opportunities. Yet, our families, well Larry's family anyway, beats us up for being losers rather than being empathetic towards our challenges. My family, is actually part of the original crimes committed against me that eventually attacked Larry too! Why would they ever want to face me?

Well we’re again spending Christmas in a motel room; completely penniless; can’t even pay for our room on Friday before noon; have Larry’s family sending hate emails to me because of the truth I spoke of in my last article; BuBu is ill with an infected foot; and Larry’s hip has gone out; he can’t walk without crutches. I’m doing whatever I can to get a portion of our business started again; have been attempting to for a number of years, using Indiegogo and approaching investors. However, because of the unaddressed financial crimes that have destroyed our credit, apparently investors, so far, aren’t interested for this reason? Those who visit Indiegogo, can’t help but see our plight because I lack the ability to do what most others, seeking contributions, can do? We don’t have the resources they have. Yet, I still try.

We are fortunate because Larry finally has excellent employment, yet he works mostly on commission and it takes time to gain clientele. Besides this both Larry and I have spent the last 2 years working at jobs people with bad credit get...and the employers are usually abusive of us. I've even worked as a maid in a motel, so it disgusts me to hear people call me an heir-ASS, such as Larry's sister calls me, in writing.

Still, we’re considered losers and many in the public believe this about us, and the many other Americans, suffering from unaddressed financial crimes are seen the same way!

I believe this issue right here is the biggest problem we have in this country; people not stopping to lend a hand –up to their suffering neighbors. We need many more, open hearts, and they just aren’t out there; perhaps this is because they too are severely suffering and family these days is a place to go and get emotionally annihilated with abuse!

All I know is with all our horrific challenges, no family who chooses to see and understand our real plight, there are still good people in the world. One such is Larry’s new boss at the gallery, who went out of his way to pay for one week of our stay in the motel; picked up crutches for Larry and delivered them to our motel, so Larry could get to work. Mind you Larry couldn’t get out of bed without them unless I helped him. On top of this Larry’s boss slipped me a few twenty-dollar bills so we could eat this Christmas Eve and said basically (paraphrased) “ This is all the cash I have on me at the moment; don’t worry we won’t let you fail. Let me know if there’s anything more I can do; how about dog food? No one should spend Christmas without food. Oh and how’s BuBu?”

Tears ran down my face in gratitude:>)

Mind you Larry’s boss has been overwhelmed with running the gallery; visiting and supporting his wife who’s in the hospital with brain cancer and taking care of issues related to new hires at work, such as Larry. He’s a good caring man. Additionally, we're grateful that during our fifteen year journey through hell there have been many other angels, like him, at the right time and place. He's our current angel:>)

It seems Larry’s boss was able to bring his wife home for Christmas, while giving us a hand-up. It’s so nice to know Christmas is still alive and that Larry and I have landed in a place where support and caring live.

Merry Christmas to everyone and also to all our past and current angels! God Bless you:>)

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Thursday, December 18, 2014

OPEN LETTER TO A CRUEL FAMILY: We're Going To The Streets Again While Family Has Our Back...With A Knife In It!

My husband's work; the only photos we have left

Hello …

First off allow me to say “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for what you have done to help your brother and I with your loan so he could buy a car; this has allowed him to retain better employment, however it just hasn’t been enough to pull us out of this mess and the move to a new state, for employment, has now left us desperate again. Mostly because the gallery your brother works for sent his check to the wrong address on top of all our other challenges. Of course if you have read about what we have been through since 2007, in some cases since 1997, I believe you’d understand our situation is grave and has been for a very long time, mostly because there is no justice in this country and all we have in this world are each other and our families. For your brother/son and I? We have each other and this is about it.

What secures this fact is now realizing you and your other brother, sister and mother purposely never told your brother, my husband, when your aunt died and left him twenty five thousand dollars? Wasn't this in 2011? Instead you pretended you didn't know where he was and had the funds signed over to you? All the while your brother, my husband and myself, were living in a tent, or our truck, often starving, and selling our belongings so we could eat. Our drama unfolding RIGHT down the street from where you lived and still do! All the while you and your family were reading my Facebook,Twitter pages and Blog where I was writing a diary of our experiences with injustice and poverty. Unconscionable!

I’m not going to get into why your brother feels he has no family; it’s not my place to speak for him. I can speak for my family who are so greedy and jealous that they needed to embezzle all my funds using a few national financial institutions and financial elite to do it and this process destroyed your brother’s and my great business as well. We have been working for years to rebuild something so we can get on our feet and with no resources but a few angels along the way who kept us eating and a roof over our heads; most of these angels have been complete strangers. I can only assume you and the family know exactly what we are going through by my writing?

One of you has read my book, so I’m told.

Yet, as nice as you have been since my husband allowed his family back into his life, because he loves and misses you, he’s now reliving the reason he let you all go years ago, “YOUR JUDGEMENT” All I can say is, unless you have dealt with what we have and are dealing with now you have no place to judge! And there are few finer men on this earth next to my husband! Most people would not have lasted a month with what we have been living with. Yet my husband just keeps on trucking through it all; loving me all the while.

What sickens me is that with all the corruption in this world, which will probably never be addressed in our lifetimes, it’s exasperated by uncaring judgmental family who appears to actually enjoy watching their brother/son fail and die in the streets when he has so much potential, ability, creativity and an honest hard working, work ethic.

And this is my question; “Why would you supply your brother with a couple of thousand dollars and a week in a motel room and then cop an attitude? Why wouldn’t you help him instead get about $7,500.00, which he’s seeking, as an investment to get his business re-launched, while he continues to work at the gallery? That’s too forms of employment! What’s more the sooner we can get on our feet the sooner you’ll get paid back. Instead you decide now that you have given enough and basically “f#@k you”? Didn’t you know recovering from tragedy doesn’t have a design or time limit? It’s over when it’s over and most of the time because of the kindness of others, hopefully family because one cannot expect pure strangers to help and yet we have seen much more of this than family help. My family put us where we are on purpose; your brother’s family seems to get off on our troubles:>(

Do you know what your actions look like? They look like you want your brother to fail so you can then claim, “See I loaned him money and he won’t pay me back”! Let me share something with you. We don’t have the luxury of planning anything anymore but to save our lives; we must live by the seat of our pants daily, never knowing when our next meal is sometimes; twenty-five hundred dollars has turned out to basically set your brother up to soon lose the car you kindly helped him buy and the point is you’ll never get paid back now. We’re going to the streets again!

Boy now you really have ammunition to use against your very creative and talented brother who could use a “hand-up” not a “hand- out”; you can gossip all you want as you sit on your ass telling all your friends what a loser your brother is when in fact you’re actually obviously jealous of him and want him to fail; this makes your life look more productive. On top of this you can now add that he owes you money and what a scum-bucket he is for not paying you back. Yes, well I guess you’d have to share the whole story with your friends so they would have the whole truth, by which to evaluate; I’m confident you won’t do this. So here’s the Blog where they can learn; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

A caring loving family would at the very least create a benefit in their hometown raising funds for their brother to re-start his once very successful business, like I mentioned earlier he has figured out this can be done for $7,500.00. How about the whole family donating what they can towards helping their family member? Perhaps there’s one member of the family who can afford to invest $7,500.00 at 33 % interest? Why not invest, in their relative, who has proven to be very trusting, talented, hard working and drug free, making some money themselves? Where did I hear that my husband’s mother forwarded thirty thousand dollars to a voice over the phone telling her she’d make a killing with this investment?

She sent the funds and it of course turned out to be a fraud.

Fortunately most of this money will be or has been returned to her.

To her creative, talented, hard working, drug free son who could use a hand-up, she sends a hundred dollars out of her trust account. And, by the way thank God she did do this, we would otherwise not have eaten that day:>(

You people begged for your brother/son to come back into your lives; leaving messages on my Facebook pages, Blog and in emails for him to please contact you. Why? Again the only reason he ever let you go, out of his life, was because of your judgment and judgment, poverty and failure just don’t mesh well together; there’s just not enough energy in a day to handle it all. My husband finally allowed you all back, hoping to rekindle the relationships, and it seems now you just lured him back because you missed attacking and judging him; now us!

So basically you have helped us have another monthly bill of close to $500.00 for the new car, new used car; while insulting your brother/son and beaming with pride for your efforts. At this point we would be better off had we never bought the car which provided your brother the ability to get to interviews enabling him to retain better employment, while trusting finally his family understands and has his back. Now that you have abandoned him, after engaging in what appeared to be a relationship that would also be helpful and supportive, we are now back to fear of losing our storage units full of all the tools for my part of the business and my legal documents. And, lets not forget about your brother/son's credit continuing to remain a problem…now getting still worse!

Wow, are we dealing with another branch of the corrupt government here?

You know, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Chinese Proverb

This is what we're working on along with our other designing and work; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/2014/12/gesundhietalso-means-protective-masks.html

This is the story in a nutshell; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/2014/08/my-life-from-kennedy-to-catanzarite-and.html

This is how we live and it's getting worse; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/2014/10/lets-chit-chat-about-poverty.html

And again here's our website; www.bespokebydeborah.com/

I mean it's not like you, the family, are dealing with losers!

I have no more to say, you, in the name of family, have left me speechless! Except this; there is clearly nothing crueler than to offer a hand-out or hand-up to a suffering victim and then re-victimize them! And to add insult to injury, claim you're praying for your brother and his wife! Ha! Who are you praying to?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays & Happy Hanukkah!

BY: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Have you ever felt like the soul of the government was coming down on you? You know like you’re an ant on the sidewalk as a size sixteen sole of a shoe comes down upon your little body and all you’ve ever wanted to do was have a life; build the next ant hill; bring crumbs, of nourishment, to your family and children for supper; experience your little ant talents, and mingle with all your ant friends…hopefully you’ve met a big red ant of a husband, or sweet little red ant of a wife, get ant married and have baby ants. You’d planned to happily work hard to send those little ants to Anthill college… perhaps to big red ant’s alma mater?

The American dream!

Unfortunately there is no American dream, we've been lied to all along, unless you know how to get around the potholes so to speak, escape the giant sole of the shoe for the ants; escape corruption and crime for the human being. This is most difficult to do if you don’t know what to avoid before you’re attacked. Yes, I said attacked!

Attacked by poverty for the human race, immediate squishing for the ants, which in case you aren’t aware yet I’m poised here to try to prove to you that this and many other deaths are, and always have been, our government’s plan for the citizens; humans idea for the ants. It’s called population control for lack of a better term.

This is because humans and ants are the same irritant to the “powers that be” over them.

Our government creates poverty, on purpose, while the media has been sanctioned to manipulate the public into believing the poverty stricken, street dwellers, drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and losers living outside in the elements brought their plight upon themselves by their own inadequacy. Hum…

I honestly don’t know how to say this but straight out. This isn’t true!

The derelicts, the media speak of, have become this way after years of living in the streets with no one listening to their stories or giving them a well deserved hand up after they were screwed over by their own government, and the rest of the homeless and penniless are newcomers after horrific unaddressed federal crimes attacked their lives, lately, or they just returned from serving our country in war. And there are a fair amount of Hollywood, Michigan, Washington DC etc. ex-wives whose husbands are connected, often attorneys themselves, whom have been able to work the system and have their wives of thirty plus years, mother of their children; pampered at health spas for years and community leaders finally dumped into the streets, to live, by the sick system.

I just haven’t figured out yet why this time in history, of the world, has dictated such an onslaught of murders to the public by the government? Probably because this practice has gone on for centuries, while never addressed. Most of these murders today are started slowly with poverty that will soon turn into below poverty living, while there’s nothing to be done to stop it, cure it, help it, or arrest it because our government likes it like this. They are behind it all, I believe, but then I’ve lived it, seen it, experienced it, and been told by our government authorities after reporting horrendous crimes committed against my trust and myself, to just shut up, go away and die in the streets. And, oh how arrogantly they do this, as if they know there’s not a thing anyone can do to stop the victim’s spiral downwards into below poverty level; but death from the elements and starvation; the plan all along.

I recall, before all my funds and assets were stolen from me by huge financial institutions, trustees, money managers and attorneys, as I lived a joyful life with all the possible earthly goods one could hope for along with enjoying and loving my family, experiencing my talents and abilities, I sure didn’t concern myself too much with the homeless and penniless. In fact I often thought to myself, “They probably aren’t really homeless, penniless and hungry, they’re putting on an act and they'll just go buy alcohol if I give them money”! Then I’d do everything I could to avoid eye contact just in case I as wrong about my thoughts. My oldest daughter Alison, once in her early tweens, would always give these poor souls cash. And, I honored her for this, but at the same time felt possibly these people were scamming her, as young as she was? I just wasn’t going to look at them in the eye. I just couldn’t as my soul screamed “help them” and my thoughts, tainted by society rules, screamed, “They are scammers”! Yet, I wouldn’t at the same time, forget about them as I strolled, shopping, through my day at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan, purchasing my next designer suit from Gaultier, I’d wonder if these people had families, children or once had employment; why they were homeless, penniless, hungry and dirty? What if anything I could do to make a difference, better than giving them a twenty dollar bill? My day most definitely had been spoiled leaving me with a sick sense of dread.

Well,I now know why this sight made me sicker than most horrid issues about life and still does! It's not a normal problem of society. It's created on purpose! Oh, and I also know there are plenty of scammers across the country who pretend to be needy, while they panhandle daily making a great living, but this is not the majority. The majority of scammers are in leadership or law in this country, while the majority of these poor victims are living and dying in the streets while you walk by thinking what I thought:>(( This was about the time, early 1980s, my law group along with my financial team were embezzling, extorting and laundering 80M$s out of my trust account, a little at a time, until 1997 when it was almost gone; finally in 2004 completely gone. And, I started reporting this crime in 2000 to the proper authorities while they ignored me with obtuse sociopathic remarks in writing; sent by US Mail service.

But, you know I’m not entirely to blame for my attitude about the homeless. I was very young then, maybe 28 years old; subliminally controlled and mesmerized, unknowingly, by the media, TV, in what I read and society echoed. I now realize, after I’ve been horrifically victimized by a number of national financial institutions, trustees, money managers and attorneys, who by the way all work for our government, that once you are in the system, and noticed to be there, you are very well, poised, to be the next victim to financial crime committed by the powerful which will likely send you right into the streets as it has my small family and myself.

And this is how I know our own government wants us dead, while financial ruin is one of our government’s tactics; so is emotional torture by fear, brought to us by the media concerning disease, terrorists, economy and other criminals to keep the public otherwise detained with this fear so as not to notice what they really should address; this would be what is happening to their bank accounts held in government controlled financial institutions in trusts, savings, checking, stock and 401K accounts. And, just when more of the public is truly getting it, the government hosts another false flag to divert the public's attention again!

In this country today, and I know from my own history this has been true since the late 1800s, anything you own can be stolen from you by the banks, attorneys, and others working for them basically under government control; some say anyone controlling the government. But the answer to this question really isn’t important because our government is supposed to rise above bribes by corporations and they don’t. Many say this is greed, but I certainly don’t understand this either, because our government can and does print money whenever they want it, while the media claims the economy is bad, broken and bankrupt. I don’t believe this! It’s only true when our government decides to use this tactic to control the masses along with the real estate and the stock market.

I know, how can anyone be sure about what is true and what isn’t such in this country? Here’s one idea, talk to the victims not the government paid employees, (leaders) who appear to be saying to you and themselves, “I am just taking orders” or “I’m merely doing what I’m told.” Sound familiar? Isn’t this what Hitler’s prodigies said? Why haven't we as a nation learned something from the past?

True one rarely hears this statement today, but I believe it’s uttered everyday in the hearts of America’s government employees, the leaders, who aren’t doing their jobs for the citizens; jobs we the people pay our taxes for, so they can afford to exercise their authority, especially against financial crimes of the financial institutions, but they don’t. Why is this, while the attorneys and media work for the government too; never is anything addressed without first knowing and honoring what the government wants. And what our government wants is not about protecting society; it's about keeping the public divided, therefore preventing a revolution that will actually change things. Instead we see a desperate group of well meaning Americans trying to change destiny with the words they use in court. It's another opportunity for the system to win as I see it; many of these fighters for justice are ending up in jail for their efforts or the really difficult to control group are ending up in the streets. Why? Because the judges can do anything they want!

And, as long as we Americans remain divided the government wins; not only do they win, they are laughing at us!

My (our) story is proof that our government is actually purposely sending citizens into the streets to die. In Germany it was the ovens!

First of all anyone who works for our government, in leadership roles, can and does commit any kind of crime they want while never being investigated; they especially like to commit financial crimes against citizens.

The government controlled attorney I hired, when I was 21 years old, Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. (also my second removed brother-in-law) now our SCOTUS recommended that I create trusts to protect my children and myself, our funds and other assets. Many of the funds left to us by my deceased parents in 1968, before they died. These funds have all been embezzled from us all; not sure about my youngest daughter as my own grown children under the greed spell have exiled me from their lives. Or maybe I exiled them? I don’t recall. Obviously we no longer move in the same circles:>(All I know is I’ve gone from being an independently wealthy woman, with her own fashion /furniture design business; worth 80M$s to living below poverty while my family and a number of financial institutions, together, embezzled, extorted and laundered all my funds. Once I reported this crime to the proper authorities more financial crimes attacked me, by government sanctioned financial institutions until I was in the streets, homeless & penniless; my new husband's and my business destroyed through all the crimes too. This occurred in May 2007; since then I’ve merely tried to subpoena my account statements and never been able to retain them, not as if the financial institutions wouldn’t adjust numbers and forge signatures anyway. Who’s going to stop them? And, I caught my bank, at one time, forging other documents. So I know they do this and have proof they did it on release forms to remove funds from my trust account.

I recall, at the time, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these forgeries? I thought this was the beginning of justice. What I didn’t realize until 2007 was that these forgeries were actually the beginning of “F#@K you lady we got ya”! Because, they knew something I didn’t know yet, until then.

These financial institutions, attorneys and judges can do anything they want. They are sanctioned and protected by the government, while I was filing complaints with the government authorities that sanctioned these government employees' crimes. So who’s above the government and their authorities? That would be just the media and the people. But the media is threatened with their lives if they speak any truth while the public, not yet victimized, still believe the government and media are on their side. They are shunning the citizens who are trying to tell them about what is actually going on financially in this country. These people know from the struggles they have met; there is no justice because of corruption and the media refuses to expose these atrocities, so the victims are re-victimized. Their fellow human beings think the victims are nuts, exactly where the government wants all the players…eating their own. It takes the blame off them and keeps the sheeple, who could start a revolution, otherwise detained.

Who’s above the government and their authorities? NO ONE! And this is the problem; why there is no justice in the courts. Our government wants it like this! How do we know? Well because the government could fix all the corruption if they wanted to. They have the power. Again, the only answer is, they want it like this!

Now the victims, exhausted and accepting there’s no justice, finally after ten years, try to get employment to rebuild their lives. But they only have employer history; no employee; their older; haven’t been employed in thirty years; their credit annihilated by unaddressed federal crimes so they can’t get employment at a fast food restaurant. They have no money to re-educate them selves or re-launch their once successful business. They have been surviving on selling their belongings, because they found themselves unemployable during the legal battle as well, and now they are plum out of stuff to sell. By the way no matter how valuable your stuff might be the buyers see you coming, when you're homeless, by paying nothing; you have no choice but to accept their offers; you’ll starve otherwise.

So your next option is to retain a government job yourself, like a bank teller or clerk of the courts, but they have you here too. Bad credit once again. The government doesn’t hire those whose credit has basically been destroyed, even if the government themselves illegally destroyed it? “Ha! Got cha' again”, you can almost hear the government “powers that be” say! You’re on your way into the streets if you don’t get employment or help, so you finally reach out to the churches and charities; look into social security, welfare and food stamps, just to get you by until things hopefully get better; a miracle perhaps?

Guess what, the churches, charities and welfare absolutely will not help. So where are all your hard-earned tax dollars going anyway? And, of course what if the victim is too young for social security? By the way food banks ask the homeless to jump through more hoops than a dog doing tricks on stage to get food, and when you manage it anyway, the food isn't edible. Food Stamps are given for a couple of months, then while you're checking out at the grocery store, in front of a line of ten other people, you find your card canceled; it's rarely renewed and for complete stupid reasons claimed from the government agencies such as, "I don't know lady, it's canceled that's all"!

Finally if you have a lot of tenacity, which I believe we have, you’ll end up in a tent for a number of years trading your art for rent until you run out of art or the owner of the campground becomes tired of the arrangement and he evicts you from the tent. By this time the victims have to sell their car, in order to get money to re-locate, as they continue to seek employment just about any place in the country. However perhaps this is a good thing since the victims haven't been able to afford to renew their drivers licenses, buy auto insurance or register their vehicle anyway, therefore they have been driving the freeways as criminal drivers; afraid they'd be arrested. Because God help one if they break the traffic laws in this country while the powers that arrest are of the same cloth who embezzled the funds which put me, us, in this situation in the first place.

In fact, my husband and I were arrested in San Diego for all these traffic violations, fortunately the officer was actually a human being and gave us a fix it ticket.

Meanwhile I, the original victim, still have never stopped contacting the proper authorities with letters, emails and phone calls; never stopped calling the media, alternative as well sharing the original crime of embezzlement. Never stopped calling my family for help, the same family alleged to be part of the original financial crimes committed against me by the national financial institutions; the same family who has exiled me from their lives, by spewing venom at me should I contact them, otherwise telling their friends and family that I’m nuts to keep them confused about the issue. Since I do hold the documents of proof that I am telling the truth, I’m sure this is most stressful for my family? Why would they want me in their lives? So of course they won’t help!

Additionally, in my situation, to make my case still more difficult to prove, all four of the trusts created to protect my daughters and myself have been removed from the records at the Oakland County, Michigan Probate Court, while I have the hard copies in my possession today. Now why would the legal and government world do this? I'm confident all these criminals expected Larry and I to lose all copies and original legal documents in this holocaust, but we haven't.

Nowadays, since all this rampant financial crime has become exposed by the victims over social media, I believe the financial institutions and government authorities, together plan and allow for an occasional “win” against a bank for committing unlawful foreclosures using fraud and forgeries just to calm society. Once in awhile the government authorities throw a ponzi schemer into prison for 199 years, such as with Madoff, as their scapegoat; another calming jester for the people. Our government is working on stopping a revolution with these small so-called victories. Then the media blasts these winning cases across Yahoo and TV, and the public, not yet victimized by horrific financial crimes believe this!

However there are millions and millions more of these cases involving financial institutions embezzling, extorting, laundering our funds and illegally taking our properties that the world never hears about, while most of the victims in these cases are living in poverty or below poverty…in the streets where they are no longer heard at all…another one of our government’s plans.

For instance, and I can only speak from my experience, why would one victim to this usually unaddressed financial crime be talking about all the documents of proof for fraud the bank and attorneys are reviewing while in cases like mine I still don’t have my account statements,for over ten years, after they were subpoenaed by a judge a couple of times? Obviously, someone is purposely holding these account statements back from the courts and I’m not the rare case, I’m the norm that the media won’t expose.

You know how it is with sociopaths or psychopaths, reveal and leak out your small offenses manipulating to convince the victims that all is well; you have admitted your fault; a very small amount of it anyway, then go for the juggler and kill the next unsuspecting victims!

Yes and with my small family and my struggle for justice we have many times, in the last ten years been one foot in the streets, permanently, but we were saved by caring friends or mere strangers lending sixty dollars here, or a thousand dollars there; by horrendously horrible employment that turned out to be scams. You know in like hiring; working us like dogs for two weeks and then firing us before we were paid. This was for couple’s employment to manage a motel, so at least we had a pretty nice motel room to live in for a while, and then we were thrown back into the streets to survive with no vehicle.

Yes, my friends this is what is really going on in this country. And I have many more outrageous sagas to share about the employment world; they’re in my book along with all the financial crimes the public has never heard about. They would only know if they had been victims and most of these victims are either dead or living in the streets…soon to be dead. Some may still be fighting in courts across the country and haven't yet realized they will never get justice and then land in the streets.

To add insult to injury, my small family and I have now lost most all our friends who were originally helping us here and there with money. Of course, and I can only assume, they are sick and tired of us with all our below poverty problems so they’ve removed themselves from even contacting us anymore. Yes, and I believe this is another one of those things the government knows will happen to people like us…so they’re smiling with joy; their task almost complete! This would be our death in the streets starting with mental illness, alcoholism or drugs.

And, the trip into the streets is almost complete now with the humiliation we feel, not that we should even consider this feeling but one does, it’s a normal result from not being heard and poverty, preventing often times the will to keep going. Again, just what our government counts on.

Frankly, we’re fighters, in our small family, and until our last breath the US Government will not get what they are counting on for us and we don't do drugs; sometimes we indulge in a glass of cheap wine, which might constitute mental illness, lol!

Fortunately, my sweet Larry finally does have employment again and though he doesn’t earn what he’s capable of earning, he once brought in while contracting in his own business a quarter of a million dollars a year, he’s keeping us with a roof over our head, in a motel, and food in our stomachs; allowing us also to pay our storage full of the tools we have left of our mutual once viable business. Since landing his position, as a superintendent in construction, I’ve put my efforts into finding an investor for our business, seed money, which has often times brought us many more financial scams. Just uncovered another one over a week ago now. Truthfully, I’ve found until we have our business up and running I don’t believe any equity investor will take a chance on homeless people with destroyed credit. Yep, once again our government counts on this problem when it comes to citizens who lose their once viable businesses, even when it’s the result, ultimately, of government corruption.

So why doesn’t our government control and stop all this rampant financial crime? Because I believe again, they are behind it all! What's worse it's now, by government rule, against the law in many states to feed the homeless, penniless and hungry? Who thinks our government doesn't want us dead? Please step forward, I want to hit you! Yes, we’re on our own, in this country, but with knowledge one can maneuver around it and we can help and assist each other. I know in our re-launching of our business that the first interviewed, to work for us, will be those whom have been hit by all the unaddressed financial crime; we'll even re-train those whom are willing!

Hence I started an Indiegogo Campaign, with the idea that we can re-launch our business; the momentum of our business, in fashion and furniture, will allow us to continue our exposing through my memoir series and my husband, Larry and my screenplays, which helps inform society while entertaining at the same time.

We’re praying for your contributions, whatever size, knowing our success is yours too, since we hold so much financial truth about the financial institutions that will help you and your families’ financial health. Why should this information be lost to the public? Why should we waste our talents and abilities because of living in poverty conditions the government has purposely created? We should instead become wards of the state after our next fall? The government will merely claim that you’ll need to pay more taxes to care for people like us, when in fact your taxes do not actually take care of anyone. And, should Larry lose this employment, which could easily happen in this world, we’ll have nowhere else to go but into the streets. There are no more saves. We need your assistance.

However, as of hours ago I canceled the Indiegogo Campaign; we have other things working for us now.

Praise God, as of hours ago we’re seeing some rumblings towards assistance; but we aren’t counting our chickens before they hatch. Still things are moving in the right direction. Yeah! I hope we can all gather a little more respect for our ant friends now too. They are our metaphor to what our government does to us! Maybe if we can stop squishing our ants we'll train our brains to gather together as a nation; stopping what our government is doing?

Meanwhile, not much change yet, I see the public is now again talking about who should be voted into office next? What? Who cares? All these politicians are criminals!

We are each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Luciano De Crescenzo


Friday, August 22, 2014


Here's the question; "If this is what is going on with me, what are other Americans suffering concerning the same kind of crimes?" The unaddressed federal crimes committed against my trust and myself show the arrogance of these professional criminals and their faith in their never being held accountable, otherwise these unaddressed crimes would not be committed so freely.

We,the people,are one;what concerns me concerns you; what destroys my life, destroys yours too because these kind of crimes are enmeshed in all our daily activities while the professional criminals continue to practice; you may not know them personally but they are working behind the scenes at your financial Institution; your attorneys and money managers are likely exactly like the ones I describe below. There are no authorities doing their jobs in this country and the professional criminals know this! So listen up!

My parents were both dead by the time I was 21 years old in 1969-1970; I was worth four and a half million dollars; Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. was my attorney, and a relative through marriage. He recommended in 1974 that I create three trusts with my funds, one for me and one each for my two young daughters. I did this by 1975 and added a third trust when my last daughter was born in 1976. Today Tony Kennedy is our justice of the SCOTUS and though I’m worth 80M$S, this and all that I ever owned has been criminally stolen from me, while the courts refuse to even retrieve my account statements. I’m homeless and penniless. Mr. Kennedy has refrained from answering my reaching out to consult with him about his knowledge concerning this? He was my acting attorney through 1978. He knows something and may likely be involved with my trusts' whereabouts?

October 1997 my husband, of twenty-four years, Richard Lynn Davis II tried to murder me; I escaped with PTSD.I was then completely exiled by my whole family at this point, including my three grown daughters and grandchildren. All of whom I had shared a great relationship for many years.

Between 1998-2001 I went through a very nasty divorce where my own attorney, John F. Schaefer Esq. of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan used my PTSD and lack of experience with legal corruption to side with my soon to be ex-husband. He helped my ex ,who was also one of the trustees on my trust account along with our family attorney Conrad D. Chapman Esq. hide serious facts. One major fact was that my inheritance funds were nearly gone. Apparently this account had allegedly been embezzled, extorted and laundered, unbeknownst to me at the time. I was led to believe lies from my money manager Frederick L. Mirbach Jr, of Paine Webber; kept out of court for the divorce by my attorney with more lies; told there had been an accounting of my trust when there hadn’t been, I would eventually find out in September 2004 by an attorney with an MBA, David K. Fox Esq. of Herman, Herman, Katz and Cotlar of New Orleans LA. after he had reviewed all the documents concerning many legal issues which had arisen from the divorce and were ongoing as if I were a “targeted individual” . He informed me that something far worse than I thought was going on besides what I knew and the reason I was contacting him.

I knew KeyBank was illegally, non-judicially foreclosing on my, $2,700,000.00 (two point seven million dollar) Sun Valley, Idaho home on ten acres, which was owned by my trust; starting in 2000-2001 and there was no loan against it; I had a personal loan for $250,000.00, which my divorce attorney recommended I take out during my divorce, that I was paid up ahead on for two years. I had also sold this home to a viable approved buyer, while KeyBank had extended a bridge loan during escrow so I could purchase a new home in Colorado; again this loan was given to me personally; not my trust and just until my Sun Valley sale closed; all my loan payments were current.It is alleged that KeyBank purposely interfered with this sale by stopping it so they could foreclose on the Sun Valley home; yet it’s totally against the law to use personal loans, to foreclose on real estate; to top it off I wasn’t in the rears on my loans when they started foreclosure. I would receive three more viable, approved offers on this home over the next few years while KeyBank would stop each sale; never given a reason why. Also Eugene "Trip" Bosart of McDonald Investments, owned by KeyBank, unbeknownst to me until Mr. Fox informed me, was forging my signature and removing funds from what was left of my trust account, about $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) In contacting David K. Fox Esq. in September 2004 to handle a lawsuit against KeyBank he asked for my trust documents and found my trust was missing 80M$S (Eighty million dollars). I now had two lawsuits to file; both involving my trust; one in Michigan, Oakland County Probate Court; another against KeyBank; the loan originated out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The principal of HHKC would not allow Mr. Fox to represent me because their firm had a conflict with Mr. Schaefer, so they said, and they knew he would need to be sued for his corruption in my divorce. Mr. Fox was anxious to help me; looking back I actually believe this. He seemed like a very honest good man.

In March 2005, after much work to find another attorney, I hired Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. out of Anaheim, California. KeyBank had raised such havoc of unaddressed crime against my trust and myself, and ongoing, that I was penniless, with my partner and my Colorado business destroyed because of their criminal activity. Trip Bosart had taken the last of my funds, by forgeries, out of my trust and stopped sending my monthly statements on my account. I was living in my two million dollar, fully paid for, home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and taking loans out against this property just so I could eat and pay my bills; my business destroyed and no way to get employment. At this point I still had $800,000.00 in equity in the Steamboat home, but having problems getting loans because my credit was already unlawfully destroyed along with my partner’s and our business credit, so I had no income and neither did he.

I had started in 2002 reporting, and continued through years, all this federal crime to four different attorney generals across the country, such as Michigan, Colorado, California and Idaho; all these states were involved in some way with the crimes against my trust and myself, but they all ignored me. I also went to most of the financial watchdogs in this country and many different branches of the FBI.

From March 3, 2005, (Catanzarite and my first meeting over the phone) through March 13, 2005, (when I signed his contingency fee contract explaining all the issues he was to take care of) I sent every document I had in my possession to Catanzarite for review, while he decided whether he would take my case(s); I was checking out his CalBar ethics record which was clean. At the same time Eastern Savings who had been lending money to me against my Steamboat home was threatening foreclosure any day. In fact the trustee sale was planned, while KeyBank had already illegally foreclosed on my Sun Valley, Idaho property and they were in the midst of selling it, to a buyer, for half it’s value, $1,700,000.00. I still had $800,000.00 in equity in Steamboat. My Sun Valley, Idaho property had $2,700,000.00 in equity.

Catanzarite agrees to take my cases and now advises that I sell my Steamboat Springs, Colorado home to him, TEMPORARILY AT HALF IT’S VALUE, so as to stop Eastern Savings from foreclosing; in other words he didn’t have time to stop them so this was the reason for his recommendation; the reason he paid only half my home’s value, as it would take too long for the bank to approve a bigger loan for him, and I believed him, while I received barely $190,000.00. But, “who cares” he claimed, as he would sign the home back over to me when he had completed my cases; this was a lease/purchase deal reversed, so to speak and outlined in his contract. He took $45,000.00 from me as a retainer and more fees to do the lease/purchase on my home. He then proceeded, unbeknownst to me at that time, to FORGE my signature on the buy/sell agreement, before he threatened me into signing his 35-page outrageous, unconscionable Contingency Fee Contract in less than 8 hours on a Sunday. Though he was very careful in adding all kinds of releases to his contract to cover what he was doing to me, which doesn’t work when it’s purposely done resulting in FRAUD, I wasn’t even aware of his CRIMES from the starting gate; mostly because he’d lie, about the law, when I would ask him questions. Additionally, I was scared to death; in PTSD; getting kicked out of my home penniless; nowhere to go; with six dogs and all because of unaddressed federal crimes. I argued with him about not giving me enough time to have another attorney look at his contract, which I had the right and duty to do by the Professional Rules Of Conduct for an attorney, but I didn’t have time, according to Catanzarite; Eastern Savings was looming. So I signed his contract praying he was an honest man. I had no clue that what he had just done to me was another ANNIHILATION of his Professional Rules Of Conduct for a California attorney; and a breach of contract.

For the next year this monster of an attorney did everything possible to break the federal laws and annihilate the Professional Rules Of Conduct for a California attorney. I say this, HONESTLY, because he performed as if there was no authority above him holding him accountable for the crimes he had already committed against my trust and myself and for those crimes yet to come.

He started forcing my business partner/life partner, Larry and myself out of our Steamboat Springs, Colorado home; withheld pertinent KeyBank evidence from Judge B. Lynn Winmill in Pocatello Idaho Federal Court; or perhaps the judge and he worked together on this? I have no idea? He dropped McDonald Investments from the case, in spite of the fact that I had written proof of their forgeries of my signature removing funds from my trust account without my knowledge; did no depositions or interrogatories on the KeyBank case in Idaho; I learned early that the case should have been filed in Michigan because this is where my two personal loans originated from. Filing the case in Idaho clearly worked against me, because of their state laws concerning bank fraud. With my frantic questions to Catanzarite about what he was doing/not doing he’d threaten that he was going to withdraw from my case and then he’d laugh! I knew with this reality, I’d be in the streets because Catanzarite would kick my partner, six dogs and me out into the streets since he now owned my home.

I didn’t know what to do? I knew this man was purposely destroying my case by withholding evidence from the judge. So I started contacting new attorneys and law firms in middle 2005; sending out documents of proof to them and asking for their willingness to take over my cases and fire Catanzarite . There is no doubt in my mind, today, that I contacted easily two hundred attorneys, from middle 2005-early 2006 begging for their help. They all claimed that Catanzarite’s Contingency Fee Contract was totally unconscionable; that he had completely annihilated California Professional Rules Of Conduct in many ways especially in buying my home out of foreclosure. However, none would take these cases on so Larry and I just sat and watched this Catanzarite destroy now both of us; causing our dogs to become homeless too. We had investigated taking the cases over ourselves from Catanzarite but had no money and there was no discovery time left on the KeyBank case for us to learn all the legal ropes in order to take over, plus I had been advised by many other attorneys that I couldn’t fire this man without further destroying myself and the case(s).

Meanwhile, I did find a Colorado attorney, Richard K. Rufner Esq. to sue Catanzarite once the cases were completed or Catanzarite withdrew. He too warned me that I could not fire Catanzarite; this would destroy my case against him along with my other cases. We signed a Contingency Fee agreement that Rufner would handle all that concerned Catanzarite and this would include the FED Action and Malpractice , while his monthly statements showed headings for both the FED Action and Malpractice preliminary work. Rufner had also promised to turn Catanzarite into the California Sate Bar on my behalf because he could make a bigger impact with them than we could. However, the time wasn’t yet right to handle any of these issues but the FED Action now.

Catanzarite continued with KeyBank and now files in Michigan; filing a case, in Oakland County Court, with Judge Joan E. Young against my ex-husband and his board of directors concerning my trust. He was also supposed to open my divorce, which he didn’t do; subpoena my account statements from Paine Webber, which he didn’t, nor did he call for any depositions or take interrogatories. He also released my Michigan divorce attorney, John F Schaefer Esq. from any fault, claiming he’d be a better witness than a defendant.

Catanzarite then falsifies a new appraisal on the Sun Valley, Idaho property to apparently cover up it’s appreciation, (from $2.7 to $3 M) and before Judge Winmill ruled on a Summary Judgment for an illegal foreclosure by KeyBank; the judge orders a mediation between KeyBank and myself, where KeyBank, offers to give my house back to me for six months while I try to sell it again. If I couldn’t sell it in that time, then they would LAWFULLY foreclose? In spite of how outrageous this was considering the black cloud created, unlawfully by KeyBanks’ antics and federal crimes, over this property in a town of ten thousand full time residents I had no money to care for the property, because of their unaddressed federal crimes so I wouldn’t be able to do anything but watch my property fall further into demise.

Catanzarite’s remedy for this was that I give my Sun Valley, Idaho property to him and I refused. Catanzarite then withdrew from representing me in May 2006, because I wouldn’t sign over my Sun Valley property to him, which was not part of any legal payment we had earlier agreed upon in his contract. He claimed it would pay for his costs, then he laughed! I thought, “Costs for what? You haven’t done anything but file for a Summary Judgment in Idaho and file a suit in Michigan; you haven’t done one other thing a reasonable attorney would do on either of my cases in over a year?” Yet, Catanzarite wanted my owned free and clear $3,000,000.00 property in Sun Valley to pay himself “COSTS”?

Catanzarite vehemently threatened me some more for the next week, and then withdrew in writing. On May 6, 2006. I instantly received confirmation from Judge Winmill that I was granted a partial Summary Judgment for an illegal foreclosure by KeyBank. The reason it was “partial” was because of documents of proof Judge Winmill claims never to have seen? He was apparently waiting for Catanzarite to supply these documents?

At this point I felt Judge Winmill and Catanzarite were working together to destroy my case against KeyBank.

I also learned with Catanzarite’s written withdrawal that Judge Young in Oakland County, Michigan dismissed my trust case for lack of evidence, meaning Catanzarite had not submitted my Paine Webber account statements to the judge. Catanzarite added that he had subpoenaed my account statements through another Michigan court, yet hadn’t served the defendants at this point, but left out of his withdrawal write-up what court they had been subpoenaed from?

To this day I still don’t know what court this was? Nevertheless I was overwhelmed by the crimes being committed against my trust, Larry and myself at this point and sure many of them were plotted between my attorney and the judges? I have no way to prove this except by the way my cases were turning out when there was no question to the federal crimes committed against my trust, now Larry and myself.

Catanzarite starts eviction, (Colorado FED Action) proceedings on my Steamboat Springs, Colorado property soon after he withdrew. I’m forced, by Catanzarite’s unconscionable contract, to go to arbitration in California to argue this. Larry and I had to sell whatever we could get our hands on in order to have the money to go. We sold the truck and trailer we use to use for business.

Robert A Merring Esq. of Orange County, California was the arbitrator, hand picked by Catanzarite. Richard K. Rufner Esq. of Denver, Colorado, my new malpractice attorney, represented me at arbritration which cost me a thousand dollars to Mr. Rufner. All the crimes Catanzarite committed against my trust, Larry, me and the two lawsuits were exposed here over two days, with the documents, of proof of Catanzarite’s crimes.

A couple of months later, in spite of all the proof, Mr. Merring ruled in Catanzarite’s favor. So now Larry and I were confident in feeling there was a conspiracy taking place and even Mr. Rufner wouldn’t stop it for us. Instead he stated that he would be filing a claim with the California State Bar against Catanzarite, on top of a malpractice suit. But he warned this couldn’t be done until the KeyBank case was completed. I believed him.

Judge O’Hare of Routt County, Colorado scheduled a full day in court, May 20, 2007, (not completely sure of date but close) for this case involving Catanzarite evicting us from my home and hopefully addressing the many Professional Rules Of Conduct and federal crimes Catanzarite committed against my trust and me.

However, hours before Judge O’Hare was to hear the case he canceled it and turned the eviction (FED Action) over to Judge Garrecht who threatened to throw me in jail if I argued with his order after just three minutes in the courtroom. His order was we were evicted and had to be out in ten days.

Sheriff Wall of Routt County then called Larry a number of hours after we had returned to our residence and said, “I’m ordering you out of the home in 48 hours, I don’t care what the judge said!”

Larry, our six dogs and myself were on the streets at 1:00 PM May 23, 2007 (close date, not possibly exact) without a penny to our name and nowhere to go for shelter. At least 40 % of our belongings were still in the house and Sheriff Wall threatened to put us in jail if we ever returned to retrieve them. Another 20%, of our belongings, were thrown into the mud by the movers Catanzarite hired. These items were all our business equipment. A friend helped us save about 60% of our belongings with his truck.

For the next few months Catanzarite filed liens in Colorado, Idaho, California and Michigan against me for his costs. I had new attorneys, the fourth on the KeyBank case after Catanzarite withdrew, Huntley Park Law, in Boise, Idaho trying to save the KeyBank case and get it into court. But there was little hope because Catanzarite had allowed all discovery time to lapse. These three other law firms, hired between (October 2005 and January 2007) withdrew under what felt like more conspiracy and corruption but of course I have no proof. They were hired to fire Catanzarite and take the KeyBank case on. I never could find a law firm to take on the Michigan trust case, but understood, (from Larry and my now library law degree) there were no statutes so I had plenty of time.

February, 23, 2008 (Close date, perhaps not exact) I was forced to settle with KeyBank at which time retired Judge James from San Francisco, California mediated while Catanzarite took all but $150,000.00 of my $650,000.00 settlement, along with, my share, of a potentially valued $12,000,000.00 (twelve million dollar) Sierra Nevada property belonging to my family, which had legal protection from what he was doing. Yet he was allowed to take it anyway, because Judge James said, “I only mediate cases, I don’t have the jurisdiction to stop him!” I had no choice but to settle because Larry, our dogs and myself were starving and had no place to live and no running car. My attorneys promised The California State Bar would punish Catanzarite and hopefully order restitution. Of course Richard K. Rufner Esq. should have been present at this mediation representing my interests as far as Catanzarite was concerned, but he failed to show up or be available by phone? This concerned me deeply?

It took over a month for my settlement funds to be paid, then Larry and I met with Rufner in his office in Denver; here he promised to start his filing of the complaint with the California State Bar against Catanzarite. Thereafter he said he’d file the malpractice suit. We never learned why he didn’t show up at the KeyBank mediation?

Meanwhile, Larry and I and our six dogs decided to move to California hoping to re-launch our design business and handle Catanzarite with the California State Bar. We had learned that we couldn’t get employment, in Colorado, no matter how hard we tried, and so we were writing about this story hoping to get a book deal or sell our screenplays. We had limited time as the funds I had received were very little; not even enough to buy a trailer to live in and we couldn’t rent because our credit had been destroyed albeit unlawfully. We bought a new truck; I paid back people who had lent us money, to save our lives, and we moved; entered into a lease/purchase agreement based on the CalBar doing their job. We were diffidently taking a chance but we had little choice.

To survive we had been continuously selling my belongings; Larry, by this time, had sold all his. To add insult to injury Catanzarite was still in possession of what had been left in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado residence in spite of the obvious eviction laws he broke. It was considered grand larceny, based on my calculations he stole, or destroyed, at least $2,000,000.00 ( two million dollars) of my belongings

We now had a small window of time where we wouldn’t have to sell stuff to survive. We had one opportunity we could rely upon and that was the CalBar ordering restitution from Catanzarite. His crimes and ethics’ violations were so enormous, clearly one of the worse we had ever read about in our research, that we were confident the bar would charge him.

However once we were settled in California after a number of months, May 2008-July 2008 I contacted Rufner to see when he’d be filing the CalBar Complaint? He put me off for a number more months, until September 2008, when he merely got angry over my questions and withdrew from representing me in an email. I tuurned Rufner into the Colorado Grievance committee;they too ignored Rufner's crimes if malpractice.

We sought out new attorneys in California; they all refused to take on the case against Catanzarite. Most of them said statutes had passed and the CalBar was our last option and now because of Rufner’s malpractice we were looking at possible problems with our living arrangement; the lease/purchase of our new residence.

Larry and I then prepared the CaBar Complaint; investigated Catanzarite further; and gathered documents of proof; sent this five pound package off on December 23, 2008 to the California Sate Bar. Ms. Shelia M. McGrath Campbell was my investigator, I would find out, sixty days after the complaint was received at the CalBar. Her first telephone call to me in late January 2009 indicated she was very grateful for my complaint and if I learned more I should send it along. And, between Larry and I we learned lots more shocking information about Catanzarite.

Catanzarite had been charged by the CalBar in 1998; apparently he settled and of course the CalBar does not state what the problem was and they hide the case from the normal viewer; I learned from someone in the know that they thought he was charged for putting a clients property into his daughter’s name? This made sense after what he had done to me. Larry and I did research for weeks and uncovered that almost all Catanzarite’s CVs were either fake, or lapsed, and this was true from before I hired him. He even had lied about having specialties with the CalBar on his website, which is where I found him. This is advertising fraud! We learned about and talked to other past clients of his who told us horror stories about what he had done to them; he stole over $6,000,000.00 ( six million dollars) from one of his clients; found many, many lists of holding companies under Catanzarite’s name with many, many pieces of property. We found Lawrence vs. Catanzarite on Google. We found over twenty-five law suits filed against him in Orange County Superior Court alone, by his clients, while from what his credential’s claimed he practiced in most all states across the country. Many court records could not be accessed without paying and of course we didn’t have the money to do this. However, we learned that Catanzarite was in very bad standing with most state bars (about 8) including Colorado, where he represented me, and this was true BEFORE I hired him. I found the truth concerning the Michigan trust case; Catanzarite didn’t show up in court, so the judge lied about why she dismissed it! I continued to write Shelia Campbell letter after letter as I continued to uncover more and more crimes. She became abusive on the phone towards me when I called. Three months later, Ms. Campbell wrote that my case was worthy enough to be investigated by the Chief Trial Counsel, which actually changed hands, temporarily, during this time, (January 2009 through that year) It was now Russell G Weiner.

Larry and I knew from our CalBar website research that any case that remains in investigation to this point is viable or they would have turned it down. We were in great hope for getting help and restitution.

Finally, after we had been evicted from the lease/purchase home we had been living in and lost five of our precious family of dogs, I heard from the CalBar November 2009; they weren’t prosecuting, basically because they didn’t have the resources and Catanzarite protected himself by adding a release to his contract, laden with federal crimes, that I couldn’t come after him with malpractice?

Larry and I, and our one dog, were penniless, homeless and jobless living at a girlfriends house in Santa Monica, at this point. Larry and I were working together now on preparing a Verified Accusation to present to The California Supreme Court, filing it, November 30, 2009; by the end of January 2010 The California Supreme Court sent to me one page stamped with, DENIED! Denied means in legal language, "We refuse to even read this"!

My family and I along with our one small dog, have lived in and out of the streets since. I did contact one more investigator at the CalBar, John Noonan in May 2010 asking for another investigation; I was turned down.

I have written every attorney general in the proper jurisdiction to my case(s); filed complaints with as many FBI agents and contacted Paul Bertrand who heads up the Economic Crime Unit in Los Angeles. He has had my documents of proof for years now, (since July 2009) and he ignores me, while he actually asked for these documents. I’ve contacted my current congressman Darrell Issa, at that time, many times; he hangs up on me and ignores my emails. I’ve contacted all my Senators and even started contacting all those out-of-state who have shown an interest in all the unaddressed federal crimes and illegal foreclosures. No one in the Media will write about this; I doubt I’ve missed contacting any whether they be mainstream or alternative. They ignore these horrific stories. The publishers and producers won’t allow these stores to be printed under their hand.

I’d written Eric Holder, Bush and Obama in 2012 as well as earlier in this horror flick; I’ve received back two obtuse letters from Obama encouraging that I vote for him in the next election. He didn’t address my desperate cries for help, as I sighted that none of the authorities in this country do their jobs and my family and I were dying in the streets because of unaddressed federal crimes that amount to RICO in my case, but totally land on Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq’s shoulders because he took on my cases and instead victimized me some more!

Our small family has lived in a tent for three years; our truck for a year; filthy motels and in the streets; we have gone without food. I’ve lost three multi-million dollar homes; my 80M$ trust; all my furniture; clothing; jewelry, heirlooms and vehicles. Larry lost everything too including his vehicle and his tools. We travel from state to state seeking employment, and because Larry has always been self-employed the employers will not hire him; middle aged men who have only been self employed don’t get hired; the same is true with me and neither of us qualify for social security.

If one wants to put a price on what I have lost, it would be easily $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million dollars) I can’t speak for Larry, but for the business we lost. And there is no price to put on the loss of our precious family of dogs and the loss of our human family who qualify their reason to keep us exiled is because, in their minds, the reason we don’t get justice is because there is no crime; we’re nuts that’s all. This is what the not-yet-victims-to-corruption in this country believe, because if one is not a victim to horrific injustice you wouldn’t “friggin” believe it! And, the media will never tell!

Meanwhile, educate yourselves; please pick up my new book, GOD'S ON OUR SIDE SWEETIE! BUT THE DEVIL HAS CONTROL! Find it here on my blog or Amazon; the first in a series of six books. Find out how to protect yourselves financially and be entertained at the same time:>))

Monday, June 9, 2014


So I had one of my famous “shower thoughts” today. Love these! Oh, wait, sorry, do you know what a shower thought is? It’s an “ah ha” moment when an idea comes to you as you’re spaced out in the shower going through your routine of washing your hair, shaving armpits and legs! Then when you least expect it the “shower thought” pops in your head; then finding yourself running around your dwelling, dripping wet looking for a pen, so you can write it all down before you forget. Whew!

Lucky you, I found paper and pen in time and here’s my shower revelation!

I want to know why people in this country, especially, are considered washed up and unemployable by the age of forty? It’s the most outrageous belief I’ve ever had to ingest? And, this idea is all decided by the newly graduating college students or employers who are so stupid that they think a, young, college graduate is smarter than a person with life experiences? I mean these graduates have gone through basically a government controlled education even from private schools, if the truth be known, and people are admitting today, all over social media, how their school of hard knocks has been far more enlightening than any college degree. Why?

Well because no one learns the truth about anything, while going to school, they are instead controlled by what is offered to them to learn, exactly like the media accomplishes with the public concerning the truth about the financial world for instance. And everyone appears to understand this, and yet if the same person is an employer, they actually won’t even interview a potential employee, with grand experience in their field that has age on them, lacks a college degree, attended college so many years ago that the employer actually believes they are passé? It’s outrageous! Do people not get that all of our experiences shape who we are and that no matter how long ago we may have learned, how to do something, we’ll recall today. It’s exactly like knowing how to ride a bike! I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but know I can resume this ability anytime I choose. We tell our children “Don’t worry you can do it, it’s just like ridding a bike; you don’t forget how to do this, you haven’t forgotten how to do that”. We actually tell our children this then turn around and refuse to hire an employee with experience, in our industry, because they are too old; haven’t been doing what you need done for awhile? We tell ourselves that the college graduates are the up and coming and much better, but they aren’t! And this is only because they are very inexperienced!

Therefore twenty-five year old's who lack life experience, and therefore the truth about life, which translates to lack of knowledge in business, sales, management, scriptwriting, production, film, writing, medicine, and a million other professions, run our world, because of this stupid belief? It’s outrageous! There I’ve said it again.

And this is where the inexperienced, college grad, will end up before they learn the truth, in America, which they refuse to respect their parent's experience with. I think our college students believe we brought all this crime on ourselves and they are smarter so it won't happen to them? Humm, really? Well unless they are hooking into the truth about the financial institutions, government, legal corruption and media they will find out the truth exactly as we, their parents have...by shock! This occurs when you land in a tent, penniless because of unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crime, and you have a college degree. Shouldn't we be smarter than this? Nope, not really because the schools, colleges and media claim something completely different about finances and the law than the truth. The really astute college students, and the experienced in the college of hard knocks, know this truth about corruption in America and take precautions.

If you are over forty years old in America, sometimes even younger, you are considered worthless to society and the truth is just the opposite! If nothing else, the American Indian has taught us how important our elders are for the progression of life and for wisdom passed down to their young people, so they don’t make the same mistakes. Americans, in general, toss out the old and bring in the new, all indoctrinated by government control. Right now citizens aren’t learning the truth about what has been going on in our government until they are near fifty years old, after losing their homes and funds by unaddressed federal crimes, and they are today questioning everything they were ever taught, while our own children have no respect for us; are in denial about what we have learned the hard way, while knowing the truth about it all the way down to our shocked souls. Our children, on the other hand, have just graduated from the USA Government controlled schools and colleges, lacking respect for experience, and none the wiser because of this. They won’t understand a thing until it’s too late for them too, while they’ll land on their faces, which could have been spared by listening and respecting their parents’ experiences. But our offspring are taught, through advertising & media indoctrination, that if their parent lands in the streets homeless and penniless it’s their own fault! The truth is, “and listen up offspring, the financial institutions are stealing and because you refuse to listen it will happen to you too!”

However, society promotes, as taught by advertising &media, this attitude our children have about their parents, while our government taught the attitude in the first place and continues. The truth is there isn’t a person alive who actually doesn’t come into their greatness until they’ve learn the truth about what our government is doing to destroy them, their families and their lives! This usually occurs around fifty years old or so, for some sooner, others later. It doesn’t matter, what matters is by the time we can actually contribute something of value to the human race, a business, book, screenplay, film or cure we’re considered too old; passé; washed up; nuts, ill, and certainly not worth hiring as an employee; good only to be medicated by the USA Government controlled pharmaceuticals, prescribed by the USA Government controlled medical world!

Oh and this is what I love the most, money managers and financiers are considered experts, in this country, helping Americans grow wealth, when all along they are amongst the many experts stealing our funds, while our USA Government sanctions it all. So does the graduating class of 2014 know about this? Hey but please hire them to care for your business finances; you might as well go down with your expert. You deserve it if you’re so stupid to not understand experience trumps college degrees almost every time, until the degree holder gets some experience, which often times entails a debilitating crisis in their lives, as the experienced plots along, frustrated in watching the college graduate, having started their experience long before the college graduate ever received their degree.

For me, that is Larry and myself, once we have our investor we won’t be hiring any college graduates over and above citizens whom have had life experiences and know about the USA Government; insurance, legal, medical and financial institution scams; sanctioned by our government; have lived through them; lost everything they ever worked for and decided to go on with life instead of committing suicide. These are the citizens we want to employ while most of the employers in this country won’t look twice at them…your loss stupid-s! If whom we choose to employ happens to also have a degree, then so be it! They’ll be great at seeing the contrast between the truth and what they have been taught in school; government controlled school and colleges!

All our lives, mine included, we’ve heard about the extremely successful entrepreneurs without a college degree; in fact many others who barely have grade school under their belts and yet they have exceeded what most college degreed can only hope to accomplish…ever! We talk about this over dinner with friends, family and during important business meetings while at the same time, you, we, refuse to hire anyone with age and experience over, government indoctrinated, formal education? It doesn’t make sense? I personally would rather have someone on board, in our business, who knows first hand about the financial crimes going on in this country, unaddressed by the proper government authorities, so I can protect my business rather than some young college graduate, wearing a silk pinstripe suit with an MBA under his belt and a cell phone attached to his/her ear. If they haven’t been struck by financial crime then they aren’t doing one damn thing for your business but setting you up for embezzlement, extortion and laundering of your funds and the loss of your business; period! They don’t teach these facts in school and the reason is, the USA Government doesn’t want you to know! And the advertisers, media and uninformed sheeple Americans, actually Americans in denial, keep this facade going!

Have you noticed? Many Americans will mortgage their home, to the hilt, just to have the money to put their child through the best ivy-league college while they’re offspring won’t really learn anything until they are out in this corrupt world, and the financial institution that has the first position on the family home, now illegally forecloses on the property, and then the whole family finds out there is no legal remedy to bring justice! Surprise!

Ask yourselves why these formally uneducated people became so successful? Often times far more successful than the grammar school, high school or college educated? In fact, the less formal education the more successful!

Here below; this link will take you to the history of my great grandfather; we all have one, who never had any formal education at all. Why did he exceed? Because he was never taught he couldn’t by government infiltrated education!


It’s time we learn something, our ancestors had the right to learn while we don’t, as our government takes more and more control and we allow. And here's a picture of what to expect if we Americans don't "wall up" against it all...now!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Friday, May 30, 2014


I have an idea! Why don't wealthy private investors supply loans to the victims of all these financial crimes? Many of these victims had successful businesses BEFORE the unaddressed federal crimes destroyed their lives; they are creative, talented and bestow great work ethic, or they never would have been able to create and build what was stolen from them; often have a number of business plans completed; have in depth experience and knowledge about the legal and financial world that many people probably don't, unless they've experienced the same crimes. The point is "we the victims" to all this crime can help you make money and best of all keep it!

Holding onto your hard earned money today is the trick with all the, unaddressed by the proper authorities, federal crime taking place. Doesn't appear that this will be changing soon, so we must beat it or create and prosper around the crimes! Many of "we the victims" can certainly supply the information and actions needed to accomplish these goals while using our creativity, talent and work ethic to build great things; make money, which ultimately supports the good in society; supplying employment!

Additionally," we the victims" to unaddressed federal crimes know something else better than the "not yet victimized". We know how to squeeze every penny from a dollar; we've had to live like this for survival. What's more we spend our idle hours, that most don't have, creating great business ideas; business plans and submitting these ideas to the wrong investors , because all we hear back is, "Your credit is destroyed". Well yeah it's destroyed we have been hit by unconscionable crimes! Of course it's destroyed! However, we are a wealth of experience for the right investor who understands that we not only have great business ideas, we have a depth of experience that can only deepen our commitment to a project, after all, hard work for us would be like a island vacation for others; we know suffering poverty and the injustice that brought it on. We all know how certain experiences create unusual strengths. I believe the world will soon understand what all this hardship, created by unaddressed federal crimes, has created in the human spirit! Financial hardship may destroy credit but it causes humans to dig deeper, into their souls, for creative ideas and expands one's talents as well.

Additionally, many of us lost our businesses by the federal crimes committed against us and now can't retain employment because we have always been employers and employers don't hire other "once employers". They only hire employees so where do our hearts go after living through the experience of being unable to get employment? Back to creating another business with a wealth of new knowledge that won't allow federal crimes to destroy it again!

What's more, it won't be too long before everyone in this country, and abroad, will have bad credit while, so far, lenders haven't adjusted for this or taken into consideration the federal crimes taking place, UNLAWFULLY destroying the credit of hard working, creative and talented citizens!

So be the first really smart investor, (if you don't someone else will and make a killing) to check out entrepreneurs such as ourselves; see what those in society who still use the old fashion "credit check" as their guide to invest are missing:>( Hey Donald Trump probably doesn't have good credit! BUT, he's successful because he's creative and has earned the trust for his creativity from..... well don't know who they are! In fact, in my experience, even in the past often times a person with excellent credit is lacking in talent, creativity and the great work ethic. Well just my experience.

Nevertheless, I believe the investors who jump on the ideas of those of us who have been through all this unaddressed federal crime will be the next big boom so check out our ideas, while also helping society mend.

Remember, if we weren't talented, creative, and held great work ethic, which makes us very valuable, no one would have wanted to steal what we created in the first place and now we are the only ones, "we the victims", who know the facts on how to prevent further loss through unaddressed federal crime! Why? Because the real federal crimes are being held back from the public. The victims are the only ones who know what these crimes actually entail.

The media is not sharing the whole truth!

Why pay your hard earned tax dollars towards helping the homeless and penniless survive in the streets? Make money off us, and with us, through our, suppressed by federal crime talent, creativity and great work ethic; learn from what we have experienced that will help us all KEEP what we have earned! No one in this country should be homeless and penniless with the wealth of creativity and talent that we all bestow while those of us who have the strength, many of us don't have at the moment, could lend their strength of financial resources to those who have everything else but the funds. This is what America was built on. Right?

We must stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, or better results, such as using a person's credit to evaluate their ability to borrow or own. Bad credit, created by crimes committed against a person, does not concern creativity, talent or the work ethic. We must adjust to the times and the times they are-a seriously threatening situation in this country, in fact the world, with unaddressed federal crimes that are taking out the best of society; today many of the creative, talented citizens! The fact is we're a better risk because we know right down to our souls how to protect our funds, your funds, better than those who haven't yet been stricken by federal crime.

Those you shouldn't trust are those who came up with the credit system!

If Albert Einstein lived today we'd be without his great creative mind now wouldn't we if he had bad credit! Think about it!

I created and built the home apove and a number of others; I've created, designed and made every garment you see here on the website below; my husband created, designed and built the furniture; www.bespokebydeborah.com . I have written a number of books; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ and my husband and I have together written five screenplays. We aren't lazy! And, we have recently come up with four different business ideas with their business plans and financials.

The investment monies needed range from the $2,000,000.00 idea to the $50,000,000.00 plus idea and a number more ideas needing an investment amount in between. Our ideas range from real estate investments and restaurant ideas to fashion and furniture design. We don't care which project we start with first; we know eventually we'll get them all completed! Check us out for your next investment opportunity!

My heritage which I hold in my soul below;


Email me for a business plan of your choice; debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's signature, as my attorney, on my first divorce decree, (my last name then was Strong) which also lists my assets. Will attach this list as soon as I figure out how add it to this blog:>))

April 12, 2014

To Attorney General Eric Holder,

I wonder if you can imagine the anger I feel towards you and for what I’ve learned about the USA Government authorities, over sixteen years, in which my family and I have suffered. Many of these years we have lived in below poverty level, because of the job you have been elected to do and don’t! I say BELOW POVERTY level and we still are! I assume you recall the letters I wrote to you during my husband and my three years in a tent? Did I write to you during our one year living in the truck? Can't recall. I believe this was 2010? Check your records, if you even keep them!

In fact because you refuse to do your job we have been amongst the few people,(today millions more people) who know how they’ll probably die; it will be in the streets from exposure, starvation and humiliation. Yes, I add humiliation because this is what one feels when they are totally ignored after being seriously violated! Every time I write the DOJ, and I have been doing so since 2002, I’m ignored; violated again, and again, and again! I have never received correspondence, in return from your office, while the federal crimes committed against my trust and myself are staggering. In fact with each complaint I’ve written, to the proper government authorities including the DOJ and the FBI, I instead of an investigation receive more federal crimes committed against my trust and myself, which has now affected my husband too. It’s outrageous!

Losses; My 80M$ trust embezzled while under the care of UBS Paine Webber; four multimillion dollar properties stolen by either ILLEGAL, NON-JUDICIAL, FORECLOSURE or CRIMINAL EVICTION; three of these properties were trust owned; there were no loans against the trust; BESIDES THIS TRUST OWNED PROPERTIES MUST BE FORECLOSED UPON JUDICIALLY EVEN IN A NON-JUDICIAL STATE; The personal loans I did have were paid; one paid up AHEAD by TWO YEARS; all mine and my husbands' personal belongings, furniture; jewelry; heirlooms; china; my husband and my flourishing business; all our business equipment; our fine credit and reputations and worst of all our five precious dogs… beloved family members.

Here's a list of the financial institutions involved with my trust; Crocker National Bank(Wells Fargo today); NBD(Chase today); Shearson Lehman; UBS Paine Webber; KeyBank; McDonald Investments; Raymond James and finally Edward Jones who stole my last $10,000.00. They cooked the books over a "friggen" $10,000.00? You Mr. Holder should be investigating these financial institutions and because you never investigate anything, or do your job they will NEVER cease from committing federal crimes against the public! Obviously your plan!

The worst part of all this is how does one rebuild their life, without the authorities doing their jobs? I am 65 years old with employer experience only; I’ve tried for five years to get employment and can’t. Heiresses don’t qualify for social security, though my estate has paid millions of dollars in taxes, to the USA while my credit is destroyed by unaddressed federal crimes. Today I don’t even own a car and all my earthly belongings are gone. There’s no chance I (we) can even retain a loan to help us rebuild our lives; we've tried to find investors; to no avail so far:>( My husband Larry’s life, also affected, because of the loss of our mutual business . He too always an employer and is way too young for social security. He’s been barely able to get employment, but by the grace of God has been able to work for minimum wage. We can at least eat, but we won’t be eating anymore this month until next Tuesday.

The American people should know the truth; heiresses (most likely heirs too) are now seriously attacked by federal crime committed against them by their own financial institution which leaves them worse off than most other Americans. Why you may ask? I believe you know, but the public may not. The reason is we don’t have the experience with the employment market; too old to retrain ourselves and without money to do so, (or good credit to borrow funds to pay for this retraining) we’re very likely to merely die in the streets with our credit destroyed; unheard from ever again. Also we don’t qualify for social security, unless we’ve had a business. My business, (ours), established after I raised my daughters, wasn’t running long enough to allow either Larry or myself to draw social security and you know this Eric Holder! Also once all this unaddressed federal crime takes every cent one has, just how do they pay to even file a lawsuit pro per? This is exactly where you and the USA Government want us, isn't it?

The real truth is, from my perspective and experience, anyone in this country, other than government leaders and workers, are at risk of having all their funds and assets embezzled and extorted away from them by federal crimes committed by the powerful, (especially by financial institutions and mortgage companies) sanctioned by the USA Government. If you happen to be a wealthy citizen in this country, as I was, no matter how you may have earned your wealth it will be stolen from you. THIS IS A FACT; THIS IS COMMUNISUM!


The above website is what we've been trying to get going with finding an investor, the only but slim chance we have to survive, unless you do your job! Not likely we'll get an investor now that we know what we know. Most investors have no idea about the federal crimes going on, purposely un-addressed by YOU! They gasp with disgust at us; not to mention they are probably afraid to invest knowing what has happened to me (us) will or could happen to them! So this narrows the field. Maybe we can find a dishonest investor who will steal all my patterns, while you sit there and pick your nose!

At the same time with all the unaddressed federal crimes destroying lives in this country, the employers at large not yet affected, are using fifty year old guidelines when hiring people; this goes for retaining loans and/or investment monies to start businesses, which we're certainly qualified to do. However, we're a so-called bad risk because of our, UNLAWFULLY $ CRIMINALLY DESTROYED, credit. In other words, employers aren't taking into account the unaddressed federal crimes that have destroyed lives but instead judge us, as they may have in the fifties as if we're criminals, refusing to allow us opportunities to rebuild. We are judged by our poor credit no matter how it occurred. And you know this too Mr. Holder. You and the USA Government have controlled the Media so the public doesn't know the truth!

You and our USA Government have created a holocaust! I believe our USA Government, with you at the helm, have done this on purpose, which is obvious when you allow financial institutions and other criminal acts to go un-investigated as the criminals never have to take responsibility for what they have done. So since this is true, why not be criminals?

I did not come from a corporate family who screwed over their employees for their own gain. No, I came from German/Irish immigrants who came from the old country, to the land of the free in the 1800s, and created viable businesses that employed many people all over Northern California, Reno and Arizona. They gave to the community. The respect my father’s business, (Breuner’s Furniture) generated by the many employees and customers alike, is still talked about today, though the business was sold in 1978. I assume you, sir, have actually sat in one of the 120 desks my great grandfather built, by hand in 1856 in the California Capitol, still used today! My mother’s Diamond K Ranch in Roseville, California carries even more history and respect, if one can believe it; not to mention my great grandfather and grandfather Kaseberg certainly did their share for the community. I inherited 1/4th of their estates, upon my parent’s deaths, but more than this I inherited my ancestor’s work ethic. I too created my own business which all this, UNADDRESSED, federal crime has destroyed!

You actually, if not concerned with the federal crimes against me, should be very concerned over the taxes that are probably not being paid, to the IRS, by the criminals who embezzled my funds…80M$s could go a long way now couldn’t it Mr. Holder? Ah, hell you can always just steal from bank, trust and stock accounts if you choose, so who cares?

What are the USA authorities? Mafia? The truth is Mafia treats their own with more respect; you could learn from them if you don't mind me saying so!

I’m asking you politely, once again, to investigate my 80M$ trust, which was embezzled, extorted and laundered into a business, (Davis Industries, Detroit, Michigan) actually one of my trustees’ businesses, while my account statements have been withheld from me for over sixteen years by my trustees, (one being Richard Lynn Davis II) UBS Paine Webber, (money manager Fred Mirbach Jr.) my divorce attorney, John F.Schaefer Esq., McDonald Investments, Conrad D. Chapman Esq. (second trustee) and Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. (the last attorney I hired to handle two law suits, in handling this, instead committed more horrendous federal crimes against my husband and myself)

Additionally, my ex-husband, Richard Lynn Davis II, also once one of my trustees, sold his ill growing business, Davis Industries to Tesma International out of Canada whom, I’m sure, had and has no idea the funds that made my husband’s business valuable were very likely the funds he embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust. I believe with the help of another Detroit money manager, Lauren Symington (Davis)? Yes, my ex-husband married her!

The first attorney to have responsibility for what has happened to my trust, (Deborah C. Davis aka Deborah B. Davis or Deborah C. Breuner Trust) is none other than Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy. He was my attorney from 1969-1978; he is my second-removed brother-in-law; my first divorce attorney; advised that I create this trust for not only myself, but also one for each of my three daughters. Two of these trusts have been embezzled, as well; do not know about the third? I have been excommunicated from my family, since 1999, which means to me they are all in on this heist!

All the state attorney generals and financial watchdogs, I’ve reported this to, claim, “This isn’t our jurisdiction” which I’ve since learned, means only, “I don’t want to do my job”. My case is a RICO case that spans from California to Michigan to Idaho and Colorado in between.

These horrific federal crimes do not just concern me but anyone doing business with financial institutions, corrupt attorneys, corrupt judges and corrupt media who refuse to tell the public the truth as to what these financial institutions are actually getting away with in this country. And, I believe the newest federal crimes are these financial institutions going after heiresses and heirs with family money. So now the only wealthy in this country will be the government employees and those who give money to campaigns.

You are responsible Eric Holder with your “Too big to fail”. Your attitude about the federal crimes these financial institutions commit actually encourages more federal crimes!

I have notched out quite a space for myself, on Facebook, Twitter and Google, (try both Deborah Breuner and Deborah Breuner Davis) and I’m posting this letter, I’m writing now, to every space I can find so the world can see that I have indeed sent this letter to you! And, then we’ll all watch what you do. Nothing other than launching an investigation and charging these criminals will do, while also forcing them to pay me restitution for their federal crimes.

And do not advise that I seek civil action; this is not a civil case but a federal case and your job! And, I'm now so destitute I can't even afford to buy a stamp, with a return receipt requested, so I can US Mail deliver this letter to you. But I will next month after we see what we have left from our grocery money!

Thank you for your time.


Deborah Breuner (Davis)