God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What’s The Difference Between A Politician, Banker And The Criminal?

September 19, 2012


It’s taken a lot of ugly experiences with financial institutions; the government authorities; politicians; unethical attorneys & judges and the media both mainstream and alternative to really understand what's going on in the publics’ lives.
Come on you didn’t think the public would be normal with all this federal crime, in particular, going on did you? I mean our finances are our foundation to life and yet in America it’s the sickest part of society while our government is the ultimate criminal. From what I’ve seen, I believe the government benefits from the federal crimes the financial institutions commit so they aren’t going to upset the apple cart by actually investigating embezzlements, laundering or extortion of funds from customers’ accounts nor illegal foreclosures.
Additionally as you’ve already learned if you report these federal crimes, such as an 80M$ embezzlement of your trust account, to the proper government authorities you’ll find yourself hit with more federal crimes by the financial institution with the intention of destroying your life…not just financially but physically too.
 Your financial institution hasn’t attacked you yet, so who gives a rats azz? Besides you don’t have close to 80M$ and there aren’t plans in the future for such so federal crimes don’t concern you and your family, that’s for sure.
Plus, to the victim of the 80M$ heist, no one in their right mind deserves 80M$s so you deserved to have this money stolen!
Often times people come right out and say this as if I’m a criminal for having been an heiress?
You know I didn’t steal these funds; some people come from families who actually earned every penny and contributed to society in astounding ways, such as my family did.
There was a time I would have told you a Democrat said I didn’t deserve to be an heiress, and a Republican would never utter something so cruel, especially without knowing the facts. Not true, it’s society today to be liberal thinkers and everything is okay as long as it doesn’t happen to me, you think to yourself, and we get to eat lots of popcorn with our favorite beverage as we watch the horrid details unfold about the poor heiresses’ life on Lifetime TV or some other channel.
When and if something similar happens to the liberal thinker they’ll give up after two tries to get justice; blame everyone rather than seek to make a difference; scream bloody murder rather than intelligently stand their ground for what’s right.
Of course the public understands that if they sheepishly ignore crimes committed against them or their fellow man they are as much of the problem as the criminal who committed the crimes!
Hey, our examples given by our leaders are horrendous and if you consider once again the lessons in Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, you’ll understand why society has become so liberal about crimes…as long as it doesn’t happen to them! Sometimes injustices can occur that don’t even bat an eye for anyone such as the short story below which made no sense to me at the time; now I regretfully understand.
It’s the desecration of society showing up in small ways first as the large crimes continue to be hidden.
A young bride was given as a wedding present a beautiful perfectly preserved white linen tablecloth from the 1800s; it had been her great grandmothers. For some reason she happily loaned the beautiful piece to her sister-in-law during the next Christmas season. When the bride got her beautiful tablecloth returned it had a twelve-inch whole cut in the center of it? The bride’s mother after learning of this was horrified, after all she had cared for this piece for thirty years after her mother had done the same. Her daughter the young bride said, “Oh Mother who cares my sister-in-law didn’t mean to cut a whole in it; she just wasn’t thinking!”
There are all kinds of messages woven within this short story but the important message here, at the moment, is the lack of caring and respect of heritage; destruction of what doesn’t belong to you and lack of respect for the one who loaned the tablecloth?
Of course the mother cared but she’s from another generation.
Sure things change from generation to generation and we all need to accept this but today we see the complete breakdown of morals, ethics and integrity, along with lack of respect for our history and God?
Gee, isn’t this how our leaders run our country today? Why would we wonder what in the world have happened to our children with their lack of respect for anything?
Trust me our children are far more influence by what they are globally surrounded with than by their parents, unfortunately.

Yahoo September 19, 2012 by Pete Yost/ Associated Press

The Justice Department's internal watchdog is faulting the agency for misguided strategies, errors in judgment and management failures.
Oh for Gods sake I can’t even read this article, so here I’ve given you the details so you can. I assume Holder, who has never been investigated as the media claimed he would be, has once again, like all the other leaders, gotten away with, “It’s not my fault, it’s my staff’s fault and now I’ve fired them or they have resigned. All better now, ‘SMILE”
Plus I don't trust anyone who picks their nose in public, unless their a child of course.
Well I happened to know Holder has known about my 80M$s extorted, embezzled and laundered since 2008; he has totally ignored launching an investigation into the financial institutions; elite financial experts and the financial “Mafia Hits” that continually attacked me until the government authorities were sure Larry and I were living in the streets with no possible way to take care of ourselves other than writing. Publishers & movie producers don’t care about our bad credit, thank goodness.
So if you’re even thinking my situation has nothing to do with you, think again because as long as the financial institutions are allowed to arrogantly do whatever they want as our government sanctions their criminal acts you will be attacked one day too even if you don’t have 80M$s. The financial institutions and financial elite can come after you also and you’ll never know when or probably why?
Oh and the answer to the title? It’s a trick question because there is no difference!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

PS: More on Gold Warriors coming very soon.

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  2. Thank you David for your very important comment; looks like we're on the same page:>) Will check out your blog.