God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, January 26, 2017


What’s the update today? It’s unfortunately more proof that the Devil has taken over the churches. I know lately Larry and I have only been in contact with two churches; both Baptist; both a Calvary Baptist Church; one in Porterville, California, (Pastor Dale Seaman) and the other here in Temecula, California, (Pastor W. M. Rench) and they have certainly shown us God does not live within the walls of either of these churches or the hearts of these pastors.

The truth is Larry and I have found across this whole USA, the churches are missing God.

We have now learned, (suspect) Pastor Dale Seaman has blocked our telephone number, and it’s not like we have been a threat to this man, except perhaps to his human decency. We’ve merely sent our campaign to him over a week ago amidst many clergy in the Porterville, California area, with an adjoining cover letter, introducing ourselves, and seeking help, while Larry grew up in Porterville, hence we directed our outreach to this area.

We were merely trying to seek help closer to home so to speak, while Pastor Dale Seaman returned our email with a telephone call; the only clergy who did out of about fifteen emails that had gone out to churches in the Porterville, California area.

At the time Larry and I were impressed.

He certainly didn’t have to call Larry and suggest Pastor W.M. Rench, but he did and now they’re both ignoring us to the point where Pastor Dale Seaman is blocking our phone number.

Why, I have no idea? Larry just answered Pastor Dale Seaman’s phone call; wrote him another email apologizing and thanking him, and has since, Pastor W. M. Rench, refused to speak to Larry in spite of a recommendation from his colleague, called him multiple times to find out what to do next but instead finds a busy signal that has gone on for many days.

Below please see Larry’s “thank You” email to Pastor Seaman; Larry felt he had come off a bit rude with Pastor Seaman, mostly because of his responding in a cynical way after our many years of being unheard by the proper authorities, churches, charities and social services.

Larry Green
To cbcseaman@att.net
Jan 21 at 9:23 PM

Dear Pastor Seaman,

Just wanted to apologize to you, I guess I've been kicked in the teeth a few too many times. It isn't like me to be rude and for that I'm sorry.

It is perfectly understandable that you can't help someone you haven't met. I understand your position completely.

I'll call Pastor Rench on Monday.

Just so you know you are the ONLY person who has responded to me. That's not including the Mormon Bishop, he wouldn't help unless I joined their church. They must work on commission.

Thank you for your call.

Larry Green

We thought it was the weather up in Porterville causing phone outages, so emailed Pastor Dale Seaman to let him know Larry was trying to reach him. After all he’d sent Larry an email, days earlier, as seen below, so we felt welcomed in reaching out to Pastor Seaman again. Because he seemed so nice, at first, Larry and I were thinking perhaps we could find a way to get up to Porterville?

Dale Seaman
To Larry Green
Jan 21 at 10:48 PM

No problem. We will be praying for you. If you get up here to Porterville please give me a call.

I guess the telling factor here is, “If you get up to Porterville please give me a call.” Otherwise leave me alone?

Well this is not the way we took this email to mean, originally, and so please see below the email Larry wrote Pastor Seaman after trying to reach him by phone.

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Larry Green
Date: January 23, 2017 at 12:41:23 PM PST
To: "cbcseaman@att.net"
Subject: Larry Green

Dear Pastor Seaman,

Just wanted to touch base with you. I called and emailed Pastor Rench yesterday and today. Haven't heard anything from him and no one answers at the church. I tried to call you back and the phone rings busy.

Just wanted to talk to you a bit and see what ideas you might have.

Thank you
Larry Green

Sent from my iPhone

Larry has not heard from this Pastor Dale Seaman again.

We thought we’d be off to the streets today, but by the grace of God this motel has dropped their rates so much of late that we now have a bed tonight again.

Another miracle.

Meanwhile, Larry continues to reach out to his mother and siblings, as well, (his older brother only) his brother says he won’t help because I have written so much “Trash” about him.

I have re-checked my articles; nothing has changed since I first wrote them. They still say the same thing.

The truth; nothing nasty, just the truth and anyone, no matter how small gets a recognition for any and all help they have given, including Larry's brother who loaned him $2,000.00 to buy a car; he was going to loan Larry $3,000.00 then changed his mind at the last minute. The problem here is people in our situation can't afford a car payment of over $600.00 a month; a $2,000.00 down payment produces $600.00 car payments or more; it's just a matter of time before the car will be repossessed...unfortunately this is exactly what happened. Now both Larry and his brother are out $2,000.00...there are few people, no matter what they earn, who can handle a $600.00 car payment even if they aren't in a situation like ours. What's worse Larry and I had no other choice for a vehicle, but his brother's offer, while desperately needing a car so Larry could get good employment. So we took the offer and then spent the next year and a half struggling to pay for the car. Larry told his brother about this potential problem from the onset and his attitude was, "Take it or leave it, it's the best I can do".

It's difficult to say this, but Larry's brother sabotaged us more than he helped, while at the same time perhaps he wasn't aware of this?

My family has been instrumental in committing horrific financial crime against my trust and me, while the authorities will do nothing. Larry’s family has been instrumental in keeping an inheritance from him, left to him by his aunt, which would have helped us immensely a couple of years ago.

Neither of our families will help us, today, as punishment for my telling the truth with dignity through my articles.

I don’t know whether I’m picking up what’s going on here with Pastor Seaman or Pastor Rench correctly, but it seems to me that Larry’s family has gotten to them, with their one-sided stories about us, and the pastor’s believe them without getting the rest of the facts.

I’m still shocked that these church leaders are handling our situation as they are. What is it?

It feels like they are the Devil in disguise.

Are these people, family or men of cloth, not afraid of what’s to come in their afterlife?

This moment right now is the only time on earth we can be sure of; we could be dead tomorrow, or even moments from now.

All these people I speak about here are going where when they die?

Well we can’t be sure can we? All I know is I’m going to assume what we’ve all learned over our lifetime is true; there is a hell and unless we do the best we can to be good people, on earth, we’re going to hell!

I find it interesting, and I’ve seen this all my life because I’m a truth teller, when one speaks the truth to those who don’t want to face themselves and/or what they’ve done they defend themselves violently against the truth and you the truth teller, usually with profanity or one-liners like, (paraphrased) “You wrote ‘TRASH’ about me so I’m not going to help you.”

Today I want to say, God Bless truth tellers, their struggle with abuse from those who don’t want to hear or admit to it, and those whom have stood by our side.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


So Pastor Rench of the Calvary Baptist Church here in Temecula, California was recommended to us by Pastor Seaman of the Calvary Baptist Church in Potterville, California because we are here, in Temecula, and can’t make it to Porterville, California to get the help Pastor Seaman offered, although he never did say what help he could offer and wouldn’t unless he could see us in person. Sending our campaign, and blog address, to him apparently wasn't proof enough of who we are.


He’s worried about being scammed!

Yet, Larry originally called on Pastor Seaman as one of many leaders of churches in his home town; looking for the church his mother attends, so it's not like Larry is an unknown?

Here, meet the staff at the Calvary Baptist Church in Temecula, California; examples of staff NOT doing their jobs.


We have no car, money, home or employment; we spend every waking hour seeking employment and or an investor for our business, so we have no way of getting to Porterville other than hitchhiking…

Perhaps we can make it once Larry retains the employment?

Pastor Rench refuses to call Larry back, in spite of the fact he too has our campaign and blog address. In fact it now appears he’s screening Larry’s calls.

I call this behavior evil.

At this point I have to say, with all the talk about God being taken out of the schools and courts He has also left the churches in this country. I have yet to report one church we have contacted, over years that have or will help us.

The Mormon’s reached out just a teeny bit in Nashville, Tennessee with one agenda in mind; convert us and if they couldn’t abandon immediately…we’re now in the abandonment stage.

We have the beginnings of both employment and an investor, through our own hard work, still no way to survive until these opportunities transpire. We have been here before, in the last twelve years, since we started begging for our lives. In fact this exact scenario has been our life since the last horrific financial and real estate crime committed against us, by our own attorney, which the authorities in this country totally ignored.

In fact they are still ignoring it along with the original crimes starting in 2000.

The worst part of all this apparent Devil worship, in the churches, is that Larry and I could be on our feet instantly with the new employment and our investor coming soon after, but we need a small bridge of funds, and a truck that runs, in order to get to our new opportunities; the church could help us. I mean it's not like we're a couple of losers. If a church could help us, amidst their greed, they'd actually make money in the long run...we'd be so grateful for their help we'd donate to their church all the time out of gratitude.

At this point when we do get on our feet, there won't be a church I can think of that I'd give a cent to, because I know their agenda, and it's not to serve the Lord. And, for this matter we have learned charities are just as evil...helping no one, but themselves.

God help us all…

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent


I contacted Pastor Rench this morning, through his contact page on his church site, after Larry heard him tell his secretary, while he waited on the phone that he was unavailable to speak with Larry; this Larry's fourth call to the pastor, and I received the response email below; this was hours ago. If one is to help someone in Larry, The Bu's and my situation, they'd really have needed to contact us last Friday when Larry first spoke with Pastor Seaman in Porterville, California. Pastor Seaman played the, "You could be scamming me" card, which I now believe is just a hypocrite "Robe of God" making excuses to not help. Stories like ours aren't made up, as is said, "Truth is stranger than fiction" and what's more my blog is sprinkled with documents of proof within the articles.

Below is our email conversation;

Confirmation from Calvary Baptist Church

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 10:35 AM Mark as Unread

From: "info@cbctemecula.com"

To: debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

Full Headers Printable View

Dear Deborah Breuner Davis,

Thanks for contacting us. We received the following message from you:

Pastor Rench,

I have no idea why you're ignoring our desperate call for help, but it's obvious to us that you are.

Frankly I'm very tired of seeking out both authorities and men and women of God that absolutely won't do their jobs. I have no other way of dealing with this but to write about you and your church on my blog, which is followed by over one hundred thousand readers from all over the world.

So check it out at you leisure; read about yourselves. I'm also adding you to my six volume memoir titled, "God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!"

It's unfortunate that I couldn't otherwise write good things about you and your church that are inspiring; it would suit you better into the future.

Deborah Breuner Davis

We will contact you as soon as we take a look at your inquiry.


Calvary Baptist Church

Monday, January 16, 2017


From my business/life partner, Larry and my perspective, as California natives who grew angry and frustrated with the state of affairs there; just coming off huge unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes committed against us we chose to move to Tennessee, the Volunteer State, to heal; enjoy our favorite music, and start our numerous businesses. Of course we’d start with just one; the smallest least expensive and with the lowest overhead.

We’d heard so much about how many businesses pulled up roots from back home and moved everything to Tennessee.

We got settled into a wonderful West End, Nashville, TN apartment complex; started walking everywhere we went almost; ate at fun cafés, took a walking tour of Music Row, spent time in the little college town near Vanderbilt; walked and picnicked in Centennial Park.

We’ve had some very pleasant times.

However, this is what we found in spite of the media blasting Nashville’s praise across the whole United States. Yes, we’d visited Nashville, in the past, for just a short vacation back in 2000 at Christmastime, but never saw what a year of living here has revealed.

Larry and I went downtown to take pictures of the sights, beautiful buildings, churches and fun bars. However what I recall the most was the stench of warm beer and urine that cover the sidewalks on Broadway. Additionally we’re continuously shocked by the many “paddy wagons”, so to speak, full of drunken dancers? How is this not against the law when otherwise a driver would be arrested for not wearing a seat belt?

What's more we couldn’t get over how many homeless we saw? We assumed this was because of the many music artists that come to Nashville dreaming of becoming a star, only to end up on the streets with no money?

From our apartment we experienced the outrageous, unpleasant music, (noise) coming from the Hookah Bar down the street; this started back in June 2016 for us as we first moved in. Since, as the months have passed, in spite of nightly calls to the local police, the noise, drumming, cars racing and yelling have escalated, instead of subsided. At first the loud music would only be on Thursday evenings around 11.00PM and last until perhaps 3:00AM; now it’s every night of the week, even sometimes on Sunday, and it starts sooner and ends much later.

Half of the residents of this apartment complex, on our side of the building, are up in arms about it; there isn’t a resident who hasn’t complained…continuously.

I mean people work and today many, in this apartment complex, are so tired all the time, from little sleep, they have a difficult time functioning.

The authorities do nothing! To me this is the biggest issue; it’s so serious that it trumps all the crime and encourages more! Larry and I have seen, and experienced, a lot of the same in our lives concerning authorities that do nothing about crime and disturbances…we actually came to Nashville, TN with so much promise thinking we’d finally gotten away from this…not!

I now understand why there was a drug killing right outside our door the other night and why a California resident, visiting Nashville, was murdered by a Tennessee couple awhile back, actually September 26, 2016?

Larry has even had horrendous experiences with employers in this area, who were extremely dishonest, for quite awhile, before he landed a strong position.

Then one day back in September 2016, Larry tripped on a two-inch lifted cement sidewalk, that otherwise was in pristine condition, while the lift was not marked in any way. He fell flat on his face and hasn’t been the same since…he can’t work as yet and hasn’t since September 21, 2016.

I reported the accident to the City of Nashville claims department the day after Larry fell.

I’ve done some extensive research and found the City of Nashville is absolutely responsible for their neglect in caring for this sidewalk; the roots of the trees planted beside the sidewalk have lifted the corners of the expansion seams all the way down the block. Public Works should have done something years ago, but they are claiming they didn’t know?

It’s their job to know!

And I know for a fact that Public Work’s claim isn’t true…they knew. With negligible research, on my part, I found many others who have complained.

What's more it's Public Works and the City of Nashville's business to know how to safely build a sidewalk for safety over a long period, in this case the sidewalk is only ten years old. Why else must contractors, of all kinds, need permits, from the city, to do anything in this world.

Right after Larry’s fall, however, Public Works scurried over to 18th Ave North and quietly repaired the whole block.

Consequently they are refusing to pay for the damages to Larry’s life; better said his ability to work for a while. They closed the investigation, non-investigation I should say, without interviewing Larry, or seeing medical records.

I’ve written all the city councilman/women there are at the City of Nashville in Nashville, TN…all forty of them; I also wrote Mayor Megan Barry, Vice Mayor David Briley and our own Councilman Ed Kindall.

I was ignored by every last one of them except Councilman Russ Pulley, who actually requested a meeting with Jon Cooper the director of the City of Nashville Law Department.

The City of Nashville has so far refused to re-open the case; instead from behind closed doors of secrecy they have agreed to re-evaluate, (notice play on words) but they still apparently aren’t interested in interviewing Larry.

This accident has rendered Larry unable to work for awhile, consequently we have lost a major part of our income and we are at risk of becoming homeless, without a car; not even the ability to move our belongings out of our apartment to store them.

Last but not least, I have never in my life seen more “help for the homeless” as one “Google Fests” the Internet; I’ve never seen so many churches in one state as I’ve seen here in Tennessee…the surprising and disturbing part of these agencies and houses of God?

NO ONE ACTUALLY HELPS! So where are all these donation dollars going?

Here’s the question I have for you, “How does Nashville, Tennessee think anyone would be interested in coming to Nashville to build businesses, and live here, under the circumstances I have just described?”

And, just wait until Nashville, TN sees what we were planning to create here and the jobs our ideas would have offered; now all we want to do is leave:>(

If you’re interested in calling the City of Nashville and talking to any of your city councilmen/women I encourage you to do so by going to nashville.gov website. Their numbers are listed.

Ask them this question, or rather ask the City of Nashville's claims department this question, "May I see the file on the investigation into Larry's fall please?"

With the answers to the above questions, tell me Nashville, Tennessee doesn't set out to create homelessness in their city...on purpose.

I found the below government crest during the "Google Fest" I ventured into as I brought up images on the homeless on the Nashville page. It's quite a metaphor to me to find this City of Nashville crest on the same page as the homeless photos.

I realize crime is everywhere, but when the authorities refuse to work at controlling it then crime becomes a holocaust for the citizens. I believe Nashville, Tennessee is a holocaust of unaddressed by the proper authorities crime creating homelessness, then out of the other side of our governments' mouth's they are claiming to help and stop homelessness. The point is there should be no homeless in this country, and certainly not because of unaddressed by the proper authorities crimes...most of the time financial crimes committed by the corrupt financial elite, financial institutions and leaders.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Deborah Breuner Davis






Nashville, Tennessee, 11/28/2016

Multigenerational Californians, Larry Green and Deborah Breuner-Davis move to Nashville, TN, The Volunteer State, to re-build their Colorado business and create an organization ending homelessness. Their plan doesn’t cost the government a dime nor will it raise taxes or require donations.

However the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, in their apathy, is sending this couple into the streets to be homeless themselves instead. A plight Larry and Deborah know well, because of previous apathy and corruption of authorities, across the country, lasting almost seventeen years.

Larry and Deborah had finally begun to rebuild their lives with the extra knowledge and understanding of homelessness.

Then on September 21, 2016, Larry was walking to the store at 10:00AM. He tripped on a city sidewalk; a sidewalk distorted by two inch raised cement corners, within the expansion joints, an issue concerning the whole block as was eventually discovered, resulting from the overgrowth of roots from trees planted between the street and sidewalk, and near impossible to see in the shade at that time, while otherwise the sidewalk was in pristine condition. Mr. Green 6’2” tall and 60 years old landed on his forehead, knee and right arm. Like many accidents the initial damage resulted in pain and a large hematoma on the forehead, but within twenty-four hours Larry realized he could hardly walk for the pain in his left hip. At the time of this writing he is only able to walk very short distances and has been unable to work. X-rays prove he has multiple damaged disks in his back. Having lost the largest part of his income, Larry and his fiancé, Deborah 67, are behind on their rent and will be evicted without a car, a place to go, or money starting near Christmastime.

The Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County Claims Division was informed of the accident around September 22, 2016 and issued a claim number, on the case, a month later after Deborah had to make a second call to the claims division to obtain this. At the time Don Stewart, of the City of Nashville’s Claims Division informed Deborah that he’d lost the information on Larry’s case, but he’d now turn it over to Rachel Nolan. Just mere minutes after this Deborah calls the claim’s division seeking to learn about the investigation from Ms. Nolan, but has to leave a number of messages, over days; never was able to talk with her. A day or so after the last message Deborah left she receives a brief 7:00AM phone call and an E-mail from Ms. Nolan with an official signed letter attached in pdf informing Deborah that the investigation was now completed; it’s been found the city has no liability because they did not know of the damaged sidewalk. The investigation apparently entailed simply contacting Public Works who said they didn’t know about this sidewalk. Yet Deborah spent an hour, with her investigation, and found multiple other victims of the damaged sidewalk who professed they had reported this same sidewalk to the city in the past. Added to this fact Deborah learns that Public Works should have known; there should never have been a permit given, by the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County, to build a sidewalk in this manner.





Nashville, Tennessee, 11/28/2016

After Deborah sent two letters to all 40 Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County council members, Mayor Megan Barry and Vice Mayor David Briley, out of the 42 recipients of these letters,
there were 3 responses. Two of which claimed in writing; “I know nothing about this”, and one by Russ Pulley, a councilman from a different district, saying he was meeting with Jon Cooper of the, Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County Department of Law. From this meeting a letter from the head of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville Claims Division, Balogun Cobb was received; saying the claims division were going to do their due diligence and make sure they investigated appropriately; they will re-evaluate not re-open. Furthermore Mr. Cobb states, in writing, that the injuries Mr. Green suffered have no barring on the claim. As of this writing approximately 3+ weeks later he has still not interviewed Mr. Green.


Larry and I were served eviction documents this morning by a City of Nashville Sheriff, so I called the attorney who recommended, to me, that I contact the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County city council, in relationship to Larry’s fall, Raymond “Chip” Throckmorton III.

Mr. Throckmorton has now changed his tune from being helpful; willing to help us, suggesting that the City of Nashville is responsible, saying, “Lets rattle some cages; I like to use my friend in a wheelchair in court to make points to the City of Nashville sidewalk dangers” to arrogantly directing Larry and I, (Larry can’t walk) to find a new place to live, immediately, in spite of the fact we have no money because of this incident brought on by the City of Nashville’s negligence.

Old Chip then recommends that Larry and I go to a shelter or get a loan from a family member. I respond with, “Larry and I have no family.” Chip then goes into a personal story about he having no family either and continues with, “Like my Dad used to say, ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’. The truth is I never heard what his dad used to say because I was having one of my momentary panic attacks. In fact Chip may of called his dad “Father” for all I know? I remember the essence of what Chip said. That is constantly reverting to what both his mother and father used to say. Like I cared, Larry the Bu and I are going to the streets, to live, in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve instigated three phone calls to Mr. Throckmorton, and left messages, since he advised me over a month ago to contact ALL city council members, Mayor Megan Barry and Vice Mayor David Briley to intervene on Larry and my behalf. He asked at that time that I call him back once I wrote all the letters; I did so but he never would return my calls. Today, after my scathing message to his secretary he called back within hours. Instead of addressing Larry and my situation he went on about his family losing everything, in a fire, up in Gatlinburg, TN; his deceased client’s illegitimate daughter, who’s homeless with three children and how these family members must come first, in his help, so he can’t help us.

Believe me I’m sorry about the grief surrounding these souls, but it’s unprofessional, for an attorney, to use their problems to avoid ours.

Based on the outcome of our situation, I suspect Mr. Throckmorton set us up, not to help us, but to warn the City of Nashville.

Interestingly Mr. Throckmorton originally explained, to me over a month ago, how Vice Mayor David Briley and he grew up together and that Vice Mayor David Briley is still angry with him for a childhood incident saying, "He owes me."

I share these morsels of information based on the fact that Mr. Throckmorton has never shared, with me, his E-mail address, for I suspect, assuring himself I couldn’t prove a thing he’s said, because it’s not in writing. However I can actually share more of what he’s said; proof he talked to me; my phone log will prove he stayed on the phone with me at least twenty minutes, during two phone calls; about ten minutes on a third.

And, the question is, how do I know all this private information from Chip’s family life, his childhood friend, and deceased client if old Chip hadn't told me, as an arrogant deterrent to addressing Larry and my situation, when he in fact signed on to doing so, as an attorney, when he gave me legal advice?

This is our lives for the last seventeen years, ending here in the Volunteer State, Tennessee, because of the same issues; apathy, crime and corruption of the authorities, attorneys and most probably the courts in this area too.


Should you have an interest in learning more about this tragedy I can be reached at the E-mail supplied above.