God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


My name is Deborah Breuner (Davis) and I grew up about 6 doors down from President Reagan when he was Governor of California. I was 16 years old at the time. Reagan also kept his horses on my mother’s ranch in Roseville, California. He and I would have the occasional picnic, upon a bench my mother created as a child between two Oak Trees, under the watchful eyes of his security detail. It was and is an extremely fond memory of mine.

The reason I am writing you is in hopes I might be able to help the Trump Campaign shed some light on what I see is the problem with this country.

You see I was once worth millions of dollars, until my trustee’s and a number of crooked lawyers stole it all. You know the kind of lawyers I am talking about. If they aren’t stealing from people personally, they are doing so from Washington DC.

What I’ve learned is this; certain kinds of Liberal’s like Obama, Hillary Clinton and their kind have created a country where hard work is a thing of the past. This attitude has trickled down to where if you work for the Government you not only don’t have to do your job, your co-workers encourage you not to.

President Reagan earned his money before he chose to enter politics very much like Donald Trump. The Liberal’s like the Clinton’s and the Obama’s got into politics to get rich by any means possible. Anyone who can’t see what is going on is obviously this kind of Liberal; sometimes they pretend to be Republican’s…kind of like Michele pretending to be female.

Until someone says “You’re Fired” this country of ours is up the creek without a paddle.

Remember the millions I mentioned earlier? I am now penniless, at 68 years old, and have one foot in the street because of the ineptitude of these Liberals. My husband and I lost everything, in 2007, and actually lived in a tent for 3 years, our truck for another year and it gets worse from here. All because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime. In fact the first financial crime was committed against my trust and myself by a well-known pillar of society who sits high above us all in Washington DC. Trust’s legally protect assets, but not anymore! You ask how I can prove this, it’s simple, I’ve written a six-volume memoir and a couple of blogs where I name names and list documents of proof. No one has sued me for defamation, because I’m telling the truth and been doing so since 2000, while not one authority will do their job.

The criminal’s quest is to render one penniless, there’s nothing to be done at this point.

However, it's hardly about the horrific financial crimes that have been committed against us, now, by financial elite and financial institutions; it's more about the many, many authorities that purposely ignore these crimes from the police all the way up to the Supreme Court of The United States and every authority in between.

It's about voting into office, if our votes actually count, criminals like the Clinton's who have been proven to be criminals and yet they are poised to continue to be a, pathetic, example to the citizens of this country...again?

None of the other issues, in this current campaign, mean a thing if the financial elite continue to steal the publics' assets from checking, savings, trust, stock and 401K accounts, as well as illegally foreclose on property, while the authorities ignore it all; just like the Clinton's crimes are ignored!

In fact, and I quote my business partner/husband's brother who said when he landed a job with the state of California, (Government) "I'll never have to work another day in my life."

Need I say more?

Should someone from the Trump Campaign, or other interested party, wish to speak to me I can be reached by email below.

Thank you for your time.

Deborah Breuner (Davis)

Below Please see letter I wrote to Dennis Michael Lynch, forwarding to him the above letter to President Trump...Hopefully

Dear Mr. Lynch,

I’ve just recently learned of you; don’t know where I’ve been as to not notice your great work until now? Perhaps busy fighting for my life as many other Americans, in my shoes, have been and still are. In fact in my humble opinion I’d say what’s happening in this country is very much like what has already occurred during the holocaust.

I believe we’re witnessing a holocaust now.

And, this fact is never the topic of conversation, instead people skirt over it saying, “Yes I know you’re right” and then off they go to live their day in denial.

Obviously these particular individuals have yet to experience what I have.

Trump isn’t even talking about the subject and it’s the foundation of this country. Well he may discuss the people working government jobs that should be fired, but he speaks of this globally; he doesn’t get down to brass tacks and claim one of the main problems in this country.

The financial institutions and financial elite are stealing funds out of checking, savings, stock, 401K’s and named trusts while all the authorities including the government ignore it. The attorneys and courts work together to keep these cases from ever seeing a courtroom and this includes most of the illegal foreclosures too, while the media purposely refuses to expose these atrocities.

No matter what other issues concern the United States this fact must be attended to first…unless of course we are witnessing a holocaust. Then I’d say we’re all doomed and we might as well sit back and wait for death.

My personal story is almost twenty years old now and I’ve been battling everyday since the onset, except when I’m writing the sixth volume of my memoir or screenplays with my business partner/husband, Larry.

You can Google my name Deborah Breuner Davis, or just Deborah Breuner and you’ll see this ugly story unfold. Please visit my blog at;


You might want go back to 2012 when I first launched this blog; many facts start being exposed from the beginning. Included on my blog are some documents of proof to my situation. In fact my blog is a roadmap to how horrendous financial crimes are purposely ignored in this country.

Now after my twenty years of this I can make a very clear statement of truth amongst many others I’ve made over the years and managed to show up on Google.

Crimes such as those purposely committed against me and then purposely ignored by the proper authorities are not only destroying lives financially, but they are destroying relationships with family and friends, because when they see that the authorities do nothing, while they have yet to experience what we the victims have, they assume we are “Crazy” so they exile us from their lives. They have no clue to how corrupt the financial institutions; authorities and courts really are in this country because the media hides it all.

I know, as many other parents have, I taught my children, as they grew up, to respect the authorities so now when they see the authorities and courts turn their back to these crimes committed against me…well you can only imagine. I can tell you my friends whom I proudly still called friends from the time I was three years old now see me as crazy.

Needless to state again, these unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes are destroying lives and relationships and without this addressed no president, no matter of what political party will ever set this country straight.

Since you’re exposing what the MSM refuses to address, I’m hoping you’ll expose my story and that of others like mine. Believe me there are many of us. I alone know at least twenty families suffering as much as we are; homeless and penniless; living in and out of the streets, while they were once active citizens employing many people in our businesses. They are all destroyed now by financial crimes committed by those they should have been able to trust.

I have copied and pasted a recent letter I’ve written to Donald Trump below and attached it in pdf to this email.

Thank you for your time.

Deborah Breuner (Davis)

Below please see another letter to Donald J Trump from a victim of horrendous unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime;

Dear President Trump, (We’re hoping)

My name is Carla Glade; I’m a paralegal and have been for many years. I mention my career so you’ll understand that I actually know the laws while I watch the authorities in this country completely ignore the outrageous financial crimes taking place against many Americans by the financial elite, the legal world, authorities, (mostly government), attorneys, courts and of course the media who refuse to expose it all.

You Mr. Trump can actually make a difference, in this country, if you concentrate on the fact that no government employee in America does their job while the financial crimes going unaddressed are destroying lives and families. Citizens of this country are ending up in the streets, homeless and penniless. My family and I have been struggling with, horrible financial crime committed against us since 1993; unaddressed by the correct authorities and government personal.

My question to you is, how can a society function if the citizens can no longer function because of financial crimes, committed against them by the powerful, that render them homeless and penniless?

I believe you see and understand this.

If I can help in your campaign in any way just contact me below. I’m pretty limited because of my dire situation but I can make phone calls.

Carla Glade

Thursday, October 6, 2016




Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.

Will Rogers

In March, 2006, Larry and I find Richard K. Rufner Esq. in Denver, Colorado, who’s a malpractice attorney and has been on the Colorado Ethics Committee, which is comforting. He’s also a graduate of Annapolis in Maryland and been a fighter pilot. “This might help,” I think to myself. “I mean a cadet will be thrown out of Annapolis if they show even a breath of dishonesty.” I have first hand experience and knowledge about this after attending a dance at Annapolis when I was a mere thirteen years old.

As we arrive in his office, overseeing the Colorado mountains, we see he’s a large, unassuming man with bright eyes and very professional. He wanted to meet Larry and me in person, suggesting that we bring my documents...not send them to his office. Mr. Rufner practically stands on his desk, in shock, over what Ken has done. He agrees to help me, saying that Mr. Catanzarite has committed almost every ethical violation an attorney could possibly commit…and broken many federal laws. Besides this, we learn there were no statute issues concerning the Sun Valley property, therefore no reason for me to sign Catanzarite’s contract in less than eight hours. We had actually already figured this out and now we’ve found someone who will hold Catanzarite responsible. Mr. Rufner wonders why Ken Catanzarite hasn’t lost his license yet.

Now Rufner says, “This contract is unconscionable and against the law.” Then he turns towards his computer and types in the California State Bar, looking for any previous charges against Catanzarite. He turns back towards Larry and me saying, “I can’t believe it. Catanzarite has never been charged in the past. Well he will be this time! In fact, as soon as the KeyBank case is over or Catanzarite withdraws, I’m filling a malpractice suit against him and turning him into the CalBar.” Mr. Rufner advises that, no matter what happens, I must not fire Ken and if I’m not happy with the settlement Ken is pushing me into with KeyBank, just say, “No.”

Ah…Larry and I have finally found an honest attorney with a brain.

In April, 2006, Larry and I must go to Idaho for mediation with KeyBank. Ken says, “It’s mandatory,” yet he has not submitted one piece of discovery to the court and hasn’t done any depositions. And Judge Winmill, the Idaho Federal Judge, hasn’t ruled yet on KeyBank’s unlawful foreclosure. Even with my lack of knowledge, about the law, I know it’s ridiculous to try and settle without a judge’s order, but Larry and I know we must go…it’s the law.

Between the day we hear about the mediation with KeyBank and the day this will occur, Ken e-mails and calls with, “The mediation has been canceled; you might as well save your money and cancel your dog sitter. In fact you should get rid of those dogs.” I’m incensed about Ken telling me to get rid of my dogs. Yet, by this time Larry and I know better than to believe one word Ken Catanzarite utters. I don’t cancel the hard to obtain “kennel time” for our now six dogs.

The day before the KeyBank mediation, Ken’s daughter, Nicole, also an attorney in his office, in the very first time she’s ever written me in her life, writes an e-mail, “The mediation is on tomorrow and you must be there in Idaho at 10:00 AM sharp.” She doesn’t mention where we should be and ignores my e-mails asking. At this point Larry and I know that Ken Catanzarite has purposely tried to make sure that I would never show up in Idaho. The case would be dismissed and he’ll take both my current Steamboat property and the Sun Valley property.

“For God’s sake, Larry, what do these dishonest attorneys do, sit around their offices all day working on how to maneuver around the laws so they can destroy their own clients?” So far the greatest percentage of attorneys I’ve hired sign on to represent me, and instead protect the perpetrators. But we beat Ken at his own game, and jump into the car, driving ten hours to Boise, Idaho, while I call Ken on the hour every hour. Apparently, he is indisposed for the first time since I’d hired him…he just can’t get to his pocket for the cell phone on time to answer.

At 10:00 AM the next day, Larry and I still have no idea where the KeyBank mediation will be held, so we guess. We show up at John Ward’s Law Firm, about an hour late, but this is just because Ken finally called saying his plane had been delayed. He still wouldn’t tell me where the mediation would be. KeyBank wants to just give me back my Sun Valley house for twelve months, allowing me to sell it again, while Ken’s hand picked, retired judge of over eighty years old from Oregon, oversees this pathetic mediation. I will receive no cash.

The judge/mediator is so old he can barely speak; he admits he doesn’t know a thing about the case, admitting also he’s not familiar with Idaho law as his hands shake from obvious Parkinson’s Disease. Outrageous, and still more so since I have no money, which McDonald and KeyBank have taken through federal crimes committed against me. Ken will have to take over the care and ownership of the Sun Valley property. In his contract he put a lien on it, so now I’ve figured out for sure what his intent has been all along.

Ken will end up owning my Sun Valley property, as he claims that I owe him three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in costs already, over and above his fifty percent unconscionable contingency fee... I get nothing. Not to mention, with the black cloud KeyBank has created over my property at this point, I’d have to give it away to any potential buyer. Yet, I have proof that McDonald forged my signature, that KeyBank disregarded my trust, suspect they misappropriated my monthly payments on the small loan to a phantom account so they could claim I was in default when I wasn’t, and kept me from selling the house by telling lenders my home was overvalued. To add insult to injury, you don’t give commercial loans on residential property. This too is against the law.

Additionally, I had watched Ken have an unfamiliar-with-Sun Valley real estate appraiser (had never been to Sun Valley in his life) re-appraise my property by excluding one thousand square feet from it’s size so he could claim it wasn’t worth what my trusted professional appraiser, familiar-with-Sun Valley, deemed to be true just a couple of months earlier. This was quite obvious when Larry and I checked out the new appraisal, which we brought to Ken’s attention and he ignored. I also know there’s more crime flourishing about but Mr. Catanzarite keeps facts from me and refuses to submit anything proving my case to the courts, thereby controlling how the suit progresses.

I say “No” to KeyBank’s offer.

Ken says, “You’ve had many years enjoying your homes and great wealth. Why not just be happy with what you’ve had and get over it?” Okay… I’d be arrested for what I was about to say at this point, so I didn’t.

But, I’m now very aware of why Ken had the Sun Valley appraisal corruptly adjusted; he must have worked for hours figuring out how to lower the value of my property? Or maybe he’s an old hand? I’d opt for the old hand. With the lower value Ken could claim the equity left in this property was just about what I’d owe him for his bogus costs for destroying my life further. Then walla, he’d take my Sun Valley property for his payment.

A week later Judge Winmill, of the Pocatello, Idaho, Federal Court grants me a partial Summary Judgment for an unlawful foreclosure. Ken had the proof to get me a full Summary Judgment in his hot little briefcase. He purposely didn’t submit it to the court. Or, Judge Winmill and Ken colluded together to exclude this proof. Who the hell knows? The full Summary Judgment would have forced KeyBank to pay me cash and give me my home back permanently. After all, at this point, although the fraudulent bank proof has been kept from me, I’m very positive that KeyBank had been taking my payments on the small line of credit and claiming these payments were never made. Why else would they refuse to give me my account statements? Not to mention, it’s also against the federal laws to foreclose non-judicially on a trust owned property, and never can a bank foreclose on property using a personal loan. And, commercial loans are not given on residential property. Yet so far, this is what KeyBank has done, while Ken Catanzarite belittles me and continues to withhold evidence from the judge. John Ward, KeyBank’s permanent counsel, has reaped the nickname, “Skeletor.” I think I know why. And, no one can tell me that someone isn’t paying someone off.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mr. Catanzarite tries to force me to take KeyBank’s deal. When I refuse, he threatens to withdraw which is about the tenth time. This threat becomes a reality on May 15, 2006, and at the same time I realize Ken has destroyed my case in Michigan as well by withholding all the Paine Webber account statements, so the judge dismissed this case. Ken writes an e-mail to me along with his withdrawal. “I have subpoenaed the account statements from Paine Webber in another Michigan Court, but the documents have not been served on anyone. I suggest you hire another attorney to serve the defendants soon or you’ll lose your statutes.”

“How convenient,” I think to myself. I have no idea what this other Michigan court is.

Now I have at least figured out why the law lenders had been turning me down.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

For many months I interview new lawyers for the KeyBank suit. Mr. Rufner only says that I must settle the KeyBank case before he can file a malpractice suit against Ken. He assures me I still have six years to file again in Michigan for my trust. Finally, I find White Peterson Law firm in Nampa, Idaho, in late May, 2006. Larry and I must sell our red truck over two days’ time by running around to Steamboat car dealerships, basically begging them to buy it so that we can get the money to even meet with the lawyers.

After Kevin Dinius of White Peterson goes through all the documents, he and his team of lawyers decide to take on the KeyBank case. During their research, they uncover the news that someone in my family held back funds that belonged to me from the sale of the Diamond K Ranch, my mother’s property. Now I’m putting all the pieces of my life together, yet it takes me another full month before I can digest the fact that not only was Sonard (Gerard, my brother-in-law) involved with this but perhaps Winnie and Jennie too.

Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. was the attorney that oversaw Sonard and Shitty’s interests after my parents died, as well as mine, and he was my first divorce attorney who advised that I create a trust to protect my assets. With his background, education and financial expertise, my trust should never have been embezzled – unless he’s at the bottom of the theft.

Happily, Larry and I return to Steamboat feeling like we have finally found the help we need all around. I just have to find counsel in Michigan to file the correct suit for my trust. Ken lost the statutes on purpose for opening my divorce but he didn’t even approach the trust issue or Paine Webber, and I have six years to file for fraud. I still have time. So Larry and I spend our days on the phone again looking for a good trust litigator in Detroit. We have no money whatsoever and are selling whatever we have that will create cash. Our business has been destroyed.

Larry borrows twenty-five hundred dollars from his attorney friend Harry Burgess. We can’t find employment, mostly because of what KeyBank has unlawfully done to our credit, amongst other challenges such as lack of experience, age, and always having our own business. And, we don’t have the resources to get the Deborah Breuner Ltd started again so we work towards something smaller, creating funny t-shirts. The vender in Steamboat, after promises of having prototypes done in a month, instead takes close to a year and we run out of cash again. We had no choice other than to wait for him, as we couldn’t afford to handle this in any far away place. We wouldn’t be able to pay for the gas to get there three times a week. No, I don’t believe our vender is in collusion with the bank; he’s just an idiot.

But now we must put our efforts into finding buyers for my diamonds, skis, Larry’s tools and truck. Finally one day, Kevin Dinius announces that I must be at a deposition in Denver with KeyBank, yet he too has done neither depositions nor discovery on my behalf. Larry and I again have no money so we must get up at 2:00 AM for two days in order to drive to Denver (three hours) and back each day as we appear at the KeyBank depositions. We sell most of our music CD’s at a local pawnshop to get cash for the gas.

During KeyBank’s deposition, John “Skeletor” Ward asks, “Ms. Davis do you live by a budget? It seems you’ve been spending beyond your means.”

Now I’m furious but calmly answer, “Well gee, I haven’t seen my own account statements for anything concerning KeyBank/McDonald or Paine Webber in years, while your clients were stealing money out of my account to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, so how would I be able to even see what was going on with my finances?”

Skeletor arrogantly laughs like a hyena and says, “Well you dropped McDonald. They aren’t part of this suit…remember?”

I wanted to say, “Shut the f—k up!” But, I didn’t. I was also beginning to learn, but not totally understand, that the real reason Ken dropped McDonald from the case was because they have a fiduciary duty to me, which would cause KeyBank to have one to me as well, but without them, KeyBank wouldn’t have one unless they committed a crime, which of course I knew they had…many in fact.

Meanwhile, I’m also hearing through the grapevine of attorney garble in the room that, by law, banks have no fiduciary duty to their customers, which, in my mind, allows them the ability to commit any kind of financial crime they choose…unless it can be proven. So far it appears my own counsel is making sure this won’t happen. It’s shocking me. Then Skeletor says, “What’s happened to your family through all this?”

I merely respond, “Well they seem to be part of the mess so I have no relationship with any of them.”

Skeletor comes back with “Jackpot” sparkling from his eyes and says, “R-e-a-l-l-y?” Suddenly I realized I’d just stuck my foot in my mouth.

Kevin makes promises as to what he’ll be doing next to help me, via cell phone, such as holding Catanzarite responsible for everything, while Larry and I drive back to Steamboat each night. But after KeyBank’s deposition, over six weeks go by before I hear from Kevin again. He doesn’t supply me with the transcripts from the deposition as he promised, and refuses to return my frantic calls asking about what is going on.

Rick Rufner, in the meantime, has signed a contract with me and filed a Declaratory Action against Ken in the Routt County Court in Steamboat Springs concerning my property, the crimes he’s committed, and his unethical contract. I also contact my brother-in law, Sonard, for the second time to get Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy’s contact information so I can get my file from him. Sonard refuses to give me this information saying, “You’re not allowed to talk to him, because he’s a sitting Supreme Court Justice.” Of course I don’t believe this response. But what can I do? I’m just left still more convinced that my whole family is involved with my financial demise.

In October, 2006, on a Thursday afternoon Kevin shocks me out of my mind by calling with a settlement offer. KeyBank wants all this over, but again I get basically nothing. Yet, this time they have offered five hundred thousand dollars and they keep my now three million-dollar Sun Valley property. What has been lost between KeyBank/McDonald is close to ten million dollars of my assets. When you include Larry’s and my business, it’s still more. But I agree to this settlement out of pure exhaustion. I trust Ken Catanzarite will eventually be held responsible for all my damage and Larry’s too.

Kevin still has done no discovery or depositions; he doesn’t have Ken Catanzarite’s file, I’m told. Mr. Catanzarite is holding his file ransom…another ethical violation. It’s been six months since I hired Kevin. The very next day, Kevin withdraws from representing me via e-mail. There’s no mention of the settlement. I’m just at the end of my rope. I believe KeyBank is paying these lawyers off to keep my suit worthless, or Ken is, and I don’t have the full scope as to what Ken didn’t do on my case. Yet I’m confident that he should be in prison for what I do know, along with many KeyBank/McDonald executives.

I see Kevin is following Catanzarite’s plan. I write the lead attorneys in Kevin’s law firm, complaining about his actions, which are ignored. I even write Judge Winmill, not expecting an answer of course, just informing him. Again, Larry and I are back on the phone, looking for lawyers while I represent myself in the Pocatello, Idaho, Federal Court for God knows how long, trying to figure out what I can file in order to keep my case alive. Larry and I are checking out books from the local library trying to understand the law...becoming lawyers with no degree.

Kevin Dinius lies to Judge Winmill about serving me notarized documents of his withdrawal. He didn’t, and what’s more, he indicates to the court in writing that I had moved over a month earlier, and he couldn’t find out where I was to inform me to pick up these withdrawal documents from the post office in Steamboat. This is outrageous, since neither Larry nor I have the money to do anything but wait at home for justice and care for our precious family of dogs.

Our biggest trips of the day are to the grocery store and mailbox. We certainly haven’t been out of town or moved. I’m astounded by the dishonesty amidst the legal world. I’m feeling like I should have known by the way Kevin Dinius acted during depositions.

Yet, I’ve also learned by now that firing an attorney merely creates more legal problems, which inevitably becomes my problem and will cost me money, which I don’t have.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

The short, heavy, little bulldog looking jerk would barely address my presence for two days during KeyBank depositions, and certainly never spoke in my defense nor advised me. Instead, he spent the two days arrogantly gazing at his laptop screen saver, which sported his own photograph skydiving. He appeared to be in great distress, which I didn’t understand back then nor do I have anything more than clues now. But, I don’t have time to worry about any of this; I must find still another new law firm. I have lost almost all the discovery time and the judge won’t grant me more while I’m within days of having the KeyBank case dismissed.

And, I wouldn’t have even known to do this if I hadn’t called the friend of the court, who told me my case was going to be dismissed if I didn’t either sign, in pro per, or find new counsel. Kevin had already gotten the judge to wave my signature for his withdrawal, which I wasn’t aware of until now. I had no choice but to become pro per until I found a new law firm.

In the meantime, I call the expert witness that Balamuth Law Firm had hired, Steven I. Fried of Capital Finance, to evaluate Mr. Catanzarite’s crimes and ethical violations. I thought he could recommend to me what I should file in the Pocatello, Idaho, Federal Court next. He is extremely helpful. I then turned Kevin Dinius into the Idaho State Bar, by filing a complaint against him for lying to the court about me and not doing a thing on my case. Go on; just ask me what the Idaho State Bar did!

Absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Larry and I have figured out how to file a motion with the court for KeyBank in-house documents. A few weeks later I receive a letter from John “Skelator” Ward, refusing to supply most of what I’ve subpoenaed, claiming the discovery time deadline is too short to supply these, which is a complete lie. I still had a month of discovery time left. However, I do receive computer disks displaying many in-house letters between the KeyBank executives which read, “Ms. Davis’ property is owned by her trust. Please adjust the loan documents to reflect this.” Then there’d be another letter saying, “No, the property belongs to her personally.” I stared down upon the original loan documents clearly showing the bridge loan was given to my trust and a copy of my trust indicating my home is owned by this trust. Now I can see I had still more ammunition against KeyBank, because I now have their own proof to what they have done.

I remember wondering why KeyBank would blatantly send to me such viable proof of their fraud against me. It didn’t make sense. Why would they purposely, in writing, show how inept or criminal they were and are?

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

Eventually I call Huntley Park Law Firm in Boise, Idaho. The one law firm I’d missed earlier in this legal journey that didn’t represent KeyBank. Interestingly though, I had called them a few years back and the secretary claimed they had a conflict. As it turns out this wasn’t true…they merely had a business account with KeyBank. Bill Thomas has been a president and counsel for a bank. He and his partner, Dan Williams, know how to read the fine print on bank documents. They tell me most lawyers don’t even attempt to understand these contracts. But, they can and will help me. I have no idea what they look like...there are no photographs on their website. I have no way to access their eyes to see whether they’re honest...not that I’ve been very good at this so far.

The first phone call I have with Bill Thomas he says to me, “I’m fairly sympathetic to your situation but I take pause when I see so many attorney withdrawals.”

“Oh my God.” This remark outrageous me, because I know all these withdrawals involve plain old unethical behavior and crime. At any other time I probably would have said, “Thank you for your time but I’ll keep looking.” However, I just let the remark go. I’m desperate and sense Bill’s firm will help me, which they do but not without warning me concerning the facts. They think Ken has destroyed my case, but they will do whatever they can to save it by filing another suit in Blaine County, Idaho, Court to gain back discovery, re-introducing proof that Ken withheld.

While Bill and Dan work on my behalf, Ken Catanzarite demands that I go to arbitration in California with him over his contract, which the Routt County Court allows before they can rule. After all, in spite of Ken’s unconscionable terms, he has an arbitration clause. Larry and I must sell more of our belongings in order to get to California. We have to borrow money as well in order to pay Rick Rufner a thousand dollars to represent me at arbitration.

On the first morning of arbitration Larry and I pick up Mr. Rufner at his hotel; stop to eat breakfast together, and go on to the first planned event of the next two days… Mr. Catanzarite’s arbitrational lies of the century, as we listen to his words, show he is unbelievably unethical besides being a criminal. Mr. Rufner asked Ken three times, “Do you think you have a fiduciary duty to your client?”

Ken answers, “No.”

We learn that Mr. Catanzarite actually forged my signature on a buy/sell agreement with his bank, Washington Mutual, March 10, 2005.

Why? Because he wanted it to appear that he purchased my home before he signed on as my attorney, relieving himself of a serious ethical violation. By the way, it’s absolutely prohibited by the California Professional Rules of Conduct that an attorney purchase a client’s home out of foreclosure. Of course, Larry and I had to spend weeks learning all this through our own efforts and investigation. By this time we knew where to find what law on what page in the law books.

We’ve also realized McDonald Investments being dropped from the suit did not hold KeyBank responsible for the forgeries and pillaging of my account. Bill Thomas had informed me of this. In fact now McDonald was getting away with their crimes, and Mr. Catanzarite made sure they would by dropping them from the suit, leaving KeyBank only responsible for an unlawful foreclosure. So now we knew Ken lied about this legal action too.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

Of course, I had proof that Ken purchased my home at the exact time he signed on as my attorney. When Mr. Rufner asks Ken why he didn’t open my divorce in Michigan, as he signed on to do, Ken replies, “Because John Schaefer said I couldn’t, and besides Ms. Davis would have only received three million dollars in a suit such as this.” As if three million dollars was worth nothing?

Of course this is the first time I’ve heard this evaluation or excuse. I’m stunned and angry at the same time, while I sit there reminded that I’m now penniless. I actually get a laugh when Mr. Rufner responds with, “Well isn’t that sort of like the fox guarding the hen house?”

Larry then goes out to our Jeep in the parking lot to retrieve an e-mail Ken sent me before he purchased my house, where he solicits to buy my property, which makes his actions still more unconscionable. Mr. Catanzarite has been claiming I asked him if he would take the house over, rather than the truth, which is he advised that he purchase my home to protect it until my suits were complete. When Ken sees that I have proof of something that contradicts his claim, he thinks for a minute then responds with, “Well that particular e -mail must have been dropped from my computer. I don’t have that.”

Of course he doesn’t. What a complete ass. I feel like I’m in kindergarten with snotty nosed children…not elite attorneys. Ken continues to defend himself relative to why he gave me less than eight hours on a Sunday to sign his contract, not allowing time to have another law firm look at his outrageous terms...another ethical violation. He lies some more about how I had a bankruptcy attorney hired, yet he knows I merely consulted one – couldn’t hire him without money.

Soon I can see that the factual mistakes Ken printed in his contract about me where done on purpose, not because he didn’t know me well. He’s using these skewed facts to cover his unlawful acts. However we have documents and e- mails proving Ken is a crook.

To Mr. Catanzarite’s left sits Mr. Broker, a bankruptcy attorney he has brought with him as his “expert witness” to offer reasons why I wasn’t guided into bankruptcy as I should have been. By the way, Mr. Broker first admits he’s never acted as an expert witness in his life other than for Catanzarite Law Corporation. He’s submitting a detailed document he claims he’s written, showing that filing Chapter 11 would not have been my best option. Knowing this too is untrue, Mr. Rufner finally gets Mr. Broker to admit that Ken wrote the ten page chronicle, which Mr. Broker merely signed, not understanding what was actually the truth or the facts.

The biggest surprise is when Ken gets Scott Campbell on the phone to testify on his behalf. I can’t even believe this, but Rick Rufner, as my true hero, refuses to address any questions to him. He just asks, “Is your name Scott Campbell?”

Scott answers, “Yes.”

Rick then says, “Thank you, I have no more questions.”

Scott responds with, “What? You don’t have anything to ask me?”

Rick merely replies, “No, thank you.”

By the time I leave arbitration, all of us feel that the arbitrator is disgusted with Ken – he will rule on our side.

Our arbitrator, Mr. Merring, weighs easily over seven hundred pounds and for two days eats donuts, every hour on the hour, through the whole process of testimony. I wonder if he ever heard a word spoken from anyone. He did comment on what he seemed to ingest, when the subject of signing my contract on a Sunday came up, by responding with, “I don’t know about you lawyers, but I don’t work on Sunday,” then goes back to stuffing his fat face with pastry.

Personally I think Mr. Merring needs a round in Dr. Phil’s House, or a show directed especially for him on Oprah, while he’s lying in bed, surrounded by a crane. Mr. Merring is not professional.

I remember thinking, during the mediation, perhaps if I wrote Oprah or Dr. Phil about Mr. Merring’s weight, claiming I was a worried friend, then they’d have me on their show and I could spout out all the illegal crap happening to me.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

I can’t help but notice that every time Mr. Merring would get up and walk across the room, donut crumbs fall from the seat of his pants. There are more crumbs attached to his suit lapel. I watch him barely be able to get around chairs snuggled up close to the conference table. I can’t even imagine where he’d find any clothes to fit his rotund body. He makes me sick, while he has my whole life in his hands.

Larry and I return to Steamboat after having to borrow money from my friend, Janey Meade, and selling my diamond necklace in Hollywood. On our way, we stop in Idaho to meet Bill and Dan from Huntley Park Law Firm in person. We meet with them in their office on Saturday, so there are few other partners from the firm around.

Bill is short, with fine sandy colored longish hair, which appears to be a toupee secured by thin wires attached to his inner ears. He’s wearing jeans and cowboy boots, probably over fifty years old. He seems nice enough though not at all as I pictured him. He plays no games with the truth, which I like, but it’s also scary to hear about what might be facts I must accept. Yet, he laughs joyfully once in a while so I sense he’s a nice man. Dan pops in late, after taking his son to baseball practice, so I feel he’s at least a good dad. He too is wearing jeans, being tall, dark haired and sporting a gray/charcoal close-cropped beard. Actually he appears much younger than Bill, but I know he’s not. They aren’t encouraged at all with the news about arbitration, saying, “You just never know about these things. Sometimes arbitrators have a bad day and rule unfairly.”

Yet, they describe what they’re doing to help me, which is promising in a weird sort of way. I don’t know at this point if what they’re attempting to do is really going to work or not. They spend most of the time saying, “If the judge rules like this, then you’ll end up like that.” I’m frustrated that my suit just can’t fix what is outrageously against the law.

I still didn’t know if Ken was paid off by KeyBank to withhold evidence or if Mr. Catanzarite merely had his own agenda. I didn’t understand why Kevin Dinius dropped the ball after Ken. Was he too paid off? I knew with the laws that had been broken, all these entities should be in prison.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

Bill and Dan don’t seem to be concerned about what Ken and Kevin have or have not done, only with what they will hopefully accomplish now.

When Larry and I finally return to our home around midnight on Monday, we find that the electricity has been turned off and the house is as cold as ice. The electric company claims we haven’t paid the bill, which is possible…we haven’t had money in months but Larry says, “It’s been paid.” Around 1:00 AM we are able to get the electricity turned back on after paying cash to a driver who shows up to take payment. And, by the way, the bill had been paid. The electric company just wanted a retainer because they had become aware of what was happening to us.

The next day I find that though there is ten thousand dollars in the account at Alpine Bank in town, they have returned our checks just because of the bad credit Larry and I have, caused by what KeyBank did unlawfully. They have known about this for a year and have a letter from my attorney explaining the issue. Still an Alpine manager merely says, “We periodically go back and check credit; yours has not improved. We’ll draw up a check for you to pick up. We don’t want you in our bank.”

“Of course my credit hasn’t improved! The KeyBank case is still ongoing,” I say. But this is of no importance at all, I can see. I’m astounded that a bank would return checks that are covered with funds. What’s worse, they didn’t even tell us, and wouldn’t have if I hadn’t called them after a check bounced.

Now neither Larry nor I can open a bank account anywhere. Our credit has worsened, of course. We’re forced to pay cash for whatever we purchase or on bills we have. Things are getting tougher for us which doesn’t make sense...we are not the criminals here! But nothing can be done until my suits are resolved or we can somehow create another smaller business or get jobs. We also realize that it takes a standard seven years for one’s horrible credit to cease being an issue, while after seven years one wouldn’t have an employment history, because they couldn’t get hired by any company who checks credit. Our situation has become grave.

As we wait for the arbitrator’s ruling, now the middle of February, 2007, we can’t afford to buy propane to heat our home nor food to feed our dogs or ourselves. The water softener no longer works and we can’t get it fixed...no money. Because of the sulfur in the water around Steamboat Springs, having a water softener is the only way most residents can live. We have to exist without, as our skin itches and all our china turns white with residue. The dishwashers are encrusted with sulfur as well. We have stopped our cable and shut off the phones. The neighbors, who use to be called friends as they partied in our home, drinking and eating gourmet spreads, no longer speak to us.

We have one friend left, Rich Voldness, who has offered to lend us some money, which we gratefully accept, promising to pay him back as soon as we can.

And, now this is difficult to admit, but I will, because though it was wrong on Larry’s and my part, it also shows how outrageous at least KeyBank is. I can only assume, with what’s going on in the United States today, all banks are just as crooked and idiotic. An advertisement came in our mail, addressed to me from KeyBank, offering a ten thousand dollar line-of-credit…no questions asked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. You would think with what KeyBank had done and was still doing to me, I would be out of their system for such an offer.

Well Larry and I didn’t have a dime, so I signed up, expecting that I certainly would be turned down. But who cares, we had nothing to lose for trying, except if I should ever be forced into depositions with them again, it might be brought up. But, who cares? KeyBank has criminally cost me close to ten million dollars in damage.

My attitude at this point is that KeyBank owes me, which is an example of what crimes such as what KeyBank has committed against me, and now Larry, creates in the normal consumer’s mind…a circle of crime. They want to retaliate, of course, especially when they can’t even hire an attorney to help them because the attorney is obviously being paid under the table by KeyBank to protect them…outrageous.

Two weeks later I had a loan from KeyBank, which came in handy for a short time…we could pay some bills. It’s difficult to live in a multi-million dollar home without huge amounts of cash to keep it going, and in the dead of winter in Colorado there wasn’t much chance of selling the place.

I’m still, to this day, amazed that I would qualify for a loan, under a lawsuit, with KeyBank…I’m left speechless.

Deborah Clare Breuner Davis

Mr. Catanzarite has, since he bought my home, become a respected member of the Sleeping Giant Estates Homeowners Association, so along with all the ethical violations and crimes he’s committed, we figure he’s destroyed Larry’s and my reputation in our neighborhood. It would at least be worth looking into by interviewing our neighbors. I write Mr. Rufner with this suggestion and assume he takes notice. I know he’s in the midst of obtaining loan documents from the Steamboat Springs Title Company concerning the loan Ken took out to buy my home…there’s lots of proof of Ken’s crimes.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


To all those in my family or the financial elite and attorneys who either embezzled my funds or today embrace those who did, may God have mercy on your souls as you one day stand before Him.

We are headed to living in the streets again; but we’ve been here before and by the grace of God are saved. However, I must say our coming up threat has to be the worst in the last ten plus years; the eight years prior to 2007, Larry,our family of dogs,and myself were merely working on reporting and stopping horrendous financial crimes being committed in broad daylight by family, financial elite and corrupt attorneys as Larry and I worked to contact every financial watchdog; the FBI; DOJ and legal help, over and over, again as they all responded to my letters with vague and obtuse responses.

In other words ignoring the crimes, already committed such as the embezzlement of my 80M$ trust, as we watched a number of financial institutions and attorneys commit more horrendous crimes against us; the answer to our pleas for help.

I believe today the continued crimes were committed as “Mafia Hits” to silence us.

We lost all but one of our precious dogs in 2010:>(( Thank God for the Bu; the one we have left.

I finally did win an out-of-court settlement with KeyBank only to have these funds also embezzled.

Obviously more “Mafia Hits” from the criminals involved here.

So here’s the news few in the public understand; financial crime committed against your trust, and you, isn’t investigated by the proper authorities, on purpose, and if all your funds have been embezzled you don’t have the funds to hire a good attorney. I question if there are any? Contingency contracts with attorneys merely bring out the evil in them; they’d rather, unbeknownst to you until it’s too late, steal what you still have, in real estate, and withhold evidence on your case from the judge.

You are witnessing an anatomy of a slow murder, committed against individuals worth a lot of money in my case, but having enough is worth embezzling too; often times to keep the public unaware of crime and corruption of the financial institutions against individuals, which our government sanctions. It’s as if the financial watchdogs, FBI and DOJ are shell companies. There’s really nobody in any of these government agencies who do a thing about these crimes.

Again as I've mentioned before in my writing, the churches and charities do nothing either nor do any government agencies; instead people die in the streets because of crimes committed against them such as we have had. There's just no way to survive as one seeks employment, gets it; then waits to be paid, without living under a bridge in the meantime and without money for a bus, gas and by this time no longer owning a car anyway, how do these victims to crime ever get on their feet again?

Only by family help or angels...complete strangers end up being the angels.

One can contact every media outlet, across the world, and they’ll refuse to expose what has occurred to my trust, our business, myself, and my business/life partner, Larry.

I believe Madoff is a scapegoat amidst many other criminals that helped him; none of these people have even been investigated; as I understand. So why would this be? The public really doesn’t know what is true; the media reports untruths, withholds and spins other stories; all in the interest of manipulating the public into feeling safe…in the interest that the next embezzlement will be your funds.

Believe me you are not safe from anything, if you are doing business with any financial institution; a trust won’t even protect you!

There is only one way to recover from these horrendous unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes and that’s to start over, but this could be more difficult than dealing with our corrupt financial and legal system.

Do you have money in a trust being overseen by not only you, but your attorney, money manager and trustees? Watch out; the financial institutions are adjusting monthly and yearly bank statements to reflect funds that aren’t there anymore; they have, instead, been embezzled by your trusted financiers. You won’t know until you get the phone call telling you all your money is gone, while the authorities will ignore your request for an investigation!

You will now lose everything else you own, including your business, while being blamed for this, publicly by the criminals…the “banksters” and greedy family.

Here’s where the slow murder comes in; the criminal acts committed against you, your trust and business destroys your business and credit. And now that you have no money at all you need credit to get back and running, only most of the time no one will trust you enough to lend money to you, when the truth is these financial institutions are the criminals.

Your life is ruined without a miracle; usually by going to family for a loan or have them invest in a viable idea, only it just so happens my family and Larry’s as well are the criminals whom have committed the financial crimes against us along with the financial institutions.

Besides this our families want us dead for exposing our story of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes. This is how angry they are; however we’re fighting for our lives; looking at living in the streets on Monday; within a week after this we won’t have a car. And this has happened many times since 2007, while we have received very little help. Most of the time we manage by a miracle of $1,000.00 from a very few giving souls; often strangers; rarely family; in over ten years family has helped perhaps four times between Larry and I. We have received small amounts in funds allowing us to pay part of our exorbitant bills created because we live in motels and store our personal belongings, which I’ve discussed in earlier articles.

All the while both Larry and I seek employment, but it takes many times more than a month to get employment and often times we’re considered too old for any employer wanting to hire us; so we run out of funds before either of us can get hired or paid.

Larry actually has three very good commission based positions now; I share one of these positions with him, but we have no money to buy gas and pay for our room long enough to keep a roof over our heads until we get a check. We’ll also soon lose the car.

This is the cycle we have been in for years; no way to get a handle on our situation with small amounts of cash. We have been requesting an equity investor for years; we have a number of ideas including our fashion/furniture; ideas that will cost much less to launch and make more money faster. The last true investor and the first one ever, invested $12,000.00 in one lump sum and we got a lot done; Larry was able to take these extra funds and build his prototype for the Country Music Hall of Fame and another one for the Dallas Cowboys. Since then we have been seeking another investor so Larry can continue in this great opportunity to get us on our feet, but we have yet to find another investor; we have only gotten small amounts of funds, spread out over long periods, to keep us fed and in a motel room.

As grateful as we have been to receive these funds in any amount coming our way, we’d land on our feet with a small investor; start making money, and so would the investor.

Instead my family, and Larry’s as well, who can well afford to either invest themselves, find someone who can invest, or conduct a fundraiser in our name...refuse! Our families would rather sit back and point their finger at us for being idiots. I guess this attitude allows them to feel better about themselves. After all they can only accomplish something by stealing away from those whom have accomplished much...we’ll accomplish much again either with family assistance or without it.

The difference will be the outcome of the relationship, with our families, and forgiveness. You are forgiven now; but our relationship will never be healed without your repenting in some way; to us and God...yes, God won't even excuse you until you repent!

What would God require of you? What does repent mean? It's not just spiritual action, like prayer; albeit prayer works, but God expects as much in your action, especially from family. He expects you to face and admit to the truth.

For the life of me I'll never understand, how you all go to church, enjoy God's work in nature and speak "forgiveness" amongst yourselves, with each other, then watch us, family members who have been attacked by crimes live in the streets, knowing without some help we'll die in the streets!?

Again, what would your God require of you?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Live In A Tent

The Father says, “I created you to be loved and to give love. When you feel either are lacking in your life, know that I Am setting you up for a blessing. Do not allow a wounded heart to keep you from the amazing people I will send to you. Be the extension of My Hands and Heart. Even when this feels uncomfortable, find a deeper blessing coming from My Throne Room at that moment.

I see what just happened to you. I have a way to restore and redeem what you felt was lost. Some people only know how to wound others from their already wounded heart. You can choose not to go down this same path. Stay close to Me, and let Me show you the beauty that is all around. No this is not beautiful, but I specialize in making beauty from the ashes. The sting maybe great, but I Am Greater!

The Tears following down your cheeks are real and valid. Let Me dry your tears. I have better for you than these hours of sorrow. The Day is not finished yet. Let Me give you a reason to Laugh and Smile yet again. Do not cast aside, as if all is lost. I Am here even in the quiet of the night. I experience what no one else knows about you. You are so precious in My Sight. Your praise and worship is a sweet incense before Me.

What you go through, in this fallen world, is only temporary. Choose to see My Hand moving you to peaceful and calmer seas. You are not a product of what is going on around you. You are born of My Glory and Honor. You are My Child whom I loved so completely that I sent My Son to be your replacement on a debt too great to pay. Come sit next to Me. I will heal that lovely heart of yours, and fill you with My Joy, which is Unspeakable.”

~Blessings Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope
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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Interestingly, and this surprises me, I still love my family, my blood group, and I always will; no matter what you have done to me. Because love doesn’t go away when people whom you have loved do something horrific to hurt you; it just hurts more. That’s all.

And one tends to not want to hurt so chooses to stay away from those hurting them.

I have a huge capacity to love; always have as you all know. My problem has been the time I’ve spent in emotionally responding to deep betrayal by those I’ve loved.

Anyone would respond hurt and angry; put yourselves in my place!

Interestingly as well, is how people, family, whom have said they love me are so willing to hurt me deeply, as if I don't even belong, then refuse to admit it or face what they’ve done; instead they want me dead so I’ll stop spreading the word!

First they spread untrue stories about me; then exile me from their lives for telling the truth!

Remember, I’m the truth teller in the family; perhaps you should have thought further than to commit these horrific financial crimes against me before you did it?

I spread the word only in the interest of saving my life, our lives. The story has escalated to this point because the authorities and courts, in this country, do nothing to stop the kind of crimes my own family and trusted financial elite have committed against me. But of course you knew all about this fact, didn’t you Richard Lynn Davis II and it’s the only reason you married me: for my money! My much older sisters, who came before you in financial crimes against me, knew the same. I didn’t; I was 21 years old when they started stealing from me. I believed in the law because I was too young to know better.

Spreading the word is the only recourse I have, making sure everyone knows exactly who you are, and rebuilding my life, our lives.

And here is where your continued betrayal comes in. Now you are choosing to murder me, us, in the interest of shutting me up! I believe you have always wanted me dead, this is why Rick tried to murder me, once he finished embezzling my trust, while publicly, for years during our marriage, subtly and flat out, telling anyone within earshot what a huge spender I was. A coverup, obviously to his embezzling!

But I didn’t die as he planned; perhaps my whole family was in on it, Rick was merely implementing the deed?

Instead I lived! Well now this must of really screwed things up for the embezzlers; I’d find out what they did. Sonny Van Bülow didn't unfortunately have this miracle:>((

And, I have, while you have collectively been trying to kill me off since; for 18 years. Actually I can even recall many other instances during my fake marriage, Rick attempting to murder me, and I wasn’t even aware at the time. I thought they were accidents:>(( You see when you love someone you never assume those you love are evil!

If what I’m claiming weren’t true, you’d collectively do something to assist me, such as invest in my talent, our talent, so we can re-build our business and take care of ourselves. There’s nobody on earth that knows my talent as much as my family; this is true in Larry’s family too as far as understanding his talent.

You can’t claim we won’t succeed, thereby lose your funds, we have already succeeded with our business together in Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado. I personally was successful in Michigan while Larry too was successful in California before we met.

The only instance where family, with great means such as you have independently or collectively would refuse to assist, a caring family member to the tune of $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 seed money, would only be if they wanted their family member dead; family wouldn’t otherwise treat a mother or sister as you treat me.

At the same time, your assistance now could bring on a lot of forgiveness of you after your financial betrayal of me. I don’t want my funds back; I can earn them if I can be designing and building our business.

http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/ (sorry but most of these designs are almost 20 years old now)

I’d actually consider this opportunity if I were you; it will lighten your load when you meet your maker.

We will die in the streets without something working out for us, such as great employment, or an investor; our situation prevents both opportunities for different reasons unless family or friends step in. Or an angel...

Family who know us can help, but they refuse?

Now why would this be? Please don’t insult me with “Because you’re writing about the family all over the Internet!” This is purely my last resort to your deplorable, despicable behavior.

We no longer have friends and this too is for obvious reasons so we can’t turn to anyone anymore! The homeless and penniless don’t have a social circle and in order to keep Rick's lie going that he actually earned the funds he and his family now have, he's continuing to fill the air with defamation of my character and false information about me; think Ted Bundy of finance here; you'll get the picture.

Obviously exactly what you have worked towards for the last 18 years at least. You must be so proud of yourselves? Why is it when there's a loving soul in your midst by which to learn, find guidance, receive encouragement and love; you instead become jealous and destroy that which only seeks your wholeness?

It's called love.

Here’s a tip; had you helped me back in 2000 when I was begging you for help, I wouldn’t have found out about the embezzlement, most likely; written a six book memoir, self-published one or adapted these books to screenplays. I’d be too busy working, designing and selling. Additionally if you'd have invested, as an equity partner, you'd be realizing an income off our business.

So your ugliness has backfired!

What I like best? God is watching you! And, Winnie is already experiencing Hell!

God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? He rather wanted me to find out just who my family actually was, is; knew the authorities would do nothing and so therefore wanted me to expose this outrageousness that not only affects me, but anyone doing business with any financial institution in the country.

You can’t say it’s because we have bad work ethic that you don't assist? Anyone who could survive as we have going through what we have had to contend with couldn’t do it for 18 years unless they were diehards to survival; just what a business has to have to succeed!

Your next comment will be, “People lent funds to them and just look how they squandered them away.” Right, when victims to financial crime end up homeless and penniless, their bills are higher than yours would ever be: purposely throwing at us $1,000.00 bills here and there over the last three years merely allowed us some small breathing room; then we returned to homelessness and penniless through no fault of our own. And most of these bills came from non blood group family or angels whom have shown up in the nick of time.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to live in a sleazy motel? Well it’s at least $1,000.00 more a month than a high-end apartment; $1,500.00 for a less expensive one. But we never have enough funds to even move; we’re too busy trying to keep our bills current and survive; not to mention if we had an apartment we wouldn't have to store our belongs which cost another $400.00 a month.

I know you aren’t so stupid as to not understand this, or are you? Sometimes I think it’s been worth it to send these small amounts in funds to us from a couple of you; spread out over weeks and weeks in the last three years; not at all before then! “It’s the price of doing business” as they say; it’s what it costs to kill your mother and sister! And, it only put you back a few $1,000.00. No return on these funds, mind you, but well spent. Right?

You can’t equally say I don’t know how to handle money; try living like we have for 18 years; one learns a lot about how to squeeze a dollar and manage horrific situations when you haven’t a dime to your name.

We know how to accomplish this too; an investor will benefit in relationship with us, financially, because we know about the crimes of financial institutions, which I assure you most in the public don’t. So we can protect an investor better than any financial institution or money manager.

Well possibly not better than an embezzler; they obviously know more than we do, we just know about the kind of crimes going on in every financial institution in this world, while there’s no legal recourse.

In fact anyone making an investment, with their hard earned funds, hard earned stolen funds by some of you, would best want to invest in a great idea after the business owner’s had been through what Larry and I have experienced. The risk to your funds is almost nill.

But, my family’s jealousy, and hatred of me, for telling the truth out weighs their greed.


We could have accomplished a lot together!

That’s okay; Larry and I will do it on our own.

Wait did I tell you what just happened today?

Nah, maybe I’ll write about it when I get time; I’ll allow you the suspense now; might not though because we’re going to be very busy.

Love you all; always will:>)) I just don’t want you in my life until you're willing to make amends; I believe you know what this would look like.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


When a well-loved adult daughter knows her loving mother will soon be living in the streets with only the clothes on her back; no money, work, car, identification or home, and does absolutely nothing about it, do you think she might want her mother dead?

My goodness what could her mother have done to deserve such treatment? Not that anyone, no matter what their problem is, deserves to live in the streets. However it makes some sense that grown children would blame, shame and neglect their mother if she were her own worst enemy; an abuser, horrific mother, horrible wife, a whore, a drunk, drug addict and more?

Nope, wrong; she was none of these; she was an heiress, and a loving mother and wife, whose husband, father and stepfather, to her three daughters embezzled and laundered all her money, her complete trust, as the financial elite helped by adjusting bank statements to reflect a lie…the lie was the money was there, when in fact it was slowly, over twenty-four years of marriage, being siphoned out into her husband’s failing business so he could pump the value up and sell it for almost 80M$s, the value of his wife’s trust left to her by her parents, both deceased, created by her great grandparents grueling work, while creating their own businesses in the middle 1800s.

A quality this wife and mother has never seen in her ex-husband or children.

But you see this heiress figured it all out while seeking for the answer to “Why” after twenty-four years of marriage, and still more years in mothering, her husband would suddenly try to kill her as her grown children exiled her…exactly upon the murder attempt?

Hum, I see it clearly now, but back then, 18 years ago, it all came as such a shock after years of what I believed to be a challenging marriage sometimes, but most of the time it was joyful, full; showered with good fortune and love from my soul. My daughters however, all three of them, were God’s gifts to me and I treated them as such; I had three very beautiful relationships with my daughters who always called me the best mother in the world: I loved them deeply. However I don’t believe they know what love is; they mimic instead two very jealous and greedy men I married, obviously my most dreaded mistakes.

Nevertheless my daughters continued to state I was the best mother over the years, even since the crisis in my life, instigated by my now ex-husband and financial elite…but I would continue to be exiled through 6 grandchildren and 18 years.

I even understand what happened here; it’s called jealousy and greed. I was independently wealthy which allowed me the time, energy and space to be as free as the wind: to do whatever I liked. Oh, and I did, which most of the time consisted of loving, caring and entertaining family and friends; enjoying activities with my husband and daughters; going back to school; obtaining an education in photography at the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit, and studying fashion design through Parson’s of New York mentoring.

What came first? Well that would be my family. What came first, first? It was my husband and daughters.

What am I punished for? I'm punished for being an heiress, as if it's my fault! I've been punished since as long as I can remember for this fact, while my sisters, daughters and other relies either had inheritances, as well, or would have in the future. I was generous with what I had; shared with everyone. My daughters would totally agree with this statement. Still, I shall be punished for being whom God brought me into the world to be.

Today, however, and since the attempt on my life my daughters all embrace the man, two men, who were and are out to destroy me, as well as my sisters who originally were stealing from me years earlier…just after my parents died.

I was 21 years old then.

My once precious daughters spend their holidays with their stepmother, a financial advisor, who allegedly helped my now ex-husband embezzle my funds. My grandchildren don’t have a clue to who I am? There truly isn’t anything crueler than this exile.

I know, as a cover-up to what my ex-husband did to me financially he’d often, during the divorce, call me Bipolar, Mentally Ill, Sick, Crazy, Nuts and announce to anyone who’d listen that I was having an affair…when the truth was he’d been having an affair both physically and financially with the financial advisor who is now his wife as of a month after his and my divorce was final.

Sure, I reported the financial crimes to all the proper authorities, in this country, many times over for many years; the more reports one makes to these authorities the more financial crimes will come after you until you’re homeless and penniless; they’ll even destroy your flourishing business so you can’t take care of yourself.

Because as a 50 year old woman, with very little employment experience, but lots of employer, you’ll obtain no employment and with no money you’ll obtain no re-education. Plus your credit will be unlawfully destroyed along with all the financial crimes committed against you. And, if you’re in business with someone else, as I was, who is also in his 50s; he won’t ever see employment again either. And, his credit will be destroyed, unlawfully, right along with yours.

This fact here is as shocking as the original crime committed against my trust and myself.

This is a picture of my business/life partner, Larry and my existence. The first part of the 18 years since my ex-husband tried to murder me were spent fighting financial crimes committed by the financial elite with Larry and I running our business; as of May 2007 we have been homeless and penniless albeit for a short time after the business had been destroyed we had a very small bank settlement and about ready to start over when these funds were embezzled too in 2010.

Do you think we might be targeted or don’t you believe in such?

I’m now 66 years old; Larry is close to the same. We have spent years, since 2007, either trying to rebuild our business, or get employment against all odds, I might add.

There will never be recourse for all the financial crimes committed against both Larry and I now, and it isn’t because there are no laws to protect the public; it’s because the laws aren’t upheld.

I personally believe, after what Larry and I have experienced and continue to see, these financial crimes are never investigated and they are committed as a slow murder to the victims. With the victims dead, the story of the financial crimes committed against them dies too.

It’s these unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes that are creating the homeless and penniless in this country. Once your credit is destroyed and you’re near 50 years old you’ll spend the rest of your life in pure survival mode. It will take months and months to find employment with all the challenges there are against you; churches, charities and agencies one pay’s taxes for or donates to absolutely do not help anyone. The shelters are full, yet most residents are lucky to be able to spend one night a month in one. If you have bills to pay they’ll be higher than most anyone elses would be, because if you’re homeless all your stuff is in storage, well that which you haven’t sold to survive. If through some employment or small gift from someone you’re able to retain a car, you’ll make three times higher monthly payments because of your destroyed credit. You’ll live in cheap motels that still cost more than an apartment to rent.

Our bills are as much as $3,500.00 a month with motels; last really good employment, but abusive, for Larry paid $2,800.00 a month. We can’t get into an apartment because of our bad credit; can’t afford to pay an agency that helps people like us get an apartment…so we are forced to remain in motels, the car or the streets.

If you trade your hard work ethic in from your career and business to now finding employment you’ll send out twenty résumés a day or more for months with no response, and if you’re lucky enough to get employment, it won’t pay what you need to sustain your bills, plus it will take you months before the employment starts and another two weeks before you’re paid; apparently it takes years to find decent employment…in fact it hasn’t happened for us yet and we’ve been seeking such since 2007; and we’re talented but the major issue is bad credit and our ages.

Yes, we have taken day work; often times you work all day and never get paid, or the job has already been given to someone else. Plus these jobs pay little!

Did you know almost all employment for people like us is full of abuse, crime and corruption? Sometimes you’ll work for two weeks and instead of the employer paying you, they’ll fire you for no cause, because there was none, but they got all their back laundry done until the next unsuspecting employee is hired for the same.

Motels do this!

No the labor union does nothing.

Larry and I happen to be lucky, we have talent and creativity; we were very successful in our business before the financial crimes destroyed it. It will take an investor, which we’ve sought for years, about $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 to set us on our feet long enough to start one of our quick money making ventures, which will create the funds to launch the fashion/furniture business we once had.

This has always been our goal, rebuild our business, but with destroyed credit finding lenders or investors are almost impossible. We have tried for years; creating business plans, financials and proposals for a multitude of businesses besides the one we had. We’re looking for the business venture that’s so good an investor will not care about our credit issues, brought on by crimes committed against us.

The only employment either Larry or I can retain is commission based, we’ve learned, and we can’t get enough money together, long enough, to get the time to start earning. We run out of the funds people have kindly loaned us before we can make any money.

One of the problems here is people won’t loan us enough money to pull us through, so we take what they’re willing to loan and inevitably run out of money before we can earn any ourselves or find another investor for more funds. But we rarely find them so run out of funds again.

Then these same people, who have kindly loaned us money, get furious with us because we just can’t f#@king get it together. We don’t really care who’s mad at us; we’re fighting for our lives here and often it feels like we’re losing the battle, while we’re treated as if we’re doing all this borrowing because something’s wrong with us?

Just this last fall we thought we had an investor in an old friend; she was considering an investment of $25,000.00, then she changed it to $12,000.00, then $6,250.00. This investor would have tripled her money by now on Larry’s work, his sculpture, especially during the holidays as country music fans saw it and ordered smaller bronzes from it. In the end, with only $6,250.00 we couldn’t even get into an apartment, much less have Larry build his original piece, so instead we borrowed the funds to survive and pay our bills for two months while we sought employment; there were plenty of bites to hire Larry, even a headhunter came after him paying him $150,000.00 a year with bonuses; but in the end Larry was passed over for a young kid. Since then he’s been hired three times in commission sales, but now we don’t have the funds to survive until he gets into the rhythm of learning the product and selling.

So my one daughter, my middle daughter, has been told now, after years of her exiling and coming back to me, about every five years, to check my pulse and see if I’m still alive, that I don’t want her contacting me anymore. “Why?” Well because she brings nothing to the table but religious music from You Tube and her prayers, so she says. She’s abusive, withholding, and secretive too. She did help us out with bills one month; she and her sister helped me obtain my Social Security, which could help us, but without one of us working, as well, gives us little; not even enough money a month to pay the car payments. My oldest daughter sent us a week’s worth of snack food. This is it though in over ten years of our homelessness and unemployment.

And, now since December 2015, my Social Security has been reduced by $200.00 plus.

It’s not that we aren’t grateful, we are, but these gestures are too small for the hugeness of our problem, which could be easily fixed with the right kind of assistance. Right now we get pulled out of despair for a short time, just to go back to it in less than a month.

What kind of daughters would sit back and watch me die, in the streets, with my partner and our wiener dog? For this matter what kind of family would allow this to go on? I have family members who could write a check, invest in Larry and my business, and make money off of us as equity investors. Larry has the same in his family; yet, their jealousy and hate for us overrides both their human decency and their quest to be rich.

If it weren’t for the kindness and patience of the people who run the latest motel we’re in, we’d be in the streets already as of two weeks ago. We’ve run into many angels on this ten-year journey of homelessness and pennilessness; most have been strangers.

I’ve begged my daughter, my middle daughter, to please seek through family and friends for an investor; one for just $25,000.00; I’ve asked her to please create a fundraiser for us otherwise. We can’t do it; we’ve tried. If you don’t have friends and family to start the donations, they’ll never come. And, the first thing victims, such as ourselves, lose are all their friends and family. And, homeless, penniless people don’t make new friends in their social circle who could donate to their cause.

In Larry and my case family have actually been the thieves, so this eliminates an avenue many people would have to seek for assistance.

Supposedly my middle daughter thinks I’m a creative genius; smart and very capable; she claims she highly respects me; has further constantly wished me well in rebuilding my partner and my business; all words because she refuses to put in the effort to help. She’s helped only enough for us to fail, then moved into her new house I've heard? I sure don't want to take away from my daughter moving into a new home, but the timing is odd in telling me considering I'm on my way to the streets again.

Larry, the Bu and I are praying for a miracle.

We actually obtained one investor a couple of years ago, as we sought $25,000.00. He was only able to invest $12,000.00 in the end, so we gratefully took these funds, got Larry’s prototype sculpture completed, while seeking a second investor so Larry could build the original; place it with the Country Music Hall of Fame where he’d receive orders for bronzes from country music fans. We couldn’t obtain our second investor, so haven’t been able to take this opportunity with CMHF; if we could have we’d be on our feet as of a year ago.

A couple of weeks ago, my middle adult daughter, after not speaking to me at all during the Holidays, because she was out west skiing I’d assume with her criminal stepfather and stepmother, text’s me with, “Hi! Mom how are you managing? Have you found work yet?”

It feels like she really meant, "Hi! Mom, are you dead yet?"

Of course she obviously knew we hadn’t found work yet, because she knows our challenges. I had already shared these challenges with her months ago.

I wrote her back with, “We don’t have the funds to get to work. Any work we have landed we’ve had to pass on; no funds for gas” or bus ticket for that matter.

For the next week I received total silence from my daughter. How does one, who LOVES, ignore anyone, she LOVES, with a message such as I left her?

She brings nothing to the table; I’ve finally released her with,

“I’m done! Don’t ever contact me again.”

I figure I’ve already lost everything I’ve ever owned; all those I’ve loved, and I am still being abused; or at least by my two oldest daughters; my youngest hasn’t spoken to me since 1999; well exile is abuse too.

I feel less grief and pain when I don’t have to revisit these emotions all the time and deal with poverty and homelessness.

I do wonder what God will say to my daughters, family and financial elite one day? I’d like to watch!

Meanwhile should this talent and ability go undone, while we live in the streets? http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

And, I'm counting on the Bible verse below:>))

Joel 2:25King James Version (KJV)

25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Happy New Year! I want to thank all of you; thousands of readers I’ve had since 2012 from all over the world; most from Russia and the United States.

I hope and pray you are heeding what you’re learning, on my blog, about the financial institutions, financial elite, courts, judges, attorneys and media by what I’m sharing?

The bottom line is, there is no place to invest your hard earned funds if it concerns a financial institution, money managers, stock brokers or financial elite, because they are corrupt and can adjust your monthly financial statements to reflect anything they choose; there are no authorities holding any of these financially powerful entities accountable. A trust written properly, to protect you, won’t! This is because the laws of a trust (or any other legal financial protection) are not upheld; the authorities and courts refuse to uphold these laws.

Read my blog again if you’re having trouble believing me. Your greatest take home value after reading my blog (and others with experiences like mine) is to listen to the victims of financial crimes, not the media!

The media is lying to the public.

It’s when our government gets concerned about how angry the public has become over illegal foreclosures and other outrageous financial crimes committed by the powerful against them, an article will show up, on Yahoo, about all the financial entities that are committing financial crimes against their customers being investigated and prosecuted.

One of the telltale signs that these articles aren’t true is this; there are so many so-called financially powerful entities committing crimes and now finally being investigated? Do you think there would be this many if they were in fear of being investigated and prosecuted for committing financial crimes? They aren’t because they aren’t investigated and they all know it!

My story alone should convince you, the only truth there is comes from the victims of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime.
Period! How can we help you financially? Well besides your equity investing in our God given talent, we can protect your money because we know the truth of what the financial institutions are doing; we have seen and experienced it!

My husband/business partner, Larry and I are coming off almost eighteen years of dealing with horrendous financial crimes committed by the powerful against us, purposely unaddressed by the proper authorities. In fact the more I reported the crimes the more crimes were committed against me/us, by those I reported, to the FBI, DOJ and other financial watchdogs.

Never mind the corrupt court system, judges and attorneys; they just make sure records are never subpoenaed, while paying each other off; therefore the best one can hope for in justice is an out of court settlement, which amounts to nothing in the end!

Or one can rebuild their lives, as Larry and I are working on.

There is one way to earn a good income in this world, and this is by creating one’s own business and investing in what you can see, feel and touch; you’ll need what we have learned in order to retain the funds you’ll earn through your business or investment; if you don’t know what we have learned you’ll lose your money to unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime, committed by your financial institution.

Do you want to go into business, become an equity investor, and really make some money? Do you want to have a better chance than most others to retain what you have earned based on the knowledge we have about finances, which is the truth to how to earn and keep your funds?

Let me know by emailing me first with your genuine interest in becoming an equity investor in; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

Larry and I have a number of completed business plans; some with the financials. We have already landed two very small investors, concerning Larry’s sculptures, which allowed us to advance in tiny ways, but not enough yet to really move forward. We still live in motels, our car and often threatened with landing in the streets. We have spent many past years struggling to survive, find justice, re-instate the once flourishing business, (blog address above) all the unaddressed financial crimes destroyed illegally, and even have come up with a number of great new ideas; one non-profit idea which will help humanity. We just need an equity investor for the fashions and furniture; the rest we can manage on our own once we again start bringing in money, as we once did with the fashion and furniture. We are seeking sponsors for the non-profit as well.

Most of all there is no justice because of the corruption in the government authorities and courts; there is exposure coming from a strong platform, which we seek once our businesses and non-profit are up and running.

The fact is, Larry and I can do this, but because of all the unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes committed against me first, then Larry, we cannot get loans with our illegally destroyed credit. What a shame that because of this fact, and without an investor, we’ll just wastefully perish into the streets to our death from starvation and exposure. Frankly I believe, after what we have seen, this is exactly what our USA Government is in cahoots with the financial institutions to accomplish. It’s like the unaddressed financial crimes are bad enough, but then the victims to them get hit again with their credit unlawfully destroyed.

Many positions in employment will not hire anyone with bad credit; if you’re in your sixties and have always been self-employed then forget it!
Think about it. Most of the time the only difference between you, who have employment, an income and a home, and us is you haven’t been struck by financial crimes yet committed by your financial institution. Contrary to what the media tells us, there are millions of talented, creative, hard working people living in the streets today because none of the authorities or courts do their jobs. All these homeless, penniless people would need is some support, possibly an equity investor in one of their ideas or inventions and they'd have their lives back, while the investor would be earning a lofty sum as well.

This is a fact!

Thank you,
Deborah Breuner