God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Book Reviews

It is said, by most spiritual teachers and leaders, that no matter what state your life is in one needs to be grateful for what they have no matter how little, in order for life to get better. I believe this. It is also said that one brings into their life what they think about. This I don’t believe.

There are few that had the beautiful life I once had or appreciated it more than I did. And it never occurred to me that a financial institution could embezzle, extort and launder 80M$s out of a trust account while never being held accountable…not even investigated? I wasn’t so stupid as to think there was no such thing as crime? No I knew there was but I believed in the law & legal process, while never fearful about financial loss when I should have been.


But I also know things happen for a reason and so even if I can’t see the whole picture now,I trust one day I will, while being fortunate enough to be truly loved:>) In the meantime, my book has been rated with five stars on Amazon while the first reviews, seen there too, are below along with comments taken from Facebook & Twitter.

"I could not put this book down until I finished it. I can't wait for the sequel. If you want to know if it's possible that banks can defraud an individual, then read this book. You will be shocked that something this outrageous as Deborah Breuner's true story occurs in America."

By Pamela Seley

So Merry Christmas America, I couldn’t be more grateful!

As of today there's more from Facebook:>)

Louis Gander shared your photo: "What happened to Deborah is happening to me. Despicable but true..."

Louis Gander commented on your photo.

Louis wrote: "I know that every word you said here is true. Every American needs to read your book. Good Luck!"

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jhughes2302 1 week ago

"I would love to hear Deborah on coast to coast"

Steve Decko 6 days ago

"These Types Of Fraud Are Now So Rampant Across The Globe -Your Pockets, Purse, Bank & Wallets Are Being Dipped And The Criminals Doing It Try To Tell Other's That You're "Just A Nutter" Or A "Conspiracy Theorist" Check Your Pockets Etc. And Find Out For Yourself!"

jmsipe 1 week ago

"Shinning example of a CEO they kill for 2¢ Criminal organizations are in charge.. Recent news story of Cannibal Cop who got busted and they are suppose to be busting a ring of them! She is lucky to be alive. The Government will watch her die!"

Now today January 2, 2013 I received this on Amazon:>)


Format:Kindle Edition

"This is a book of truth about Deborah' life and unfortunately many other people in the USA and also the rest of the world which are being totally misled by the legal and financial system as well as government fraudsters who are all looking after each other by either cash bungs or compromised situations which enabled control.
Deborah has wrote a fantastic story which has a lot of truth, any persons who read this book will be able to wake themselves up to any corruption which could possibly be taking place with any financial or mortgage,loans etc they may have.
I recommend this book highly it is a great read with a whole lot of family trauma and roller coaster legal issues...
Thanks for such a remarkable book Deborah, I salute you... :)
I guarantee you will get hooked on this story through to the end.."


And today this on Twitter:>))))

Steven ‏@pfsdriver

@MsGaslight Hi Deborah- hang in there I love the book- wishing you the best!!

Another Twitter support;

Steven ‏@pfsdriver

@MsGaslight Finished reading your book can't wait for the film and the sequel.:-)

And, these came to me over the last month on Facebook;

Mollyee Lou Awsome Book!

Awww thank you very much :) Your book was "fantastic" and I can't wait to read your next book! I only wish I could help bring these evil thugs to justice :/ /hugs this evil is wide spread I'm sad to say.

Yes :D it was really really good! I almost read it all in one night lol :)

Too cool! Maybe one day we can meet :) I absolutely will go to Amazon & write a review! Your bk should be required reading by every American! It took me right into your world & it was so cool to get to know you through your eyes & your story, or rather nightmare :/

Then today February 22, 2013 I received this on Facebook;>) wouldn't call it a book review but it is support for what I'm saying to Americans; I pray we are listening to and seeing the signs all around us that are warning of coming doom unless "we the people" do something!

Sally Li Deborah Breuner is one of THE most foremost human rights advocates in the world....I vote for her, rather than Hillary Clinton, as the FIRST LADY PRESIDENT!



By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



You know I wouldn’t be homeless, penniless and literally dying of starvation and exposure if it weren’t the fault of the United States of America and for which she stands, now that she’s led by the mob!

Paul Bertrand the head of the Los Angeles FBI has had all the documents of proof, to my situation, since the middle of 2009 and I would suspect done nothing, surely he hasn’t investigated the horrendous crimes committed against my trust and me or he’d have been in contact by now. He doesn’t return my phone calls or e-mails. He did before I forwarded to him over five lbs of records consisting of proof of these crimes; once he received these documents he promptly forgot all about the crimes and me; crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions. And, of course the whole process of sending my documents to the FBI was all-secretive; said to protect me? But I no longer believe this. The secretiveness is to protect the FBI so they can claim they never received these life-saving avenues to truth and therefore their not launching an investigation would make sense to anyone possibly of power looking into the situation or the public who might hear about it. Yet, I still possess the proof of mailing I received from the post office and I have nothing in writing from the FBI claiming they investigated and found nothing. No that would be too incriminating to just lie in writing so they ignore me with no letters or acknowledgements at all. Well I do have a number of e-mails from Mr. Bertrand asking for the documents. Still everything the FBI does from my perspective involves hiding federal crime not investigating and exposing it. The way the FBI hides crimes could be misconstrued as, “unfortunately we found no criminal activity” to the average American who has yet to experience outrageous federal crime by their financial institution or I’d suspect any other powerful entity.

However I’ve seen too much, even contacted other FBI offices around the country in multiple jurisdictions that apply to my (now our) situation, such as Detroit, Colorado and Idaho. I started this process back in 2002 and continued over the years. They have all ignored me once they receive the documents, often costing up to a hundred dollars just to fed-ex them out. A hundred dollars I had to scrape up from selling my belongings.

Yes, usually the horrendous embezzlement and extortion of funds, by financial institutions, out of consumers’ trust accounts takes every cent you have, destroys credit unlawfully and “Mafia Hits” the victim into the streets so they have no ability to fight back, obtain employment or government assistance. This happened to me starting in 1997 and the residuals are ongoing now almost into 2013. All my belongings are now gone along with five of my precious dogs…my family.

The main theme here is to hide these crimes from the public, throw the victim into the streets where they’ll die of starvation & exposure and by all means never allow the media to report it. This way the public will think the victim is crazy and lying. After all these victims no longer look like well put together people who dress appropriately. No they’re now vagrants who rarely get an opportunity to shower scrounging through the garbage for food.

No the churches & charities don’t help; another shock for the public to hear as they sit in their nice warm homes. But, it doesn’t bother them too long because they have their needs met. Their lives might be very stressful but homelessness and pennilessness with no possible way to retain an income is “wish I were dead” kind of stuff. What’s worse; victims are criticized for feeling like they would like to be dead rather than suffer anymore.

Food pantries are so difficult to qualify for that it isn’t worth the effort to show up at one, as if you are fortunate enough to get food, you’ll receive enough for two days depending on how many people in your family. Then you’ll receive the rules, which pretty much disqualifies you for the next time… a week later, often times a month later. And these are just the food pantries claiming they never turn anyone away. Another trick as you can see. They turn you away after receiving food for a day or two…it’s a prolonged starvation.

No whistleblowers are made to suffer by the powers that be just like my partner Larry, our precious dog BuBu,and I are suffering today and have been for years.

Kind people and good friends who have helped along the way with a little money here and there have given up on us. I can only assume, from what many have had the nerve to say, we are considered losers. The media sets the public up to believe this, even when people claim they don’t listen to the lying news, somehow the message still reaches them. Yet, there are few human beings who could withstand what we have been through as it gets worse everyday fighting the USA Government and their corruption! And no one will ever get back on their feet by having hundred dollar bills thrown at them, every other month or so, or even the occasional thousand dollars wired from a good friend. These funds extend a life of suffering they don’t solve anything.

The public unless they too have been victims to the federal crimes Larry and I have witnessed and experienced are like holocaust victims who have no clue that they’re on their way to the gas chambers. When they are told they don’t believe the warning. The citizens who know aren’t believed while the government makes sure we aren’t with every well thought out plan & tool in place. Their biggest tool is to address everything from behind closed doors of secrecy… their next, keep the media silenced!

My Christmas wish would be to have an honest, ethical, Constitutional attorney step forward to help us and soon. As of today we have no food, water, money or propane in our little barbecue. By January 31, 2013 we will be evicted from our tent and we no longer have a vehicle or phone. However if we don’t get some food soon we won’t live long enough to see this, so who cares?

Yes my followers have probably heard before about Larry, BuBu and my impending death and then we somehow survive. Maybe we will again, but with each hundred dollars we’ve received we have emerged in a mere day or two facing starvation, exposure to the elements and death again. Honestly I don’t know how many more chances we have? Today I don’t have the strength to even <i>Twitteri>, my only connection to the world yet slower than molasses. My computer is actually acting like there’s some interference, perhaps from the government? If you want to hear more click onto the link below for the radio program Voice of Humanity Show with, Masterofmanythings Kevin @k_m_allan I was on, or you can read the articles I’ve written about my situation that affects all Americans who do business with a financial institution or believe the federal government authorities, to whom our taxes flow, do one thing to protect you and your family.

Better yet treat yourself to the only protection you might ever have, exposure of a truth, protecting you and your family from what has destroyed our lives. Buy and read my memoir, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! Better do it quickly because if the government can stop the sale of this self-published book, they will, if they haven’t already been trying so far?

And should the need to donate cross your mind this holiday season please don’t give your hard earned money to churches or charities, they aren’t using these funds as they claim, while again the government authorities who are supposed to regulate this don't. Churches and charities are merely another breeding ground for federal crimes just as the financial institutions are. Find a family who’s desperately trying to get back on their feet; give your donations to them.

After reading my memoir I believe you’ll agree we’re all on our own in this country, unbeknownst to many, we will survive only by helping and supporting each other. Our government is purposely working hard to destroy us.

Happy Holidays

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Saturday, December 15, 2012



I was going to write an article today about government corruption and how it affects us all while most Americans are still screaming and complaining over social media about the unfairness going on in the world and which US candidate would have been better than Obama when in truth the complaining won’t change anything and political parties whether Democrat, Republican or Independent are all corrupt!

And the government, politicians, lobbyists and banking cartel are corruptly running our United States of America with a corrupt hand. Our US Government acts like the terrible banksters are controlling them? We the people believe this? Truth is our government could control the financial institutions; it’s their job and one of the reasons we pay federal income taxes. The government authorities are supposed to protect the public from financial abuse of the financial institutions. Or didn’t you know this?

Yes, if you complain to the US Attorney General, (at the moment Eric Holder) you’ll be ignored or sent on a wild goose chase to another so called government financial watchdog for help and ignored some more from behind closed doors of secrecy. Even if 80M$s has been embezzled from your trust account, by a financial institution, you will never be interviewed but instead “handled” by automatic obtuse form letters sent out by machine, never mentioning the crime you’ve complained of and from behind more closed doors of secrecy. With this you can spend, such as in my case, over twelve years dealing with it in one way or another; contacting every senator, congressman, assemblyman or governor and be ignored some more, while slowly dying in the streets. At the same time, being attacked by more crimes because of being a whistleblower!

What does one do with the anger? In my case I write! So far I’ve written a four-part memoir and my Sweetie, Larry and I together have educated ourselves and therefore written four scripts, adaptations of my memoir.

So you ask as I have been many times, “Why not just give up; get over it; go on with your life!” Yes, this is what many “we the sheeple” do and this is why these crimes continue and now completely out of hand! The other reason these crimes need to be addressed is because when victims report crimes we’re instead of listened to, “Mafia Hit” into a situation where we can’t get employment or government assistance. Whistleblowers in America, like any third world country, are murdered for exposing financial & government corruption. Or didn’t you know this?

Victims have two choices, die from neglect or die fighting for justice. There are no other avenues today.

Yes, the USA Government is committing horrific crimes against all Americans and sanctioning financial institutions to embezzle, extort and launder funds from our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. They are also allowing financial institutions to unlawfully foreclose on our homes as they use any method they choose. Then when you report these federal crimes to the proper government authorities you’re ignored.

Now, how do you think victims deal with being ignored after having their lives destroyed, ultimately by their government, because of horrific unaddressed crimes? Crimes the government agencies refuse to investigate, when they are the only entities that can investigate federal crime.

Civil law suits cannot fix these messes. Consumers using this method, out of complete desperation of not knowing where to turn, are finding themselves further victimized and receiving no justice whatsoever.

Well some Americans blame the financial institutions for controlling government. Right! This is like blaming employees for what’s wrong with our businesses. We’re responsible for our own businesses and whom we hire. How is it that the government can blame their employees (financial institutions) for stealing when they could investigate and charge them for a federal crime? But, somehow our government and the media have convinced the public that the bad ol’ banksters are being mean to the poor little government by taking all the monies? Come on sheeple get a grip on your selves!

Our government is the boss of what the financial institutions do but you see our government and the politicians get prizes from these financial institutions so they don’t want to do their jobs by punishing bad behavior? They might miss out on extra monies for themselves!

This is where my article takes a turn towards what has happened once again in this country today, while it’s entirely our government’s fault ultimately, because their corruption, refusing to do their jobs, has caused needless and horrendous suffering!

Can you imagine what these horrific crimes the government authorities purposely ignore are doing to the victims? Well we’ve seen this over and over with the random shootings going on in public places by angry Americans who just can’t handle something so they go out and terrorize people who should never be blamed! But the government authorities that should hear them don’t while held completely unaccountable? This does not in any way excuse the violent behavior some victims choose to exercise.

Hello sheeple, the government works for us not the other way around!

Of course I have no clue as to what this latest young man has dealt with in his life that would cause him to commit such a horrific crime as he did today in Newtown, Conn. We may never know, because we’ll never get the truth, first of all. The media will spin everything towards what they choose, obviously guided by the powers that be.

Then like, the Colorado shooting earlier this year, we might learn about all the drugs prescribed to this young man, while no one had a clue to what the side effects would turn out to be for these drugs, especially the psychiatrist who prescribed them. Ultimately this is the government’s fault again for not regulating the drugs that our doctors prescribe, while adding this to ignoring situations that destroy citizens’ lives to the point where they need to see a psychiatrist just so they can deal with these horrific injustices.

What is our Surgeon General doing these days? I had to look her up to even find out she’s a she and get her name?

Have you noticed in society today, ultimately created by the government, secured by the media, that human emotions are considered mental illness with titles and descriptions that boggle the mind? The truth? People are reacting to unaddressed injustices and don’t know where to put their f---ing anger! How does a twenty or thirty year old know how to do this when their mind has been insulted with chemicals and their rights as human beings demolished by their own government? Their parents often times drugged to the hilt because of many injustices that should have been handled by authorities and instead ignored also?

Some victims, not all, crack!

Now the media is all over the, seemingly unexplainable, horrific crimes as they manipulate truth and spin facts when they could have reported the original crime a long time ago. That would be a crime such as an embezzlement of a trust account by a bank that put a victim into the streets when it was reported and the government authorities refuse to investigate…worse yet they purposely ignore!

What do the unhealthy, drug induced victims of horrendous crimes do with their anger while the media actually blames the victims for being victimized, when ultimately the fault lies with government apathy and corruption. These victims end up acting out by committing outrageous acts against innocent!

Believe me our government uses all the experts they can on many fronts but psychological warfare would be one they can use from their desk chairs, from behind closed doors of secrecy, and through the media, in manipulating the public!

With the corruption in the government that I’ve witnessed I’m confident they are able to make many perfectly healthy people mentally ill with their abuse and mentally ill people violent! Then add the prescription medication given that the government authorities refuse to regulate.

Have Americans figured out yet that our government, through the media, can tell us and withhold just about anything they want? We have no way to know what’s true? Our government must get a real kick out of watching and listening to, we the sheeple, repeat information that they created to defer us from real concerns!

No the media would rather report a school shooting that took many young innocent lives than handle a report to save lives by warning citizens of dangerous situations, drugs, people, criminal financial institutions and government corruption. They could be helping to stop crimes but instead they perpetuate them!

The grief I feel today has paralyzed me, as I’m confident it has done the same and worse to the families of these poor innocent children and teachers. I can only pray that they will go to a better place and those left behind will find meaning in their great loss which they have no clue of today. Perhaps their love ones died as a catalyst for change in this country. I pray this is true and that one day their families will be able to honor the sacrifice their love ones made by their death in exchange for truth and exposure of government corruption!

As far as this young man is concerned who committed these crimes, there isn’t any justification no matter what had happened to him, only explanation and hopefully our understanding how to prevent these kinds of crimes in the future. I personally feel, because of my experience with government authorities and media not doing their jobs, this is where change must first be realized. These kinds of crimes have now become rampant in society as is evident in just this past year. Then we have Obama saying, “ Our hearts are broken today.” Of course they are! If crime, in this country, weren’t hidden by government, which Obama knows all about, but instead addressed, people would possibly think twice about committing horrific crime; others would be warned on how to protect themselves and there would be far fewer broken hearts.

Believe me, it wouldn’t matter who was in office today as president of the USA, they too know how corrupt our government truly is as they stand in front of the public shedding tears over a tragedy that could have been prevented if it weren’t for their greed & corruption! In fact this wasn’t a tragedy as we all loosely call it; tragedies are horrible accidents where no one has control and could do nothing to prevent it; this was a massacre created originally by government apathy and corruption!

This young boy today was only twenty years old. What could possibly have caused him to commit these crimes such as he did? Was he on a drug prescribed for one of the new attention disorders, our government doesn’t make sure is safe because they’re more interested in the kick back they may receive by allowing these drugs to sell to the masses?

When I raised my daughters in the 70s and 80s the schools were just beginning to suggest a whole classroom full of kids had a number of emotional and mental illnesses that required a new drug the government approved? I wouldn’t allow any of my daughters to take these drugs and refused to even discuss the idea. As it turned out most children weren’t ill as the school suggested, while they were taking their clues from the USA Government!

By the way Obama, this massacre isn’t about controlling guns, its about all the things government does against the people to hurt them because of government and politician greed. Do right by the people and they won’t crack under pressure needlessly killing. Taking our last and only protection away from us is merely your Hitler way of controlling us more so we’ll lose all our rights. Most all our rights are gone now!

If a few teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary School had guns on them, perhaps there would be fewer victims?

You want to make an example out of this twenty-year old boy? Be honest Obama, was this young man taking some new drug our government allowed on the market when they knew (you knew) it was unsafe?

“Guns don’t kill people; people do” and one of the best ways to see a normally good person kill would be if they were taking a drug our government should have pronounced unsafe. But hell I doubt our government conducts testing on these drugs nor would they care if the drugs were found unsafe. They may even suggest certain drugs purposely to people on the edge so they will commit horrific crimes? A very sick way to get otherwise unpopular legislation passed?

Our government is either approving drugs purposely so that people will crack up and kill or they are approving unsafe drugs for the financial kick back they get. Perhaps they just want to lighten up on the population?

Do you want to know what’s really sickening? We have the technology and wisdom to stop crimes such as what we’ve seen today and many others that destroy lives, but this information must be in the hands of great, God-fearing leaders, while it’s not. Instead all the wonderful knowledge we’ve acquired over thousands of years is in the hands of monsters that use this knowledge, from behind closed doors of secrecy, to manipulate and destroy their fellow human beings because of their need for power and money.

Obama is quoted as saying, “We’ll take meaningful action” Is this concerning the horrific abundance of shootings in the USA? Whatever could he mean when he knows how corrupt the government is and because of this corruption the reason for many crimes can be explained though he chooses to continue to hide these reasons? He’ll use this as the tipping point to ban guns from every American, which puts us all in the position where we’ll die of gunshot by either police or government.

I can’t even repeat what I’m thinking right now!

Gee I wonder why Obama conjured up the few tears we saw today? Was this because he fears the people will finally hold government accountable or was it a psychopathic act? I am confident that no matter who is president Americans would see the same, phony concern from a leader who knows much more than he/she is revealing.

Now one day after this outrageous massacre the MSM is announcing the evidence found in the home of the twenty year old assailant, but silently using bogus legal reasons as to why they can’t reveal what this evidence is? Truth is investigators may be hiding medication prescribed to this young man that sent him over the top and they're protecting the physician who prescribed the concoction? Or perhaps it’s some other issue where the government could have intervened and didn’t because they absolutely never do their jobs! Who the hell knows and this is exactly where the investigation will be in the end…nowhere: no honest information, more legal stalling techniques, lies and corruption!

I’m hoping and praying Americans are finally at a tipping point where they have had enough!

My heart and prayers are with the friends and families of these precious souls who have left this earth way too soon.

By; Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Called Christians Are Destroying This Country


So if you’ve been following my story via the blog I’ve created then you’ll easily understand what I’m about to say and continue to expound upon in this article.

We have enough problems in this country just because of government corruption but to add insult to injury we must suffer through the so-called “Christians.” Well people who call themselves Christians and clearly aren’t. However like a psychopath or sociopath fools us into a false sense of friendship many so-called Christians do the same as far as convincing us that they’re “Godly” and they want to help those of us whom have been victimized and could use a hand up.

It is true that I’ve become suspicious when I hear from a new friend before much else, “I’m a Christian.” Whoa, bells go off in my brain warning, “Don’t believe them, anyone who needs to tell you first thing that they’re Christian clearly is a false ‘profit’ and after money or something else.” But apparently these false “profits” (prophets) have gotten word that the rest of us are on to them so they have come up with another trick. They don’t mention their Christianity but instead proceed to screw you over while spouting Bible verses once in awhile and acting as if they totally understand your heart. Once they get your trust they stab you in the back, just like a psychopath or sociopath, but with the Bible in their hand, which they choose to beat you up with. Could there possibly be anything worse?

So-called Christians who beat their prey up with the Bible drawing blood!

Oh my God I’ve even met some who’ve called themselves Priest, Dean, Pastor or Minister depending on their religious affiliation. They all advertize all over their church websites how they help the homeless & penniless, victims of crime and elderly without family.

Uh! They do not!

I’ve had much experience with this and I’m here to tell you I haven’t run into a church yet that helps anyone other than to wash their feet on Wednesdays, I believe once a month, and give out twenty-five dollar gift cards for groceries at particular stores not even close to the vicinity where one might be bedding down under a bridge. So not at all convenient, but then again homeless and penniless victims of federal crimes are constantly being re-victimized by the corrupt system that destroyed their lives in the first place. Most of the time one hears, “Sorry call at the beginning of next month. Right now we’re clean out of those cards.”

Hum, this happens every single month no matter what so I wonder who actually cleans up with these cards?

I know Larry, BuBu and I have never received anything from a church that we’re aware of. I only say this because a new friend of ours, and church member of a Seventh Day Adventist church, helped us one month stay in our tent and it’s a big secret as to how? So I have no idea if there was money involved? In all honesty I don’t believe there was; perhaps our friend just put in a good word for us in prayer? She has also been very helpful in driving me to the store when I have money for groceries and bringing food to Larry and me when she’s cleaning out her refrigerator. So this is nice but it isn’t helping us out of our dilemma, ultimately brought on by government corruption and federal crime.

And here in lies the problem. Our USA Government, politicians, attorneys, judges, financial institutions and media are so corrupt that there are very few citizens who aren’t attacked by some horrendous crime that destroys their lives in this country. All the while, because of what the media tells the public, we the victims are victimized many times more by the lies media tells about us; the proper authorities refusing to investigate the crimes, attorneys hiding evidence from the judges or the judges just being plain old corrupt. To add more insult to injury, the churches and charities of today are as corrupt as the government and other powerful professionals. I like to lump them all together and call them “The Fort.”

Consequently, America is in dyer trouble. Not so much because of the corrupt powerful of the fort, committing crimes, but because of those in the public watching these horrendous crimes occur, while not being addressed by the authorities, and doing absolutely nothing about them! Few in the public will even step forward and help their fellow American who’s suffering? Instead they act arrogantly cocky about how what has happened to these victims is their own dam fault and they’re so smart that it won’t happen to them!

Oh my God, what a huge mistake and the demise of America! The strongest refuse to help their weaker, damaged and in pain fellow Americans, so what happens? America is being defended by those of us stripped of all abilities to fight from a strong position, because of unaddressed crimes committed against us. We are the wounded, stripped of homes and finances, fighting the powerful corrupt, while our fellow Americans, not yet destroyed, wallow in denial!

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.

Winston S. Churchill

And the Christians, where are they? I’ve met very few and the ones who are don’t call themselves Christians, they just act like Christians; often don’t belong to a church. Why would this be? Well I believe this is because many leaders of churches today have only one goal, they want to be Rock Stars, not bring wisdom, comfort and belief in God.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Minute Reprieve From The Warden!


Ta-da! A reprieve from living under a bridge with our Mac computer being caddied behind us, while we’re dressed in as many clothes as we can wear all at the same time:>) Our campground owner/warden is giving us until January 30, 2013 to leave our tent, if we can scrounge up another piece of art to give him, from our storage unit, as payment. We can, most probably, find something amidst 20 by 30 feet of boxes, possibly something we’ve forgotten we own? Meanwhile we don’t have the money to pay the storage so on December 10, 2012 we’ll be locked out of our unit. Fortunately we’ve recently obtained a couple of small & helpful donations so we can eat but there’s a choice to be made; storage with all legal documents; family photos and clothes or food? We’ve chosen food. And, our dilemma never ends! We’re going on thirteen years now!

My life and situation is a metaphor to the rest of the world; I’m an example to what is coming for all mankind no matter what they are worth. People must stop thinking that because I was wealthy I had one, the good fortune to have had money once and two since I did have money I deserved what happened to me? That is to have my complete trust account worth 80M$ embezzled, extorted and laundered by a few financial elite, trustees, attorneys and financial institutions that helped. Then to add insult to injury, and the largest crime of all, the government authorities paid by “all” our taxes to protect us from financial abuse continue to ignore this crime, along with the many more born from it, and an obvious purposeful act to destroy my small family and me? We must be shut up so the rest of society doesn’t know about these unaddressed crimes.

But you see what’s happened to me and my family concerns everyone who keeps money in any kind of financial institution! The issue is not about what I once had, or how much I was worth, but what having it all stolen by the powers that be has done to my life…left me penniless & homeless. Suddenly you and me are on the same page aren’t we now?

No, the government isn’t just going after those of us who aren’t part of the wealthy posse, one percent, they are going after whomever they choose, poor and wealthy alike; their goal is to render us all penniless and homeless, unable to retain employment or government assistance. And they are committing many crimes to do this including of course federal crimes.

My family and I are your metaphor; listen up; pay attention.

It’s all chronicled in my first book, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! It’s available on ebook or trade paperback at: deborahbreuner.blogspot.com. A memoir addressing thirteen years uncovering, by default, a truth about our US Government that ninety percent of the public has no clue about. In order to get this knowledge one would have to go through what my partner Larry and I have experienced with every government agency ever created with our tax dollars. Once you have read this book you’ll understand exactly what is going on in our US Government behind the public’s back…until a victim is peeled away.

As this victim or the victims emerge from the shock of hidden truth, to share with the public, they often aren’t believed as I’d imagine a holocaust survivor might have been received if they somehow escaped, the gas chambers, long enough to warn the next group of Jews to be exterminated. Unfortunately many would not be convinced so therefore would die.

I believe, after what I’ve seen and experienced, that our US Government has learned from Hitler what not to do while completing the same tasks he implemented. “By no means make it possible that anyone in the public know what is really going on…keep everything hidden. If a victim should emerge somehow to share call them ‘nuts’ and ignore their complaints to authorities; punish their efforts to report by actually preventing them from retaining employment or receiving employment benefits of any kind. They’ll die in the streets while they’ll be less heard than a dying seagull in the middle of the ocean”.

There you go America, if we the people don’t start listening to each other, instead of the so called ”experts” who might be plants, by our government, to keep us diverted from the truth we are all going down…my life shows we’re on our way and without revolt to this you’ll be next.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Thursday, November 29, 2012



It is said and understood that when one comes to the end of their life, or believes they have, there’s a calm that comes over them of acceptance. Obviously, survivors of near death experiences often report this calm. In our minds we see near death experiences as sudden threats to our life such as an auto accident, near miss plane crash, medical procedure gone wrong and terminal illness.

But there is another death experience occurring today all over the USA; it’s not near death, it’s plain old death that we know is coming very slowly and painfully! It’s called dying of starvation and exposure while living in the streets. What’s sad about this death is it can and should be prevented by simple caring about another human, which our government surely has demonstrated, they do not, and society mostly embraces the same attitude! Who teaches society to treat each other in this manner? I believe it’s our leaders. They are supposed to be above the rest of us setting an example, while they do not. Instead they are the biggest criminals in society.

Acceptance of death because of this doesn’t come as easily because with acceptance one must accept the cruelty of our US Government and the people; a government and people who could if they chose actually put themselves out for another human but they just can’t be bothered. We can’t even help the vets, as they return home, from fighting for our freedom. Worse yet, we actually have no freedom in America anymore so these warriors are fighting for what? Many even know about the inside jobs, also known as domestic terrorism, our own government has concocted against the USA and the people.

When we see another human being suffering from starvation and exposure in the USA we do a number of useless things that apparently allows us to feel good about ourselves, but not much of this entails actual help. The government doesn’t care, while the public in general thinks little about their fellow human being other than, “don’t bother me.”

Our charities and churches refuse to help victims, they’re busy hording all donations, while the government ignores this crime too. Food banks for the starving make victims jump through so many hoops to get food that it just isn’t worth the effort. Hungry victims are just better off rummaging through the garbage.

The US Government to whom our taxes are paid to protect us from financial abuse by financial institutions and abuse from other entities instead does nothing; they ignore crimes destroying lives from behind closed doors of secrecy.

One remark often coming from the general public about poor starving victims standing on street corners begging for $5.00 is cruel. From out of car door windows fly’s cash and yells “Why don’t you just get a job” then the driver hits the gas pedal and storms away in a shiny new vehicle with a huge loan against it? Unbeknownst to them, because of just this one loan they could be next, begging for money!

Well if these victims became such because they were victimized by a financial institution, they most likely can’t get employment or government assistance. This is the government punishment, a Mafia Hit, given for whistle blowing to the, US Attorney General, about outrageous federal crimes committed in this country against them by financial institutions. Therefore a customer with a trust account worth 80M$ can in an instant be rendered homeless and penniless as the financial institution steals every cent or illegally forecloses on any property their customer may own, even outright, with no loans against it. Yes, if a financial institution decides to attack their customer with embezzlement, extortion or laundering their funds they just arrogantly do it confident our US government will either sanction their deed or ignore it.

In other words ladies and gentlemen, we’re on our own. There’s no one to turn to if this kind of crime hits you or your family. The truth is the entities committing the crimes are our government leaders, authorities, financial elite, attorneys, judges and media while we continue to pay taxes, basically sanctioning these crimes, paying for their continuance; padding the pockets of those who committed the federal and other crimes.

We have no one on our side but each other and therefore it’s time to start reaching out to help and support each other. We must start considering that these outrageous crimes will continue since few of us seem to care about stopping them. I assume this is because we haven’t had our lives destroyed by federal crime yet. I guarantee we will in one form or another! It might attack through our pensions, insurance coverage and taxes or out and out theft of funds out of our, checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, but it will happen and when it does we’ll likely die in the streets feeling every last pain of starvation and exposure.

Ultimately these crimes are all to be blamed on the US Government because they allow the entities who commit them to do so with no consequences. For crying out loud, our children have more integrity before they're taught what it is!

The general public, still in denial, walks past homeless victims disgusted by a plight, soon to attack them. The government employees, those of the posse that is, trust they’ll never suffer anything like this. And, they’re hopping to be correct, though they are controlled like robots unable to use their God given talents.

We’re looking at another Hitler regime here! Does anyone get it?

And while many people wallow in jealousy over their neighbor who has more than they do, the financial institutions and our US Government are making sure no one flourishes. Those of us with money will have it stolen; those of us battling to make ends meet will never move past the battle. Those who work for the government have promises that they will always be taken care of but with the rest of society dying off from starvation and failed survival nothing new will ever be born; creativity bringing new ideas that made this country once great will be gone; government will no longer be able to pay employees even if they continue to steal funds from the rest of society to do so.

Wait a minute we’re already here! Hitler rules America! And a large number of us have drunk so much Kool-Aide we actually voted him back into office, or are the electoral votes still another American criminal enterprise?

Next, we’ll be marched into FEMA camps and murdered! Better yet the new and improved government murders take place like Larry, BuBu and mine are in process of. Embezzle and extort all we owned; refuse to investigate the federal crimes involved: mafia hit us to streets unable to get employment or government assistance where we’ll die! Have media announce our street deaths, and all others, as natural causes and hide, from the public, the federal crimes that put us there in the first place. Why? So the crimes may continue and come after you in the future. Why? Because the US Government wants all the money and you dead! And please don’t say to me, “Well this doesn’t concern us, we don’t have the money you had.” Oh my God, this isn’t the point! All assets from everyone, no matter how few or many, the government wants! And when you’ve been rendered penniless by the powers that be it doesn’t matter about how much was stolen; it matters that nothing will ever be done, and the conspiracy to silence & kill the victim is more outrageous than Hollywood could ever create.


Where are Larry, BuBu and I in this process? We’re somewhere between death and the media lying to you about cause!

Yes, and we’ve fought long and hard to survive for a good twelve years; even written books; scripts and articles as a way to inform others and save our lives, but it looks like our US government has won. As of December 1, 2012 Larry, BuBu and I will be on foot with nothing but what we can carry on our backs. Anything we have accomplished through the years, though there have been a number of angels along the way, has been through our efforts and now these will be lost while government officials follow me on Twitter? Not one, paid by our taxes, authority has helped.

The people who have helped certainly couldn’t afford to but did anyway, but no one has been able or willing to help save our lives, with a job for instance or purchase the books and scripts. In fact Larry and I just had our first offer to read one of our scripts a couple of weeks ago by someone in the movie industry who has many IMDB credits. It received a high five! But, still we’re on our way to live under a bridge or inside a cardboard box? What a waste of life and our work. What’s worse our work exposes these crimes, involving both liberals and conservatives, while helping society. So we can’t deter facts with the correct politics.I haven’t met a politician yet who isn’t a criminal!

We have managed through the assistance of a few more angels to get one of my books, self-published on Amazon and Smashwords. They loaned me money and gave of their time so this could be accomplished. Others have featured my book on their blogs and websites. A large number more are purchasing but we won’t see any money until the end of January 2013. I’ve waited over a year for Simon & Schuster and Random House along with two other large publishers who have my book proposal to accept or reject me. Needless to say they have done neither. So apparently along with the entire moral decay of America it’s acceptable, as four of the top publishing houses, to just ignore requested (by them) book proposals from authors?

No, my family and I may be going down but we’re not going calmly! Besides this, I know God’s on our side:>)

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gods's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

Book cover to a saga that can save your financial lives; because you'll have knowledge for protection.

I’m not sure if there’s anything more painful in life than to know the family you've loved with all your heart for over forty years wants you dead! And these years pertain to your children only. You’ve got family of origin, excluding loving parents who died fifty years ago, extended family and 2 ex-husbands too. And you've known them for many more years longer.
They all want me dead!
Without knowing why you might come to a quick conclusion that I’m a problem of some kind? You know like mentally or physically ill, while sucking the life out of my family’s time? Or perhaps I’m a flaming bitch who makes others quiver whenever I’m present? But possibly I’m a drug addict or alcoholic? Perhaps I’m both! I could be ugly as sin and an embarrassment to all who are related to me and smell badly too?
Nope, none of the above!
My problem consists of being an heiress (but anyone with money who isn’t part of the posse would experience the same symptoms; finally death as well) which is a very dangerous disease and it kills; fortunately it isn’t communicable but if acquired, deadly! No one wants to put up with an heiress especially after they have embezzled, extorted and laundered her funds and she knows it. Looking at her everyday in the face is very painful and obnoxious. So the best advice a thieving family and a number of financial institutions can heed is kill the little bitch but do it right! Use the system and you’ll never get caught! Besides little Ms. Heiress should suffer long and hard because how dare she have money, in spite of the fact she’s extremely generous, and for her children even created trusts that would make their lives easier.
No being an heiress is a horrible disease, while the death process extremely painful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! What’s worse the greed that causes the long, slow death for the heiress usually consists of a village of financial elite, unethical attorneys and horrid family members, so difficult to lasso them all up and prosecute, or so I’m often told…might as well let the crimes go, it’s easier? Besides our US legal system protects them more than me. If not because the attorneys know how to keep things out of court: it’s because our legal system has loopholes in the laws that allow many delays leaving a case never to be resolved while little Ms. Heiress dies.
The dumb thieves drug their heiress putting her into a coma or mental hospital. Sometimes they just shoot her! The smart ones spend years in plan mode; gather other greedy financial villains, financial institutions and family members, behind Ms. Heiresses back, with promises to a cut of the pie. They consider the heiresses’ personality and commandeer family members to give her exactly what her dreams have always dictated.
She’s about wanting a loving family?
Did you know being poor because of unaddressed federal crimes puts you in a position to be punished further by society, laws, rules, authorities, government authorities and circumstances?
So there’s nothing to be done if you happen to have been of wealth and your funds were embezzled out of your trust account. You will die in the streets where all the other victims have vanished to if they weren’t drugged to death or shot in the head by a hired gun.

However you could write a book or five and adapt them all to scripts, thereby not only helping yourself but exposing secret information to the public that our US Government wants hidden concerning the financial institutions in this country The first book, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control is available starting tonight at 9:00PM PST on Amazon e-books: Enjoy

By: Deborah Breuner

Monday, November 12, 2012

Part 2; Shame On US

                                             Angel of Protection-Angels Wallpaper

               Barack Obama Devil hi-res  pictures
I woke up this morning freezing cold in spite of a small heater since our tent door will no longer zip; desperately needing a shower after three days with none; hungry as hell since all the two of us have had to eat in a week is soup twice a day. Thank God there’s plenty of dog food for BuBu:>)
What’s more our prospect for great success looks really good but we don’t have a cent to our name at the moment. Larry has three possibilities for employment; most likely hired, but the employers are in no hurry to cinch the deal. We really don’t know for sure what’s going on since both Larry and I have always had our own businesses, which should work, in our favor, but it doesn’t? Employers want to be able to ask another employer, who could be a psychopath mind you, if a job seeker is a good risk?
I’m wondering why employers can’t interview you and decide for themselves? And, anyone who’s had experience running their own business, (which they could verify by going to Google) knows more about the work ethic than many who haven’t, but…..
Also by November 20, 2012 my book should be ready to send to Amazon as an E-Book; twelve hours later the book will be available for sale. Sounds easy enough. Learning to write; punctuate and do exactly what agents and publishers demand is the hard part because they all want something different, while we were and still are dependant on the book to save our lives. We learned five years ago, the sale of our writing, whether it’s my books or the scripts Larry and I have written together, is our only hope to ever get our lives back. So on top of struggling to survive as in eating, having quarters to do laundry, living in a tent and earning money to sustain ourselves with no employment, we have been also struggling with the learning curb. It’s been very stressful to say the least. And now we no longer even have a car or cell phone and on December 1, 2012 we’ll be evicted from our tent.
Yes we’re in a time crunch, while our present situation was all brought on by unaddressed by government authorities federal crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions and trustees against my trust and me; eventually against Larry too. But the ultimate crime is that the government authorities, from behind closed doors of secrecy, ignore these crimes; the same crimes the public understands and believes they’re protected from by at present, Attorney General Holder, who’s job it is to launch investigations into financial institutions who unlawfully foreclose; embezzle, extort and launder funds out of your account; accounts like checking, savings, trust and stock accounts.
What we didn’t understand at the time of discovering these crimes, and still shocked about today is if a victim to federal crime, committed by financial institutions, reports the crimes to the proper authorities including and especially the attorney general they’ll get a “Mafia Hit” into the streets to die. There will be no investigation into the crime(s) in spite of the fact that the public might hear about one or two ongoing investigations into large stock brokerage houses from the media. These reports are bogus, meant to calm the public. And, here’s some proof to what I claim; you’ve never heard a word about KeyBank, NBD (Chase), Paine Webber (UBS), Shearson Lehman, McDonald Investments, Raymond James, or Edward Jones committing the crimes against us but from me. Many would say, “Well see it’s just you claiming this; there’s no proof.” I say, “Wrong! I have proof; this is why the ‘Powers That Be’ refuse to acknowledge my documents; conduct an interview; report the crime or answer my letters with anything more than ‘sociopathic obtusity’. The government and government authorities’ way of refraining from putting anything in writing that could incriminate them. And they can only be held accountable by the public, as there’s on one above them but the public. They also know the public, in general, won’t do anything but complain over social media so who cares?
Sounds like a Sunday night four-part mini-series doesn’t it?
What does the Mafia Hit look like? Well your credit will be unlawfully destroyed so just because of this, eliminating all other horrid acts, you and your spouse will be unable to retain employment; if before the federal crimes attacked, and destroyed your life you were self-employed, you’ll never get work unless you have a good friend who will hire you.  But more often than not this won’t work either because our government in cahoots with the financial institutions(s) who committed the horrid federal crimes also does a number on your reputation; it’s called defamation of character in the public sector; banks can do anything they want while never being held accountable.  And this defamation of your character will follow you the rest of your life, while no one will ever file a lawsuit over it or for any other broken law including federal crime a financial institution commits against you. Why? Well there are many devious reasons but the bottom line is twofold; federal crimes can only be addressed by government authorities who escape their responsibilities with lying form letters in response to a victims’ many complaints; the other reason is because, though an attorney might take your case on it’s normally for devious reasons; taking every dime you have left. Otherwise they’d prefer to represent the financial institutions where they know they’ll be paid. Destroyed by financial institution victims, although entitled to justice, aren’t good risks for any devious or honest law firm. And, to anybody without the experience and knowledge, about that which I speak, they’re going to judge you, mostly because they see the legal world not helping, so you’ve just lost another friend. Inexperience on their part, allows them to believe if the law isn’t helping you; or you’ve lost a lawsuit it must be because you’re in the wrong; the crimes of the financial institution are all in your head.
Well they just couldn’t be more incorrect, while the powers that be count on the public not believing you. And they have taken every step possible to make sure the public doesn’t.
Unfortunately the public has very little knowledge about what I’m talking about, unless they’ve been victims, and if they have they’re usually murdered before they get anyone to listen to them. Murdered by starvation, exposure and suicide. Charities and churches do not help; contrary to what the public has been assured of… contrary to what the public is lead to believe their federal taxes are used for.
From what I’ve witnessed, financial institutions can murder a customer and there will never be a word said. How do I know? Well because between the financial institutions and our US Government Larry and I are purposely and slowly being murdered and there’s proof they know all about it.
And here’s a telling question. Who’s ever going to hold the government and financial institutions accountable for the crimes they commit? No one, that’s why they commit so many and such huge ones. In my case they stole 80M$ out of my trust account and unlawfully foreclosed on two multi-million dollar homes. The more reports I filed with the government authorities against the financial institutions the more the crimes continued until Larry and I landed in the streets with no possible way to take care of ourselves other than what we could figure out that didn’t involve a credit check. This would be acting or writing. Larry and I have done both.
And, here’s something else I’ve learned. The public without insurmountable problems can’t survive in society today without great credit and you can’t have any credit score unless you’re paying bills and have a loan payment. So we’re forced into borrowing money in one way or another, which makes us vulnerable to financial institutions committing federal crimes against us. Plus if your credit is bad, accomplished by the crimes of your bank then you might as well stop living because if you don’t choose this route yourself, your circumstances will. Plus, with the inflated prices, few will ever regain their lives back, after a federal crime attack, by paying cash for anything, so the cycle starts again…the banks have a return victim.
The bottom line, serious financial crimes committed in this country by financial institutions or financial elite have a pass….they can commit any crimes they choose and get away with them. It’s part of “TheFort.” The fort consists of all those in this country whom are our leaders and the attorneys and media that help protect them.
This leaves the victims, of these horrendous financial crimes that render one homeless and penniless, to relying on their family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances for help, while the only help a victim will find is from acquaintances who often don’t have much more then they do. The victims to these federal crimes lose their family, friends and neighbors by the first rumor, all be it not true. And, the media purposely doesn’t help by instruction from the powers that be to spin reports towards the financial institutions against the consumer. Then the politicians, even in an election year, refuse to debate about these unlawful foreclosures and other outrageous federal crimes the financial institutions commit, and in doing so render whole families homeless, jobless and penniless to live in the streets. My question is, “Is the public so drunk on Kool-Aide that they don’t notice these crimes are being swept under the rug poised to attack them next?” We shouldn’t even consider voting for a candidate who won’t address these federal crimes and what he/she will do about them as president of the United States of America. This means none of the candidates, running this year, should have been considered presidential material. Yet, Obampadonk, worst president ever and proven not to be a citizen of the USA, gets voted in again? I’d rather believe the election was rigged than believe we Americans are this stupid.
If you’re having a difficult time understanding me, please read the I through V articles I’ve written and posted on my blog, Power Corrupts; Secret Power Corrupts Secretly
 So can you imagine what it’s like to live for twelve years under continuous federal crimes committed not only against my trust and me, but as extra punishment for Larry and my reporting the crimes, Larry’s life received a Mafia Hit too? We’ve had no way of surviving but by our own efforts without employment. It’s taken close to all these years to do it but we’ve had to sell everything we own, even finally my lovingly kept baby clothes I’d treasured belonging to my daughters after all Larry’s tools, our jewelry, sterling silver, antiques, furniture and family heirlooms had been sold. The lucky recipients of our treasures saw us coming so offered basically nothing, while most of the time the sales of our belongings coincided with our deep hunger pains; threats to losing Internet service where social media has become the only way to expose these crimes; more threats of being stranded from running out of gas in our truck; and/or loss of our cell phone service.
At this point we’ve had to sell our truck and the cell phone has broken. We have Internet until 7:00PM this evening, and then it too will be gone until we can pay for the computer time. We need computer time more than food at this point, and we actually have no food but peanut butter and crackers. The computer can finally pull us out of this mess, by the uploading of my book on Amazon E-Books. Yet, this is being threatened by not having the money to keep the service going! Wouldn’t you just know it?
But God has stepped in along the way every time we needed Him, so I expect He’ll do the same this time. I believe God wants we the people to know and face what we’re allowing our government to get away with in the United States of America. We need to be helping each other in doing our part to stop the corruption.
However we’re not helping each other but by the very few. Most of us are still busy judging the victims as the media, who actually knows the truth and has made the choice to lie, blasts out over the airways that the economy is improving. I’m sorry but after what we’ve experience, what the media is doing reminds me of a trick Hitler would play on unsuspecting Jews.
What’s worse, as if our struggle isn’t difficult enough, people instead of helping actually play mean tricks on us; lie; promise to help then purposely don’t and demand impossible feats a person with money couldn’t accomplish? This, in and of itself, makes our life miserable. Thank God for the few who have a soul. These people come into our lives at a time of greatest need and share something that will bring us food; warmth, a forum group on Twitter; computer time and lately a willing reader of our screenplay. Then just when we’re thinking we’ve run out of options on what to do next to stay alive; we’re receiving some extra cash for keeping the computer going and buy food from an angel across the country.
The public should know that the hoops one must jump through as a homeless, jobless, penniless citizen in order to eat would be impossible for the wealthiest to accomplish in order to eat if they somehow found themselves with no vehicle, food and an out of state drivers license. Pretty scary!
Right now our country is set up to kill victims of financial institution abuse! I’d guess ninety percent of America’s homeless; jobless and penniless are victims to this and unless they write a book or screenplay and still own a computer; they will die in the streets from starvation; neglect & exposure, feeling shame! It’s outrageous! And, there’s not proof yet that the writing will be the saving grace; we must pray that it is.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shame On US


                                           Oakland, California Breuner's Store 
                                           Senate Chamber, Sacramento, Califorina Capitol

Last week a friend, Rick who’s an actor sent me a tweet, “Be happy you’ve had wealth for over 50 years of your life; many people never have any money all their lives. So be grateful!”
When I read this I immediately found myself in the Twilight Zone feeling panic! In this case, reliving a traumatic experience.
Well Rick and I had already been discussing, over Twitter, he playing a part in the film about my life destroyed by corrupt financial institutions and evil unethical attorneys. After a bit of back & forth 140 character conversations I finally tweeted out that he should play the part of Catanzarite, the original author of the above quote.
Yes, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. of the Catanzarite Law Corporation, not many more unethical, corrupt and evil than he is, and he’s a monster. Rick likes to play evil people like him.
Apparently my suggestion that he consider playing Catanzarite spurred his need to investigate this monster and as he did he came across the dreaded quote Catanzarite arrogantly said while representing me. He said this to me as he stole my two million dollar home in broad daylight unafraid of any conseqences to his actions. Today I understand why? The governing authority, the state bar, lovingly called CalBar, doesn’t care about these outrageous crimes attorneys commit against their clients. The state bars, from my experience with a number of them across the country are merely set up to protect their attorney members from being investigated, charged and prosecuted for committing  federal crimes & other criminal acts. Their other function is to go after attorneys whom they don’t like much, as in a witch hunt. Attorneys they want to scapegoat onto to avoid the whole corrupt lawfirm going down. An attorney who’s winning an honest battle in court for his client, while someone else doesn’t like this as it will take them down. Or maybe an attorney, who has a long lasting contract with a firm, while his/her colleagues want them out. There’s nothing like a ethical violation leading to suspension or loss of license to accomplish this.
So the state bars have their work cut out for them; very busy you know. They don’t have time to do their jobs, such as investigate and charge attorneys who continuously commit federal crimes against their clients.
I can understand as an actor why playing a part as a Catanzarite would be very rewarding…so colorful! In fact Rick found Catanzarite so colorful he plucked one of many of his outrageous quotes from an article I’d written and tweeted it out to me. Hence the quote above. But hey  all of Tweeter had the opportunity to see it along with my followers:>) Rick just loved the remark as an actor but he admitted in another tweet he wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.
I suppose there are people who don’t find this statement shocking, while they should. They just don’t have or understand the background to it or how it relates to them starting with our government. And they have no idea where the attitude behind the quote will lead them? Allow me to share:>)
 As a young girl, losing both my parents at 21 years old, I became extremely wealthy by the inheiritance left to me. I was worth four million dollars in 1969 the day my father passed away. Eleven months later upon my mother’s death, I was worth over four and a half million dollars and as the next ten years progressed I would receive more inheiritance as the attorneys sold off my parents holdings.  Most would think I was a very lucky girl to be so well taken care of financially, and in many ways I was, but I was not prepared for the abuse, being of wealth, would lead to for my entire life so far.
And this relates to anyone that may have more than someone else, no matter how they retained their good fortune. Then if they happen to be talented, creative, not too bad looking and loved, well they might as well go straight to hell! And, it takes many years for the victim to this attitude to understand what’s going on?
This is exactly how our USA Government treats the public, can you see it? Who learned what from whom? Well I believe we the people learn from the example our leaders give us and then pass this abuse down to each generation.
At one time Americans, most likely immigrants from foreign countries with highly skilled talent, were starting businesses in USA, employing workers and making lots of money. Most of these contributors to society were honest, making an honest living. And, back then they were highly respected for their skills as they should be. Everyone still today has the ability to learn skills that put them ahead only in what they can offer as far as creating a business and employing others who might prefer to work for another rather than develop a business. We are paid for our value as far as it relates to society. If we own a business that employs many people we deserve to aquire the fruits of this labor and be rewarded for our contribution; not taxed to death, a punishment for being creative, innovative, smart and a hard worker.
The criminals working in this capacity should be held accountable, but aren’t because many are in bed with our US corrupt government. The others are created by the US government’s crimes against them.
If I were a young person today seeing this, I’d dumb myself down, reject my abilities and talent; work for someone else, like the government, when I can while putting my hand out for charity towards the government. It doesn’t pay to be a innovator anymore and if they heard my story they’d realize most of society feels the same way. What a heritage to leave our children!
I recall when I was young, before other’s cruelty soaked into my soul, being proud of what my great grandfather Breuner, an immigrant from Germany, created. One thing he did back in 1856 in Northern California was build all 120 desks, by hand, still used, both in the Senate & Assembly Chambers in the Sacramento Capitol today. As he did this he created the John Breuner Furniture Co at 604 K Street in Sacramento, eventually growing into thirteen stores by the early 1960’s and by the end of 1979 there were thirty-three stores in Northern California, Reno Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona.
My mother’s side of the family, Kaseberg was as impressive if not more so. My maternal great grandfather, also a German immigrant in the early 1800s worked hard supplying equipment to the workers of the Gold Rush. Took the money he earned and bought 80 thousand acres of land in Roseville, California raising European sheep for wool.  Both these family businesses sustained life for four generations and gave generously to their communities.
I was a very proud fourth generation Californian who carried, and still do, the same drive to create that my ancestors carried. It’s not about the money!
But it is to those in society who are jealous of this sort of heritage born of dreams, hard work and tenacity.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether these “wealth haters” are liberal or conservative; many are just plain jealous which makes them greedy; often times criminals.
Our government is jealous of people with dreams, creativity, tenacity and the willingness to work hard. They have made it impossible for people like those of my heritage to ever accomplish anything and if we should anyway, we’ll be punished with extra taxes; federal crime and financial abuse.
So knowing this, why would anyone with a dream want to employ people in order to make money to take care of themselves and family? I believe they’d find another way or move their growing businesses out of this country.
The only employed left at this point in America are government workers who hate their jobs; therefore don’t do them and yet get paid anyway. Politicians, bankers & attorneys are the next employed owning the ultimate in jealousy, greed and crime. Then there’s the homeless and penniless created by the jealous, greedy elite criminals.
So the jealousy and greed I grew up with, which has followed me all my life and continues, is the metaphor to what our government is doing to the public while the public in general hate me because I came from a proud heritage? In spite of the fact I now live in the streets, hungry and cold with no possible way to get employment I’m  still considered a “Rich Bitch” who deserves what I’ve got, which are purposely ignored, unaddressed federal crimes that destroyed my life. And these attacks are ultimately our United States of America government’s fault. You know the government workers and authorities who don’t do their jobs.
By the way I’m still proud of my heritage and believe in hard work, while enjoying creativity. This is what life is all about no matter where we come from. We all have something to contribute in a free society. Unfortunately we’re no longer free. And, the quote Catanzarite blurted out to me as my legal counsel is the belief today about anyone who’s ever accomplished anything, instead of respect and the creator's pride, for a job well done.
Today creators should feel shame; this comes from what our US Government is pushing and media spins!

Additionally I'm left with total respect for Rick, the actor, who finds my story worth making a film about. I assure you he has respect for heritage, creativity and hard work or he wouldn't have noticed.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Monday, October 29, 2012

Life In A Third World Country, Good Old USA

                                                  @MsGaslight Headquarters

There isn’t much I can do on Twitter today while my computer acts as if it’s  so badly constipated it needs Ex-Lax or possibly one of the newer drugs for these problems? I wouldn’t know; I don’t listen to the ads about any drugs.
I don’t know what the problem is but whatever it is it’s debilitating. Perhaps it’s the PTB (Powers That Be) with Twitter again purposely slowing me down with my message and censoring me? Maybe it’s the US Government with the same goal? Or just maybe it’s the storm on the East Coast affecting computers all over the country?
My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible storm and after what I’ve experienced and seen of our government I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, at some later date, that this storm was seeded; destroying lives, businesses and belongings for some damn political reason; right before the election?
One of the reasons might be so the government can have another bogus reason to up taxes, because after all, the damage will be demanding great need in revenue for repairs. Of course there will be great need, but why should people have to deal with a selfishly seeded storm because of government greed? The question is, “Is this storm a natural disaster”? And, “How does the public know that it actually cost the stated amount claimed by media to make repairs”? How much of this money is going into government & politicians’ pockets while victimizing the victims of the storm again?
All I can do is share my horrific story of crimes by the elite in the hopes the public will listen and stand up against government corruption! Not just for my family and me but for all Americans whom if haven’t been victimized by the same will be in their lifetime if this government corruption isn’t addressed.
Their children and grandchildren will have no life at all if this isn’t dealt with. In fact I’d say these issues have already started the process against our offspring.
This problem consists of destroying our foundation as a person; family member; employer; homeowner and citizen of our once great country and in my opinion it’s been a very long time since the United States of America was great.
Americas’ leaders have been corrupt for at least a century, getting worse with each election. And it doesn’t matter whether Republican; Democrat or Independent rules; we’re being lead my the mob and as George Carlin once so eloquently stated, (and I paraphrase) “It’s the American people who are at fault for voting these idiots into office.”
The fact is, and what George Carlin probably didn’t understand, our votes mean nothing in this country. The elected president is already known and decided upon by a group of elite and their greedy corrupt needs, having nothing to do with the people of the United States of America which insults our United States Constitution.
Well my family and I are headed towards our deaths in the streets because of government corruption involving federal crime. What a useless waste of our lives and talent! Yes, I know I’ve been claiming our impending death for months so you probably think, “Ah she’s crying wolf. Look she and her family is still alive. She’s tweeting all the time. She couldn’t be in too bad of shape.”
Not totally true. We are indeed alive and a lot longer than I would have expected a year ago; strangers sometimes throw us one or two hundred dollars now and again, which we buy groceries with that must last a month. The RV Park where we reside, in a tent, takes our expensive art as collateral, but we’ve now totally run out of anything of value. We sold our one and only old red truck a couple of months ago so we could continue to pay for our storage unit where at least twenty boxes of legal documents reside along with family pictures and some clothes. All our furniture and valuables have been sold.
No matter how hard we’ve tried we have yet to be able to retain employment for over five years because of the “Mafia Hit” we received for reporting the 80M$ embezzlement from my trust account leaving me penniless, involving a number of national financial institutions, two trustees and a few elite attorneys with financial backgrounds, to the government authorities.
One of these attorneys is one of our now Supreme Court Justices Anthony M. Kennedy.
After a good 12 years of trying to get the proper government authorities to investigate the original crime, as well as those that came as the Mafia Hit, and dealing with the many daily decisions on what to do next to earn an income; alert media who refuse to report this; write, our believed only way out of this, and stay alive we have finally come to the point where we are being evicted from our tent!
Many people ask, “Well what about your husband Larry, he can work can’t he”? Yes, and in fact we had a thriving wholesale business together but the Mafia Hit I received, from government, as punishment for reporting horrendous criminal acts including the 80M$ embezzlement destroyed his employment life too!
Yet he continues to send out his resume and call potential employers in work that suits his experience perfectly. They never turn him down; they just never call back after I believe seeing my story all over Google when they go to look up our business, unfortunately named Deborah Breuner Ltd.
People in general don’t actually read and understand these postings on Google; they see bank, lawsuit, foreclosure, and government corruption then run away from us as fast as they can.
Yes, this is what the truth is about federal crime committed against the public by financial institutions in this country; you report it and you’ll be severely punished by some secret mob squad from behind closed doors of secrecy and societies’ skewed perceptions.
The government knows all kinds of tricks to use in making sure you land in the streets, unable to retain either employment or any government assistance, and they use them.
First of all, your fine credit is now unlawfully destroyed!
Another one of their tricks is to have the media report about how all these foreclosures are mostly the borrowers faults with the exception of a few robo-signers. LOL is all I can say to this! What’s really going on are serious unaddressed federal crimes committed by financial institutions against their customers, the same kind of crimes that put Madoff in prison for over a hundred and fifty years.
The government’s plan is you’ll become so disgusting & smelly no one will believe a word you say about the crimes committed against you or who committed them?
Oh yeah, forgot to mention none of the charities or churches we contact help, while you probably donate money to these different causes. The only way to get food from a food bank is to arrive at six in the morning fifty miles away; the other destinations are farther, while we have no transportation? What’s still worse the food is disgusting; mildew laden; rotten or sour.
So on top of being so poor we can’t afford to eat anything else, we fear very likely getting food poisoning if we were to eat it! Not a good idea no matter how you look at it, but when you sleep a mile away from the public bathrooms it can be a problem should you need to visit often.
I mean doesn’t it make you furious to finally understand from the mouth of a victim to these financial crimes that many homeless and penniless citizens are created by financial institutions committing crimes against them as the government authorities purposely ignore these crimes, while you (and at one time we) pay federal income taxes for protection, by attorney General Holder, from financial abuse by the financial institutions!
We have found through our long journey that none of the government agencies do their jobs. As far a dealing with the federal crimes these financial institutions blatantly and arrogantly commit, well the government authorities know if they ignore these victims they’ll die in the streets never to be heard from again so they plan on this, confident the next victim won’t be warned as the last died from starvation & exposure lying in a cardboard box. And as I’ve said in previous articles,” who’s going to believe my story or any vagrants story about how a financial institution stole 80M$ from their trust and this is why they live in the streets?”
You should believe them, but until you understand the enormity of government corruption in the United States of America you aren’t going to. In fact society led by the media has already convinced you wrongly that most homeless and penniless are an albatross on society and therefore they deserve to be resented. They aren’t taking your money; the government, charities and churches are doing this. And, these poor victims don’t deserve to be resented; the government, charities and churches need them so they can demand taxes and donations that surely never get to the needy.
This is double victimizing and so unfair. What’s worse you could be next!
But we aren’t giving up though often things look very grave, such as a week ago the owner of this RV Park came to us after two and a half years that we’ve been here and said, “I’m tired of taking art and don’t want to anymore; if you can’t pay with money you have to leave by November 1st.”
Oh my God, seeing myself with a backpack over my shoulder walking out of here with this alone to carry next to our weenie dog, Malibu under my arm and Larry possibly being able to carry our computer, better yet wheel it behind him, is frightening! We wouldn’t be able to take anything else without a vehicle.
Of course the owner has known our situation since we arrived July 2010 and has watched us continuously work on our survival; looking for employment; writing and contacting publishers and of course we’ve been so grateful for his willingness to take art rather than money. But, here we are just weeks prior to something good happening for our selves and he wants us out!
The only place we can go is into the streets where all our work, my four-volume memoir and our four adapted scripts are on the big computer, not the laptop because it quit on us months ago…it’s old and over loaded.
Nevertheless my mind was going a million miles an hour as I visited fear and then Larry’s wise words of belief, which are always so comforting.
I must say after spending a week of near freezing temperatures at night and early morning with no working heater; a tent door with broken zippers and zero food worth eating, plus two years of constant backhoe noise all day long just a hundred yards from our tent, not to mention continuous computer outages, I felt I’d come to the end of my tolerance. But I’ve been here before many times in the last eight years and somehow rebound with Larry’s loving support and Malibu’s cuteness.
Today, Larry has potential employment starting December 1, 2012; a friend encouraged the RV Park owner to allow Larry and I to stay here until November 30th. I have an editor, and hopefully a new friend, who’s kindly willing to forgo payment until after my book on e-books starts selling; my daughter Lexi is willing to pay our storage this month as she did last and our next door tent neighbor, Gary loaned us some money to buy groceries and a new heater. To add more miracles another friend Tom, on Twitter made a video for me out of one of my articles as a surprise and tweeted it out to everyone on Twitter.
Life is good, hugs to all!

By: Deborah Breuner