God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 20, 2012

What Happened To Ethics, Morals $ Integrity?

March 31, 2012

Here’s an interesting question to ponder if it doesn’t scare you too much to analyze?

 “ Is our United States of America in such financial ruin that the government is sanctioning embezzlement from consumers’ accounts, safely stowed away in financial institutions and insured to a degree, in order to beef up their own bottom line?”

Does it bother you that Obama bails out the financial institutions after hearing a story like mine? I assure you I’m not the only victim. What has happened to me is a metaphor to what is happening to the rest of society.

Never mind the insured part because if theft of your assets should occur in your financial institution, the government authorities will never investigate so these are just words of faith that mean nothing.

It’s another lie the lame stream and alternative media will shout across the airways, while you’re eating your breakfast. But, by the time you hit the freeway, on your way to work, feeling all comfy and cozy with confidence that your funds are safe, because you just heard the news about another scoundrel caught in a ponzi scheme and the financial institution involved will be investigated too, corruption is actually taking over.

Oh, the news claimed they were being investigated but eventually the sacrificial lamb will be sentenced to prison and the financial institution involved will be doing business as usual with their customers’ funds. There won’t be another word spoken.

This is what is called in Magician language as the sleight of hand.

I’ve learned an interesting fact about myself over the last sixty-three years of my life. What happens to me has always been an indicator and metaphor to what happens to others. And, for whatever reason things always happen to me first.

Thank God!

I actually hate this fact, because when experiences touch my life that no one else in my circle of friends and acquaintances have experienced yet, I’m looked upon with an attitude, “For heaven’s sake what did you do to create that?”

Well at this point I do understand because the, government controlled, media has convinced most of the public, with their outright lies including subliminal messages, that anything bad that happens to us is our own damn fault.

This is the Magician language again, the sleight of hand.

We’ve also been convinced that we have choices of belonging to the liberal, conservative, libertarian or independent parties, as we rally together over our perspective candidate who promises to change the state of what is happening to this country.

This once more is Magician language and more sleight of hand ideals.

From what I’ve seen and experienced we the American public are being sold a bill of goods while there really aren’t any differences in political parties. All the politicians, the government and financial institutions are working together to take over this country in order to benefit themselves. The law is turning a blind eye and most probably earning multiple muslin bags of cash to do this?

Ask yourselves, “Why do most politicians start out with nothing and within just a short time they’re rolling in assets?”

The American public is already standing in bread lines, or living on food stamps. They have lost their homes through unlawful foreclosures. Horrendous embezzlements are taking place, by our financial institutions, and going unaddressed by the government authorities.

Yes, there are some of us who are benefiting from what “The Fort” is doing to the American public. These are the businesses, very often-new ones that are sitting in the wings waiting for the opportunity to reap the rewards from the consequences of the outrageous federal crimes committed against the rest of us. They’re purchasing our precious heirlooms and belongings, for pennies on the dollar, items they would otherwise not be able to afford. They’re either reselling or hoarding them for themselves, thinking they just made a killing.

The fact is they’re living off a band-aid.

They think they’re saving themselves from the economy; gathering treasures they’ve always wanted and can now afford by taking advantage of those whom are suffering.

However, soon there will be no buyers for these ill-gotten treasures and today’s vultures will be giving their stash away tomorrow, because they can’t afford to pay the storage costs.

All the while the financial institutions continue to commit financial federal crimes against the consumer; the authorities purposely ignore them; government demands more taxes and bails out the banks and the corrupt politicians are becoming wealthier every year.

The lame stream and alternative media will be, as they are now, using Magician language to deter the public from the truth.

I believe we’ve already realized that there is no candidate for the upcoming election that will turn this country around.

Until our leaders are elected and appointed using ethics, morals and integrity as the rule of thumb to run the United States of America, we are doomed.

By: Deborah Breuner

Part 2 US Justice Anthony M. Kennedy...I called him Tony.

March 30, 2012

As stated exactly on Wikipedia about Justice Anthony M. Kennedy:

Kennedy was born and raised in Sacramento, California, the son of Anthony J. Kennedy, an attorney with a reputation for influence in the California legislature, and Gladys (née McLeod), who participated in many local civic activities.[5] As a boy, Kennedy came into contact with prominent politicians of the day, such as California Governor and later U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren. He served as a page in the California State Senate as a young man.[6] He is not a member of the Kennedy political family.

Kennedy graduated from C. K. McClatchy High School in 1954. He was an undergraduate student at Stanford University from 1954–58, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, after spending his senior year at the London School of Economics.[7] He earned an LL.B from Harvard Law School, graduating cum laude in 1961.

Kennedy was in private practice in San Francisco from 1961 to 1963. In 1963, following his father's death, he took over his father's Sacramento practice, which he operated until 1975.[6] From 1965 to 1988, he was a Professor of Constitutional Law at McGeorge School of Law, at the University of the Pacific[7]. He continues to teach law students, for example, at seminars during McGeorge's European summer sessions in Salzburg, Austria. He remains Pacific McGeorge's longest-serving active faculty member.

During Kennedy's time as a California law professor and attorney, he helped California Governor Ronald Reagan draft a state tax proposal.[6]

Kennedy has served in numerous positions during his career, including the California Army National Guard in 1961 and the board of the Federal Judicial Center from 1987 to 1988. He also served on two committees of the Judicial Conference of the United States: the Advisory Panel on Financial Disclosure Reports and Judicial Activities (subsequently renamed the Advisory Committee on Codes of Conduct) from 1979 to 1987, and the Committee on Pacific Territories from 1979 to 1990, which he chaired from 1982 to 1990.

On March 3, 1975, upon Reagan's recommendation,[6] President Gerald Ford nominated Kennedy to the seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that had been vacated by Charles Merton Merrill. Kennedy was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on March 20, 1975, and received his commission on March 24, 1975.

Kennedy is married to Mary Davis and has three children.

Well I’ll be, until I copied Tony’s CVs I’ve never noticed that he was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on March 20, 1975 to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He received his commission on March 24, 1975.

It must be a metaphor, March 24th is my birthday, and 1975 was the year the Deborah C. Davis Trust was born aka known as the Deborah Breuner Davis Trust.  In that same year, I created trusts for my then two daughters Alison and Alexis; a year later I created a trust for my newly born daughter, Kelly.

With the background and education Tony has how could my trust get embezzled? I’ve heard that my daughters’ trusts are gone too? But, I don’t know for sure because the account statements have been withheld from me since 1997 along with my own?

My daughters stopped communicating with me, all together, as soon as my divorce was final with Richard L. Davis II in the year 2000.

My daughters’ trusts were set up so that they could not receive the principal until the age of thirty-five. In 2000 my oldest daughter Alison was just thirty-three years old; Alexis was thirty-one and Kelly seven years younger than she.

It was 1997 that my then husband Rick tried to murder me; I survived; thereafter he started spreading untrue rumors about my mental health; my children and family disowned me, while all my assets seemed to have disappeared?

As I said earlier, I don’t know what happened to my children’s trusts? I know that a question I asked about Alexis’ trust seemed to spawn the attempt on my life?

And, if my daughters still had trusts, they would not be able to have the funds be dispersed without my signature since I was the grantor and trustee.

But, now they are all well past thirty-five years old; if they have these funds my signature was forged; legal and financial elite helped and allowed this? After what I’ve witnessed in the legal world, attorneys forging signatures is an everyday occurrence. If these trusts, like mine, were embezzled then my daughters may have been lied to about what happened to them?

Yet, the problem with this analogy is that my daughters would feel anger with me over the loss of their funds. They aren’t. Instead they treat me as if I never existed? And, refuse to address their trusts?

There are so many metaphors in the way Tony Kennedy, my family and the financial institutions involved with my funds act, yet there has never been anything done, such as an investigation by the only authorities who can investigate federal financial crimes…the government authorities.

The biggest question of all, “Why would my beautiful daughters abandon a mother whom they loved deeply, and who loved them back as deeply, instantly overnight?”

Well I believe Tony Kennedy knows something? Yet, even after my trying to contact him since 2004 I’ve received no attention?

My brother-in-law, Gerard Harrison Davis, my most direct and easiest connection to Tony Kennedy purposely lied to me about helping me get in touch with him. Then Gerard died in around 2006? His widow, my sister, Kitty refuses to get Tony’s attention for me?

To this day I wonder if my ex-husband Rick Davis, of twenty-four years from Michigan, was actually somehow related to my now deceased brother-in-law, Gerard Davis from California?

I didn’t actually meet Rick by pure chance, as I once believed?  He was actually a plant conjured up by my greedy family and Tony Kennedy?

Then Tony Kennedy says to me in 1974 when I was about to accept Rick’s hand in marriage “I’ll have to check out that Michigan Davis family to make sure they’re not some low life’s after your money?”

Like Tim Kennedy, Tony’s brother, being struck from his past; so have I with no explanation for this behavior, except my vanishing trust.

Is Tony trying to hide something? The metaphors say he is along with many other clues.

But, in this country, all that has to be done is to ignore the horrendous heist; protect those involved from behind closed doors of secrecy; pretend the victim is crazy or never existed.

One way this is done is to destroy all photographs.  But, you see I still have my own because they were taken with my Canon camera, which I carried with me everywhere I went to capture milestones of my children and family. What was their one mistake? They grabbed my camera and shot multiple images of their sister, Mother and wife. I even have photographs of Tony Kennedy at my wedding, which took place August 10, 1974 on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Homewood, California.

How do I know about the discarded photographs? Before I understood what was going on in my life, I observed while in my daughter Alison’s home that all photos that included me had vanished… even the more recent, Mother daughter wedding pictures?

My many friends acquired over the years have been told I’ve gone off the deep end. If I have, would I be able to write?

I do not have time to put energy into arguing my case. Have you noticed people believe whatever is the easiest? This is actually good. I’ve at least found who my true friends are.

I’m confident my family today would say, “She’s nuts! Look she spelled a word wrong!” Or, my favorite description of me of all times, “She’s so angry she uses the  “F” word!” I say, “There’s a proper time and place for everything and this would be the time and place for…

How do I know this? Because at the beginning of my discovery and life crisis this is exactly how my grief was addressed.

When I asked my beautiful daughter Alison where all the precious photos had gone that included me, her answer was, “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

Well now this answer along with many other obtuse remarks by my family made me so angry, back then, that I was often heard using the “F” word. The response was always, “Why don’t you stop using that word, you’re disgusting?” Not, “Gee, I can understand your anger, let’s call the authorities and get to the bottom of this horrendous crime.”

Ah, the metaphors just keep rolling in, now don’t they? Is this not how our government treats every last consumer in this country?

Ask yourselves what will be the next step in all this?  Well, that would be me dying in the street. But, while I have anything to say…it won’t happen.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is running your lives too. And, until I revealed this story, I’d assume the public didn’t know that this kind of crime is going on in their backyards…not just in the mafia world.

The lame stream and alternative media would be at fault for this.

I’ve learned all I care to know about hidden mafia crime; how it’s committed and how the victim is shut up.

It’s easy; make sure they lose all their assets; unlawfully destroy their credit; pretend the victim is either crazy or no longer exists. There are other ways to skin a cat, when killing them outright fails.

What has happened to my trust under the advice and early guidance of Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. is outrageous if you consider what the public is lead to believe about him; the metaphor to his true character was revealed to me slowly as I grew up.

What is the most telling of all? That would be personality traits Tony, my family, ex-husband and the government share. Get rid of all possible proof the victim existed; then lie about what happened to them.

I believe Tony Kennedy to be as corrupt as any leader we have today. The corruption has hit our leaders who are liberals, conservatives, libertarians and independents; our United States of America has become as corrupt as any foreign leader could possibly create. It’s called domestic terrorism.

The public is not dealing with what we’re tricked into addressing. Who’s the best candidate for the next upcoming election? We’re dealing with government crime that will continue no matter who is elected.

Have we heard one candidate discuss at length the federal crimes being committed by our financial institutions? Some may touch on the foreclosures momentarily, blaming mostly the victims, then move on to whatever doesn’t matter if the whole of the public is homeless and penniless. At this point we can marry a tree and there’s no one who will care.

Did Tony Kennedy actually steal from me as his client, his second removed sister-in-law…a relative? I have no idea? Were there other attorneys and trustees involved? Yes. The other confidents and trustees were attorneys who didn’t do a thing without consulting with Tony Kennedy first…so it was confirmed.

While the government authorities have refused to investigate, I’ve sought hundreds more attorneys to help me; one law firm after the other continue to turn me down; not one however claims there have been no crimes. They instead say nothing except “No we can’t help you,” from behind more doors of secrecy.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for the criminal in many more ways than one. Yet, stunning proof can be obtained here too…proof that’s never purposely observed by the proper authorities. Unless of course you die publicly and there’s blood all over the place.

What do you think is going on here? Do you believe the crimes committed against me concern you too?

I can only address the first question with, “If it looks like a duck; walks like a duck; sounds like a duck, then it must be a duck.” Metaphors are revealing too.

I can answer the second question with conviction. Yes, this concerns all Americans for many obvious reasons, but I’ve seen with my own eyes, the federal crimes arrogantly committed by the financial institutions, ignored by the government authorities, that allow all these unlawful foreclosures at the very least. These criminal actions alone are destroying consumers’ lives.

The victims to these unlawful, criminal foreclosures are instantly thrown into fight or flight syndrome. Many have no clue to what crimes have been committed? Besides this they're in  turmoil with unlawfully destroyed credit. They have lost their employment as instant poverty sets in, inhibiting their ability to even investigate what just happened to them; not that anyone will investigate anyway. The attorneys they hire, more often than not, are encouraged to turn their heads away from the serious federal crimes committed against their own clients.

Our government is sanctioning federal crimes committed against us all; they’re approving whatever can be taken from whomever. The zeros involved have nothing to do with anything. If you have only five dollars in your account, even a trust account, your financial institution can very well just remove it at will; no explanation required.

If you report the federal crime, to the proper authorities, you’ll find your complaint turned against you like a mafia hit.

I wonder what a full-fledged federal investigation would uncover? No one will ever be the wiser, because launching a probe into any financial institution will never come to pass.

Then Obama orders another bailout!

If Tony Kennedy were asked any questions about my situation, that is if one could even get close enough to ask, I’m confident he’d arrogantly state from behind closed doors of secrecy, “No comment, attorney client privilege.”

This is a statement very familiar to the tortured mind and soul… a trick of the trade.

The only stories that should be instructing the public to what is going on around them in the world concerning, “The Fort” are the personal stories.

By: Deborah Breuner

US Justice Anthony M. Kennedy...I called him Tony.

March 28, 2012

When I was very young I use to dance at the knees of Justice Anthony “Tony” Kennedy. This would usually take place on New Years Eve at Lake Tahoe in my parent’s cabin near Brockway right next to the California/ Nevada state line called Cal Neva.

I recall just once skiing with him, my sister, Kitty, her then boyfriend, Gerard, and a few others at Alpine Meadows. But once I whipped passed their group on the mountain I didn’t see them again until four PM and time to leave. I was out skiing my sister Kitty by the time I was six years old. For no other reason than I loved the sport and I don’t believe she did? She prefered, along with her many friends to dress in Bogner ski wear and sit in the bars.

In all honesty, I didn’t think much about Tony Kennedy good or bad? Actually I’d probably have never noticed him had he not been so tall; wearing glasses; uppity; mingling with other teenagers much shorter, wearing no glasses.

I recall thinking glasses odd when he was so young; what was odder still he loved himself, when if I were he in my mind then I’d be embarrassed to be caught dead in glasses? I’m not sure I realized that I was much younger than Tony? But, I am by twelve years and today I appreciate this.

Tony Kennedy back between the middle fifties to late sixties was one of my older sister Kitty’s many friends that she’d bring up to our cabin on Lake Tahoe.

My mother called these events “house parties,” while she cooked two huge meals a day for all of us. Sometimes she’d be cooking for up to thirty quests per meal for a week after the holidays.  For many years most of the guests in number were Kitty’s friends; she was the teenager; my two older sisters were married and often not around at Tahoe; I was growing up from a child in the midst of juicy things to watch.

I could see Mother was truly in her glory over these grand but casual events.

Being the youngest of four sisters I had learned early in my life to watch and observe in order to get information. If I wanted the truth about anything I could ask Mother and she’d tell me, leaving out anything unpleasant; Dad would lie; my sisters hated me from the day I was born, which I could feel, so I wouldn’t even consider asking them for an opinion on much of anything.

Oddly my sister Kitty’s friends loved me. When they’d all show up at Tahoe for these house parties I had so much positive attention and fun it was difficult to return to Sacramento and my friends; closer to my age.

 Of course back in those years all I wanted in life was to be exactly like my sister Kitty. I thought she was the most beautiful human being on this planet, but first I had to earn her love.

How this played into these huge house parties my mother put on would probably be a psychiatrist’s next major study for which he or she would win the Pulitzer Prize?

One of Kitty’s friends, standing out predominantly today in my memory, was Tim Kennedy, Tony Kennedy’s brother. He made me laugh until I was doubled over in pain. He was nothing like Tony, but instead, brighter, heavier; very nice and I believe older? He was also an attorney. I recall attending his wedding with my parents. The next I heard he had died in Hawaii in a tragic accident during the honeymoon?

I find it interesting today that on Wikipedia, Timothy Francis Kennedy and CalBar number 39204 isn’t even mentioned in Tony Kennedy’s personal history? I know he had a brother; I met and laughed with him. What I don’t know is if the above deceased attorney is Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s brother. I think he is? I can find nothing else written about him?

What I find curious and a metaphor that gives answers about Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, “Why in the world would you pretend you’re an only child? Have you hoped that eventually no one would ever know your brother Tim ever lived?”

I believe the American public should know the answer to this. Tony Kennedy runs our lives, ruling on laws, while he can’t for some reason deal with his brother’s death openly?  If this is the case, say so. But, to obviously hide that his brother even existed say’s way too much?

I must say, now with my age and experience, that like the government authorities ignore victims of serious financial crime, with form letters directing them elsewhere for years refraining from even mentioning the crimes, that their purpose is to eventually bury the fact that the crimes occurred at all?

Their goal is to eventually see the victims questioning themselves?

Is Tony Kennedy burying his brother from ever existing so he’ll shine above him?

If you’ve learned anything about me through the latest articles I’ve written for Before It’s News you understand the importance of metaphor in my life. Often times metaphors are the only way I can find the truth amidst so many untruths told for various reasons within my family and elsewhere because of greed I would eventually find out.

And, when one is talking about millions and millions of dollars protected in a trust under a twenty-five year old woman’s name, whose parents are deceased, and her sisters extremely jealous of her, the metaphor is disaster, so I would eventually find out too.

If I hadn’t met, laughed and danced with Tim Kennedy I might be questioning if he ever lived? I am questioning what I remember otherwise?

Again I’m not a political person nor do I believe in any political party today. They are all full of greed and corruption. I believe that anyone who holds a place in this country as a leader better have ethics, morals and integrity as their personal creed or they shouldn’t even run for or be appointed to any position of leadership.

Because I didn’t understand metaphors well enough back in 1969 when my parent’s died I allowed Anthony “Tony” Kennedy Esq. to be my attorney. If my memory serves me correctly his brother Tim had already died or I know I would have chosen him over Tony, because by this time I was twenty years old and Tony Kennedy scared me. I was thinking this was true because he was a big old muckity-muck who Reagan admired, and I was just the little mother at home with two infant daughters. What the hell did I know? Besides this Tony Kennedy was a distant brother-in-law-of mine.

One day I was visiting my sister Kitty, and her now husband, Gerard in their home on Forty-sixth & J Street in Sacramento. As I recall it was some holiday celebration such as Easter? There were lots of relatives present. Tony Kennedy was there because he was now married to Gerard’s twin sister, Mary Davis, whom by the way was one of the most beautiful women in her day that I’d ever seen. She looked like Snow White would look if she were real.

Everyone had children and they were all present running around like out-of-control bandits.

My two daughters looked on at what they were seeing as if I just threw them into the jungle and asked them to fend for themselves.

What we saw was Mary and Tony Kennedy’s sons running around with red and black permanent markers; creating three-year-old's art on the back of my sister’s white velvet Baker over stuffed chairs. Should I mention my sister Kitty’s home was the type that could have been photographed for House Beautiful or my made up magazine, The Best In OCD Created Beauty.

What’s odder still no one seemed to care but me? I was shocked! My three and a half year old daughter, Alison was shocked! My youngest daughter Alexis, at eighteen months old, stamped her little feet and started to scream in pain…as if she were panic stricken?

Well I was brought up in a multi-generational highly respected furniture business and taught to respect and create beauty; then take care of what I created. Kitty and my sisters were taught this too.

So my first shock was that Kitty would even allow this behavior in which her own daughters were involved?

My second shock was seeing Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. and his wife Mary encouraging their boys in this outrageous behavior?

My third shock was realizing that my sister had to have the chairs totally recovered and the next family event at her house?The Kennedy boys were at it again with their red and black permanent marker art, four-year-old-style now on Kitty’s white velvet Baker chairs. This went on for years.

I was about twenty-two years old when I had this first experience. I remember thinking only, “What kind of an example is this for your children; you’re obviously not teaching them respect?” I even wondered how Tony could be considered such a muckity-muck while having so little respect for others?

I was smart enough to understand why my sister Kitty tolerated Tony’s unruly boys. She and Gerard wanted to be his best buddies no matter what his moral and ethical code, through his actions, revealed.

Stupid me, as disgusted with Mary and Tony’s parenting skills as I was, did not think this affected Tony’s skills as an attorney. “I mean if you’re an attorney you have to follow the laws.”

With my experiences in life to date and from what I’ve learned, I should have run up hill away from Tony Kennedy back in 1970.

Yet, the scuttlebutt around Sacramento was already about Tony Kennedy and his conservative views? What he’d be doing next and blah, blah, blah.

At twenty-two years old this left me very confused? How in the world could he be considered anything but a slob with no manners, plus arrogant, and by this time Tony's nasty attitude had grown?

I was just too young to realize Tony Kennedy had given me all the clues and metaphors I needed to make the decision, “Do not trust this man.”

Instead, I allowed him to advise me on how to protect my assets.  My investigation into my trust has revealed that it was written perfectly to protect me. In 1997 I learned these assets had all been embezzled?

I have tried for over twelve years to retain my legal file from Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. He has ignored me. His old law firm was dissolved many years ago.

The government authorities refuse to investigate the federal crimes committed against my trust and me; therefore they won’t retain my file.

What I find interesting? Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is not of the quality of person to be a janitor. The metaphor to this is what has happened to me under his care, as my attorney from 1969-1974.

Besides his obvious low ethics, he has one of the worst cases of “lack of respect” I’ve actually ever seen since the Baker chairs, while he’s the “Swing Vote” for everything including Obamacare?

What I love the most is Tony’s latest reference to how, by law, we’re not obligated to help anyone unless they’re related to us.

Hum, how does this statement from Justice Kennedy relate to my needing, my file so I can find out what happened to my assets, which he advised that I put into a trust for protection? By law he and his firm still represents me, which means he still has a responsibility towards me? Or does this all go away because he’s a Supreme Court Justice?

My first clue and metaphor to whom Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy truly is started with his uppity attitude towards me when I was a child; the second the many Baker chair fiascos; the third was the way he treated me last I saw him in 1994? The forth is what has happened to my assets while I live in the streets homeless and penniless for now four years.

My question to him is, “What do you know about all this and where can I go to get this federal crime investigated?”

All the while, Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is deciding for the American public if we should adopt Obamacare, socialized medicine, proven for decades NOT to work.

I’ve had friends over the years from England, who came to the United States of America for the soul purpose of having their teeth properly cared for. Their teeth were rotting out of their mouths because of socialized medicine.

Besides this, shouldn’t we as Americans know every single aspect of our leader’s lives before we elect or appoint them to office?

At least we could make educated decisions this way on whether we even had respect for them or if they deserved respect. No one should hold an office, over the public, unless they are of the higest in ethics, morals, and integrity.

Our corrupt government needs to get out of our personal lives and do one of their jobs, protect the public from financial crimes committed by the financial institutions, and other powerful entities, by investigating these  criminals, charging and prosecuting.

We the consumer would then not need socialized medicine or anything else.

What other crimes are going on in our country, hidden from the public, that if not occurring would free us all up to live our lives the way we wanted to?

Hum, I wonder why our government want's what they want and these outrageous ongoing crimes by the financial institutions, and financial elite continue?

By: Deborah Breuner

15 Reasons We Should Impeach Them All

March 27, 2012

From my experience, all 63 years of it, this country of ours is being run by a group of corrupt, morally bankrupt, evil, apathetic and greedy professional politicians…sociopaths. These “Public Service” spouting scam artists are systematically destroying this once great land of opportunity. It has become a nation of Schadenfreuden.

Until they are all IMPEACHED and run out of town on a rail, this country has no chance of survival.

In my particular case, after a good twelve years of battle, to merely get a government authority to investigate outrageous crimes committed against my trust, my partner, Larry, our business and myself I can share only what has happened to us.

But, from what we’ve seen and experienced the public should be scared out of their minds.

Honestly, we need to stop listening to the experts who have all the global advice as to how to invest safely or what’s going on about anything other than addressing the federal crimes being committed by “The Fort.”

I do not fault these experts in most cases; they may not have seen the crimes Larry and I have seen and experienced. They write and report based on their highly regarded education from the best schools and college’s in the nation or Europe. But, their advice won't work in a climate of crime.

First of all almost all the politicians who run our country, are first and foremost attorneys, and there couldn’t be a more dishonest group of professionals on this earth nor could there be anyone more crafty at getting around laws, already in place to protect the public. Do you know how they do it? No trick really, they just arrogantly ignore the laws because they know no one will hold them accountable.

How do they do this? Well I can only report by my personal experience and this is what I’ve seen.

1) An attorney will take on a client for the express reason of stalling statutes in a case or to protect the criminal who committed actual crimes against you. If they happen to be aware that you’re unsophisticated about legal issues, then they’ll really go to town, if they’re unethical with an agenda. In my experience, out of at least twenty attorneys and law firms I’ve hired, two were marginally honest. If I had found them in the beginning, perhaps they may have helped but by the time I did retain them, they also had to protect the last unethical attorney who represented my trust and me. This is a fact.

2) An attorney, when they want to hide something will start with claiming, “attorney client privilege” crap to almost any question their own client may ask. They can get around just about any issue this way.

3) An attorney will protect the criminals they are supposed to be suing for you, their own client, by minimizing what they write in their complaints filed with the court on your behalf. If you happen to be smart enough to notice they’ll lie about why they have done this, saying, “we’ll get to that in the second and third amended complaint, don’t worry.” They’ll withhold documents that support your claim from the judge. This is how your own attorney can keep your case out of court. You aren't invited to these court hearings with the judge. All the while, the defendant’s counsel is probably dropping muslin bags of cash off on the plaintiff attorney’s doorstep? But, you can’t prove this of course. You haven’t got the slightest idea about what’s going on? You just feel “icky in your tummy.” You know something is up? But, what?

4) An attorney can concoct fake letters, trying to prove they were written years earlier in their laboratory of a law office, as a way to temporarily relieve themselves from being discovered to have committed a crime against their own client. They’ll then send a copy of these fake letters to your current attorney. You’re current attorney will respond to your outrage, “Well you can’t prove this…never mind.”

5) When you, the client, are trying to retain an attorney he/she will, if they want your case, concur with all the injustices that have attacked you. They’ll even put their thoughts in writing and send e-mail after e-mail documenting these facts, as this potential counsel calls them. As soon as you’ve hired he/she they’ll turn on you, their own client, like a viper, claiming you haven’t got a case at all, when you know that you do. But, you can’t fire them because you’ll end up having to give them everything else you own just to get rid of them.

6) An attorney will lie to you, his/her potential new client, about statutes on your case, scaring you to death, so you’ll sign his/her contingency fee contract within eight hours of receiving it, thereby releasing your right as a client to seek another law firm to review the contract with your new attorney who’s a criminal unbeknownst to you, yet. Your new attorney usually does this when his contract is legally unconscionable; knows you’re scared to death; have no money but lots of assets like real estate; have no family because your own family has committed many of the crimes that give you reason to hire the damn attorney in the first place.

7) An attorney will make this contract at least thirty pages long knowing all along you as, his/her potential client, won’t have a chance to review it well enough to absorb the reality of it, and he/she will do this on a Sunday. Then write an e-mail stating, “If you don’t sign and return this contract today, I’ll put your file away.” He/She will say on the phone, “ and you’ll lose your home to foreclosure within days if you don’t.” Within this vast number of pages of your contract there’s a clause that basically says, “If I commit any malpractice against you; you can’t sue me; it will be settled at arbitration.” This clause might as well say, "This conflict will be settled in arbitration in front of one of my criminal buddies, so I'll be assured to get away with anything I want."

8)  Hence for the next almost two years that this monster represents you he’ll not subpoena any documents or account statements from the financial institution suspected of embezzling eighty million dollars from your trust account. He/She will do no depositions or interrogatories on two separate cases involving financial fraud and federal crime. He/She will drop defendants from the complaint and lie as to why and say, ”We’re next in line kiddo.”  He/She will arrogantly torture you in e-mails with threats; laugh in your face when you bring, as a client, to his/her attention that you now recognize the crimes he/she is committing against your cases.

9) Then within just a month of the discovery time being up on one of your cases, he/she will arrogantly and unlawfully withdraw from representing you; sue you in four different states five hundred thousand dollars in bogus costs; lie to you about what happened to your eighty million dollar trust case, when in fact he/she didn’t show up in court for a hearing, and the judge dismissed the case, by lying or manipulating the words he/she used in the order of dismissal, copied to you. Besides this your attorney filed the case in the wrong court. Apparently on purpose since he’s an expert on trusts for over thirty years. The court records show the truth, your attorney never showed in court.

10)   Finally your own attorney will evict you from your two plus million dollar home; steal a million dollars of your belongings and take almost every cent of your settlement with the bank, leaving you now homeless and penniless. The new attorneys hired on at the last minute will say, “Don’t worry the state bar will take care of that criminal attorney who has done this to you.”

11)    Every attorney you may hire after this to fix the mess will most likely be paid cash under the table, bundled up in muslin bags, to protect the attorney who scammed you. Did you know that in most Professional Rules of Conduct annihilation issues the incoming attorney must turn the offending attorney into the state bar?  They don’t. But, mostly the legal actions that are left won’t appeal to other attorneys because of the bogus liens against the cases in spite of the fact these liens are also against the law.

12)  When your own offending attorney wants to stop an investigation concerning his/her actions on a case, for the client, the client is sent on a wild goose chase that keeps them occupied and not questioning their attorneys’ actions.

13)   In my case, it was to have me gather a mountain of documents and compile reports on Larry and my business. He knew that this would keep me busy for days and out of his hair. Then, when I sent them to him, overnight via UPS; 10 minutes after he signed for this 25-pound box of paper, he sends an e-mail stating, “Just like I thought there’s nothing here”. Even Doctor Reid on Criminal Minds could not read that much paperwork in 10 minutes.

14)   The government authorities and state bars also directed and managed by attorneys will ignore all these ethical violations and federal crimes from behind closed doors of secrecy. What’s worse, independently wealthy, women without families aren’t the only victims. This happens to highly- educated-in-financial-matters businessmen too.

15)  Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly how the United States of America is governed. Like an attorney they will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected; once in office they pretend like they never claimed a thing. When caught in a lie, as an attorney often is, they will compound the lie with more lies. If this doesn’t work out they’ll just direct everyone’s attention elsewhere.

The above is just a sample of the millions of reasons why our leaders today should all be impeached and in most cases jailed for treason. Before we can do this Americans must open their eyes and pay attention.

We must all stop rationalizing with, “Well that’s just the way attorneys and government do things.  There’s nothing we can do.”

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Government Corruption Is Destroying America

March 26, 2012

You know we have wonderful laws in this country that protect the public; the problem is the government authorities, as well as others, aren’t upholding these laws. Unless consumers have gone through what Larry and I have experienced they wouldn’t necessarily realize this nor would they care until crime hits their lives.

They see cops pull over naughty drivers and given tickets so they think the authorities are working. I’ll tell you the traffic cops are the only ones who are, when they aren’t in trouble for committing outrageous crimes themselves.

Besides “The Fort” banding together to protect financial institutions, other corporations such as insurance companies break federal laws everyday and the authorities do nothing. These crimes destroy lives too.

Yet, when a person robs a bank; cheats an insurance provider or on their taxes they go straight to prison, while the media goes wild against them.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the reason these consumers lower themselves into committing crime is because they’ve been so violated with it in the past and found out, the hard way, no authority would do anything. So they take matters into their own hands out of pure frustration and fear.

But, does the media tell this part of the story? No they don’t and won’t. It draws sympathy from the public and warns them about unaddressed federal crime, embezzlement and other crimes involving millions of dollars in funds, committed by financial institutions against the consumer.

Being seriously violated by any kind of crime, while having nowhere to turn is devastating. Knowing you pay taxes for the authorities to investigate and charge the criminals, while they don’t, victimizes you again. Having financial institutions purposely destroy your life by stealing your assets triples the devastation. You no longer have creature comforts by which to soften the blow. Instead you’re thrown instantly into the streets to survive any way you can.

After what I’ve experienced, I can easily say, what Bernie Madoff did pales in comparison to what a few national financial institutions did to me alone. Madoff spread his crimes around to many investors. My situation has nothing to do with investing…mine is pure embezzlement of eighty million dollars in assets amongst a few other federal crimes.

I challenge you to look up bank crime in any Internet search mode and I promise all you’ll find is crime committed against banks. This is just another way the consumer is subconsciously led to believe the financial institutions are honest and the financial watchdogs are doing their jobs?

I believe the public’s understanding of all this is so distorted, because of the media, that it never occurs to them that when they see a homeless person begging on the streets, they somehow think that person is less than and deserves their plight in life.

They think, “Go get a job! Quit begging.”

Next time you come across a homeless person imagine what the truth may be?  They were attacked “mafia hit style” with federal financial crime committed by a/or many financial institutions or financial elite. This has caused them to lose everything and they no longer have the where with all to fight back. The fact that they’re still trying to eat, tells me something about their character. Eventually they finally lay down in a corner until they die.

This is one reason why the government wants to outlaw cash; these poor tortured souls will die faster without the coins some passer-by hands them, as the giver says to them selves, “Why don’t they just get a job? How do I know if they aren’t just scamming people like me? I bet they can earn up to a hundred dollars a day begging? How disgusting! If they really are homeless and penniless they go spend the cash they get on alcohol! I’m incensed! I’m not giving these derelicts money anymore!”

By the way these victims can’t get jobs no matter how hard they try. Employers don’t hire homeless with their credit destroyed. Once these victims land in the streets for any length of time, they start to smell badly. So do you think their job prospects just got better?

Yes there are scammers in the homeless/ penniless world too.  These people learned from the biggest criminals of all, our government, government authorities, financial institutions, unethical attorneys, corrupt judges, and all the politicians, who put the true homeless and penniless into the streets to die.

Does anyone see the future of the United States of America yet? Come on a two year old could figure this one out.

No wonder our world is such a mess.

Just like many homeless victims to outrageous financial crimes Larry and I have fought back every single day for over fifteen years if one considers the attempt on my life? It’s been twelve years considering the financial crimes.

We have unfortunately realized we’re on our own.

Our friends and business acquaintances, though really tried to help in the beginning, today just don’t understand? They’ve given up on us. I would assume they think, “Oh for God’s sake get a hold of yourselves and get on with your lives.”

People don’t realize that we have gone on with the only thing we have left, our writing, because there is no other way to handle serious federal crimes committed against the consumer but to expose it. And, the only way to get this exposed is by our own efforts and those who know about it talking to everyone they come in contact with.

We absolutely cannot find employment. It’s as if God wants these horrible crimes against humanity exposed and he chose us to expose it…oh goody.

The public should be incensed to realize that they are paying federal and state income taxes, much of which is allotted to the government and local authorities to protect them.

And, the authorities purposely aren’t, while they can't get fired for their apathy and corruption, because they have a union protecting their rights. Instead they get paid retirement and the right to have another career? Now why would government employees need a union, for God's sake?

See you’re all being attacked by federal crime as you sit in your nice warm comfortable homes and if you should choose not to pay your taxes because you know they aren’t being used for that which they are summoned…you’ll go to prison?

When I think about this I say to myself, “But it’s okay for a couple of financial institutions to embezzle eighty million dollars out of a customer’s trust account and never be investigated?”

I have resigned to the fact that I will never get my assets back unless some honest ethical law firm comes forward and sues the government for ignoring these crimes against my trust, Larry, our business, and myself? Therefore, I have never given up writing these criminals in our government so they can’t say, “Well this case is too old.”

I've contacted at least 200 law firms over the years, whom I'd expect see that our now Justice Anthony "Tony" M. Kennedy, my attorney at one time and second removed brother-in-law, signed my first divorce decree where all my assets are listed, and therefore decide to turn me down? I guess Tony is a member of our government posse? But, of course I don't know this for sure? I suspect.

We will recover the old fashion way, work for a living in the only employment we can get; our writing, while doing everything we can to be an asset to society. In this immediate case, that would be to expose these government authority atrocities against the American people.

But, even Larry and my hard work is being accosted because we may not survive long enough to be available when one or more of the publishers call to offer a book deal on my four part completed memoir, or Larry and my three screenplays.

 “Yes, we do to know how to write screenplays!” Our mentor Sean Ireland gave us a big pat on the back and said, “You’re doing great! Keep up the good work.”

We mentored with Sean, an English professor, who teaches script writing at a local LA City college for a year. We did learn how, even adapting our own story to script, which is supposed to be the big “No No” in Hollywood. So I’ve heard.

I do respect what Occupy Wall Street is trying to do, but from my experience they are barking up the wrong tree and it’s not their fault because they don’t know what I’ve learned the hard way, but altogether an absolute truth…and the real problem.

It is not the corporations and financial institutions destroying their lives; keeping them from retaining employment etc. It’s ultimately our government attacking us all, individuals and corporations alike, with taxes and refusing to address federal financial crime committed by the financial institutions and some corporations, while the lame stream and alternative media purposely hides these facts from the public.

Because of the taxes on big corporations in the USA, they’re forced to re-locate in another country to survive, while American’s lose these jobs. Then on top of all the federal crime our government insists on ignoring, they’re sending money to other countries for start-up businesses…more jobs lost here.

This morning I had the opportunity to vote on this:


Wait; wouldn’t this be a better question?



The public needs to assume that our government not only wants to destroy the middle class in this country, but the wealthy individuals too. Protecting only those in the government posse.

Hum, still sounds and feels like Hitler has returned.

By the way, I haven’t heard anything from Dean Brian Baker of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (my childhood parish) or Northern California’s Episcopal Bishop Beisner? I copied his executive assistant too.  Just in case you didn’t read my last “part 6” to this story I’ll clue you in. I contacted these two humans who have accepted to be instruments of God’s work four days ago in total, innocent-on-death-row-dying-in-an-hour-desperation, begging for an intervention into Larry and my demise along with our sweet weenie dog Bu Bu’s.

Do the government authorities also turn their heads away from the financial crimes of hording donations, by churches and other organizations, given and thought-to-be passed on for the destitute?

But, God truly is on our side, we can see. Jennifer our relatively new neighbor has just brought us food…even a half bottle of wine. God knows we love our red wine in the evening. Now if I could just find another angel delivering mini-cigars, like Tam did yesterday, we’d be set for at least a few days. She’s close to being in the same boat as we are, so to give me a pack of her mini-cigars was truly a sacrifice for which I’m very grateful.

Obviously God doesn’t mind if I smoke right now. I’d given this habit up for twenty-five years and started back up through the frustration of trying to get the government authorities attention.

Can I blame the government authorities for this too?

BY: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Politics, Religion, Family and Sociopaths

March 25, 2012

My mother use to say, “If you don’t learn from history Sweetie; you’re bound to repeat it.” My father always spouted, “Family is our greatest asset Debbie dear; family always comes first. He also said, “If you need something done, go to the top.”

Without one conscious decision I brought what I was taught into my soul and lived it everyday of my life; I still do. But, my life experiences and education working together have caused me to dissect these clichés and their deep meaning as they pertain to life in general; my family; families of others, and those who run our country.

I believe, “What goes around comes around.” Not sure where I secured this first? Probably from all the metaphysical training I’ve received over the years, in it’s simplicity; originally from the Bible.

And, this I believe is most important, as I’ve come to realize “Example Deborah.” Just another little something Mother would say to me when I wasn’t acting like the refined young lady she insisted upon.

Within this one word, “Example” I conjured up an expectation that those highly educated, holding prestigious positions in society, need to be the examples for the rest of us.

As I grew up I was constantly disappointed to find from a very young age, that though this should be true it wasn’t.

It was true concerning my exquisite mother; she was always a fine example.

What my father said in cliché was true, but he I would eventually (way too late) find out was a bit of a sociopath. He did not live what he spouted.

But this is how sociopath’s are; they fool you with their expertise at lying. They profess, act and perform. Once they reach their goal they attack. But, it’s never outwardly; it’s manipulatively, while they’ve learned exactly what will please you…make you smile. Keeping this in mind they give it to you until they have your trust.

There should actually be an award of some type for these skills. After which, these sociopaths should be thrown in prison with their engraved plaques of excellence.

I’ve seen this within my family. I guess God wanted me to have practice for the big time. He did well I must say.

Here’s the big metaphor. As I grew up I watched my prestigious father destroy my beautiful mother with manipulation and lies, as my sisters and I were to believe him. And, we did for a very long time…because he was a sociopath with an agenda… it’s simply called greed.

My poor sisters still believe him. I thank God everyday I stopped.

But, then again as a child I was at least suspicious of the scenario my father spun; made a promise to myself that someday I’d rectify my precious mother’s life, though I had no idea what I would uncover; how the same issue would destroy mine, and once destroyed my great Auntie Win’s life too.

Or, how all this would play into what is going on in the United States of America.

It was huge when I first discovered that what occurred in my family was a metaphor to what is going on in this country today.

What happens within our government trickles down through our authorities, courts, the legal world, places of worship and finally shows up in our families.

Starting with our corrupt government and as my mother said, “If you don’t learn from history, Sweetie; you’re bound to repeat it.”

As my father spouted, “If you need something done; go to the top.” Wow, this could be considered a double entendre, could it not?

In my family, so could “Family is our greatest asset; family always comes first,” to steal from that is.

I took this to mean love, honor, and respect family as my precious mother emulated.

Well our government today is in the process of repeating the holocaust, and from what I’ve experienced they already have and more seriously.  The public is dying in the streets, by the manipulation of our government, and those who haven’t been attacked by financial mafia don’t realize where they’re headed.

I trust the gas chambers were more humane than slowly dying in the streets. Our government is counting on secrecy to this entire scenario, so the next victim won’t have a clue. And, once it does occur, there will be no one at the top to address the outrageous federal crimes.

How does society fair under this kind of corrupt control; how does one go to the top when the top is a sick example of the human race and there’s no one above them but God, while they don’t believe in God? They have already taken Him out of our schools, and trying to take Him out of our courtrooms. Or has this been accomplished already?

This is so huge God sent me an angel, my sweet Larry to help me fight my battle…now ours.

Another little something I believe, after the life I’ve lead, “Everything happens for a reason.” Like my parents I too love quotes and clichés; as my mother did I choose to only recite those I believe and live by.

With our government corruption at the top of society, why in the world would our children turn out with one ounce of honesty, integrity or have moral character? I guess you could say it’s not their fault.

“We are what we’re surrounded with.”

Only the very deep in their faith in God (however we perceive Him to be) can overcome the corruption in our leadership by exposing their own experiences; other’s who know God, but not yet destroyed by these federal crimes, need to listen.

 He’s trying to warn you through the metaphors all around.

I am your metaphor. To the extent of my loss is how rampant this is in society today affecting the whole of humanity and your bank accounts.

The responsibility to lead with integrity and morals belongs to our leaders; it belongs to us that they be ousted from control, if they are sociopaths.

Our children will learn the qualities they see their parent’s demand. If we as parents instead allow this corruption to continue, why shouldn’t our children learn this too? And, while they’re at it grow up to be corrupt them selves?

Right now, corruption is winning. This means the Devil is in control. We the people of the United States of America are the only ones who can fix this government corruption and it takes work and time out of your lives. Is it worth it?

These quotes below are another example of what I believe.

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

                                                             ~Luciano de Crescenzo

“Come to the edge, He said. They said, ‘We are afraid.’ Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew.”


                                                                                  Apollinaire, Guillaume

I guess some of these grown up children, from the fifties and sixties, who saw bad examples as they observed parental apathy towards outrageous crime in our government are today running our houses of God.

Many are actually sociopaths or even psychopaths as they stand at their pulpit shouting God’s word; passing the plate down through the pews for the congregation to tithe; give to the poor; increase their own blessings!

But when the destitute knock on the door, of their own parish, they are ignored?

Frankly I’m sick of the remarks I receive when I share my continuing saga, “I’m not surprised, that’s just the way our powerful leaders are.” They then go about their lives grateful that it won’t happen to them.

Without revolt against this in numbers, I assure you it will. We need to all do our part, which has nothing to do with writing our government officials because they’re all corrupt and purposely not listening from behind closed doors of secrecy; now deleting your e-mails…thanks to the computer.

Hey, but we have “Twitter” and sites like this one. It’s a good start.

While we decide what we are going to do as Americans, to stop this corruption, there are tons of organizations today taking advantage of those of us whom have been stricken by horrible financial federal crimes. They use the horrible economy and stories about millions of people who have been ruined to gather donations from you. They walk the streets dolling out free foot washings, once a month; kneel by the victim’s side and say a prayer. They then scamper off to the Caribbean for vacation with the rest of the donation money.

But, one doesn’t find this out until they call for help.  And the government authorities do not investigate these crimes against you, for your donations, or the poor who never see them.

The lame stream media bleeds all over the press, commenting on the so-called pathetic homeless and how disgusting they are; blame these victims like a sociopath does for their woes; they announce how the government is helping. The news bleep issued by our corrupt government; broadcasted by the corrupt media, while the national financial institutions are committing financial federal crimes amounting to millions of dollars (embezzling) against their own customers and the government authorities are purposely ignoring these crimes.

Then they bail out the banks!

Please don’t assume I don’t recognize the many other crimes our government commits against the American people, I do.

Such as the way our soldiers are treated, after they return from battle. It’s an atrocity. But as long as the financial institutions can continue to commit federal crimes against the public and the authorities remain in office with their corruption…nothing will improve. The American public won’t have a life to improve upon if their funds are being stolen with no recourse. ..and while I’m at it.

I do not claim to be Democrat, Republican or Independent. I hate politics because today this is where crime lives. I would consider myself a conservative and there’s something seriously wrong with a president of the United States of America who can get his weenie sucked in the Oval Office and still be respected as a leader. Herein lies the problem in our country. Morals and ethics mean nothing anymore.

No wonder the US Constitution is being question? It protects the public and "The Fort" doesn't like that.

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent: The Politics Of Religion

March 23, 2012


Trinity Cathedral is a unique and extraordinary church where people are transformed as they experience the love of God through a welcoming community that is deeply committed to serving the needs of the poor.

I believe one would call the above a mission statement? Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, in Sacramento, California has this written piece printed on their website under, “about Trinity.”

I grew up in this church; sang in the choir; took Sunday school classes; was confirmed by Dean Hoffman and married by the Bishop of Northern California, Bishop Hayden on the shores of Lake Tahoe in 1974 to my Michigan born husband Rick.

My wonderful mother in her day picked roses and ivy from her eighty thousand acre sheep ranch and arranged altar bouquets; for the parishioners she cooked banquet sized spaghetti dinners and taught Sunday school.

What confused me a lot back then was my mother was Jewish and would not admit to it?

Together my parents Robert and Winifred Breuner donated stained glass windows for this church, their names visibly displayed on a plague below them. I’m not sure how many they donated? I believe there are three: two in their memory and one in my niece Mary Louise’s.

I have always loved this church; the smell; red carpeting; stained glass windows; voices in song and the many friends and familiar faces. Last but not least I loved the grand procession as Dean Hoffman, dressed in awesome gold and white robes lead clergy and choir down the red carpeting before service started; when service was over he did the same.

Unfortunately, when I married Rick, my moving to Michigan with my then two small daughters would take me away from the comfort I found growing up in and attending the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

In comfort, the church like an oasis was often in my mind and heart as I lived far away. I felt that no matter what happened to me, I could call on the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for help if need be.

But what could possibly happen? I had a life of joy, happiness and love; full of family, beautiful children; talent; opportunity; travel and lots of money in my trust account. I was very grateful. Who could ask for more?

I was very proud of my oldest sister Winnie, twenty years my senior. After her daughter Mary Louise tragically died as a child, she went back to college and studied divinity, becoming Canon Winifred B. Gaines. The first ordained female Episcopal priest in California. Or is it Northern California? I don't recall.

And where in the world would she clergy?  Well that would be at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. So now a family member was involved with my comfort zone and not a particularly friendly one.

I really didn’t have any feelings about this one way or the other. I was just very proud of Winnie.

Yet, never very close to my sisters growing up because of the huge age difference, I always thought. Winnie was the oldest: Jennie fifteen years my senior, and Kitty ten years older.

I accepted these uncomfortable relationships, but all my life it had been a hard pill to swallow. I wanted close joyous unions, especially after my parents died. It would never transpire no matter how hard I tried. Instead my family and I had close relationships with almost all my nieces and nephews…nine of them. None of us knew Kitty’s three daughters at all.

Meanwhile, years later when my two oldest daughters, Alison and Alexis were to marry, we invited Winnie to officiate at their weddings. I thought this might build a bridge for our relationship? Having Winnie agree was grand, wonderful and terrific at the same time.

We actually got closer as she learned to know my daughters. Since I’d been in Michigan for twenty years at that time, she hardly knew them…adding now my third daughter, Kelly. They barely knew her. But, all this changed with the weddings.

I felt that God had answered my prayers for healing the relationships with my sisters. I was one down with two to go. Ah, but God had another plan, unbeknownst to me.

He had a secret that needed uncovering.

It was October 1997 when he revealed this change in my plans. I found myself drowning at one hundred and fifty feet beneath the Grand Cayman Sea with no diving computer and my life partner and scuba buddy gone with our shared equipment.

Rick was trying to murder me after a twenty-five year happy marriage? Yet, by the grace of God I survived.

The next thing I know, I’m divorced, living in Sun Valley, Idaho in my trust-owned log cabin trying desperately to put pieces together where there were only a few facts and many secrets?

What’s worse my whole family, including my precious daughters, turned against me like vipers instantly?

Rick married another woman just as instantly, a month after our final decree. She was a financial advisor and most probably still is? My daughters, grown daughters, seemed to feel she's hung the moon?

The red flags went up, but I had no idea yet as to why these flags should have been flying at half-mast.

I knew how greedy Rick always was but I didn’t expect what I eventually figured out in 2004, which is somewhat chronicled in five different articles I’ve submitted to Before It’s News titled Heiress Lives In A Tent; The New Face of The Homeless In America. There are five parts and they tell some of the story. However I hopefully have a book coming out titled, God’s On Our Side Sweetie! But, The Devil Has Control!

The publishers, four of them, are still reviewing my proposal, now in their sixth month. "No news is good news," so they say in the industry.

It was 2000 that my life started being hit by what felt like financial mafia, with my ex-husband as the king boss. By 2007 I was homeless and penniless because of serious financial crimes committed by national financial institutions and financial elite. I’d also discovered that my trust account had been embezzled to the tune of eighty million dollars over my marriage to Rick, while he was one of my trustees?

With my credit unlawfully destroyed, albeit because of federal crimes committed against me and now too my partner, Larry we were in the streets. The crimes ruined our business; took two multi-million dollar homes and what was left of my trust account. Neither of us qualified for social security? No one would hire us because of our age; the fact that we’d always had our own business and our credit was annihilated.

It was obvious by now that the embezzlement of my funds needed to be hidden; therefore financial mafia came after both Larry and I to finish us off…so we’d die in the streets.

What’s worse none of the government authorities that are supposed to handle this kind of federal crime would give me the time of day, including Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy my second removed brother-in-law and my once attorney, still holding my file from that time.

My mind went to RICO involving my whole family? But, truly I didn’t know because the authorities were refusing to investigate, while my family considered me as dead.

Yet things were so bad for Larry and me, I decided to call the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral…my oasis. I knew the new Rev. Dean Baker now officiating in my childhood church from my years living full-time in Sun Valley, Idaho. He had commissioned me to design new robes for his church there. We spent a day skiing together discussing the project.

Apparently to my delight he had been transferred to the Trinity in Sacramento while I was out in the world struggling for my life. I felt sure if I wrote him he’d help Larry and me; possibly help find us employment? Know of someone who had an apartment on a ranch that needed live-in help? Larry had been training horses all his life next to his many other talents; I’d managed two multi-million dollar homes single-handedly. We’d run a flourishing start-up fashion and furniture design venture together that only got destroyed because of crime. We were and are not dummies.

But first I e-mailed my sister Winnie, hoping she was not part of all this crime, and perhaps when she sees what’s happened to me, all the injustice, she’ll come back into my life and help?

She totally ignored my e-mail.

So I e-mailed Dean Baker, not saying a word about my sister, only asking for his help. He wrote back basically a form letter like the government authorities write from behind closed doors of secrecy, saying “I’ll keep you in my prayers.” The government authorities write, "This isn't our jurisdiction," even when it is.

He might as well have said, “I’ll keep you in my prayers while you die of an incurable disease. Take your medicine so you won’t be in such pain.”

“Doesn’t he know that prayers often bring the right person at the right time to help us when we are lost? It’s how God often answers our needs?”

Apparently, in spite of Brian Baker’s chosen position, one of God’s right hand humans, he doesn’t like doing God’s work unless it’s standing at his pulpit shouting the word of God; he doesn’t like to perform as a God loving Christian? Perhaps my sister Winnie has destroyed me in his eyes and he doesn’t have the ability to use his own brain…getting the facts?

I would never hear from him again, though I wrote many other clergy of the church staff. They ignored me as well. I guess I have a very poor reputation in my beloved Trinity? Why? I have no idea other than possibly my sister trying desperately to keep me silenced; away from any form of help; whereby I’ll learn the truth?

So Larry and I continued to struggle on our own by selling our belongings, for pennies on the dollar, because that’s all vultures will pay. We had to eat and feed our boys, so in the house we were basically borrowing from a friend we had to turn off everything we didn’t need like the cable, phones and Internet.

Finally, I won a pathetic settlement from KeyBank because my attorney, who’s a criminal, withheld so much evidence from the judge, while he took the lion’s share of this money for bogus costs.

However we had the California State Bar at our disposal that would charge this attorney and order restitution for the crimes he committed against my trust, my lawsuits, and me… now Larry too.

In 2008 Larry, all six of our precious dogs and I moved back to California from Colorado with hopes and dreams, leaving the past behind us.

But our legal problems only got worse as the State Bar refused to charge this Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. because, though they recognized the horrendous crimes he committed, they didn’t want to charge him? My God, he purposely destroyed two lawsuits and stole my multi-million dollar home; a million dollars of our belongings and worst of all got my trust case in Michigan dismissed because he never showed up in court?

Larry and I landed in the streets again in 2009, because of more crime in the legal world. Lost five of our precious dogs. We had no other choice but to seek help from a church once more. I looked for an Episcopal church in Thousand Oaks, California, hoping they didn’t know my sister Winnie? I was sure she was the reason why my childhood church wouldn’t help.

Another shock strikes our souls; they refused to help us, yet they have never heard of Winnie? Well so they said. Instead they turn us over to, Conejo Valley Cares and John Gorham who owns the project for the homeless. They call him J.P.

However after he insisted that we turn over a twelve thousand dollar oil painting to him, so he could find a buyer, and I asked some serious questions about this, he refused to help us anymore as he'd promised…like help us find work and shelter?

“What?” I said to Larry. “We’re supposed to just trust him, after what has happened to us concerning crime? He knows our story. Now he's punishing us for not just giving him this painting?”

So with all the unlawful foreclosures going on at that time, far less than today, Larry and I were learning that churches don’t help people, or at least the Episcopal churches don’t. We were also thinking this J.P lives off the assets he takes (steals) from his homeless clients desperate for help?

Now we know the churches seem to be as apathetic and corrupt as our government authorities. We’d actually called many other churches on our journey, different religions. They just never called back…even after hearing our horrendous story.

This was horrific to realize, take in and accept. Where were we to go? We were going to die in the streets, because of federal crimes committed against us both and the authorities have refused to investigate for at least five years.

But the FBI had all my documents, so Larry and I were hoping we’d hear from them soon? It was our only hope for survival. This is 2009.

It is now 2012 and Larry and I along with the one small dog we have left, our beloved weenie dog Sir Malibu Gesundheit, (Bu Bu for short) are living in a tent. We’ve been here for two years, working daily for our cause. All our belongings are gone.

First get an investigation by the proper government authorities into the colossal federal crimes committed against my trust, Larry and myself. Second expose the fact that these financial crimes are rampant in society, while the government authorities are ignoring them and the financial institutions commit them. Third, the churches of today don’t help; just like our government authorities.

And, it gets worse. Just lately we’ve started “Twittering” to find help. I’ve been contacted by people who claim to assist people in our position…only to realize they take donations from the public; keep the donations and screw over the homeless.

THIS IS HORIFFIC, yet they get away with this because they know, like we do now, that they don’t have to worry about the authorities investigating their operations; the criminals know they won’t, way before the victim’s realize it.

Someday Larry and I are going to build a beautiful chapel on our land, where God will truly live and invite anyone who wants to partake in the spirit of what God really stands for.

The title of my book states exactly what is going on in this country... today.

By; Deborah Breuner

Part 6 Heiress Lives In A Tent: The New Face Of The Homeless In America

March 24, 2012

So I see JPMorgan is being sued. Don’t believe it. Besides the lame stream media will easily never say another word; the public will forget all about it if there isn’t a victim amongst them. They’ll fool themselves into believing this won’t happen to them. However, if there is too much of a ruckus the government will have the media report something, such as another lie, that will calm the consumer down.

But any consumer doing business with any kind of financial institution is subject to serious federal crime, while nothing will be done about it.

Realize that manipulative sociopaths, called “The Fort” are controlling our bank accounts and our country.

My situation proves the government authorities do not investigate these financial institutions, many of which the public never hears about, such as just one example KeyBank...600 lawsuits against them in Idaho alone back in around 2004. The government authorities report to the media that they are, in fact investigating, if there’s enough scuttlebutt amidst the public; then don’t actually follow through.

If you want to see what’s really going on check out 4closurefraud.org, foreclosurehamlet.org or shamethebanks.org and there are a lot more social media websites with bloggers devoted to this subject, because they’re living a nightmare and have nowhere to turn, but to try and find honest attorneys to file civil cases against federal crime?

It’s outrageous!

If the government authorities enforced the federal laws, already in place to protect the public, there would be little reason for social outcry such as you’ll see on the above websites. But, there’s been nothing done. Do we wonder why?

Ask yourselves, “What has happened to the millions of homeowners (with their small children) who are today homeless, perhaps without employment and soon to be penniless if they aren’t already? Caused by all the unlawful foreclosures?” You don’t hear about them anymore do you? Larry and I do right here in our campground from hundreds of other victims. What you hear about via the lame stream and alternative news is the housing market is coming back.

Sure it is, if one wants to consider that these homes are now being sold to lucky buyers for much less than they’re worth, while the financial institutions or mortgage companies that broke many federal laws to foreclose on previous owners go about their day never being investigated for their crimes?

I have seen through my own experience federal laws arrogantly broken one after the other by a few of the national financial institutions, with sunlight exposing every detail. When caught they arrogantly commit another crime and laugh in your face, because they know the financial watchdogs and government authorities won’t investigate and actually sanction these crimes.

Let’s just take one federal crime I’ve seen committed out in the sunlight while the world and government authorities watch. Non-judicial foreclosures on trust owned properties, that aren’t in default, while the financial institution involved hides the borrower’s mortgage payments. The law states these cases must go through a judicial review by a judge. But, arrogantly the financial institutions are completely ignoring this legal, sometimes, four-year step and foreclosing non-judicially because they know no authority will do anything about it… so why not, it saves time, while they commit grand larceny.

Hello, our trusts don’t protect us from anything, not even federal crimes, no matter how well they’re written.

What’s worse, the homeowners today are forced to fight federal crime by filing their own civil cases which costs them hundreds and thousands of dollars; taking years to resolve. These are not civil laws that are being broken by the financial elite; they’re federal.

Besides this there’s little truth in any news reported by the lame stream or alternative press. Hearing from the public with their personal experiences, blocked from hitting the eyes and ears of the rest of us by journalists, would be the only way we get the truth anymore.

While Bernie Madoff pays for his crimes with three meals and a cot, where are his partners in crime? Such as the financial institutions involved. Were they investigated? Somehow I doubt it as they continue with more crimes against the consumer. And, the victims to Madoff’s ponzi scheme, what has happened to them?

You’ll never know unless they are your friends or acquaintances.

It’s now been fifteen years since my now ex-husband tried to murder me; twelve years since KeyBank started coming after me like financial mafia. The first complaint I made was to all thirty-seven members of KeyBank’s Board of Directors by letters, addressed individually. At that time, I was so naive that I thought they’d care that KeyBank was viciously, unlawfully and criminally foreclosing on a three million dollar trust owned property, non-judicially, using a line-of-credit loan given to me, personally, on which I was paid ahead for a year. The property still had close to two million dollars of equity available. My loan and account statements had ceased coming to my mailbox. Even more confusing to me, at that time, was that I’d sold the property three times for the asking price to qualified buyers and the bank would not allow the sales to go through?

I was so frustrated in 2000 I didn’t know what to do with myself, so before I reported this criminal enterprise to the authorities I tried to reason with them.

They ignored me twice.

After this I started writing every financial watchdog in the country; the US Attorney General; four different state attorney generals and the FBI. In twelve years of continued complaints, while KeyBank tortured me with more crimes between 2001 and 2007, they purposely ignored me.

I have yet to speak to any authority about this, other than an intake government worker, (probably an illegal alien who most of the time doesn’t speak English) since I started my complaints, which are ongoing today in 2012. To this day I haven’t received anything more than a form letter directing me elsewhere.

When you add the eighty million dollars I found in 2004 embezzled from my trust, one would think I’d at least deserve an interview or a personal letter back?

I mean we manage our families with family meetings to solve issues. How do the financial institutions and government authorities solve crimes without talking to the victims? Because they purposely don’t want to hear about it! This is why they sit behind closed doors of secrecy and send out form letters, directing you elsewhere, while never mentioning the crimes. A trick of the trade in hopes the crimes committed against you will eventually fade away.

So amidst all my latest writing to save my life, I contacted the US Attorney offices in Los Angeles yesterday buy cell phone on which I have six minutes left to speak.

The secretary hung up on me!

I then found an e-mail address to the US Attorney’s office via their website engineer, who’s asking the public to comment on this government site. Oh and I commented all right. I wrote him indicating that there needs to be a way that victims like me can get to the authorities besides jumping through a hundred expensive hoops, we can’t afford because we’re homeless, penniless and jobless brought on by vicious federal crimes.

I desperately pleaded that he please give my e-mail to an attorney in the criminal division, the FBI already has all my documents, which this Paul Bertram has had going on four years now. I’m confident they have never been reviewed.

So we’ll see.

I then contacted the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral again two days ago. This time I e-mailed Dean Brian Baker from the onset. I’ve sent him links to all the work I’ve done on my own; praying he might have changed his mind, especially when he sees the truth in writing. I doubt that he’s ever heard this tale through anyone other than my sister Winnie or her husband Bob Gaines…two people I suspect have something to hide?

So we’ll see but I haven’t heard from him yet, though my desperate contact was like an innocent death row inmate. If I were dependent on him, I’d be dead already.

Last night I e-mailed the same information, in complete desperation, to Bishop Beisner, the Episcopal Bishop of Northern California. I mean he could actually do something like issue a press release or contact the US Attorney’s office for me.

Larry and I have run out of recourses, resources and money. We have no car and very little food…most of which would be discarded because of a past due date. We’ve lost everything while the authorities ignore the situation still after over twelve years of my continuous contacts. It won’t be long before we’ll have no Internet or phone.

The next step will be a long slow death in the streets.

This is exactly what our government wants for the public.

By the way did you see the latest Yahoo news, Girl Who Looks like A Living Doll? For every one of these ridiculous  “gone viral” news pieces there’s one that could actually make a difference in our lives, but the lame stream and alternative media won’t report them, by government orders, so the above is what we get as fill-ins.

Since the media won’t report the outrageous federal crimes attacking the consumer, that the government authorities purposely don’t investigate, we can only imagine what will come next?

I’ve read that Sweden leads the way of no longer being allowed to use cash? How convenient for those of us who choose to bury our cash in safes under ground, to protect ourselves from federal crimes committed by the financial institutions? I’ve also read that it’s already against the law in many states to feed the homeless. This too is convenient as a way to kill people off quicker, so there aren’t so many dead bodies cluttering up our streets.

Dear God, do we get it yet? Our government wants as much of the public as possible dead and I’m not convinced that the churches aren’t in on it?

It’s “The Fort” again whom I once felt was made up of the financial institutions, unethical attorneys, corrupt judges, government authorities and the complete media, short of social of course. But, I have since learned that added to these are the liberal literary agents, most of the publishers and many of the large houses of God.

This is not about red tape; its corruption that has spread a disease called, attacked by financial mafia syndrome and it kills. There’s no medication on the market yet.

Honestly, I feel how Anne Frank must have felt writing in her diary during the last days of her life.


By: Deborah Breuner

Part 5 Heiress Lives In A Tent: The New Face Of The Homeless In America

March 22, 2012

                                         Real Reason The Economy Is In The Toilet

Hello America; the economy problems are not what you’re being told by the experts, unless of course they have seen what I’ve seen in the last fifteen years and writing about it. A few authors have published books, yet they write about it obscurely and as a whole. And, how they got published, I have no idea? There are very few publishers today that will offer a book deal on these kinds of books, especially when one writes from the conservative perspective.  The lame stream media knows about this but they refuse to report it. How do I know? I’ve written them all over the last seven years. The alternative news won’t report this either. The government authorities are sitting behind closed doors of secrecy and laughing at us all.

So few people in the public know about any stories such as mine

I share one person’s experience and I’ll never believe I’m the only victim? The rest are dying in the streets or about to…as if Hitler has risen from the dead and found a way to kill off anyone that has a dime to their name. That would be you and me.

I’m not an expert, but I have expert experience. I could, I believe, pass the state bar exam just because of what I’ve been through and continue to experience.

I’ve written and posted four other articles about my experience on Before It’s News under Economics & Politics. You can read more about details in, Heiress Lives In A Tent; The New Face Of The Homeless In American, and part 2, 3 & 4. This is part 5.

If you or anyone in your family has a bank account, trust protected account, brokerage account, or a LOAN (small as it might be) with a financial institution or mortgage company you are subject to what has happen to me at any moment.

Earthquakes; tsunamis; global warming; elections; world affairs; wars etc. will mean nothing, if what I’m about to share with you isn’t addressed. Why? Because there won’t be a life on this planet who won’t be homeless and penniless while the government has it all.

I believe it’s a set-up; you tell me. I also believe “The fort” is making sure the scenario I share with you will be how most of the public lives starting now. From my personal experience it started a century ago.

The fort is the financial institutions; unethical “paid under the table” attorneys and judges; government authorities and otherwise; lame stream and alternative news and I’ll add the entirety of the liberal literary agents; the publishers by the most part.

Therefore the public knows very little about what is actually going on in this country or the world for that matter.

The financial institutions are stealing funds and assets from the consumer and there’s not a thing you can do about it if it happens to you; if it hasn’t I can assure you it will to some degree.

The government authorities, which are the only ones that can investigate these crimes committed against the consumer by financial institutions or other powerful elite financiers, such as unethical attorneys, sit behind closed doors of secrecy and ignore these crimes. This includes the state bars that regulate attorneys. You can write them for fifteen years and you’ll never get more than a form letter.

I had eighty million dollars embezzled by the collusion of a few financial institutions, trustees, attorneys and other financial elite. I found out about this in 2004. Today I still don’t have my account statements, which started to be withheld from me when I became aware of the crime amidst many other federal crimes.

After exhausting all the, paid by our taxes to protect us from federal crime, government authorities and watchdogs, I wrote Obama and past President Bush…they both know I’m headed towards dying in the streets because of these crimes that have criminally destroyed my credit and life. I can’t get employment because of my age and destroyed credit; I don’t qualify for social security, because I was an heiress. I had a flourishing business, destroyed by this mess too.

This is my story but you can see the scenario is set up to silence the victims, causing homelessness, poverty and death in the streets. My writing and blogging as a citizen of the United States of America, and other’s doing the same, will be the only way the public will hear about crimes such as these. Most victims are dying in the streets unable to share.



By: Deborah Breuner