God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


September 19, 2012
So now after being knee-deep into reading Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, and having a better understanding as to why there are so many federal crimes committed by the financial institutions; covered up by government; supported by attorneys and judges; then completely and purposely ignored by the media, lets talk about how Americans help and support each other?
I don’t want to minimize the help and support Larry and I have received so lets make this clear right from the onset.
Americans need to realize once and for all that they are not getting the truth from the media, whether that be mainstream, alternative or out there alternative. None of these entities are telling the truth.  The government isn’t telling you the truth nor are the politicians including our President Obama and many presidents before him whether they were Democrat or Republican.
Who is telling the truth would be those of us whom have had experience.
In general the American public is fixated on the November elections like their waiting for the messiah. The Democrats want Obama in office for another four years and the Republicans are positive Romney will save America, while media spins one lying tale after the other and the alternative media repeats the lies.
The truth is there’s something much more sinister going on behind the public’s back, or I should say right out in the sunshine, for all to observe and we ignore it, unless it happens to us. Then we’ll find out there’s no one who will investigate the crime committed against us and our family; no charity or church will lend a hand, and there will never be a prosecution of the criminal or restitution paid to us!
This apparently is normal business as usual in the world, yet we hear on the news about how so n so was investigated and prosecuted for such n such. This is government and media’s way of keeping the public calm, thinking there are laws that protect them.
There are too but the secret is the laws aren’t being upheld!    Since the media is bias towards keeping government secrets Americans don’t often know what the truth is unless they get to hear from people like me. This isn’t often because people like me usually don’t stick around long enough to spread the news…they more often die in the streets soon after the “Mafia Hit” they received from the government authorities. This is because the government’s goal is to shut us up, and they know exactly how to do it.
Victims like us lose our fine credit after the financial institution continuously commits federal crimes against us until we don’t have a dime to our name. After this the government makes sure we can’t get either employment or government assistance, especially if we report these outrageous acts to the government authorities. We’re left to selling your belongings in the streets like carpetbaggers for money to eat; gas for our car; place to live and food.
Most people don’t have the belongings Larry and I had; fortunately we were loaded between us with too many but they have kept us alive long enough to share and warn. Yet, had the vultures not seen us coming I suppose we could have sold many of our belongings for top dollar which actually could have given us enough money to do something besides merely survive.
I’d guess you could apply the philosophy, “ there’s a reason for everything.” Larry and I found out why we had so much stuff.
Now all the stuff is gone; we still can’t retain employment because I’m sure there’s something on our records somewhere mentioning one fact; FBI investigation. This is all that an employer needs to see and they’ll run as fast as they can to get away from you. Conveniently there’s no mention as to why there’s a so-called FBI investigation going on? Actually there should be on the financial institution that purposely destroyed Larry and my life.
Truth is the FBI has refused to investigate though they have 90% of all the documents of proof? Instead they hide behind locked doors and ignore the victims; for us since 2001.
But, the general public who haven’t experienced these kinds of crimes, so therefore don’t understand them nor believe they are actually occurring, say to us, “Go get a f#*king job!”
Some write e-mails with offers to send cash to us so we can continue to survive until the book sells. Then they never send the money?
Still others get power out of our possible demise as is obvious with their haughty attitude towards us. Last Christmas after many spent the same way, with zero food, people living near our tent in beautiful motor homes didn’t seem to notice we were starving and had been for days already.
We were waiting to sell something in order to get food money and just hadn’t yet.
No one, even aware of our story, offered to feed us; share his or her Christmas meal or offer a box of stale cereal. I’m sure I can speak for Larry too; we would have gladly taken the cereal in gratefulness.
Although there have been a number of caring people who have helped in one way or another, in ways that have been extraordinary to us, most of the time people treat us like garbage. They have no clue I guess that unless the federal crimes committed by the financial institutions and financial elite are stopped we will soon all be living in tents or worse yet in cardboard boxes, as the haughty, un-scaved at the moment, Americans step right over their fellow downed American dying in the streets.
In all honesty in my opinion the fact that the public continues in such unbelievable denial is our biggest problem in America and worse yet the government understands this better than most anyone…they rely on it!
 We American citizens would rather sit around and discuss these pieces of s#*t running this country and who the next piece of s#*t will be than face the fact that we the people of the United States of America are the only ones who can stop what our government is doing, to all of us, as they laugh their heads off at our ignorance & apathy.
By the way there's a time and place for strong language; I believe the time and place is now!
I had spent years, before all this crime, generously giving to my family, friends and entertaining them in my home(s); giving my time. Today Larry, Malibu and I face our death everyday, while the world discusses Obama, Romney and Ron Paul, plus a multitude of issues that pale in comparison to having all our funds and assets stolen while there’s no recourse.  All politicians are criminals today! I know because I’ve written every one of them and they have ignored me.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a mistake to rely on these less than honorable candidates, as they all know about the financial federal crimes and don’t care. The media makes sure we’re otherwise detained with some other issue so our own government can continue to steal from us.
Bother anyone?
If we don’t as a people start standing up; choosing our battles by importance at the moment, helping our fellow man and demanding that the laws and US Constitution be upheld we are all doomed…not just us.
So listen up and pay attention to the victims, the only venue there is to the truth. We Americans need allies; right now we don’t even have each other. Our government uses methods, through the media, to keep our thinking scattered in a million directions, which keeps us divided and powerless.
And it appears Netanyahu has figured out Obama isn't his friend; merely a metaphor to the fact our government isn't our friend which I believe trickles down into society in the way we treat each other. 
 If we can realize this we can over-ride it.
You can never convince me that Democrats, Republicans & Independents would disagree over whether its wrong for financial institutions to embezzle our funds out of checking, savings, trust or stock accounts.
So lets start with this issue and stop it!
By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent PS: Stay tuned, more review on Gold Warriors soon Please visit link below;very interesting I assure you:>)) http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/03/breaking-911-cia-whistleblower-usa-otb.html

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