God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

There’s Nothing Good About The ‘Good Ol’ Boys Club'


Of course we’re aware; it’s always been known as the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” but when applied to what’s going on today in the financial institutions it takes on a whole new meaning.

We’ve continuingly been reminded that the more prominent a person is the more they’re likely to receive special favors and free stuff!

When I was growing up, part of a very prominent family, what I saw in the daylight was quite different from what was obviously going on in the dark. Likewise what we see today in corruption within the powerful running the country is not new; buried a little closer to the surface now; desperately fighting to stay hidden, and far more serious than yesteryear! This is because when serious issues are hidden they escalate until they blow up! You know, like the unlawful foreclosures going on today to name just one tiny issue! I say tiny because compared to what else is occurring, having escalated now, there are far more sinister issues taking place that the public has no clue about yet! The foreclosures are merely one vehicle to the end! And know this; one trick to keep a person off guard in a relationship between two is to leak out small confessions; allowing the more serious deeds more space to continue. The victim is satisfied with what they think is a truth; the perpetrator is more than pleased with themselves as they continue their attack no matter what it might be. In the country today, it's the financial institutions stealing everything you own boldly and purposely; sanctioned by the USA Government!

Years ago, I saw my father have a friend recommend a great boarding school, for me, when it was full and would be for years. Because of the “relationship” my father had with this business pal, a friend from the Sacramento Sutter Club, I was attending the school before I could utter my name a hundred times in a row. This was considered a cordial favor for which my father, in return, would invite his business pal and family to the cabin to ski in the next coming months. Whatever and basically harmless from where I sat back then, depending on how one looked at it? Never mind at this point that I didn’t want to go to this school; I was attending as a punishment and I hated the place! It’s this process that is so very dangerous and it’s the same process destroying our country.

Actually, because of what has happened to me and the investigation I’ve launched I’ve learned that I’m the third woman in my family to have had all her assets embezzled, by those trusted family members in cahoots with financial institutions, while the federal crimes were and continue to be not addressed by the proper authorities, which goes back to the late 1800s, early 1900s in my family; the 1950s as it relates to my mother. When I was growing up, and this was occurring, I instead was told my independently wealthy mother was mentally ill, as my father got another business pal, probably from the Masons, to prescribe enough medication to my mother to keep her comatose so an ambulance could be beckoned and Mother whisked off to a hospital for a year! If I could go back to these crisis moments in time, I’d bet you there were some huge financial transactions going on out of my mother’s account during this same time? See now why my, prominent in his own right, father putting me in a boarding school by favor of a business pal isn’t very important in the scheme of things? Well depends on how you look at it and why he did this? Looking back today, it was part of my father’s manipulation in stealing my mother’s assets. I was asking too many questions apparently:>(

Why do these memories remind me of what is going on in the USA today?

My great aunt was the third victim I mentioned. All I knew about her growing up was her husband, (along with a financial institution) stole all her money; she had a broken hip; lived in a wheel chair; was never seen without her Rosary in hand; was loving, kind and beautiful even as elderly, while Mother took excellent care of her whenever she was around to do so.

Fortunately for us all, Auntie passed away before I was six years old so I never had to see what the ramifications would have been for Auntie had my father already implemented his plan for Mother to the extent that he eventually did? Well he probably couldn't have in front of Auntie, Mother's last surviving relative. And I said she was wheelchair bound, not meek. My weak and jealous father didn't want to attack my mother at a time when she had no one around to support her, like family in her case. She was well loved by her family.

By the time I was ten years old, Mother was considered a mentally ill alcoholic, who would most often be gone, living in mental hospitals, while sometimes home looking bright and normal with a personality that wouldn’t quit; a love for family and friends that made her unforgettable; and talent beyond most mortals. I never saw her drink more than one glass of alcohol at a time, mostly white wine, and always wondered from a very young age, “What is my father talking about”? In fact I was stupid enough to actually ask him, which got me in trouble every time. I hadn’t had enough experience yet to understand what all this manipulation meant? And I still haven’t learned the art of shutting up!

I did make a promise to myself very early in life to figure it all out; rectify my beautiful mother’s life. Didn’t realize what the crime was if any; just knew my mother was not being presented to the world for whom she actually was and that my father loved this, while trying to convince the world and his daughters that my mother was ill! Three of her daughters, my sisters, still believe what my father spent his life convincing them of, because of his jealousy and greed. I of course don’t believe a word, but know far more about federal crimes, and jealous, greedy husbands who will destroy a family because of this than I care to. And for some reason feel like my sisters, much older than myself, are in on the federal crimes committed against my mother…possibly against me too?

Hum, reminds me of what the United States of America’s leaders are doing to the public as they sanction the federal crimes committed by the financial institutions against the public, while they have the legal world and media bribed to lie enough in all they do to protect the financial elite. What a metaphor! It’s like I was primed within my family for the fight I have today. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned experience to keep one adamant and determined towards the truth!

Of course we've noticed, haven't we, that just as in dysfunctional families, where the sick parents or spouses, usually sociopaths blame their children, wife or husband for their own short comings, so our government, financial institutions and especially the media, representing these entities, blame the public for the sociopathic behavior of these powers that be, and believe me these entities know exactly what they're doing. They are doing it for the rest of the public, who haven't been attacked yet, diverting their attention, so the federal crimes can continue while purposely never addressed! Now why would this be?

So are we still going to argue that we as the public aren’t what we’re surrounded with? Is what we see in our families representative of what our government and powers that be have been doing for decades to the people of the United States of America?

First of all there are no laws in this country, especially federal laws, being upheld unless, a) you’re a scapegoat or b) you have no money to pay for attorney representation, period! And, the financial institutions and attorneys make sure you, as a customer or client, get screwed badly enough, with federal crimes, where you’ll be seen as a criminal after they have victimized you, not a victim to serious federal crime. In fact the more serious the federal crimes committed against you the more likely the proper authorities will never investigate them while your credit is unlawfully abolished; this is where you’ve suddenly become a criminal. Also if you continue to report the federal crimes, committed against you, to the proper authorities you’ll get a “Mafia Hit” for each crime you report until you can’t get employment or government assistance.

My situation started out with KeyBank and McDonald Investments, recommended to me by my divorce attorney, committing federal crimes against me. Little did I know, at the time, they were in the process of Mafia Hitting me to the streets to prevent me from uncovering the big heist; the 80M$s embezzled from the Deborah C. Davis Trust. My punishment was losing four multi-million dollar properties that had no loans against them and all my belongings; plus five of my precious dogs. All to punish me for reporting the 80M$ federal crime my divorce attorney was doing all he could to prevent me from finding out about in order to protect my soon to be ex husband from prosecution for embezzling & laundering these funds while acting as one of my trustees, the other trustee was a well known Michigan attorney.

But what’s truly interesting about all this federal crime is not the crime; it’s the effort put into protecting the criminals to the point of active participation in destroying me. You know psychological warfare; lies; more federal crime; withholding documents from the judge; not showing up in court as an attorney on a case; ignoring of complaints to the proper authorities from behind closed doors of secrecy and more. And my attorneys, and attorney generals in four different states, including Eric Holder and Janet Reno before him, committed all these crimes because they ignore them. I hope we aren’t still wondering why the financial elite, who arrogantly & unlawfully foreclose on our homes, don’t go to jail? We shouldn’t because it’s obvious! The government authorities, financial watchdogs, attorneys and media all work together to protect the financial institutions because this is from where they get their money, bribes etc.

For the government and politicians I believe it’s self-explanatory; for the attorneys it’s quite simple once you think about it. They would rather be representing the financial institution they’re suing than win against them, because they are assured in their minds that they’ll be paid if they represent them in the next case, so they downplay your case, showing the financial institution how tricky they can be with manipulating the suit against them so they won’t lose much if anything at all. Paying 1/16th of a penny on every million dollars a financial institution steals from someone is just the price of doing business, in their minds, so they still win; you as the victim to these crimes still lose your home, funds or both and your attorney just screwed you over. You want to know in what other ways they screw you their client? They lie to you about the laws! Your attorney has no worries about lying like this because the state bars are their allies; not their governing factor which the public believes until they learn the hard way. Truth? The state bars around the country are actually committing advertizing fraud with the information they have on their bar sites. Attorneys are actually freer to commit federal crimes and murder than anyone else in the country along with Obama!


And, guess what? Attorneys shouldn’t even be taking these unlawful foreclosures created by federal crimes on, because these aren’t civil issues. They are federal crimes to be handled by the attorney general in the state who holds jurisdiction, Eric Holder and the FBI. Why should consumers put out more funds to get back what a financial institution stole from them using federal crime? All the while these national corporations, who do business with the public everyday, aren’t even being investigated? Don’t you wonder why?

Come on people, hiring more attorneys, to look over your documents, making more money from you; getting all these documents notarized and then sent to the closest attorney general in the jurisdiction where the federal crimes occurred, while at it you might as well send Eric Holder all the same documents too, will only open you up for this below, or allow you to be part of a class action where you’ll earn about 75 cents for your participation.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard lately, on Facebook, about all victims of unlawful foreclosure since 2003 or even sooner should contact their state attorney general? Sorry I’ve been practicing the same action for over twelve years, getting back nothing but form letters from behind locked doors of secrecy, while the attorneys, I continually call, refuse to take my case(s). Yes, they give me all kinds of reasons but I know they’re lying now. There are no statutes to the crimes that have occurred to me, but many of these attorneys are fearful that what has happened to me will come after them and ruin their law practice so they stay way, far away from me.

I’ve also just lately been told, “Well there’s power in numbers.” Yes, I know but do you think the attorney generals all over the country are suddenly going to take action over millions of foreclosures? Eric Holder can’t even take care of Fast & Furious? Besides who’s holding these criminals (authorities) to doing their jobs? Obama? Right as seen below! This letter is Obama's response to my desperate, dying in the streets, plea for help after I contacted every attorney general in my jurisdictions; FBI; Governor; senator; congressman/woman; assemblyman/woman even past President Bush. So see this isn't about what political party is best; it's about the whole United States of America being corrupt! I even contacted Senator Warren who's claiming to be outraged about the financial institutions' federal crimes going unaddressed? Don't believe it! She's merely gearing up for something; not sure what yet? Oh I know maybe she wants to run for president against Hillary Clinton. All I know is I've contacted her many times; because I've actually done it all to help myself even represented myself pro per twice through this mess, but just as the powers that be counted on, I ran out of money temporarily; so feel safe my little pretties until I ride again!

If you want to see this and more in living color with obvious tips within the "Gaslighting" story to help you save your financial lives; pick up my book; God's On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! here on my blog or from Amazon:>)

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Monday, February 11, 2013



Well if you’ve read this blog from the beginning of it’s existence then you’re covered as far as understanding the federal crimes and corruption that have attacked my family and me; if you’re new to visit I recommend that you start by reading the first posts made back in March/April 2012, Part 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent; The New Face Of The Homeless In America. And, this title states a fact that will continue to escalate, in everyone's life, if the truth isn’t exposed to the public.

Additionally there’s my book entitled, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! You can pick up your copy, both on my blog and on Amazon.

Yes there are many Americans whom have lost it all as well, accepting facts based on what they hear in the media…the horrible economy which in my mind, because of what I’ve personally seen and experienced over the last now twelve to sixteen years, is not entirely true. I would label America’s problems as unaddressed federal crime & corruption from the top down or said another way, “Fish rot from the head down.” A quote I heard not long ago that describes what has happened to America perfectly.

Many would claim I know nothing because I am an heiress who lost it all, which in their minds makes me different, unapproachable, one of the 1%, spoiled, pretentious and certainly not educated in the true ways of the world…I’ve been pampered too much.

Truth is one of these titles is true. I was spoiled financially until I was forty-eight years old, but since then I’ve lived in poverty as horrendous as Ethiopia might be, and I’m now sixty-four years old. Even my enemies would never call me unapproachable. I am not and never have been part of the 1%. The 1%ers are a group of people on this planet who came by their wealth by crime and corruption in my mind. There are plenty of families who have money, mostly inheritances, from the hard work of their ancestors who came over to America with talent and earned their money, passing it on to the next generation. Then there are still Americans who work hard and should be able to advance, but today it’s impossible! All people with money are considered a disease, in this country today, born out of jealousy and greed unless they are part of the government posse, consisting of financial institutions, huge corporations, almost all the attorneys, certain powerful actors, the media and government authorities. These are the real 1% and they are destroying this country while our government allows it to happen!

One of the reasons no one in the public, if not members of the posse, will ever succeed in the USA if stories like mine aren't exposed is because whatever you do earn with your sweat and tears will be stolen from you by the posse and I know, through experience how they do it. I will tell you now, the better financial decisions you make the more likely it will all be embezzled, extorted and laundered, while the better real estate decisions you make will leave your property as a target for a financial institution to illegally foreclose on it even if you have no loan against it, owning it outright! And, the biggest problem we have is no authority will do a thing about it!

At this point I have more to offer the average everyday American than ever before. Why? Well because I've seen federal crimes committed that are never exposed by the media and these crimes usually happen to citizens who have substantial assets, yet are not part of the posse, while the techniques used to unlawfully foreclose, embezzle, extort, and launder funds from all of us will amaze and shock; and the crimes I've seen will keep you with that dream from ever achieving it, because it won't be possible with the agendas the financial institutions and our US Government have.

My partner Larry, and I would like you to decide what we as a nation need to work on and I’ll promise you this, our story will at least entertain you with recollections of the old Gaslight film of the 1940’s; Dominick Dunne in his hay day; Ted Bundy’s sociopathic behavior gone “bankster” and cause you to imagine Ann Rule’s envy and frustration over she not finding this story first:>)) Well she couldn’t have, it’s mine…ours:>))

Which brings me to Hollywood’s approach on scripts written by the people who’ve lived the story and how they’re not only refused but their work is discarded without a reading? Now is that nice and open minded? Sylvester Stallone wrote his script and acted in the film too and that worked out okay. He made some money, so I hear, and so did everyone connected to him. What’s more the circumstances by which he created the script and insisting that he star in the film actually made his movie more desirable to the audience…not less? So honestly don’t understand the reluctance, while neither Larry nor I want to be in this film; we merely want to be instrumental in making it? Anyone who would work as hard as Sylvester Stallone to get done what he dreamed of doing is a natural moneymaker. And these are exactly the qualities Larry and I hold.

Larry and I have had extensive experience with horrific federal crimes committed first against my trust and me...eventually after we started reporting these crimes to the proper authorities the crimes attacked Larry too. I can describe these eventual experiences as nothing short of "Mafia Hits" most probably to shut us up. What we've experience on our road to justice is mind boggling and we know every American will benefit from our solid twelve years experience uncovering federal crimes committed against the public by the entities we should be able to trust, and the public most probably has no idea this is occurring until everything they have worked for during their lives has been criminally stolen from them and they set out to hire attorneys and report these crimes to the proper government or other authorities. Until people find themselves having to contact every branch of law enforcement there is they do not realize, what we found out. In fact they may not realize that they must investigate the laws themselves as the attorneys actually lie about the laws to protect the financial institutions. None of the authorities do their jobs and the media won't report these crimes.

The movie goer, like the reader, is in for both a dysfunctional,sociopathic family saga of a lifetime and a gaslighting murder mystery, tied up with government corruption that concerns all consumers worldwide that do business with financial institutions; attorneys; politicians and media, whether they be mainstream, alternative, alternative, alternative or people powered such as Twitter and Facebook.

We have already had someone in the industry read our script and love it. He's an actor and director from California living in Toronto, Rick Cordeiro. I invite you to look him up on IMDB for his credits, which are quite impressive.

Both Larry and I have had extensive experience in creating and managing our own businesses; Larry in restaurants seating 700 hundred at a time, contracting and building, designing and building furniture, breeding and training horses and scriptwriting.

My experience has been in managing three multimillion dollar properties, raising children, creating and managing my own fashion design business, designing, drafting patterns and sewing; educated at Parsons of New York. In photography; studied at the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit.

I have for the last five years written my memoir while Larry and I together studied scriptwriting with an English professor, Sean Ireland teaching this craft at Santa Monica City College. Larry and I have since written four scripts and have just started a "Dramedy" for TV.

As I’m sure you understand, most creative people can pretty much approach any artistic medium with success, especially when they have the work ethic to go with it, and I believe we do.

At the moment, we want to produce our first film together with a seasoned producer from whom we will learn as we go. We already have an actor wanting to play one of the major parts in this film. We'd like to produce and film this movie,taking it on the film festival circuit next year, 2014 dependent on getting the funding we need from possibly you or a number of investors?

We believe our film will not only entertain, as the audience responds with every emotion humanly possible without getting arrested, but teach as well, while the public won't even feel the education occurring that will save their financial lives.

Thank you for your time and consideration towards this emotionally life changing film. To get a better understanding of this story from the beginning, please read March/April 2012 postings Part 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent; The...


Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Kevin Syms Photography; Sun Valley, Idaho

Sunday, February 3, 2013



Yes, media organizations who pride themselves in really, really telling the truth based on the fact there is little truth coming from MSM or alternative sources, but in all honesty, I don’t know what they call themselves other than by the title they give which consists of a personal name, such as a William, (Mr. IWasTheFirstToInterviewAfterTheTrial…) or something all encompassing like, Lawless America.

Actually based on what the public knows about the MSM these alternative, alternative media have to be worse, in my mind, because they are scared to death the government mafia will come after them, if they really tell the truth, so they pussy foot around the truth with little leeks here and there and call it the truth! They’ll tell you they want your story, once and for all, getting the truth to the poor public then they’ll manufacture reasons why they just can’t get to you to do the interview? I mean really it’s worse than sociopathic behavior, which makes them worse than MSM. But, they aren’t media whores like alternative media yet; they ‘re alternative news“want-a-bees”.

So this leaves the victims to horrendous federal crimes committed against them by national financial institutions and important leaders that run the United States of America, (like SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy) to fend for them selves with getting their stories out! Yes, there is no other way in the USA if you don’t die first from the “Mafia Hits” sent your way, as punishment, to your whistle blowing on the powerful!

Fortunately, as with most unfortunate truths, there’s always something or someone out in the world who will actually help get the truth out…this would be you, yourself and I, through people powered media, along with the occasional wide eyed optimist who believes still that they are making a difference with exposing real truths, such as on their own Internet radio program etc. And they are, but the nature of what they do, behind the scenes, in spite of what the MSM claims and spins, and the alternative blasts across the airways, is alternative to the alternative which makes most of the public think, “I’ve never heard this before I bet it’s not true”? When in fact, what we learn from these out of the way Internet radio programs and individual stories is actually the only truth there is, Period!

So who cares whether the truth gets out? You should actually because these truths could be the difference between whether you and your family, for instance, get robbed by your financial institution or even someone else, while there will never be anything done about it…not even an investigation! So best you make sure these thefts don’t happen at all, since there is no recourse. As it stands today, the public is playing Russian roulette with their lives and assets in the USA! It’s merely a matter of time before you too will be struggling to get a horrendous financial crime committed by someone you should be able to trust, such as your financial institution, (money manager, trustees, stock brokerage, attorneys) investigated and prosecuted. It won’t happen and instead you, as a victim, will be kicked to the curb with what feels like a mafia hit for reporting the horrendous crime(s).You'll suspect there’s some large entity pulling the strings?

At first you won’t notice this mafia hit actually, it’ll just appear that you’re experiencing some more bad luck in your life after the original crime(s) committed against you and your trust. You’ll notice everything you do, everyone you hire including attorneys, write, including financial watchdogs and attorney generals, ignore you with obtuse form letters or if representing you, in some capacity, they’ll be purposely withholding evidence from judges. You’ll deal with this for years in between more federal crimes committed against you, then your business, until you’re completely homeless and penniless. Then you’ll notice you absolutely cannot retain employment in spite of advanced qualifications, nor can you get government assistance of any kind. Past President Bush and President Obama ignore your “death row” begging-for-your-life-letters.

Finally your suspicions become a reality by realizing your life is being controlled by another entity, while you haven’t a cent to your name, homeless and hungry… dependent on selling your belongings in order to survive. There aren’t churches or charities that will help either? Is it our USA Government? Who else could it be? Who’s paying whom off? Just who is being protected?

Well in my case there’s a number of entities involved. We have KeyBank who most of the public doesn’t even know exists though they are a national bank, represented in every state in the USA, including Cologne, Germany, and considered mafia owned by victims to their federal crimes. And, there are secretively many more victims across the country, silenced. Then there’s NBD (National Bank of Detroit) now owned by Chase. There’s UBS Paine Webber, (was)Shearson Lehman and McDonalds Investments secretly (at the time) owned by KeyBank. Before my case against KeyBank was over they sold McDonald Investments. Why? I don’t know for sure but there is 80M$s of my trust account that has disappeared while McDonald Investments was involved with my now ex-husband’s failing business, (Davis Industries) in evaluating and selling it for close to 80M$s to Tesma International, close to the exact value of my trust! Hum, I at least smell a rat in why KeyBank sold McDonalds Investments and in why the attorney I hired to retrieve my assets, instead dismissed McDonald Investments from the lawsuit. Add the fact that SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy was my attorney advising and helping set up a trust to protect my assets from 1970-1978 and now refuses to return my file is quite telling? It’s been eight years since I started asking on my own and supposedly as long by attorneys I’ve hired with no response. See this is the kind of stuff the media withholds from the public:>{Alternative media reports what MSM already revealed and alternative, alternative chooses subjects that won’t get them in trouble…like news flashes on the dead and what they’ve been up to lately!

My final remark on all this, after being stomped again by another alternative, alternative making sociopathic promises to interview me, and never showing up with excuses a two year old could spot, is this. Wake up America and listen very closely to those of us that have been victimized by federal crimes. So far Americans are heard saying, “OMG I refuse to watch the news anymore; it’s not news it’s a performance and soap opera; plus it’s all a bunch of lies”! Yet, these same viewers have a problem believing a story, such as mind, if they didn’t hear it on national news? At the same time people powered outlets like Twitter and Facebook are being censored for content such as on what I reveal.

When are Americans going to realize we’re being led by a Hitler regime only worse, because we’re being controlled to our deaths, by MSM, from behind the scenes. Hitler didn’t hide as much!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent