God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Anatomy Of US Government Sanctioned Murder: In The Words Of One Who Refuses to Die!

September 7, 2012
Paupers Graves

“Sigh” nothing like a “Mafia Hit” to make your day; week; month or a number of years. But at least I have inside knowledge into financial institutions and government corruption few have and this is good. 

I want to share, helping others. Most of this information never gets shared because victims die in the streets; forever silenced with false information spinning around their legacy created by the government sustained by lying media.

Plus my Sweetie, Larry, our wiener dog, Sr. Malibu Gesundheit (BuBu) and I are still alive much to the government’s disappointment. Yes we’re going to make it and continue to expose financial crimes government purposely hides from the public.


Because the government wants to commit federal crimes against you too! And what good is our experience or being an American if we don’t help our fellow Americans with a truth that could save their lives and the lives of their families?

First you have to have something a financial institution wants and criminals around you who have something big to hide and can pay to have their secret held. I’m sure there are many other scenarios but this is the one that best describes what happen to me.

I had been married to what I thought was the love of my life for twenty-four years. We had successfully raised three beautiful daughters together. Two of which were married, one in college. But my husband and my marriage ended October 13, 1997 when he tried to drown me during a scuba diving incident. Soon after this we were divorced, leaving me single, abandoned by my family and wealthy. Unbeknownst to me at the time I was a victim of serious federal crime too? It was the reason for the attempted murder.

In my case I’d been an heiress since I was 20 years old and relied on my experts for advice. One of which was SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy, who was my attorney from 1969-1978 and also my second removed brother-in-law.

Please don’t try to calm yourself with thoughts about how this won’t affect you because you’re not wealthy? I’ve learned this has very little to do with it. Banks are insolvent, when they see a chance to steal assets they will because the government authorities are in on these crimes so they will not investigate or prosecute except for the occasional Madoff, a scapegoat. Used to calm the public; making us feel like justice is alive in USA when in fact we are a third world country when it comes to the law. 

There are plenty of sound laws; they are purposely being ignored by the powerful i.e. government authorities, financial institutions; attorneys, judges & media. I call them “The Fort”

What I didn’t realize for years is that laws are not upheld in this country unless your dog poops on the neighbor’s lawn or you violate traffic laws. This I believe is because the county or state makes money off of you for breaking these laws and they of course want the money! It’s also the reason there’s constantly new laws created in these areas, so you’ll more likely break more laws and the county or state will get more money! In fact there’s so many new laws concerning these issues it’s a marvel we can keep up with them at all. Uh, local government counts on you not knowing these laws because then you’ll unknowingly break them and they get still more money!

But have a horrific federal crime, or many as I did, committed against you and no authority, government or otherwise, will lift a finger

The point is a consumer can have as much as 80M$ embezzled straight out of their bank, trust or stock account and no government authority for which our taxes pay to protect us from financial abuse by financial institutions, will ever even respond to your written complaint with anything more than an obtuse form letter.

Shocking isn’t it? But it’s so true. Over twelve years later I’m still learning about what’s behind locked doors in financial institutions and government concerning financial matters that relate to all Americans. And my family and I are homeless and penniless with nowhere to turn but to God and our own ideas on how to survive. This usually boils down to selling everything you own for pennies on the dollar to vultures until everything is gone. But you have a book written.

Please don’t ask about attorneys? They are corrupt too and besides a civil lawsuit won’t take care of federal crime; only government authorities can do this. But attorneys usually won’t tell their client this if there’s more assets to steal, while they purposely lose your case. What do they care? The state bars don’t regulate them either you’ll sadly discover.

Ladies and gentlemen financial institutions are embezzling, extorting, laundering your funds and foreclosing on your homes breaking one federal law after the other to do it. And they’re truly LOL because they know something you may not as yet. Well not until you become a victim and by this time it’s to late to help yourself. You’re looking at dying in the streets from starvation and exposure. Worse yet the government authorities who are paid to regulate the financial institutions are sitting back instead watching this whole scenario destroy another American family’s life. Their smiles get bigger as you become weaker; they’re ecstatic when they figure out you’ve died in the streets silenced forever!

After what Larry and I have seen I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that government authorities know exactly how long victims can survive these so called “Mafia Hits” where their lives are destroyed by federal crimes of financial institutions. Should the victims report the crime they’ll instead be put in a position where they have no money, credit, and ability to get employment or government assistance. Eventually they lose their car because they can’t pay the registration, which will get them arrested if they try to drive it to an interview for employment? At this point it won’t be long before these victims land under a cardboard box in the street with no food, arrested or dead.

And you were wondering where all the homeless come from? Well now you know. By the way most of the churches and charity organizations in this country are corrupt also as they take in donations and keep the cash for themselves. Very likely a byproduct of what our government is doing to her people? 

We learn from those above us. If those above us are corrupt we will see this corruption in all the other areas of life. Depending on how long the corruption has been going on in leadership will explain how much corruption goes on in the private sector?

It’s obvious to me crime has taken over the United States of America.

 There is no authority that will investigate these outright federal crimes committed in the sunlight as the whole world watches. Yet Americans are subliminally and outwardly taught all their lives that the authorities i.e. FBI, attorney generals (Holder and state AGs) and multiple financial watchdogs regulate financial institutions and federal crime. But you see they don’t! So what are we paying our taxes for?

Problem is there’s no one but the people above the government and the authorities who have become corrupt so we’re the only ones who can do something. Until we all gather together against the stealing of our assets by financial institutions, this will continue. No new president or old one will help, because they’re all in on this for as far back as one can imagine.

And if you have been fortunate enough not to have been attacked by federal crimes by financial institutions then you still have it to look forward to unless the criminals are stopped.

The one problem Americans have today is worse than the stealing of our assets. It’s our inability to empathize with others or see how their issue affects us. We instead live in denial even criticizing fellow Americans for bringing these horrific losses on themselves? We step over them if we see their boxes in the street; we ignore others who look poor and we come up with opinions about the victims of poverty when we have no facts.

Well in truth a lot of this lands on the media as they protect the banks and government from being exposed by blaming the public for federal crimes both financial institutions and government commit against them? But come on people we know the media lies and spins stories that aren’t true? They also look victims like us right in the face as we starve and show the wear of exposure upon our skin and say "No I won't write about this"!

Nevertheless until Americans join together in force, those of us with experience together with others who haven’t become victims yet, and have resources, we as a nation will continue to destroy ourselves, like Lupus destroys internal organs, exactly like we are doing to ourselves now!

It is our responsibility to put an end to this financial institution and government corruption because there’s no one left who will and who cares more about what happens to us than we do?

After seeing the quote below on occupythebanks.com I had to add this to my article:)

The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything.        
                                                                                                            Albert Einstein

By: Deborah Breuner

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