God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, September 10, 2012

In America The Real Criminals Wear Suits, Ties & Run For Office

September 10, 2012


Tomorrow Vail Ranch Storage was planning to auction off all the belongings Larry & I have left, which are in one storage unit; not five like we once had. All that’s left are legal documents; personal pictures; cookbooks; kitchen supplies; some business equipment and a few clothes.

But as we have done many times over the last five years, we’ve won again. We get to keep our belongings one more month. Sold our unregistered truck to get the money to pay the storage. We still live in a tent where we’ve been for two and a half years.

This is insane when one considers how our situation all came about. What’s worse our situation is no different than others whom have lost their homes through unaddressed illegal foreclosures. The difference is Larry and I started our journey in 1997, before the media claims the economy got bad and because I’m an heiress and my situation involves not only illegal foreclosures but embezzlement of 80M$ from my trust account. I’ve seen federal crimes committed by financial institutions that most of the public has no clue about and I’ve seen how they do it with documentation to prove it.

Its very obvious to me so far on this journey that some Americans are jealous of me just because I was once an heiress and their attitude displays, “What the hell do you know? I’ll never have that kind of money so who cares"? Wrong attitude and besides this the zeros have nothing to do with anything.

However as much as many of you want to distance yourselves from what’s happened to me based on this attitude you’re making a huge mistake. Because I had so much money these arrogant banksters and financial elite had a field day with federal crimes most Americans don’t realize are going on because they haven’t had the funds in which all these crimes could be spread out in committing. The government authorities puposely ignore these crimes and journalist would lose their jobs if they report these atocities or the government's corruption.  

I’ve seen  crimes you'll never hear the media mention! I’m also confident now after almost 15 years that the financial institutions and financial elite who did this to me (now us) were sure we’d be dead long before anyone listened to the facts about the crimes.  This is also why financial institutions and government commit federal crimes against you in broad daylight as onlookers watch and have no fear they’ll be held accountable. You won’t live long enough to share your story in their minds and they know should you, while reaching out to media, you'll be ignored. So the criminals are outwardly laughing at you (us).

Plus these criminals know something you still need to learn. Why not learn from my experience rather than once you've become a victim too? Financial institutions are stealing from everyone and I've seen the type of crimes committed yet to be revealed to the public.

There’s what I call “The Fort” in this country, which consists of government; financial institutions; Esqs; judges and the media. They all work together to make sure the public never hears about these crimes so another victim and then another get attacked the same way. The funds the fort gathers as pay offs to hide these federal crimes benefit them all.

Of course history has taught us that Hitler started out destroying the Jews by embezzling, extorting, laundering funds and stealing all their property. Hum based on what has happened to us I believe it would be safe to say Hitler is back or at least his spirit is. And as was true in history, many Jews were warned of the holocaust and refused to accept this truth.

So are we not going to learn from history all over again?

Of course there are many more Americans whom have been attacked financially as we have been; they have either already died in the streets sentenced to paupers graves; dying in the streets masquerading as homeless & penniless with nowhere to turn and no one with power to listen to them or they have been foreclosed upon unlawfully while media leaks out a few benign crimes that don’t sound real serious.


Plus it keeps the sheeple calm as they now believe the authorities are doing their jobs.

There are still more people who lost their money in the stock markets. Again media leaks out another round of benign crimes as to why; claims there are investigations going on; manages to get government's scapegoat Madoff in prison then goes back to business as usual…lying to the public.

The media spins the tale that we’re dealing with a bad economy and what’s worse the public who haven’t been attacked by financial federal crimes yet believe this crap! But they're also the next unwarned victims. Unless of course they have heard of us?

Meanwhile the way government authorities get away with these federal crimes is to basically “Mafia Hit” you into the streets with your credit unlawfully destroyed and a mark upon your records that the FBI is investigating. Investigating what they don’t say, leaving any employer not wanting to find out and therefore declining to even consider hiring you?

 Of course there is no FBI investigation, because if there were to be one it would be into the financial institutions that committed the federal crimes against your trust and you. And there’s not because the government authorities want these crimes hidden.

What’s more you won’t qualify for any government assistance so there’s nothing good that can happen to you from here unless you have belongings to sell, a tent to live in and are willing to learn how to write.

As some extra bonus information the public should know the churches and charities are another scam in this country as many of you make your kind donations. These donations go nowhere but into the organizers' pockets, while the government authorities purposely ignore these federal crimes.

The truth is, as Larry and I have experienced, the USA is already a communistic country and our leaders have sanctioned the financial institutions to steal from us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican to be a victim. If you’re a politician your in on the crimes. If you’re a perpetrator there is no political party Democrat or Republican that breeds better ones. If you're a victim neither of these parties will protect you.

These politicians and voters will call themselves “ American Patriots” then they're the first to walk right over our cardboard boxes in the streets while the inhabitants are starving to death. The politicians are hiding and benefiting by the federal crimes; the voters will say they don’t but believe the lying media as they spin their tale about the bad economy when the truth is nothing more than unaddressed federal crimes by the proper authorities whom we pay taxes to for protection from federal crimes committed by financial institutions. 

Nobody seems to be focusing on the crimes our government commits and here in lies the real problem.

The government is puposely sanctioning the financial institutions to steal from you and me and they don't care if you're an heiress, heir or working class citizen who has earned every penny. The financial institutions are stealing from us all. If you report the financial crimes to government authorities, the only authorities who have jurisdiction to investigate these federal crimes, you'll be "Mafia Hit" into the streets to die... period!

The crimes arrogantly & blatantly committed by the financial elite and their institutions are now mocking society with "We can do anything we want even steal your child if we choose and nobody will hold us accountable because they're in on it protecting us all, ha ha ha and you the people aren't actively doing anything to stop us but complain. We love to hear your complaints knowing no one can make us listen or respond"!

So its not federal crime thats destroying our country as much as these federal crimes are arrogantly being committed while the government authorities purposely ignore them. The banksters and government have an agreement, "You steal and we'll ignore it". This explains why the "Banksters" have no fear, and why embezzlements, extortion, laundering & foreclosures are rampant in the country  destroying lives, now doesn't it?

Lets add the public who just doesn't see the truth to all this, in denial, and spends their waking hours talking about how their next president will fix it all? Sorry but from what I've seen neither Republican or Democrat will fix this. Haven't you noticed they are all ignoring the real issue...government crime!

By: Deborah Breuner


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  2. I know; I’ve seen and experienced this...