God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, November 4, 2017


Lets talk about Politically Incorrect based on a term the Liberal Liberal’s coined, it’s the Liberal Liberals who came up with this outrageous term, as far as I know, all based on their weakness towards plain old common sense, hard work and the truth.

Oh and please allow me to clear up how I see the United States of America’s system; there are eleven political parties in my mind, including the Democrats & Republicans.

Sometimes you can be a Liberal Democrat, a Liberal Republican or a Liberal; you can be a straight out Democrat or Republican or how about a Democrat Conservative or Republican Conservative? Perhaps a Liberal who claims to be a Republican? Anyone ever ask why is this? Are these Liberals smart enough to know better or do they, like a psychopath, choose to mislead people?

Then there are the Libertarians and Independents?

What’s their story?

They just refuse to choose, I’d guess?

Or…Dum Da Dum Dum… you can be a flat out Liberal, Liberal idiot!

It is the Liberal Liberal idiot who runs our country today. In fact they create all the government agencies on paper, which in my mind and from experience, don’t exist…except perhaps on paper.

Perhaps besides being criminals the Liberal Liberals are just too lazy to create agencies for anything more than in word and on paper, if they get around to typing the document...it's just such hard work!

The rest of us pay taxes to keep these Liberal Liberal agencies running, on paper, agencies that do absolutely nothing!

Why? Well this would be because our country is managed by Liberal Liberals. It’s the dishonest Liberal Liberals who come up with these mock agencies to justify a multitude of things, but in particular, justifying our paying taxes for services we never receive…such as investigations into horrific financial, real estate and CPS crimes committed by the professionals and leaders who are Liberal Liberals.

Then these Liberal Liberals line their pockets with our money.

It is the Liberal Liberal FBI whose job it is to investigate all these FEDERAL CRIMES committed by their Liberal Liberal cronies.

It is the Liberal Liberal mindset that calls the victim criminals, and the criminal…heroes.

Telling the truth is Politically Incorrect and so is God… as far as a Liberal Liberal is concerned.

Liberal Liberals are the same people encouraging you to give hundreds and thousands of dollars to churches and charities who absolutely keep these funds for themselves, more Liberal Liberals; while rarely helping anyone in real need…except the poor in other countries, whose government keeps the funds, or those who come to the USA offering nothing but a Liberal Liberal vote, at the next election, while the Liberal Liberal US Government pays for them to survive on American soil.

All other Americans are excluded!

So Liberal Liberals, the quote lovers have never heard, “Charity starts at home”?

The Liberal Liberals I’m talking about here, are dishonest and lazy; use words to convince you they are forthright, with your best interest in mind, while their actions immediately show you they are total lazy criminals. No matter what profession they are in, and most of the time they’re bankers, attorneys, doctors, insurance brokers, government, authorities, politicians, media, clergy, heads of charities, and leaders, they do not do their jobs.

The Liberal Liberals are the heads of all these organizations who claim they will help you on your Federal Crime issues, for small donations, in Civil Courts; crimes that need to be handled by the FBI...

Ask yourselves why these organizations aren't telling you that your federal crimes need to be submitted and investigated to and by the FBI?

I'll tell you why? It's because no matter whether you are helped or not, these Liberal Liberal organizations make huge amounts of money off their damaged by the corrupt courts victims...you!

This ladies and gentlemen is what’s wrong with the USA. A people can only survive so long on, “I’ll call you in a couple of hours” attitude; a statement Liberal Liberal’s make all the time and never follow through.

It’s the mantra Liberal Liberals live by.

In fact if you happen to be a straight out something other than a Liberal Liberal, with values in life such as tenacity and a strong work ethic, a Liberal Liberal will call you Bi Polar, Manic Depressive or Mentally Ill.

Often times the Liberal Liberal, who label people as such, are those therapists hired to put a bandaid on the soul of a horrifically betrayed American, now living in the streets, because of federal crimes committed by Liberal Liberals and then ignored by the Liberal Liberal authorities.

If you have become a victim to Liberal Liberal crime committed against you, you’ll be accused, by the lazy Liberal Liberals, for bringing on the crimes committed against you by your own little self; they’ll accuse you of not paying attention and recommend that you watch the film, The Secret.

Yes, the Liberal Liberal will instruct you to think positively; if you don’t you’ll get what you deserve…crimes committed against you!

Yep, blame the victims.

And I’d guess it was a Liberal Liberal who came up with this philosophy?

In fact a Liberal Liberal will come across a bleeding victim in the streets, on their last breath, and say, “ Stay here, I’ll go for help” and then never come back after stepping on the victim’s face, with spiked golf shoes, as they abruptly scurry off.

Later you’ll find the Liberal Liberal embarking on their timely meal.

Yep, do not, I say…do not disrupt a Liberal Liberal’s schedule by laying in the streets on your death bed.

Welcome to “I’ll call you in a couple of hours” America; land of the Liberal Liberal lazy criminals.

Or, “You need to stop being bitter” instead be positive and get on with your life…

Spoken by a true Liberal Liberal after they embezzled, stole and destroyed your life, as the Liberal Liberal authorities ignore the crimes for twenty years.

Then the Liberal Liberal spouts, “Go get a job”, when even they can’t be so stupid as to believe a person, ravished by unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes, thereby thrown into the streets with merely the clothes on their backs, destroyed credit and fifty years old, with no money to live on until they get a paycheck, could find work. They can’t get a job but by the abusive models if at all; not even with a college education. They don’t have the funds to get into sales commission positions nor will anyone in the financial world fund an idea they might have… it’s the bad credit you know.

Employers don’t hire the smelly, old or once business owners; now with bad credit scores as a result of being victimized by financial crimes… it’s Politically Incorrect!

By: Deborah Breuner-Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

RELIGION; Get Out Of Jail Free Card...NOT!

Dear Pastor Green,

I just wanted to thank you again for the your time and the churches’ help. Larry and I appreciate it very much.
We now have a number of extra hours to work on our latest employment opportunity.

As you suggested, having still another hourly job between Larry and myself, or one for both of us at the same time, at minimum wage might work, but this will not keep us in a motel or pay our bills, such as phone, storage of our belongings or car payment.

If we already had a home that was paid for then it would work, but in our situation, where all we ever owned is gone, these kinds of jobs will merely keep us living in our car, as it takes a couple of weeks to get paid to boot, even if everything else were in order. Not to mention the financial crimes committed against us have destroyed our once great credit and minimum wage jobs require credit checks, which we’d never pass; then there’s our ages! Well, not sure you’d realize what I’m about to say; you’re very young, while we have lived a real life eye-opener for a number of years since the financial crimes took all we had, but starting at around 50 years old, in this country, finding good employment is almost impossible.

We have aged out!

Sales commission employment, and finding a way, without our own funds, to rebuild one’s business is the only work for people our age.

It was when I turned 50 that the financial crimes took my life away as I knew it. And before this, both Larry and I were self-employed. Employers don’t want to hire those of us who were once self-employed.

Since 2007, Larry and I still took the employment we could get while working on creating a new business out of air, because of course we’ve had very little income and have lived many months, on and off since that time, in our car. There were even about 14 months we didn’t have a car at all.

Then take Larry’s health issues. Thank God they aren’t huge but they are painful. And sleeping in our car makes them far worse.
Did we mention that both Larry and my challenges would have been past issues had we had a home or the help we needed? Since 2007 we have been employed, obtained through pure tenacity, many times and lost the employment because we were homeless, living in our car, while the shelters were full or wouldn’t take us because we had a dog, and like we mentioned, we have no family.

Our Bu is family, however.

Our precious, “The Bu” has now passed away, as of July 2017, unfortunately. He is still our family of course, along with our five other precious dogs that were violently stripped from our lives in 2009, another consequence of the unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes.

It’s also unfortunate, with the purposely unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes going on in this country, today, the churches and charities haven’t adjusted their assistance programs to help people get back on their feet better.
These crimes are wiping people out, and small donations are helpful, but don’t solve any problems, they merely prolong the suffering after a slight reprieve, which makes it still more difficult to go back to suffering after these few days of reprieve. And this continued suffering, living in one’s car, keeps people from rebuilding.

However, we have learned to appreciate any and all help that comes our way, and it has been the help found here and there that has kept us alive.

We pray one day we will get ahead of all this and flourish once again, using our God given talents.

Thank you again so much Nate for your help; we will likely take you up on the invitation to attend service at your church, once we have the gas in our car. Today, and for the next few days however, while still having a roof over our heads until Friday, because of you, we need to spend our time seeking more help in keeping ourselves housed so we can continue the employment we have, plus we still need money for gas and food until the first paycheck comes in.

This could be by Friday or not for another week, God only knows.

As of now, we are still in pure survival mode, while we divide our time between, obtaining customers and more help for ourselves so we can continue our work.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, Nate but I have a question that I’ve been wanting to ask someone, in your position, for years.

How are the other people your church has helped doing today?

Have their lives been rebuilt? Would this not be the goal? At least helping to point these people in a positive direction?

And I know Larry and I aren’t members of your church, but we have called upon our own churches, those we grew up in, and they have refused to help us. So my question even relates to your own congregation here.

I’m curious because Larry and I were attacked by all this crime starting in 1997, which destroyed our business, our only livelihood, and our only family, our precious dogs; never mind our human families as they have made their choices that money is more important than people and relationships.

It’s called GREED!

However, Larry and my experiences, over the last now twenty years, have been outrageous considering what the crimes had already done; instead of compassion, from those we have sought assistance from, we have been met with such ugliness that it’s difficult to understand how this world even functions?

The victims are punished in this world, when the Bible states;

1 John 3:17-18
But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

How would you interrupt the quote above?

Had there merely been someone out there who had believed in our God given talent’s, already proven to be very successful as our work was garnering upwards of four figures for one item alone, as shown here from twenty years ago, http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/ and invested say $25,000.00, at that time, so we could restart our business we’d likely be earning a lot of money by now, which because of our gratefulness, much of it would have landed in the hands of those who helped us, such as in donations to our church, for instance. And likely it would be far more than a $25,000.00 donation over a twenty year period.

And after what Larry and I have seen and experienced, we’d have started our Internet program, which we have come up with, to help other suffering people like us. I mean real assistance leaving people equipped in rebuilding their lives quickly.

By the way, over this twenty-year period, Larry and I have received in small donations, piecemeal style, easily OVER $25,000.00 painfully dragged out, $50.00 to $100.00 at a time, over the last twenty years so all we could do is merely survive.

What a waste of the giver’s funds, because assistance, given in this manor, keeps people poor when there’s simply no reason to be poor. Most of the suffering homeless and penniless are creative hard working human beings, such as we are.

Meanwhile we have limped along, chasing any employment we can find, from one state to another after living in a tent we couldn’t stand up in for three years, receiving small donations here and there so we didn’t die in the streets…and we still are doing so.

What’s more the hourly jobs we have managed to obtain, have been slave labor camps where we were so abused that the Labor Department should have been contacted, but here again they don’t do their job anymore than the other authorities in this country do.

So why bother?

People with our abilities, shouldn’t be living in the streets, which helps me understand what the true cause for why homelessness and pennilessness is so rampant in society today. That would be because the business, financial and legal world are corrupt, and the churches and charities, for the most part, won’t really assist the victims to this crime and corruption.

They resent having to help, in our experience.

The earth is instead full of talented capable human beings struggling to survive because they were hit by crime, the authorities do nothing, and the churches and charities don’t like to help.

Today we have two more nights in this motel, almost no money for food and our car on the verge of being repossessed…again! We have less time to put into our work; our time must AGAIN go into survival.

As of just moments ago, we are now in the process of losing our phones. If this happens, we land in the streets and lose our car; your assistance will have been wasted upon us. We will then lose the employment we now have…again for the umpteenth time during this twenty-year cycle, and for the same reason.

However, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. You are keeping us alive for another short time; hopefully we can find more assistance in the next few days as we continue to work on our business.

Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll be able to attend your church this coming up Sunday…we don’t have the money for gas as I mentioned yesterday.

One last statement I have to make, Nate if you’d be so kind as to listen. It is my belief God has not created what Larry, our six precious dogs, and myself have and continue to suffer from, He instead expects us all to help each other, against the earthly ills, and in fact I believe He sets situations up where we meet each other for a reason, an opportunity if you will, to assist each other with what is needed most…and in what we are most able to give. In other words God helps us through people often times, but in today’s world those we meet, who have the most ability to actually help, don’t.

It is only those who have little who are willing to give whatever they can; sometimes it’s a prayer and a hug.
We are very grateful for it all…

And we are very grateful for what you were willing to extend to us… three nights with a roof over our heads.

The problem here is churches and charities, such as your church, can help more if they wanted to… they just don’t want to…simple as that!

Again, thank you and God Bless You!

Larry and Deborah

Monday, October 30, 2017

More Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

About Us


Living Streams is a fellowship of people who love Jesus and want to be like him. We are committed to following his words when he said, “my mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice.” - Luke 8:21

Dear Pastor Buckley,

Sorry to bother you; I’m compelled to share, not sure you care however; perhaps you're not aware? If you are, shame on you! My business partner/ husband Larry and I were invited to come over to your church for help this morning, help we were told would only be possible if we came over, sat down with a pastor and explained our circumstances.

Instead we wasted gas to drive over there and talk to Pastor Faith Cummings; within less than three minutes we were quite aware your church helps no one through the eyes, actions, and attitude of this evil woman.

Perhaps you should have your staff tell people, like us, this when we call desperate for help.

It's evident by the recent experience my Larry and I had with your church, Living Streams that the earthly ills are not of concern; interesting considering what profession you have chosen on this earth...yes, you have chosen, because God sure didn't choose this career for you, unless of course you aren't aware of what your people are doing?

Your church staff aren't worthy; my mother, if alive, would call them "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing." Today I might reverse this old fashion saying to, "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing."

Think about it...

The goal, apparently is to line your own pockets; it's the reason your website is full of, "Donate"; it's not to allow your congregation to better donate to help the suffering, but to help you and your staff flourish financially as the suffering victims of the world continue to suffer.

Let me share something with you...God doesn't like this, and one day I trust you'll see just how much God doesn't like this...in Hell.

I'm not a neophyte to homelessness and pennilessness; have been since 2007, both my Larry and myself have been, because of horrendous financial and real estate crime committed against me first by professionals, bankers, money managers, attorneys, trustees and family, which started upon my parent's death when I was 21 years old, by my personal attorney Justice Anthony M Kennedy, also my second removed brother-in-law and a SCOTUS member today.

Eventually the crime destroyed larry and my flourishing fashion/furniture business so his livelihood gone too.


I was able to raise my three children with my 80M$s and get them through college and their weddings, with my funds, but after this I was thrown into the streets at fifty years old, with nothing but the clothes on my back, after a failed attempt on my life, by my then husband, now ex. Why...my support system had been embezzling my money and laundering it over twenty-four years while the financial institutions and money managers adjusted monthly, quarterly and yearly bank statements full of lies to keep me from realizing the ongoing crime.


The financial crime, and more crimes that followed, to silence me, are shocking; more so that the authorities do nothing, on purpose, to investigate or prosecute these horrific crimes in this country, while the media refuses to expose any of these facts. Hence the victims, such as myself, are often not believed, and this is the reason crime in this country is rampant...the criminals know the authorities do nothing...hard working, God loving citizens have no clue until it happens to them, and then are shocked further to learn the churches, charities and social services refuse to help anyone, when the right kind of help at the right time could save lives.

You cannot fool us, we have been homeless too long to believe your outrageous list of resources, available in your church offices, for the homeless and penniless; they help no one!

These resources are criminal enterprises, just like the financial institutions, authorities, attorneys, courts, media, most churches and agencies claiming to help, when in fact their help consists of sending victims to another agency who sends them to another and so on...

A ten dollar gas card, or a bag of free food, is appreciated, but prolongs the suffering when a motel room secured for a couple of weeks could help a victim rebuild their lives and a lot less costly in the long run, by helping to get victims back on their feet...quickly.

One cannot retain employment while living in their car or on the streets...most victims to homelessness, created by the authorities not doing their jobs, don't have the $12.00 it costs at a truck stop to pay for a shower.

You notice I don't claim the original crimes as our problem...no, it's the authorities, professional legal world, churches and charities not lending a hand, when needed, who are the worst criminals today.

Since 2007, my Larry alone, and the two of us together, have collectively had many employment positions, we lost them because we didn't have the funds to sustain us, with a roof over our heads, until a paycheck came in. One of our last positions was lost in Denver, back in June 2017, because it's against the law to sleep in one's car, so Larry's employer basically let him go. We had an Episcopal Pastor, Charles Lafond committing to keeping us in a cheap motel room until Larry received his first paycheck, but then after a few days he decided he was done helping and instead allowed us to be kicked out of our motel into the streets without a cent to our name.

The last employment we took on together, as a couple, was so horrific, I can actually claim we were being kept as slaves...another issue in the world of homelessness and pennilessness. Some of these employers see us coming and know we'll work for nothing we're so desperate.

I have made it my mission in life to actually do God's work, and part of this would be exposing truths, and doing something to fix the untruths. Too many people, not yet victims to horrific life altering financial and real estate crime, still believe their donations are actually doing good for those in need.

Because of what happened today, in your so-called "House of God" I'm exposing another truth...your church is full of more criminals..."Wolves in Sheep's Clothing".

Your church needs to be exposed...

My Larry and I have now again, for the umpteenth time, over the last ten years, found great employment; we are within a week or two of receiving a good sized paycheck for work well done, but tomorrow we are instead going back into the streets because no one, who has the full capability to help, will...such as churches or charities. We are not young enough to survive the horrific heat of our car...I'm close to 70 years old, Larry is a bit younger, but showing the signs of our painful life worse than I am.

We have exhausted social media friends and acquaintances, people who themselves are suffering and small intimate churches in the middle of nowhere with only a dozen people in their congregation, yet have found a way, in the past, to help with what they can. We have no family; Your Pastor Faith Cummings of course, didn't listen long enough to learn one thing about us.

Your church, the staff and the walls within come off as evil...

Just saying…

I will, however, pray for you and your staff, because God knows you need it! God Bless you.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Deborah Breuner Davis

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Walmart To Table; Always Frozen, Never Fresh


How would you feel if you were living out in the middle of nowhere on the Double Diamond X Ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming and the whole family carried .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) on their hips, or at least had access to one, while they were all secretive, liars with an agenda?

Larry and I became a bit nervous, especially since we knew one of the owners of the ranch, Matt Dzialak, once worked for the US Government, which we hadn’t learned about until well into our employment relationship with him.

Matt always told us he hated the government, but after what Larry, The Bu and I experienced we tend to question this too.

Yes, Matt and Jenine Dzialak hired Larry and myself on July 21, 2017 to take over from a Chef, by the name of Ward, and his wife which we were told, by the Dzailak’s, didn’t work out. They had recently and abruptly left before their positions were completed for the summer. In fact as the sharing continued, few of the Dzailak’s employees worked out according to them. One employee of theirs even escaped in the middle of the night.

What we understood originally was that Ward had sold himself to Matt and Jenine as a Chef who graduated from the School of Cordon Bleu, which by his lack of abilities as a Chef, proved to not possibly be true…so said Matt. The other very young employees, Matt and Jenine had hired, for the summer left because they didn’t want to work…so we were told.

Both Larry and myself wondered where Matt received his training in cooking? Assuming, at the time, he was a Chef. Matt made a comment about how much he and Jenine hated working with most highly trained Chefs because of their arrogance. They appreciated the training I’d had which was more based on years of experience and mentorship.

Matt and Jenine were desperate for another Chef at their guest ranch and their Farm to Table restaurant; a marketing person and general help for the summer season that was left. Larry, The Bu and I were desperate for employment with almost a year of living in our car under our belts and unable to retain employment because we never had enough funds to get ourselves to work or keep a roof over our heads long enough until we received a paycheck. Most employers will not hire people living in their car and no money by which to take regular showers. Churches, charities and social services seldom help anyone, contrary to what the public is led to believe. What’s more we hadn’t weathered the past year well; we were all showing the signs of homelessness; especially The Bu.

The Bu was appearing to have an infection in his sinuses, while losing teeth monthly, but he was easily eighteen years old too, so though we were concerned we also knew many of his symptoms and issues were normal for his age.

Most of all The Bu was a happy puppy.

Larry and I adapted our daily lives in order to keep The Bu as healthy and comfortable as possible, while living in our car.

Meeting Matt and Jenine felt like a miracle in the beginning. Everyone was winning and so was The Bu; Jenine started her life out as a vet, and though Larry and I didn’t really want her to examine The Bu, because we knew he was old; didn’t want her evaluating his health as long as he was happy, which I as much as told her, just so she wouldn’t be tempted to say a word, but still there were so many subtle comments she swung our way that eventually we conceded too absorbing.

The Bu needed an antibiotic; a pharmaceutical; one, amidst many, which I’ve always questioned as needed at all, causing more problems than help…often times.

Before we knew it, on the same day we were interviewed, Larry and I had employment minus any marketing done on Larry’s part however, because Matt had decided there would be no more marketing going on this season; a number of days later The Bu had an antibiotic after I tried Braggs Vinegar in his water, which wasn’t helping fast enough. We felt he deserved to be feeling well, old or not, and sooner rather than later.

We felt grateful to finally get out of our car, and a recent 2nd tent experience, for an attic space, up many stairs, and a fire trap above the propane range in Matt and Jenine’s lodge; we were blessed!

Added to this was an offer of $50.00 a day for both Larry and I together, and $100.00 a day for Larry and I both once we’d been trained and the family reunions and weddings showed up in late July 2017, just a week away from when we were hired. We’d also be compensated with all meals supplied for us and 50% of the tips guests left.

We knew our salary was less than minimum wage, but willing for two months, to agree so we’d have a roof over our heads, be doing something meaningful, and earn the funds to do what we really wanted to do, while staying housed, with the funds we earned from the guest ranch, until we could get paid for some commission work, after which we’d launch our own business again with the funds.

Why would we agree so easily? Because we knew these employers saw us coming, while we were desperate; this time ready to lose our car if we didn’t get employment. We were afraid to say, “No” to their pretty pathetic offer. I mean it wasn’t like we had employers breaking down doors to hire us; we’d always been self-employed and we’d aged out of retaining employment in the job market.

So again, Matt and Jenine hiring us, was a win, win for all concerned; we were so grateful…

Never mind that I had studied gourmet cooking with and was a Sous Chef to many of this countries great Chefs, such as Guiliano Bugialli, Julia Child and Jacque Pépin to name just three, as well as spent my life in hospitality for the elite, and had owned and cared for a number of multimillion dollar homes, while Larry once managed a restaurant seating 750 people at one time with two bars, while managing employees from his days as a teenager for family businesses. Not to mention both Larry and I had created our own successful businesses alone and together, before all the unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crime took our lives away.

Perhaps Larry and I would be a valuable addition to Matt and Jenine’s guest ranch for two months? Perhaps they’ll learn something; after all we’re easily twenty years their seniors with lots of experience.

Both Matt and Jenine claimed they’d welcome our input is what I recall them saying.

Again a win, win for all concerned.

However once Larry, The Bu and I moved in things started to change immediately from the original plan. Larry became the restaurant dishwasher; I became much less than a Sous Chef, not sure what one would call my position? Perhaps I was a go-for with cooking abilities?

Matt was the self-acclaimed gourmet Chef, but from what I witnessed he absolutely didn’t know what he was doing. Jenine, was the self-acclaimed hospitality extraordinaire who also had no clue to what she was doing.

Most of all their operation was not Farm to Table.

What’s still worse for us, our precious Bu died in our arms, July 31, 2017 at 8:00 PM, two days after we put him on antibiotics. I won’t even go into what my thoughts were when this occurred and remain so today, however The Bu was close to eighteen years old and both Larry and I choose to believe God took him when He wanted him home.

We saw him in the clouds the very next day, and many times since; The Bu is finally at peace.

However we were soon aware we’d been employed by what I’d describe as sociopaths/psychopaths, and there was nothing we could do, but continue to work at our jobs; we’d otherwise be living in our three month past due car with no auto insurance. And because of our experience, over many years, we knew no one was going to help us out otherwise, other than the few friends we'd met over the years, and we'd exhausted these kind, caring gestures already.

We prayed for strength and courage to carry on…

There were three more employees on the ranch premises that we interacted with on a daily basis; two were Jenine’s parents, Jim the bartender of the saloon and Trish the housekeeper and laundry aficionado. They were both in their middle to late sixties. Jim turned seventy the middle of August; August 18, 2017 I believe. Then there was Jacob, a twenty something year old college graduate working as a fishing guide for the ranch and guests.

We were aware there were horse wranglers, with their horses, on site too, but they didn’t seem to live on the property and early in Larry and my career there, the first wranglers left and these new ones took over.

We knew them, as Phillip and Bob and saw them very infrequently.

But it was the day to day experiences we had that left us speechless, afraid to say anything or we’d be fired, or murdered, based on past stories Matt and Jenine themselves told us.

Sometimes I don’t know if Larry and I have merely seen too many 48 Hours or Datelines and so read things through these eyes? All I can do is share our experiences and comment; “We’re grateful to still be alive.” Every time I think of Matt, Jenine, Jim and Trish chills run up my spine, which also entails, Sandy, Matt’s seventy something year old mother, who visited the ranch briefly from Ohio.

The whole family would eventually come to remind Larry and I of what Phillip & Nancy Garrido, who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, could possibly be like or a Jim Jones cult?

This would not include the two black and white family Pit Bull puppies on the ranch; Sweet Pea and Buffy who were precious beyond words and kept Larry and I smiling.

First of all Matt and Jenine’s decision making skills were outrageous, especially when one considers their education, both doctors; Matt had a doctorate in education with expertise in the reproduction of Grouse, I believe I read, Jenine was a veterinarian.

They were the perfect example of education from government-controlled schools that only want their students to know what’s in the box and that’s it.

They are stupid criminals, who in the beginning in perfect sociopath/psychopath style ingratiated themselves into our hearts using all the right words and methods.

(If you’re not aware of how this is done, please Google Sociopath and Psychopath)

Matt and Jenine were and are very proud of the fact that they had given up their careers, cashed in their 401Ks, and purchased a guest ranch that had been foreclosed upon twice; left to survive empty for ten years before they came along to fill a dream so they said. Only one shouldn’t purchase a place in this kind of poor condition if they don’t already have the funds to remodel, or the ability to remodel them selves.

They didn’t and don’t have either so we observed.

However, Matt and Jenine love the hospitality industry, so they claimed.

But, actions speak louder than words…right?


Matt is a 43 year old, tall, thin, light brown haired guy with cold steel blue eyes; he shaves his head and sports a cowboy hat, at all times, except when he’s cooking. He likes to wear old 1950s style cowboy shirts, work boots and baggy jeans, with his cell phone clipped to his right hand back pocket.

Apparently Matt sees himself as laid back and cool, but he’s not, he’s instead a control freak; a volcano about to explode.

Jenine, is a 40 year old, tall, long dark haired, attractive woman who appears to have become recently pregnant; she already has five children all under nine years old, which includes a year old infant she continues to nurse. Her attire is usually black stretch pants and a DDX T-shirt.

It eventually was proven to us Jenine controlled everything on the ranch, from their family home on the property, with her youngest saddled upon her hip. If one asked Matt anything at all about guests, food, and menu he responded with a quiet puppy dog victim response, “I don’t know? I’ll text Jenine.”

When Larry, The Bu and I first arrived at Double Diamond X Ranch I was definitely hired as the Chef, or I should say a Sous Chef. Matt showed Larry and I around his kitchen, and menu while asking me what I would recommend and prepare for different events coming up at the ranch. He sought Larry’s input as well, concerning management. (This is the part where Sociopaths/Psychopaths endear themselves to others before they go for the juggler; showing appreciation for who you are and what you offer)

Jenine instructed that I give her a list of ingredients needed so she could pick them up at the store if they didn’t have them…again endearing herself to us, also adding a compliment now and again.

Matt approved both Larry and my suggestions for menu selections for events coming up and new ways of doing things that improved the kitchen and saved time.

The kitchen was filthy, which Matt claimed resulted from Ward’s employment and in time we’d all work together to get it cleaned up.

Meanwhile Larry and I dove right in. Larry making good suggestions and implementing them, cleaning the kitchen and dining area, and washing thousands of dishes every night as well as being the official French fry cutter. I was cooking from daylight to sundown, using new and tried and true recipes of my own. I was also making a new dessert almost every night.

To make a long story short, customers raved about my cooking, whether coming from locals who’d drive 45 minutes from Cody for dinner, ranch guests staying in the cabins, or from large groups such as weddings and family reunions. I was writing out recipes for guests who asked for them and even prepared Mac & Cheese, in a large amount, to be picked up from the kitchen by one of the cabin renters.

One evening Matt said to Larry and myself, “You know business had really slowed down, in the restaurant, when Ward and his wife were here; now it’s picking back up since you and Larry came and saved the day. People love your cooking Deb. Larry your ideas have certainly made a difference, and you both are great with people; they enjoy you! Thank you both so much for your help.”

However with the raving, by guests, for my cooking and Larry’s changes in running things, which Matt claimed were working for him, he started to slowly take our jobs away from us and abandon the new ways of doing things for the old ways that were sloppy and inefficient!

He’d even claim he had never approved the new ways, exactly like a sociopath would act. A technique causing us to possibly question ourselves…you know, “Gaslighting.”

It felt like Matt and Jenine were jealous of their guests enjoying and appreciating what Larry and I were doing? The weeks to come would prove we were right or Matt and Jenine were trying desperately to sabotage themselves?

The better Larry and I performed our jobs the more Matt would subtly abuse us with complaints that made little or no sense and the more secretive both he and Jenine became. Sometimes Matt even waited for just the right moment, in his mind, to lie about a guest’s displeasure about my cooking; especially the way I sautéed fresh vegetables to al denté instead of mush…Matt called my zucchini sauté raw, when he actually adorned all his salads with raw zucchini?

As the weeks passed further Matt would show up earlier and earlier in the kitchen to prep, actually now prepping jobs he’d given me originally? Apparently I wasn’t pounding huge breasts of chicken properly, preparing hamburger patties the correct size, cutting carrots or zucchini thin enough, while the difference between his and my work was minuscule and certainly not worth the time it took for me to have to do things over again.

I recall Matt telling me to completely remake hamburger patties, because he said they were too big; I remade them using the same half-pound of beef, which was required; they came out the same size and Matt approved them?

When Larry and I first arrived, at the ranch, Jenine would pull up to the back kitchen door of the lodge, with her Ford SUV, after grocery shopping, mostly at Walmart by the way, and we’d all help unload groceries and put them away; towards the end of our employment Jenine seemed to arrive at the kitchen door when she’d be sure Larry and I wouldn’t be around and if we showed up, I noticed Jenine had the whole back of her car segregated with groceries. The split was between her home and the lodge and she sure didn’t want us to see this split?

The beginning of Larry and my employment also consisted of Matt and Jenine requiring our input into menu planning; towards the end, after many compliments from guests, recipe requests and some tips shoved into Larry and my pockets from guests, Matt and Jenine would no longer allow our input.

As the last wedding approached I was asking Matt about menus for two brunches the bride asked the ranch to provide for her family and wedding party? I was suggesting ideas, such as Italian Wedding Soup, since the family was Italian. He’d respond with “I don’t know?” “It’s too expensive” Or “ Jenine and I will discuss it and let you know.” Then Matt would add, “Don’t worry though, Jenine won’t go shopping without your input so she can pick up what you need.”

The next thing I’d know, Jenine was at the back door of the lodge unpacking her car with groceries for recipes she and Matt obviously agreed upon, without my thoughts or input; they were recipes perfect for a “Hillbilly Hoedown” a style in which I don’t cook within unless purposely created as a Halloween Party or a walk down memory lane to the 50s. This is when Jenine would make a comment about my last idea, the one I’m thinking of in particular was the Black Forest Cherry Cake we’d agreed I’d make, but behind my back Jenine and Matt dismissed this idea with Jenine saying to me, “I couldn’t find cherries so you’re not making that cake now, I’ll make my skillet brownies instead.”

My plans consisted of paying attention to what meals were for, the people involved, the reason for the event and the price guests were willing to pay etc. I'd even received pre-excitement from guests when I told them I would be making the Black Forest Cherry Cake

Larry and I soon realized, amidst the secrecy involved here as well, Matt and Jenine were cheating their guests; didn’t want to serve meals to meet their guests price and make a profit, they were gouging guests; earning $15.00 a head for $16.00 meals per person. In other words Matt and Jenine’s guests were served $1.00 meals as they pocketed the rest.

And these offerings weren’t Farm to Table meals as Matt proudly shared with his guests; they were Walmart to Table offerings, while Jenine sells unsuspecting potential guests, those making reservations, a guest ranch restaurant serving only Matt’s garden fresh vegetables, salad greens; pork from his own stock, farm raised chicken and eggs.

Of course neither Matt nor Jenine tell guests that thawing meat out in warm water is against the Food Police laws; serving unpasteurized eggs is too, as well as preparing food for guests in an unapproved home kitchen, yet the Dzialak’s do this everyday. All their picnic breakfast’s come straight out of their home kitchen.

No wonder they hated my ideas; both Larry and my ideas. I assumed, by what Matt and Jenine originally told Larry and myself, they really cared about their ranch, what they served in their restaurant and how their guests were treated.

What’s more, as Larry pointed out, we were lifting the bar on Matt and Jenine’s restaurant, and they didn’t like this because they didn’t want to have to follow the lead when we left. I was preparing carefully planned and executed, Chicken Piccata, Red Chili, Meatballs, homemade Pasta & Marinara Sauce, Carrot Cakes, Truffle Brownies and Pound Cake, along with beautiful breakfast casseroles for large groups.

Apparently Matt and Jenine are lazy criminals and Larry and my ideas challenged their sense of pleasing their guests up against their greed.

And instead of telling us the truth about who they are, they lied then became super secretive.

Still the truth came out over time starting with how Jenine paid us; she’d wad up $100.00 bills, whenever she thought of it, and hand the funds to Larry; never any explanation except, ”Here’s your money for a few days, with tips and the rest is paying you back for the groceries you bought for the lodge.”

Hum…I was immediately put on alert and kept a diary of what Jenine paid us and jotted down her explanation for such. Larry and I also stopped picking up items at the store, for Jenine and Matt, whenever we’d go to town…we stopped except for the occasional couple of items.

It wasn’t long before Larry and I could see Matt had no culinary skills at all except those he may have acquired by watching videos? Sometimes we even questioned as to if he watched videos, yet, so arrogant about his skills? I’d never seen such arrogance in all my life, but Larry and I are experienced, very much so with sick sociopathic/psychopathic personalities from “Banksters” to greedy family members. We were seeing these signs more so everyday in Matt, Jenine, Jim and Trish. And the last arrogant soul I dealt with was an ex-husband who embezzled all my money, with the help of Anthony M. Kennedy and financial elite, while being arrogant about the abilities he had as a businessman, which he never possessed.

He possessed only his criminality.

Unfortunately Matt and Jenine were displaying all the same personality traits, and they thought they could outsmart us? They need to check up on who they hire next time. Find out what they know about greedy criminals and sociopaths/psychopaths.

Added to what Larry and I were learning came in watching Matt sear his fine grass fed, “Frozen” steaks on the flat top, while he had no clue as to how steaks should be cooked. Yet, he stood in front of that stove every night, he had customers, calling himself basically a “Steak Guru”; my words; but Matt used to, turn away from the grill, and arrogantly step into the middle of the kitchen saying something like this to Larry and I as steaks sizzled upon the flat top; his steel cold blue eyes twinkled as he spoke “See people consider our restaurant the best for our steaks and hamburgers. The Local, in Cody, claims they do what we do but they don't, they don't come close”

Hello Matt, top steak houses don’t turn each steak over twenty times, while cooking or finger poke each steak another twenty times to check for doneness? There’s more of your DNA on those steaks than the cows.

Larry and I would look at each other and “laugh” in silence as soon as Matt turned back towards his meat, at which time Larry turned on the iphone video.

Matt is more like a crazy person than a Chef. And I don’t believe he’s trained as a Chef in any way.

Then Jenine would show up every night to take orders and serve guests. Matt refused to allow Larry and I to do such; today we believe this is because he and Jenine were afraid of what we might say to their unsuspecting guests. Larry and I are so open and friendly.

Jenine would often stand in wait for the next guests to serve while picking her nose in front of us in the kitchen; never did she wash her hands. In fact one night she vetoed my Carrot Cake for her Hot Brownies in a skillet served with ice cream; the brownie batter had come from a boxed cake mix from my observation. She first wiped out the cast iron pan with her t-shirt tail; the t-shirt she self admittedly had worn for days, without a shower, while carrying her year old baby, with poopie diapers, on her hip.

Then she poured the batter into the same pan and shoved it into an oven for twenty minutes.

Larry and I looked on in shock while seated in the kitchen on folding chairs. When this took place, early September 2017, Larry and I had been demoted to sitting in the kitchen waiting for direction, which entailed washing dishes, for Larry, and my cutting tomatoes; both exercises being scrutinized, and micro managed, by Matt and then still mostly criticized.

He just had to criticize something and when there’s little in which to find criticizable one must make up something…anything.

It’s exactly what the criminals embezzling my funds did; criticize me to keep me otherwise detained, in defending myself, while they stole.

I was no longer allowed to create “Fresh for Tonight” offerings on the menu either; Matt took over with ideas that cost nothing, yet he was still charging the customer. My ideas to him were met with, “I have never heard of that,” referring to my idea about Wienerschnitzel and Speatzles as an offering on the “Fresh for Tonight”. Matt actually responded to my sharing how adaptable this dish is to accommodating an order quickly, “We can’t freeze the meat like that we’re considered Farm to Fresh.”

“What? You serve frozen steaks and shop at Walmart, lie to your guests about serving bacon from your own pig and now you’re concerned about flash freezing a piece of meat, for a half hour, which is what a Wienerschnitzel recipe often calls for,” I thought to myself.

And one should have been witness to the remarks Matt often made, over two months, about the guests that came to the Double Diamond X Ranch with their money, paying for some happy, joyful times.

These stand out in my mind; “I don’t really care about those French people who have come to stay here,” or “The customers don’t know the difference anyway,” concerning the quality of the goods served to the customers. How about this, “I hate weddings, Jenine and I have sworn off all weddings for the future,” but within days Matt and Jenine had scheduled another wedding, while treating these wonderful guests like they were a pain in the ass the whole time they were there…and cheating them on the food and trusted cleanliness of the place...the kitchen in particular.

Added to all these issues, the Double Diamond X Ranch had, and has, mice running around all their buildings, including the kitchen and Matt just didn’t have a handle on it. Almost everyday, I saw Matt, with a mouse by the tail in both hands, walking through the kitchen.

Matt's answer to getting things done at the DDX Ranch was, "I can't afford to do that!"

I must say the dichotomy between what Matt demanded to be perfection and what was going on in reality was astounding. Carrots and onions had to be perfectly placed on each salad, but mice running around a filthy kitchen was perfectly acceptable?

Larry and I were often left with our mouths open in shock.

By the way remember the compensation to Larry and I for our employment, besides a lower than minimum wage salary, an attic to live in, and inside knowledge into what was really going on at the ranch, was our being fed three meals a day. However, we weren’t allowed any steaks, only the quarter pound burger, not half pound and food was there if we could get to it before Jenine was over in the lodge taking leftovers to her home, which caused Larry and I to finally buy our own food, since we were starving most of the time. We ended up spending a good $400.00 on food for ourselves. Most of it had to be microwaved because Matt wanted the gas range pilot light off when he left the kitchen in the evening; just when we had time to eat.

Eventually we realized Matt and Jenine were laundering food into their home for personal needs for their five children and parents, from the lodge, while most probably writing off the lodge food as a business expense.

The more we saw, the more I believe Matt and Jenine realized what we were seeing. Without any notice, and around noon for three days in a row, they gave us the day off. What we didn’t realize was these were unpaid days off and certainly not part of our deal.

The day, before Larry and I were to end our employment and leave as scheduled, with our precious Bu’s ashes in a box, Matt plopped his forearms arms down on the kitchen counter, stretched his legs out into a split stance in order to lean onto the counter more comfortably, right across from me, with steel cold blue eyes starring straight into my eyes orchestrated one of his, “You guys okay? How would you feel about leaving a day early, tomorrow for instance? Would this help with your future plans? What can Jenine and I do to help you and Larry? How about a free case of Modela? I have just two for dinner Thursday evening, Jenine and I can handle this ourselves.” Which was an interesting fact since, for two months, I’d ask Matt every morning about how many were showing up for dinner and his response was always, “I have no idea?” Or another response was, “Well somewhere between two and twenty guests.”

“What? Are you kidding me Matt, you think you have Larry and I fooled, you’re basically kicking us out,” I thought, but Larry and I jumped at the chance to leave early. We were packed and in our car driving out the gate by noon, on Friday September 14, 2017 after schlepping our luggage down a flight of narrow stairs that led to the attic, with one teensy window, a fire trap just above the propane gas range, behind a teeny, tiny antique door.

Larry had received, during one of his trips in packing the car, $800.00 from Matt through Jenine; she owed us $1,600 plus half the tips for two months and as is customary for great summer help on a guest ranch, a bonus, but Matt scurried away, so I heard after giving Larry a bottle of cheap red wine.

Jenine was nowhere to be seen.

Larry, The Bu and I left out the lodge kitchen door in silence; not another soul around; drove through the entrance gates screaming Hallelujah; grateful to be alive judging by the vibes we were left with from a family that felt more like a cult in many ways, evil incestuous hillbillies in another, and criminals to boot.

What’s more it takes a special kind of ugly to cheat people who have already been suffering for years because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime.

Once a number of miles away I sent a text to Matt, telling him how we felt about what Jenine had paid us. He ignored me. But, by the end of the day, Jenine sent a text, agreeing to pay us what we felt she still owed us, $900.00, but apparently no bonus; no compensation for all the food we had to purchase for ourselves to eat, and no apparent tip monies.

Jenine, in one of her texts sent to me suggested Larry and I were judging our experience on her family ranch by past disappointments. You know overly sensitized and seeing something that wasn’t there. A typical response from a criminal blaming their victims so they are left off the hook…a very liberal approach, to abuse I’d say; the truth is Larry and I were judging our experiences on the ranch based on experience…recognizing Matt and Jenine’s crimes and abuse sooner, than we’d been able to earlier in our lives, because of our past experience.

I do have videos proving much of what I’m claiming about the Double Diamond X Ranch, just not sure how to upload them onto the Internet or TripAdvisor yet.

Judging by the reviews posted on the Double Diamond X Ranch website, obviously by Matt and Jenine and all in the same voice, someone needs to do something about all the different levels of crime going on in plain sight; just 45 miles up Southfork Road from Cody, Wyoming.

We’re wondering what actually happened to Ward? He probably was a great Chef, who Matt, Jenine and family turned against for the same reason they turned against us…we learned and know too much.

Is anyone tired of all the crime and corruption that continues in this country, because our leaders, politicians, and authorities do nothing? In fact most of the time they are the criminals committing these crimes along with the financial institutions and mortgage companies. We have found most of the employers committing horrific crimes, as well, while no one does anything about this either.

We are sick of it all, and we’ve seen a lot!

Check out my blog and you’ll understand;http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

Meanwhile our experiences on the Double Diamond X Ranch weren’t all negative; we had work; enjoyed Matt and Jenine until we realized they are not who they profess to be, and once we accepted this we enjoyed them in another way.Spent two Saturday evenings listening to a cowboy singer in the lodge; fantastic! We also met some really wonderful people, some we’ll stay in contact with in the years to come; invited by Laura and Josh, ranch guests, to attend their beautiful wedding and reception; were able to enjoy some unbelievable scenic beauty of the Big Horn Mountains, as we rocked back and forth in the porch swing, which is what I believe Heaven to look like; experience, if only for a short time, cooking again which had escaped me for years since all the crimes took our small family’s lives away; enjoyed Sweet Pea and Buffy, the two adorable ranch Pit Bull puppies and even found Matt and Jenine’s five children entertaining to observe.

By; Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I have been reporting federal crimes committed against my trust and myself to the FBI since 2001, with little to no response as the federal crimes multiplied, because there was no intervention by the proper authorities, investigation purposely avoided by the FBI. Their attitude I believe, “No investigation, no uncovering of the truth; then there is no crime.”

I started contacting the FBI field offices in Colorado and Idaho in 2001 and was ignored.

To date I have lost my complete trust worth 80M$s, three multi-million dollar homes, a Sierra Nevada piece of land, all my furniture, art, jewelry, cars, boat, prosperous business, precious pets, family and friends; ultimately because the proper authorities have not done their job; the authorities would be the FBI.

I would classify what the perpetrators, who stole all my money and assets, as I classify the FBI for ignoring these crimes as a hate crimes.

"A hate crime (also known as a bias-motivated crime) is a prejudice-motivated crime, usually violent, which occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership (or perceived membership) in a certain social group"

Yes I once belonged to the social club of great wealth and by what all these criminals have done would be considered violent. It causes death in the streets.

I’m 68 years old now; the federal crimes started in 1997 when I was 48 years old, with an attempt on my life; then all the financial, and real estate crimes started in 2000; in 2004 I learned my complete trust had been embezzled, as the financial institutions I did business with had apparently managed to adjust my monthly, quarterly and yearly bank statements to disguise this fact. Then I learned the funds had allegedly been laundered though my now ex-husband’s business; he sold this business, (Davis Industries) to Tesma International in January 2004 for close to 80M$s, while during our divorce his business was considered failing, to what I heard for twenty-four years; according to our divorce documents.

I contacted the FBI, in the jurisdictions of Colorado, Idaho, Michigan and also Washington DC with little or no response.

I personally believe after living through all this that the original crime; the embezzlement of my trust was actively being covered up by all the real estate crime starting before I found out about the embezzlement by the many culprits involved. The plan was to get me in the streets where I could no longer fight the battle, and if all the perpetrators were lucky, I’d die in the streets.

Yes there are many perpetrators involved here; I believe my case to be RICO and the FBI is actively covering up the crimes.

I have been pretty much in the streets homeless and penniless since May 2007, when my own attorney, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq., after withholding evidence from the courts and not showing up in court so the judge dismissed the case, arrogantly, committing one federal crime after the other, evicted my partner, Larry, myself and our six dogs from our 2M$ home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Again, all the while this hardened criminal was representing me, from April 2005 through around May 2006, when he unethically withdrew from representing me I was reporting him to the FBI, along with the continuous list of previous financial crimes that were attacking my life. Why not the California State Bar? Because Mr. Catanzarite was committing felonies; he was also annihilating almost all the Professional Rules of Conduct listed on the CalBar site and in the end committed grand larceny by stealing my home with at least half my belongings still inside. I did turn Mr. Catanzarite into the CalBar in December 2008. Eleven months later they claimed they didn’t have the resources to charge him.

Never claimed he didn’t do the crimes.

Meanwhile before this outrageous answer, as much a crime as all the rest committed against my trust and myself, and now Larry too, as the loss of our business because of all the unaddressed by the proper authorities crimes destroyed his income as well, I contacted Paul Bertrand, Special Agent in Charge in Los Angeles. He asked for all the documents I had to be sent to him.

This was June 2009; I sent them all around June 18, 2009.

I wrote Paul Bertrand again in 2013, he ignored me.

Since then Larry, The Bu and I have been fighting for our lives, living in a tent for three years with no cell phone service, our car often, then cheap motels across the country seeking work; rarely attained at our ages. We even lost having a car for over a year.

Actually since December 2016, Larry, our one remaining dog, The Bu and myself have been living in our newly acquired car full time.
The bottom line is this, the FBI owes me conservatively $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million dollars) for their apathy, arrogance, laziness and abuse, and I’d call this abuse discrimination against women. If it were a man writing them continuously for almost twenty years, I believe the outcome to be different. The FBI has annihilated my Civil Rights as well. It is their job to protect the public; investigate financial crimes by financial institutions that do business with the public everyday.

Using Common Law principals the FBI owes me many more millions of dollars; more than what I’ve stated above.

I would also consider my case to be Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, and Pubic Corruption since the professionals involved with my case, work with the public everyday. These are all crimes the FBI should be handling.

It is their job.

Last but not least, the FBI is supposed to be addressing Terrorism; foreign is what they state on their website, which means to me any terrorism committed against an American by an American would be dealt with still more harshly; especially when one of the criminals happens to be a public figure. Yet what has happened to me is nothing less than terrorism and the FBI can’t even manage to write an obtuse form letter addressing my complaint, when in fact I’m owed full restitution by the FBI, for allowing my family and I to land in the streets because of their apathy.

What are the FBI responsibilities?

The mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners; and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Constitution of the United States.


OIG Mission

To detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct in DOJ programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in those programs.

Below information written in January 2014; since then I have written many other people of authority, besides the FBI, because the FBI has always ignored me. I’ve since realized ultimately it is the FBI’s fault that my life/our lives is as it is today. Also, since I documented the below information, I have realized my three grown daughters; Alison Davis Kovelewski Alexis Davis Kelly, and Kelly Davis Geresy are likely involved with all the financial crimes that have destroyed my life, and that of my partner Larry’s life, with the loss of our business, as well as my sisters being involved; Katherine “Kitty” B. Davis, Jennifer “Jennie” B. Langan and Winifred “Winnie” B. Gaines, (Winnie now deceased)

Since January of this year 2017 I have contacted US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, California Congressman Ken Calvert of the 42nd District and Congressman Duncan Hunter of the 50th District. I’ve written President Trump a number of times.

And until this is handled to my satisfaction I’m writing you, and whomever else I can find of authority, everyday telling them what the FBI hasn’t done.


Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. 1970-1979*
Richard “Rick” Lynn Davis II*
Richard Lynn Davis Sr. (deceased)*
Shirley M. Davis*
Kim E. Davis *
Jeffery H. Davis*
Donald L. Smith*
Richard M. Irwin*
James P. Clancy Sr*
Davis Properties*
Davis Engineering*
Tesma International*l
Conrad “Con” D. Chapman Esq.*
Fredrick L. Mirbach Jr*.
UBS Paine Webber*
John F Schaefer Esq.*.
Mark A. Banks Esq.*
Jerome R. Wolfe (deceased)*
Trip Bosart (aka) Robert H. Bosart III*
McDonald Investments*
Matt L. Loren (aka) Matthew L. Loren*
Ian T.Glassford (aka) Ian Thomas Glassford*
Richard D. Yoakem*
George Storar*
Michael D. Mullford*
KeyBank Board Of Directors*
Henry Meyer III*
Robert “Bob” A Lees Esq.*.
Kenneth “Ken” Joseph Catanzarite Esq.*
Robert A. Merring Esq.*
M. Patrick Duffin Esq.*
Jon B. Munger Esq.*.
Judge O’Hare*
Judge Garrecht*
Judge Winmill*
M. Darin Hammond Esq.*.
Hamond, Smith, Knowles LLC*
Richard “Rick” K. Rufner Esq.*
Kevin E. Dinius Esq.*
John Constantino*
Raymond James*
Routt County Sheriff Gary Wall*
California State Bar (CalBar)*
Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner*
Deputy Trial Counsel Susan Jackson*
John Noonan (CalBar Investigator*)
Shelia Campbell (CalBar Investigator)*
Colorado Grievance Committee*
Attorney General Brown*
Gary W. Schon Esq.*.
Attorney General Kamala Harris*
Attorney General Cox*
Eric Holder*
Congressman Darrell Issa*
Assemblyman Paul Cook *
Chief of Staff Sam Cannon*
Senator Barbara Boxer*
Senator Dianne Feinstein*
Senator Ted Gaines, (actually my nephew)*
Edward Jones*
Charlie Wick*
Paul Bertrand LA Economic Crime for FBI
Sergeant Nichols
President Obama*
Past President Bush*
John A. Boehner (MrI’mproudtobeanAmericanandthat’swhyIcry) Speaker Of The House*

How has this impacted my, our lives? Well to start with, there aren’t words that will effectively explain, but I’ll try. First of all this outrageous terrorism has literally been going on since 1997; the emotional terrorism, federal crimes and the ignoring of these crimes giving birth to more crimes, committed against me, which affects Larry too, to punish me, us, for reporting the last crimes. We have been abused; stalked and targeted while our human and civil rights, as citizens of this country, have been totally ignored. In fact those who have continued to commit most of the crimes are the authorities. We have been attacked by our own USA Government Terrorists…the financial institutions involved, USA Authorities and the Corrupt Legal System.

Everything I have ever worked for in my life is gone; including my precious grown, (in their forties) daughters whom I once had a warm, loving relationship with and all my family of dogs but one; we had six. I knew one of my grandchildren, Clayton when he was very young, while now about 18 years old; the last five I’ve barely set eyes on in photographs. If my daughters aren’t part of this RICO scheme, they have been bombarded by the criminals telling them lies about me, to hide their federal crimes. Then when my daughters see that the law and the authorities refuse to do what’s right they, with no experience, think then I must be “Nuts” This is because our society is bombarded with lies about what is actually going on in this country by the media, while we as parents once taught our children, out of complete ignorance, that they should respect their leaders and authorities.

I who once skied all over Europe, water skied mountain lakes; went scuba diving in the grand oceans all over the world; entertained elite presidents of businesses, designed couture garments and sold them upwards of three $3,000.00 a piece; threw opulent parties; had built, decorated and managed two multimillion dollar homes on opposite sides of the country; enjoyed many wonderful friendships, my beautiful children; lent my time to charitable organizations, and flourished thinking I had the family and life of anyone’s dreams. All I have left today are the millions of photographs I took of my family all rotting in a non-temperature controlled storage unit, that sometimes goes for months with that special lock on it ready for the next auction. Often Larry, BuBu and I don’t have food; can’t afford to wash our clothes, buy toothpaste or ride the bus. We no longer have an automobile, sold it so we could eat.

Most of the cause for this, is that the public, unless terrorized such as we are and have been, have no clue that this is going on, while purposely being unaddressed by the proper authorities.

I have often said, “I would have preferred a huge fire came and took everything we owned in one big sweep rather than slowly, everyday for over ten years, walk the streets with our belongings selling them to shocked buyers who see us coming and again Larry and I are violated!” Our lives are very painful; but we no longer have anything to sell so this part is over! What has started to occur is illness; both Larry and I have the constitutions of giants; have weathered our misfortune well health wise, but as of March 2013, we have spent most of our poverty laden days sick; I’ve been ill now for a solid three months, from mold allergies, caused by where we must live. Larry has had the flu twice since we came to New Mexico. We have no money for any kind of medical care or over-the-counter medications.

There really isn’t any employment we haven’t applied for, over the last ten years, but our ages, lack of experience being employed rather than employing, which both Larry and I did when we had our wonderful business, has kept us in poverty. We lived in our truck for a whole year most of the time, Lived in a tent for three years, counting pennies to see if we could afford to walk the two miles to a little convenience store to buy food, while we have continuously worked on doing whatever we could do to get justice for the federal crimes that have destroyed our lives, while looking for employment at the same time. The only thing good about all this is a), Larry and I are still together, devoted to each other, and b) we know one hell of a lot about unaddressed crimes, particularly unaddressed federal crimes, in this country…perhaps more than most and we choose to make it our mission to expose it and help others if we ever get out of this hell hole! In fact there are so many crimes being committed against us all, constantly, while many citizens aren’t even aware that they are being victimized, until they end up like us. And, the USA Government and media want to keep it this way, so you will be unknowingly next! Every time you hear or see an advertisement, in this country, especially by the financial institutions, you are being victimized!

Today, Larry and my lives have improved only to the level where we live inside; this is it! We have no food until after the first of January 2014 when Larry will receive his small check; minimum wage. And this man has as much or more talent and experience than I do. I’m sixty-five years old this year and don’t qualify for anything like Social Security because my divorce attorney made sure I wouldn’t since I had so much wealth of my own; I lost my right to my ex husband’s Social Security. Obviously this was all planned so I’d die in the streets, because my divorce attorney was part of the RICO to cover up and benefit from the embezzlement, extortion and laundering of all my funds. Larry isn’t old enough for Social Security.

We have so much talent we could use to start a business again, but one needs funds and tools; we’ve sold everything; no longer have our tools, and we’ll never get anywhere with the many businesses we want to create without some funds, while no one will loan us any money because our credit is unlawfully destroyed. In fact I’m not even registered as a living human being any more; have no drivers license; not even allowed to have a bank account. The probate section of the Oakland County Court in Michigan, where my trust was drafted and registered, along with my daughters’ trusts, are no longer registered? Yet, I have my signed draft in my hot little hands? Of course the TRUST owns nothing now, but this would not un-register my TRUST. Someone has done this purposely.


It would be easier to merely say all my, our, rights as American citizens have been annihilated; therefore all my, our, Constitutional rights, as far as I understand them to be, have been annihilated. I breathe and this is about it and I believe strongly if a “power that be” could find me, and I hadn’t been so vocal on social media, they would take this natural right away too and murder us.

Breaking down of Declarents’ injuries and damages restitution requested as follows:

Illegal Foreclosure; Emotional stress for being financially terrorized with continuous federal crimes from 2000-2008; 47 Criminals may split this amongst themselves- $500,000,000.00- five hundred million dollars- All 37 KeyBank Board of Directors plus Henry Meyer III; McDonald Investments, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. Ian T. Glassford; Michael D. Mullford; Richard D. Yoakem; George Storar; Matt Loren; Judge Winmill- (Judge on the KeyBank case); M. Darin Hammond Esq. (counter sued me with KeyBank) ;Smith Knowles PC: Hammond M. Darin; Kevin E. Dinius Esq.

Emotional stress and poverty as a result for being financially betrayed; RICO; embezzlement; extortion, laundering funds; grand larceny- 20 Criminals may split this amount amongst themselves- $320,000,000.00- three hundred and twenty million dollars- by my husband Richard Lynn Davis II/ trustee, Richard Lynn Davis Sr. ESTATE; UBS Paine Webber, Fred L Mirbach Jr.; Conrad “Con” D. Chapman Esq/trustee; Justice Anthony M. Kennedy as my attorney 1970-1979; Kim E, Davis; Jeffery H. Davis; Shirley M. Davis; Richard M. Irwin; Donald L. Smith; James P. Clancy Sr; Davis Properties; Jerome R. Wolfe ESTATE; PricewaterhouseCoopers; McDonald Investments; Trip Bosart; John F. Schaefer Esq; Mark A. Banks Esq.;Tesma International (purchased Davis Industries)

Malpractice; criminal eviction; loss of personal belongings and furniture - 10 Criminals may split this amongst themselves- $100,000,000.00- one hundred million dollars- Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. Robert A. Merring Esq.; M. Patrick Duffin Esq.; Jon B. Munger Esq; Richard “Rick” K. Rufner Esq.; Robert “Bob” A Lees Esq; Jon B. Munger Esq; Judge O’Hare; Judge Garrecht;
Sheriff Gary Wall

Refusing to do their jobs; Malpractice; Misprision Of Felony- 22 Criminals may split this amongst themselves- $500,000,000.00-five hundred million dollars- Judge O’Hare; Judge Garrecht (Routt County Judges); Judge Winmill- (Judge on the KeyBank case); Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner (decision maker); Deputy Trial Counsel Susan Jackson (another decision maker); John Noonan (CalBar Investigator); Shelia Campbell (CalBar Investigator); The California State Bar; Former Chief Justice Ronald M. George (The CSC judge who “DENIED” even investigating my Verified Accusation filed November 2009, while Larry and I, along with our dogs had been thrown in the streets again by more UNADDRESSED crimes by the proper authorities and a few more criminals); Colorado Grievance Committee; Governor Jerry Brown; Attorney General Kamala D. Harris; Speaker of the House John Boehner; President Obama; Past President Bush; Congressman Darrell Issa; Assemblyman Paul Cook & Sam Cannon; Senator Ted Gaines; Michigan Attorney General Cox; Gary W. Schons Esq.; Attorney General Eric Holder; Paul Bertrand FBI; Sergeant Nichols

Dishonest financial managing- 2 Criminals- $50,000.00- Fifty thousand dollars for Edward Jones & Charlie Wick; $1,200,000.00-one million two hundred thousand for Raymond James & John Constantino.

This is my take on who should pay considering the people involved. However there may be too many, so I’d settle for the same amount of money split fewer ways:>) However these funds come to me, us, our goal, after we settle in a home, is to help society; create changes.

How did I come up with this amount for damages? I lost through RICO, federal crime, emotional Terrorism, fraud, grand larceny, embezzlement, extortion and laundering about $80,000,000.00 over a twenty-four year period while my then husband and the criminals insidiously abused me to send me off track. Common law says I get to X this by 4, which would be $320,000,000.00. I lost four multi-million dollar properties worth together about, $8,000,000.00, X 4= $32,000,000.00. Add to this a few million dollars in my personal belongings, heirlooms and furniture is $9,000,000.00 X 4 which is about $36,000,000.00; now add the emotional terrorism by Misprision of Felony leaders, authorities attorneys and judges, including our compromised health, and loss of our family of dogs X 4; and who knows what all this 16 years of stress has done to my health and that of my husband Larry’s health which equals the below give or take;

TOTAL DAMAGES: $1,500,000,000.00 (One BILLION Five Hundred MILLION Dollars)

However, to receive my $80,000,000.00 plus another $20,000,000.00 for almost twenty years of suffering should be sufficient, and allow my small family and I to re-create our business; doing some good in this country. I just want back what is mine! Anything else, as stated above, would be a well-deserved bonus and used to help society in earnest. Meaning not in the corrupt approach the charities, churches and government agencies take today.

The following individuals are involved in serious crimes including but not limited to without my consent.

Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. 1970-1979 (my attorney from 1970-1979)
1 First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543
Clerks Office: 202-479-3011

Richard “Rick” Lynn Davis II (my ex-husband)
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Richard Lynn Davis Sr. (deceased)- Rick’s father; my ex-father-in-law; owned Davis Industries
0000 Hell Avenue
Nexttothefire, Hell 6666

Shirley M. Davis; 89 years old (Rick’s mother)
- my ex-mother-law; owned Davis Industries stock
Lived in Northville and Gaylord, Michigan and Stewart, Florida OR
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Kim E. Davis (Board of Directors Davis Industries and Rick’s brother)
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Jeffrey H Davis (Board of Directors Davis Industries and Rick’s brother)
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 4832 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Donald L. Smith (Board of Directors Davis Industries)
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Richard M. Irwin, (Board of Directors Davis Industries)
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

James P. Clancy Sr. (Board of Directors Davis Industries)
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Davis Properties
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Davis Engineering
c/o Richard Lynn Davis II
6573 Alden Dr.
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324 or
113 Greenhorn Loop
Hailey, Idaho 83333

Tesma International (purchased Davis Industries)
1000 Tesma Way
Concord, Ontario L4K 5R8, Canada

Conrad “Con” D. Chapman Esq. (My attorney in Michigan; drafted my trust, one of my trustees)
Powers, Chapman, DeAgostino, Meyers & Milia Professional Corporation
3001 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 704,Troy, MI 48084-3108

Fredrick “Fred” L. Mirbach Jr. (money manager and broker UBS Paine Webber)
41350 Woodward Ave. Apt 1
Bloomfield, Mi 48304-5135

UBS Paine Webber
32300 Northwestern Highway, Suite 150
Farmington Hills, Mi 48334

John F. Schaefer Esq.
Mark A. Banks Esq.
c/oThe Law Firm Of John F. Schaefer
380 N. Old Woodward Ave. Suite 320
Birmingham, Michigan 48009

Jerome R. Wolfe (aka) “Jerry” (deceased) (accountant during my divorce; use to be EMPLOYED by Davis Industries)
c/o PricewaterhouseCoopers
400 Renaissance Center
Detroit Michigan 48243

McDonald Investments
100 S Main St. Suite 5
Ann Arbor, Mi 48104

Trip Bosart (aka) Robert H. Bosart III (use to work for McDonalds Inv; my money manager; now works for Wells Fargo)
255 E. Brown Street, Suite 400
Birmingham, Michigan 48009

100 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Ian T. Glassford (aka) Ian Thomas Glassford (was my KeyBank account manager; works for J.P. Morgan LLC now as a stock broker)
c/o J.P Morgan Securities LLC
125 South Main Street, Floor 3
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Matt Loren (aka) Matthew L. Loren (my 1st KeyBank account manager in Ann Arbor; have no idea where he is; he left KeyBank shortly AFTER he gave me the KeyBank Commercial Bridge Loan)
c/o KeyBank
100 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 or
Bank of Washtenaw
250 West Eisenhower Pkwy, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Richard D. Yoakem
George Storar
Michael D. Mullford
KeyBank Board Of Directors
Henry Meyer III
c/o KeyCorp Investor Relations
127 Public Square, 11 th Floor
Cleveland OH 44114-1306

Robert “Bob” A Lees Esq. (in 2000- Mr. Lees was a banking attorney)
5290 Dct. Pkwy
Greenwood Vlg. Co 80111

Kenneth “Ken”Joseph Catanzarite Esq.
c/o Catanzarite Law Corporation
2331 West Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, California 92801

Robert A. Merring Esq.
3489 Windsor Court
Costa Messa, California 92626-1628

M. Patrick Duffin Esq.
6302 E. Sharptail Rd.
Idaho Falls, Id. 83401

Jon B. Munger Esq
1116 Voorheis Street, Suite 100
Waterford, Michigan 48328

Judge Winmill- (Judge on the KeyBank case)
US Courts-District Of Idaho
801 E. Sherman St. Rm 119
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

Judge O’Hare
Judge Garrecht
c/oRoutt County Combined Court
522 Lincoln Avenue, PO Box 773117
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

M. Darin Hammond Esq. (counter sued me with KeyBank)
c/o Smith Knowles PC: Hammond M. Darin
4723 Harrison Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84403

Richard “Rick” K. Rufner Esq.
c/o Rufner Law Firm P.C.
7955 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 3000
Centennial, Co. 80112

Kevin E. Dinius Esq. (was with White, Peterson Law Firm in Nampa, Idaho)
5680 East Franklin Rd. Suite 130
Nampa, Idaho 83687

John Constantino (last employed here; my last money manager; no longer is here but can call #970-547-5116)
c/o Raymond James
520 South Main
Breckenridge, Co 80424

Sheriff Gary Wall (kicked Larry and I out of our home 8 days earlier than judge Garrecht ruled- causing us to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of our belongings; be sure to check Steamboat jail; Sheriff Wall is often incarcerated on DUIs) Sheriff’s Office; #970-870-5503: Jail; #970-870-5509
c/o Routt County Sheriff’s Office/ Routt County Jail
2025 Shield Dr.
Steamboat Springs, Co 80477

Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner (decision maker)
Deputy Trial Counsel Susan Jackson (another decision maker)
John Noonan (CalBar Investigator)
Shelia Campbell (CalBar Investigator)
c/o The California State Bar
1149 South Hill Street, Fourth Floor
Los Angeles, California 90015-2299;(as of January 2014 new address below)
845 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90017-2515
# 213-765-1000

Former Chief Justice Ronald M. George (The CSC judge who “DENIED” even investigating my Verified Accusation filed November 2009, while Larry and I, along with our dogs had been thrown in the streets again by more UNADDRESSED crimes by the proper authorities and a few more criminals)
CalBar # 36837
1333 Jones Street, #706
San Francisco, California94109

Colorado Grievance Committee
Attorney Regulation Committee of the Colorado Supreme Court (ignored my grievance against Richard “Rick” K. Rufner Esq. for his Breach of Contract; my documents of proof for this are still in storage unit)
Call #303-893-8121
Colorado Bar Association
1900 Grant Street, 9th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203

Governor Jerry Brown (in his capacity as Attorney General ignored my DESPERATE CRIES for HELP through Gary W. Schons Esq.)
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, California 95814
Fax: 916-588-3160

Gary W. Schons Esq. ( last known address)
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Law Division, Appeals, Writs & Trials, San Diego, CA
(619) 645-2275
Attorney General Kamala D. Harris (Ignored multiple complaints I made to her office)
Attorney General's Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Attorney General Cox (Cox ignored me with another obtuse letter; today Attorney General Bill Schuette)
G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Main Number (517) 373-1110
Facsimile (517) 373-3042

Attorney General Eric Holder (Never answered at all after many emails and a few letters from me)
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Congressman Darrell Issa (my congressman while I lived in Temecula, California; (I called DESPERATE and wrote many times for help; he hung up on me; ignored my emails)
1800 Thibodo Road, #310
Vista, California 92081

Chief of Staff Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon, 
Chief of Staff, 
Office of Assemblyman Paul Cook
916-319-2065; (Sam Cannon wrote, and committed to helping me, then he just dumped me after a few months of emails; see in folder 53AAA)
c/o Assemblyman Paul Cook
State Capitol
Room 5164
Sacramento, California 95814

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Building
Washington DC 20510
3403 10th Street, Suite 704
Riverside, California 92501

Senator Dianne Feinstein (called and wrote her San Francisco office because she knows my sister Kitty; I was totally ignored)
One Post Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, California 94104

Senator Ted Gaines, (actually my nephew)
State Capitol, Room 3070
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4001
Fax: (916) 651-4901
4359 Town Center Blvd, Suite 112
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Phone: (916) 933-7213
Fax: (916) 933-7234

Charlie Wick (kept my KeyBank settlement with Charlie, no trading contract, he, they, lost ten thousand dollars, never sent account statements as they promised)
c/o Edward Jones
56 Market Street, Suite4
PO Box 3969
Eagle, Co. 81631
Mailing address:
PO Box: 3969
Eagle, Co. 81631

President Obama (I received obtuse letter which can be viewed in FB list of posts 55CCC folder)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500, plus I wrote Obama through his email site once.

Past President Bush
I contacted Bush in his capacity as a writer and today can’t recall what site this was?
Mailing Address: 
PO Box 600610
Dallas, TX 75360
Media inquiries: Media@BushCenter.org

John A. Boehner (MrI’mproudtobeanAmericanandthat’swhyIcry) Speaker Of The House
I contacted Boehner through his older email address via a form on his site. He ignored me)

Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington DC 2051

I believe these criminals need to experience what Larry and I have, living in the streets, their truck and a tent for at least five years with no employment or treasures to sell; better yet fire and impeach them all and replace them with true Americans who love God and country. Meanwhile, I believe they must be held responsible for their crimes both in paying me, us, in restitution and punitive damages, while taking some time in prison experiencing what it feels like to lose all their love ones.

I have many documents of proof, all but the few created of late, are in Paul Bertrand’s possession.

I am now so homeless and penniless that I don’t have access to my documents but by my computer which is a desktop and my partner and I live in our car presently almost full time, so I don’t have the ability to supply you with these documents today. I have the hard copies of the documents in storage.

Last night Larry and I were fortunate in being able to get one night in a motel, hence I’m sending you what I can most easily forward to you. However, be assured I have many documents of proof I can get to you once my small family and I are stabilized.


To Whomever This May Concern:

December 23, 1966 I married Edward “Ned” F. Strong in Wiesbaden, Germany

January 1967 I received my inheritance from , I’m told, my father; $3,500,000.00 (three and a half million dollars)
Downey, Brand Seymour & Rohwer was the law firm involved along with Malcolm Weintraub Esq.

I would realize many years later,( 2004) that my mother was actually far wealthier than my father and my father retained a court order from one of his judge friends to have my mother committed to a mental facility so he could steal her funds. The almost same scenario occurred to my great aunt in the early 1900s. So this is a family curse against the women in the family, as our USA Government apparently encourages these outrageous financial crimes; annihilating our Civil Rights.

June 1969 my father Robert A. Breuner died very suddenly at 59 years old. He managed a family business with his four brothers in it’s third generation; The John Breuner Furniture Company in Northern California; created in 1856 by my great grandfather.

October 1970 my mother Winifred Kaseberg Breuner died even more suddenly; she wasn’t ill and hadn’t been. She was 62 years old. She was an only child; managed an 80 thousand acre sheep ranch in it’s third generation that my great grandfather created in 1850; The Diamond K Ranch in Roseville, California.

With my parent’s death another attorney, and friend of the family, was added to the group above, Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. He seemed to be involved mostly with my married sisters; Katherine “Kitty” B. Davis and husband, Gerard Harrison Davis; Jennifer B Carter and her husband Wayne Carter; Winifred B Gaines and her husband Robert F Gaines. I was barely twenty-one years old; dependent on what I was told to do. Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy was my sister Kitty’s brother-in-law and my sisters and I had grown up together with Tony Kennedy. So he is no stranger; rather a seemingly port in the storm.

November 8, 1973 Ned Strong and I divorced; we had two very young daughters Alison Clare Strong and Alexis Christine Strong. Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. handled the divorce. My divorce decree listed all my assets and as far as I knew then I had all my assets in tact. I had no reason to question this since I was living off these funds and had money managers who never said anything was wrong. I was now worth $4,500,000.00 (four and a half million dollars)

August 10, 1974 I was re-married to a Michigan man, Richard “Rick” Lynn Davis II; I recall asking him if he was related to my brother-in-law Gerard Harrison Davis, when we first met. He said “NO” and I believed him. During the wedding ceremony between Rick and myself I noticed Rick’s parents, both in sun glasses on a cloudy afternoon on Lake Tahoe, share a knowing nod with Rick as they stood yards away from the other guests huddled around us on the lawn.

The answer to the “ related to Gerard Davis” question was imperative that it be the correct one because Gerard and Kitty had already proven to me to be criminals…financially with other victims. Tony Kennedy, in his capacity as my attorney, insisted that there be a complete background check on Rick before I agreed to marry him. Tony claimed Rick and his family passed with ease and flying colors. Tony Kennedy also recommended that I create a trust for my funds and assets as well as for my two daughters for our protection. I did so by January 1975 in Michigan; Conrad “Con” D. Chapman Esq of Chapman, Chapman & Prather of Troy, Michigan was Rick and my family attorney; he actually drew up the trust(s) with Tony Kennedy overseeing it all from California. Con became one of our trustees and so did Rick. The trust(s) were written that no one would make any decisions without my approval and my signature and the girl’s trusts were not to be touched except for their education or medical emergency; the funds would not be transferred to them until they were thirty- five years old. Alison and Alexis (6 and 4 years old now)were both worth $350,000.00 (three hundred and fifty thousand dollars). My trust stated that I’d only be spending the interest; most would be re-invested.

October 12, 1976 Rick and I had a daughter of our own; Kelly Anne Davis. I created a trust for her using my funds to equal her sisters. Rick was raising Alison and Alexis as his own daughters.

Con Chapman recommended that I purchase a home with my funds because of tax issues. I had to spend my money in some way. So Rick and I built a home in Wabeek subdivision in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It cost about three hundred thousand dollars. I paid for the home; Rick paid the ongoing monthly bills. He worked in a family business as an engineer, Davis Tool & Die; his grandfather started the business in the thirties; Rick was the third generation to work in it along with his father, Richard Lynn Davis Sr. and two brothers; Jeffery Harlan Davis and Kim Edward Davis. Rick was earning at this time about a hundred thousand dollars a year. I was told by my attorneys and money manager that if I handled my money well I’d be worth &10,000,000.00 (ten million dollars) someday.


These financial institutions, to my knowledge so far, are UBS Paine Webber; NBD ( Chase); KeyBank/McDonald Investments and Sherson Lehman.

1978 I received $350,000.000 (three hundred fifty thousand dollars) from the sale of my mother’s ranch; this was what I received after the funds being split with my three sisters. I also receive $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) from the sale of my father’s business. These funds were added to my trust.

In 1979 I listed our Wabeek home; purchased land and built another home on Upper Straits Lake in Orchard Lake, Michigan. It cost $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars) it took awhile to sell the Wabeek house; I believe because it was a very unusually designed Frank Loyd Wright style home. Eventually it sold for $300,000.00 (three hundred thousand dollars). I paid for the new home; I took a loss on the old one.

Clarence Catallo was my money manager with I believe Shearson Lehman; Robert Smoke was another advisor. Suddenly Con Chapman and Rick advised that mine and the girls trusts be moved to Paine Webber and Frederick “Fred” L Mirbach Jr. as a new advisor. Apparently Clarence was leaving his position and Robert was moving to California. I of course was very busy raising three daughters and felt I had the very best advisors; trusted their advice; believed in the law; I was just thirty years old. I was now worth over $5,000,000.00 (five million dollars)

Clarence Catallo died very young and very suddenly a few years after this; of course I liked and trusted him very much.

In about 1985 Con Chapman and my money manager Fred Mirbach advised an investment into a light bulb company for $600,000.00 (six hundred thousand dollars) I needed the tax break.

In 1989 I built a vacation log cabin in Sun Valley, Idaho. I paid about $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars)
Rick decides to adopt my two older girls, which I was very proud of at the time; today I believe there was an ulterior motive.
Soon after this I would hear that the investment into the light bulb company completely failed; I lost every dime? I thought this to be very strange at the time, but I was overwhelmed with family matters, which I now see was purposely created to keep me occupied and unaware. Fred said I could write it off my taxes.

In 1990 Rick joined a business group called The Young President’s Organization, (YPO) a miniature of the Bohemian Club.
I started my business D. Breuner Ltd designing fashion. The girls were grown; two done with college; one on her way to college.

In about 1993 Fred advised that I sell my life insurance; get a new medical taken and buy new insurance? Again I thought this to be weird but I did what was advised and went to Canyon Ranch health spa in Arizona for the medical. Plus I was in the middle of putting together two weddings back to back for Alison and Alexis. I was the hostess of YPO since Rick was president. On top of this Rick puts our home of twenty years on the market against my better judgment. He seemed manic about it?

After my daughter’s weddings, if Rick hadn’t become weird enough over the years he became stranger still. Over time he had slowly become extremely OCD; lost tons of weight; very irritable and short tempered; took untold amounts of vitamins and threw up every morning before he’d go to work. He had also become very secretive. I was very worried about him but figured his problem resulted from his challenges at work with the auto industry. I had pretty much resolved to the fact that I was the nurturer in the family for both he and myself. Although Rick did not have a good relationship with his step -daughters; he did with Kelly; I had a great relationship with all three of my daughters though for a time I had problems with Alison as a young teenager. Now all was well. I was well connected with many wonderful friends. On top of this very busy time Rick moved his business offices from Detroit to Plymouth, Michigan and changed the name of this failing business to Davis Industries. He was asking me to invest in his business; I refused for various reasons; mostly because I didn’t believe in his family business because there were too many family manipulations between the brothers, my father-in-law and mother-in-law including continuous politics. On top of this I was asking many questions about renewing my life insurance, which never was renewed.

In October 1997 while in the Cayman Islands with a YPO group, Rick tried to murder me as we were scuba diving. I survive but went into immediate PTSD, while everyone I loved claimed they didn’t believe my story of Rick trying to murder me and calling me “NUTS”.

Instead of empathy from my family, friends and children I was exiled from them all by their choices. I was left completely stunned and alone; not knowing what the hell happened. One day I’m a happily married wife and mother with tons of friends and the next I’m exiled and in the process of divorce with not a friend in sight, but my business partner, Larry, by 2000. My family actually tried to have me committed to a mental hospital as well. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on but I was beginning to see how certain things that Rick did during our marriage didn’t make sense. Larry and I together started investigating.

My divorce from Rick was finalized in secrecy in 2000; no court involved, by Judge Young of Oakland County, Michigan. This advised by my attorney John F. Schaefer Esq.

Meanwhile Larry and I found that Rick had been having an affair with another woman but couldn’t figure out her name other than Lauren; we also discovered Rick had a venereal disease. What I thought was really interesting was that no one from my past would give me Lauren’s last name or tell me anything about her? Rick and this Lauren were being protected.

From 2001 through 2007, Larry and I now a couple, endure multiple criminal financial attacks by a national financial institution, KeyBank. First they interfere with the closing on my $2,500,000.00 Sun Valley, Idaho residence, by illegally stopping it; then they start an illegal foreclosure on my property, which was owned by my trust; completely paid for and had no loan against it. At the same time McDonald Investments, owned by KeyBank unbeknownst to me but they held my trust account on the advice of John Schaefer my attorney, was embezzling funds out of my trust account by forging my signature.

I started seeking attorneys in 2001 for help on the illegal foreclosure and embezzlement by McDonalds and found myself being turned down over and over based on “conflicts of interests”. I was also calling the FBI in three different states and contacting the attorney generals in these states (Colorado, Idaho and Michigan). They all pretty much ignored me. Finally I approached a law firm, Herman, Herman Katz & Cotlar in New Orleans, LA in September 2004, after spending over a year with a Colorado attorney, Robert A Lees Esq. who merely withheld documents of proof from any judge while watching KeyBank illegally take my home. So finding David F. Fox Esq. at HHKC who has an MBA as well as a law degree was a miracle long awaited. He asked that I send to him all my documents. A few days later he wrote this email to Larry;


The disparity between initial and final trust fund balances
appears staggering. If you invested $3 Million and
received a modest 5% annual return over 23 years (a lower
rate than many whole life insurance policies pay), the
resulting balance whould be determined by $3Mil X
(23^1.05)= $80.71 Mil. The amount earned would obviously
vary greatly depending on the amounts and timing of
withdrawals, which can be documented from the brokerage
account records when you get them. You should also get
copies of all personal and trust tax filings for the
history of the trust and both of Deborahs's marriages.

As I advised you by phone earlier today, I regret that our
firm is presently unable to pursue this for you, and we
will provide you with names of Michigan trial lawyers
shortly. You need to move by the end of this year if
possible. I didn't thoroughly research the Michigan
Statute of limitations, but Mr. Davis' business was sold in
January, 2004, and many states have only a one-year
discovery rule. I will follow up with a formal letter.

David K. Fox
Attorney at Law
Herman, Herman, Katz & Cotlar, L.L.P.
820 O'Keefe Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113
(504) 581-4892 / Fax: (504) 561-6024

This firm and its Partners are also Partners in Herman,
Mathis, Casey, Kitchens & Gerel, LLP

Suddenly I understood what was going on and what had been going on in my marriage. And it is from Mr. Fox that I learn McDonald Investments is not only owned by KeyBank but is in business with my ex husband and had been for years helping him sell his, WORTHLESS, business. So obviously I’d realize my own divorce attorney set me up for all this continuous theft by recommending I transfer my trust to McDonald Investments, never mentioning the conflict of interest with my ex, which by now I see my attorney also hid that my ex had embezzled my trust and laundered the funds into his business. Mr. Fox didn’t take my case because of a conflict his firm had with John F Schaefer Esq.

I hired Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. a California attorney in March 2005 to handle now two lawsuits; one against KeyBank/McDonald for the illegal foreclosure and another one against my ex husband; his board of directors, my trustees, money manager and Paine Webber. On top of this I was completely broke because of all the unaddressed financial crimes and was borrowing money against my two million dollar Steamboat Springs, Colorado home in order to survive. To make a long story short, Mr. Catanzarite purposely withheld most all my documents of proof from the Pocatello, Idaho Judge Winmill; he never subpoenaed my account statements; nor did Judge Lodge who was also involved. Catanzarite never showed up in court in Michigan while the judge, (Judge Young) dismissed the embezzlement of my trust case because he didn’t show up. In the end Mr. Catanzarite committed many federal crimes against us along with ethical violations. He illegally withdrew from representing me; evicted Larry and I from our home in May 2007; stole many belongings; stole many hundreds of thousands of dollars from my settlement with KeyBank which he didn’t get, I hired another law firm to do it ; Catanzarite took more property in the Sierra Nevada’s; all this with fake CV’s on his website. And a contingency fee he breached. The judge, Judge O’Hare in Routt County, Colorado refused to give me my day in court; turned the eviction of my family over to Judge James H. Garrecht so this monster Catanzarite got away with all his crimes. The CalBar ignored all his crimes too. And so did The California Supreme Court.

All this unaddressed federal crime destroyed Larry and my $1,000,000.00 business; took our five dogs, and now both our credit is destroyed too. We have been homeless since May 2007; too old to retain employment especially with no current experience as employees ;only employer experience. Finally after 10 years of horrible low paying jobs Larry has finally retained a good one, which allows him an opportunity after much training. So right now we still have no money. Besides this, this employment turns out to be a scam. The truth is once employers see my name all over the Internet as an activist against all this financial crime, they actually want nothing to do with Larry or myself. Churches, charities and government agencies do nothing to help; we have been selling what’s left of our belongings in order to survive. Lived in a tent for three years while we continuously sought the legal help we need. No one will even look at the documents of proof. I believe it’s because Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is involved. I also believe my ex, Richard “Rick” Lynn Davis II may very well be related to my brother-in-law Gerard Harrison Davis. I believe members of YPO have helped destroy Larry and I based on my ex’s request. I found that Lauren is actually Lauren Symington Davis now; she married my ex just months after our divorce and she’s a financial manager; has always been. Not too far of a stretch to think she had something to do with the embezzlement of my funds. Rick sold his failing business, whose name was changed to, Davis Industries for almost 80 million dollars in January 2004 to Tesma International. Soon after this both my brother-in-laws in Michigan divorced their wives of many years which is interesting to me because before Rick and my generation there were no divorces in the Davis family. I believe today Rick’s brothers are in on the embezzlement and the wives knew about it. So they divorced them! My daughters and sisters continue to exile me; I have no idea what if anything they have to do with all this but their exiling me speaks volumes…volumes on what I don’t know? The other fact that speaks volumes is that all my personal account statements disappeared as I moved out of my home in Michigan; and the Oakland County Probate Court no longer has my three daughter’s and my trusts recorded, which is very telling since I have the hard copies, of my trust, in my possession now and know my girls have one too, I created them! Added to this my nephew, Senator Ted Gaines, from California, was called once I exhausted all the representatives that should take care of my problem, after the AG’s and FBI have ignored me. Ted too refuses to even talk to me. Obviously my case is to be ignored because not only is Tony Kennedy involved, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy that is, so are my entire family of origin. Added to this I doubt my three daughters realize how much they are really worth, as their STEPfather and STEPmother lie to them. Using David Fox’s evaluation, on my account, as an MBA it would be close to eight million dollars. Instead they are living hand to mouth.

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