God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Banks Are Predators; We Are The Prey; Gov't The Mind Behind It All

September 25, 2012

                                                                    Predator Switch

Its not so much the fact that financial institutions and financial elite are embezzling, extorting and laundering funds out of our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, its what’s happening to the victims to these unaddressed federal crimes, by the proper government authorities, that’s the real problem.
Because these criminals know they will never be held accountable, while the government authorities continue to sanction the financial institutions to commit federal crime, it will continue and escalate.
I mean if the disappearance of 80M$ out of a personal trust account, in the care of a number of financial institutions, can go completely unaddressed by the proper authorities, can you imagine what these criminals have been getting away with over years and years of being ignored?
Additionally the problem isn’t just affecting my family and me it’s yours and your family’s problem too. It doesn’t matter what you’re worth because it behooves financial institutions to steal a little money from everyone rather than constantly rely on the big heist.
Those of us who offer opportunities to go for the big heist are being attacked with huge amounts of their funds disappearing. It’s all in what you’re worth, but we’re all being attacked. Those of us who report these crimes will be punished severely. I didn’t know this until it was too late?
How profitable is it for a bank to steal a mere hundred dollars or less from thousands of their customers? Sometimes they’ll call the removal of these funds from your account some sort of fee.  Most of the time you’re too busy to notice a hundred dollars missing; the bank relies on this so they just remove the funds.
All banks have to do is adjust your monthly account statements and when you complain that it differs from your records; you’re then shown proof that you’re wrong.
But have you considered the banks records have been fraudulently tampered with?
You should; worse yet there’s not a thing you can do about it because if you’re angry enough to try to prove it by hiring legal help you’ll find seven or more years later the attorney withheld documents from the judge, unbeknownst to you. The judge never forced the financial institution to open their books and cough up your account statements and it cost you everything you owned to find this out.
This isn't one destroyed lawsuit because of a lousy attorney; no, its the way legal issues are handled; period; mostly unlawfully against the rightful prosecution!
Yes subpoenaing account statements from a financial institution is very interesting. Most of the time they never have to supply them through loopholes their army of legal representation knows by heart.
My, you’d think the judge would be onto these tricks of the legal trade? And I believe they are, but I also believe they’re being paid, under the table, perhaps by the bank, to rule in a way that protects the bank but allows the victim to think the judge just subpoenaed the account statements.
What makes you think the bank in some cases doesn’t just fraudulently create a set of account statements to be given to the judge; making themselves appear as if they didn’t embezzle, extort and launder a penny?
Sometimes the financial institution doesn’t even bother to do this. The judge just doesn’t order a trial, based on the victim’s attorney purposely withholding, documents of proof, to federal crime committed by the bank, from the judge. It depends on the victim’s sophistication with legal matters involving unlawful foreclosure, embezzlement, extortion, and laundering as to how their, paid under the table attorney, will lie to them.
Most of the time the victims to these federal crimes don’t have experience at all until they spend ten years or more watching their lives disappear because of financial and legal corruption.
Why? Because the government authorities and media won’t tell the people of the United States of America that the financial institutions are in the governments’ pockets and the media is sworn to secrecy with more funds going into their pockets!
The victims end up in the streets with no way to take care of themselves because our government makes it their job with a “Mafia Hit” to these lives, making sure you and your family don’t spread the word and should you, you won’t be doing so for long. And who's going to believe a stinky unwashed vagrant anyway?  Besides, you’ll be dead before you can expose too much causing great harm…to the criminals.
They need to be poised for their next unsuspecting victims.
And the worst part about all this is most of the public doesn’t realize these federal crimes are taking place; don’t believe it if they’re told; in denial or believing as the media wants, “These homeless penniless people just need to get a shower and a job”!
Right where the government wants their little sheeple. Now the US government can be assured the victims die in the streets and the rest of society will be none the wiser, while they refuse to help their fellow human beings, because they believe these victims are such because they brought it all on themselves.
Now doesn’t this sound exactly like what the abuser claims as the reason why they attacked their prey?
Why? Well most of all because subconsciously the public has been taught by the media that what’s happened to the victims of great financial or other loss is their own darn fault, so if they spend wisely; stay away from predators; be sure to dress properly so as not to make a predator come after them; listen to their friendly banker and money manager, the same tragedies won’t happen to them.
And here in lies the trap!
It’s the whole financial world lying to their clients, while the government authorities protect them from investigation or prosecution while the legal world and media help keep the crimes hidden from the public.
Why? Because the US government, politicians, legal word and media benefit from these outrageous federal crimes being committed, that’s why!
Because many times these financial predators are also the sexual and physical abusers in society they usually don’t get prosecuted either until it’s too late, when an earlier responsible arrest would have saved a number of lives.
How many lives, investigating and prosecuting the banksters, will be saved? It's time we demand this financial corruption to stop! Ask you candidate what their plan is?
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By: Deborah Breuner

PS: Get back to Gold Warriors soon


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