God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Attorney General Harris vs. The Banks?

Originally posted in Beforeitsnews.com on April 17, 2012

The headline reads: Attorney General Wants Mortgage Homeowner protections In Law.
By: Don Thompson Associated Press/ April 15, 2012
Below is an excerpt of this article:

Harris, a Democrat, has made combating mortgage fraud and protecting homeowners a centerpiece
of her 16 months in office. She was instrumental in negotiating a settlement with the nation's top 
five banks in February that will bring $18 billion in relief to California, one of the states hardest 
hit by the mortgage crisis.

More than 500,000 Californians have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2008, more than in 
any other state.

Her 11-bill package would ban some of the worst practices that contributed to the housing crisis. 
It would write the terms of the national agreement into state law and apply them to every lender.

"A lot of the reform that we're talking about was agreed to by the banks in the national 
foreclosure settlement, but it only has a life of three years," Harris said in a telephone 
interview. "Let's not go back to the days of robo-signing. Let's not go back to the days of 
having dual-track systems that confuse and kind of handicap people. Let's learn from our

What I find interesting is that there are laws already in place, federal laws that were created 
many years ago to protect the consumer from financial abuse by financial institutions.  Mortgage 
companies must follow these same federal laws.  These laws are really simple like, it’s a federal
crime to, embezzle assets, steal assets, launder assets, forge signatures, hide consumer’s monthly 
payments on loans in phantom accounts and then call them in default on the loan, adjust bank 
statements or loan documents without the customers being aware, foreclose non-judicially on 
trust owned properties so that a judge doesn’t see the criminal act. These elite financial criminals 
are even lifting thousands of dollars in furniture from these homes, which is grand larceny. I mean 
even robo-signing is a federal crime when someone basically signs away property with no personal
 knowledge about what they’re signing? In other words the banks hired professional document signers? 
And, there are far more federal laws being broken.

So the attorney general is cracking down by creating homeowner protections in the law? What the 
hell does that mean? What about enforcing the laws already in place? Instead the attorney general 
must create more laws that demand the laws already on the books be followed?

What a damn diversion!

The media announces this as if, “Look the attorney general is cracking down on all this finally and 
hopefully these foreclosures will be more fairly done?”

I’m sorry there shouldn’t be any hope involved here. The US Attorney General and state attorney 
generals get paid by our tax dollars to enforce these laws. Why aren’t they? I mean the financial 
institutions wouldn’t dare consider committing these crimes if they knew they were being regulated, 
but they know they aren’t. We’re the ones that find out this fact the hard way, after paying taxes for 
this protection, then find ourselves being attacked by federal crimes committed by financial institutions 
and mortgage companies and we're shocked to realize no one will investigate?

Why does the media write these stories like, “Poor attorney generals they’re doing all they can to stop 
this madness by calling for new laws.”

If Attorney General Harris were to speak I predict this is what she’d say, “Oh my I’m doing all I can to
stop the bad banks and mortgage companies from being bad, but I don’t know what to do? 
I'm going to try okay?”

( above is the letter I received from Attorney General Harris after the California State Bar refused 
to charge Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. for destroying two multi-million dollar lawsuits he filed 
on my behalf, concerning financial institutions committing criminal acts, (embezzlement and 
criminal foreclosure) but failed to show up in court so the judge dismissed the case in one 
instance;  committed multiple other federal crimes concerning the second suit; withdrew for no
 reason then evicted me from my second multi-million dollar home, (mortgage fraud) while 
sporting thirteen counts of advertizing fraud in his credentials. Besides this he arrogantly stole 
half my belongings. The CalBar failed in their jobs so it's Attorney General Harris' job to 
handle all this continued federal crime. Instead I received the above letter directing me back 
to the CalBar, written as if I'd not already reported this monster to them. Yep, this is how 
our government authorities do things.  Pass the buck until the victim dies in the streets.)

This is insane! We don’t need new laws we need the ones already in place enforced! 
And, who’s controlling the poor attorney generals from performing their jobs? There’s no 
one above them. There should be obviously! Besides this the financial institutions and 
mortgage companies should be scared to death to even think of 
committing the crimes they commit everyday against the consumer.

I wonder why they aren't?

I’ve written Attorney General Harris at least four times since she’s been in office about 
all the mortgage crime, financial institution crime and the California State Bar ignoring a 
California attorney who stole my two million dollar home committing federal crimes to 
do it and she won’t even write an obtuse form letter back anymore. She wrote one telling 
me this isn’t her jurisdiction. Whose jurisdiction is it then? Is there another California 
attorney general in office that I’m not aware of?

See how the media plays with the public’s mind?

And what is happening to all the families who lost their homes by pure unadulterated federal 
crimes since 2007? Will they be getting their homes back? I heard Obama was considering 
that each homeowner receive something like fifteen hundred dollars in restitution after losing 
their homes from most probable federal crimes committed by the banks and mortgage companies.

I mean this couldn’t be more outrageous.

So Attorney General Harris is banning some of the “worst practices that contributed to the 
housing crisis.” Really? Would she care to list these practices such as the federal crimes these 
financial institutions are committing against the consumer? I wouldn’t call them practices; 
they’re federal crimes. She doesn’t mention this fact, nor does she mention that all the 
attorney generals over the country and US Attorney General Holder are ignoring these 
federal crimes and calling them "practices?"

Again, this is how the media plays with the public’s mind, while the public thinks’ the 
attorney general is doing her job when they read these articles. Well, that is if they haven’t
 been hit like I have with federal crimes committed by the powerful. If they have they 
know like I do, that Attorney General Harris, along with many other AGs are playing 
their magicians sleight of hand to stop a revolution in this country.

By: Deborah Breuner

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Here's A Way To Fix Americas' Problems.

Originally posted in Beforeitsnews.com on April 15, 2012


In spite of what I’ve figured out about the horrendous crimes committed against my trust and me, and the likely involvement of my whole family in collusion with a few financial institutions to commit these crimes, I’m still shocked.

I am aware they all want me dead so they’ll never have to look at me in the face. And, that’s fine I accept this.

I mean it’s not like I had a trust with millions of dollars socked away in it until I was of age? No, I had control of these assets from the time I was eighteen years old, made investments into three properties where my now ex-husband and I built three homes from scratch over our marriage. My trust paid for and owned these properties because I needed tax breaks.

Plus, as my then husband, Rick would say, “If anything were to happen to me the properties should be in your name. This way I know you and the kids will at least have a roof over your heads.”

Right! Then twenty-four years later he’s manipulatively trying to murder me? And, I do get why and all about ugly jealousy and greed. I understand that my whole blood group is probably consistent with people I’ll never see again in my lifetime. I accept this too.

I even understand the corruption in our government and media, which I feel is actually responsible for the huge problem Larry and I live with today, along with many other Americans, all because they refuse to address serious federal financial crime the financial institutions are committing against their own customers.

But what strikes me most at the moment, after all Larry and I have been through, because of greed and continued unaddressed federal financial crimes is the way we are treated?

I mean we are hovering over death’s door; starving; have been for at least a week now. It’s hard to keep track of the days? It’s like the more difficult our challenges become the more cruel people are?


If we were lying on the ground I’m confident people would either step over us or turn around and walk the other way. It depends on whether they’re full of denial or just plain cruel as to which way they’d choose to respond.

On top of all these issues born from corruption Larry and I have lost all our ability to take care of ourselves. Well we did hang in there for over eleven years with only the occasional angel stepping in, and there were some to whom we will be forever grateful. They each relieved pain temporarily; lent cash; or leaped to unbelievable efforts to help us, when otherwise we would have been doomed years ago. But, one can’t expect these friends to help over and over again to their own demise?

Yet, victims of outrageous life altering crimes need help and they need it from where it’s supposed to come, which in our case would be the government authorities. Instead, we’ve been forced to limp along with our credit criminally destroyed by federal financial crimes; unable to retain employment because of the unlawfully destroyed credit; selling our belongings so we can eat; haven’t and don’t qualify for government assistance and we’re homeless and penniless because of these crimes, which the government authorities continue to ignore.

In any other circumstances this is considered emotional abuse and there have been many books written on the subject.

One of the most abusive acts one can commit against a victim of any crime is deny them the right to be heard.

 Additionally neither Larry nor I have family, because my family has been part of the crimes and they want me dead. Larry’s family I believe feels he shouldn’t be with someone with as many problems as I have, so they have exiled him from their lives.

Tell me how are we supposed to survive?

And, this brings up another subject. In my blood group I’m considered the big problem; a mental case; while my whole family has stolen and manipulated my loving, giving personality for forty years as they embezzled funds from me right out of my trust account and the financial institutions involved adjusted account statements to keep me in the dark. When I figured out just what was going on I was then exiled and called mentally ill?

Sociopathic criminals are so interesting aren’t they? Making sure they get away with their plans of crime they need to divert attention to a completely different issue, often not true, so they can get away with their criminal acts. When they’re questioned, about to get caught, their defense is usually, “No I didn’t do that she’s nuts, crazy and needs to be in a mental facility. Don’t believe a word she says, she’s delusional.” If you, the victim to this outrageous betrayal, don’t go to the mental facility and allow yourself to believe there’s something wrong with you, then you’ll be exiled from the family.

We’ve heard about and watched the Sunny von B├╝low tragedy unfold publically while her husband was accused of trying to murder her as she lay in a coma. It is true he was exonerated, but nevertheless from what I’ve personally seen as an heiress worth eighty million dollars these tragedies occur for two reasons… jealousy and greed. And, there are few heiresses who haven’t had tragic lives always concerning their assets.

Just because no one was ever convicted for trying to murder Sunny doesn’t mean that she in fact wasn’t a victim to jealousy and greed and what happened to her was a result of this… plain old murder covered up. In the end she was accused of overdosing on drugs and did what she did to herself. This most probably was again the transference of blame. And, if she was in fact on drugs by her own hand, this too I consider to be a murder, because wealthy women are treated like they’re less, than deserving of dirt, by the people who claim to love and care for them. Few humans can survive the emotional abuse forever.

Convenient answers to these tragedies and always the same as if it were a proven formula, heiress + husband not as wealthy = heiress dies of drug overdose, suicide or drowns while scuba diving with her beloved husband of twenty-four years. Heiress was crazy of course. Three daughters, a husband and six grandchildren survive her.

Unfortunately for my family, I mean blood group, I’m very ornery and in spite of their continued efforts to murder me I keep on moving like the ever-ready bunny.

First my now ex-husband, while we were in our twenty-fourth year of a happy marriage tried to drown me? I survived. Then my whole family gathered around to have me committed to a mental hospital? I escaped and survived. Interestingly I had never been considered mentally ill in my life until I escaped my husband’s attempt on my life. The mentally ill card came up when I accused him of trying to murder me. When none of these tactics worked at killing me off all the mafia style financial hits started and ended with my finding out that my trust had been embezzled to the tune of eighty million dollars. And to my family’s disappointment this should have caused me to commit suicide, but it didn’t. To give this possibility a fighting chance they exiled me to die in the streets. This hasn’t worked so far. In fact I have instead, along with my partner, Larry decided to do the one thing we both, at this point, have left.

That is to write. One doesn’t need good credit to write.

We think of it as God’s plan to help society by exposing the government authorities, for which we pay our taxes to protect us from financial abuse, but they’re not doing their jobs while the media stands mute.

Does this bother you as you consider perhaps your family or yourself being treated this way after being destroyed by financial crimes committed by your financial institution? Do we need someone to speak up; make it their mission to expose this?

Would all of society consider not paying their income taxes with a note, “We’ll pay this when we start getting protected from federal financial crimes committed by the financial institutions and all the other government agencies start doing their work.”

They can’t arrest us if every single US citizen decided to do this. I’d even reckon the lame stream media would pick the story up. What do you think?

If you think these crimes haven’t attacked all of society yet then just look at all the websites devoted to the unlawful foreclosures in this country. If our government authorities were doing their jobs there wouldn’t be unlawful criminal foreclosures as there are today and getting worse. Financial Institutions would be scared to death to commit these outrageous crimes.

Well after eleven years of constant battle to get the federal financial crimes committed against both Larry and me in the end investigated by the proper authorities the most involved correspondence I’ve ever received from a government authority states and I paraphrase, “an eighty million dollar embezzlement isn’t important enough to investigate.”

Today Larry and my battles are about surviving; get my four-part memoir sold and our screenplays in the right hands. And, writing articles that inform the public about what is very likely going on in their financial institution?

Our challenge now is how to feed our selves every moment we’re alive until the publisher calls?

Previous campground friends kindly brought us some food from a food bank their church works with; it’s up to us to call the church now and hopefully get on their list of recipients for delivered food once a week? We don’t know yet?

What’s more I’ve looked up all the other organizations that feed the homeless and penniless and few deliver; most want you to prove you have a California driver’s license, which neither Larry nor I do. Ours are from Colorado. Others want you to drive to them and be fed once a week after standing in line for two to three hours. We can’t drive our truck at the moment with expired tags and can’t afford to register the truck for new ones.

Our options are few.

We have already lived over a week on food bank donations and as grateful as we are to have it, we’re left starving all the time, because we’re eating things we have never eaten in our lives and do not crave them. We have no butter, meat, chips, crackers, cheese or sweets of any kind….only crushed cans of vegetables, and things one would never eat without mixing it with something, such as evaporated milk and tuna? We do have bread, bags of sprouted baby mushrooms, snow peas, grapefruit and broccoli. Believe me all these things would be great if you could create something with them but you can’t if you want to eat anything edible. Basically we’re loading up on fuel that lacks one ounce of pleasure going down.

To top this off both Larry and I have become instant teetotalers that don’t smoke.

Up until two weeks ago we at least had our tobacco, boxed wine and great food, while we’d spend hours going through the sales over the Internet before we’d shop. We could eat for two weeks on seventy dollars. Being locked out of our storage unit isn’t the worst thing in the world, they’re usually very nice and allow us to get in there and sell something so we can pay them. But, we can no longer get there to go through this routine, unless I still had clothes to sell? I don’t.

This is all gone now, but we’re not giving up; we needed to quit smoking anyway; the hunger pains go away with drinking lots of water and writing keeps me focused on the goal.

The government and media need to be exposed again; this time dealt with.

Is there a movie star out there who’d like to take the US government authorities’ corruption on instead of flying off to Bulla Bulla to help them?

By: Deborah Breuner

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Watching Federal Crimes Take Your Life Away $ There's Not A Thing You Can Do But Pay More Taxes?

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com on April 14, 2012


As fate would have it; I was wrong about my Internet; it’s available to me until about four this afternoon. And, a neighbor suddenly appeared, the other day, asking me to teach her how to write a book proposal? I said I would if she paid for two more weeks of Internet service for us. She agreed. So if she follows through, you’ll get to put up with me for another couple of weeks, that is if I don't starve to death.

I know you most probably think I'm over exagerating? I'm not!

As you prepare to pay your taxes tomorrow, think about where your money will be going? The common sensed person would want to be assured that no matter what else may be going on in this country their tax dollars are at least going towards government agencies that are protecting the American public from foreign and domestic terrorist.

If we aren’t safe financially and physically then what else could matter?

I understand very little about foreign terrorism. Maybe this is what our government wants while they call everything that would be helpful knowledge for the public, “Top Secret.”

The other “Top Secret” is that the financial institutions in this country are arrogantly embezzling funds right out of their customer’s accounts while the elected and appointed government authorities, paid by our taxes to protect the public from financial abuse, are actually ignoring these crimes.

Well I’ve only seen federal crimes committed by the National Bank of Detroit, (now Chase), KeyBank National Association, Shearson Lehman, McDonald Investments and Paine Webber. I have reason to suspect Edward Jones and Raymond James of committing federal crimes against me too?  Combine these with the financial institutions we hear about robo-signing and losing documents, I’d say most all financial institutions are committing these crimes and many more against the public? Why wouldn’t they? They are assured they’ll get away with them.

Certain other financial institutions have been vilified in the lame stream and alternative media concerning the foreclosure crisis but never is it revealed that these banks are embezzling funds and committing federal crimes in order to foreclose? And the financial Institutions that I have personal experience with are rarely mentioned anywhere.

Fortunately I have no NDA so I am free to reveal anything I know about these financial institutions, through my own personal experience.

From what I’ve seen and experienced, my situation is not isolated, but common practice with financial institutions. You cannot convince me after becoming aware of the tactics used by these banks to destroy people that they all aren’t involved with these practices?

But how do we know for sure if the government authorities refuse to investigate while the media ignores this?

If you haven’t got it yet, get it now. These federal financial crimes are being committed on purpose and ignored purposely as well.

I’d call these federal crimes domestic terrorism about which most of us have no clue is going on?

If you check out the many trailer parks, homeless centers and the streets you’ll find the victims here, silenced; struggling to survive; have lost or sold everything they owned. Many have just given up hope and this is why you don’t hear about these crimes.  Most of these victims don’t even have food to eat.

If the authorities and media won’t listen to the victims when they own a computer and cell phone, just who is going to listen once these assets are gone?

Even the public turn they’re heads away from the homeless in disgust; purposely cross the street and walk out of their way to avoid them; they aren’t going to listen to these homeless people’s insightful stories.

They should.

And, the government authorities and media count on your disgusted attitude towards the homeless. The lame stream and alternative media secure your attitude by outwardly and subliminally putting the homeless and penniless down…blaming them for taking out loans over their heads, which caused the foreclosures, ruined the value of your property and is causing the struggling banks. Then on top of this the homeless and penniless are blamed for abandoning their pets?

If you can ingest for just one minute that many of the homeless and penniless were and are created by outrageous federal financial crimes committed by banks against them that purposely never get investigated by the government authorities, the only entities that have jurisdiction over this, just what would you think?

Are you scared? You should be. Are you blaming the financial institutions? You shouldn’t be; it’s the fault of our government authorities not doing their jobs and the media refusing to hold them accountable.

If this isn’t exposed to the public and addressed these unaddressed crimes will be the next big secret killer of Americans, if it isn’t already.

Here’s another question for you? How many economic experts have, through their advice, helped with the state of affairs financially?

If they aren’t telling you about the horrific federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against their own customers then they aren’t helping. They may not know about these crimes?

But, how can anyone flourish financially with the kind of federal crimes I’ve witnessed, committed by the powerful, who will at this point never be investigated?

And, this is what I’ve seen and experienced; have documents of proof to support most of what I’m claiming. There is no way to prove the financial institutions refrain from sending account statement of your accounts. And, of course they know this and so use the tactic when appropriate.


1) So one of the first crimes you might notice would be that your account statements from any account you may have cease to arrive in your mail. And, this is interesting because even though you may have a few accounts in one financial institution; another with a stock brokerage house and still another financial institution is holding your trust account, all account statements from all the financial institutions you do business with will at the same time stop sending your account statements. If this doesn’t appear to be some sort of conspiracy, I don’t know what is? However the financial institutions know the authorities will never investigate them so they arrogantly concoct these ridiculous tricks knowing that you can’t prove they haven’t sent account statements and therefore you’ll have to hire an attorney to subpoena these records. Retaining these records on your own account can take upwards of seven to ten years. Let me remind you these crimes are federal in nature and a victim should never have to file a civil case to fight a national financial institution committing federal crimes against them. The investigation belongs to the attorney general and local DA. But, from behind closed doors of secrecy these powerful government authorities will send you a form letter to your frantic complaint saying, “This isn’t our jurisdiction,” when you know that it is. They purposely don’t address the crimes, so their corruption isn’t in writing.

2) Financial institutions will actually fraudulently and criminally adjust your account statements. Again there’s no way to prove this without in house co-operation, which you’ll never get without a subpoena, which takes seven to ten years and appeals to retain if you ever do. Not to mention the judge and your own attorney will purposely withhold evidence to protect the financial institution. It’s been over eleven years since I first discovered financial crime in my life and I still don’t have my own account statements? I have some and a list of my assets signed by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. That’s it.

3) Financial institutions will adjust the terms on loan documents at will and claim the borrower signed for these changes when the signatures are actually forged by in bank executives. In fact I’ve seen financial institutions change pertinent information on loan documents in order to lessen their crimes. For instance I have proof that KeyBank gave me a small personal loan in my name only, then adjusted the documents to reflect a different borrower so they could use the loan to foreclose on property which would otherwise be against the law, a federal crime, in spite of the fact that I had a copy of the original loan stating it was given in my name.

4) I’ve seen a financial institution arrogantly adjust loan documents showing a property is owned by a trust to being owned by the borrower personally so they could foreclose non-judicially instead of judicially which is required by federal law concerning trust owned property.  And this bank fraud against the consumer is the difference between a judge seeing the bank crimes being committed and not.  Judicial foreclosure takes up to four years. Non- judicial can be done within months without a judge ever looking at the documents, not that it matters actually.  Corrupt judges can rule documents of proof supporting the victim of financial institution crime won’t be allowed submitted as evidence against the bank and that will be that.

5) Financial institutions like a mafia hit will come after a property that appreciated a lot since the purchase or building. They won’t need a reason or a loan against it to foreclose. All they need is your having an active account with their bank and an agenda of their own.


6) Financial institutions can click one button on a computer and remove all your assets from your account and they’ll never be investigated. Worse yet they know this; you don’t until you realize you’re purposely are being ignored by the government authorities. Why consumers do their banking online today beats me? They are prime for financial institution crime.

7) In fact because of crimes such as I’ve seen committed by a number of financial institutions against my trust and myself, which have continuously and purposely gone unaddressed, I can only surmise that they have become so arrogant over the years to have recorded true facts and in house communication on a CD that can be subpoenaed and will happily be supplied information to the judge, while the judge dismisses these facts.

8) It is my belief that crimes committed by financial institutions against the consumer have become commonplace because “the fort” purposely protects these elite financial criminals from ever being investigated or prosecuted.

9) What’s more these financial institutions have become so arrogant that I believe the next round of lawsuits against these elite powerful criminals should be for emotional abuse, because I don’t believe I’ve seen worse in the sickest of families?

This is the United States of America today.

Lucky me; lucky you my new friend Lisa has come through and paid for our Internet. Yeah!

Thank God for Lisa!

Tomorrow I'll go into detail of what it feels like to be starving and have no food, but what a food bank supplies which is mostly throw away items that could make you sick enough to want to die.

By: Deborah Breuner

Monday, July 9, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Timeline To Financial Destruction

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 13, 2012


How do you survive this? And what do you do to survive? Once you have figured this out what is it that will save your life and allow you to flourish once more? If you do somehow manage to flourish again what will you be doing with your life? Will it have changed?

Remember the zeros involved here have nothing to do with this; it’s the crime destroying whatever funds you have and leaving you penniless that matters, which concerns all Americans.

First you discover your money manager is forging your signature and removing funds from your trust account anytime he chooses?

Never mind the authorities will arrest him!

You report the federal crime to the government authorities.

The national bank with whom you have a small personal loan unlawfully starts foreclosure procedures against a fully paid for trust owned property worth three million dollars, using the personal loan on which you are paid up ahead by one year; the property still has close to two million dollars in equity available?

Your money manager calls arrogantly laughing, “All the funds in your small account are all gone now!” Of course you know he just stole them and confident the authorities will investigate, putting his ass in prison!

"Well I’ll show you" you’re thinking, “I’m calling the authorities again right now!”

Outrageous! More federal crimes too, so you report them to the government authorities, not understanding why they haven’t answered your first complaint? The FBI claims their getting right on it.

One day you receive an e-mail that states, “What happened to your eighty million dollars protected by your trust? It’s gone!”


Now you write more letters to the government authorities whom have ignored your request for an investigation for at least two years so far, concerning the earlier crimes. You haven’t heard from the FBI? You just don’t understand?

Basically these protectors of the public have been sitting back, observing federal crimes continue against you, as if watching a movie? Very distressing and shocking!

You’ve been trying to handle it all civilly with an attorney whom could write a novel of all the unethical behavior and federal crimes he commits against your trust and you, basically he spends two years protecting the elite financial criminals that embezzled your trust and illegally foreclosed on your property. He never shows up in court then withdraws from the case. He evicts you from your own home. All acts so far amount to federal crimes and State Bar grievances that would disbar this man forever; order restitution for his victim and send him to prison.

You and your partner have now landed in the streets with six dogs; no money and no help in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile you and your partner’s flourishing start up business has been destroyed because of all the federal crimes; both your credit criminally destroyed; because of this retaining employment is impossible, you’ve tried for a few years, all the while selling your belongings just to survive. And, you’re now homeless and penniless, living out of your truck. Neither of you qualify for any kind of government assistance not that you want it? You want to work at the career the financial institution destroyed like a mafia hit. But, anything will do at this point.

 Still you haven’t gotten word from the authorities; only form letters directing you elsewhere. The California State Bar ignores the attorney’s criminal behavior and there’s never any restitution…shock, shock, shock!

So you summoned the California Supreme Court. They deny even reading about the case…still more shocking!

You lose all but one of your dogs. The sadness almost kills you.

But you must continue to look for employment with your credit criminally annihilated; can’t even get a job in a fast food restaurant. Instead you keep selling your belongings just to eat for pennies on the dollar, but there isn’t enough money to pay for the truck registration too? There’s little hope you’ll get your precious dogs back, unless one of these government authorities does their job, for which we pay our taxes.

You now have become an auto registration bandit; libel to be thrown in jail at any moment with the truck impounded if caught by the police. But, you have to keep driving about in order to sell your stuff? Soon you’re looking over your back all day long in watch for the cops.

So you summon the media. Nope they want nothing to do with this truth. Don’t care to warn the public about serious financial institution federal crimes committed against the consumer or that the government authorities are ignoring the crimes? You’re shocked some more and now scared to death you’ll be dying in the streets…and you should be.

Now you summon the alternative media…they want nothing to do with your story either?

Meanwhile you have somehow realized deep inside that there isn’t any help from whence it should come. So you start writing along with your partner, the love of your life. Together you learn to write screenplays and complete three. You write a four-part memoir and your Sweetie ends up becoming an agent overnight in order to find a publisher, which he does, overnight.

Unfortunately there wasn't an agent alive that thought this story was important enough to try to sell to a publisher, yet ten publishers asked for the book proposal when approached directly?

Now after five months of waiting to hear from the publisher and still waiting you have run out of things to sell; you’re writing articles for people powered news websites to help your platform in selling your book. There is no food; the truck doesn’t run and even if it did you’d be arrested for driving it. You and your Sweetie have no way to earn money at all at the moment and you’ve been locked out of your storage unit.

You’ve lived in a tent now for two years.

The government authorities that you continue to write monthly no longer even send obtuse form letters, but they all know you’re close to dying in the street and you’ve dealt with this for over twelve years; so do all the candidates vying for an opportunity to run for president of the United States of America in November; so do Obama and Past President Bush. It doesn’t matter what political party any of these politicians belong to they all know and don’t care.

The churches and homeless organizations you reach out to ignore you! Shock of all shock, but oh so true! The authorities don’t regulate these criminals either.

This is called attempted murder and should WE die because of our authorities’ corruption you’ll never hear about.

This is media crime, because I can prove they know almost every word of this story and so can I prove the authorities do too.

However by the grace of God if we somehow survive this, both my Sweetie and I are committed to continue doing all we can to make this world a better place…exposure would be one way; and we’re doing this. We just need your help in getting the word out because the authorities and media won’t be doing their jobs. Our goal? This needs to be picked up by Google & Yahoo news and we're on our way. This will help all Americans just because of the knowledge they'll have.

By: Deborah Breuner

P.S.  By the way, if anyone reading this has a guesthouse and needs live in help, preferably on a ranch we’d like to interview for the job. We bring with us one very small well- behaved weenie dog. My partner Larry is an experienced horse trainer; breeder and builder; I’m experienced in caring and managing three multi-million dollar homes at one time. I’m very good with understanding what works on cleaning everything from floors to laundry. I’m a gourmet cook, fashion designer and photographer. We’re willing to work and relocate to wherever.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; How It All Begins

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com on April 13, 2012

Chauvinism has not died in this country; it’s just gone underground like the outrageous federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against the consumer, while the government authorities ignore them and the media stands mute, or they lie about what’s really going on.

Being a women and a wealthy one without a devoted family put me in a very precarious position, especially when I made the choice to be a stay-at-home-mother until my daughters were in college.

This is how I understood God’s laws to be at the time, “Charity starts at home.” Who better to influence my beautiful daughter’s minds and hearts than to be there and complete my God given task? How can we expect hired help to do the same task that came to us through the grace of God and love?

Yet the media and society still look down on a woman who does this job, by choice, and does it well without being torn in five different directions, which unfortunately has been forced upon so many mothers today, through no fault of their own.

Again you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. In fact mothers who must work and complete their task at home, as well, are heroes in my mind. Honestly I don’t know how they do it?

Often times their offspring turn out better perhaps because they must very early in life pitch in and help? I don’t know?

What I do know from experience is my staying at home to raise my girls did no good at all. But, I’ve also learned this is through no fault of my own unless you want to blame me for being born an heiress. That’s okay? I’m use to it. It has been my life-long cross to bear and now poverty is for the same reason.

In fact society in a round about way taught my daughters how to resent their own mother. Why? Well they heard all their lives people whispering about what I had, how spoiled I was and the grown up jealous people in my life call me weak and sick all in the effort to derail who I really was in my soul. All they could see were money signs and what they were going to do to get it for them selves.

My now ex-husband Rick worked for twenty-four years with a couple of national financial institutions to embezzle every cent I had and make sure I lost two multi-million dollar homes unlawfully. These homes were built from scratch and paid for outright by my trust for a couple of hundred thousand dollars and appreciated to be worth millions because of my knowledge of how to purchase real estate that would grow…not Rick’s.

In fact I not only had money but I also have a brain. Rick didn’t like that and so through his jealousy and greed he spent our marriage sociopathically manipulating my demise, while acting as though I was the sunshine of his life.

Somehow he got my once beautiful daughters to go along with it all? It’s the easiest route in their minds. My life is pure hell as they can see. Rick never earned an honest penny in his life; he stole everything he has from me while the banks and other elite financial experts helped him and certainly didn’t do this for free?

Yes, women are still attacked in our society and the easiest target for financial theft since we’re often at home lovingly taking care of our husband, children, dogs and extended family members because we can afford the luxury of this task, unencumbered by the need to work outside the home.

So we don’t have an army of attorneys at our beck and call like a business would. We’re relying on the family attorneys that naturally have a closer relationship with the husband than wife.

It’s chauvinism again and usually this is how one sees it…nothing more sinister.

However the truth is, this chauvinism is far more serious than it appears; it’s an opening for serious financial crime, while the elite criminals i.e. the financial institutions, unethical attorneys, government authorities and local authorities can just brush you off as crazy and hysterical as an excuse to first steal from, and then not investigate. Not that they do anyway, this has been proven over and over again. But, if there were an embezzlement to be done, a woman with no loving protective family would be the first in line to be financially victimized. Being attacked financially, in the minds of the criminal, is just a whole lot easier to get away with. They have an out, which is the mentally ill card, rarely used towards men when they complain.

As a woman reporting these outrageous financial crimes, I suspect one of the reasons we’re totally ignored is because we are mostly reporting to men. So when there’s an attorney general who’s a woman and she ignores you too, what do you call this?

Well it’s chauvinism as well…against their own kind. I’ve seen this in my own family for years. My father embezzled money from my mother using a little different tactic and undiscovered for years. He taught his daughters that their mother was mentally ill, got court orders from his crony judge friends, and had our mother incarcerated, on drugs, in mental hospitals most of their marriage.

I believe today there were many muslin bags of cash left on doorsteps for his accomplishes.

His goal was to get his hands on her assets. What was the method and outcome? Well he managed to turn all her daughters against her using the mentally ill card. I outgrew believing this; my sisters didn’t.

I see the same chauvinism in my once beautiful daughters; it’s as if I’m not a woman as they are or they’re part man and I’m a freak.

The bottom line is greed.

I even think I understand what’s going on very simply. With all the criticism of the mother, based on the underlining greed and so unwarranted, why would a daughter what to relate and be considered mentally ill like their mother? They don’t understand why their father is constantly putting their mother down and mostly behind her back? So they align themselves with their father against their own mother, not realizing his true goal…their father is embezzling money from their mother and to hide this continuing act he must convince the world that his wife is nuts in the effort to not only divert her possible discovery but to circumvent anyone believing her should she uncover the nasty deed.

Unbelievably the same fate of embezzlement struck my great aunt’s life as well and many heiresses known to the world before me.

And, our government sets the example. They did nothing back in the early 1900s for my aunt. In my mother’s case, 1950s, years had to pass after her death before I understood what really happened to her? Actually I discovered her plight along with mine.

The government authorities to which we pay our taxes for protection from federal financial crime will not investigate these horrific crimes the financial institutions are committing against anyone.

But I assure you the victims who are women become victims first and the last to be heard when there’s a problem. Then they’re called crazy when they insist something is wrong and ignored some more.

The layperson goes to jail or prison for all of these financial crimes including driving an unregistered car.

The elite criminals running our country or others who belong to the posse can murder someone; embezzle millions of dollars; bribe a judge; and they’ll get away with it.

In fact the authorities will protect them while getting large muslin bags of cash dropped off on their doorsteps.

The truth is the government authorities as well as local authorities should be arrested for Larry and my attempted murder; anyone else would be in the private sector. Soon it may be murder from the elements and starvation, but I'm confident you'll never hear about it, when it occurs.

 For eleven years we have been trying to get our constitutional and human rights met; an investigation into serious federal crime, committed by a number of national financial institutions, against my trust and myself plus the continued federal crimes that destroyed Larry and my business.

You are doing business with these financial institutions everyday and don't know the crimes they have committed.

If our authorities did their jobs in this country, prosecuting the criminals, we’d be living in a totally different world.

But, they don’t and therefore our world of crime is getting far worse. In fact based on what I’ve seen and experienced the banks have free reign to embezzle funds and foreclose on homes anytime they want to, using any method they choose.

And, you could be next unless we all work together to raise awareness.

By: Deborah Breuner