God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, June 21, 2013


I’m having a problem here with what to do as the world spins and most Americans ignore the issues starring them right in the face? Well they love to read or watch videos about these shocking stories born of the issues that concern others’ lives, trusting it will never happen to them. Yet what you hear many people say when they are struck with tragedy is, “I have always believed this happens to other people not to my family and me”?

Yes, well this is what I muttered too when my whole life was destroyed by federal crimes, which I started to learn about over twelve years ago Then to be re-victimized by the reception my federal crime(s) have received!

Besides this I’m trying to figure out why the criminal in this video is being investigated while being sought after for a number of years? He stole $30,000.00 and it seems he’s in trouble with the law for this and a number of other crimes? The media is all over his crimes and him? Yet, I had 80M$s embezzled from my trust account, by a number of national financial institutions we all do business with everyday and the government authorities won’t give me the time of day; they won’t even investigate this horrific crime! In fact you need to ask the question why, and ponder on it. It’s very important that you do and understand what I’ve come to know. The reason the authorities aren’t investigating the federal crimes committed against me is because a number of USA leaders benefited from the federal crimes committed against my trust and me while the trustees, attorneys and financial institutions involved all benefited as well. This doesn’t set my crime apart from yours, no our government is seizing assets, through the financial institutions from many account and property holders, while the crimes are ignored of course. The USA Government doesn’t want you to know about these heists, while the media helps keep these federal crimes from the public. Many victims are spending years in the courts with an attorney desperately litigating an unlawful foreclosure that is a totally illegal, federal crime, and in the end the homeowner will lose their property anyway, after spending a fortune in attorney fees to stop it! If the Attorney General, Eric Holder were doing his job the financial institutions wouldn’t think of committing these federal crimes. So the only explanation here is that our USA Government is in on these federal crimes!


Oh and this article, below, was written by Matt Taibbi. What is he considered for Rolling Stone Magazine? At the very least he’s an expert on financial institutions and federal crimes, while he doesn’t tell the whole truth! As a for instance, have you noticed the media doesn’t call these financial crimes, federal crime, anymore? Why would this be? I think it’s because these crimes, federal crimes, belong to the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, state attorney generals, government financial watchdogs and FBI to investigate and they refuse! To keep the public in the dark as to whose responsibility it is to investigate these financial institutions, the media has dropped the term federal crime. Now the public who don’t have time to analyze what is happening by way of the manipulating media forgets, amidst their busy day, that it’s the government authorities responsibility to regulate the financial institutions and protect the public from financial abuse by these banks. We pay our federal income taxes for this service. Well that’s what illegal, unlawful foreclosures are, you know; federal crimes! Embezzlement or stealing of funds out of a citizen’s account, whether it’s a trust, stock or normal bank account is called embezzlement! And if there’s embezzlement there’s usually laundering funds as well. But Matt Taibbi doesn’t mention these financial terms as he refers to his article as, THE LAST MYSTERY OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS

Oh please, I’ve contacted Matt Taibbi hundreds of times with my story; he refuses to even return my e-mails. What’s more his article is not the last mystery of the financial crisis? There are all kinds of federal crimes going on that are never mentioned by anyone but the victims and the media, all media, are ignoring these stories…on purpose! Mr. Taibbi does mention the term “Mafia” in relation to the global problems in the corrupt stock market. I’ll give him credit for this but he too refuses to tell my story or others like it; he refuses to let the public know that individual consumers are being targeted, embezzled from and when they report the horrendous crimes, instead of an investigation they get more horrendous federal crimes committed against them until they are tossed into the streets to die, as their punishment! These are what I call “Mafia Hits” or Nazi Germany kind of torture and it’s happening here in the United States of America right under your nose as you’re kept in the dark, and being set up to be possibly the next victim! It’s our USA Government behind these crimes. You, as the public should be livid that one, you’re doing business with a financial institution who’s very likely guilty of these kinds of crimes, I speak of, and you aren’t being informed, and two, you’re not even aware of what crimes are taking place? All you’ve heard of are the robo-signing and lost documents which are serious enough, but there are many more federal crimes you have never heard about and there are national financial institutions committing worse crimes than BofA, Wells Fargo or the others that are being mentioned in the media. For instance if the term “Mafia” is to be used it should be used in the mention of KeyBank and I bet you’ve hardly heard of them? Did you know that this bank foreclosed on my 3M$ property in Sun Valley, Idaho and it had no loan against it? The property was also owned, outright, by my trust, which means the foreclosure needed to be judicial if there was to be one. Yet, KeyBank didn’t want to go to court and wanted my property so they foreclosed against my property with no loan against it; owned by a trust and did it non-judicially. They seized this property just because they wanted it!

Meanwhile the public is bombarded with articles from all the journalist experts in finance as they take us on a trip about the economy, trading stocks, taxes, social security and more, but they’re not writing about our USA Government sanctioning the national financial institutions to steal all we own!


Additionally have you noticed that there isn’t one government agency or department who’s doing their job? You may not if you haven’t had to contact them all, as I have. Many in the public see this as apathy; I see it as more crime because I’ve lived over twelve years reporting the federal crimes to the proper authorities, while they completely ignore me from behind locked doors of secrecy. This is “Misprision Of Felony” a federal crime, punishable with prison time. If this isn’t bad enough, when you as a victim, now determined to get justice for these federal crimes, committed against you, finds out that all the state and USA representatives who should step in to help get the attention of the authorities won’t, they too are ignoring you, you go to the media and they also ignore you, it’s time to realize we are living a financial holocaust purposely created by our USA Government!

For a matter of fact there are no leaders in our country who are actually doing anything to lead? No Liberal or Conservative party or politician is better than the other; ninety percent of all our USA politicians know my story and continue to ignore it! Absolutely won’t lift a finger to help. The attorneys claim my case(s) involve too many states so too bad for me, not that they’d take my case anyway. I’ve learned they use this line as an excuse. The truth is the attorneys and the judges are being bribed to protect the financial institutions. How do I know? Well why else would they protect these entities while representing you the victim? I’ve watched attorneys withhold evidence from the judge; judges remove full day court trials from their dockets while the victim to an illegal eviction stands in front of them? If the victim speaks up, it’s called contempt of court; they’re threatened with jail time. No chance to reschedule; the home is gone now anyway, while the victim to all this federal crime can do nothing, knowing all along the judge did this because he/she was corrupt! Oh, a victim can fight this, and ten years later they’re still fighting; still lose their home!

No wonder there are billions of groups & petitions circulating the country in the efforts to make America function better for the many unmet needs already paid for, to be met, by our taxes, but they are never met? Yet, we just keep on doing things the same way, expecting different results; dealing with a world where every facet is laden with corruption and it’s escalating! We’re shouting across social media about our treasonous USA Government, but do nothing but sign petitions, which they laugh at! We claim we hate the media because of their lies, yet if we don’t hear the reports from the media we don’t believe what we’re told? If a homeless, penniless person comes to us and shares a story about having all their funds and assets stolen by the USA Government via a number of financial institutions, you’re calling them a “nut job” before they’re done talking?

Hello, the homeless, penniless victims on the streets, whom you ignore, have two things to tell you, the truth to what is going on in the United States & you’re next if we don’t do something!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

PLEASE join me for some of the rest of my story; taking you on a roller coaster ride of the tenacious seeker of justice; laden with a family saga and federal crime that use to stun Dominick Dunne:>) For the foundation, PLEASE start with the March/April 2012 postings; parts 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent… http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LISTEN UP AMERICA $ EDWARD SNOWDEN; A Financial Holocaust Is Still More Important, It's Our Livelihood At Risk

Yes, listen up Americans; this is a fact and one you need to pay attention to. The USA Government is counting on your not listening to me. Why would you give a homeless penniless person the time of day? This is what the media works so hard at convincing the public to believe, the same media you hate for lying to you, are telling you the homeless and penniless are just a bunch of tax eating, street trash and drug addicts the government should just do away with!

The truth is, you’re better off listening to a homeless penniless victim to this than the media, because again they lie and withhold the truth! And more truth is, the United States of America Government sanctions financial institutions to steal everything you have if they decide to target you, exactly like Hitler did. The plan is that you end up homeless, penniless, unable to continue work if you have employment; unable to obtain it if you don’t. There are few government agencies actually helping these victims; relatively no churches or charities help either, contrary to what you’ve been asked to believe, so soon the victims end up with no cell phone, computer or vehicle. In fact this is all very well orchestrated by our USA Government to happen, so the victims die in the streets slowly from starvation and exposure!

Did you know that even if you qualify for food stamps, otherwise known as an EBT card, you are allotted $50.00 a week per person in New Mexico; other states may differ. You may eat while you’re living in the streets, you won’t eat well or be able to take a shower with soap, wash your hair, shave, brush your teeth or sleep in a bed with a roof over your head. An EBT card restricts you from purchasing anything other than food. So if you’re in the streets you won’t have a plate, eating utensils or pots and pans. Getting shelter will put you through hoops most other citizens would never think of even if free. No the homeless and penniless are asked to overcome obstacles no one else has to deal with just to get a bed to sleep in and shelter. It’s much easier to sleep behind a bank on the ground with your best friend beside you…many times only your precious dog!

I see the powers that be have learned to bury these crimes in red tape with manipulation techniques so the general public doesn’t realize what is really going on, so government seizing of citizens’ assets can appear to be just bad financial decisions on the victims end; the lying media will cement this in the publics’ minds; truth is the United States Government is seizing American citizens’ assets; the government uses the financial institutions to do this whether they embezzle funds out of bank accounts, trust accounts and stock portfolios or steal property through illegal foreclosures!

This is why no one’s winning the court battles in getting their property back after unlawful and illegal foreclosures and evictions. It’s the reason financial institutions are arrogantly continuing to commit horrific federal crimes to take your property. They have the US Government instructing them to commit these federal crimes against the citizen! To assure the public remains in the dark, about all of our eventual demises, the media reports lies about the financial and foreclosure problems, sensationalizes less important yet serious separate issues, creates weather disasters that kill, and terrorist attacks that are actually home grown or fake.

Come on people why else would Attorney General Eric Holder ignore the federal crimes the financial institutions commit everyday? Actually all the state attorney generals and FBI ignore these federal crimes too and if you exhaust all the proper authorities for federal crimes and start calling your state and US representatives they’ll also ignore you! Truth is you can contact past President Bush and President Obama, as I have, and you’ll be ignored!

If the United States Government didn’t want the financial institutions stealing from citizens, it wouldn’t be occurring! These are federal crimes we’re seeing today; civil lawsuits do not remedy federal crimes. Instead a federal lawsuit, filed by a civil attorney or law firm, will drag out for seven to ten years with many small wins, I believe constructed to calm the citizen, but in the end the financial institution wins no matter how egregious the crimes they’ve committed against you and your family were.

Most attorneys know this is a fact but will take your case anyway and pay themselves from your retainer, by more federal crimes, with whatever funds or assets you have left, knowing they’ll never win against a financial institution unless the United States Attorney General hired them to prosecute, federally. Of course Eric Holder prosecutes no one unless there’s something in it for the United States Government; a scapegoat to calm the sheeple would be about it or to shut someone speaking the truth up! Make an example to the public, that should they tell the truth, they too will be falsely charged, prosecuted and imprisoned!

In fact just to further cement the truth to what I’m sharing, media and advertizing convinces the public, often times subliminally that one is a conspiracy theorist if they claim what I’ve claimed and I’m not to be believed. The United States Government counts on you thinking this and so far they have won! You believe the government and media over victims to theses horrific federal crimes, yet you’re also the first to condemn both in your everyday conversations?

Meanwhile, the media has you otherwise detained with the USA Government spying on you and Edward Snowden exposing this, which is important, but not in relationship to losing your whole livelihood by unaddressed federal crimes committed by your financial institution! Have you noticed? The closer the public gets to understanding the financial holocaust in America; the bigger the next story is, which the media reports?

In the public’s defense, there aren’t many victims to these federal crimes who survive long enough to share their horrific stories of warning about the American financial holocaust! They die in the streets silenced forever! You hear about them as filthy, dirty, smelly drug addicts! Again not fair. They are often people who once had it all and lost it through unaddressed federal crimes. The victims that somehow are able to stay out of the streets are often murdered if they expose their stories so there aren’t many of us still alive to tell. We are living by the grace of God, having tons of belongings to sell, and wonderful faceless friends, with hearts and souls of angels, on Facebook & Twitter:>)

Neither Larry nor I have family, we have a blood group, who are sitting back and watching all this federal crime occur, with pure unadulterated joy! This too makes Americans targets, lack of close family relationships, which I believe our United States Government works on creating as well. And this is done by the media lies again and in CPS unlawful cases where complete families are destroyed!

In my situation, my blood group may have something to do with the embezzlement of my 80M$ trust; perhaps the United States Government bribed them with a million dollars or more? Justice Anthony M. Kennedy has something to do with it all as well, don’t know what yet? Know he advised and helped set up three trusts for my daughters and me, as our attorney from 1970-1978, where mine has been embezzled (don’t know about my daughters) and he refuses to address the problem? Perhaps he sold me out to the government for cash? You did know didn’t you, that the Professional Rules of Conduct for an attorney states, once an attorney represents you they are forever your attorney, in the capacity in which they represented you, and concerning attorney client privilege. I’ve even suspected the United States Government used Tony Kennedy by bribing him to get my assets? Then when I reported the crimes to the proper USA Government authorities I was punished with losing four multimillion dollar properties through more unaddressed federal crimes, all my furniture, personal belongings, my precious family of five dogs, vehicles and my husband, Larry and my flourishing business. And to prevent us both from saving ourselves with retaining employment, I’ve realized it’s much easier than I once believed. The government doesn’t have to do any more than watch their creation, destruction of a family, take place. They know the hard facts!

Employers don’t often employ, first time employees with no previous employment experience, when they are over fifty years old. This occurs when you have always been self-employed and though you may have more skills than the next candidate for a position, if they were recently employed they’ll get the job:>(Then add what a potential new employer can read about you on the Internet. In my case there’s lots of articles, reference to federal crimes committed against me; a few lawsuits filed against financial institutions and trustees, while my credit is unlawfully destroyed. An employer wouldn’t think of hiring me. If they had the time to really look into these financial issues, I’m confident I’d become an asset, but people are in too big of a hurry today to bother so I’m out; my situation reads as bad and they aren’t sure if it could be my fault? After all, this is what the media report constantly referring to the many foreclosures. They allude to these issues being the victim’s fault. Again to keep the public unsuspecting any of these federal crimes will destroy their lives next! This reminds me of what I’ve learned about what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. They secretly took them to the ovens while millions more, back in the camps, had no clue to what was happening. The one or two that did know what was going on and shared were considered “nut cases.”

Here too, I’m trying to let you know what is going on financially in this country with a warning ”they’re coming after you who have more than Middle America did.” They have already been destroyed. You’re next…unless you get all your assets out of any financial institution including credit unions. Bury your funds and documents in safes with smoke bombs and alarms attached!

The truth is, what difference will it make who spies on us, if we're homeless, penniless and lost all our belongings because of unaddressed federal crimes committed by our financial institution, and now live in the streets? Take it from someone who has lived these crimes and the consequences of them. You won't care about $#*T when you're fighting for your life; wondering where you'll get your next meal when you already haven't eaten for a week:>( These financial crimes are what has to stop, now, while attention must be given these outrageous problems before they will! Isn't it just like our corrupt USA Government to instead take our attention away to spying as they continue to embezzle our accounts and steal our homes, while this issue is still treated like a legal problem, when it's actually financial & government RICO & corruption?

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

PLEASE visit my blog further; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ where you’ll take a romping Dominick Dunne type trip through experiences that will make you laugh, cry, be shocked and stunned all at the same time; there's even an attempted murder. For a great foundation to this true story start with March/April 2012 posts first; parts 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent….

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yes, finally the crime and corruption that guides our USA Government, legal world and media is coming to light; people are marching, signing petitions, establishing blogs on the subject; exposing facts on social media and the alternative to the alternative journalists are going to town with exposing personal stories in video interviews! There’s even a San Diego Judge exposing truth of corruption in the courts being interviewed by Bill Windsor. The below information was posted on my Facebook Wall this morning by Robert Gettinger, whom himself has endured extreme corruption in the legal world. You can access his story on the Ugly Judge website.

“If you do anything PLEASE watch this video, read what's going on under every American's nose. How our justice system has been made into a business where it's all about money. People are being legally robbed, lives destroyed and even murdered due to judges and courts.

Please view the video and SHARE this post and images

There are websites such as Ugly Judge that have been established listing personal stories with corruption in the courts!

http://www.uglyjudge.com/victims/california/san-diego/judge-mary-elizabeth-bullock/ “

There use to be a website called EvilEsq.com; it ladies and gentlemen has been taken down, claiming maintenance, but what takes over a year to get an update? Well on second thought maybe there are so many corrupt attorneys that a year isn’t long enough to list them all with their CVs and crimes:>(Because none of the attorneys were listed here without complete documentation of their moral turpitude, malfeasance and “Misprision Of Felony”

But, from what I understand, and have read, these attorneys were threatening to sue for exposing these crimes to the public. Hum, have they made good on their threats? If so why should they if they indeed committed the crimes listed on EvilEsq.com?

Nevertheless the below piece of writing is how I responded to Robert Gettinger’s post on my Facebook Wall. I will admit, I’m angry about how my story gets brushed aside by not only the law but also by alternative to the alternative media and often times other activists, in general. Thomas Ford hopefully running for governor of Kansas has taken an interest; @censorednewsnow of Occupy The Banks UK, k_m_allan of masterofmanythings.com and William Wagener On Second Thought, have been amongst the few that have hung in, continuing to try and expose my story along with my own efforts. There have been a number of other bloggers whom have addressed this once or twice and then go on with their lives, which I certainly understand. One can’t expect people to commit to my story unless of course they call themselves journalists COMMITTED to getting out into the world what the mainstream media refuses to report, which would help all Americans if exposed! I am grateful for every effort no matter how small; they all help:>) I’m also grateful for the many friends I’ve acquired between Facebook and Twitter whom have all aided in keeping Larry, Bu Bu and me alive through their generous donations and emotional support! All given from their strengths and wonderful examples of how we should all treat each other, especially in the midst of a government who would just as soon run us over first chance they get, so who else do we have but each other. Below my response to Robert Gettinger’s post;

Thank you for sending this; Nice to see a Judge tell the truth. Problem with BILL WINDSOR is he's as dishonest as he wants Americans to realize of the judicial and government system. Most journalists WON'T EXPOSE my story, which addresses a tremendous amount of money; assets and a high profile USA leader! BILL WINDSOR obviously is not a different kind of journalist, he just claims to be. I had EMBEZZLED 80M$s; when I reported this to the proper authorities, a financial institution illegally foreclosed on my 3M$ home WITH NO LOAN AGAINST it. And, the more I reported the original and continued federal crimes committed against me the more federal crimes continued until I lost four multimillion dollar properties; all my furniture; my precious family of dogs; and my viable business. I had been, and continue to be, attacked by the powers that be for reporting the first crime, while it was NEVER investigated. BILL WINDSOR knew about my story for nine months, I was one of his first victims. HE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER LYING MEDIA DECIDED NOT TO REPORT MY STORY. Now why would this be? Skip telling me "Because he investigated and found no truth in it." Even he won't tell you this because I sent all the proof to him and I still have the documents of proof and emails proving he has this proof too. No, BILL WINDSOR just decided NOT TO TELL MY STORY. THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO ASK THEMSELVES WHY? He is purposely withholding information involved in my story that will not be exposed otherwise! This merely helps FEDERAL CRIME continue to escalate. I often wonder if BILL WINDSOR was BRIBED NOT TO TELL MY STORY because JUSTICE ANTHONY M. KENNEDY was once my attorney and so what has happened to me should never have under his guidance. I mean if you can be a judge then you certainly can draft three trusts properly. Right? And, he did, as I've found, but all these assets were still embezzled? So the public needs to understand there are still stories out there that aren't being told on purpose! My story proves there are powers that be, in the judicial system, committing "Mafia Hits" purposely destroying lives, as punishment, for exposing TRUTH in federal crimes committed by financial institutions and powerful people! This would be an extension to the unlawful foreclosures, robo-signing and lost documentation...wouldn't you say? How long are we going to protect the leaders who ARROGANTLY commit OUTRAGEOUS crimes in this country by prosecuting the less powerful Americans for the same crimes? And the crimes committed by the powerful are worse because THEY ARROGANTLY TRUST THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH THEM! BILL WINDSOR JUST PROVED THIS BY REFUSING TO REPORT MY STORY. Americans should be very very scared! Federal crimes and others WILL NOT STOP BECAUSE OF BILL WINDSOR! No they will continue until the leaders in this country, committing crimes, are stopped such as the crimes and injustices that have occurred to me! BILL WINDSOR is like a Doctor who opens a patient up in surgery, then walks away before he closes the wound. The patient will still die! Might have just as well skipped the surgery all together! So BILL WINDSOR if you're going to tell the TRUTH; tell the whole TRUTH!

Bill Windsor isn’t the only alternative to the alternative journalists refusing to report my story; there are a number of others, which proves that we Americans are still not getting the TRUTH. Bill is the one and only journalist who stood my family and I up after making two appointments with us, then lied like a rug as to why he didn’t show up!

To be fair here’s a partial list of the other journalists who claim to report serious financial crimes by financial institutions and corrupt government. Bill Whittle, Max Keiser, Matt Taibbi, Martin Andelman, Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. And there are many more, while they pick and choose the crimes they report, based on many factors, and this is a fact. They also never made an appointment with me; they wouldn’t even speak about my issue. They just ignored the story, so we can credit Bill Windsor for at least going through the motions uh? Nah, he's a liar and I don't like liars! One factor, I know from experience, these journalists won’t report a story about an heiress who was worth millions of dollars, had the now Justice Anthony M. Kennedy as her attorney when he advised trusts be created to protect she and her daughters’ assets, and they have all been embezzled. The federal crime is rejected as “needing to be investigated” by all the attorney generals in four different states who have jurisdiction; the FBI & Eric Holder won’t even respond with an obtuse form letter!

So you believe you have the truth to what is really going on in this country? Well you don’t and since no one with the journalistic expertise to print my story will, I have and in as many places as possible, and I will continue until it makes a difference! The truth is this; if you happened to have been attacked by a prominent person, and you report the crime, you won’t only NOT get an investigation, you’ll be “Mafia Hit” with more crimes until you’re dead! You’re now a targeted individual; you won’t even get employment! And, the media whether mainstream, alternative or alternative to the alternative will sit back a watch all the festivities as they occur; they won’t report the crimes until your dead! And, then they’ll blame your outrageous sad life on you and refrain from mentioning the prominent person who actually caused your demise! Forty years after your death the truth will end up on the front page of the Enquirer thought to be cheap-grocery-store-waiting-in-line-news and not true!

Yes, our journalists are probably more important to society than our leaders, because they could be holding our leaders accountable, but they don't if it doesn't fit someone's agenda; screwing up plans for the criminal who must rule on Obama's healthcare plan or possibly destroying Americas' plans if Obama's birth certificate were to be a fake? And, who cares if it is? This should have been addressed BEFORE he ran for office! This proves our USA Government has an agenda, which has nothing to do with honesty, integrity or concern for the American people. And, believe me there's no difference between conservative and liberal when it comes to the crimes committed while in public office!

I’m well aware that few concern themselves with whether I live or die, nor do they care that our USA Government most likely has a hit man after me for exposing what I’m exposing. Most people think my story doesn’t concern them. Many feel this way because they can’t claim any experience with the elite world, as I have, so my experiences mean nothing to them! I’m just a spoiled brat anyway! One Facebook person called me, “Self absorbed” as I struggle to save my life…many times going hungry for weeks on end!

The truth is my story does concern all Americans living & doing business in the world. Why? Because if these elite criminals continue to be protected amidst their horrendous criminal activity, our United States Of America will continue to be led and destroyed by them! And, it will escalate from here as if at this point America has anywhere to go other than the gutter already. This is how serious protecting these elite criminals has become.

So while we all get to read and watch videos exposing the corruption in the courts; the big reveal; we have yet to hear and watch videos about a sitting United States Supreme Court Judge, who while acting in the capacity as an attorney, allowed his client to be thrown into the streets because her trust account was embezzled which he advised, allegedly her daughters as well, and absolutely refuses to address the issue; won’t return files; speak about it; call or email, after being contacted in many different ways since 2004. The proper authorities refuse to investigate.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this concerns you too because Justice Anthony M. Kennedy runs this country by the laws he passes along with the other Justices. If he were to have to face his alleged crimes, with an investigation, perhaps Americans could trust that they were led by honest, ethical and moral leaders and if they’re not, they’ll be held accountable. If potential leaders knew they would be held accountable for their character and honesty, most of our leaders today would never have run for office! So you can assume we don’t have a leader or politician in this country that hasn’t been part of committing criminal activity or is of moral decay. Hey these scum buckets have learned, “To be a criminal and never be held accountable, be in public office”.

Instead Americans today claim, “Oh yes, I know politicians & government are corrupt! What can we do, it’s just the way it is”. Then we try to expose and fix the corruption in the courts by finally hearing from a retired judge who admits these crimes of bribery and corruption? Tell me how is anything going to change while, in spite of this admission, the leaders above, running our country, continue to commit any crimes they choose, including murder, while the courts and media protect them?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Find, Capture, Marry & Transfer Assets From Your Heiress To Yourself In Only Twenty-Four Years


So if you’re not interested in earning money, for a living, your best source of making an astounding income would be embezzlement and the best person to embezzle from is a spouse whose wealth will grow to 80M$s within twenty four years. So marry your victim! Husband stealing from wife is the best method of gaining great wealth. Wives marrying for money is way too overdone, in our culture, and there are attorneys out there in the world who will make sure you, as a husband, marrying a tart will be protected from her greedy purse-strings, I mean purpose. In the case where a man is seeking a woman for financial gain, their family attorney, who will actually help in embezzling his clients' funds protects the husband here as well. It’s still a man’s world ladies!

First lesson, and this is easier to understand if criminals have raised you because it will be inbred!

Find yourself a very young woman who’s independently wealthy, has recently lost both her parents and does not have a good relationship with her older female siblings. An extra bonus would be to find her active in sports, talented, attractive, honest, loving, ethical, moral, a great entertainer and lover of life! As you’re embezzling you’ll at least enjoy your life. Additionally because of her great belief in love and family embezzling will be much easier for you…she’ll never suspect:>)

Now, moving onto the second lesson, sweep her off her feet, in courting, by finding out early in the relationship what makes her happy, sad and her desires in life. Give them to her, all of them and don’t allow her sadness for too long of a stretch! Then propose marriage & suggest a move of three thousand miles across the country to your territory. This won’t raise any red flags for her because this is what usually happens in healthy relationships between male and females. Add to this she’s sick of her outrageously mean sisters and could use a change. Besides she can’t assume you’d move to her territory when you’re part of a family business in yours?

What’s more, the warning she received from her father was always, “Keep your assets in your own name and you’ll be fine.” So a young man who is part of a viable third generation business is the best protection for eliminating husbands after a spouses’ money. Right? In most instances yes, but it depends on the greed factor!

Ah, here’s the third lesson and very important indeed. With two factors, mentioned above, already in place now, it’s really easy for the big over the top action that will start the ball rolling towards your great wealth. Introduce your sweet new young wife to your family attorney of over thirty years. Sure she has an attorney, back in her territory of the country, but he’s about to become a judge soon and will be giving up his practice. He’ll oversee the drawing up of three trusts, from across the county, using the new husband’s thirty year plus family attorney to actually construct them for the new young naïve wife and her two children from a previous marriage. The trick here is to draw these trusts up making absolutely no legal mistakes at all. They must be perfectly created to protect them all.

The secret here, which you’re quite aware of by the criminal family you grew up in; the law protects no one, your wealthy wife actually believes it does or she wouldn’t have spent thirty thousand dollars having the trusts drawn up…now would she have? She also believes in love and that attorneys must uphold the laws or be disbarred! Again, you know better but who’s asking for your opinion other than in the capacity as a second trustee with the family attorney in the first position. Certainly this protects her should her husband get some wild hair in financial decisions.

Well looking back today she gets it, but at twenty-four years old she clearly did not!

And the fourth lesson, now that you’re a trustee, beholden to your wife, with the family attorney poised to advise before any financial decisions can be made, you can really go to town, because you know none of these legal protections stand for anything. They are real, but don’t have to be upheld and they aren’t. There’s no punishment coming to you if they aren’t. You’re on your way now!

The fifth lesson is a bit trickier especially if your young wife loves to learn; constantly taking classes in between raising her now three daughters, with a fourth trust created for the youngest. It gets done without a hitch, “thank God”, you’re thinking. But, still your spouse is beginning to grow an interest, through education, in investing for the future; paying more attention. Now what are you going to do? You already have a new girlfriend who just happens to be a financial manager, helping you siphon small amounts of funds, creating new accounts in other brokerage houses under your name throughout your territory; the family attorney helps and the family money manager covers these small withdrawals so they don’t appear on the monthly statements, while he lies to your wife about how much she’s really worth, and she hasn’t got a clue to the truth but then again you have taken it upon yourself to emotionally abusing her intelligence; just slightly, so she isn’t aware. You know like a magician; keeping the left hand busy while the right does the dirty deal. This truly is a challenging time for you; have to keep many balls in the air amidst her questions. If you're really twisted you'll just pat yourself on the back and say, "I deserve all this money; I've earned it!"

You’re favorite form of spousal abuse is pretending there are communication problems; knowing how important your wife finds marriage & family. She’ll go to any degree to keep the status quo. You depend on this and continually keep it in mind as your subtle emotional abuse escalates a little every year, or as your arrogance grows with each million you embezzle and now launder into your failing family business.

As extra insurance in support of your final goal and yourself, you drop hints upon the three daughters’ minds & souls about their mother’s mental state, constantly when she isn’t around, slowly destroying this beautiful mother daughter relationship over a long period of time. You know like Chinese water torture. It’s just as abusive to the daughters actually to be taught something this evil, while you’re embezzling from them too!

In between these years of daily and constant subtle abuse, you have tons of fun together with your wife and daughters, traveling, snow and water skiing all over the world; scuba diving, sailing the Great Lakes, entertaining the likes of Bill Ford and others through membership in the Young President’s Organization (YPO) as well as tons of family and friend celebrations; then there’s of course putting on the weddings for the girls…for two of them that is. Best of all your wife is very invested in her family and busy.

The heist hasn’t been perfect as any great and large endeavor might bring; there have been problems, although you have followed all the steps to your goal perfectly. But, your wife has educated herself to the point where she’s asking certain questions of you from relationship issues to financial. Ah this has made you very nervous. You’ve acquired ticks, instant baldness, horrible mood swings, health issues that require serious medication, fear issues and you’re throwing up every morning after breakfast?

Hum, hadn’t planned on this that’s for sure!

The subtle abuse isn’t working anymore, the strained relationship you created between the daughters and their mother no longer sends your wife into a tailspin. Now she has a call into the family money manager. Seems she might be picking something up?

“Oh dear” you say to yourself. “Hadn’t counted on this and way before the final hour I’d planned.” So you’ll implement plan “B” and murder your now wife of twenty-four years while she’s having an experience she loves, scuba diving on the Cayman Wall. “It’s perfect,” you say to yourself. “The authorities will just think she swam the wrong way because she acquired Nitrogen Narcosis and panicked, she’s such the panicker!”

Ah, but she fooled you again and lived through it! Unfortunately she now knows you want her dead. Bad move for a womanizing, murdering, embezzler! She doesn’t yet know why you’d do such a thing; confident it’s an affair though! But, the remainder of the facts are revealing themselves to her slowly and so is the rest of your life with your once money manager girl friend, who’s now your wife.

Well perhaps there’s just one more thing you can do to save yourself; knowing you’re likely free of any prosecution…exile the mentally ill independently wealthy little bitch making sure her whole family will as well, including her daughters. She’ll commit suicide!

Meanwhile, instead your previous wife, who has always been active in sports, talented, attractive, honest, loving, ethical, moral, a great entertainer and lover of life isn’t giving up in putting you, the financial institutions and attorneys in prison and if all this consists of are the four walls of a home, nursing ticks, then so be it! There are worse places than prison and worse situations, such as the world knowing just who you are:>(

Hum, perhaps finding the perfect victim to embezzle from needs to be revisited? You don’t want anyone with a big mouth:>(

Make that lesson number six; no survivors with loud mouths!

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


120 desks my great grandfather, John Breuner built, with his own two hands in or around 1856, for both the Congress and Senate in the Sacramento, California Capitol and still used today. I wonder how my great grandfather would feel today after knowing what my home state and my country has done to the great granddaughter of someone who gave much to his adopted country?

Ah, our friend Rich, a stocky, said to have grown up on the streets of Chicago in the 60s kind of guy, with both the heart and soul of an angel and the smarts of a “Street Mensa” told Larry and I back in 2006 that no matter whether, KeyBank was illegally foreclosing on my 3M$ home, owned outright by my trust, with no loan against it in Sun Valley, Idaho, there was probably nothing that could be done and we should just move on with our lives. We loved Rich, as our friend back then as we still do today, but Larry and I responded to his advice in the privacy of our own environment with, “Yeah right! Rich just doesn’t understand; we’ve got a bad ass attorney who will handle this!”

Rich didn’t apparently understand that an 80M$ embezzlement out of my trust account, the original federal crime committed against me, would most definitely get handled by the US Attorney General, on top of the law suits filed by our attorney in two different courts! He’d just comment with, “I know you guys will be fine; you’re good people.” When I’d share with him that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was at the bottom of the embezzlement of my trust, even if only for his provable advising and helping to execute this document properly, in the capacity of my attorney protecting me, back in 1975, Rich would calmly shrug his shoulders as if to say, “So what, nothing you can do now!” Frankly this was a bit irritating, to hear and see from Rich, but Larry and I adored him and respected his ethics & integrity, which few people possess in the world today. Besides this, Rich has an incredible sense of humor:>)

And these weren’t the only federal crimes that had attacked Larry and me between 1998-2008 and extending further we’d finally see. There were multitudes more, which seemed to continue as retaliation by the powers that be? We met Rich after we moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2000 when we hired him, through his business, to pick up a barbecue, in Denver, we’d purchased over the Internet. His business was and still is called Mountain Town Delivery and until all the Steamboat Springs, Colorado crimes were completed by 2007 we only knew Rich through his business; chatted with him standing in our Rocky Mountain High eight thousand foot driveway, as Rich picked up and delivered goods.

Larry and I were extremely frustrated, at that time, and it seemed the more we reported the original crime to the proper authorities, the embezzlement of my 80M$s, the more retaliatory actions were taking place finally destroying Larry and my flourishing design business; eventually taking the 2M$ home we were living in, by May 2007 and most of it’s contents through an unlawful, illegal eviction filed by my own attorney!

Larry and I were left penniless by Christmas 2006; not a cent to our name living in an expensive home, we could once afford, perched high upon the mountain in the dead of winter:>(My Orange County, California attorney Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. had already arrogantly orchestrated all the continued criminal activity that was to come by his acts, unbeknownst to us at the time. All we knew was Catanzarite was threatening to withdraw from the two cases he’d signed on to litigate and for no reason, after he hadn’t done anything but withhold important documents of proof to all this federal crime from the courts!

One day after we asked Rich to drop off something we’d sold for cash, over the phone so we could eat, to someone in Denver promising we’d pay him from the cash he’d receive from the buyer, he said. “No, I can see what you’re going through so I’m not going to take your money, I’m in Denver tomorrow anyway:>) We thought this was nice enough, but he totally blew us away when he said, “If you guys ever need to borrow some money I’ll be happy to help you out”!

Honestly we were trying not to even think of borrowing money, but it was nice to know Rich was willing.

Soon after, we lost all the friends we’d acquired in Steamboat Springs, Colorado over seven years; you know like really close friends with whom we celebrated the holidays and birthdays; people Larry and I when giving parties always invited. Rich had only been to our home, in the social realm, once. This is when we learned who are true friends were and we didn’t have many; we had enough. We lost the fair weather group who turned on us when we ran into all the federal crimes committed against us but we gained Rich:>)

On May 23, 2007, after Larry and my day in the Routt County Court full of corruption by a corrupt judge, as my attorney illegally and criminally evicted Larry, me and our six dogs from our five thousand square foot home, we found ourselves having to move out within forty-eight hours. Ah, but just as Larry and I sat, frozen on the basement couch in shock & thought, about what to do next, Rich showed up at our doorstep upstairs manically knocking, as if he’d been an angry fly on the court room wall watching this abomination of the law take place. He called out as he skipped down the stairs with knowledge & wisdom far greater than ours, “ Hi! Guys want me to get a few of my friends to help you move out? Do you have a few storage units? If you don’t better get on the phone now. Where are the dogs? Better get them in a kennel where they will be safe until you can get re- settled”!

Larry and I were in shock at the horrific unaddressed crimes that continued to take our innocent lives away from us? Our continued relationship with Rich taught us about generosity, kindness, being heard and never placated. Rich refused to tell us the law would eventually help; no instead he told us the same as always, “I know you guys will be fine; you’re good people” as he handed over another $1,000.00 to help us. At the same time as we shared with Rich how corrupt the law seemed to be he’d say, “I know, and you’re better off just letting it all go and getting on with your lives! I’ve lost it all a couple of times; I just sell everything and start over”! I’d say, “But Rich I’ve lost 80M$s to embezzlement, three properties to illegal criminal foreclosures and an eviction, while both Larry and I have lost our viable design business because of all this. The law will intervene for us both! Quietly Rich would nod his head, in apathetic agreement, not wanting to hurt Larry or me and encroach upon his green chili stew I spent all day creating for my sweetie Larry and him!

Eventually Larry and I landed on our wobbly feet in Windsor, Colorado in an unfurnished home leased to us by a so-called friend in the mortgage business, as it would turn out, another criminal! Our credit was so unlawfully destroyed we couldn’t rent; we couldn’t afford to purchase; we could lease with the option to buy so said our friend in the mortgage business. Why? Well because we had the promise of justice from the courts, as well by this time, the CalBar. We had hope; Rich kept telling us stories about the corrupt legal world and how we should just get on with our lives and forget the battle for justice, because there was none! We refused to believe him! We knew the law; had a Steamboat Springs, Colorado library law degree; we knew justice would prevail! We knew now how to spot an attorney who was lying to us, committing malpractice, in the effort to protect the perpetrators.

For free, every time Rich would drive his big moving truck to Denver for a pickup or delivery on business he’d pack up a bunch of our belongings out of six storage units, in Steamboat Springs, and deliver them to us. Kindness frankly Larry and I had never seen in our lives. Larry, the dogs and I were still struggling severely as we waited for justice and tried to retain employment in our new surroundings. We had no income but from selling our belongings. For months, in between selling our treasures for money, we filled out employment applications answering ads for employment over the Internet; eventually we were answering ads in every state in the country. We got some employment here and there but in truth, like most things in this world anymore, they were scams!

We’d learned there wasn’t employment for people whom have never worked for employers, but only for themselves; who are over fifty years old, with destroyed credit, albeit by federal crimes, committed against them. It doesn’t matter how much talent and expertise one may possess.

Rich continued to lend us $1,000.00 whenever Larry and I would become so desperate we had no other choice but to rely on Rich’s generosity, in between selling our belongings for pennies on the dollar to the “happy to see you must sell stuff we otherwise couldn’t afford” salivating public.

By February 2008, I settled with KeyBank, the national financial institution who committed horrendous crimes against my trust and me, amounting to close to $100,000,000 and got away with all but their cost of doing business, $650,000.00 which my original California attorney who arrogantly committed outrageous federal crimes, malfeasance, moral turpitude and “Misprision Of Felony” against my trust and me actually prevented from my receiving while we sat in settlement with KeyBank, me being present, he on the phone from California, calling these funds his “costs” on a contingency fee contract which he breached in a multitude of ways; on this day he just extended his crimes committed against my trust and me! And, of course the $750,000.00 lost from Larry and my business was yet to even be mentioned, but also KeyBank’s fault.

However, at this point we had a new malpractice attorney and the CalBar, waiting in the wings, who would force Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. to take responsibility for his crimes and my destroyed lawsuits, which Catanzarite purposely annihilated in his capacity as my attorney? At this point though I had no idea as to why Catanzarite would do this? I was thinking perhaps my ex-husband who had something to do with embezzling my assets had bribed Catanzarite? Or perhaps Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was being protected? No matter what Larry and I were confidant the CaBar would not only force Catanzarite to pay restitution but disbar him.

When Larry and I would talk with our friend Rich, he again offered little in support of our legal issues. He wanted us to forget it all and move on with our talent. We, on the other hand were ridding a roller coaster of emotions; sad and defeated as we watched more crimes committed in our mission towards justice, then overwhelmed with hope when we’d find another way to address them.

By May 2008 Larry, the dogs and I were packed up and moving to California with less than $150,000.00 in our pocket left over from the KeyBank settlement; sad to leave our really faithful friend Rich; hopeful we’d finally found a way to get justice. Plus, Larry and I both originally from California wanted to go home:>)

But, more tragedy struck Larry, the dogs and me over the next five years; mostly federal crimes; legal malpractice, real estate crimes and “Misprision Of Felony” committed by our USA Attorney General; a number of state attorney generals; FBI; DA’s; CalBar and the California Supreme Court, all in the persuit of getting justice for the original crime, the 80M$ embezzlement and the furry of mre crimes that followed.

Through this whole time Larry and I continued to seek employment to augment the piddley amount of funds we had, and to no avail. We lost our precious family of dogs but one through more crimes; landed in a tent for our home! Didn’t have enough money to start a business so we started writing; I wrote my memoir; together Larry and I wrote feature film scripts after mentoring with an English professor who teaches script writing in Santa Monica, California at the college. We worked for months, almost a year trying to get our horrendous story out into the media. The new websites and blogs sprouting up featuring foreclosure specialists and bloggers on the subject ignored our story too. No matter if they were MS, alternative or alternative to the alternative news outlets they ignored us. Even the well known Bill Windsor, Martin Andelman, Max Keiser, Bill Whittle and Matt Taibbi ignored our story? We wrote congressmen/women; assemblymen/women; senators; Governor Schwarzenegger, Speaker Of The House Boehner, past President Bush and President Obama. I’d rarely receive anything back but obtuse form letters from behind locked secret doors of corruption in our USA Government, which I could see by now!

Finally, sometime in 2012 after living in a tent already two years, with little hope of going anywhere but into the streets, penniless with no food, vehicle, cell phone, computer or a bed to sleep in, we realized Rich knew something we refused to believe at the time; which didn’t really change anything for us because we had no money to make other choices anyway. What’s truly interesting and beyond me, both Larry and I, is that our friend Rich accepts this fact, corruption in the law that took us years to even believe; we have yet to accept it but see it! It’s like Rich grew up around so much street crime that he just accepts crime like water. He turns the other cheek and proceeds to start all over again. It’s not a bad philosophy in one way, because he has learned how to lend a helping hand to his fellow man, which is beautiful. He knows not to waste time with the corrupt law no matter how much he loses! But this unaddressed crime and corruption in our USA is destroying her! And, this is a fact!

Many of you may feel like, “Who cares about her, it hasn’t happened to me”! And, it may not have but remember this, what happens to one of us happens to us all if it isn’t arrested! So this does concern you and your family.

When all is said and done, between Rich; a good friend on Facebook, who wrote the paragraph you see quoted below, and a number, few as they are, of other Twitter and Facebook friends we have the truth:>) This is my friend’s response to my saying there are no media outlets who will print my (our) story!

“ it's probably because of the sheer amount they have jilted you out of. if you remember, in the stories of Nazi Germany, Hitler's rise to power, they went after the wealthy families in secret when they shot or arrested them in the middle of the night and literally STOLE ALL their belongings if they were wealthy. I have a sneaking suspiciion that the wealthiest citizens are being targeted for a covert program to TAKE EVERYTHING they own, on property and assets and KEEP it OUT of the media so other wealthy Americans don''t get wind of it. for those who are outspoken like yourself, they try and make them look crazy to destroy their credibility making it harder to get the word out about disenfranchisiing the wealthiest ciitizens”

Personally I’d add to this and say, that when the USA Government is through with the wealthiest of us, they’ll have pretty much have destroyed us all; they have already destroyed the middle class, and those of us who do still have any assets will lose them too.

So if this story doesn’t help you understand what is actually going on in this country, then you’re even more naive than we were:>(I don’t hold this against you, we too were naïve BUT we didn’t have a story like this to prove what Rich was telling us.

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

Please see the rest of the story.... start with the first postings March/April 2012 on this blog.

Friday, June 7, 2013



What my husband I have learned about the United States of America is frightening. Unfortunately most of the public, moving through their daily routines, don't know what we know and they should if they want to protect themselves. There are no government authorities, politicians, agencies, police, attorneys, judges or media you can go to if you have been severely victimized in this country. Why? Well mostly because those, whom are victimizing the public, are the authorities, financial institutions and professionals the USA Government protects, which means they are ultimately responsible for these entities who commit these crimes, while they are all committing “Misprision of Felony.”

It is my opinion, based on the facts of my experiences with serious federal crimes for over twelve years; there are certain individuals, the powers that be, in any given financial institution that will attack a person financially, knowing all the while they won’t be investigated for their crimes. So basically a financial institution can do whatever they want to you and then arrogantly “laugh” in your face! This is because the USA Government authorities sanction these crimes; they’re in on them; gain from them. Call it population control, greed, communism, a holocaust or just the joy of being in control of the little person…also known as the public!

But the financial institutions and USA Government likes to pick on certain individuals whom, as the plan is, will most likely perish from the financial attack. They count on the victim only complaining a little while before they’re tossed into the streets silenced forever, homeless, penniless, no vehicle, cell phone, computer or family who cares. To add to this these victims have often been self employed and they're of over middle age, with their credit now ILLEGALLY destroyed, on purpose with federal crimes. NO ONE WILL HIRE THEM! They will die in the streets of exposure and hunger before they will ever retain employment! The government knows this:>( This is why I feel we’re dealing with not only population control, but also greed, communism, a holocaust and the joy in psychopathic power, these leaders and elite get into, while destroying another human being and their family. In other words our leaders and authorities like it like this and this is the precise reason our activists are being totally ignored by those they work so hard to capture with reason! Just tell me, who’s going to demand that they these activists be heard? There may be one person, with some power, over a person’s lifetime who will hear them if they’re lucky:>)

Hello Americans, for the most part our USA Government, leaders, politicians, authorities, attorneys, judges and media are laughing at those of us desperately trying to save our finances, homes and families:>(More often than not our media, including many alternative and alternative to the alternative, treat those of us with exposing stories, of corruption, with cynicism…most really horrendous stories about corruption in our government, financial institutions and legal world they’ll refuse to expose! These approaches to the truth are tricks of the trade; and these radio hosts love to humiliate the caller; often do this on public radio in front of millions of listeners:>(They know, in spite of what the public claims about the lying media, that the truth is people hear the cynicism, not the heart and soul of the victim to corruption calling in:>(This is what our USA Government counts on; sheeple people! The tricks of the trade our media have been threatened into creating, I believe, is their job, which they’ll see gone if they don’t comply with the censors.

Now that I’ve experience having 80M$s embezzled out of my trust, and lost four multimillion dollar homes by, what I can clearly see as, punishment for reporting the original federal crime (80M$s) to the proper authorities I understand much more; many in the public don’t understand yet…not until they are victimized by federal or other serious crime, such as in what we see in CPS, which is still more corruption! The law today is our enemy! Why? Because the laws are purposely not being upheld! We the people need to focus on why this is true and STOP hiring civil attorneys to address cases that are considered federal crimes that the attorney general, state attorney generals, FBI and financial watchdogs need to address! They purposely aren’t and this is the reason we the people are running out to hire civil attorneys for federal crimes. This is wrong and costing the victims (us), to these federal crimes in particular, millions of dollars that shouldn’t need to be spent defending ourselves against huge corporations committing obvious federal crimes, on purpose, because they know the USA Government has their back!

Plus the media has our USA Government, legal world and financial institutions backs! They do this while taunting the public with where our “garbage of a president” will be vacationing this summer; where he’s having lunch today and how he loves golf. The ignored victims to all the federal and other horrendous crimes feel like they want to explode as they view these reports on TV or their computers of the good life when they have experienced all the unaddressed crimes that have destroyed their lives…and it’s not just federal crime although these crimes, other than losing our children because of corruption in the law and CPS, are the worst preventing us the ability to afford to handle many of the crimes in court even if we tried to obtain justice…we can’t afford the costs! In my mind, from what I’ve seen, any funds spent in the legal system are wasted, because you are never made whole, no matter what the crime, after spending your last dime seeking justice! Our court system, USA Government, leaders, politicians, attorneys, judges and media are together in a Mafia Racquet against the public.

To make matters worse the media will continue to taunt the public with, what they hope will cause people to think, they are attacking the government, leaders, financial institutions and politicians. Believe me, from what I know as experience these are reports to take the public’s attention off what is really going on….and the public goes right along with the medias’ games? Ninety percent of these so-called reports on the financial institution’s being sued are complete lies to keep you calm; the housing market getting better, is again media taunting the public, playing with them; calming; when in reality these reports are lies! The only homes on the market being sold are the illegally foreclosed upon homes, that were stolen from a family, now victims to serious unaddressed federal crimes.

To add insult to injury the USA Government steps in with their manufactured weather events that kill adults, children and pets, while destroying homes and real estate…another way to keep the public otherwise detained from the federal crimes that are destroying lives anyway! We’ve even suspected the terrorists, in this country, are actually our own government:>(How sick is this if it’s true? After what my family and I have seen, with corruption involving serious federal crimes, I believe it is true. Our USA Government wants us all dead and Americans should REVOLT!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I’m From The Government; And, I’m Here For My Photo Opt!

First of all let me extend my deepest sympathy to all Oklahomans whom have been struck by the deadly tornados and lost so much…many I know have lost love ones; some their precious children and pets? Unconscionable, unnecessary loss of life! I am so sorry. I’m really angry with this too, while having reasons that might be difficult for some to understand. I know my words mean little compared to the grief you feel. However I know a lot about loss and grief so my words will hopefully mean something to you as you come to realize just how much I have lost and what I’ve learned because of it. I pray my words will come to you as understanding your plight.

I pray also that you’ll receive the help and support you deserve from both the government agencies, paid by your taxes to help, and loving caring friends choosing to help. You’ll need both; end up with one!

What makes me really angry about the Oklahoma tornado and other tragic occurrences we’ve seen this year, adding to those we’ve witnessed in our lifetime, is many didn’t have to happen. I believe our USA Government to be at the bottom of lots of them; using these natural weather patterns to their advantage by whatever means they choose, such as chemtrails; seeding clouds creating disasters instead of just a normal tornado, which would be far less destructive if left to nature! The truth is our own USA Government wants us all dead, by any means possible!

And, we’ve heard about how our government doesn’t care coming from angry activists over the years as they march in front of the White House with their signs; the media addresses them with their voice inclinations as idiots. The USA Government ignores them like passive aggressive sociopathic parents. These responses right here should indicate, to the rest of us, that these activists know what they’re talking about, while many in the public not yet suffering from unaddressed government crimes, shrug their shoulders spouting, “Ah why don’t they get a life”? Call this denial, fear, ignorance or stupidity; it’s all of them until what these activists are demanding attention to happens to you! Then you’re incensed! And you should be! Hopefully you’ve gained some respect for the citizens fighting for yours and their civil rights! Problem is the more of an activist we become, the more we understand that our USA Government, politicians, legal world and media do not care about the laws, justice or your well

What’s more these crimes ultimately the fault of our USA Government, for purposely ignoring them, are escalating, while our financial institutions, attorneys, judges, leaders, politicians and media laugh at all of us. Why are they laughing? Because they have a corner on stopping all investigations into any crime and free reign to commit as many more as they can in one lifetime! THERE’S NO ONE ABOVE them TO STOP them FROM COMMITTING OR IGNORING HORRENDOUS CRIMES…most of which happens to be federal financial crimes by which all these sick leaders and professionals personally gain assets. Call some of their opportunities bribes and others knowing the right person who will cover their back, for a part of the action. This “ain’t” no Hollywood movie people! This is real based on my personal experience and you know what they say, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

I know from personal experience that for the last one hundred years, a century, financial institutions have been instrumental or the hardened criminals embezzling funds from their customers. I know about targeted individuals who suffer from these crimes and the USA Government authorities, whom we pay taxes to for protection from these federal crimes, instead purposely ignore them while the media continues to print stories about criminals whom are investigated and prosecuted for federal crimes. I’d venture to guess these news stories are either fake, media spins, or the prosecuted are individuals, like Madoff who take the fall for the financial institutions. Hello people! There are no federal crimes committed without financial institutions involved! Bernie Madoff did not do what he did without a number of financial institutions helping him! Someone didn’t like Bernie Madoff so they made him the scapegoat!

Fact is my great aunt had all her assets embezzled in the late 1800s or early 1900s? I’m not sure exactly, I was very young when my mother happened to mention the dastardly deed, which by the way, as I understand it, was reported to the proper USA Government authorities and ignored from behind those antique secret doors of corruption. In the fifties my mother was then attacked financially, by my father and the help of a financial institution or two:>(Well my father sat on the board of Wells Fargo and knew all the important judges in town. He used these relationships to help himself to my mothers’ inherited assets. Plus my father went one step further, by keeping my mother drugged and in mental hospitals, so she wouldn’t expose him and the financial institutions; he then convinced friends and family that my mother was mentally ill:>(Unfortunately, many of the targeted victims to federal financial crimes are independently wealthy women whose families of origin, are deceased. These women have often spent their lives lovingly raising families, because they had the resources to support themselves and help out their spouses with their own funds. Their families most definitely benefit from this rare now days attention to family:>) When their children are grown they often create businesses and it’s about at this time they find out about the true unfortunate facts about their lives! Family doted on while trusted financial institutions; trustees; greedy family members; money managers and attorneys scammed them over for twenty-four years. These entities know something most Americans, until they become victims, don’t realize, the government authorities, the only ones with the jurisdiction to address federal crimes, will NEVER investigate! Do you know what this is called? Well it’s called “Misprision Of Felony” Google this crime if you’ve never heard of it.
The targeted heiress will be completely destroyed if she even thinks about reporting these federal crimes to the US Attorney General, state attorney generals, FBI or financial watchdogs. She’ll not get an investigation but instead more federal crimes committed against her, mafia hits I call them, until she’s living in the streets. Yes, this happens to men too! Possibly not as often but I know of two right now whom have experienced the same unaddressed federal crimes committed against their trusts and themselves.

Now the federal crimes are serious enough, but what these crimes do to ones life is devastating! It’s bad enough that we no longer have any money. What’s still worse are the crimes leave us with unlawfully destroyed credit; no employment history because of always working for oneself and usually, age wise, way too old for anyone to want to hire! Of course the authorities know this and therefore these actions are built in, nothing less than, hands off and from behind secret closed doors of corruption, murder.

Yes, we the victims land in the streets with whatever the USA Government, charities and churches are willing to do to help. And, here’s another surprise for unsuspecting victims to serious unaddressed federal and other crimes or disasters. There is no help contrary to what you hear from those whom have never lived homeless and penniless, with no vehicle, family or employment! Yes, the media will tell you these entities help; but here’s the secret; they’re lying!

I had 80M$s embezzled out of my trust; when I reported this federal crime to all the proper USA Government authorities, in 2004 I was instead of interviewed with my proof, ignored from behind corrupt locked doors of secrecy while many more federal crimes attacked me as punishment for reporting the original federal crime; the banks and professionals involved. What happened was the financial institutions came after me and illegally foreclosed on my 3M$ property, owned by my trust in Sun Valley, Idaho, while there was no loan against this property. I would then lose my husband and my flourishing business, because of further crimes and the 2M$ home, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which we were living in, along with half of our belongings, to an illegal eviction by the attorney I hired to address the embezzlement of my trust and the unlawful foreclosure. State Bars do nothing about attorney misconduct such as this, and the attorneys know it:>(

The media, if they report crimes such as this, globally, address them as the victim’s fault, so this is probably what the unsuspecting public believes until the same federal crimes attack them.

I know what you’re thinking. “How does this concern me? I’m not a spoiled independently wealthy person”! Some of you may even feel I deserved to be stricken with federal crimes because my ancestors committed crimes in order to be able to leave me an inheritance. Think what you want; I know this isn’t true, but nevertheless my situation concerns you too! How you may ask?

Well it concerns you because of what I’ve seen and experienced in the last twelve to sixteen years, depending on when one would pinpoint the beginning of my problematic years. What my husband and I have seen and experienced in the corrupt financial institutions and the government authorities most defiantly concerns you and your families, because the crimes have nothing to do with being an heiress, they have to do with arrogantly committed federal crimes that are committed against anyone doing business with or affected by a financial institution, government authorities, FBI, financial watchdogs, politicians, attorneys, judges or media! The methods used by these entities to destroy your lives financially are universal, used against everyone, I’d suspect, yet few in the public, unless they have been victimized, have one clue to most of these methods. You can ultimately blame the media for this. Therefore you will be attacked because you don’t know what to look out for:>(

Many of these methods of destroying you and your family, by financial institutions, and those government authorities that are supposed to be regulating them may be occurring to you right now and you’re not even aware of it yet.

Once your lives have been destroyed by unaddressed federal financial crimes, there’s another surprise unfortunately awaiting you. There are no churches or charities that will help you and your family rebuild:>(Most of the time they abuse you over the phone and hang up on you. Ask the victims to New Orleans’ Hurricane Katrina if you don’t believe me. Unfortunately I fear for what will become of the victims to the recent Oklahoma tornados; the media encourages the public to think that government agencies, Red Cross and FEMA will step in and help; just as they report federal crimes are addressed by the US Attorney General, when they know this isn’t true! How do I know the media is aware? Well because I’ve been reporting our story, even to alternative media, for years and they refuse to expose it, which would help the rest of society protect them selves!

Yes well ask the survivors of Oklahoma’s so called natural disaster about this a few months to year from today: ask them again five years from now? I believe what you’ll hear is no agency, charity or church did one thing to help and they were perhaps offered a couple thousand dollars from the USA Government to rebuild their lives with! What’s worse about this; is that these victims lost family, their children and pets by a tornado our USA Government may have created on purpose with chemtrails or something else we have yet to learn about! The only help these poor victims will see will be from friends and family. Hopefully this is true, because there’s a point where we all need help in life. Today even families won’t help each other:>(I pray this isn’t true in the heartland of Oklahoma.

I know what my husband, our small dog Bu Bu and I have experienced post federal financial crimes. We are destitute unable, so far, to even land employment for the reasons I’ve described earlier. Yet we continue to try! We’re in our fifth year of trying with unlawfully destroyed credit and reputations created by unaddressed federal crimes by the proper government authorities… all created on purpose my friends. Our ages don’t help us nor do our backgrounds in creating and managing our own businesses…employers only hire the once and recently employed we’re learning!

Truth is we’ve actually landed two employment experiences; couples employment with housing. Perfect for our situation and they turned out to be criminal enterprises? Again, these kinds of crimes continue for the same reason. Our government authorities and agencies don’t give a damn, and this isn’t just an idol angry remark; this comes from experiences relating to reporting these crimes with absolutely no response; even when your passports are stolen. Now that should cause us all to feel safe, uh?

USA Government assistance for the homeless and penniless especially those targeted and struck by unaddressed by the proper authorities federal financial crimes, committed by our financial institutions, goes as such; you’ll qualify for an EBT card, in other words food stamps. This consists of a credit card given to us by the USA Government amounting to fifty dollars a week per person for food. We aren’t allowed to purchase anything but food with this card so if one needs paper plates, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, soap, shampoo, deodorant or a pair of DEPENDS they’re clean out of luck:>(If there are no children you won’t qualify for any kind of housing so you’ll have to live in the streets or find temporary housing in filthy shelters, waiting in line every night for hours for a bed, where you’ll be separated, by miles, from your husband who must go to a male shelter; your pet taken to an animal shelter. Now try to get employment or worse yet even feel like living. Most homeless and penniless opt to live under a bridge in order to keep their family together; they’re pets are not just pets they’re, precious lasting friends, and the only purpose left for their lives!

Well how about social security? Certainly this will help! No not for the self-employed all their lives, unless you want to claim you’re mentally ill. The USA Government then will pay for all your medications BUT nothing else! These are the victims you see on the streets looking as if they’ve lost their minds! Hopefully you’ll understand more about the homeless & penniless after reading this article…perhaps you’ll feel more empathy and choose to help stop all the corruption in this country creating this?

Additionally at this point, there is no longer a vehicle, cell phone or computer. So contrary to our so-called freedom of speech in this country, our government knows how to get around our US Constitution by creating a situation that silences people. NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE THE TESTIMONY OF, A SMELLY, VICTIM TO FEDERAL FINANCIAL CRIME, especially if they’ve become so desperate to be heard that they stop men and women walking past them begging for help!

And, this is where we’re at now; by the kindness of this motel manager he’s still allowing us to stay in this fifty dollar a night motel room…we were suppose to leave last Tuesday. Larry goes out everyday on interviews; I continue to market my book on Facebook and Twitter.
Meanwhile, I’m receiving hate postings on Facebook about how our problems are no different than theirs, though these particular messengers of hate have a vehicle, roof over their heads, many have family and employment. Their advice to us, “Go to a charity or church; they will help you”! REALLY? I guess these people haven’t kept up with our story, which concerns anyone breathing in the United States of America today! And they haven’t been truly destitute yet… destitute as we are now and have been for a good five years:>(Up until a year ago we at least had our belongings to sell and we’ve exhausted this remedy…we own nothing anymore but legal documents, a few clothes and the history of our families in photos. And it isn’t as if we haven’t tried to help ourselves nor other Americans suffering? We finally figured out that we needed to believe what we’ve been taught. “There’s a reason for everything.” Yes, there’s a reason our lives have taken the road we’re on; we’ve had no other choice but to write. All other options have been taken away from us:>(So we’ve written and written some more; actually took the few hundred dollars we had from selling something and paid for a script writing mentor. Then we started realizing that what we had been experiencing and learning needed to be exposed to the public in order to help society. It was what was meant to be; if you believe in God as we do, it is God’s will.

Many of our experiences are not known or understood by most people who haven’t been financially victimized as yet. We hope to prevent you from having our experiences: the illegal loss of your homes & assets. However if we don’t stay on our feet our work at this point will perish with us into the bowels of the streets where we’ll lose our voices. We actually have an investor interested in the feature film script my husband and I wrote, entertaining and exposing what we’ve learned that will help all Americans including us. My book is beginning to sell:>(The problem is we may be under a bridge by the time our investor wants to negotiate concerning the investment and he’ll have no way in reaching us:>(What a complete waste of our lives. This is why I’m appealing to you on Facebook and Twitter for your donations. Our lives saved will help you too.

One of the most serious problems we have here in America, in the midst of all this financial and government corruption, is that we as Americans haven’t realized how important it is for us all to help each other using the strengths we have. We are all each other have left; our USA Government, politicians, government authorities, financial institutions, legal world, churches, charities and media have left the building, they’ve gone psycho; all we the people have are each other. Plus you’ll hear nothing of the truth from anyone other than a victim anymore. This is a fact!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent