God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, September 23, 2012


September 23, 2012
So why should you care about what happens to me? What difference is it to you that I was unfortunate enough to have been stolen from? You haven’t been, probably because you’re smarter than me and absolutely wouldn’t allow such outrageous crime to attack you, your family & your lives!
Besides you have an excellent, ethical, moral attorney with integrity. Known him since you started your business years ago; he or she handled everything; even your parents estate after they died. You have he or she on retainer.
You just don’t understand how anyone with a great attorney, such as Anthony M Kennedy Esq. before he became a SCOTUS, or law firm behind them could possibly lose everything to crime? There are laws that take care of these kinds of things and besides there are real idiots out there who just spend all their money and want to blame others rather than take responsibility!
Besides this no one deserves to be financially secured even if they came by their assets honorably? It’s just pain not f#*king fair!
This is another time for strong language!
Yes, well jealousy goes back to the Bible but one would think evolution and technology would help lessen the sting of what the jealous can do to another. We first of all have laws now that are prosecutable should anyone break them.
BUT, the American legal system doesn’t uphold these laws because they are more corrupt than the times before Christ.
Understanding and accepting this is important because as smart as you might believe you are, if you’re doing business with either a financial institution or an attorney I can almost guarantee you have been stolen from; you just aren’t aware of it.
The financial institutions fraudulently adjust your monthly account statements; sometimes after hiding your monthly payments, on a loan, in phantom accounts so they can illegally foreclose on your property; the attorneys lie about the laws and withhold documents from the judge; they fraudulently don’t do what they should do to protect you & lie about their hours generating outlandish costs. The judges help them commit crimes against their clients, while they commit crimes themselves.
If as a consumer you catch any of these professionals in committing a crime, or at the very least in unethical behavior and report to the attorney general or state bars I will now guarantee you will be receiving a  “Mafia Hit” into the streets, with your life destroyed, to die not an investigation into the crimes.
And this is about the time, which is part of the “Mafia Hit,” you’ll hear rumors about how the little heiress spent all her funds because she was either on drugs or nuts; often times the media goes for it all. She was on drugs, nuts and tried to commit suicide.  Well that is if the media tells the story at all. Most of the time they don’t! If their forced to, because the heiress or heir is famous, then they skew the issues towards the victim’s weaknesses, not the big bad financial institution and powerful government authorities who are paid by our taxes to regulate the financial institutions.
Remember all the stories you’ve heard about very wealthy people and their financial demise? It’s always about their shortcomings, never about the jealous criminals that stole from them. In fact most of the time the criminals are glorified for their criminal acts, while the victims blamed?
So as you make judgments about how stupid I am for allowing myself to be victimized, you’re being stolen from and don’t have a clue!
Time to read Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave.
My mistake came when I reported the federal crimes! Shame on me! Now I must reap the consequences and be murdered by our US Government for reporting these crimes!
Oh and why should you care? Well because your taxes are not only paying for government authorities to regulate the financial institutions, which they’re not, but also paying for the care of vagrants like the three members of my family, when we were actually employing people in our business; contributing to society with donations and generating beauty.
Well our poopie, Malibu has given and continues to give lots of  love & joy, if nothing else.
Now you will pay to keep us alive until we die, at which time you’ll pay for our pauper’s burial, Malibu’s shelter and being fed or put down…more money out of your pockets.
If we choose to commit suicide, because we can no longer deal with the horrendous pain, you’ll pay for the investigation which could have been done when the financial institutions committed their crimes, and wasn’t. This would have put us back on our feet, as viable contributors to society, and protected you and your family from being victimized by the crimes that almost ruined my family and me.
It could also save millions of people from emotional illness, drug addiction and alcoholism; victims whom are unheard, by government authorities, after having horrendous crimes committed against them often finally end up with mental issues.
As Gerald Celente, American trend forecaster, publisher of Trends Journal, business consultant and author says; “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose; they lose it.”
 Why wouldn’t they?
It amazes me that people who live with the comforts of life make such opinionated comments about the homeless and penniless of society?
For sure the media has and will continue to put their spin on this too, as they criticize the homeless and penniless for mental illness, drug & alcohol addiction issues when in fact they drink and drug because they are destitute by their own United States of America. And now living below poverty level because of it.
What’s worse? The money you pay in taxes to care for us, victims of unaddressed financial crimes, doesn’t actually go to people like us. It goes into the pockets of church accountants and clergy, as well as charity directors, while the government authorities ignore these crimes too.
PS: Stay tuned in for more on Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave. This just wasn’t a Gold Warrior day, although there’s little that can be said about financial crime committed by the powerful that isn’t mentioned in their book. So stay tuned:>)

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