God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 1, 2012

99% + 1% = 100 PERCENT TRUTH

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I was going to address the two articles I’ve observed on Yahoo about the Supreme Courts new season starting today I guess. One article is called Another Big Supreme Court Term Kicks Off Monday by Mark Sherman, September 29, 2012 & the other, What Would Romney’s’ Supreme Court Look Like by Liz Goodwin, October 1, 2012.
I didn’t read these articles entirely because I assure you whatever is written are mostly not true statements based on the horrendous experience I’ve had with government, government authorities and the media. So I’m not bothering today; maybe tomorrow.
Oh and SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy, my past attorney, 2nd removed brother-in-law and crook sits on the Supreme Court so why would anything said or written about the Supreme Court be true?
We are what we surround ourselves with. And might I add this is true when we know what we’re surrounded with. I doubt seriously that the other Supreme Court justices are not aware Tony Kennedy is a scoundrel? I bet they are too?
Nevertheless I trust my experiences; they are all I can trust today, so listen up!
But as life often does, throws curb balls; I had some huge ones this morning amidst a few very enlightening encouraging moments.
First I’ll share a good moment with my Twitter friend @SonyaZink. She, I believe she’s a she? Anyway she tweeted asking that I share more insight on what I’ve learned. I take this to mean more information about being a financially betrayed heiress, not a 99%er or a 1%er which I’m neither but as I stated the other day there isn’t a percent for my group so I guess I fall through the cracks…unfortunately for society, because you’re probably not real excited about listening, when in truth I’m the only type citizen you should listen to. What has happened to me is happening to you now.
I along with others, silenced before me, have the goods that can save your family’s and your life.
Additionally I think @SonyaZink has a good idea so I’ve decided to write about her request.
But, before I get started I must share the curb balls; one would be the millions of ants Larry and I found infesting our clothes this morning. Why? Well because we set Malibu’s huge bag of dog food inside the tent to protect it from wild animals that might come in the night and eat it all. We can’t afford to purchase more.
This was a giant mistake although really not sure what else we could have done? We don’t have a vehicle anymore where we could lock it up inside? So Larry and I worked a good hour vacuuming up ants and airing out clothes in sweltering 90-degree heat.
Then Malibu threw up all over our bed! Now Larry is doing the laundry up near the bathrooms a mile away. Remember we no longer have a vehicle.
Yet this is normal life for us, and we’ve seen worse over the last twelve years, after years of being able to take care of our selves. But once a citizen reports federal crime committed by financial institutions to the US government authorities i.e. attorney general, state attorney generals and financial watchdogs, they’ll get a “Mafia Hit” into the streets to die as punishment. If they try to expose the federal crime further they’re life will get worse; no employment or government assistance and certainly no investigation or restitution for the horrendous crime…which will grow into federal crimes committed now by our government against them.
The public needs to know that the financial institutions are embezzling; extorting and laundering funds out of our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. They are also committing horrendous crimes to foreclose on our homes. Robo-signing is nothing in comparison to what I can prove done to me.
The media whether MSM or alternative refuses to breathe a word.
So these federal crimes are going on all the time yet the public isn’t aware. No, I don’t believe wealthy individuals who don’t belong to the elite posse are the only victims. The tricks the financial institutions use to commit the federal crimes are too plentiful to just be used on someone like me. They use them on all account holders. But, I will tell you this much, the financial elite and government are confident the rest of the public will never believe these crimes are occurring, unless they become victims themselves. By this time it's too late and they're headed to the streets; then pauper graves.
Because the media strictly refuses to expose these federal crimes, while the financial & government criminals are making sure we the victims land in the streets with no way to even retain employment or government assistance, therefore silenced, Americans often aren't aware these atrocities are going on.
If people are like Larry and me they’ll fight continuously to get justice, calling every law firm there is in the country for help. These firms will all turn them down if they’re penniless as we are, because of the original crimes. They will take a case like mine (now ours) on a contingency if there are still assets because they plan to destroy the case(s) and instead take what you have. The lawsuits are just too much work to address properly, while these attorneys know their state bars protect them if they commit horrendous crimes against their clients so they prefer committing the crimes and get on to another client.
Besides federal crimes committed by financial institutions are not civil cases, they are federal and the attorney generals job to address, but the legal world won't share the information; you must learn this on your own.
Once the citizen realizes this they’ll try everything else available to get an investigation into the federal crimes committed against them, but as they sell their belongings to eat and live in their truck there just isn’t enough money to continue, while all the authorities, politicians, assemblymen, congressmen and senators ignore them. Soon there’s not enough money to take care of their vehicle, eat and buy gas for the car to get around and sell their belongings.
Soon any belonging worth selling is gone anyway. Nothing else is left because you’ve been evicted from the tent you lived in for a while and now you have no vehicle; your cell phone doesn’t work because you can’t pay for it. All you own you carry on your back.
Worst of all, surprise, surprise the charities and churches in this country have become corrupt as well. They take in all your contributions and apparently spend the money on themselves. These organizations will ignore your every cry for help. Obviously they know the government authorities, paid by our tax dollars, not only don’t regulate the financial institutions, they don’t regulate the charities’ and churches’ donations either.
At this point a US citizen, become victim, most probably lives under a cardboard box, which you step over disgusted with their plight as well as troubled, but no matter what it doesn’t concern you!
And, perhaps it’s not completely your fault that you don’t believe these horrible sights of homelessness and poverty should actually concern you? The media won’t tell the truth about the facts and if one of these homeless, smelly, cardboard-box-living-vagrants suddenly stopped you and said, “Please will you help me? The financial institution I did business with embezzled 80M$ out of my trust account and gave me a “Mafia Hit” to the streets when I reported the federal crime; no one will help me; not even the government authorities. Will you at least recommend an attorney and call them for me?”
You’d laugh and keep walking even run away. Truth is this vagrant is most likely telling you all the facts, but they’ll die right there in that box, silenced forever, which is exactly the US government’s plan.
And, you could be next, because of your denial.
This issue has nothing to do with being a 1%er over a 99%er. It does have to do with those of us not being part of the government posse, which would be  “The Fort.” They are the government, bankers, judges, unethical attorneys and media. So while I may not be able to give myself a percentage, I don’t really care.
What is important is many of the 99%ers are fighting the wrong battle. For whatever reason they feel the corporations and financial institutions, also the 1%ers are the culprits when from my vast experience this isn’t entirely true, its our government controlling all of our poverty as they sanction the financial institutions to commit federal crimes against the public who don’t belong to the posse.
This sounds like Hitler doesn’t it?
The public may not understand that it’s the government authorities’ job to regulate the financial institutions, while the belief amongst many people is that the Banks are holding government hostage. This may be true but the government has the authority to not allow this…they chose not to exercise this authority. And they don’t want you to know their job is to exercise this authority; investigate and prosecute financial institutions that commit these criminal acts.
What’s more there is a large group of Americans who came by their assets honestly, and who are not part of the 1%ers. A 1%er to me is a posse member who got their money by stealing it, but I’m often mistaken for such just because I had money?
No questions asked.
This is another interesting analogy I’ve lived with all my life and not fair, but the way many people think. Add to this people are often still critical of me today for having been an heiress as they watch me starve? I need to be punished for ever having had money?
Those of us who were fortunate enough to have wealth by honest hard work are today the targets of horrendous federal crimes, by financial institutions, that are throwing us into the streets to die as Obama spends our tax dollars to bail out another bank, while never saying a word about the federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against anyone with a bank account who isn’t part of the posse.
Additionally there isn’t a Republican or Independent candidate speaking of these crimes either? And Obama isn’t?
If you’ve read some of the reviews I’ve written about Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave you’ll start to understand what’s really going on in the USA.
There was once a very prolific bank robber who was asked when finally captured, “Why do you rob banks”? His answer was, “That’s where the money is.” If you ask a politician why they’re in bed with the banks, I’m sure their answer would be the same.

By: Deborah Breuner

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