God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 21, 2013


Why are we Americans so enamored with experts? Experts are the group in society whom have embezzled, extorted and laundered funds, destroying lives with their advice, which trumps our gut feelings? Instead, with every financial decision contemplated we run off to our money manager, bank president, stockbroker or attorney. Most of the time we consult them all; still we end up homeless and penniless, by the time we’re fifty years old as media blames us for our neglectful money management, unless we’re members of the “USA Government Loving” groups. What groups are these? Well they are government employees including politicians, state & federal representatives, financial institutions and attorneys who protect them even when they are representing you. If these attorneys refuse to buy into this procedure they’ll lose their license to practice law.

I don’t say this lightly; I’ve personally experienced what I’m talking about here for the last twelve years or more, while media will never report this fact...ever!

You see there’s a group in society who has money; some have a lot while others, enough, which would cover many Americans who don’t belong to the “USA Government Loving” groups. This would entail citizens who are worth hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars; came by these funds honestly, some inherited money from hard working ancestors, others through their own grueling work. Nevertheless, this money was legitimately earned and yet what the public in general has no clue about, as unlawful foreclosures ravish many families, the financial institutions are ravishing bank accounts belonging to these wealthy individuals as well as anyone who has any funds at all from...checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. The media refuses to report these federal crimes while the government authorities are actually instructed, I believe by our USA Government, NOT to investigate this criminal activity.

How can I boldly say this? Because I have lived it!

I’m a mother and a grandmother, inherited money from my parents who were third generation to immigrants from Germany in the early 1800s...on my paternal side, Breuner’s Furniture, on my maternal side, The Diamond K Ranch. I too, though an heiress, have made my mark in parenting, which I took very seriously; the fashion and design world; gourmet cooking; photography; writing; art; dance and sports. I didn’t just sit back and lounge in assets, as many unconscious people have accused me of. Fact is I’ve inherited more of my ancestors’ work ethic than the funds created by their hard work. And, I have lived in poverty most Americans have yet to experience, but I promise you it’s coming, to you too, unless we all stand together against government corruption, and while social media is comforting to our souls, it won’t change a thing.

The truth is, though many immigrants came to America, the land of freedom to create, this was an American lie and still is. By what I’ve seen and experienced, this was and is propaganda, created by government, to get foreigners into this country with all their talent and creativity; allow them to flourish financially so the USA Government could and can seize these assets through federal crimes of the financial institutions, while the USA Government supports these federal crimes by remaining behind locked doors of secrecy purposely refusing to have these outrageous crimes investigated. Why? Because our government wants all the money! It’s as simple as this! It appears to me, and many others, we are living another holocaust brought on purposely by another Hitler. And, this doesn’t just settle on Obamas’ shoulders; federal crimes, such as I’ve seen, started a hundred years ago in my family alone.

“Actions speak louder than words” as they say; simple point actually, and oh so true. Yet, we Americans in general, like hungry rabid animals, glue ourselves to the media dying to hear all their manipulative words...also known as neuro-linguistic programming for the masses!

Here’s an idea? Why don’t we just look at what is going on around us; the unlawfully foreclosed upon homes; financial institutions and bankers never being investigated; citizens being left homeless and penniless; attorneys lying, cheating and abandoning clients; against all Professional Rules of Conduct for state bars, attorneys are stealing their clients homes; Judges are refusing to allow pertinent evidence, especially against financial institutions and attorneys, into the courts so they won’t have to order a trial.

So now the USA Government and media, controlled by them, are a bit concerned that there are too many in the public that get what is going on, so the media is beginning to report what I call mock lawsuits against corporations like JP Morgan. Ha! JP Morgan, and others like them, are part of the “Government Loving” group. There will be no damaging lawsuit against them, for real, unless they merely follow through with the cost of doing business? For instance they may have stolen fifty billion; they’ll pay for their crime, fifteen million dollars. This is like adding tax to the soap you just purchased at the drug store. Oh and who will receive this fifteen million dollars? I know, none of the victims, settlements will instead be presented to our USA Government...that is if there are any lawsuits at all, over and above media hype!

Have you ever taken the time to investigate these so-called lawsuits? Probably not, because just when you were thinking of doing so, another major event or tragedy strikes America and you’re re-routed into concerning yourselves with this. And, of course the media creates all the drama on purpose so you will forget to investigate. Yes, the media keeps us watching the left hand while the right hand screws with our heads...just like a magician!

So with all these federal crimes occurring by the financial institutions, which the USA Government protects; bank bail-outs; all government agencies not performing their duties; government workers not doing their jobs; politicians watching porn rather than their work ethic, integrity and morals; non- profit charities & churches turning all the poor away and the law protecting the criminals; what in the world can we, as Americans, expect and why in the world would we even believe our USA Government has run out of money? Our government isn’t spending our tax dollars on what they are earmarked to be spent on...neither are the charities and churches. So where are these funds going?

Please use your common cents...I mean sense! We must get out of the corrupt courts and attack the USA Government where it hurts, in their silk lined pockets. We as a nation must get fed up with complaining and start doing. We need to all stop paying our taxes! With all the complaining, across social media, and lack of doing the normal media is achieving an upper hand. If we could all get on the same page, we're protected; they can't arrest us all; Ha!

The media have the public believing, while many adamantly deny it, that X amount of the public refuses to work and instead just want to take drugs; I don’t believe this...sorry! No one likes feeling useless; everyone has talents; it’s God’s gift to us all. Some victims resort to drugs out of pure frustration and pain created almost entirely by USA Government corruption as they are the entity elected, by the people, to protect the public from financial corruption; poisons in our food and water; terrorists; identity theft; disease entering the country etc. Yes, but I doubt our votes even count in this country. And, the only true harm coming to Americans are the crimes our own government commits against us...including terrorism!

Our USA Government, through the media, want Americans, who aren’t yet victims, to be furious with the homeless and penniless whom, in their minds, are using up their tax money, while the vagrants refuse to work, when in fact these victims are merely struggling to survive with the whole damn government and powers that be against them. You believe you could fight a better fight? You should try it after your credit has been unlawfully destroyed; the law won’t uphold justice; you’re middle aged and you have lost everything including your car, cell phone and computer, while the charities, churches and government assistance programs actually help no one!

It’s our government again, placing the blame on their victims while they take the attention off the truth with media spin just for you! Now our USA Government has accomplished what they set out to do. They have you angry with your fellow human beings, whom have been victimized, while instead you should have empathy. But you don’t because the media has made sure you hate them! All the while the same corruption, that destroyed your homeless, penniless fellow human being, is lurking in the background to attack you and your family.

The USA Government has accomplished their mission...dividing us from each other; there is no battle fought and won by division! Division also helps the enemy attacks continue!

What I want to know is why are we Americans, in general so damn selfish? Why are we so arrogant? What I’ve noticed since I’ve been victimized by serious unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crimes is that the public, in general, puffs up all over the place with pride when they see another human being suffering financially? Then they prance off to their “friggin” expert for advice, think they are doing the right thing; feeling smarter than the rest, when the experts are the exact people who have or are in the process of destroying them.

This is where “we the victims” are smarter than you, and we’re not arrogant or selfish about what we know; we want to share and help society, a society, in general, who don’t want to know! As my mother use to say, “Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” or here’s another one “we the victims” haven’t learned. “If no ones listening; stop talking”! Once we do learn this we start doing something and expecting our fellow human beings to join in the fight:>)

To the warriors, teachers, learners, victims who walk and fight beside me.... I just took a moment to pray for you, that while some of us are weak, some of us are strong, this shifts, wait for it. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and when you are strong... hurl your strength toward the world for the rest of us to lift it up and hurl it further along with our own. Psalms 91.

Come on Americans, isn’t time we used our own common cents, I mean sense? Or how about both? When it comes to our finances; health and how we want to live our lives there are no so-called experts; just the truth and how we are going to allow this truth to support our lives and that of our families’ lives?

Here's a point! Why do fat people ask experts how to lose weight, when they are basically standing next to a thin person? They never ask the thin person; only the expert. And, if the expert knows so much why are Americans fatter than they have ever been? Think about it:>)

And, I have another idea; how about "we the people" depending on God and our perception of him? Have you noticed how our government wants to get rid of any resemblance of a higher being? I believe this is to again lessen our value as human beings and our own intelligence.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I was about ten years old when I promised myself that I would rectify my mother’s life, someday, from what I didn’t know? I understood she cried a lot and that my three, much, older sisters, my father and often other relatives, on my father’s side, including mutual friends criticized Mother all the time? Then these same prosecutors would be praising her glory for the fantastic house party she threw at our cabin on Lake Tahoe; her cooking; the photographs she took; or the Christmas Celebration she created every year where the elite in Sacramento, California politics, law and business would happily attend, while eating and drinking to their heart's content. My mother, Winifred C Kaseberg, was what people today would call a gourmet cook. I’m not sure the word “gourmet” was used in the 1950s or earlier? They would also call her a brilliant leader; she handled just about everything in life with extraordinary ability and good taste!

My mother graduated magna cum laude in English from Stanford University in 1920. She was amongst the few women, in her day, to be so highly educated. She was a beautiful writer of memoir and poetry, a photographer, interior decorator, fashion expert, nature lover, rose gardener, avid reader, traveler, and volunteer. Added to all her talents and abilities she was very witty. Her greatest love, in life, was family and the 80 thousand acre sheep ranch, the Diamond K Ranch, her grandfather purchased during the gold rush, using cash, raising European Merino sheep for wool. My sisters and I were the fourth generation to grow up on this ranch, while my mother, an only child, cared for her beloved white Victorian Mansion and the land it sat upon with, love, capability and finesse, managing the ranch hands, sheep shirring, new construction, repairs, relatives and then throwing a huge catered Thanksgiving dinner, every other year, for three hundred of my father’s closet relatives in the Breuner family. In between all this we went to San Francisco often, to the ballet, musicals, museums and China Town as if she had no stress in her life at all. My mother was truly the best mother and a great example of a good person!

The Breuner family, my paternal side, started here in the United States when my great grandfather came over from Germany in the middle 1800s as a cabinet maker; he worked hauling supplies to the gold miners in the Sierra Nevada’s; In 1856 he created the John Breuner Furniture Company in Northern, California. His work, and extraordinary talent, can still be seen in the 120 desks he personally built, by hand, that the senate and congress use in the Sacramento Capitol today.

Actually my great grandfather Kaseberg, on my maternal side, came over from Germany around the same time and had almost the exact employment as my great grandfather Breuner. However, he chose the ranching business after the Gold Rush.

My mother, as can easily be seen, was very capable, talented and loving, yet people in our family, once most of her relatives were deceased, basically abused her?

My father, Robert A Breuner was the youngest, of five boys, of the third generation to Breuner’s Furniture. They all worked for what became known as “ The Store”. By the time I was paying attention, Dad was Vice President of Breuner’s and there were at least eleven stores throughout Northern California, which would eventually, in my later young years, grow to over forty stores including now Scottsdale, Arizona and Reno, Nevada...eventually sold in 1978 to Marshall Fields.

Dad's greatest love in life was money and prestige and fortunately he had both, because of the successful, lucrative business he came from and worked for. He claimed to love the Sierra Nevada’s; snow and water skiing, camping, his wonderful Airedales; family; his daughters, (two of which are step daughters), movie making and his nightly Scotch. My father was also extremely compulsive in his caring for all the things he owned and with his health; in his Cadillac one could eat off the floor.

Bob Breuner did not like his family business or himself, from where I sit today, but lets move on and see what you think?

My father barely completed college, because as he said, “I hated school.” I don't hold this against him, I hated school too and there are many people who are more successful in life by not having a college education. But I believe my father thought less of himself, unfortunately.He served in the Army during WWll at a desk because of his bad eyesight. He had a very childish, destructive sense of humor, which over the years, I saw with my own two eyes. Some of the pranks he’d play on his friends and family were so horrid one wondered how he didn’t get himself killed from his victim’s rage. But, he didn’t, people just seemed to love him no matter what he did.

In all my years until my father died, when I was 21 years old, I never heard anyone say anything negative about him...ever. Still today no one has a negative word. Yet, he did some very cruel things to my mother and me. Today I understand why? He was jealous!

As my father used to say, "Well Hell, Gawd Dammit" with a huge jovial smile upon his face and a preface to something important, such as, if I were to say this, "I love my dad, always have and always will", I'm just getting to the truth, here, so we can have a happy family; I can see the lies have now affected my beautiful daughters, which obviously also affects my grandchildren. How can it not? Unless, of course, we all learn from history in time.

But my mother, oh my God, family still completely annihilates her character; she had a heart and soul like an angel, talented and creative, while outwardly stunning to look at until the stress in her life finally took it’s toll. I get it today, she bestowed too many capabilities and, I've learned in life since, this is a real problem to most others who know people like my mother.

Mother had one weakness in life that I can see today; she believed, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything atoll” Her favorite quote, “If you don’t pay attention to history, you’re bound to repeat it.” The rest of her life amounted to “performing” what she believed to be a good honest God loving life.

Dad, on the other hand, was Mr. Quote man. I can’t even list them all there were so many, and he repeated them constantly, which made him appear to be ethical, honest, full of integrity and morals. The few quotes I recall the most are, “Family is our greatest asset; family always comes first.” Another, “Don’t get angry; don’t go away mad; get even.” Or how about these, “Actions speak louder than words.” And, “Talk is cheap.”

It would take my own horrid adventure with unaddressed federal crime, and family betrayal, before I would ever get a clue to the evil that has attacked my family of origin and continues today with my own children...some would say we have a family curse. And, if you have ever wondered about God in our lives, or our soul knowing more than we often do, watch what I’m about to point out to you concerning the Breuner/Kaseberg family, which you might see in your own lives, while not understanding what the hell is going on?

It could save your finances and sanity to know and understand; God has saved my sanity and been with me all the way; even though there have been many times I wondered? I've seen and experienced so much ugliness, in the name of family, when all I ever wanted was love, acceptance and the chance to give it back.

So my mother took me to the city, often, to fill me with culture and shop for September back-to-school-clothes. In November we’d return to the city to go to Podesta’s Nursery purchasing the most stunning Christmas Ornaments I’ve ever seen...then onto Gump's to admire jewelry in the window, when my mother would say lifting her index finger to her lips, “ Shush, If anyone’s asking what to get me this Christmas, look Deborah this would be it” as she’d now point her finger at a beautiful Jade ring or bracelet and her eyes twinkled in delight like a small child. Then back to the Cliff Hotel for a hot turkey sandwich for me; crab salad for mom. By 5:00 PM we’d catch a cab for an early night at the ballet...her favorite, now mine, Russian Ballet.

My father, in the summers, had me behind our Chris Craft boat on Lake Tahoe water skiing before I was five years old; in winter we’d be at Granlibakken Ski Resort, before graduating to Squaw Valley, just outside Tahoe City. I believe I started skiing here at three years old. My mother was often with us just so she could take pictures; actually my dad never skied with me but once as I recall? His back you know. But he too would stand at the bottom of the hill taking 16 MM movies.

As you can see, I had a great life, as far as an outsider would see, but beneath the surface were “twisting tales a weaving.”

And, even when I was very young I could feel something bad, however it was there practically from the first moment of life, I remember, so it felt bad but normal...if this makes any sense?

Dad use to announce what he called “family meetings” from as far back as when I was about seven years old. These meetings, however, didn’t involve any more family members but two; he and whatever daughter picked first to talk with him. Unless it was a complete emergency, it would always be me first, then my next sister, Kitty, Jennie and lastly the oldest, Winnie. By the way, none of my sisters lived at home after I turned six years old. The two oldest were married by then; Kitty was in boarding school, Castilleja near San Francisco. Besides this my two older sisters are my fathers’ stepdaughters, but you'd never know because my two oldest half sisters, then and still today, think my father was and is God.

So the first “family meeting”, usually monthly, with me would be at the Rosemount Grill in Sacramento where dad would allow me to order my favorite, hot turkey sandwich and lettuce wedge with thousand island dressing. I can see today, this was his manipulation of my mind. He knew I was a six year old in heaven with this treat; Dad would always order a steak with steak sauce. As we ate I would quickly, almost always, notice a problem with what, I believe now, was a digestion issue when I’d hear my father say, “ I just don’t know what I’m going to do with your mother? She’s killing me with her drinking; she’s an alcoholic and I’m letting you know that I’ve got a judge’s order to have her committed. Do you know that it’s her fault that I’m only a vice president at ‘The Store’? I was offered the presidency and didn’t take it because your mother is so ill and refuses to admit her problem!”

Eventually, over the years, I became very familiar with this so-called “family meeting” while I understood every word. But when I was very young, Dad had to explain things like, “judge’s order”, “alcoholic” and “committed.” At one of these meetings, I asked as tears ran down my face, “But, Dad you drink Scotch highballs every night; I see you drink a lot of them, I never see Mom drink anything but water with lemon in it?” He responded with, “She hides it all; drinks when no one is looking! In fact this is the sign of an alcoholic...drinking in secret.” So I guess my father slamming down six highballs, in less than a half hour, in front of God and everyone made him not an alcoholic? I wondered about this but would only get in deep trouble if I asked? Today I realize this was his manipulation technique. "Hide in plain sight," something my father was very good at apparently.

To make a long story short, as the years went by, I asked a lot of questions, because there was a part of me that didn’t believe my father? Yet my mother spent more and more time in mental hospitals by judges’ orders, in other words, by the orders of Dad’s friend the judge. But of course I didn’t get just how beneficial a powerful judge/friend could really be in helping my father commit my mother to hospitals and also, as I would eventually understand, give my father power of attorney over my mothers’ assets. My sisters, on the other hand, believed every word, my father told them about our mother, and I literally watched my father, slowly, turn our whole family against her? It was horrible, although not as horrible as I would eventually understand, as his motive.

Mother would be troubled by all this for a time, and then manage to make friends with the hospital staff and before you’d know it, she’d be out of the hospital; home giving herself a welcome home party, with all the family friends invited; inviting all her doctors and nurses too, who while dining on Mother’s fabulous lamb stew, would be chatting away with both my parents’ friends about how there was nothing wrong with her:>) This is how Mother handled what most people, today, would see as “taking my father’s abuse” and not fighting back; but now I understand. My mother knew if she fought back, my father and his prominence and prestige would possibly land her in a worse situation? She had no family of origin left and there was something else going on that would have destroyed her life if she did anything but make the best of things as they were until something big changed. So she figured out a way, in her mind, how to get a message across to others through bringing friends and acquaintances together the best way she knew how; a dinner party.

Meanwhile, as I grew in height and wisdom, my father would punish my mother, still further, with leaving for months at a time, to live at the Senator Hotel, in downtown Sacramento. Mother, wouldn’t say one mean word about him, although she had every right, he was using these adventures against her, so he could be with his lover, Doris.

And, by the time I was thirteen, my father made sure I was stuck away in a boarding school. I’d say today, because I was learning too much about him; was my mother’s true support system, while Dad being pleased all my mother's family of origin relatives were gone, he couldn’t have me lagging about upsetting his plans. Oh and he had plans, unbeknownst to me, that were well executed already; they needed to be finalized while he had every prominent leader between Sacramento, California and San Francisco helping him; including financial institutions.

Actually some of this understanding is after the fact information; yes after I grew up, married and raised children; watching two of my beautiful daughters marry; and the last enter college. Sadly, I missed my last daughter’s graduation from college and her wedding:>(I had been exiled from my whole family by then. At this time all I understood still about my mother was that my father purposely, and unfairly annihilated her character to allow himself to feel better about himself; probably because of the affair he had with Doris; I did not know the whole truth but I was about to find out at around 50 years old.

Funny, another quote my father flapped his lips with constantly was, “Life ain’t fair kiddo; get use to it.” And, “You don’t have to do anything in this life but pay taxes and die.” Whoa, interesting now that I know what I know, and experienced what I have. In fact, my father’s soul was screaming to tell the truth, while his mind did everything it could to blame my mother for his own inadequacies. The truth was in his very precious quotes! His biggest give-away was, "Family is your greatest asset Debbie dear; Family always comes first." Yep, he loved those assets!

On October 13, 1997 while scuba diving off the Grand Cayman Wall, at 150 feet, in the Cayman Islands, I was left to die at the hands of my loving husband of twenty-four years. And, we had a good marriage full of joy, beautiful children; grandchildren; beautiful homes, travel, romance, Thursday evening date nights and all the money anyone would ever need. Apparently something was lacking and this was the first time I’d even considered what it might be? Well that’s not totally true; I had seen some odd changes in, my then husband, Richard L. Davis II; he’d become ever so compulsive, slowly over the years. I figured he was stressed from work, which he often complained about and, nearing his fifties, I feared he may have a girlfriend; most of his friends were enjoying such, so why wouldn’t he? The difference was, his friends left their wives and arrogantly took up with their girlfriends. Rick had just tried to murder me? And, this after he had said the day before, “We’re so lucky that we’re still together and in love; so many marriages end at this point; after the kids are all grown up.” I had agreed with him; started to think my fears of he having a girlfriend were obsurd…until now.

I was sure Rick had a girlfriend just like my father had; somehow I'd hoped I had prevented such by what I’d learned from watching my parents; I felt experienced in not creating the need for my husband to want a girlfriend; not that my mother did anything wrong, I married a more ethical, moral man. Ha!

Little did I realize what I was about to understand just four short years later. First of all, I’m sure you have heard how women often marry their fathers, meaning men just like them, whether they intended to do so or not.

And, yes my husband Rick reminded me of the good things about my father when we first met; snow skiing, water skiing, love of the outdoors, being part of a family business, while in my mind, at the time, he appeared to be far more ethical, reliable and moral. But, later in our marriage Rick became compulsive like my father had become, and also like my father he picked on the daughter who asked the most questions and had extraordinary talent. Being who I am I set out to learn all I could about this ugly syndrome and found jealous men often pick on very talented bright daughters because they unconsciously covet the soul of where this talent comes, while they were, by their unconscious parents, not allowed to use their talent. They were instead forced into family businesses against their will. Hum, I think this was my father's problem too.

Later in my life, while still married to Rick, I realized he hated his family business,as my father hated his and understood one of the reasons for this was because they were both forced into honoring their heritage by working for their family businesses. At one point in Rick and my marriage, I offered to go into business with him; you know, my creativity and his business sense, which at the time I actually believed he had? We would utilize my funds to do this. He never said "no" he merely ignored me and instead embezzled my funds with the help of a number of financial institutions.

However four years after my husband and my divorce, I uncovered not only my now ex-husbands indiscretions and federal crimes, but realized who my father actually was and why he treated my beautiful mother as he had, and often times me as well.

What did my father and my ex-husband, Rick have in common the most? That would be their weaknesses; including a weakness I didn’t know my father had, Greed! I did know about his girlfriend Doris, which he arrogantly flaunted in my mother’s face; was very public about; using my mother’s so-called-mental-illness as his excuse to the public for his actions, so they wouldn’t scrutinize his behavior and consider him immoral, I see now. Instead he turned this around with his manipulation by subtly dropping hints to family, including his daughters, and friends about Mother’s state of mind. And, it worked! There's that hide in plain sight thing again, as I look back.

Funny, although everyone noticed and teased these sociopaths, both my father and Rick, because of their compulsive behavior, no one considered it what it was but me? A cover-up for something deeper. But what, I wondered then? Well this was my guess, and when I'd make comments about it I was told how stupid I was, by my father when I was young; by Rick in our later years of marriage.

Mother was extremely wealthy, in her own right, but she rarely ever said a word about this. Remember what I said about what she lived by, “If you don’t have something nice to say; don’t say anything atoll”? Well Mother felt talking about money was inappropriate conversation. So I guess this falls into a subject that’s not nice? And, I can see where I have been much the same in this regard. I didn't make a big deal to anyone I've ever known about my wealth, when I had it, I didn't feel it was appropriate conversation and it, in my mind, would undermine my husband , at the time, who was working hard, I thought, to make a mark in his family business. Ha!

Apparently, my lack of discussing my assets amongst friends and family, such as with my daughters,, led to Rick being able to turn my beautiful daughters against me more easily. He has actually convinced them that I was spending HIS money while we were married and he had to get rid of me or I'd have spent the whole family into the ground! Hum, I believe I recall my father telling the same tale concerning my mother!

And, unbeknownst to me until I found out about my now ex-husbands greed, he also had a girlfriend; but this girlfriend was a money manager, while my father's girlfriend a family friend. What a way to hide in plain sight, uh? I just can't get over this! Anyway, Rick's girlfriend, Lauren was apparently a liaison between the financial institution and my then husband, helping embezzle, extort and launder my trust account to the tune of 80M$s into his failing business, Davis Industries which he then sold to Tesma International a number of years AFTER we divorced. When we were still married, the money was almost all gone, and Rick felt he could no longer lie to me as to why, he attempted to murder me. Only I lived which has made life very complicated for Richard L. Davis II and his money manager wife Lauren S. Davis.

Today, in order for Rick to hide his greed and federal crimes he merely calls me mentally ill and nuts, while having no problem telling my beautiful daughters this as well. In fact judging how this saga resembles my mother’s life so much, I’d venture to guess Rick had been dropping subtle hints to my daughters, behind my back, for years about my lack of sanity. Because to create parental alienation takes a long steady stream of constant lies in order to twist, especially a daughter, away from her mother using a Hitler style psychological profile, such as these primary rules: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

The funny part about this, is all my daughters would have to do is look at the list of assets on a document I still have, signed by our now Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

My father committed the same crimes against my poor mother, and for the same reason, to embezzle all her funds, only he did it by getting power of attorney from his buddy the judge, while keeping Mother drugged and in mental hospitals. He probably tried many times to overdose her with medication but somehow she overcame. Still, my mother knew there was nothing she could do to break away from this; she’d end up in the streets by my fathers’sociopathic lies and what attorney or judge would support her over a prominent Sacramento/San Francisco businessman, a Mason; a Shriner and on the Board of Directors of a number of banks in the 50s and 60s? I know this now from my own experience! There is still prejudice against women today; it's just gone underground. My mother, although many couldn’t help but love her, they had to do so behind the scenes. Women weren’t allowed the power she had in the 50s...as a rancher. So they certainly weren’t going to support her emotionally; she was on her own. She had me, while I didn’t believe a word my father said about her, but I didn’t have the full picture to what was going on?

What’s truly sad about all these jealous men and their greed; is they not only ravish financially but more importantly they destroy family relationships. Metaphysically speaking, it’s natural for daughters to receive their own self worth through the way their father treats them. These greedy men, such as my father, my two ex’s and my great aunt’s husband, actually take the power they naturally have with daughters and use it to twist their prospective of their mothers so they can rob them. They also cause these daughters to spend their lives wondering if they too are mentally ill, like their mother is supposedly, then to find out, way too late, that there’s no mental illness; it’s just jealousy and greed.

My mother sadly died at 62 years old, heartbroken, while my three older sisters, still to this day, believe what my greedy father told them about their mother as he stole her assets with financial institution’s, attorney’s and judge’s help. I mean my sisters should be furious with him; they lost the mother daughter relationship every woman needs, when our mother was still living; my daughter’s have lost the same. We haven’t had a relationship in over twelve years because of their father/stepfathers’ lies and unaddressed federal crimes. And it appears this family curse continues with my grandchildren who range from around seventeen years old to two. The oldest, Clayton may remember me as he was about four when I was exiled, and we had a very good relationship then. I pray my mission will be to break this outrageous cycle.

Yes, and can we see how our USA Government is involved with this too? They allow these federal crimes to go purposely unaddressed for one, and they are in leadership destroying the United States of America with their greed, lack of ethics, integrity and morals, as well.

So the next time you see unjustified blame, against you, consider who is blaming you and what they might be hiding. And, if you think our problems here in America started with this generation, think again. If you believe the politicians are worse today than 100 years ago; think once more, my great aunt and Mother NEVER saw any investigation into the federal crimes committed against them by our attorney general, financial watchdogs or state attorney generals either. My great aunt's financial loss occurred in the very early 1900s; my mother's loss was in the 1950s. And, of course the media weren't talking then either! Corruption has just become much worse because nothing is actually addressed in this country, so the true criminals are our government authorities who do nothing about all the crimes, especially federal crimes, that go on, which is like calling out to the criminals roaming society! "Go ahead, commit any crime you choose; we have your back", while we the people pay taxes for this abuse?

And when I was a child I was constantly criticized, by my father, for not respecting authority!? Good Gawd! Can we believe this? I believe this one fact is what I'd like to see children understand. Sometimes parents, in my case my father, have so much to hide they will destroy the young intelligent mind and soul of their own children! I thank God I still have my mind and the ability to start over. None of these jealous, greedy people, men,women $ so-called-experts, have destroyed me!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Americans are so stupid; in general, that it’s difficult for me to continue discussing what is actually going on in this country financially, now that I have been kicked in the gut; awakened with the truth! The ones whom have yet to experience, what my small family and I have experienced, are the ones dictating to you and me as to what’s going on? Wow! How smart is this evaluation technique, the inexperienced telling their stories of what? They parrot, what they hear from the media or experts, who are professional criminals that do not want you to know the truth! This is the cold reality; what I have learned. And, I’m not saying I too have not been in denial in my lifetime, I have but when it’s time to wake up, then wake the phuck up!

The corrupt media, refusing to report outrageous federal crimes, while creating spins, on facts that aren’t true, are the methods being used assuring you’ll be an unsuspecting next victim, not knowing about your risks practically promises you’ll be attacked, if not today tomorrow, and the media has silenced the seriously afflicted victims, so generally, you won’t hear much from them. Besides are you going to listen to a vagrant who’s all smelly because they haven’t had a shower in a month? Believe me our USA Government, and the protecting media, are at the bottom of the homeless too; confident you won’t listen to these poor victims for just the reason I’ve stated! The media calls them all drug addicts that brought their demise on themselves…most of the time, this is not true! More media lies to keep you unaware!

How do I know this is true? Well because I’m not a drug addict, never have been. I hired experts to advise me, financially, and paid them well. Today, as is typical of the media and people who don't get it, I'm blamed for not choosing correctly? No blame for the criminal! One such expert was Justice Anthony M. Kennedy; yes our SCOTUS. Before he was a judge, he was an attorney and he was mine from 1969-1978. But, I had 80M$s embezzled from the trust Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. recommended that I create. When I tried to contact him over eight years ago, which was immediately upon my awareness, he ignored me and has since, and now I’m a vagrant; sometimes I graduate to cheap apartment, then back to vagrant. Humm, so what are your thoughts?

This, unaddressed by the proper authorities, crime has destroyed my life and left me completely homeless and penniless! When I reported this outlandish federal crime to the proper USA Government authorities, instead of an investigation into the financial institutions, and others involved with this heist, I found myself with an illegal foreclosure on a 3M$ home with no loan against it, by KeyBank and the loss of three more properties by federal crimes; loss of my precious five family members, also known as my dogs; all my belongings and my fine credit!

No one could survive this without landing in the streets!

What's worse once you're in the streets there's no help anywhere, until all Americans come together in a front against the USA Government. Some victims may overcome by their own hard work, yet few will:>( But aren't we all in this together? Unfortunately most Americans, not all but not enough, don't care about all this unaddressed crime, because it hasn't destroyed their lives and they are confident they are smarter, than the rest of us, and it won't happen to them. Unfortunately these are the Americans who are slowing down progress in doing something about all this. We the victims must patiently wait for you to get it! If we can't join together now and do something, like stop paying our taxes together, you will be the next victims. When the whole of American citizens have been victimized there will be no strong citizens to help us fight for all our rights anymore so the end will be the end! This truly is difficult to watch when you know if we all were on the same page, we could actually get something accomplished; citizens whom have lost their homes and finances through federal crime could very likely get their assets back. But, the way we're doing it today, showing up in corrupt courts will merely take our health away, not bring justice!

Fact is the one group in society you should be listening to are the vagrants; they know the truth...they’re living it!

The next group in society to whom you should pay attention, so you can see what stupid looks like and avoid it, are those who question their own reality and obvious coming reality, because they are in denial and want to believe the lies the media spouts... hopefully this isn’t you?

My most favorite question of all coming from the yet-to-be-victimized by unaddressed federal crime is a cynical, “What proof do you have”? Well personally I am fortunate to have quite a bit considering what the courts are doing to suppress it. I’m a very lucky victim to federal crimes. I have in my possession more proof than the courts want to admit. This is why the courts REFUSE to even look at my proof.

Oh, you didn’t know this? Yes, between the financial institution(s), your “own” attorney, the judge and the government authorities there will, as with me, be a moratorium on hiding every stick of evidence they can possibly hide with manipulation of court orders, judge arrogantly canceling court dates for absolutely no reason and then never rescheduling, judges denying requests for subpoenas and attorneys purposely withholding evidence from the judge, while lying to you! Just to keep you in the dark and hopefully unaware you will be honored with small wins that go on for years, in my case ten years, but in the end whatever horrendous loss you have experienced, by unaddressed federal crimes, will totally be ignored and if you haven’t made other arrangements, you’ll end up in the streets with nothing but illegally destroyed credit, lost job; unable to retain new employment, no government assistance, no car, no cell phone, no computer, no home and no money, while a complete American asshole, with no empathy and who refuses to use their brain, says to you, “Go get a job!” And, “If you’re so homeless and penniless how is it you have a computer”?

I’ll answer this; when you have lost everything, because of unaddressed federal crimes, and there’s no hope for employment, or media coverage bringing attention to all this crime for not only you but others suffering, you do whatever you can to continue eating and getting computer time. You sell your couch, for pennies on the dollar, out of storage for instance!

By the way, even with all the federal crimes occurring in this country and remaining unaddressed by the proper authorities, causing many citizens to lose their employment, obtaining new employment has more stringent hoops than ever, which must be jumped through and there’s no leeway for really horrible credit, which the unaddressed federal crimes created. Add this challenge to ones older age, lack of employment experience after owning their own business, for a couple of decades, and one can’t obtain employment no matter how many talents they may possess. This is a fact and one I’m confident the USA Government, who refuses to address all the federal crime of the financial institutions, is quite aware of. So what is our USA Government’s motive; what is on their agenda? Obviously our government does not care whether Americans have jobs, no matter what they say, or they wouldn’t allow the financial institutions to continue their crime spree, now would they?

Additionally most, not-attacked-by-federal-crime-yet-Americans haven’t caught on to the illegal tricks of the trade, I’ve mentioned above, concerning purposely-suppressed evidence. They are still asking the victims to these horrendous federal crimes, “Where’s your proof?” Maybe this is the result of calling attorneys, themselves, who know all this criminal activity is going on in the courts and in order to downplay the case one calls them about, says “What proof do you have”?

Hello, there rarely is proof because the financial institutions arrogantly refuse to supply your documents and account statements, while the courts purposely suppress the proof by refusing to subpoena these pieces of black and white evidence! Then a judge arrogantly orders, “No court trial on this case for lack of evidence, next case please”!

Actually, I've seen, through my own cases, some very disturbing behavior by judges. Most I've described in my book(s) but one of the most memorable was Oakland County, Michigan's Judge Young when she sent me a memo claiming she dismissed my 80M$ case because of lack of evidence. And of course I knew at the time what this meant because my attorney hadn't done one deposition or interrogatory, nor had he subpoenaed my account statements. I wasn't too worried because I knew I'd be replacing this attorney, anyway, because of the issues I've stated here. Well at least two years later after this same attorney instead withdrew from my cases, for no reason, and evicted my family and me from our home I found out, by complete accident, that this attorney, who was to stand before Judge Young, in a judge's hearing, NEVER SHOWED UP IN COURT, and this is the real reason the judge dismissed my case. So basically Judge Young, in a very manipulative move, completely avoided the truth and merely said in her memo to me, "lack of evidence." In other words, she LIED!

I'm confident today, after what I've seen and learned that this whole process was completed on purpose; my attorney and the judge organized the whole scenario.

Yes, well unbeknownst to many, attorneys don’t like to take cases on against financial institutions because they know they can’t win; it’s not allowed; banks are protected by the USA Government so unless you, as a client, have extra funds laying around for your attorney to seize, as extra bogus “costs,” even on a contingency fee contract, they will never take your case. Many attorneys will go as far as to lie about why they won’t represent you by claiming you don’t have a case when you absolutely do! If they should take your case, they will purposely lose and claim every cent you have, calling these costs, and they won’t have to prove these costs to anyone. No, not the state bars either!

Because you see, the attorneys and judges are all in on suppressing the truth; if they don’t the attorneys are disbarred; the judges are kicked off the bench.

If you don’t believe the American victims’ stories find yourself a Russian or German American, first generation in this country is best, and ask them what they believe is happening to America. My favorite question to present to a Russian or German American, “Is corruption as bad in America as it was or is in your mother country today?” The answer is always a resounding, “No, America is far worse, even worse than it was during WW II, worse than like Hitler!”

Why would anyone, ungrateful as you might see them to be as Americans, say such a thing? Well because after what these immigrants have seen or heard about as to what went on in their country, they are even more sensitive, obviously, to what is going on here in America. Many of them are shocked to see what is going on in this country; many more are sorry they ever immigrated to America, the land of the free. They realize this is a lie! They recognize the signs of communism and corruption, and though these signs are everywhere for American born citizens to see, they refuse. What makes America worse in corruption than Russia or Germany during the war? The USA Government is secretive in their corruption while the media purposely hides it and the American citizen is either stupid or so deeply in denial that can’t see the forest for the trees? But, then again, maybe all Americans are being drugged?

Whoa! Knock my socks off! What do you think about this? Oh, I know, whatever they are talking about, it will never happen here in America! Hello, (I just threw up a little in my mouth) sorry, this all makes me physically sick!

All these horrific crimes against humanity are occurring right now and have been going on for at least one hundred years, (in my family alone) and in this country right under your nose. You say you haven’t been attacked? Ha! You mean, YET! Or you mean, you haven’t noticed, YET!

One of the ways our USA Government & media keep the horrific unfathomable federal crimes and others away from your awareness is by playing on the human past time; BLAME!

Believe me our government is well versed in psychology, Neuro-linguistic mind control and medications, which alter the way a human thinks while under this manipulation. And, they know exactly how to use these techniques to control the sheeple. Until you get this you are considered a sheeple and the USA Government counts on you not getting it!

Come on people get with the program! PLEASE!! Here’s one example. You have seen the advertising at your local drugstores and super markets for flu shots haven’t you? Yep they are now so easy to get you don’t need an appointment, while you glide right into the pharmacy with your kids hanging off the back of a grocery cart for family immunizations! Hum, wonder who’s at the bottom of insisting that you get your flu shots and making it ever so easy to schedule this pain into your busy day? Besides do you have any idea what’s in these shots? Have you asked a trustful, USA Government educated doctor? Have you asked what makes these shots work? As far as I’m concerned, based on my experience, these shots are poisonous to our systems and those of us whom have actually taken these shots, annually, have a stronger constitution than I do if they haven’t become deathly ill. Oh, and I love this when you ask about why you’re so ill soon after the shot, “Well you’re merely experiencing a bit of the flu the shot is protecting you from; had you not received the immunization you’d get even sicker.” Right! Fact is I have had one flu shot thirty years ago; made me deathly ill; haven’t had one since; never get sick; knock on wood!

Yeah and there’s an answer for this too, I’m sure. The US Surgeon General has announced that the flu shots are better and safer today. Right! Hey, do you even know her name? Did you know the US Surgeon General is a woman? I literally had to look up on Google who our US Surgeon General was. Is she someone we can trust and respect? What is her education? How does this make us feel about the attention given to American citizen’s health? Oh and here’s another point, the public is blamed, by media mind control, for not knowing who our US Surgeon General is, when the truth is the information is purposely not addressed, at all, amidst the American citizen’s busy day. The busy-ness actually also created ultimately by our USA Government instigated problems, otherwise easily managed if the government were doing their jobs, and the government controlled media.

This all should scare the s—-t out of you! And, what do you think ObamaCare is going to do for you and your family? How about making it easier to poison you some more? In fact, I believe you'll be forced to poison yourself!

To top this off advertising is insulting your intelligence, manipulating you into feeling idiotic if you aren’t smart enough to get your damn shots, for instance! Oh and if you don’t immunize your children then you might be a candidate for CPS to come investigate your motives!

Hum, hum, hummmmmm. I believe this is all crap! The need for flu shots that is! I believe all these shots we’re recommended to give our children; the elderly; and take ourselves has something to do with what the USA Government plans for society; that is thin it out!

Here’s a question, “Why do you believe what the so-called-experts; USA Government; financiers, authorities, politicians, attorneys, judges, doctors and media tell you? It’s so serious in this country that people actually denounce their own experiences for the opinion of an expert who clearly doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

Here’s another media report, below, blaming the victims in American society. Do they mention many poor victimized pets become such because our USA Government allows the national financial institutions to embezzle; extort, launder our funds and illegally foreclose on our homes? Yes, this usually causes problems if you happen to have beloved pets. They can’t go with you to live in your car. There isn’t enough room.

So if the media were being honest they would report that Americans should not own pets because when they get illegally, unlawfully foreclosed upon by their corrupt financial institution; often times on a home that has no loan against it, there will be no legal help and since they’re now homeless and penniless without employment, they won’t be able to care for their pets. There may possibly be reason to believe one pet would be okay but defiantly not anymore than one.

Instead the media blames us as they always do! Sure there are heartless people who shouldn’t own pets, but the timing of this article is very interesting considering the fact that there are millions of misplaced pets, all over this country, because of unaddressed federal crime! Heartless pet owners are not the problem today as much as heartless USA Government!


Every dog deserves a loving home, but should every person should have a dog?

As much as I advocate adopting unwanted pets and opening your home and heart to a homeless pup, some people just should not have dogs. You will have to clean up, feed, walk, and play with this animal daily, and at regular intervals throughout each day no matter your lifestyle. If you don't see yourself as someone who can handle that level of engagement, it is kinder to not bring home a puppy or dog, because too many people adopt dogs only to surrender them soon after when the reality of owning a dog kicks in. I have known people who see my dogs and comment that maybe they should get a dog of their own. However, they are often the same people who would have a problem with daily walks, vet care, and even regular feedings. I tell them that dogs are a lifetime commitment that requires a deep understanding of yourself and your willingness to bring another life into your home. Not everyone should own a dog. Could you be one of them? Read on for 7 signs you should NOT get a dog. -By Danielle Sullivan

Oh please! With the unaddressed federal crimes going on in this country as the financial institutions embezzle, extort and launder funds straight out of their customers accounts, even trust accounts, are the American people going to get these assets back along with the illegally, unlawful foreclosed upon family residences?


Right, I guess there’s no reason to address this ridiculous article when you know what the truth is; PURPOSELY UNADDRESSED FEDERAL CRIME! Wonder why this isn’t mentioned as to what is truly going on?


If it isn’t mentioned in this article, which it isn’t, that by the time Americans are in their fifties they will be stricken with unaddressed federal crimes that will destroy their lives and credit, then this article too is dishonest! See? Blame the consumer for their credit problems, and purposely don’t mention the horrendous federal crimes that are actually literally destroying lives!


This is how sick our once beautiful America is today! Am I angry, as I’ve been accused of being, by people I’ve accused of taking advantage of the federal crime victims in this country, for their own agendas? You’re damn right I am! You should be too. But, then again it’s not politically correct to anger anymore; this is why our government might be putting antidepressants in our water, or perhaps they already have along with taking God out of the schools and courts!

And you know what? You might want to rethink all the stories you’ve heard over a lifetime about heirs and heiresses, created by hard working American ancestors, who end up penniless and drugged, dying alone with no family. More media crap, that if the truth be told, these wealthy people were embezzled and extorted from while their funds laundered into where? Very likely into our USA Government’s bank accounts while the media claims America is broke and these wealthy, hard working, Americans who lost it all were mentally ill and spent their funds, while the media has convinced you of these lies, as the USA Government continues to steal from us all.

The few laws that are upheld in this country; are the storage facilities’ laws; selling your belongings for late payment, no exceptions, and traffic tickets. Have you ever noticed that the owners of your storage facilities are ghosts, silent owners? Yeah, have you ever met the owners of your storage facility? They are criminals, in my mind, protected by the laws and they use them! Why else would you even go into a business like this? With all the illegal foreclosures, storage facilities are making a killing, I can assure you of this and they don’t care if you have struggled to pay them for over five years and haven’t missed any in the end. If you ask for an extension, just once, to save your legal documents, family photographs and a few clothes you can wear when you do retain employment, they don’t care, they won’t help you even for an extra week knowing that you’ll have the cash to pay them at weeks end.They feel like they are helping with their annual monthly call, “Hi this is Blah, Blah, Blah from Blah, Blah Blah; it’s a courtesy call to let you know we will be auctioning off your unit on Blah, Blah Blah. Have a nice day.”

I will tell you a storage facility that has helped desperate people who have been struggling, with unaddressed crimes, and that would be U-Haul in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are true Americans. What they did for us is an example of what all strong Americans should be doing for those whom have already been attacked by all the unaddressed federal crimes and have no recourse. I'm not saying take care of them; I'm saying give them employment, and be ready to set up the front against our corrupt USA Government with them. And, most of all do not judge these fellow Americans for their bad credit! If things continue as is, you will be next:>(

To the warriors, teachers, learners, victims who walk and fight beside me.... I just took a moment to pray for you, that while some of us are weak, some of us are strong, this shifts, wait for it. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and when you are strong... hurl your strength toward the world for the rest of us to lift it up and hurl it further along with our own. Psalms 91.

By the way all my husband's and my valuables are gone now; we sold them, in order to feed ourselves. If it hadn't been for U-Haul's humanity, we'd not have anything to sell in order to help ourselves. Why can't we all care about each other? Frankly I think U-Haul in Twin Falls, Idaho deserves an award for being a good "EXAMPLE."

Most of all, for Americans to realize what their government's agenda is, and do something about it, will be our best hope of survival, because our government is murdering us...on purpose!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So you think you live in a country called America, and it’s the land of the free? Nah, you know better than this by now, don’t you? But did you know you are not allowed to ask questions of “foreclosure specialists” on Facebook? No you can’t and if you do you’ll be suspended and your question, posted, will be deleted. Shame, shame, shame on you, you stupid little victimized American. What can you to do about it? Nothing, from what I can see, short of a revolt!

You’ll just be suspended from Facebook for however long it might be, after the person who suspended you, in my case I believe it was Rob Harrington on LawDogs, attacks you with vile statements only a bully from a high school in the poorest part of any failing city would say to anyone! Oh yes, I almost forgot, it’s against all Facebook rules to slander another person; abuse them; call them names and threaten them as Rob arrogantly did to me in public. But, it’s perfectly okay for Rob Harrington to report me for asking a question that made him flip out, or was it Rene Powers or John Wright who flipped out first? Yep, they all flipped out, I just can’t seem to recall who did first? Who knows? Who cares?

You may be able to catch the conversation we had on Facebook by going to LawDogs or Bank Fraud Revealed’s Facebook sites; most of Rob’s outrageous responses to my questions are here.

Want to know the question? I bet you’re dying to know? Well not yet, I still have a bit more background to fill you in with first.

You know these three people are merely a few of those on Facebook, Twitter and other places on the Internet sharing their knowledge about unlawful foreclosures; recommending attorneys, websites, pro per legal sites that inform the public about what laws need to be addressed in court for the lone pro perer:>(Rene actually recommends her Homeowner Coalition. I have no idea what her involvement is with this organization, but she pushes it out there to the public as a place to get help with unlawful foreclosures. But the Homeowners Coalition ignored my documents of proof and me? I wonder why?

I’ve actually known all these "foreclosure specialists” for a good two years. They know my horrendous story, about unaddressed federal crimes, and individually at different times, they all offered to be of service to me, and my foreclosure nightmares. I believe they consider themselves “foreclosure specialists” or at least have connections to them. However one looks at this, they are advising the victims of unlawful, illegal foreclosures on either a donation fee basis or perhaps the attorneys they recommend to the public are paying them? Still worse maybe the victims to these horrid unaddressed by the proper authorities are paying for their advise? I honestly don’t know? This is one question all "foreclosure specialists" refuse to answer with, “We help people for free”! I’m pretty sure this isn’t true or they wouldn’t be so violent towards someone, like me, when I ask them who’s paying for their services?

Besides you cannot tell me, based on what I know and have experienced, with corruption in this world, that all these “foreclosure specialists” are doing their jobs all day long, out of the goodness of their hearts, for free. Sorry, I wasn’t born yesterday. And the American people, in general, are considered greedy by the whole world. Mark my words when I bring the word “pay” up to any of these “foreclosure specialists” they go ballistic and start calling me names like “gas bag. What’s that saying, “Me thinks he protests too much”?

Anyway, Rob Harrington and I spoke on the phone months ago, last year, and he gave me the name of a friend of his, a producer for documentary films. Larry, my husband, and I have written a number of scripts about our experience with the nightmares of unlawful foreclosures and federal crime; showing you through a saga just exactly what we’ve learned. Believe me it’s a lot different from what the “foreclosure specialists” are telling the public. At that time Rob was horrified with my story; very sympathetic and apologetic about what we have suffered. He made other promises to help us and then I never heard another word from him; heard one word from his producer friend and then he blew us off. Larry and I were at that time in our third year of living in a tent in California when I first met Rob.

Frankly, I don't see how anyone can trust someone's opinion who criticizes a victim to all this, purposely unaddressed, federal crime for doing all they can to restore their lives after realizing they can't retain employment because of mostly their unlawfully destroyed credit; age and employment experience lacking, because they always had their own business. My husband, Larry and I have done whatever we can to restore our lives, against all odds; written screenplays, books, and created a business plan that with an investor's commitment financially, will create many jobs while putting us to work! Rob Harrington instead mocks our efforts, in writing, all over Facebook? Monstrous!!

Rene Powers and I were on a radio show together, Senka’s Show, where Rene stated to the world, on the radio, that Larry and I could come live on her ranch, at the same time she filibustered over my story, for an hour, in public. Very confusing and abusive I would say, at the least very rude! It caused me to feel very unheard and I'm aware of the reason people do this...so you won't hear me either:>( The invitation Rene gave me in public was never brought up again, and this was a serious betrayal when one realizes we were living in a tent in the middle of winter! We were cold and wet:>(

So then there’s John Wright with his Piggybankblog. He once told me he’d familiarize himself with my horrific story and write about it, which would obviously help others; actually so did Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters. These helpers-of-the-public are self-professed as such, but in my experience and belief, liars. In fact John Wright also invited us to come stay with him, then apparently removed the offer without telling us...he let it go; never brought it up again. Both John and Martin have many of my documents of proof yet refuse to use their expertise, which seems to be writing, to help me expose this truth:>(Why would this be, we need to all ask ourselves? Our story, and many more like it, could help millions of other Americans! With the truth out there, perhaps "we the people"could all get on the same page and do something about our beloved USA?

Instead, because of jealousy and greed, our country is full of those who are re-victimizing the victims for their own profit; they are lying to you for this purpose. Despicable!

And there is Bill Windsor author and producer of, "Lawless" also very well versed on my story of horror; I interacted with him for over a year; he has all my documents too. In the end he blew me off:>(Did some government agent pay him to shut-up?

So now you’re thinking “well they probably found out her story isn’t true”?

Wait! Hear me out first, before you decide to believe what criminals want you to believe. They do not want you to know that I had 80M$s embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust account. When I reported the federal crime to the proper government authorities, instead of an investigation into the financial institutions involved, they saw me as a whistleblower and came after me with a vengeance. I ended up losing four multi-million dollar properties, three of which had no loans against them, by illegal fraudulent foreclosures and one criminal eviction, by my own attorney! Because of this my flourishing business, my husband and I shared, was destroyed and we have lost everything we ever owned, including our precious family of dogs, while the government authorities laughed at us; still are, and the attorneys hired purposely withheld evidence from the judge and judges didn’t show up in court, dismissing the cases and purposely not reinstating new court dates. There were never any depositions or interrogatories done?

Here, we have seen the tricks of the legal trade when they don’t want certain crimes exposed to the public. They pull all these manipulative moves so your case will fail. The USA Government does not want the crimes against me, and now Larry too, exposed because Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is at the bottom of this mess as my attorney from 1969-1978; he advised the trust that has been embezzled; he’s my second removed brother-in-law.

However I’ve known of other victims to what has happened to my trust and me, that didn’t have a huge powerful figure at the bottom of the federal crime. So obviously this is not the reason for hidden facts on unaddressed federal crime!

So I believe from the experience I’ve had, that all these so-called “foreclosure specialists” or whatever they choose to call themselves, read my story, saw the documents of proof and concluded very quickly that my case, and many others like mine, blow their tactics clear out of the water and if they actually do what they said they would do, and help us, they would lose all credibility with their clients, or whatever they call them. Their clients would find out what we know. They will never get their homes back! The "foreclosure specialists" would cease making an income off their advice.

There can be no forcing of the laws to be upheld when the judges are the ones making sure the laws aren’t upheld. Who ladies and gentlemen will force them to change their corrupt ways? Do you believe the government authorities will put an end to this corruption? No, it’s been my experience that they actually sanction these federal crimes. Oh so how about signing petitions and marching in DC? No, the government and politicians are laughing at these moves; it’s pure entertainment to them, because they know what many Americans just can’t get their heads around. There is no one above the corrupt government, disgusting immoral politicians, criminal authorities, malfeasant-laden law and the lying media who can make sure these criminals are held accountable, investigated, charged and arrested for “Misprision Of Felony”. The media has the truth, but because they know this truth they’re basically being threatened with losing their jobs or lives if they breathe a word to the public. And, this is true for the alternative and alternative to the alternative media as well as the MSM.

Nevertheless, these “foreclosure specialists” are instructing their clients of the laws to be used in court; posting on their sites lawsuits filed against financial institutions, which in my opinion are fake lawsuits or end before anyone has to pay, designed to be reported in the media to calm the sheeple. Further these "foreclosure specialists" are promoting the Homeowners Coalition and gaining the trust of these scared-out-of-their-mind victims to unlawful foreclosure, when the truth is quite different to what they are sharing and encouraging their clients to do.

Their clients believe they will get their homes back if they bravely fight back. But herein lies the truth; they won’t!

The USA courts are corrupt and no one, no matter what attorney they hire, or laws they insist support the federal crimes committed against them; the courts are corrupt and the properties will never be returned! Period!

This is a fact through my twelve years experience. The USA Government authorities are purposely ignoring the federal crimes of the financial institutions, while the attorneys and judges are in on protecting the financial institutions as the media, all media, spins untrue tales of lawsuits filed against financial institutions. Yes, it’s horrific!

My question to Rob Harrington who professes to help victims of unlawful foreclosure is this; “Why aren’t you informing your clients of the fact that the courts are so corrupt it’s likely they would be better off to walk away if they don’t want to spend their lives in litigation (often over ten years) and come away without their property no matter how egregious the federal crimes were that took it in the first place, and deathly ill from the stress?” Why isn't Rob Harrington, and experts like him, promoting instead that all Americans gather together creating a front against the USA Government? Now this would be helpful and more quickly all this corruption would have a chance to end, while victims to the unlawful foreclosures would actually have a better chance of getting their homes back! Instead Rob Harrington, and others like him, are promoting something they know won't work while they earn their living off of these false hopes they give their clients! Want to talk about selfish, this is the height of selfishness!

It actually reminds me of my family, (blood group) "they eat their own" for their own personal benefits. Support for each other, as in a healthy family, is completely unheard of! They will gang up (victimize) a family who they are jealous of; complete unfathomable acts against them and then criticize their victim's tears; call them mentally ill or nuts and throw them into the streets. Hey, just like our American government has become?

Rob went ballistic when I asked why he won't tell the truth and had me suspended from Facebook after calling me cruel names. There is truly something wrong with our values in this country! And of course anyone who responds like this to a simple question is hiding something!

You know what? I have asked many times over Twitter and Facebook that people come forward with their save-their-home-success -stories. You know what I receive? Silence! Apparently there are no success stories, which has been my experience too!

It is a fact that should you see and know of a crime and you don’t report it; you are as much a criminal as the person who committed the crime. It’s called “Misprision Of Felony” if a politician or any other USA leader or authority ignores the crime, they know about, but who’s charging these criminals for their crimes? While all this is true, and I try to live by the creed to be a responsible citizen, our culture doesn’t!

None of the “foreclosure specialists” seem to either in my opinion? They refuse to address what has occurred to my family and me while most, whom I’ve met, know all the details. They instead purposely hide crimes such as has occurred to our family, and many more millions of Americans. And, I believe I know why; the attorneys may be paying them to recommend their law firms to these willing-to-do-anything-to-save-their-home victims. My (our) story and many others like it are too horrendous and prove how corrupt the courts actually are. I mean if 80M$ embezzlements, by financial institutions, and illegal criminal foreclosures on four multimillion dollar properties are completely ignored, by the proper authorities, do people think their fight will return one home?

If the “foreclosure specialists” tell their victims the truth, they make no money from the attorneys who pay them to recommend their law firm. The attorneys know also that the courts are so corrupt they can’t win a case so they rely on getting the victim’s last dime, by committing breach of contracts, and move onto another client (victim). How can they get away with this moral turpitude? The state bars are Mafia groups protecting the attorneys who are criminals and handle their cases in this way; the honest attorneys who do right by their clients, end up disbarred and jailed, as with Richard Fine Esq. out of California!

Actually, as I’ve mentioned many times in my articles, I have more respect for Mafia; they care about family and right from wrong. Our national state bars and government leaders don’t.

Our whole American culture protects criminals! And the most serious criminals in our culture today are professionals, financial institutions, attorneys, politicians and the government leaders and authorities who oversee them. As long as this continues we can expect nothing more than continuous unlawful foreclosures and other serious life threatening crimes that destroy lives! And, those of you who believe they are braving all odds to march against this are getting nothing done, although your efforts should be respected, but not if you know better and you should by now. Where’s the grief or threat to the government or legal world in your march on the capitol; signed petition or call to your senator or congressman? There is none and that’s why it doesn’t work and never will! It should work in a democracy but we’re now in dictatorship and drastic measures, such as all Americans completely stopping the payment of their taxes, should be taking place in the next tax season. Now we’ll see the USA Government respond.

Last but not least I’m sick to death of watching greedy jealous Americans, and you know exactly who you are, take advantage of the victims to all this unaddressed federal crime! We have new real estate companies, popping up all over the country, selling illegally foreclosed upon homes; worse yet you greedy Americans are tripping over each other to buy them; “foreclosure specialists” giving horrible legal advice to suffering homeowners, giving them hope when there is none and the “foreclosure specialists” know this! Want to know how I believe this fact? Because of the way these helpers-of-the-public always respond to my black and white proof of horrendous unaddressed federal crimes. They appear to be afraid of it and so pretend to you, the public, that they don't know about it or they call me a liar!

Oh and the storage whores, don’t even get me started on this. My God, these people are, tripping over each other, buying the personal & family treasures left, temporarily, in storage because of unaddressed federal crimes that took these victims' homes... well there just aren’t words. But hey, what these greedy buyers couldn’t afford in their lifetime, so far, they can now buy for pennies on the dollar at the storage auction, while bringing still more grief to the federal crime victims; more loss. These victims are losing family photos, heirlooms and legal documents now! These same people, who hear of my plight, often say to me, “Get a job”! One of my favorite criticisms of me by these greedy-take-advantage-of-the-victim-so-I-can-advance-by-doing-nothing-but-stealing is, “You’re selfish” or “All you care about is yourself” Wow! There truly aren’t words! And what was it that Sherry Hermadez said to me on Facebook? I’ll paraphrase, “We need to work together to address these crimes.” Right, but heiresses, whom have been victimized, are not invited to the party, nor does their pain matter! And, it is my belief, you Sherry would be the first in line at a storage auction belonging to an heiress along with your friends in the ‘foreclosure specialist” business!

Below is merely one of Ms. Hermadez’s posts to me; nothing wrong with it really, it just shows she doesn’t pay attention. By the way we spoke over a year ago on Facebook; she doesn’t recall:>(

Sherry Hernandez We are all fighting our own battles and trying to use our own battles to help others. If we didn't have these battles we might not understand how horrendous it can be. We can have sympathy for others who are hurting, but they are biting the wrong hands! We don't have the answers, we are searching, just like they are and sharing our information as we find it. Their anger, as we know, is misdirected. No one can set aside their own life to follow another completely, rather we must link arms and walk side by side to uncover the fraud and expose the REAL villains in this national land grab. Foreclosures specialists? I think there are none, only people that have found one piece of the puzzle that they try to use to help others. Some exploit us with this information, others genuinely try to help, but which ever you run into, let's not lose sight of the real goal...to EXPOSE THE FRAUD. We cannot keep fighting among ourselves or we will get no where.

But, again I’m an heiress so I don’t count, nor does my input which I gave out to many starting twelve years ago, and yet even with my Blog, Facebook and Twitter few get it!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Monday, October 7, 2013


Okay I finally get it! If you happen to have been born into this world with parents and grandparents who actually created something, with their creativity, brains, hands and grueling work ethic then you’re nothing more than a criminal to society.

This is what our world has become, ladies and gentlemen, and I personally started observing the sick attitude when I was less than five years old in the early 1950s.

My parents hired a Danish nanny, Herdis to help out with raising me; she came into my life when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I was living with my parents on my mother’s 80 thousand acre sheep ranch in Roseville, California at the time. My great grandfather bought this stunning Oak Tree sprawling property, with cash, and built a beautiful white Victorian home, (some would call it a mansion) after earning the funds to do so, by hauling freight to the gold miners in the Sierra Nevada’s during the middle 1800s. I mean come on how criminal is this? Yet, my mother was very proud of her parent’s accomplishment?

Herdis, behind my mother’s back, was emotionally and physically abusing me. Why, would she do this? Well because of the things she use to say to me in her broken English, I’d say extreme jealousy. She’d say, “I hab tu take care of vow becuz you’re moder can’t; she sick! I’m you’re moder now!” If your moder not sick I could stay in Denmark. I come from a wealthy family too! Your moder make me wear uniform! I hate her!”

Well a three year old wouldn’t understand Herdis’ transparency wrapped up in her angry, lying remarks, but my many years since and experience reveal an early truth! First of all my mother was never sick; she was independently wealthy! Herdis was very jealous and yet she had incredible talent, in her own right, with the ability to create as well. I know for a fact my parents would have done anything to help she and her, Swedish born, architect husband, Carl out of gratefulness for caring for me. But, Herdis would rather complain, abuse me and blame my mother!

Meanwhile, my mother’s life was stricken with cruel jealousy coming from her husband, (my father), her wicked three oldest daughters and many so-called friends who weren’t really friends, including Herdis’ insidious abuse. I may have turned on her too, but interestingly, not understanding what she was going through at all, I still took my mother’s side. Today I understand why? Our souls met somewhere before we were ever born. My mother died of a broken heart, and I believe poisoning by the betrayal of a family member, at 62 years old after all her funds had been embezzled by a combination of my father’s greed, and a number of financial institutions, while this was never investigated by the proper authorities:>(

Mother was a beautiful person, inside and out, who loved her family, the land that sheltered millions of European sheep and stunning Oaks, including the extraordinary history of the Diamond K. Ranch created by emigrants from the old country, coming here for what they thought was freedom!

This is what I saw of my mother, a person who loved deeply from her gorgeous rose garden to the way she’d take care of her family and home. Nothing she called hers or ours went without exquisite care by my mother’s love, intentions, creativity and efforts. She had an incredible work ethic too. She also believed in family so strongly that no matter what relative, they were considered part of the family at the ranch. Some lived with us amidst the many bedrooms in the Victorian house. After my great aunt’s husband embezzled all her money, in the early 1900s, while the government authorities purposely ignored the crime, Mother built a, wheelchair friendly, house for Auntie on the ranch where she could live out her days with love and care. The story of our relatives’ lives continued when my mother would have me escort her, monthly, delivering beautiful roses and ivy to the mausoleum to adorn love ones’ crypts; including for my fathers’ relatives.

My mother’s taste was exquisite too so our home was always beautifully decorated and never did we go a week without fresh flowers or greens in the house that Mother picked and arranged. She was also a great cook; photographer and volunteer at our church. She graduated magnum cum laude from Stanford University in English in 1920. And what about the arts? Well I spent my youth, seeing every ballet and musical, in San Francisco, that came out between 1950 and my mother’s death in 1970. Obviously I loved my mother deeply, while at the same time I’d see her cry a lot and hear my father drop hints to family members about my mother’s sanity? I didn’t understand back then, and unfortunately at the time I was confused; didn’t know what to believe?

Then when I was 48 years old, after raising a beautiful family myself; having many of the same loves, interests, talents and pain in life as my mother; around the same age my mother was when I heard my father’s strongest voice putting her down, I would have a realization about our world that shocked me to my core! What people will do in the name of jealousy and greed!

I used to believe the jealousy I’ve seen in life wasn’t really so serious, but now at 64 years old I understand it has destroyed my great aunt, my mother, my children, my grandchildren and “fixin” to destroy me, but never will! It is destroying the USA!

You see if you happen to be an heiress who has lost, through embezzlement and unlawful foreclosures, by multiple financial institutions; four multimillion dollar properties; a viable flourishing business; her precious family of dogs; all her belongings and her once great reputation, through lies, then she deserves it is the consensus!

Why? Because of jealousy! I have found that I can’t retain the help I need from the so-called “foreclosure specialists” because I owned too much and therefore I don’t deserve help! Not that they are actually helping anyone because there is no help to be had! THE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE PURPOSELY NOT BEING UPHELD BY THE JUDGES! And, this is what makes me very angry with these “foreclosure specialists”. They know this truth, I speak about here, and yet they continue to give suffering victims, of federal crime, hope. Suggesting to them to hire this attorney or that one, while attorneys are all corrupt belonging to a nation of corrupt state bars. Then they suggest and teach the laws to the suffering, scared-out-of-their-mind public who represent themselves pro per. These specialists fail to instruct them that the judges are corrupt too. To me this is worse than the original crimes committed by the financial institutions, unethical, corrupt attorneys and judges. A petition signed or a march in Washington DC will not work either! Think about it! What’s the threat? There has to be a threat to our leaders in order for change. Otherwise they can continue to do whatever they choose, and so they have, and it will continue to get worse until we come together as “we the people” and stop paying our taxes all at the same time, or just flat out revolt.

The truth is when all is said and done, just as my dear friend Rich, originally from Chicago told Larry and me years ago, “Sell everything and just start over; the courts are corrupt and you will never see justice!” We didn’t believe him. After our twelve years plus experience in the courts; writing government authorities; senators; congressmen, assemblymen; financial watchdogs, the FBI and even talking to “foreclosure specialists” concerning the federal crimes committed against my trust, Larry and myself there is no doubt that Rich was and is absolutely correct.

Yes, the problem we have here in America cannot be handled in the courts; the courts are corrupt and there’s no one above them to fix this. Just like a totaled car, after a horrible accident, must be trashed, so do all the USA leaders, politicians, state bars, judges and the media that protects them!

Meanwhile the “foreclosure specialists” as well as new real estate companies, sprouting up all over the nation, to sell illegally foreclosed upon homes to vultures, and storage whores are having a heyday!

The “foreclosure specialists” are actually single handedly prolonging the inevitable and being paid by someone to do it. I just don’t know by whom yet? Most probably by the corrupt law firms? Real help would be, teaching and allowing Americans to come to the realization my family and I have come to through our personal, painful experiences. There is no justice and no one can force a judge to do what is right; no laws; no government intervention because the government is purposely not getting involved with these outrageous federal crimes! Why aren’t we Americans asking why to just this one fact? Government authorities are responsible to investigate federal crimes; unlawful, illegal foreclosures and embezzlements of bank accounts which are federal crimes, they aren’t civil crimes that should be addressed by a civil lawsuit!

You know who chastises me the most for telling this truth? Not the USA Government, they can do whatever they want because they know most Americans will merely continue to complain over social media getting nowhere. It’s the “foreclosure specialists” who loathe me for telling you the truth!

Again it all comes down to jealousy and greed becoming so out of hand, in this country, that it is now considered a crime to create anything, through hard work, that enables you and your family financial wellbeing. If your spouse, extended family, children or neighbor don’t steal what you worked hard to create your government will! And no law in the land will protect you; it or get it back for you if stolen! Period!

But professionals, such as “foreclosure specialists”, who want to take advantage of this truth; the pain of all the unaddressed federal crimes committed against you and your families have become ramped in our society today, because they know authorities have become non-existent and they are making money off your pain!

Haven’t you seen a least a hundred Nigerian attorneys emailing you, a day, claiming a relative just left you a fortune and they would like to send it to you? Have you ever wondered, with all the technology and government watching everyone for terrorists, why they can’t seem to control these horrendous fraudulent emails?

Come on people please crawl out of your denial! You will actually have more chance of keeping what belongs to you, such as your property, if “we the people” together, get out of the corrupt courts, and stand up against government corruption rather than to allow “friggin” “foreclosure specialists” to continue to take advantage of our plights!

And, now I’m sure “foreclosure specialists” are going to come down on me, this article, my book telling you the truth, my husbands’ and my scripts showing you the truth, while violently coming after me with vile accusations about what a selfish heiress I am, (as if being an heiress is a crime) because I’m trying desperately to share a truth the public needs to understand. How is this selfish? I gain nothing from sharing my experiences but the knowing I’m helping; doing God’s work in my mind. Showing the public a truth they would otherwise never learn because the media is making sure you don’t learn until the same crimes attack you and your family; at this point it’s too late because these crimes and the victims are purposely not exposed by the media and the courts are corrupt, so you’ll never get justice! Remember I’ve had over twelve years experience.

The fact is the more violent someone becomes against another’s truth should show you how unethical they are not the lack of ethics of the victim they are attacking! But you knew that already.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A tent

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have to say the article below has been my inspiration to also write a letter to you. I’ve actually thought about it before, but I’ve been really busy just surviving after what you and your father/stepfather, stepmother, a number of financial institutions and our family attorney did to me. No this is not about an ugly divorce, which I believe you rest your laurels upon? This is about you standing by and watching your own father/stepfather and the rest of the criminals STEAL from me, and try to murder me to cover it up, while doing nothing about it! And just for the record you weren’t just three years old when this occurred, you were married, Alison and Lexi, while you Kelly were in college.

I’ll get right to the point here; you disgust me! I didn’t raise you with all the love & attention I gave you just to see you turn out to be money hungry little whores, but it’s exactly what you have chosen to emulate. You’re not only emulating the greedy people in your lives, but the criminal financial institutions and our USA Government too! So it’s not your fault, right? Wrong!

Definition of a MONEY WHORE: Someone who will watch their own mother die of starvation and exposure for the love of money. Or lets put it this way, a government and it’s leaders who because of greed will destroy her people!

You Alison and Lexi were there with me when my parents died and knew I’d inherited multiple millions of dollars in 1967. I know you were very young, but children feel and see stuff. You saw how money hungry men in my life, my sisters and some of my childhood jealous friends treated me. You grew up knowing why these people I loved treated me so badly; it was about the money and their jealousy, when in fact all our family members had inherited money from my parents, as well, including you! I guess it just wasn’t enough! We spent years, based on your ability to understand, in Mother daughter chats, on snowy Michigan winter days, in our pajamas, while eating breakfast, discussing these family dynamics revolving around jealousy!

No one in life will ever love you as I did or will spend the time loving you as I have. I will always love you; but my disgust of your actions overpowers this, unfortunately!

All I can say to you is I see you have instead of learning from me chosen to learn from the two men in our lives, I actually married, who were nothing more than jealous of what I owned and you too for that matter; pretending to love us in order to get to the money! They were and are money whores and criminals, just like our USA Government, legal world, authorities and media, so you’re in good company. Apparently you have decided to become like our criminal American leaders and financial institutions, (who were instrumental in helping your father/stepfather, stepmother, my three wicked sisters and JUSTICE ANTHONY M. KENNEDY embezzle, extort and launder my trust protected funds) instead of fighting all the crimes that are destroying this country. The federal crimes that threaten to destroy me; only I will overcome and you, I’m afraid, won’t be part of this:>(

I wonder, now that it’s been over 16 years since you’ve spoken one word to me that wasn’t toxic, if at all, how you feel about your decision? Has it been worth it? What’s it like to violently turn your back on someone you love and who loves you for the almighty dollar? Yes I did stop allowing your abuse about twelve years ago. I stopped allowing you to treat me as you’d chosen to treat me, which was to abuse me, emotionally, so severally that I would stop talking to you! Very clever and a sociopath’s trick to push their victims away so, you the perpetrator, won’t have to visit your guilt.

Don't you know that anyone who stands by and watches violent crime take place, while doing nothing about it, is as guilty as if they committed the crimes themselves? I tell you, I sure wouldn't want the Karma you have created for yourselves.

I know what unfounded guilt feels like; I don’t, however, know what true “good reason to feel guilty” feels like. Enjoy!

And, please let this article be, my proclamation of love for my six beautiful grandchildren, (perhaps more by now) whom you know in your hearts, are missing a wonderful, loving grandmother because of your greedy choices. When they are old enough to understand the dynamics here I pray they will choose to be more like me; choose to admire qualities such as integrity, honesty, ethics and morals. Love their family, because love and a loving family is all we have on this earth, as well, as love of our country and the willingness to be part of demanding government transparency with lack of corruption. You know the drill! It's about all the qualities I spent teaching you, and being an example of, during our thirty plus years together!


This, below, my dear daughters is what I tried to instill in you by example, with my commitment; attention and love for you; that is what the song's message relays; I failed obviously; perhaps there is still hope of you seeing the true values in life?


God help you! I’ll continue to pray for this daily!

By: Deborah Breuner