God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


                                                             Federal Reserve Bank NY
So lets get back to discussing and exposing the book Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave. The information, within these pages not well known to most US citizens is shocking to say the least. Yet, for me this book is a revelation securing what Larry and I have seen with our own eyes and the government authorities purposely ignore. If we were confused as to why they ignore horrendous federal crimes committed by financial institutions we aren’t now. You won’t soon be either.
In 1998 the General Accounting Office investigated Citibank and concluded they had laundered $100 million dollars for Raul Salinas, brother of disgraced Mexican President, Carlos Salinas. In 1996 the Director of the CIA resigned under a cloud.
 You need not worry he immediately joined Citibank’s board of directors.
Actually it’s been my own observation over the years and yours too, if you’ve been paying attention, that many politicians end up as presidents of national banks in this country and bank presidents often become government leaders? I mean come on if this isn’t a conflict of interest I don’t know what is? When I was growing up conflicts of interest were considered against the law or at the very least, unethical. Not today as these bankers and politicians trade places while laughing in the public’s face.
It’s a pattern with the US Government. They investigate cases when it’s convenient and not when it might embarrass or cost the bank any money. Plus they wouldn’t want to destroy a political career?
I’ve seen this with my own eyes, as I was unfortunate enough to have had Justice Anthony M. Kennedy as not only my second removed brother-in-law, but also my attorney from 1969-1978. I certainly conclude one of the reasons our US Government has set Larry and I up with a “Mafia Hit,” along with our small poopie dog Malibu, causing our deaths in the streets is because our US Government is bound and determined to save SCOTUS Kennedy’s career, while the media helps by remaining silent.
Another trick the banks use to steal from their customers is when they issue certificates of deposit they give the client numerous documents identifying them as the rightful owner. They include in these documents intentional spelling and grammatical errors. They don’t worry about anyone noticing because no one but an attorney or banker can read these documents without falling a sleep.
When the customer goes to the bank to redeem their certificate of deposit, the bank uses these “Errors” to pronounce the certificate as being a fake. After all why would a bank make such a silly mistake?
Yes well I have personal experience with this too. Before I uncovered the 80M$s a number of financial institutions embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust account, one of the banks I was doing business with, KeyBank started illegally foreclosing on my ten acre Sun Valley, Idaho property for no reason at all? I didn’t understand this move at the time, I owed them no money; my trust owned the property outright, and I was paid up a year in advance on a PERSONAL loan given in my name to sustain me during my divorce because my divorce attorney recommended I take out the loan for legal reasons.
I sold the Sun Valley property for my asking price to a viable and approved buyer two weeks after I listed it. KeyBank actually then interfered with the closing of this property by causing it to fall through escrow fifteen minutes before I was to sign the closing docs? I immediately knew they had done something, I just couldn’t get my head around what yet, because I believed there are federal laws that protect us from financial institutions committing federal crimes against their customers and there are; they aren’t upheld in this country.
The next thing I know amidst many other outrageous federal crimes KeyBank’s committing is they start foreclosing on my home using my PERSONAL loan for which I was completely current on with payments. I knew this was against the law but it didn’t matter. KeyBank continued forward as Ian Glassford my account manager laughed over the phone at me saying, “We can do anything we want!”
Then I started to realize that KeyBank’s in house communication consisted of bankers arguing over a loan given to my trust, which means the property needed be foreclosed upon judicially, so apparently KeyBank just changed the loan documents to reflect my name only, in spite of fact I had my own copies of documents showing differently.
 However, since KeyBank, using the non-judicial mode of foreclosure was able to keep the federal crime away from a judge’s eyes they got away with it. Still with what I’ve seen and with my experience the judge probably told the bank to do this so he wouldn’t have to look at the bogus, criminal foreclosure, while hoping to never be held accountable him self.
At this point I understood KeyBank was actually taking in my monthly payments and putting the funds in a phantom account; calling me in default, when I wasn’t.
What’s worse, the property had almost two million dollars of equity left in it when KeyBank foreclosed seven years later and it was proven they hid my monthly payments, yet they took my property anyway?
Okay now one is left with no other choice but to hire a lawyer to help retrieve your funds. Wrong, the bank has already hired any law firms that could possibly help you thus leaving you with attorneys that want to be hired by the bank. If by chance the customer does find an honest ethical attorney the bank will do any number of things to stop you from winning. They will delay and drag it out until you are completely broke or you die. They will discredit you and your attorney using any and all means possible.
In my case, the more authorities I called and filed complaints with, the more financial “Mafia Hits” I received from the powers that be. Today after a twelve- year battle Larry, Malibu and I are completely destitute; exactly where the government wants us;
Case in point Norbert Schlei (mentioned in detail in a previous article), lost everything when the banks, with the overt help of the DOJ, framed him. He died a broken man.
All of this is very interesting and sinister but it pales in comparison with the Federal Reserve Bank. That sounds very official doesn’t it? Federal meaning it is part of the US Federal Government. No, it is owned and controlled by private banks. When it was established Morgan Chase and Citibank owned the majority of its stock.
Are you angry yet? You should be very angry. The Federal Reserve was created from day one to do two things. Number one to give private bankers control of all the Gold in America. Number two to fool the American public into believing it was controlled and operated by the US Government. They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
Who’s ultimately at fault? That would be our US Government for allowing this and refusing to hold these financial criminals accountable. Instead our government is allowing themselves to be controlled by the financial institutions because of their greed which completely outweighs they’re responsibility to the American people.
 Because of this serious financial corruption it’s affecting all other areas the government oversees. They can’t handle anything concerning the US citizens or the policies without needing to first cover-up the federal crimes of the financial institutions and their bribes.
During World War I President Wilson gave the bankers that put him into office the powers to do with the nations gold whatever they chose. Consequently during the depression of 1929 the vaults were nearly empty of gold.
In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt made it illegal for all US citizens in the continental United States to own gold. All gold had to be sold to the US Government and to be held by the Federal Reserve. Of course as we know the Fed is a private corporation and does not open its books for the public. This is why no one knows how much gold the Fed holds in its vaults. This translates into we have no idea how much gold the US Government has to back up the monopoly money they print every day.
Amazing isn’t it?
Henry Ford said it best when he stated, “ It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Interestingly I was married to a man from Michigan, Richard L. Davis II for twenty-four years who claimed to be related to Henry Ford. Although while once talking to Bill Ford over dinner one night he told me he’d certainly never heard this?
 Unfortunately this didn’t occur until Rick's and my twenty-third year of marriage or I’d have possibly left sooner.
 Nevertheless, if Rick is actually related to Henry Ford, he obtained one gene from him. It’s the understanding of our nations banking and monetary system and how easy it is to be a financial criminal.
Rick & his financial advisor new wife, Lauren were apparently instrumental in the embezzling, extorting and laundering of my 80M$s with the array of financial institutions helping.
Bottom line; the government authorities ignore these crimes because they’re busy committing and benefiting from these same federal financial crimes.

By: Deborah Breuner

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