God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 15, 2012



Here’s a question? Who’s idea created social media? Sometimes I think it was the government as a way to keep tabs on “we the sheeple?” Sometimes I think it’s a Godsend? Social media is the saving of the First Amendment?
All I know for sure is social media has it’s own built in censoring ability by the way it often performs.
Whether someone or entity controls the censoring I honestly don’t know?
For instance on Twitter without your knowledge you’ll be un-followed from one of your best buds and sometimes you’ll find yourself no longer following them either, while you did nothing to create it? This happens if you’re chatting over social media about something the government doesn’t like chit chatted about! This may not sound really serious but it is if you’re sending tweets to someone you think you’re following and vice-versa, then to find out from Twitter they’re basically arresting you for stalking?
One for instance, of wrong information to be sending out, would be chatting about federal crimes financial institutions commit against their customers. And if the customer reports the horrid embezzlement, extortion & laundering of their trust account to tune of every cent they owned to the proper government authorities, finding shock of all shock, they ignore the financial institutions that do this and the crimes, you’ll be in big trouble on social media. Not so much by your friends and acquaintances here, but from some ugly monster behind the scenes?
Or maybe chitchat tweets are censored by catchwords like Hitler, Mafia, USA Government corruption, financial institutions embezzling, extorting and laundering funds out of consumer accounts, or the really nasty word like terrorist! You know like the domestic terrorism we live under everyday in USA.
You see the US Government wants you dead in the streets by the “Mafia Hit” they give you for reporting the federal crime, not writing about it on Twitter, Facebook or other social media! What are these Mafia Hits? Why they are more federal crimes committed against you and all you own until you can’t get either employment or government assistance?
Then the government sits back and watches the death game. They already know what will happen to you, because they’re well aware the media won’t spill a word, and you’re not until you’ve called them all and they say, “No! We aren’t reporting this story!”
Now you realize you have nowhere to turn but towards either your grave or social media and this is where you actually experience more censorship, whether by design or actual interference?
Nevertheless the interference continues all day long if you have something to say that concerns all Americans, which the government wants hidden.
One day you’ll tweet out seventy messages, one right after the other; the next day you’ll tweet thirty and the big, (paraphrased) “You’ve gone over your Twitter limit today try back in a couple of hours.”
Or how about when you try to re-tweet something really profound and Twitter won’t let you? This usually happens to me when I’m re-tweeting a statement about federal crimes by the financial institutions against the public.
This is interesting timing, to say the least? Then for no reason at all, I get suspended from Twitter; well for no good reason I can think of other than telling a truth? Usually I’m only suspended for a few hours but this takes time out of my valuable struggle to survive.
Getting the word out, the only way my family and I will survive.
However, I don’t let it bother me anymore but instead write for my blog until the Twitter account comes back; allowing more words out, but here there seems to be an ugly monster behind the scenes too? Yes, this monster takes all your hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, including countries you’ve never heard of, and sends your counters to 0.
Wow! But just because one can’t see the numbers doesn’t mean all these people around the world don’t know about your message?
So Ha, Ha, to the ugly monster!
Yes this occurs when you finally have a wonderful platform for your book and good reason to self publish with an investor, but none of your tweets with hash tags directing them to #Angel #Investors or #Venture are getting there?
Wow! Who is this ugly monster? He/She should be arrested for ignoring the First Amendment of the Constitution to the United States of America?
Nah! Why should they be when it’s perfectly all right for a financial institution to embezzle, extort and launder 80M$ out of a personal trust account while never being held accountable or investigated!
This being true who would care about the First Amendment?
Then guess what? One day you might receive a tweet claiming the party received yours but there was nothing there but your handle? And even a few tweeters find they can’t get to blogs everyone else in the world can access but them? Curious?

Hum, wonder if social media is censored as is all other media?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent




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