God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, October 12, 2012

#2 Censorship In America: More Lies at Eleven

                                  Language Of Liars; Liars-Poster-Jason Munn
I still have the right to my own opinion in spite of the fact that I see our United States government subtlety and manipulatively take this right away, so this and many other rights of the American public are left behind our homes' four walls. But please don’t fool yourself into thinking some day you’ll not have this freedom any longer if it hasn’t happened already. There are many very intelligent US citizens who believe it’s happening right now.
And there’s no way you’d know because our US Government is extremely corrupt, and greedy, while the media has the fear of death, career wise and maybe their life’s breath wise, instilled in them for breathing a word about what’s really going on?
Nevertheless they’re very aware, while we aren’t unless we’ve become a victim. Unfortunately, this is when “we the sheeple” realize the truth, while everything positive we’ve been taught about our rights as Americans, crime and the law are lies!
We also find out the media is being totally controlled by the US Government so they have no choices about what they can report. This fact isn’t hearsay anymore. I just wonder how any sane human being could take on a career as a reporter or journalist knowing they’re signing a contract to lie and withhold as they hold unbelievable truths within their consciousness?
How do these reporters live their lives, after hours, when they socialize with friends and family while holding gigantic secrets that could make the lives of many including their own love ones’ lives better if they shared?
Maybe they do share with friends & family, but this doesn’t help society.
Proof of the devastation, from lack of information shared with Americans before they’re victimized by something they could have learned about from reporters and journalists, are the many homeless and penniless Americans living in cardboard boxes on the streets, which you Mr. & Mrs. Citizen walk right over mumbling to yourselves, “Why don’t they just get a job. They’re disgusting!”
You’re right they are disgusting; there’s no way to take a shower; care for their looks; have decent clothes; get employment; government assistance (although most people would love a job over being taken care of by government, which the media reports as just the opposite) nor do they any longer have the will to live; not so much because of their circumstances but because they absolutely aren’t heard by those who are paid to regulate, investigate, prosecute and report.
Again the media won’t expose the truth about this; instead they first of all lie as to why there are so many homeless and penniless. To really put the comfortable (at the moment) American off guard the media spins a tale as to why these citizens are homeless and penniless, when they know the truth all along.
Sure there are some derelicts living in the streets, but many became this way because of lack of care for twenty years or less. It doesn’t take too long for hunger & exposure to show, while being completely ignored by those whom are paid by the publics’ taxes. And does the public know that the charities and churches often take in their donations, especially the cash and give it to no one but them selves?
Yes, government authorities are suppose to regulate this too and aren't.
Additionally millions of Americans land in the streets when a financial institution embezzles, extorts and launders all their funds from checking, savings, trust & stock accounts or unlawfully forecloses on their homes. Not so much because of the crimes but the authorities corruption of ignoring them. We’re taught all our lives that the authorities will handle this, but you see this is the big lie, because they don’t, and then the media gives this lie a great big spin.
The spin is, “Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Citizen better watch your spending because the economy is suffering,” or how about, “Americans need to get a grip on taking on loans they can’t afford. There have been blah, blah, blah more foreclosures this month.”
These are obtuse statements that have no substance. What has substance & truth is to report to the public that financial institutions are committing horrendous federal crimes against their customers; throwing them into the streets and the worst of this is if the customers report these crimes to our United States Attorney General, at the moment Eric Holder as they should, they’ll instead get a “Mafia Hit” to the streets unable to even get employment and be disqualified from any government assistance of any kind.
I believe the US Government does this on purpose. I’ve seen it and lived it. The government wants these victims to die in the streets in order to shut them up so you don’t hear about it. If you do it will be from a smelly; un-showered; unkempt vagrant living in a box. Now are you going to believe their tale of woe if they tell you? Especially if you smell alcohol on their breath or suspect they’re on drugs? God forbid! Truth is you might take a drink too if it were your only entertainment. And if you’d lived like this long enough with no hope, you’d probably have given up, just wanting to die as soon and as quickly as possible! Drugs can work on this issue!

In truth, we should be believing every smelly word that comes out of these poor victims' mouths and we should be honoring their struggle,helping any way we can; not blaming them.
But, not likely you’ll believe a word these vagrants, once viable citizens with families whom have given up on them, would say! And, very unfortunate, because our government counts on the public ignoring these victims at large so the government & media posse have won again!
Plus did you know our government is in the business of destroying families and close relationships too? How? Well when the government authorities refuse to address horrendous crimes that they are responsible for investigating, the victims never recoup their losses ending up homeless and penniless, while the media is instructed to report these crimes as the victims fault, so the victim’s family and close friends often blame them too? Now the victims are re-victimized by losing their families and anyone close to them, while the government authorities, from behind closed doors of secrecy, ignore the crimes… now the victims are ignored the third time!
First of all by the power of the media, you shun these victims; second of all you have no clue to the evil waiting for you; third of all it likely will because you haven’t a clue to the truth in what is putting American citizens into the streets, because the media won’t tell you which also means the financial institutions can continue they’re crime spree as the government authorities purposely ignore the crimes…continuing to force the media to stay silent.
I’ll bet the media has at least twice-year conventions about how to remain shut up and spoon out to the public what will keep them calm enough to shove logs up their Asses.
I mean just last night I did an experiment to prove my point! I timed the San Diego news at 6 o’clock on the one subject they just couldn’t let go of…the weather!  Yes, I watched the news for one of the few times I do, checking the weather, because we live in a tent. Rain is not fun. I’ve never really paid attention though to how long the report carries on? I’m telling you they took up a good part of the hour with the damn weather!  Reporters even interviewed citizens about how they felt about the stupid droplets of rain that hit San Diego?
Talk about avoidance of the real issues Americans want to know about. Isn't this what happens in dysfunctional families? Talk about the weather instead of what old Uncle Creepo did to your youngest daughter when she was 2 years old and now today she's having serious emotional problems.
Come on people, there are financial institutions embezzling, extorting and laundering your funds out of checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, maybe even yours? There are unlawful, illegal foreclosures taking place too and many more serious issues that need attention and accountability, while the media won’t report on any of these facts honestly.
I mean I could go into the way our US Government treats our brave veterans, but it’s so vast and horrid I’ll have to address this in another article.
Honestly would mean exposing the government authorities that purposely aren’t investigating these federal crimes, or doing any of their jobs for which we pay taxes, because they’re obviously in cahoots with each other and the financial institutions!
What other reason would there be? Well the other reason is we're already living in a Hitler regime.
From my experience with contacting media I can assure you they know all about the truth of what’s going on in financial institutions. I’ve at the very least contacted every news outlet there is if I’ve known about them and continue to do so. Most of the reporters say, “I know what’s going on but I’m not going to report this, besides we’re busy with this or that.” Often “this or that” concerns politics!
Yep! Who’s going to win an election, while once in office, they’ll still ignore what the financial institutions are doing. It’s outrageous! Yet, like lemmings “we the sheeple” can’t wait to hear about our candidate, Democrat, Republican or Independent who’ll lie for another four years.
I’ve also noticed when media is a bit afraid of what the public might catch onto they manipulate us with hundreds of stories about injured or abandoned animals. I mean this will take our breaths away and who wouldn’t be affected profoundly. And, the media knows it! Then, when the public actually starts to realize something, the media has to step it up by throwing in news about an investigation into a financial institution. However if you follow the story you’ll see that it completely ends a few weeks down the road and most likely never takes place.
Speaking of abandoned investigations, what has happened to Fast & Furious? Yes, Congressman Darrell Issa is involved in my case to, well to the extent that he has ignored me for four years anyway.
Madoff was a scapegoat for some very large financial institutions and financial elite all involved with the same Ponzi scheme. He couldn’t possibly have done it alone!
It took multiple financial institutions, two trustees, a few attorneys and four money managers to embezzle, extort and launder my 80M$ out of my one trust account. Madoff and his posse attacked thousands.
Madoff didn’t do it alone.
What’s still worse; you wouldn’t realize how very serious the federal crimes have actually become if it weren’t for me and social media, though I actually should be dead by now. The government didn’t count on my tenacity, Gods help and the fact that I had lots of stuff to sell for pennies on the dollar so I could survive…until now, while writing my book in a tent for two and a half years that hopefully will help millions of people see the truth.

By the way,  don't use bad language around children or smoke in their presence, and if you smoke on Burbank, California streets you'll be arrested and go to jail. And don't swear in front of children or in the public! If you drive an unregistered vehicle in California you'll get close to dying for the crime because you'll walk every place you go if you can't afford registering or getting your car out of impound.

However if you embezzle, extort; launder or foreclose unlawfully against a customer as a financial institution; attorney or law firm its perfectly alright! If you ignore serious federal crime as the US Attorney General, this is fine too. It's also okay as a government authority to ignore your job, and as a reporter or journalist one should withhold the truth from the public or DIE!

Oh, and if you captured rain water in Colorado before, I believe 2009, you'd have been arrested! Colorado finally did come to their senses on this one, recently.

More later.
By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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