God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Censorship In America: More Lies At Eleven


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Yes people are crazy all right but it isn’t our fault and if left to our own devises we’d be accessing our very capable brains for ideas that will help society and ourselves.
But the media won’t allow it!
In conversations with others all day long we can hear the media remarks from the public. Remarks like, “Oh the media lies” or how about, “I don’t watch the evening news anymore because its not news, it’s a performance exposing nothing.” But this is my favorite remark made often when asking someone where they heard the latest shocker, “On the news, didn’t you see it? It was on 6 o’clock news last night!”
So which is it? Do we refuse to watch the news or read about it? Or do we say we don’t like it because others don’t then on the sly in our own homes behind closed doors of secrecy we watch it like a dieter sneaking a McDonalds hamburger?
I’m not critiquing anyone; I’ve done this myself. As far as the news is concerned I use to watch it now and again in spite of how I felt about it…until lately. Lately meaning the last eight years since I realized the media is so full of crap I shame myself if I even catch a glimpse of a reporter speaking as I surf through channels.
Yes we have a rickety little TV in our tent. And, it works thank God!
What is it? Does the media have some way of stretching his/her arms of betrayal out into the public; luring us in like sheep going to slaughter? I’m talking about when we’re not even in front of the TV, but possibly taking a poop? A voice suddenly starts speaking in our ears, “The news will be on soon. Hurry up now and finish what you’re doing so you can go watch!”
Come on, is our US Government putting a drug in our city water system so we’ll always watch the news? Maybe they have a contract with the bottled water companies also adding the drug. Or maybe our government with the help of media know how to subliminally control the public, I mean, “We the sheeple.”
Whatever it is I’ve overcome my compulsion to watch the news since a number of financial institutions, a few financial elite, an attorney or two and my trustees embezzled, extorted and laundered funds out of my trust account, while unlawfully and illegally foreclosing on three multi-million dollar pieces of property, also owned by my trust.
It took these outrageous purposely unaddressed federal crimes happening to me (then us) to realize there isn’t a blasted word heard or read put out by the media that isn’t either spun to calm the sheeple; spun again to encourage extreme anger; lie or withhold…its called manipulation!
Then of course the media loves blood; almost as if they wish they could tell the truth about what’s really going on behind the sheeples’ back but since they can’t, or risk being fired, it’s fun to report something that’s obviously bleeding right there on the video! No one can dispute it…not even the government!
Meanwhile, the serious issues that need to be reported, thereby, actually helping society are purposely un-reported.
Once a sheeple’s life has been permanently destroyed because of horrendous, growing federal crimes that the US Government and media have been hiding from the public, for a good 100 years in my experience, your appetite for the 6 o’clock news or any news that isn’t a proven truth teller will turn your stomach.
Many people have yet to realize how serious the media withholding truth and spinning lies truly is and how closely these spins and lies affect their lives right now.
For instance just lately on Yahoo there has been reports on how the housing market has come back and continues to improve.
Hum, wondering how this can be when my three multi-million dollar pieces of property unlawfully and illegally foreclosed upon have never been addressed by the proper authorities? Nor has the embezzlement; extortion & laundering of 80M$ out of my trust account. In fact the enormity of the crimes against my trust and me as well as against my partner Larry indicate escalation of these federal crimes in the world, rather than an arrest of them.
This means they’re getting worse while the media is instructed to remain mute about it all. Besides does anyone wonder why our presidential candidates and Obama never mention these unaddressed federal crimes and why they're unaddressed and when they might be getting addressed?
Now today Yahoo reports on how the Fed claims the economy is cautiously getting better? Yes just in time for the elections too. How convenient! And who but the largest criminal of all next to our US Government would know more about the federal crimes occurring daily in every financial institution there is around the world?
Hey Mr. & Mrs America why wait until you and your families are victims to federal crime to be furious and make your move to protect yourselves?
Protect yourself now!
What the media is doing today is nothing less than censorship, while the un-reported dangers lurk in the sunlight to destroy you and your families. The news anchors might as well say, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

By; Deborah Breuner

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