God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, October 7, 2012




Referring briefly to Gold Warriors by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, as a reminder of the history of federal crime, and then bringing up the last self professed media tycoon, Bill Windsor of #LawlessAmerica, I was corresponding with in relation to getting my story out about government and legal corruption, I must say federal crimes committed against me are still a normal way of doing business in the world today. Horrific!
And, Bill Windsor isn't doing his self professed job for me? Is he doing so for others? Is he lying to them too?
In other words having 80M$ embezzled, extorted & laundered out of your trust account; causing an instantaneous toss into the streets is so normal it doesn’t deserve an interview of the victim…by anyone especially the government authorities?
And if this way of doing business continues even another year I trust at least the USA will blow herself up with federal crime!
So now after my review on Gold Warriors you understand where all this federal crime originally came from and why it continues. That is if I did my job correctly? You can always read the book yourself. In fact I recommend that you do for complete understanding. When you're done hopefully my book will be too and you can read God's On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! It's a romping escapade of my life as an heiress between the ages of 24 to 63 while numerous financial institutions, trustees, attorneys, husband and family plotted together to steal my funds & assets as government authorities sat naked in beanbag chairs, on purpose, eating jello watching the show unfold. It's sad; hysterically funny at times and not only educational but also proves the power of the human spirit to succeed against all odds has not gone astray in modern day.

 Additionally my book exposes federal crimes occurring at the hands of financial elite, financial institutions, unethical attorneys and government authorities that few in the public have even a clue about, purposely going unaddressed. Personally I think the multiple media outlets are the biggest criminals of all because they know about all the federal crimes refusing to expose them. I mean Matt Taibbi, Alex Jones and Fox News know all about my story and the serious, secretly kept from the public, financial crimes going on for months now. And these report outlets are but a mere few I've contacted. I've reached out to thousands. Interestingly, the more involved these reporters are with exposing the state of economy and finances the less interested they are in reporting these federal crimes?
Meanwhile I can continue to reveal in articles what has occurred to me which concerns you too because a number of financial institutions doing business with the public everyday arrogantly committed horrendous federal crimes against my trust and me over many years time, which can easily be happening to you right now.
Please do not calm yourself with, “Well I’ll never have that much money so I have nothing to worry about because nobody would want what I have.” Wrong! I believe financial institutions A) take whatever they can from everyone and B) if you happen to piss someone off in the bank or someone who has connections with a bank they’ll come after you and your finances until you die in the streets.
These federal crimes committed by the financial elite are very subtle at first. Many customers and clients have no clue because their bank and money managers are in cahoots lying to them.
They pay each other off is all I can come up with as a reason so many financiers would risk being involved? But then again their part of the government posse and know they’ll never get investigated.
What crimes would you commit if you knew no one would hold you accountable?
You’ve read your bank and stock account statements but unless you have a MBA and a masters in finance you’re not completely understanding them, but even if you are the financial institutions can fraudulently adjust your statements slightly every month so you’ll never see the heist of your assets. Then your money manager plays a huge role as he lies about what has happened with your stocks and investments…followed up with more fraudulently adjusted statements.
Depending on how much money is involved and how many financial experts have their greedy hands and brains managing your funds will have a lot to do with the psychological games they’ll collectively play with you as a diversion so they stay incognito financial criminals and you unaware.
For instance you as the account holder or investor may have some questions about your account or investments and these financial criminals will allude to you being stupid for asking as one diversion to their crimes. They may even blame you for spending too much, when you actually haven’t? The financial experts have actually been busy creating another trust account in another criminals name with your monthly-incurred interest.
You know exactly the same way the media diverts the public away from the fact that the candidates, both Romney and Obama refuse to discuss the financial institutions committing federal crimes against the public and what they will be doing to address and stop it! This is because neither the President nor Romney wants to address these federal crimes; they benefit from them too much as extra cash is stowed away for their use and investments.
Another way the media diverts we the public away from the federal crimes by financial institutions is by blaming these illegal, unlawful foreclosures on the borrower?
Interestingly there are federal crimes the financial institutions are committing to steal our funds and assets that the public has never heard about; our US Government and the media have made sure of this.
In fact I’ve seen a financial institution foreclose on a three million dollar trust owned property, completely paid for, using a personal loan paid up ahead by a year.
I’ve seen a financial institution hide monthly payments received on a personal loan to a phantom account while the bank called the borrower in default. I’ve also observed names on loan documents changed, after the fact, from the trust name to the name of the person owning the trust so the bank could sidestep a judicial foreclosure, mostly because the foreclosure was a criminal act and the financial institution didn’t want a judge to see it.
What’s worse, these financial institutions hire huge law firms to commit these crimes for them as far as completing criminal foreclosures.
I would even venture to say that if you as a buyer of real estate buy properly and the land and home appreciate well over a relatively short time, you may have made the biggest mistake of your life. Why? Because financial institutions love valuable property and if they decide they want your home and land they’ll find a way to foreclose on it even if you don’t have a mortgage with them. I’ve seen this too.

In other words besides the Robo-signing which the media decided to reveal to the public just to appease, there’s far more sinister federal crimes occurring with these unlawful, illegal foreclosures that pale in comparison of crime but of course not in the damage done to the innocent victims.
These federal crimes and more are being committed by our financial elite, leaders, politicians and clergy while our government authorities, paid by our taxes to uphold the federal laws and protect the public from financial abuse, are purposely ignoring the criminal acts, because they’re in on them.
Meanwhile we the public are hanging out with friends; tweeting on Twitter and talking about who will be our next president after these candidates refuse to discuss the financial institutions who are putting families into the streets by committing federal crimes?
Are we Americans crazy?
Listen up on YouTube to Billy Currington & People Are Crazy. It will at least make you smile:>)


By: Deborah Breuner

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