God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reverend Jim Jones Ain’t Got Nothing Over Obama


The United States of America the land of the free, and we Americans are taught this from the day we’re born. As we grow up becoming somewhat rebellious the one thing that isn’t tolerated is negative reference towards our great country.
It’s un-American!
But we’re also taught we must earn what we receive in life; it’s not just handed to us on a sliver platter. Each generation, as their parents taught them, teach their offspring this same fact of life.
Honorable isn’t it? We should be so proud.
We’ve also been taught to respect those men and women who fight to keep us, and our country safe.
Then of course we have the United States of America’s Constitution for which we’ve always been taught is so very special and I personally always got the idea it was something most other countries in the world didn’t have? Yes, a declaration of respect for the American people and each other.
Today I realize this probably isn’t true but in my family being a proud American came across like the threats spouted out for not cleaning my plate, “There are poor children in Africa who don’t have enough to eat, so you have no right to waste food!” You know something like, “Be proud to be an American other countries don’t have the freedom we have.”
And another thing, the United States of America was rarely spoken of without God mentioned, in the same sentence. Everything that surrounded and supported us, such as the American flag; schools; churches; courts and our monetary system had reminders of God too.
And I was always taught there wasn’t just one God who was better than all the rest but many ways to look at the same God who created our world and the people in it. In other words we had the freedom in America to see and worship God in any way we chose.
Oh and here’s something else I always understood when growing up, “The legal system isn’t perfect but compared to other countries we’re way ahead.”
Dear God if this is actually true then we’re in worst trouble than I thought because the US legal system is about as corrupt as any legal system could possibly be. What could the other countries’ legal systems be like?  I know in some foreign countries they just behead a person for the smallest of crimes, but personally I’d rather die quickly than live in a cardboard box in the streets of America for twenty years then die of starvation & exposure, wouldn’t you? No; the charities and churches in the USA don't actually help people.  Saying they do is another American tale of untruth. Many charities & churches are actually more criminal enterprises.

Why do I say this with such conviction?
Because, in my experience, I’ve seen nothing less than pure criminal activity committed by attorneys, judges and attorney generals, in the name of  “the law,” worst than any Mafia. And I’ve lived in the streets because of they’re crimes, while no charity helps.  So I actually know what I’m talking about!
Hey when you have the authorities committing the crimes; they’re having a field day! There are no authorities watching over them but media while they’re paid off, to shut up, by the government.
Perfect crime scenario!
Yes our United States of America is no country to be proud of anymore. I’m not sure when it started to go down hill or if we as Americans have forever been sold a bill of goods about how great and free we are by manipulative psychopaths?
Who knows?
I do know that my great aunt had all her assets embezzled, extorted and probably laundered back in the early 1900s; my mother did as well through a far more convoluted form of the same during the middle fifties. Because no one ever warned me, it eventually was my turn to experience all this federal crime.
In none of these cases were there ever investigations by the authorities; because they sat behind closed doors of secrecy, like they do today sending out form letters probably claiming, “This isn’t our jurisdiction, go to blah, blah, blah!” or they just completely avoid the crime writing back and addressing something else entirely, for twenty years.
In those days folks eventually gave up demanding their rights for many reasons! I know people believed in authority more then than they do today and many of these victims were independently wealthy women…easy targets. And it probably wasn’t as common of a crime in the private sectors back then?
The financial & legal elite, along with the government authorities, has finally become so arrogant they’ve given themselves away with their blatant federal crimes committed in the sunlight for all to witness as they laugh at “we the sheeple.”
We are not free; like I said earlier don’t know how long this has been a fact, and as the years pass so goes all the real or imagined goodness we once believed in. Maybe the truth has just come to the surface; rattling the hinges of hell so the chips fall where they may?
This is actually a road to improvement, and God knows we need it!
Americans also have few rights to free speech in this country as we’ve been taught to believe. And you wouldn’t know this until its time to demand your rights by being an American or for justice because of serious crime committed against you or your family.
I know our proud soldiers, coming home from active duty, can attest to the betrayal they feel when they return from war to find there are no jobs, now that they’ve risked their lives for their country, a country that gives nothing back!
You’ll be shocked! America stands for nothing but greed today and no laws are upheld! This isn’t America’s fault it’s our leaders whether they’re right or left winged.
I wrote an article recently and posted it to my blog titled, Hitler Is Alive & Well In The United States of America. I tweeted this article out to my followers for about forty-eight hours; this morning I woke up to a tweet from a follower saying “I don’t approve of using Hitler as a comparison.”
The statement actually shook me up a bit? So simple and straightforward yet made without questioning the facts as to why I would write an article making this comparison?
I thought to myself, “Certainly she knows my horrendous story, she’s followed me for months?” Yet at this point I was wondering if she’d ever read any of my articles? There are other things we have in common, which is one of the reasons I’m still following her.
I wrote her back a few times being a gentle as possible, assuming she had to be Jewish if I had offended her? In fact she wrote me again one more time saying, “Two words, I’m Jewish.” Like I said, I assumed she was Jewish. What she hadn’t known, until that moment, I have Jewish roots as well from my mother’s side, so I shared this with her.
Haven’t heard from her since.
My statement to her, and anyone who doesn’t want to see or hear about how American leaders, at the moment Obama, compare to Hitler hasn’t learned from history, because today we are living in a Hitler regime, while people like her spend more time being insulted by what I’ve said rather than rushing to battle in stopping it!  I mean she could at least ask why I claim what I’ve written?
This is nothing less than denial.
If we face it now and do something we will have learned from history; if we don’t this time around, it will be worse than the holocaust!
One of the first things Hitler did to the Jews was to seize their funds and assets; recently Obama signed an executive order to make seizing consumers’ funds and assets any time he chooses perfectly legal.
Therefore your funds should be in a safe buried in the ground.
Of course financial institutions have been stealing for years, secretly and illegally, as the government authorities purposely ignored it and continue to do so. In my case a number of financial institutions embezzled, extorted and laundered 80M$ out of my trust account and when I reported it to the proper government authorities I was thrown into the streets with a “Mafia Hit” as punishment for tattling. The Mafia hit consists of being homeless and penniless, stricken from ever getting employment again in your lifetime and rejected, though again unlawfully, from any kind of government assistance, which equals death in the streets after living in a cardboard box.
Again, media remains mute on any of these facts.
If this isn’t Hitler and his army all over again, I’ll eat dog food for a month and won’t complain! If we refuse to acknowledge and revolt against them we deserve what we’ll get.
Remember there were many Jews during Hitler’s reign that didn’t believe the rumors about what would be coming; they stayed; others left everything they owned and fled, saving their family and their own lives. Today it’s about standing up together and demanding change!
Or like Jim Jones, Obama or another president will continue to tell us to drink Kool-Aid and we’ll continue to suck it down as if we had good sense.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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