God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

#3 Censorship In America; More Lies At Eleven


And there’s still more to say about American censorship through the lying, withholding, spinning and sensationalizing of news from MSM to Twitter and every alternative news outlet there is in between. Yes, for instance the public has become enamored with Alex Jones and his revealing insight on the real truth, or how about Max & Stacy? They know all about the financial crimes going on in America. Another one of my favorites is Matt Taibbi. But the truth is these reporters & journalists know almost every detail about my situation and have for a long time, some for years, yet you haven’t heard a word about it except from me or perhaps by gossip in social media such as on Twitter.
What else do these reporters and journalists keep from the public? What are we allowed to discuss on Facebook, Twitter and other such people powered news outlets? I know from experience it's not just anything we want to share because we'll be censored. But lots of foul language is permitted.

This should scare the public into demanding change and if everyone gathered together and insisted on it there would be change. Instead the public would rather gossip about it all while diving into their unhealthy compulsions, to dismiss their pain, brought on by outrageous frustrations because of injustices that have occurred to them for which they are unheard.
You see when these injustices become life threatening people do something. Too bad because this is often way too late and people die because of it: either literally or they lose their lives as they knew them because they end up reacting to an issue rather than responding.
Hey Mr. & Mrs. Citizen getting involved and doing your part towards change in society will cause it to actually happen & relieve your need to instead use your pent up anger to destroy yourselves or blow the brains out of a classroom full of fellow students.
Yes I believe many of the outrageous actions of our children are reactions to the crimes of society that never get addressed. I’m certainly not making excuses for these horrible actions but I understand them; we the public could actually end some of them by insisting that our leaders do their jobs…including the powerful media.
I’m confident the media understands just how powerful they are as they manipulate the public with their fine expertise in subliminal programming. Worst of all they are quite aware of the damage they inflict on the public!
Don’t care!
Ultimately this is our United States Government’s fault, because they insist the media performs as they do.
I’ve never done what I’m about to suggest because it is very time consuming; most of us don’t have this kind of time; the government and media count on this.
But one should keep a chart of what’s going on in the world when the media reports in writing or on TV certain subjects that totally deny any real issues that need attention, such as the financial institutions committing federal crimes against their customers. First the media will gloss over it; blame borrowers and then scare the public, not yet attacked by their financial institution, with how horrible the economy is, but they’ll lie about why or withhold what they know.
The next day it seems Yahoo will have an article about a poor German shepherd who’s missing his/her front legs! Now the public, if they have any heart at all, has possibly forgotten about the small issue the media teased them with on the news last night? You know the robo-signing, which the authorities are looking into now.
Right! In our soul we wonder if we’re hearing everything that’s going on with the financial institutions but it hasn’t dawned on us that the financial institutions are actually embezzling as much as 80M$ out of one trust account and never getting investigated for it? In fact we calm ourselves with, “ See the authorities are looking into this robo-signing stuff and they’ll get to the bottom of it all.”
All along, for probably a good eight years every news outlet in the country and some in Europe have received in writing the whole story about the 80M$ embezzlement out of one trust account going completely ignored by the government authorities, over and over again, while they ignore the story. Some reporters and journalists actually send an e-mail saying they chose not to write or report about this?
So all the public knows by the media is there’s robo-signing going on; authorities looking into it all and it’s the borrowers fault they lost their homes? Most of the public will know it wasn’t their fault they were foreclosed upon, but their attorney will lie about the laws, withhold documents from the judge at hearings, so the judge won’t order a trial and the one and only authority who has any jurisdiction over the financial institutions is our United States Attorney General, today Eric Holder, and he refuses to launch investigations into now millions of federal crimes committed by millions of financial institutions.
These should not be civil cases that many unethical attorneys file just so they get some money; they are federal cases, which need to be addressed by Eric Holder and his team, whomever they are?
This is all information the media could inform the public of, but they don’t because our US Government want us confused and uninformed. The media does this kind of reporting on just about any subject imaginable unless it’s the everyday weather, of course.
The alternative media reiterates what the MSM lies about and withholds from the public.
So where is the truth? It’s in the experiences of the public and in social media? No! Would it be in the experiences of the public? Yes!
Social media is even censored today!
So next time you see the front page of Yahoo spouting a wardrobe malfunction of Taylor Swift’s ask yourself what the media is diverting you away from with a story as benign as this? 
And the more benign or emotionally charging more often? Well you can be sure what the media is hiding from the public is huge!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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