God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, June 21, 2013


I’m having a problem here with what to do as the world spins and most Americans ignore the issues starring them right in the face? Well they love to read or watch videos about these shocking stories born of the issues that concern others’ lives, trusting it will never happen to them. Yet what you hear many people say when they are struck with tragedy is, “I have always believed this happens to other people not to my family and me”?

Yes, well this is what I muttered too when my whole life was destroyed by federal crimes, which I started to learn about over twelve years ago Then to be re-victimized by the reception my federal crime(s) have received!

Besides this I’m trying to figure out why the criminal in this video is being investigated while being sought after for a number of years? He stole $30,000.00 and it seems he’s in trouble with the law for this and a number of other crimes? The media is all over his crimes and him? Yet, I had 80M$s embezzled from my trust account, by a number of national financial institutions we all do business with everyday and the government authorities won’t give me the time of day; they won’t even investigate this horrific crime! In fact you need to ask the question why, and ponder on it. It’s very important that you do and understand what I’ve come to know. The reason the authorities aren’t investigating the federal crimes committed against me is because a number of USA leaders benefited from the federal crimes committed against my trust and me while the trustees, attorneys and financial institutions involved all benefited as well. This doesn’t set my crime apart from yours, no our government is seizing assets, through the financial institutions from many account and property holders, while the crimes are ignored of course. The USA Government doesn’t want you to know about these heists, while the media helps keep these federal crimes from the public. Many victims are spending years in the courts with an attorney desperately litigating an unlawful foreclosure that is a totally illegal, federal crime, and in the end the homeowner will lose their property anyway, after spending a fortune in attorney fees to stop it! If the Attorney General, Eric Holder were doing his job the financial institutions wouldn’t think of committing these federal crimes. So the only explanation here is that our USA Government is in on these federal crimes!


Oh and this article, below, was written by Matt Taibbi. What is he considered for Rolling Stone Magazine? At the very least he’s an expert on financial institutions and federal crimes, while he doesn’t tell the whole truth! As a for instance, have you noticed the media doesn’t call these financial crimes, federal crime, anymore? Why would this be? I think it’s because these crimes, federal crimes, belong to the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, state attorney generals, government financial watchdogs and FBI to investigate and they refuse! To keep the public in the dark as to whose responsibility it is to investigate these financial institutions, the media has dropped the term federal crime. Now the public who don’t have time to analyze what is happening by way of the manipulating media forgets, amidst their busy day, that it’s the government authorities responsibility to regulate the financial institutions and protect the public from financial abuse by these banks. We pay our federal income taxes for this service. Well that’s what illegal, unlawful foreclosures are, you know; federal crimes! Embezzlement or stealing of funds out of a citizen’s account, whether it’s a trust, stock or normal bank account is called embezzlement! And if there’s embezzlement there’s usually laundering funds as well. But Matt Taibbi doesn’t mention these financial terms as he refers to his article as, THE LAST MYSTERY OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS

Oh please, I’ve contacted Matt Taibbi hundreds of times with my story; he refuses to even return my e-mails. What’s more his article is not the last mystery of the financial crisis? There are all kinds of federal crimes going on that are never mentioned by anyone but the victims and the media, all media, are ignoring these stories…on purpose! Mr. Taibbi does mention the term “Mafia” in relation to the global problems in the corrupt stock market. I’ll give him credit for this but he too refuses to tell my story or others like it; he refuses to let the public know that individual consumers are being targeted, embezzled from and when they report the horrendous crimes, instead of an investigation they get more horrendous federal crimes committed against them until they are tossed into the streets to die, as their punishment! These are what I call “Mafia Hits” or Nazi Germany kind of torture and it’s happening here in the United States of America right under your nose as you’re kept in the dark, and being set up to be possibly the next victim! It’s our USA Government behind these crimes. You, as the public should be livid that one, you’re doing business with a financial institution who’s very likely guilty of these kinds of crimes, I speak of, and you aren’t being informed, and two, you’re not even aware of what crimes are taking place? All you’ve heard of are the robo-signing and lost documents which are serious enough, but there are many more federal crimes you have never heard about and there are national financial institutions committing worse crimes than BofA, Wells Fargo or the others that are being mentioned in the media. For instance if the term “Mafia” is to be used it should be used in the mention of KeyBank and I bet you’ve hardly heard of them? Did you know that this bank foreclosed on my 3M$ property in Sun Valley, Idaho and it had no loan against it? The property was also owned, outright, by my trust, which means the foreclosure needed to be judicial if there was to be one. Yet, KeyBank didn’t want to go to court and wanted my property so they foreclosed against my property with no loan against it; owned by a trust and did it non-judicially. They seized this property just because they wanted it!

Meanwhile the public is bombarded with articles from all the journalist experts in finance as they take us on a trip about the economy, trading stocks, taxes, social security and more, but they’re not writing about our USA Government sanctioning the national financial institutions to steal all we own!


Additionally have you noticed that there isn’t one government agency or department who’s doing their job? You may not if you haven’t had to contact them all, as I have. Many in the public see this as apathy; I see it as more crime because I’ve lived over twelve years reporting the federal crimes to the proper authorities, while they completely ignore me from behind locked doors of secrecy. This is “Misprision Of Felony” a federal crime, punishable with prison time. If this isn’t bad enough, when you as a victim, now determined to get justice for these federal crimes, committed against you, finds out that all the state and USA representatives who should step in to help get the attention of the authorities won’t, they too are ignoring you, you go to the media and they also ignore you, it’s time to realize we are living a financial holocaust purposely created by our USA Government!

For a matter of fact there are no leaders in our country who are actually doing anything to lead? No Liberal or Conservative party or politician is better than the other; ninety percent of all our USA politicians know my story and continue to ignore it! Absolutely won’t lift a finger to help. The attorneys claim my case(s) involve too many states so too bad for me, not that they’d take my case anyway. I’ve learned they use this line as an excuse. The truth is the attorneys and the judges are being bribed to protect the financial institutions. How do I know? Well why else would they protect these entities while representing you the victim? I’ve watched attorneys withhold evidence from the judge; judges remove full day court trials from their dockets while the victim to an illegal eviction stands in front of them? If the victim speaks up, it’s called contempt of court; they’re threatened with jail time. No chance to reschedule; the home is gone now anyway, while the victim to all this federal crime can do nothing, knowing all along the judge did this because he/she was corrupt! Oh, a victim can fight this, and ten years later they’re still fighting; still lose their home!

No wonder there are billions of groups & petitions circulating the country in the efforts to make America function better for the many unmet needs already paid for, to be met, by our taxes, but they are never met? Yet, we just keep on doing things the same way, expecting different results; dealing with a world where every facet is laden with corruption and it’s escalating! We’re shouting across social media about our treasonous USA Government, but do nothing but sign petitions, which they laugh at! We claim we hate the media because of their lies, yet if we don’t hear the reports from the media we don’t believe what we’re told? If a homeless, penniless person comes to us and shares a story about having all their funds and assets stolen by the USA Government via a number of financial institutions, you’re calling them a “nut job” before they’re done talking?

Hello, the homeless, penniless victims on the streets, whom you ignore, have two things to tell you, the truth to what is going on in the United States & you’re next if we don’t do something!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

PLEASE join me for some of the rest of my story; taking you on a roller coaster ride of the tenacious seeker of justice; laden with a family saga and federal crime that use to stun Dominick Dunne:>) For the foundation, PLEASE start with the March/April 2012 postings; parts 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent… http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

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