God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

I’m From The Government; And, I’m Here For My Photo Opt!

First of all let me extend my deepest sympathy to all Oklahomans whom have been struck by the deadly tornados and lost so much…many I know have lost love ones; some their precious children and pets? Unconscionable, unnecessary loss of life! I am so sorry. I’m really angry with this too, while having reasons that might be difficult for some to understand. I know my words mean little compared to the grief you feel. However I know a lot about loss and grief so my words will hopefully mean something to you as you come to realize just how much I have lost and what I’ve learned because of it. I pray my words will come to you as understanding your plight.

I pray also that you’ll receive the help and support you deserve from both the government agencies, paid by your taxes to help, and loving caring friends choosing to help. You’ll need both; end up with one!

What makes me really angry about the Oklahoma tornado and other tragic occurrences we’ve seen this year, adding to those we’ve witnessed in our lifetime, is many didn’t have to happen. I believe our USA Government to be at the bottom of lots of them; using these natural weather patterns to their advantage by whatever means they choose, such as chemtrails; seeding clouds creating disasters instead of just a normal tornado, which would be far less destructive if left to nature! The truth is our own USA Government wants us all dead, by any means possible!

And, we’ve heard about how our government doesn’t care coming from angry activists over the years as they march in front of the White House with their signs; the media addresses them with their voice inclinations as idiots. The USA Government ignores them like passive aggressive sociopathic parents. These responses right here should indicate, to the rest of us, that these activists know what they’re talking about, while many in the public not yet suffering from unaddressed government crimes, shrug their shoulders spouting, “Ah why don’t they get a life”? Call this denial, fear, ignorance or stupidity; it’s all of them until what these activists are demanding attention to happens to you! Then you’re incensed! And you should be! Hopefully you’ve gained some respect for the citizens fighting for yours and their civil rights! Problem is the more of an activist we become, the more we understand that our USA Government, politicians, legal world and media do not care about the laws, justice or your well

What’s more these crimes ultimately the fault of our USA Government, for purposely ignoring them, are escalating, while our financial institutions, attorneys, judges, leaders, politicians and media laugh at all of us. Why are they laughing? Because they have a corner on stopping all investigations into any crime and free reign to commit as many more as they can in one lifetime! THERE’S NO ONE ABOVE them TO STOP them FROM COMMITTING OR IGNORING HORRENDOUS CRIMES…most of which happens to be federal financial crimes by which all these sick leaders and professionals personally gain assets. Call some of their opportunities bribes and others knowing the right person who will cover their back, for a part of the action. This “ain’t” no Hollywood movie people! This is real based on my personal experience and you know what they say, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

I know from personal experience that for the last one hundred years, a century, financial institutions have been instrumental or the hardened criminals embezzling funds from their customers. I know about targeted individuals who suffer from these crimes and the USA Government authorities, whom we pay taxes to for protection from these federal crimes, instead purposely ignore them while the media continues to print stories about criminals whom are investigated and prosecuted for federal crimes. I’d venture to guess these news stories are either fake, media spins, or the prosecuted are individuals, like Madoff who take the fall for the financial institutions. Hello people! There are no federal crimes committed without financial institutions involved! Bernie Madoff did not do what he did without a number of financial institutions helping him! Someone didn’t like Bernie Madoff so they made him the scapegoat!

Fact is my great aunt had all her assets embezzled in the late 1800s or early 1900s? I’m not sure exactly, I was very young when my mother happened to mention the dastardly deed, which by the way, as I understand it, was reported to the proper USA Government authorities and ignored from behind those antique secret doors of corruption. In the fifties my mother was then attacked financially, by my father and the help of a financial institution or two:>(Well my father sat on the board of Wells Fargo and knew all the important judges in town. He used these relationships to help himself to my mothers’ inherited assets. Plus my father went one step further, by keeping my mother drugged and in mental hospitals, so she wouldn’t expose him and the financial institutions; he then convinced friends and family that my mother was mentally ill:>(Unfortunately, many of the targeted victims to federal financial crimes are independently wealthy women whose families of origin, are deceased. These women have often spent their lives lovingly raising families, because they had the resources to support themselves and help out their spouses with their own funds. Their families most definitely benefit from this rare now days attention to family:>) When their children are grown they often create businesses and it’s about at this time they find out about the true unfortunate facts about their lives! Family doted on while trusted financial institutions; trustees; greedy family members; money managers and attorneys scammed them over for twenty-four years. These entities know something most Americans, until they become victims, don’t realize, the government authorities, the only ones with the jurisdiction to address federal crimes, will NEVER investigate! Do you know what this is called? Well it’s called “Misprision Of Felony” Google this crime if you’ve never heard of it.
The targeted heiress will be completely destroyed if she even thinks about reporting these federal crimes to the US Attorney General, state attorney generals, FBI or financial watchdogs. She’ll not get an investigation but instead more federal crimes committed against her, mafia hits I call them, until she’s living in the streets. Yes, this happens to men too! Possibly not as often but I know of two right now whom have experienced the same unaddressed federal crimes committed against their trusts and themselves.

Now the federal crimes are serious enough, but what these crimes do to ones life is devastating! It’s bad enough that we no longer have any money. What’s still worse are the crimes leave us with unlawfully destroyed credit; no employment history because of always working for oneself and usually, age wise, way too old for anyone to want to hire! Of course the authorities know this and therefore these actions are built in, nothing less than, hands off and from behind secret closed doors of corruption, murder.

Yes, we the victims land in the streets with whatever the USA Government, charities and churches are willing to do to help. And, here’s another surprise for unsuspecting victims to serious unaddressed federal and other crimes or disasters. There is no help contrary to what you hear from those whom have never lived homeless and penniless, with no vehicle, family or employment! Yes, the media will tell you these entities help; but here’s the secret; they’re lying!

I had 80M$s embezzled out of my trust; when I reported this federal crime to all the proper USA Government authorities, in 2004 I was instead of interviewed with my proof, ignored from behind corrupt locked doors of secrecy while many more federal crimes attacked me as punishment for reporting the original federal crime; the banks and professionals involved. What happened was the financial institutions came after me and illegally foreclosed on my 3M$ property, owned by my trust in Sun Valley, Idaho, while there was no loan against this property. I would then lose my husband and my flourishing business, because of further crimes and the 2M$ home, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which we were living in, along with half of our belongings, to an illegal eviction by the attorney I hired to address the embezzlement of my trust and the unlawful foreclosure. State Bars do nothing about attorney misconduct such as this, and the attorneys know it:>(

The media, if they report crimes such as this, globally, address them as the victim’s fault, so this is probably what the unsuspecting public believes until the same federal crimes attack them.

I know what you’re thinking. “How does this concern me? I’m not a spoiled independently wealthy person”! Some of you may even feel I deserved to be stricken with federal crimes because my ancestors committed crimes in order to be able to leave me an inheritance. Think what you want; I know this isn’t true, but nevertheless my situation concerns you too! How you may ask?

Well it concerns you because of what I’ve seen and experienced in the last twelve to sixteen years, depending on when one would pinpoint the beginning of my problematic years. What my husband and I have seen and experienced in the corrupt financial institutions and the government authorities most defiantly concerns you and your families, because the crimes have nothing to do with being an heiress, they have to do with arrogantly committed federal crimes that are committed against anyone doing business with or affected by a financial institution, government authorities, FBI, financial watchdogs, politicians, attorneys, judges or media! The methods used by these entities to destroy your lives financially are universal, used against everyone, I’d suspect, yet few in the public, unless they have been victimized, have one clue to most of these methods. You can ultimately blame the media for this. Therefore you will be attacked because you don’t know what to look out for:>(

Many of these methods of destroying you and your family, by financial institutions, and those government authorities that are supposed to be regulating them may be occurring to you right now and you’re not even aware of it yet.

Once your lives have been destroyed by unaddressed federal financial crimes, there’s another surprise unfortunately awaiting you. There are no churches or charities that will help you and your family rebuild:>(Most of the time they abuse you over the phone and hang up on you. Ask the victims to New Orleans’ Hurricane Katrina if you don’t believe me. Unfortunately I fear for what will become of the victims to the recent Oklahoma tornados; the media encourages the public to think that government agencies, Red Cross and FEMA will step in and help; just as they report federal crimes are addressed by the US Attorney General, when they know this isn’t true! How do I know the media is aware? Well because I’ve been reporting our story, even to alternative media, for years and they refuse to expose it, which would help the rest of society protect them selves!

Yes well ask the survivors of Oklahoma’s so called natural disaster about this a few months to year from today: ask them again five years from now? I believe what you’ll hear is no agency, charity or church did one thing to help and they were perhaps offered a couple thousand dollars from the USA Government to rebuild their lives with! What’s worse about this; is that these victims lost family, their children and pets by a tornado our USA Government may have created on purpose with chemtrails or something else we have yet to learn about! The only help these poor victims will see will be from friends and family. Hopefully this is true, because there’s a point where we all need help in life. Today even families won’t help each other:>(I pray this isn’t true in the heartland of Oklahoma.

I know what my husband, our small dog Bu Bu and I have experienced post federal financial crimes. We are destitute unable, so far, to even land employment for the reasons I’ve described earlier. Yet we continue to try! We’re in our fifth year of trying with unlawfully destroyed credit and reputations created by unaddressed federal crimes by the proper government authorities… all created on purpose my friends. Our ages don’t help us nor do our backgrounds in creating and managing our own businesses…employers only hire the once and recently employed we’re learning!

Truth is we’ve actually landed two employment experiences; couples employment with housing. Perfect for our situation and they turned out to be criminal enterprises? Again, these kinds of crimes continue for the same reason. Our government authorities and agencies don’t give a damn, and this isn’t just an idol angry remark; this comes from experiences relating to reporting these crimes with absolutely no response; even when your passports are stolen. Now that should cause us all to feel safe, uh?

USA Government assistance for the homeless and penniless especially those targeted and struck by unaddressed by the proper authorities federal financial crimes, committed by our financial institutions, goes as such; you’ll qualify for an EBT card, in other words food stamps. This consists of a credit card given to us by the USA Government amounting to fifty dollars a week per person for food. We aren’t allowed to purchase anything but food with this card so if one needs paper plates, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, soap, shampoo, deodorant or a pair of DEPENDS they’re clean out of luck:>(If there are no children you won’t qualify for any kind of housing so you’ll have to live in the streets or find temporary housing in filthy shelters, waiting in line every night for hours for a bed, where you’ll be separated, by miles, from your husband who must go to a male shelter; your pet taken to an animal shelter. Now try to get employment or worse yet even feel like living. Most homeless and penniless opt to live under a bridge in order to keep their family together; they’re pets are not just pets they’re, precious lasting friends, and the only purpose left for their lives!

Well how about social security? Certainly this will help! No not for the self-employed all their lives, unless you want to claim you’re mentally ill. The USA Government then will pay for all your medications BUT nothing else! These are the victims you see on the streets looking as if they’ve lost their minds! Hopefully you’ll understand more about the homeless & penniless after reading this article…perhaps you’ll feel more empathy and choose to help stop all the corruption in this country creating this?

Additionally at this point, there is no longer a vehicle, cell phone or computer. So contrary to our so-called freedom of speech in this country, our government knows how to get around our US Constitution by creating a situation that silences people. NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE THE TESTIMONY OF, A SMELLY, VICTIM TO FEDERAL FINANCIAL CRIME, especially if they’ve become so desperate to be heard that they stop men and women walking past them begging for help!

And, this is where we’re at now; by the kindness of this motel manager he’s still allowing us to stay in this fifty dollar a night motel room…we were suppose to leave last Tuesday. Larry goes out everyday on interviews; I continue to market my book on Facebook and Twitter.
Meanwhile, I’m receiving hate postings on Facebook about how our problems are no different than theirs, though these particular messengers of hate have a vehicle, roof over their heads, many have family and employment. Their advice to us, “Go to a charity or church; they will help you”! REALLY? I guess these people haven’t kept up with our story, which concerns anyone breathing in the United States of America today! And they haven’t been truly destitute yet… destitute as we are now and have been for a good five years:>(Up until a year ago we at least had our belongings to sell and we’ve exhausted this remedy…we own nothing anymore but legal documents, a few clothes and the history of our families in photos. And it isn’t as if we haven’t tried to help ourselves nor other Americans suffering? We finally figured out that we needed to believe what we’ve been taught. “There’s a reason for everything.” Yes, there’s a reason our lives have taken the road we’re on; we’ve had no other choice but to write. All other options have been taken away from us:>(So we’ve written and written some more; actually took the few hundred dollars we had from selling something and paid for a script writing mentor. Then we started realizing that what we had been experiencing and learning needed to be exposed to the public in order to help society. It was what was meant to be; if you believe in God as we do, it is God’s will.

Many of our experiences are not known or understood by most people who haven’t been financially victimized as yet. We hope to prevent you from having our experiences: the illegal loss of your homes & assets. However if we don’t stay on our feet our work at this point will perish with us into the bowels of the streets where we’ll lose our voices. We actually have an investor interested in the feature film script my husband and I wrote, entertaining and exposing what we’ve learned that will help all Americans including us. My book is beginning to sell:>(The problem is we may be under a bridge by the time our investor wants to negotiate concerning the investment and he’ll have no way in reaching us:>(What a complete waste of our lives. This is why I’m appealing to you on Facebook and Twitter for your donations. Our lives saved will help you too.

One of the most serious problems we have here in America, in the midst of all this financial and government corruption, is that we as Americans haven’t realized how important it is for us all to help each other using the strengths we have. We are all each other have left; our USA Government, politicians, government authorities, financial institutions, legal world, churches, charities and media have left the building, they’ve gone psycho; all we the people have are each other. Plus you’ll hear nothing of the truth from anyone other than a victim anymore. This is a fact!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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