God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, June 7, 2013



What my husband I have learned about the United States of America is frightening. Unfortunately most of the public, moving through their daily routines, don't know what we know and they should if they want to protect themselves. There are no government authorities, politicians, agencies, police, attorneys, judges or media you can go to if you have been severely victimized in this country. Why? Well mostly because those, whom are victimizing the public, are the authorities, financial institutions and professionals the USA Government protects, which means they are ultimately responsible for these entities who commit these crimes, while they are all committing “Misprision of Felony.”

It is my opinion, based on the facts of my experiences with serious federal crimes for over twelve years; there are certain individuals, the powers that be, in any given financial institution that will attack a person financially, knowing all the while they won’t be investigated for their crimes. So basically a financial institution can do whatever they want to you and then arrogantly “laugh” in your face! This is because the USA Government authorities sanction these crimes; they’re in on them; gain from them. Call it population control, greed, communism, a holocaust or just the joy of being in control of the little person…also known as the public!

But the financial institutions and USA Government likes to pick on certain individuals whom, as the plan is, will most likely perish from the financial attack. They count on the victim only complaining a little while before they’re tossed into the streets silenced forever, homeless, penniless, no vehicle, cell phone, computer or family who cares. To add to this these victims have often been self employed and they're of over middle age, with their credit now ILLEGALLY destroyed, on purpose with federal crimes. NO ONE WILL HIRE THEM! They will die in the streets of exposure and hunger before they will ever retain employment! The government knows this:>( This is why I feel we’re dealing with not only population control, but also greed, communism, a holocaust and the joy in psychopathic power, these leaders and elite get into, while destroying another human being and their family. In other words our leaders and authorities like it like this and this is the precise reason our activists are being totally ignored by those they work so hard to capture with reason! Just tell me, who’s going to demand that they these activists be heard? There may be one person, with some power, over a person’s lifetime who will hear them if they’re lucky:>)

Hello Americans, for the most part our USA Government, leaders, politicians, authorities, attorneys, judges and media are laughing at those of us desperately trying to save our finances, homes and families:>(More often than not our media, including many alternative and alternative to the alternative, treat those of us with exposing stories, of corruption, with cynicism…most really horrendous stories about corruption in our government, financial institutions and legal world they’ll refuse to expose! These approaches to the truth are tricks of the trade; and these radio hosts love to humiliate the caller; often do this on public radio in front of millions of listeners:>(They know, in spite of what the public claims about the lying media, that the truth is people hear the cynicism, not the heart and soul of the victim to corruption calling in:>(This is what our USA Government counts on; sheeple people! The tricks of the trade our media have been threatened into creating, I believe, is their job, which they’ll see gone if they don’t comply with the censors.

Now that I’ve experience having 80M$s embezzled out of my trust, and lost four multimillion dollar homes by, what I can clearly see as, punishment for reporting the original federal crime (80M$s) to the proper authorities I understand much more; many in the public don’t understand yet…not until they are victimized by federal or other serious crime, such as in what we see in CPS, which is still more corruption! The law today is our enemy! Why? Because the laws are purposely not being upheld! We the people need to focus on why this is true and STOP hiring civil attorneys to address cases that are considered federal crimes that the attorney general, state attorney generals, FBI and financial watchdogs need to address! They purposely aren’t and this is the reason we the people are running out to hire civil attorneys for federal crimes. This is wrong and costing the victims (us), to these federal crimes in particular, millions of dollars that shouldn’t need to be spent defending ourselves against huge corporations committing obvious federal crimes, on purpose, because they know the USA Government has their back!

Plus the media has our USA Government, legal world and financial institutions backs! They do this while taunting the public with where our “garbage of a president” will be vacationing this summer; where he’s having lunch today and how he loves golf. The ignored victims to all the federal and other horrendous crimes feel like they want to explode as they view these reports on TV or their computers of the good life when they have experienced all the unaddressed crimes that have destroyed their lives…and it’s not just federal crime although these crimes, other than losing our children because of corruption in the law and CPS, are the worst preventing us the ability to afford to handle many of the crimes in court even if we tried to obtain justice…we can’t afford the costs! In my mind, from what I’ve seen, any funds spent in the legal system are wasted, because you are never made whole, no matter what the crime, after spending your last dime seeking justice! Our court system, USA Government, leaders, politicians, attorneys, judges and media are together in a Mafia Racquet against the public.

To make matters worse the media will continue to taunt the public with, what they hope will cause people to think, they are attacking the government, leaders, financial institutions and politicians. Believe me, from what I know as experience these are reports to take the public’s attention off what is really going on….and the public goes right along with the medias’ games? Ninety percent of these so-called reports on the financial institution’s being sued are complete lies to keep you calm; the housing market getting better, is again media taunting the public, playing with them; calming; when in reality these reports are lies! The only homes on the market being sold are the illegally foreclosed upon homes, that were stolen from a family, now victims to serious unaddressed federal crimes.

To add insult to injury the USA Government steps in with their manufactured weather events that kill adults, children and pets, while destroying homes and real estate…another way to keep the public otherwise detained from the federal crimes that are destroying lives anyway! We’ve even suspected the terrorists, in this country, are actually our own government:>(How sick is this if it’s true? After what my family and I have seen, with corruption involving serious federal crimes, I believe it is true. Our USA Government wants us all dead and Americans should REVOLT!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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