God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, July 15, 2013


You know every American; for that matter every human being on earth, is fighting their own injustice, or have and if they haven’t they will. This isn’t the law of averages anymore; this is a fact!

The point is until you have had reason in contacting the various government authorities, agencies, police or media you wouldn’t realize one thing. None of these entities lift one finger to do their jobs, while we continue to write checks for our taxes, which pay for these pathetic, corrupt services. I know this is true in America; sense it’s true in every other country in the world; many complaints on Twitter and Facebook tell me it’s true and just about every country in the world is represented on my blog. These everyday representatives of different countries are either also feeling the pain of corruption or they are mocking Americans, because we are so stupid! Probably both!

However, I believe the problems we have in America are worse than any other country in the world and the reason is simple. We have the knowledge, capability and where-with-all to be living in peace with prosperity for all. But our sinister leaders are too corrupt and Americans are too lackadaisical to do anything about it! So we complain, complain and complain hoping the right leaders will hear us some how off of social media. They will totally ignore you if you contact them by any other means. But you see they are purposely ignoring us. So much for these petitions we sign. Admittedly I sign them too, just in case I’m wrong, but I haven’t been for over sixteen years.

Lately I’ve been informed that the Washington DC leaders will only accept petitions in signed hard copies, nothing generated on the Internet? Right another deterrent in my book.

To add insult to injury our complaints are only heard on social media while what we say is censored? So this is the United States of America the land of the free; free speech being something we were once very proud of; people from all over the world immigrated here because of this freedom and other’s they didn’t have in their country, only to find out America has less freedoms than where they came from. Yes, I’ve heard a Chinese American citizen’s testament to this fact not long ago. He said, “In China there is more freedom of speech”. I’ve heard a Russian American’s testament that America is far more corrupt than Russia and she’d like to go home.

Wow! Can you imagine hearing this after believing the opposite for all your life? Fact is; you’d claim lack of free speech and corruption too after just one federal or other serious crime had been committed against you or your family; you’d finally know the truth.

I’m wanting to know why Americans hear these facts from others, see victims suffering and yet many of you as if you’re blind, deaf and dumb think to yourselves, “Well none of that crap will happen to me so who cares”? Yep, our USA Government knows their underlings well and counts on your” sheepalism” and “selfishness” They count on Americans sticking to themselves and ignoring the horrendous suffering going on around them, as they are confident this suffering will not attack them. They even often times criticize their neighbor who’s suffering, assuming, “Ah, it’s their own fault; we’re smarter than that”!

I’d like to put this in perspective if I may, adding one more thing to America’s boiling pot that will soon explode. In America it’s more important for the media to report on why the garbage hasn’t been picked up in a certain neighborhood, while exposing the sinister garbage man’s behavior that created this than expose the many authorities, including USA Government authorities, refusing to investigate an 80M$ embezzlement, extortion and laundering scheme ravishing one woman’s trust account by a number of national financial institutions, trustees and attorneys laden with moral turpitude. There’s even a Supreme Court Justice involved, as he once was the woman’s attorney; helped set up this trust with the now missing assets. He’s committing “Misprision of Felony”, in fact they all are, and will never be held accountable. The woman, an American citizen, has lived in the streets for over five years desperately trying to obtain an investigation from the proper authorities as they continue to ignore her with obtuse form letters from behind locked doors of secrecy. She first reported some of the federal crimes against her trust in 2000. How many other Americans are secretly suffering from the same unaddressed federal crimes, dying in the streets from starvation, because they are being ignored, gang stalked, by government hired citizens, and “Mafia Hit” until their dead?

Immediately upon the discovery of the garbage mans’ crimes he’s most probably facing a legal battle; perhaps even criminal charges:>(I’m not positive but believe his crime was either laziness or rebellion against government apathy and corruption?

Yes ladies and gentlemen today Americans are targeted, gang stalked, “Mafia Hit” and punished for whistle blowing on criminals and most of these criminals are our USA Government and other political leaders!

This outrageous ignoring of serious crime, committed by the powerful, is the norm rather than caused by some so-called red tape or a slip through the cracks. And, it’s actually gone on for at least a century from my experience. “Red tape” and “slip through the cracks” are terms most probably created by our MSM instructed by the USA Government. Perhaps what they should report is the truth, “Another attorney is purposely hiding the facts of serious federal crimes of the national financial institutions and financial elite to the court so the judge won’t have to order and schedule a trial date. This creates “red tape” and “pushes corruption through the cracks. Plus the government is then free to carry on with the seizing of the publics’ assets. Tune in at 11:00 for an update on how many billions of dollars have been seized to date. Here on Channel 666 we’ll bring you the latest in the minute by minute accumulation of funds and how long it will take until the whole of the public will be living under a tree…starving.” Now this would be honest.
So do you understand yet how the laws in this country, whether you learn them in law school, at the local library or hire an expert foreclosure specialist to teach you how to represent yourself pro per, won’t be doing you one once of good? The problems are laws purposely not being upheld and the criminal’s rule, which are also our leaders, like Nazis.

This is what I believe is going on;

If we don’t as Americans come together and fight this corruption, we are all going down together, even those of us who get it. And, this causes me a large amount of stress and anger, as I stand ready to do what needs to be done, to save lives and families, while so many Americans are still drinking the Kool Aid! Or think of yourselves as the Jews who refused to believe they were going to the ovens; even after being warned!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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