God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


120 desks my great grandfather, John Breuner built, with his own two hands in or around 1856, for both the Congress and Senate in the Sacramento, California Capitol and still used today. I wonder how my great grandfather would feel today after knowing what my home state and my country has done to the great granddaughter of someone who gave much to his adopted country?

Ah, our friend Rich, a stocky, said to have grown up on the streets of Chicago in the 60s kind of guy, with both the heart and soul of an angel and the smarts of a “Street Mensa” told Larry and I back in 2006 that no matter whether, KeyBank was illegally foreclosing on my 3M$ home, owned outright by my trust, with no loan against it in Sun Valley, Idaho, there was probably nothing that could be done and we should just move on with our lives. We loved Rich, as our friend back then as we still do today, but Larry and I responded to his advice in the privacy of our own environment with, “Yeah right! Rich just doesn’t understand; we’ve got a bad ass attorney who will handle this!”

Rich didn’t apparently understand that an 80M$ embezzlement out of my trust account, the original federal crime committed against me, would most definitely get handled by the US Attorney General, on top of the law suits filed by our attorney in two different courts! He’d just comment with, “I know you guys will be fine; you’re good people.” When I’d share with him that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was at the bottom of the embezzlement of my trust, even if only for his provable advising and helping to execute this document properly, in the capacity of my attorney protecting me, back in 1975, Rich would calmly shrug his shoulders as if to say, “So what, nothing you can do now!” Frankly this was a bit irritating, to hear and see from Rich, but Larry and I adored him and respected his ethics & integrity, which few people possess in the world today. Besides this, Rich has an incredible sense of humor:>)

And these weren’t the only federal crimes that had attacked Larry and me between 1998-2008 and extending further we’d finally see. There were multitudes more, which seemed to continue as retaliation by the powers that be? We met Rich after we moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2000 when we hired him, through his business, to pick up a barbecue, in Denver, we’d purchased over the Internet. His business was and still is called Mountain Town Delivery and until all the Steamboat Springs, Colorado crimes were completed by 2007 we only knew Rich through his business; chatted with him standing in our Rocky Mountain High eight thousand foot driveway, as Rich picked up and delivered goods.

Larry and I were extremely frustrated, at that time, and it seemed the more we reported the original crime to the proper authorities, the embezzlement of my 80M$s, the more retaliatory actions were taking place finally destroying Larry and my flourishing design business; eventually taking the 2M$ home we were living in, by May 2007 and most of it’s contents through an unlawful, illegal eviction filed by my own attorney!

Larry and I were left penniless by Christmas 2006; not a cent to our name living in an expensive home, we could once afford, perched high upon the mountain in the dead of winter:>(My Orange County, California attorney Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. had already arrogantly orchestrated all the continued criminal activity that was to come by his acts, unbeknownst to us at the time. All we knew was Catanzarite was threatening to withdraw from the two cases he’d signed on to litigate and for no reason, after he hadn’t done anything but withhold important documents of proof to all this federal crime from the courts!

One day after we asked Rich to drop off something we’d sold for cash, over the phone so we could eat, to someone in Denver promising we’d pay him from the cash he’d receive from the buyer, he said. “No, I can see what you’re going through so I’m not going to take your money, I’m in Denver tomorrow anyway:>) We thought this was nice enough, but he totally blew us away when he said, “If you guys ever need to borrow some money I’ll be happy to help you out”!

Honestly we were trying not to even think of borrowing money, but it was nice to know Rich was willing.

Soon after, we lost all the friends we’d acquired in Steamboat Springs, Colorado over seven years; you know like really close friends with whom we celebrated the holidays and birthdays; people Larry and I when giving parties always invited. Rich had only been to our home, in the social realm, once. This is when we learned who are true friends were and we didn’t have many; we had enough. We lost the fair weather group who turned on us when we ran into all the federal crimes committed against us but we gained Rich:>)

On May 23, 2007, after Larry and my day in the Routt County Court full of corruption by a corrupt judge, as my attorney illegally and criminally evicted Larry, me and our six dogs from our five thousand square foot home, we found ourselves having to move out within forty-eight hours. Ah, but just as Larry and I sat, frozen on the basement couch in shock & thought, about what to do next, Rich showed up at our doorstep upstairs manically knocking, as if he’d been an angry fly on the court room wall watching this abomination of the law take place. He called out as he skipped down the stairs with knowledge & wisdom far greater than ours, “ Hi! Guys want me to get a few of my friends to help you move out? Do you have a few storage units? If you don’t better get on the phone now. Where are the dogs? Better get them in a kennel where they will be safe until you can get re- settled”!

Larry and I were in shock at the horrific unaddressed crimes that continued to take our innocent lives away from us? Our continued relationship with Rich taught us about generosity, kindness, being heard and never placated. Rich refused to tell us the law would eventually help; no instead he told us the same as always, “I know you guys will be fine; you’re good people” as he handed over another $1,000.00 to help us. At the same time as we shared with Rich how corrupt the law seemed to be he’d say, “I know, and you’re better off just letting it all go and getting on with your lives! I’ve lost it all a couple of times; I just sell everything and start over”! I’d say, “But Rich I’ve lost 80M$s to embezzlement, three properties to illegal criminal foreclosures and an eviction, while both Larry and I have lost our viable design business because of all this. The law will intervene for us both! Quietly Rich would nod his head, in apathetic agreement, not wanting to hurt Larry or me and encroach upon his green chili stew I spent all day creating for my sweetie Larry and him!

Eventually Larry and I landed on our wobbly feet in Windsor, Colorado in an unfurnished home leased to us by a so-called friend in the mortgage business, as it would turn out, another criminal! Our credit was so unlawfully destroyed we couldn’t rent; we couldn’t afford to purchase; we could lease with the option to buy so said our friend in the mortgage business. Why? Well because we had the promise of justice from the courts, as well by this time, the CalBar. We had hope; Rich kept telling us stories about the corrupt legal world and how we should just get on with our lives and forget the battle for justice, because there was none! We refused to believe him! We knew the law; had a Steamboat Springs, Colorado library law degree; we knew justice would prevail! We knew now how to spot an attorney who was lying to us, committing malpractice, in the effort to protect the perpetrators.

For free, every time Rich would drive his big moving truck to Denver for a pickup or delivery on business he’d pack up a bunch of our belongings out of six storage units, in Steamboat Springs, and deliver them to us. Kindness frankly Larry and I had never seen in our lives. Larry, the dogs and I were still struggling severely as we waited for justice and tried to retain employment in our new surroundings. We had no income but from selling our belongings. For months, in between selling our treasures for money, we filled out employment applications answering ads for employment over the Internet; eventually we were answering ads in every state in the country. We got some employment here and there but in truth, like most things in this world anymore, they were scams!

We’d learned there wasn’t employment for people whom have never worked for employers, but only for themselves; who are over fifty years old, with destroyed credit, albeit by federal crimes, committed against them. It doesn’t matter how much talent and expertise one may possess.

Rich continued to lend us $1,000.00 whenever Larry and I would become so desperate we had no other choice but to rely on Rich’s generosity, in between selling our belongings for pennies on the dollar to the “happy to see you must sell stuff we otherwise couldn’t afford” salivating public.

By February 2008, I settled with KeyBank, the national financial institution who committed horrendous crimes against my trust and me, amounting to close to $100,000,000 and got away with all but their cost of doing business, $650,000.00 which my original California attorney who arrogantly committed outrageous federal crimes, malfeasance, moral turpitude and “Misprision Of Felony” against my trust and me actually prevented from my receiving while we sat in settlement with KeyBank, me being present, he on the phone from California, calling these funds his “costs” on a contingency fee contract which he breached in a multitude of ways; on this day he just extended his crimes committed against my trust and me! And, of course the $750,000.00 lost from Larry and my business was yet to even be mentioned, but also KeyBank’s fault.

However, at this point we had a new malpractice attorney and the CalBar, waiting in the wings, who would force Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. to take responsibility for his crimes and my destroyed lawsuits, which Catanzarite purposely annihilated in his capacity as my attorney? At this point though I had no idea as to why Catanzarite would do this? I was thinking perhaps my ex-husband who had something to do with embezzling my assets had bribed Catanzarite? Or perhaps Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was being protected? No matter what Larry and I were confidant the CaBar would not only force Catanzarite to pay restitution but disbar him.

When Larry and I would talk with our friend Rich, he again offered little in support of our legal issues. He wanted us to forget it all and move on with our talent. We, on the other hand were ridding a roller coaster of emotions; sad and defeated as we watched more crimes committed in our mission towards justice, then overwhelmed with hope when we’d find another way to address them.

By May 2008 Larry, the dogs and I were packed up and moving to California with less than $150,000.00 in our pocket left over from the KeyBank settlement; sad to leave our really faithful friend Rich; hopeful we’d finally found a way to get justice. Plus, Larry and I both originally from California wanted to go home:>)

But, more tragedy struck Larry, the dogs and me over the next five years; mostly federal crimes; legal malpractice, real estate crimes and “Misprision Of Felony” committed by our USA Attorney General; a number of state attorney generals; FBI; DA’s; CalBar and the California Supreme Court, all in the persuit of getting justice for the original crime, the 80M$ embezzlement and the furry of mre crimes that followed.

Through this whole time Larry and I continued to seek employment to augment the piddley amount of funds we had, and to no avail. We lost our precious family of dogs but one through more crimes; landed in a tent for our home! Didn’t have enough money to start a business so we started writing; I wrote my memoir; together Larry and I wrote feature film scripts after mentoring with an English professor who teaches script writing in Santa Monica, California at the college. We worked for months, almost a year trying to get our horrendous story out into the media. The new websites and blogs sprouting up featuring foreclosure specialists and bloggers on the subject ignored our story too. No matter if they were MS, alternative or alternative to the alternative news outlets they ignored us. Even the well known Bill Windsor, Martin Andelman, Max Keiser, Bill Whittle and Matt Taibbi ignored our story? We wrote congressmen/women; assemblymen/women; senators; Governor Schwarzenegger, Speaker Of The House Boehner, past President Bush and President Obama. I’d rarely receive anything back but obtuse form letters from behind locked secret doors of corruption in our USA Government, which I could see by now!

Finally, sometime in 2012 after living in a tent already two years, with little hope of going anywhere but into the streets, penniless with no food, vehicle, cell phone, computer or a bed to sleep in, we realized Rich knew something we refused to believe at the time; which didn’t really change anything for us because we had no money to make other choices anyway. What’s truly interesting and beyond me, both Larry and I, is that our friend Rich accepts this fact, corruption in the law that took us years to even believe; we have yet to accept it but see it! It’s like Rich grew up around so much street crime that he just accepts crime like water. He turns the other cheek and proceeds to start all over again. It’s not a bad philosophy in one way, because he has learned how to lend a helping hand to his fellow man, which is beautiful. He knows not to waste time with the corrupt law no matter how much he loses! But this unaddressed crime and corruption in our USA is destroying her! And, this is a fact!

Many of you may feel like, “Who cares about her, it hasn’t happened to me”! And, it may not have but remember this, what happens to one of us happens to us all if it isn’t arrested! So this does concern you and your family.

When all is said and done, between Rich; a good friend on Facebook, who wrote the paragraph you see quoted below, and a number, few as they are, of other Twitter and Facebook friends we have the truth:>) This is my friend’s response to my saying there are no media outlets who will print my (our) story!

“ it's probably because of the sheer amount they have jilted you out of. if you remember, in the stories of Nazi Germany, Hitler's rise to power, they went after the wealthy families in secret when they shot or arrested them in the middle of the night and literally STOLE ALL their belongings if they were wealthy. I have a sneaking suspiciion that the wealthiest citizens are being targeted for a covert program to TAKE EVERYTHING they own, on property and assets and KEEP it OUT of the media so other wealthy Americans don''t get wind of it. for those who are outspoken like yourself, they try and make them look crazy to destroy their credibility making it harder to get the word out about disenfranchisiing the wealthiest ciitizens”

Personally I’d add to this and say, that when the USA Government is through with the wealthiest of us, they’ll have pretty much have destroyed us all; they have already destroyed the middle class, and those of us who do still have any assets will lose them too.

So if this story doesn’t help you understand what is actually going on in this country, then you’re even more naive than we were:>(I don’t hold this against you, we too were naïve BUT we didn’t have a story like this to prove what Rich was telling us.

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

Please see the rest of the story.... start with the first postings March/April 2012 on this blog.

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