God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LISTEN UP AMERICA $ EDWARD SNOWDEN; A Financial Holocaust Is Still More Important, It's Our Livelihood At Risk

Yes, listen up Americans; this is a fact and one you need to pay attention to. The USA Government is counting on your not listening to me. Why would you give a homeless penniless person the time of day? This is what the media works so hard at convincing the public to believe, the same media you hate for lying to you, are telling you the homeless and penniless are just a bunch of tax eating, street trash and drug addicts the government should just do away with!

The truth is, you’re better off listening to a homeless penniless victim to this than the media, because again they lie and withhold the truth! And more truth is, the United States of America Government sanctions financial institutions to steal everything you have if they decide to target you, exactly like Hitler did. The plan is that you end up homeless, penniless, unable to continue work if you have employment; unable to obtain it if you don’t. There are few government agencies actually helping these victims; relatively no churches or charities help either, contrary to what you’ve been asked to believe, so soon the victims end up with no cell phone, computer or vehicle. In fact this is all very well orchestrated by our USA Government to happen, so the victims die in the streets slowly from starvation and exposure!

Did you know that even if you qualify for food stamps, otherwise known as an EBT card, you are allotted $50.00 a week per person in New Mexico; other states may differ. You may eat while you’re living in the streets, you won’t eat well or be able to take a shower with soap, wash your hair, shave, brush your teeth or sleep in a bed with a roof over your head. An EBT card restricts you from purchasing anything other than food. So if you’re in the streets you won’t have a plate, eating utensils or pots and pans. Getting shelter will put you through hoops most other citizens would never think of even if free. No the homeless and penniless are asked to overcome obstacles no one else has to deal with just to get a bed to sleep in and shelter. It’s much easier to sleep behind a bank on the ground with your best friend beside you…many times only your precious dog!

I see the powers that be have learned to bury these crimes in red tape with manipulation techniques so the general public doesn’t realize what is really going on, so government seizing of citizens’ assets can appear to be just bad financial decisions on the victims end; the lying media will cement this in the publics’ minds; truth is the United States Government is seizing American citizens’ assets; the government uses the financial institutions to do this whether they embezzle funds out of bank accounts, trust accounts and stock portfolios or steal property through illegal foreclosures!

This is why no one’s winning the court battles in getting their property back after unlawful and illegal foreclosures and evictions. It’s the reason financial institutions are arrogantly continuing to commit horrific federal crimes to take your property. They have the US Government instructing them to commit these federal crimes against the citizen! To assure the public remains in the dark, about all of our eventual demises, the media reports lies about the financial and foreclosure problems, sensationalizes less important yet serious separate issues, creates weather disasters that kill, and terrorist attacks that are actually home grown or fake.

Come on people why else would Attorney General Eric Holder ignore the federal crimes the financial institutions commit everyday? Actually all the state attorney generals and FBI ignore these federal crimes too and if you exhaust all the proper authorities for federal crimes and start calling your state and US representatives they’ll also ignore you! Truth is you can contact past President Bush and President Obama, as I have, and you’ll be ignored!

If the United States Government didn’t want the financial institutions stealing from citizens, it wouldn’t be occurring! These are federal crimes we’re seeing today; civil lawsuits do not remedy federal crimes. Instead a federal lawsuit, filed by a civil attorney or law firm, will drag out for seven to ten years with many small wins, I believe constructed to calm the citizen, but in the end the financial institution wins no matter how egregious the crimes they’ve committed against you and your family were.

Most attorneys know this is a fact but will take your case anyway and pay themselves from your retainer, by more federal crimes, with whatever funds or assets you have left, knowing they’ll never win against a financial institution unless the United States Attorney General hired them to prosecute, federally. Of course Eric Holder prosecutes no one unless there’s something in it for the United States Government; a scapegoat to calm the sheeple would be about it or to shut someone speaking the truth up! Make an example to the public, that should they tell the truth, they too will be falsely charged, prosecuted and imprisoned!

In fact just to further cement the truth to what I’m sharing, media and advertizing convinces the public, often times subliminally that one is a conspiracy theorist if they claim what I’ve claimed and I’m not to be believed. The United States Government counts on you thinking this and so far they have won! You believe the government and media over victims to theses horrific federal crimes, yet you’re also the first to condemn both in your everyday conversations?

Meanwhile, the media has you otherwise detained with the USA Government spying on you and Edward Snowden exposing this, which is important, but not in relationship to losing your whole livelihood by unaddressed federal crimes committed by your financial institution! Have you noticed? The closer the public gets to understanding the financial holocaust in America; the bigger the next story is, which the media reports?

In the public’s defense, there aren’t many victims to these federal crimes who survive long enough to share their horrific stories of warning about the American financial holocaust! They die in the streets silenced forever! You hear about them as filthy, dirty, smelly drug addicts! Again not fair. They are often people who once had it all and lost it through unaddressed federal crimes. The victims that somehow are able to stay out of the streets are often murdered if they expose their stories so there aren’t many of us still alive to tell. We are living by the grace of God, having tons of belongings to sell, and wonderful faceless friends, with hearts and souls of angels, on Facebook & Twitter:>)

Neither Larry nor I have family, we have a blood group, who are sitting back and watching all this federal crime occur, with pure unadulterated joy! This too makes Americans targets, lack of close family relationships, which I believe our United States Government works on creating as well. And this is done by the media lies again and in CPS unlawful cases where complete families are destroyed!

In my situation, my blood group may have something to do with the embezzlement of my 80M$ trust; perhaps the United States Government bribed them with a million dollars or more? Justice Anthony M. Kennedy has something to do with it all as well, don’t know what yet? Know he advised and helped set up three trusts for my daughters and me, as our attorney from 1970-1978, where mine has been embezzled (don’t know about my daughters) and he refuses to address the problem? Perhaps he sold me out to the government for cash? You did know didn’t you, that the Professional Rules of Conduct for an attorney states, once an attorney represents you they are forever your attorney, in the capacity in which they represented you, and concerning attorney client privilege. I’ve even suspected the United States Government used Tony Kennedy by bribing him to get my assets? Then when I reported the crimes to the proper USA Government authorities I was punished with losing four multimillion dollar properties through more unaddressed federal crimes, all my furniture, personal belongings, my precious family of five dogs, vehicles and my husband, Larry and my flourishing business. And to prevent us both from saving ourselves with retaining employment, I’ve realized it’s much easier than I once believed. The government doesn’t have to do any more than watch their creation, destruction of a family, take place. They know the hard facts!

Employers don’t often employ, first time employees with no previous employment experience, when they are over fifty years old. This occurs when you have always been self-employed and though you may have more skills than the next candidate for a position, if they were recently employed they’ll get the job:>(Then add what a potential new employer can read about you on the Internet. In my case there’s lots of articles, reference to federal crimes committed against me; a few lawsuits filed against financial institutions and trustees, while my credit is unlawfully destroyed. An employer wouldn’t think of hiring me. If they had the time to really look into these financial issues, I’m confident I’d become an asset, but people are in too big of a hurry today to bother so I’m out; my situation reads as bad and they aren’t sure if it could be my fault? After all, this is what the media report constantly referring to the many foreclosures. They allude to these issues being the victim’s fault. Again to keep the public unsuspecting any of these federal crimes will destroy their lives next! This reminds me of what I’ve learned about what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. They secretly took them to the ovens while millions more, back in the camps, had no clue to what was happening. The one or two that did know what was going on and shared were considered “nut cases.”

Here too, I’m trying to let you know what is going on financially in this country with a warning ”they’re coming after you who have more than Middle America did.” They have already been destroyed. You’re next…unless you get all your assets out of any financial institution including credit unions. Bury your funds and documents in safes with smoke bombs and alarms attached!

The truth is, what difference will it make who spies on us, if we're homeless, penniless and lost all our belongings because of unaddressed federal crimes committed by our financial institution, and now live in the streets? Take it from someone who has lived these crimes and the consequences of them. You won't care about $#*T when you're fighting for your life; wondering where you'll get your next meal when you already haven't eaten for a week:>( These financial crimes are what has to stop, now, while attention must be given these outrageous problems before they will! Isn't it just like our corrupt USA Government to instead take our attention away to spying as they continue to embezzle our accounts and steal our homes, while this issue is still treated like a legal problem, when it's actually financial & government RICO & corruption?

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

PLEASE visit my blog further; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ where you’ll take a romping Dominick Dunne type trip through experiences that will make you laugh, cry, be shocked and stunned all at the same time; there's even an attempted murder. For a great foundation to this true story start with March/April 2012 posts first; parts 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent….

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