God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yes, finally the crime and corruption that guides our USA Government, legal world and media is coming to light; people are marching, signing petitions, establishing blogs on the subject; exposing facts on social media and the alternative to the alternative journalists are going to town with exposing personal stories in video interviews! There’s even a San Diego Judge exposing truth of corruption in the courts being interviewed by Bill Windsor. The below information was posted on my Facebook Wall this morning by Robert Gettinger, whom himself has endured extreme corruption in the legal world. You can access his story on the Ugly Judge website.

“If you do anything PLEASE watch this video, read what's going on under every American's nose. How our justice system has been made into a business where it's all about money. People are being legally robbed, lives destroyed and even murdered due to judges and courts.

Please view the video and SHARE this post and images

There are websites such as Ugly Judge that have been established listing personal stories with corruption in the courts!

http://www.uglyjudge.com/victims/california/san-diego/judge-mary-elizabeth-bullock/ “

There use to be a website called EvilEsq.com; it ladies and gentlemen has been taken down, claiming maintenance, but what takes over a year to get an update? Well on second thought maybe there are so many corrupt attorneys that a year isn’t long enough to list them all with their CVs and crimes:>(Because none of the attorneys were listed here without complete documentation of their moral turpitude, malfeasance and “Misprision Of Felony”

But, from what I understand, and have read, these attorneys were threatening to sue for exposing these crimes to the public. Hum, have they made good on their threats? If so why should they if they indeed committed the crimes listed on EvilEsq.com?

Nevertheless the below piece of writing is how I responded to Robert Gettinger’s post on my Facebook Wall. I will admit, I’m angry about how my story gets brushed aside by not only the law but also by alternative to the alternative media and often times other activists, in general. Thomas Ford hopefully running for governor of Kansas has taken an interest; @censorednewsnow of Occupy The Banks UK, k_m_allan of masterofmanythings.com and William Wagener On Second Thought, have been amongst the few that have hung in, continuing to try and expose my story along with my own efforts. There have been a number of other bloggers whom have addressed this once or twice and then go on with their lives, which I certainly understand. One can’t expect people to commit to my story unless of course they call themselves journalists COMMITTED to getting out into the world what the mainstream media refuses to report, which would help all Americans if exposed! I am grateful for every effort no matter how small; they all help:>) I’m also grateful for the many friends I’ve acquired between Facebook and Twitter whom have all aided in keeping Larry, Bu Bu and me alive through their generous donations and emotional support! All given from their strengths and wonderful examples of how we should all treat each other, especially in the midst of a government who would just as soon run us over first chance they get, so who else do we have but each other. Below my response to Robert Gettinger’s post;

Thank you for sending this; Nice to see a Judge tell the truth. Problem with BILL WINDSOR is he's as dishonest as he wants Americans to realize of the judicial and government system. Most journalists WON'T EXPOSE my story, which addresses a tremendous amount of money; assets and a high profile USA leader! BILL WINDSOR obviously is not a different kind of journalist, he just claims to be. I had EMBEZZLED 80M$s; when I reported this to the proper authorities, a financial institution illegally foreclosed on my 3M$ home WITH NO LOAN AGAINST it. And, the more I reported the original and continued federal crimes committed against me the more federal crimes continued until I lost four multimillion dollar properties; all my furniture; my precious family of dogs; and my viable business. I had been, and continue to be, attacked by the powers that be for reporting the first crime, while it was NEVER investigated. BILL WINDSOR knew about my story for nine months, I was one of his first victims. HE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER LYING MEDIA DECIDED NOT TO REPORT MY STORY. Now why would this be? Skip telling me "Because he investigated and found no truth in it." Even he won't tell you this because I sent all the proof to him and I still have the documents of proof and emails proving he has this proof too. No, BILL WINDSOR just decided NOT TO TELL MY STORY. THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO ASK THEMSELVES WHY? He is purposely withholding information involved in my story that will not be exposed otherwise! This merely helps FEDERAL CRIME continue to escalate. I often wonder if BILL WINDSOR was BRIBED NOT TO TELL MY STORY because JUSTICE ANTHONY M. KENNEDY was once my attorney and so what has happened to me should never have under his guidance. I mean if you can be a judge then you certainly can draft three trusts properly. Right? And, he did, as I've found, but all these assets were still embezzled? So the public needs to understand there are still stories out there that aren't being told on purpose! My story proves there are powers that be, in the judicial system, committing "Mafia Hits" purposely destroying lives, as punishment, for exposing TRUTH in federal crimes committed by financial institutions and powerful people! This would be an extension to the unlawful foreclosures, robo-signing and lost documentation...wouldn't you say? How long are we going to protect the leaders who ARROGANTLY commit OUTRAGEOUS crimes in this country by prosecuting the less powerful Americans for the same crimes? And the crimes committed by the powerful are worse because THEY ARROGANTLY TRUST THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH THEM! BILL WINDSOR JUST PROVED THIS BY REFUSING TO REPORT MY STORY. Americans should be very very scared! Federal crimes and others WILL NOT STOP BECAUSE OF BILL WINDSOR! No they will continue until the leaders in this country, committing crimes, are stopped such as the crimes and injustices that have occurred to me! BILL WINDSOR is like a Doctor who opens a patient up in surgery, then walks away before he closes the wound. The patient will still die! Might have just as well skipped the surgery all together! So BILL WINDSOR if you're going to tell the TRUTH; tell the whole TRUTH!

Bill Windsor isn’t the only alternative to the alternative journalists refusing to report my story; there are a number of others, which proves that we Americans are still not getting the TRUTH. Bill is the one and only journalist who stood my family and I up after making two appointments with us, then lied like a rug as to why he didn’t show up!

To be fair here’s a partial list of the other journalists who claim to report serious financial crimes by financial institutions and corrupt government. Bill Whittle, Max Keiser, Matt Taibbi, Martin Andelman, Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. And there are many more, while they pick and choose the crimes they report, based on many factors, and this is a fact. They also never made an appointment with me; they wouldn’t even speak about my issue. They just ignored the story, so we can credit Bill Windsor for at least going through the motions uh? Nah, he's a liar and I don't like liars! One factor, I know from experience, these journalists won’t report a story about an heiress who was worth millions of dollars, had the now Justice Anthony M. Kennedy as her attorney when he advised trusts be created to protect she and her daughters’ assets, and they have all been embezzled. The federal crime is rejected as “needing to be investigated” by all the attorney generals in four different states who have jurisdiction; the FBI & Eric Holder won’t even respond with an obtuse form letter!

So you believe you have the truth to what is really going on in this country? Well you don’t and since no one with the journalistic expertise to print my story will, I have and in as many places as possible, and I will continue until it makes a difference! The truth is this; if you happened to have been attacked by a prominent person, and you report the crime, you won’t only NOT get an investigation, you’ll be “Mafia Hit” with more crimes until you’re dead! You’re now a targeted individual; you won’t even get employment! And, the media whether mainstream, alternative or alternative to the alternative will sit back a watch all the festivities as they occur; they won’t report the crimes until your dead! And, then they’ll blame your outrageous sad life on you and refrain from mentioning the prominent person who actually caused your demise! Forty years after your death the truth will end up on the front page of the Enquirer thought to be cheap-grocery-store-waiting-in-line-news and not true!

Yes, our journalists are probably more important to society than our leaders, because they could be holding our leaders accountable, but they don't if it doesn't fit someone's agenda; screwing up plans for the criminal who must rule on Obama's healthcare plan or possibly destroying Americas' plans if Obama's birth certificate were to be a fake? And, who cares if it is? This should have been addressed BEFORE he ran for office! This proves our USA Government has an agenda, which has nothing to do with honesty, integrity or concern for the American people. And, believe me there's no difference between conservative and liberal when it comes to the crimes committed while in public office!

I’m well aware that few concern themselves with whether I live or die, nor do they care that our USA Government most likely has a hit man after me for exposing what I’m exposing. Most people think my story doesn’t concern them. Many feel this way because they can’t claim any experience with the elite world, as I have, so my experiences mean nothing to them! I’m just a spoiled brat anyway! One Facebook person called me, “Self absorbed” as I struggle to save my life…many times going hungry for weeks on end!

The truth is my story does concern all Americans living & doing business in the world. Why? Because if these elite criminals continue to be protected amidst their horrendous criminal activity, our United States Of America will continue to be led and destroyed by them! And, it will escalate from here as if at this point America has anywhere to go other than the gutter already. This is how serious protecting these elite criminals has become.

So while we all get to read and watch videos exposing the corruption in the courts; the big reveal; we have yet to hear and watch videos about a sitting United States Supreme Court Judge, who while acting in the capacity as an attorney, allowed his client to be thrown into the streets because her trust account was embezzled which he advised, allegedly her daughters as well, and absolutely refuses to address the issue; won’t return files; speak about it; call or email, after being contacted in many different ways since 2004. The proper authorities refuse to investigate.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this concerns you too because Justice Anthony M. Kennedy runs this country by the laws he passes along with the other Justices. If he were to have to face his alleged crimes, with an investigation, perhaps Americans could trust that they were led by honest, ethical and moral leaders and if they’re not, they’ll be held accountable. If potential leaders knew they would be held accountable for their character and honesty, most of our leaders today would never have run for office! So you can assume we don’t have a leader or politician in this country that hasn’t been part of committing criminal activity or is of moral decay. Hey these scum buckets have learned, “To be a criminal and never be held accountable, be in public office”.

Instead Americans today claim, “Oh yes, I know politicians & government are corrupt! What can we do, it’s just the way it is”. Then we try to expose and fix the corruption in the courts by finally hearing from a retired judge who admits these crimes of bribery and corruption? Tell me how is anything going to change while, in spite of this admission, the leaders above, running our country, continue to commit any crimes they choose, including murder, while the courts and media protect them?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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