God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Find, Capture, Marry & Transfer Assets From Your Heiress To Yourself In Only Twenty-Four Years


So if you’re not interested in earning money, for a living, your best source of making an astounding income would be embezzlement and the best person to embezzle from is a spouse whose wealth will grow to 80M$s within twenty four years. So marry your victim! Husband stealing from wife is the best method of gaining great wealth. Wives marrying for money is way too overdone, in our culture, and there are attorneys out there in the world who will make sure you, as a husband, marrying a tart will be protected from her greedy purse-strings, I mean purpose. In the case where a man is seeking a woman for financial gain, their family attorney, who will actually help in embezzling his clients' funds protects the husband here as well. It’s still a man’s world ladies!

First lesson, and this is easier to understand if criminals have raised you because it will be inbred!

Find yourself a very young woman who’s independently wealthy, has recently lost both her parents and does not have a good relationship with her older female siblings. An extra bonus would be to find her active in sports, talented, attractive, honest, loving, ethical, moral, a great entertainer and lover of life! As you’re embezzling you’ll at least enjoy your life. Additionally because of her great belief in love and family embezzling will be much easier for you…she’ll never suspect:>)

Now, moving onto the second lesson, sweep her off her feet, in courting, by finding out early in the relationship what makes her happy, sad and her desires in life. Give them to her, all of them and don’t allow her sadness for too long of a stretch! Then propose marriage & suggest a move of three thousand miles across the country to your territory. This won’t raise any red flags for her because this is what usually happens in healthy relationships between male and females. Add to this she’s sick of her outrageously mean sisters and could use a change. Besides she can’t assume you’d move to her territory when you’re part of a family business in yours?

What’s more, the warning she received from her father was always, “Keep your assets in your own name and you’ll be fine.” So a young man who is part of a viable third generation business is the best protection for eliminating husbands after a spouses’ money. Right? In most instances yes, but it depends on the greed factor!

Ah, here’s the third lesson and very important indeed. With two factors, mentioned above, already in place now, it’s really easy for the big over the top action that will start the ball rolling towards your great wealth. Introduce your sweet new young wife to your family attorney of over thirty years. Sure she has an attorney, back in her territory of the country, but he’s about to become a judge soon and will be giving up his practice. He’ll oversee the drawing up of three trusts, from across the county, using the new husband’s thirty year plus family attorney to actually construct them for the new young naïve wife and her two children from a previous marriage. The trick here is to draw these trusts up making absolutely no legal mistakes at all. They must be perfectly created to protect them all.

The secret here, which you’re quite aware of by the criminal family you grew up in; the law protects no one, your wealthy wife actually believes it does or she wouldn’t have spent thirty thousand dollars having the trusts drawn up…now would she have? She also believes in love and that attorneys must uphold the laws or be disbarred! Again, you know better but who’s asking for your opinion other than in the capacity as a second trustee with the family attorney in the first position. Certainly this protects her should her husband get some wild hair in financial decisions.

Well looking back today she gets it, but at twenty-four years old she clearly did not!

And the fourth lesson, now that you’re a trustee, beholden to your wife, with the family attorney poised to advise before any financial decisions can be made, you can really go to town, because you know none of these legal protections stand for anything. They are real, but don’t have to be upheld and they aren’t. There’s no punishment coming to you if they aren’t. You’re on your way now!

The fifth lesson is a bit trickier especially if your young wife loves to learn; constantly taking classes in between raising her now three daughters, with a fourth trust created for the youngest. It gets done without a hitch, “thank God”, you’re thinking. But, still your spouse is beginning to grow an interest, through education, in investing for the future; paying more attention. Now what are you going to do? You already have a new girlfriend who just happens to be a financial manager, helping you siphon small amounts of funds, creating new accounts in other brokerage houses under your name throughout your territory; the family attorney helps and the family money manager covers these small withdrawals so they don’t appear on the monthly statements, while he lies to your wife about how much she’s really worth, and she hasn’t got a clue to the truth but then again you have taken it upon yourself to emotionally abusing her intelligence; just slightly, so she isn’t aware. You know like a magician; keeping the left hand busy while the right does the dirty deal. This truly is a challenging time for you; have to keep many balls in the air amidst her questions. If you're really twisted you'll just pat yourself on the back and say, "I deserve all this money; I've earned it!"

You’re favorite form of spousal abuse is pretending there are communication problems; knowing how important your wife finds marriage & family. She’ll go to any degree to keep the status quo. You depend on this and continually keep it in mind as your subtle emotional abuse escalates a little every year, or as your arrogance grows with each million you embezzle and now launder into your failing family business.

As extra insurance in support of your final goal and yourself, you drop hints upon the three daughters’ minds & souls about their mother’s mental state, constantly when she isn’t around, slowly destroying this beautiful mother daughter relationship over a long period of time. You know like Chinese water torture. It’s just as abusive to the daughters actually to be taught something this evil, while you’re embezzling from them too!

In between these years of daily and constant subtle abuse, you have tons of fun together with your wife and daughters, traveling, snow and water skiing all over the world; scuba diving, sailing the Great Lakes, entertaining the likes of Bill Ford and others through membership in the Young President’s Organization (YPO) as well as tons of family and friend celebrations; then there’s of course putting on the weddings for the girls…for two of them that is. Best of all your wife is very invested in her family and busy.

The heist hasn’t been perfect as any great and large endeavor might bring; there have been problems, although you have followed all the steps to your goal perfectly. But, your wife has educated herself to the point where she’s asking certain questions of you from relationship issues to financial. Ah this has made you very nervous. You’ve acquired ticks, instant baldness, horrible mood swings, health issues that require serious medication, fear issues and you’re throwing up every morning after breakfast?

Hum, hadn’t planned on this that’s for sure!

The subtle abuse isn’t working anymore, the strained relationship you created between the daughters and their mother no longer sends your wife into a tailspin. Now she has a call into the family money manager. Seems she might be picking something up?

“Oh dear” you say to yourself. “Hadn’t counted on this and way before the final hour I’d planned.” So you’ll implement plan “B” and murder your now wife of twenty-four years while she’s having an experience she loves, scuba diving on the Cayman Wall. “It’s perfect,” you say to yourself. “The authorities will just think she swam the wrong way because she acquired Nitrogen Narcosis and panicked, she’s such the panicker!”

Ah, but she fooled you again and lived through it! Unfortunately she now knows you want her dead. Bad move for a womanizing, murdering, embezzler! She doesn’t yet know why you’d do such a thing; confident it’s an affair though! But, the remainder of the facts are revealing themselves to her slowly and so is the rest of your life with your once money manager girl friend, who’s now your wife.

Well perhaps there’s just one more thing you can do to save yourself; knowing you’re likely free of any prosecution…exile the mentally ill independently wealthy little bitch making sure her whole family will as well, including her daughters. She’ll commit suicide!

Meanwhile, instead your previous wife, who has always been active in sports, talented, attractive, honest, loving, ethical, moral, a great entertainer and lover of life isn’t giving up in putting you, the financial institutions and attorneys in prison and if all this consists of are the four walls of a home, nursing ticks, then so be it! There are worse places than prison and worse situations, such as the world knowing just who you are:>(

Hum, perhaps finding the perfect victim to embezzle from needs to be revisited? You don’t want anyone with a big mouth:>(

Make that lesson number six; no survivors with loud mouths!

By: Deborah Breuner

Heiress Lives In A Tent

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