God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: The Grapes Of Wrath Redux

With all the in depth advice we’re getting from the financial experts on how to flourish during what many call a depression there’s simply one truth that overrides anything well meaning today. The government authorities are sanctioning outrageous federal financial crimes committed by financial institutions against the consumer.

Some experts say these financial institutions and large corporations are controlling the government. How so?

The government is above them all and can print money if they want and do; demand taxes so high that they destroy these corporations; bail out the banks and failing auto industry in spite of crimes they may have committed. They can even send money overseas to help foreign countries create businesses or hide money in foreign banks.

All the while our government authorities, led by our government, can also turn their heads away from the financial crimes committed by the financial institutions against the consumer.

Gee, I’d venture to guess that the government rules the banks? The media is purposely mute on the subject.

The truth is we’re re-living the Grapes of Wrath, while the Great Depression back in the 20s was probably caused by the same crimes we see today. Many experts say they believe this to be true. If you’re going to respect the experts, listen to this.

 Seems like the government's got more interest in a dead man than a live one.

                                                                                                               Tom Joad:  The Grapes of Wrath

I wouldn't pray just for a old man that's dead, 'cause he's all right. If I was to pray, I'd pray for folks that's alive and don't know which way to turn.

                                                                                                                  Casy: The Grapes of Wrath

This is why it angers me to see these Occupy Wall Street gangs marching against the banks and corporations. They should be revolting against our government, who are allowing on purpose, the crimes that are being committed by these powerful entities.

If our government authorities held these powerful accountable for their crimes, half of Americas’ problems would be solved.

I do not understand why many of the liberal public doesn’t get this? Instead they act like, “Oh poor little government is being controlled; stop that right now you big bad financial institutions and corporations. We need the government to take care of us!”

Guess what? You could take care of yourselves if you could retain employment. You could even get work you enjoyed. But, if all the employers are either out of business because of  the outrageous taxes they must pay; have moved on to a foreign country in the effort to pay less taxes; or new businesses can’t start up because of costs then where does one find employment? To add insult to injury America now has most of her products manufactured in foreign countries today.

In my opinion, large corporations employing hundreds or thousands of people shouldn’t have to pay taxes. They are already helping America by supplying jobs.

Except of course Walmart who only employs someone with enough hours to insure they don’t have to pay for their victim’s health insurance. The government should not allow this!

What’s worse we’re all forced to shop at this God forsaken establishment because we can’t afford to shop anywhere else, while there isn’t one product one can purchase made or produced in the USA…well maybe one or two?

I mean it’s only common sense that because of our government, America is failing, while the lame stream and alternative media shout across the airways that we’re experiencing a horrible economy and job loss because of the corporations paying their top executives too much, as just one reason.

I must agree, while Larry, Bu Bu and I sit here in poverty, because of outrageous financial crimes unaddressed by the government authorities on purpose. This is disgusting but it’s not what’s causing the problem, unless of course the government is sanctioning these outrageous bonuses because of their own agenda…extra contributions for the political candidates they want in office? We’ll never know.

As a for instance, Larry and I had a wonderful start up business called Deborah Breuner Ltd. We had over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars invested in it and were selling both wholesale and custom work. Larry designed and built furniture; I designed and developed lines of clothing as well as created one-of- a- kind garments for individual clients. Most of the time we employed at least ten people and were adding more as we grew. We were selling our custom pieces in the thousands of dollars.

You can visit “Wayback Archives” through “Google” and type in www.deborahbreuner.com into search and find our old website. Hopefully the pictures will still come up? They don’t from my computer because our connection isn’t great here in the campsite. I believe the end of the line for our business was 2003.

This business; all our work and the jobs we created were destroyed, overnight, because of the federal financial crimes committed by KeyBank against me, which of course ruined Larry too. It would take two pages of written material to list the outrageous crimes but the one that started the ball rolling to destroy our business was when KeyBank hid my monthly payments on a personal line-of-credit and called be in default, when I wasn’t.

Seven years later it was proven, in legal documentation, that they actually had been paid up on this loan two years ahead. Besides this KeyBank used this lie they concocted to foreclose on a three million dollar property that still had close to two million dollars in equity available.

It’s against the law to even use a personal loan to foreclose on property…a federal crime.

In the end KeyBank still got my trust protected home on ten acres; all my furniture and what was left of my trust account with forgeries of my signature; destroyed Larry and my business and we left with relatively nothing. Ten employees had no jobs; Larry, our six dogs and I were in the streets.

( This home cost me three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to build from scratch in 1989; completely paid for in cash and owned by my trust; by 2007 when KeyBank unlawfully took it, it  was worth three million dollars because of my good real estate sense; it sits at 241 Greenhorn Gultch, Hailey, Idaho sold by the bank for one million nine, I believe; most probably to some damn bank executive. I've heard of more criminal buyers under these circumstances, while the transactions are all hush, hush. So it doesn't even pay anymore to be a good investor. If you are, a financial institution will find a way to take it from you, even if all you have is a bank account with them; no loan against it.)

This is just one example of what is going on in this country. Sure KeyBank did this, but the government authorities are responsible, and paid by our taxes, to investigate this kind of federal crime committed by financial institutions. So you can’t blame the banks for getting away with murder when they know the authorities actually sanction what their doing. They wouldn’t do it if they were afraid they’d get investigated, charged and prosecuted. They know they won’t.

How "do it" know?

And, this is just the short version of my story, while not including the eighty million dollar embezzlement of assets out of my trust account involving three other national financial institutions.

Come on these crimes are not a mistake; they are a mafia hit sanctioned by our government. I’d say, committed by our government on purpose, using the financial institutions as they’re paid assailant.

And, we aren’t the only victims to this. You are being attacked everyday even in the smallest way; bank fees. They are attacking us all anyway they can. Are you going to tell me the government financial watchdogs and authorities don’t have control over this and all the other horrendous federal financial crimes? This is their job for which we pay our taxes.

Instead our government creates new laws, like the Magician and their sleight of hand, concerning whether gays get married or sugar violates our health? Who cares? It’s our own personal business as to whom we marry or what we eat…unless there’s poison injected into our food? And, from what I’ve seen, I’m sure there is, sanctioned by our government.

Then these sick politicians claim we’re going against the Bible and God’s laws, for marrying the same sex? This still is our own business not the government’s. At the same time the lobbyist, hired most probably by our financial institutions, corporations and government are proclaiming God doesn’t belong in our schools or courtrooms?

Do we think the devil is in control here?

Why isn’t our government enforcing the laws already in place, like the federal financial laws that protect the public?

Because they don’t want to, that’s why?

Then if we want to fight these horrendous financial crimes, committed against us, we must hire attorneys, mostly all unethical, to file a civil case against these criminal financial institutions?

For crying out loud, we shouldn’t have to lose more of our money fighting something that the government authorities have been paid, by our taxes, to control in the first place.

Then the only employment available anymore is government employment, where employees get paid for sitting on their Asses watching porn; can’t get fired even if they steal; retire with a pension and the right to retain another job.

Have you gotten the picture yet?  A society cannot flourish by working for itself, unless of course, the society is a Hitler regime.

It’s the lazy; “I don’t want to actually work for anything,” believers in our government taking care of them that is actually creating this mess. They are playing right into the government’s hands while the government is laughing their heads off at them, you and me.

Well, not me. I’ll probably be murdered for harping on and on about this. And, then the government will resume their laughter over my situation.

Wait, my mistake, I am being murdered slowly, amidst many other victims of financial crime already. It’s our government’s new way of killing off the public…allow enough crimes to go unaddressed that the victims die in the streets. If Larry and my efforts aren’t recognized soon we’ll be dead in a month…including Bu Bu. And, you’ll never hear about it; the media will make be sure of this.

How can I be so sure? We saw a person shoot themselves in the head, and then the coroners picked him up. Never heard another word. And, we should have. This poor soul killed themselves because of unaddressed federal financial crimes.

Ah, do you think my family or Larry’s, for that matter, will make sure our exposing work gets sold upon our death? I doubt it.

In fact many of Larry’s ancestors created their own businesses and have since passed on; he followed their fine examples of hard work in creating his own business a couple of times in his life. The rest of his family, remaining, work for the government. And, they don’t like him anymore.

What a metaphor!

Well, I see Charles Mason is up for parole again and I wouldn’t be shocked if this time they let him out? I’d be disgusted, but then again there isn’t much about what has happened to this country that doesn’t disgust me.

By: Deborah Breuner

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