God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; The End Of The World As We Know It

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 12, 2012

Through all the financial crime that has attacked my life as well as now my partner Larry’s we have managed to take care of ourselves for a good twelve years in the midst of unconscionable circumstances and battle; an issue we shouldn’t have to suffer through some more, but instead address together with the authorities to resolve.

In my experience the shocking truth is the worse the crime in this country the less motivation there will be to investigate, by the proper government authorities. Obviously the crimes committed against me have been horrendous because they have been completely ignored.

These crimes committed against me concern a number of high profile people; one sits on our Supreme Court, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. I’m not even saying he’s done something that caused this, but it’s odd that he won’t address my issue at all or send my file back to me? I've been asking for eight years. He must still act in the capacity of my attorney though it was years ago that he represented me.

I’ve learned through all this that the most elite in society use childhood tactics to hide their crimes. Totally ignore the victim and the world will think they’re lying and crazy. Now the victim is not only fighting for their rights but to be heard as well.

These elite criminals also count on the years that pass to eat up all the evidence.

The most pathetic part of all this is all it would take is an honest ethical attorney to take one look at my documents of proof and there would be no question as to what I’m claiming.

Meanwhile, Larry and I have spent three whole days with nothing to eat but dried stale cereal. The experience of serious hunger is one I’ve never had before and it’s very painful.

However, we finally called a past resident of our campground,  with whom we became friends and he and his wife went to the food bank and brought us two boxes of food…thank God. And, in many ways they’re worse off than we are because they don’t have a plan to get out of they’re mess, also created by financial crimes and unethical legal wrangling.

We have the four-part memoir and three screenplays. The work we’ve done when there have been no other choices.

Yes, the only option left for victims of serious financial crime is their own work at exposure. That’s it! And, against the lame stream, alternative and some people powered media. More battles for the financially tortured while the elite criminals prey on their next victims because the government authorities refuse to investigate the previous crimes.

Turn on 48 Hours and view week after week stories about murderers who could have been caught five murders sooner but they got off on some technicality or the crime scene investigators screwed up. I mean if congress wants to create new laws they should start with demolishing these ridiculous legal technicalities that allow murderers to walk because there was a mistake found in the written complaint.

Speaking of broken laws and technicalities, Larry and I were doing just fine before a Temecula Sheriff sighted us for driving our unregistered truck with no auto insurance and two year old tags.

I know how disgusting, right? We deserved it! I mean there are laws and we have been breaking three just concerning our truck.

I mean never mind the outrageous federal financial crimes committed against Larry and me that the government authorities refuse to investigate and because of this corruption our lives are ruined, not by the crimes as much as the refusal to address these crimes.

But, hell we could be thrown in jail for not registering our frigging truck?

Does anyone see the outrageousness of this?

The bottom line is if the crimes committed against Larry and me had been addressed when they were first reported in 2001 to three state attorney generals, US Attorney General, the financial watchdogs and the FBI, we’d be active participants in life instead of poverty stricken low life’s who have to make a choice as to whether we eat or pay for registration and insurance? We opted to risk being thrown in jail and lose our wheels? We chose to eat and continued to run around to antique stores selling our belongings so we could eat and pay for the storage unit that houses the treasures to sell.

There has never been enough money to pay for the truck too?

Now we can’t drive at all, nor get to the storage unit and therefore can’t sell what we have left so we can eat and pay for storage. Plus there’s not even a chance now that we can earn enough money to register the truck? Add all this to having three minutes left on our cell phone and the Internet going out in two days. We don’t have a way to pay this.

Believe me, we’ve learned this is the exact scenario our government counts on, so why bother investigating the financial institutions? First off I believe they benefit from the crimes they allow the financial institutions to get away with. In my case alone someone or many someone’s are reaping the benefit of an extra eighty million dollars. Second of all our government doesn’t care a rats ass for any of us…period!

As of now we can’t risk driving the truck because this Sheriff warned that if he sees us driving again, without our registration, he would throw Larry in jail!

This is the last thing we need.

Not long ago I was reminded that it’s not the government’s fault that all this injustice is destroying Americans’ lives. No, It’s the public’s fault for sucking it up and allowing it. We seem to have an attitude like, “You’re right the government is corrupt but there’s nothing I can do about it,” then we mosey on down the road thinking all this corruption isn’t going to affect us or our family, so who cares?

Elderly Germans will tell you that the reason they didn’t do something about the Nazi’s is because they didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late. Well someone knew enough to warn others, but no one listened.

Herein lies the problem. The government will get away with whatever we the people allow. And, you can see just how serious, what we’re allowing, has now become. In fact it’s gotten so bad in this country that none of the news media will talk about any of the really serious issues going on that will destroy your whole family.

We as a nation need to realize and organize together. Larry and I have started the process and will continue with this purpose very dear to our hearts obviously, but there’s little else we can do if we’re silenced and eventually dead, while the book never hits the shelves, and our screenplays are never read.

There isn’t a large organization or financial institution in this country that isn’t poised to commit any crime they choose. How do you think this will concern your family?

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

                                                                                             ~Luciano de Crescenzo

By: Deborah Breuner

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