God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: It Must Be Jesus' Plan

It’s Easter today, the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead, after he died for our sins.

Hum, perhaps this is why people in general feel they can do whatever they want to a fellow human being. They think their sins will be forgiven no matter what they do.

And, I don’t know the answer to whether we die and go to Heaven or Hell based on past earth performance, but I’d prefer to believe we are judged in the end. We might be forgiven, but we won’t go on through eternity without punishment or reward for what we’ve done.

I’m just going to play it safe and assume we’ll be held accountable for whomever we chose to be on earth.

Since the first KeyBank” mafia hit” that attacked me in 2000, (and quite obviously a purposeful mission to destroy me) I’ve been shocked by how evil our world truly is.  I’m still in shock.

What’s sadder still is the general public has no clue to this truth until horrific financial crime attacks them and it goes unaddressed by the proper authorities.

The truth is financial crimes committed against you will take you down, not the criminal.

No matter what you may believe about fighting wrongs; you’re wrong unless you’ve seen a battle like Larry and I have fought alone for over eleven years.

And, I know there are other citizens who have experienced our kind of battle and pain; we’re not alone on this account, but we don’t socialize together in the effort to strategize our next move. No, there’s no time. We’re all fighting moment to moment to survive in the jungle of pure criminal activity that our leaders commit against the public..

Please don’t say, “Other foreign countries are worse; just look at Gaddafi.”

Believe me our United States of America is worse because the crimes committed against humanity here are done so manipulatively…the goal the same.

Kill off all Americans that get in our way.

At least under rulers like Gaddafi the people know what their up against. Here in America, those without the past luxury of seeing what we’ve seen, think America is freer than most other countries…not true, we’re more sociopathic with the same goals as any country run by a dictator.

What Larry, Bu Bu and I have had in the last four years, is the ability to go to our storage unit; rummage through to find treasures and sell them… albeit for pennies on the dollar. There have been some days we sold something to someone at the last minute just before we ‘d run out of gas.

Now we’ve lost this opportunity, if you’d call it this? And, I do now that we’re actually feeling what it’s like to starve to death, while our trailer park neighbors look on as if all is well.

My favorite as I stumble through the two mile walk to the bathroom, “ Hi! Happy Easter. Having a nice day?”

I wish I could respond with, “Happy Easter to you too. No I’m not having a nice day. My Sweetie and I along with our weenie dog Bu Bu are starving to death starting today. Know anyone who would be willing to be heir to our literary work so it will for sure get sold and published? It will help all Americans and you’ll get the royalties. What do you think? Want to give it a try? We won’t be able to follow through because we’re in the process of dying from starvation.”

It’s Easter and we’re eating out of a box of dried cereal? It’s all the food we have left. There’s nothing more to sell and no way to get to the storage unit should we have more treasures? We’ve asked for rides, but no one will help. We’ve asked for rides to the food bank, but none will help.

Before we completely ran out of money, Larry would walk four miles to the small neighborhood grocery store to buy, for instance coffee, and walk back as one neighbor of ours after the other passed him?

I mean we’ve lived here for two years; it’s not like people don’t know who we are? Many know our story, which seems to give them a license, since we’re already half dead, to treat us harsher than our government has.

Trust me, there have been a few God loving people who have helped us along the way and to whom we will always be grateful, but we haven’t met anyone else since our Jennifer left.

Though she didn’t have much herself she has more than we do so she kindly gave us what she could…her time, some food and taking me on an errand or two to the grocery store so I could buy my own food.

But, starting today our safety nets are gone. We have nowhere to turn, but write until our computer goes out on April 13, 2012.

By: Deborah Breuner

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