God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: How To Thrive Off Other's Misery.

Now that my assets have all been embezzled by my now ex-husband and a few national financial institutions, that do business with the public everyday, while never being investigated by the proper government authorities to whom our taxes go for this protection…it gets worse.

Of course this is just my life; but if you’re smart you’ll see that my situation is your metaphor.

Why you may ask? Because federal financial crimes are not being investigated in this country, which means the elite criminals that commit these crimes are confident they won’t be held accountable, which also means if an outrageous financial crime hits your life and family, you’ll very likely end up like me…in the street homeless and penniless with your credit criminally destroyed; unable to retain employment.

But, there’s a new business in West Bloomfield, Michigan called A-List Treasures LLC. They advertize themselves as a charity that accepts donations from celebrities. They auction off these items and the money goes to help the needy. With plenty of luck and good business sense they’ll soon be here in California? Yet, I’m sure they’ll accept donations no matter where they come from now. I don’t know you’ll have to ask? That is if you can get to them? It's difficult I'd suspect as they sit behind closed doors of secrecy, or in other words, you must register on their site in order to get their attention. Screening I'd assume, to protect themselves from scammers.


Company Overview

A-List Treasures is an exclusive auction website for celebrities and a-listers who wish to turn their possessions into cash for their favorite charity or private foundation. Celebrity treasures shouldn’t get lost in a sea of ordinary auction items on overstocked websites. These pre-owned prizes are unique treasures because of who owned them.


Our auctions benefit many:

As a buyer, you get a special object or collectible that was previously owned by someone you admire.A celebrity recycles what they no longer want or need into charitable contributions for the causes they wish to support.A charity or private foundation benefits from the proceeds to help those in need and further expand their community outreach.

It’s a WIN for all!

A-List Treasures, LLC is a family-owned business based in southeastern Michigan. For founders, Lauren Davis and Kelly Davis Geresy this venture was born out of a creative need to help a variety of others.

I think the last line here is what turns my stomach the most, “For founders, Lauren Davis and Kelly Davis Geresy this venture was born out of a creative need to help a variety of others.”


You see Kelly Geresy is my youngest daughter. She was born October 12, 1976 and one of the most beautiful infants, next to my other two when they were born, I’d ever set eyes upon. She grew into an adorable child, with waist length blonde hair and blue eyes, who loved Ms. Piggy.

Apparently a metaphor I didn’t get at the time.

Anyway, since my precious Kelly was ten and seven years younger than her sisters, Alison and Alexis she and I were best buds from her birth until the last time I saw her, which I believe, was 1999?

During her pre-teen through teenage years we were inseparable as we became more like sisters. She never seemed to hit those unpleasant years of rebellion against her mother, as her sisters went through for a while. Instead we shared cooking; dance lessons and recitals; skiing; shopping; discussing her relationships with boys and we even got our first tattoos together up at Michigan State when she was attending college.

As much as I loved all my daughters, Kelly and I had this thing, born out of the age difference between she and her sisters. She came along once Alison and Alexis had already bonded. At the same time they adored Kelly, and she them. There really was never a time I wasn’t beaming with pride over my three beautiful daughters. What’s more we all shared a close happy relationship…with lots of sharing experiences and laughter.

This is why my situation is so horrid. My daughters were my life and greed has taken them from me. Yet I raised them with ethics, morals, integrity and the Bible?

I can’t put my finger on when this greed took over but it instantly slapped me in the face on October 13, 1997 when my now ex-husband tried to murder me during our twenty-four year happy marriage. At the same time my children shockingly turned on me like vipers along with the only family of origin I have, my sisters. My oldest sister is an Episcopal Canon, a priest to most other religions?

I hadn’t seen one ounce of warning. Were they all plotting their financial heist of my assets behind my back?

Later I would find out that my husband had a very interesting long time girlfriend. She was a financial advisor. He would marry her one-month after our divorce, while my grown daughters supported the relationship and marriage?

I was sent into exile in shock.

It wouldn’t be long before I was being hit by what felt like “financial mafia” as KeyBank committed one federal crime after the other against me; then I found the embezzlement of eighty million dollars from my trust account. The KeyBank crimes started in 2000 the embezzlement was discovered by pure accident in 2004.

Now I at least understood why my family had abandoned me? I was confidant my ex-husband, Rick was at the bottom of it all since he had been one of my trustees on my trust account. I even understood why, Lauren, his new wife, may have been a bigger asset to him than I thought. But, how were my own children involved? Are my sisters involved too?

Well I don’t know and still don’t? I can only look for the signs and metaphors. One clue might be that all three of my beautiful daughters have refused to even talk to me in over ten years, but they’ve stayed in touch with my sisters and are devoted to their father and stepmother, Lauren.

Now Kelly has created a business with her stepmother, Lauren, my replacement for wife-Mother-and-giver-of-love-life-with-lots-of-assets so to speak. They call their business a family venture that will be a win for all.

Again, “For founders, Lauren Davis and Kelly Davis Geresy this venture was born out of a creative need to help a variety of others.”

Hum, I live in the streets, homeless and penniless with my credit destroyed, unable to get employment. Will you help me?

I’d bet not.

Additionally, in my experience ethical, moral people with integrity don't go into these kinds of businesses. Or I should say I haven't met one yet...there's still time.

Besides with what I believe has happened to my assets I’m not sure where all this charity money is actually going?  It smells kind of “crimey.” If you think you might want to do business with them, I’d advise talking to the recipients of their efforts, not that this will do any good. You’ll never know how much they actually earned before the charity monies went to the poor?

The government authorities should have gotten on all this embezzlement accomplished by a number of national financial institutions and trustees; plus the federal crime committed by KeyBank, which I reported first twelve years ago and have continued to do so since. They ignore me with form letters directing me elsewhere, instead of investigating.

They may have therefore stopped any continuing crimes, going on in this country, because these elite financial criminals would be afraid they’d get caught. They’re not. In fact elite financial criminals know the government authorities won’t bat an eye. This is how they’re one gargantuan step ahead of their victims…you and me.

By: Deborah Breuner

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