God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: This Could Happen To You

Orginally Posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 10, 2012

I am well aware of the fact that I’ve been resented all my life for being an heirless; ultimately this resentment is why I’m now homeless, penniless and unable to retain employment.

I’m positive this is a government plan and I can show you how my demise, welcomed by many jealous, actually destroys you too.

Think about it. Why would our government allow the financial institutions to commit heinous crimes against their customer? This would be because they benefit greatly from these crimes.

And, what the government has sanctioned against me costs you money eventually if not already.

Your tax dollars pay for the homeless in one way or another, while our government is creating us on purpose.

This morning on Yahoo an article describes how these foreclosed upon homes cost the taxpayer’s money. It’s your tax dollars paying for lawn care etc. for these empty homes that most likely were taken from the victims unlawfully while “The Fort” benefited from these broken federal laws. They made money.

“The Fort” of course is made up of the government, financial institutions, politician’s government authorities, unethical attorneys, judges; plus lame stream and alternative media. I’d add the churches, care for homeless organizations and most of the literary world too.

They all benefit from the unaddressed federal crimes and the homeless, penniless credit destroyed victims they created, while you the general public don’t. You have another tax bill to pay. What’s more you’ll be next in the homeless, penniless bread line.

By the direction our country is moving today, the only people in the public that will survive are those who are part of the elite posse and those who work for the government.

If you don’t see that Hitler has returned, you’re blind.

If you believe the upcoming election will turn this country around because your candidate wins, you’ve grown still blinder.

If you don’t choose to pay for our pauper graves…too bad you will anyway.

Yet, both Larry and I were contributing members of society, creating beauty; product; employment; taking care of our selves; our homes and our pets. We often gave to charities, which had I known what I know today I would find another way to help the forgotten; charities appear to mostly be another criminal arm leading directly to our corrupt government.

Now because of purposefully unaddressed federal financial crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions, against both Larry and me, our whole family has become homeless, penniless, jobless and wards of the state. What’s worse we’ve lost all our rights as human beings and believe it or not blamed for our situation.

Like sociopaths, this is what your government wants you to believe; they’ve summoned the lame stream and alternative media to cement this lie in your mind. Get you all riled up against the victims they created, on purpose, so to take your minds off the truth.

You’re next if you have anything worth taking!

Then the lame stream media goes further to discuss the poor homeless pets. However they purposely don’t mention why these pets became homeless, such as by financial crimes and unlawful foreclosures that our government authorities are purposely ignoring.

Right about when the media has your sympathy for the pets they slam you with, “And, these borrowers took on loans they couldn’t pay. It’s their entire fault these pets are homeless. They abandoned them!”

But, you see this is another lie more often than not. Most of all the foreclosures have been created by federal crimes committed by the financial institutions and mortgage companies and the robo-signing and lost documents are minuscule crimes compared to what the media is hiding from the public.

The crimes these financial institutions are committing are downright one hundred and fifty year prison sentences to the layperson…like Madoff. Hey, but the financial institutions can commit these same crimes and worse; be a Madoff’s right hand man, and the authorities won’t even lean forward in their seat to look at documents of proof.

The media has been paid not to raise a pen about these atrocities. How do I know? Well I’ve written every lame stream and alternative news outlet there is, at least 200, over the last four years constantly. They ignore me, yet I do have a few obtuse personal letters on my computer, from a few, that would curl the hairs in your nose, as you breath in their lying excuses for not reporting these crimes.

Because of all this unaddressed federal financial crime arrogantly committed against the consumer our precious animals are homeless and often put to death.

There just aren’t words to describe how sick our society truly is.

Then you the public who haven’t been totally slammed yet; live in denial and criticize those of us who are today suffering from these government inspired crimes. You refuse to even take a tiny step towards doing something, anything to challenge what is happening to you too.

A start would be to write articles about your experiences with crimes your financial institution has committed against you, small as they may be today. Submit them to people powered news sites. All your stories matter and lead to more stories such as eighty million dollar embezzlements of  trusts and more unlawful foreclosures; next time it could be your account or home.

And here’s another truth. Should you become homeless and penniless and you happen to have been an heir or heiress, you will not qualify for social security or government assistance of any kind. Unless you’re willing to have yourself proven to be mentally ill, by a government appointed physician, there is no help.

If you have always been your own boss, owned your own business and have lost it all because of federal financial crime there’s no government help for you either, in spite of the fact that state attorney generals claim, in writing, that they have victim funds allotted for victims such as Larry and myself.

Larry and I fit into both these categories, therefore perfect victims for these kinds of federal financial crimes. We don’t even qualify for food stamps or welfare, and if the attorney general refuses to investigate the federal crimes committed against us, then the victim’s fund is available to be spent by the attorney general on power lunches?

But why should we even have to be part of this poverty system? We’re victims of horrendous crime after being huge contributors to society. Why in the world would our government want three more mouths to feed? Well, that would be two…they’d just put poor Bu Bu down.

They don’t…they count on us all dying in the streets.

Meanwhile, the illegal aliens are given food stamps, welfare, medical help and whatever?

What a very sick world we live in and the only way there will be change will be the revolt of the people of the United States of America.

I’ll keep writing until April 13, 2012. My computer goes out late on this day and right now I have no idea how I’ll be able to re-up my time or eat for that matter. There isn't anything I've experienced in life quite like looking towards our slow painful death while those whom have been elected, appointed and paid by our taxes to protect the public from federal financial crime laugh at us.

By: Deborah Breuner

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