God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; I Know This Is Hard To Believe, Yet It's Absolute Truth.

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 11, 2012

Being homeless and penniless in America is not a disease as many choose to see it; it’s not an issue that needs years of analysis to figure out what must be done, as the media wants you to believe? It’s a situation that is more often than not brought on by federal financial crime committed by our national financial institutions and mortgage companies. How do I know this? Well because I’ve seen the crimes being arrogantly committed, first hand, and I’ve seen them continue over and over again as if there were no fear of being caught. And, I was correct. There is no fear because these elite financiers know something the public doesn’t understand yet, they know they’ll never be held accountable by the government authorities the only entities that can investigate, charge and prosecute.

The worst part about this is there is nowhere one can go for help in addressing these crimes. You know, the financial institution never gets investigated for committing the crime that destroyed your life?

Yet, ever since you’ve been paying your taxes you’ve paid a certain percentage towards federal, which pays for the government authorities to regulate financial institutions. Unfortunately way to late you’ve found that though your tax money has indeed been paid for this service…you’re not getting what you paid for, because no one is going to investigate the horrendous crime committed against you.

You have to suck it up, with your credit criminally destroyed and your employment opportunities gone; figure out what you can do to go on? There really isn’t any way to do much but just survive… and, what for?

Life becomes not worth living. Why would it be when everything that must be done has become an albatross and to make matters worse you’re treated like a leper with Aids and a criminal to boot.

What use to take a few minutes to accomplish can now take a whole day to get done? Not to mention you exist in the land of no choices. You’ll be thrown around like a top; one month you’ll sleep in your truck, eventually you might luck out and get a tent where your cell phone doesn’t work unless you walk a mile down the road. You’re constantly at risk of losing your truck because you can’t afford to register it. If the cops find out you’ll go to jail; the truck impounded.

If you have young children you’re at risk of losing them because you can’t care for their needs properly. You’ll lose your precious dogs for the same reason and be looked upon as if you’re an abandoning abuser.

For over a decade you’ll balance your life between, selling your belongings for pennies on the dollar; looking for a place to live when you don’t qualify to rent;(destroyed credit creates this problem); figuring out how to get enough money together to pay for the essentials, which is impossible in this situation; writing the government authorities about the crimes committed against you, which they continue to ignore with form letters; and applying for employment of any kind while never getting even a call back.

Why such destitution? Well because if you happen to have been an heiress, who has paid over the years hundreds and thousands of dollars in taxes, you don’t qualify for any government assistance of any kind. If you owned your own business and it failed because of the crimes committed against you, this destroys any opportunity for government help as well.

Government help only comes if someone else has employed you.

The only way you can get government help, otherwise, is to have yourself considered mentally ill and examined by a government appointed physician who will attest to this, even if it’s not true?

And, your job opportunities get worse every year as you turn sixty-three years old. Plus you have no family.

You could try going to the churches and homeless organizations for help? You’ll be shocked to your soul to find they won’t help you at all. Why, well probably because they make money off the donations they call for in the name of God and the homeless, then spend it either on them selves or the next candidate they want in office?

Of course, I can only assume this is true since every church or homeless organization I’ve had contact with ignores my cry for help?

Again, the government authorities should be regulating this and we assume they are amidst all the new laws that protect nothing; reverting our attention towards ridiculous issues.

I’m confident they aren’t. If they don’t regulate the banks from committing out in out federal crimes against the consumer, why would they regulate the churches and homeless organizations? And, God knows what else we’re told is regulated and it’s not.

I mean we’ve already been informed, a few years ago, that the SEC employees were watching porn all day while on the job. Do you think this behavior might be a growing problem in all the government job descriptions? Why? because their union won't allow them to get fired so there's no reason to do their jobs.

Of course, again our tax dollars pay for government protection, yet we get none? I mean one can’t even call this apathy a mistake? It’s unethical, immoral and full of lack of integrity, not to mention corrupt.

Americans should be honoring the homeless, jobless and penniless public for their tenacity to survive and flourish amidst pure evil and corruption. They’re paving the way to what the public can expect in their future. We should be walking beside these victims in support any way we can, not walk over them like they’re God’s mistake. Not to mention what these suffering souls can teach us, is invaluable, in case you become the same way, or better yet, in case you’re enraged enough to want to be instrumental in doing something about all this government corruption.

When all your options are gone as a homeless, jobless and penniless weight on society, (as you’re thought of, yet you’ve managed to care for yourself so far) created by government corruption you can write all the lame stream and alternative news organizations there are with your story that will help millions of others in America.

Shockingly you’ll be completely ignored again. What’s still worse there are people powered news organizations that are now refusing to print certain articles of truth.

Woe, you should be very scared. But, we can do something about it all if we gather in numbers. This is a fact.

What I’m talking about here is domestic terrorism. Problems that will destroy families much faster than any other issue the candidates discuss. It will destroy people faster than foreign terrorism, although it’s done manipulatively and in silence so the next victim has no clue until they’re destroyed like mafia has attacked them.

Unfortunately the media won’t be warning you. And, they haven’t been for at least a century from my personal experience.

By: Deborah Breuner


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