God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

America's Denial Won't Work

April 9, 2012

I am very well aware that no one wants to face what Larry and I have dealt with for over eleven years.  I believe this is because of denial, which is a natural defense our brain takes, until we’re thrown into the truth. At this point we can continue in denial, which eventually causes personality and mental disorders, or we can finally face this head-on and be part of the efforts it takes to start the ball rolling towards change.

What I’ve personally seen is that most Americans want nothing to do with Larry and my issues in spite of the fact what has destroyed our lives is destroying theirs right now. Oh it may only be in small ways, such as being  “feed” to death by your financial institution or other illegal irritants, committed by the powerful, that you know are against the law but you only lost such and such and you’ll get over it. “Life must go on,” you say to yourselves.

You positive thinkers actually believe if you keep up all those good energy vibes that all will be well, and it will. Wrong again unless you’re actively doing something towards change. It used to be called fortitude.

This character trait was once honored in society. Today it’s called being a “whiner,” usually by the believers of  “The Secret” some of the permanently scared Americans who think, “believe and it will come true.” I use to believe this too, and in many ways it is true, but not when comes to addressing the crimes our government is committing against us by ignoring what the financial institutions are doing.

This is because the public remains in denial.

And, it is true; there are so many battles in life we must pick very carefully which ones to address. I’d say the financial institutions embezzling funds from the consumer and criminally foreclosing on our homes is a big one, wouldn’t you say? Adding to this our tax paid government authorities are purposely ignoring these crimes, while the media is purposely mute.

Without this issue dealt with none of the others matter.

Most of the comments I receive on my articles are well meaning, yet there’s always an ass that seems to emulate what they think our government is doing for them. In fact they’re so righteous about it all, and of course have no experience, but hell they know our votes count and their going to vote for, whomever.

Sorry Bucko; need to start thinking corruption, mob, mafia, Hitler and death in the streets of the United States of America along with your children and grandchildren. Being a liberal or a conservative is not the issue anymore, because all the politicians are in on hiding the financial crimes.

But, I’ll keep writing and sharing; warning you until my computer goes out.

We’ve heard, “Well that couldn’t possibly be true; no one can steal assets out of a trust account.” Here’s another one, “It’s against the law for the banks to withhold your accounts statements.” Two of my favorites, “You should call an attorney and the local news.” Wait here’s one more, “Do you have proof?”

The answer to these questions and statements is a resounding, “Yes.” Besides this, if my eyes could tell the story on what they’ve seen it would shock your little trust-my-bank-it-must-be-yours soul.

The biggest all-time problem is the lame stream and alternative media will not report these horrendous crimes that are going to destroy your life because you weren’t warned. Not to mention the media is actually helping the financial institutions continue their crimes against the consumer, by not exposing this.

Gee, I wonder why they’d be willing to hide such important news?

Maybe they get lots of muslin bags full of money on their doorsteps…often.

But, this is your lucky day. I’m warning you; willing to devote my life to exposing this and many of you aren’t listening.

Would this be because the message is coming from an experienced layperson instead of a so-called-professional? Yeah, the powers that be count on your ignoring all this because you haven’t heard it on the nightly news…this is why they ignore stories like mine. If they aren’t reporting it then it must not be true?

Sorry again. Our government has become so corrupt, while the lame stream and alternative media has been bought off.

The only way the truths will be told are by the victims of these outrageous asset heists committed by financial institutions we all bank with everyday.

I even understand your denial; when our most sustaining life force is being shaken; actually stolen from us, it’s very difficult to admit that no matter what we do, we’re going to be financially murdered. Ultimately by the media because they refuse to warn the public about these elite criminals so they’re going to repeat their crimes.

Stop; face it and actively do something to help yourself and your brothers and sisters of our country. We’re all in this together.

I’ve broken through much of this with both personal experience and action to expose. Do you have a story to share concerning financial crime?

It seems Ruth Hulls of Orange County, California who does have a law license and experienced much of what I’ve seen, wants to go to Washington DC in force including as many people as possible.

Want to be included in this history changing pilgrimage and save your own lives at the same time?

Contact Ruth Hull through her articles at OpEdNews.com

By: Deborah Breuner

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