God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have to say the article below has been my inspiration to also write a letter to you. I’ve actually thought about it before, but I’ve been really busy just surviving after what you and your father/stepfather, stepmother, a number of financial institutions and our family attorney did to me. No this is not about an ugly divorce, which I believe you rest your laurels upon? This is about you standing by and watching your own father/stepfather and the rest of the criminals STEAL from me, and try to murder me to cover it up, while doing nothing about it! And just for the record you weren’t just three years old when this occurred, you were married, Alison and Lexi, while you Kelly were in college.

I’ll get right to the point here; you disgust me! I didn’t raise you with all the love & attention I gave you just to see you turn out to be money hungry little whores, but it’s exactly what you have chosen to emulate. You’re not only emulating the greedy people in your lives, but the criminal financial institutions and our USA Government too! So it’s not your fault, right? Wrong!

Definition of a MONEY WHORE: Someone who will watch their own mother die of starvation and exposure for the love of money. Or lets put it this way, a government and it’s leaders who because of greed will destroy her people!

You Alison and Lexi were there with me when my parents died and knew I’d inherited multiple millions of dollars in 1967. I know you were very young, but children feel and see stuff. You saw how money hungry men in my life, my sisters and some of my childhood jealous friends treated me. You grew up knowing why these people I loved treated me so badly; it was about the money and their jealousy, when in fact all our family members had inherited money from my parents, as well, including you! I guess it just wasn’t enough! We spent years, based on your ability to understand, in Mother daughter chats, on snowy Michigan winter days, in our pajamas, while eating breakfast, discussing these family dynamics revolving around jealousy!

No one in life will ever love you as I did or will spend the time loving you as I have. I will always love you; but my disgust of your actions overpowers this, unfortunately!

All I can say to you is I see you have instead of learning from me chosen to learn from the two men in our lives, I actually married, who were nothing more than jealous of what I owned and you too for that matter; pretending to love us in order to get to the money! They were and are money whores and criminals, just like our USA Government, legal world, authorities and media, so you’re in good company. Apparently you have decided to become like our criminal American leaders and financial institutions, (who were instrumental in helping your father/stepfather, stepmother, my three wicked sisters and JUSTICE ANTHONY M. KENNEDY embezzle, extort and launder my trust protected funds) instead of fighting all the crimes that are destroying this country. The federal crimes that threaten to destroy me; only I will overcome and you, I’m afraid, won’t be part of this:>(

I wonder, now that it’s been over 16 years since you’ve spoken one word to me that wasn’t toxic, if at all, how you feel about your decision? Has it been worth it? What’s it like to violently turn your back on someone you love and who loves you for the almighty dollar? Yes I did stop allowing your abuse about twelve years ago. I stopped allowing you to treat me as you’d chosen to treat me, which was to abuse me, emotionally, so severally that I would stop talking to you! Very clever and a sociopath’s trick to push their victims away so, you the perpetrator, won’t have to visit your guilt.

Don't you know that anyone who stands by and watches violent crime take place, while doing nothing about it, is as guilty as if they committed the crimes themselves? I tell you, I sure wouldn't want the Karma you have created for yourselves.

I know what unfounded guilt feels like; I don’t, however, know what true “good reason to feel guilty” feels like. Enjoy!

And, please let this article be, my proclamation of love for my six beautiful grandchildren, (perhaps more by now) whom you know in your hearts, are missing a wonderful, loving grandmother because of your greedy choices. When they are old enough to understand the dynamics here I pray they will choose to be more like me; choose to admire qualities such as integrity, honesty, ethics and morals. Love their family, because love and a loving family is all we have on this earth, as well, as love of our country and the willingness to be part of demanding government transparency with lack of corruption. You know the drill! It's about all the qualities I spent teaching you, and being an example of, during our thirty plus years together!


This, below, my dear daughters is what I tried to instill in you by example, with my commitment; attention and love for you; that is what the song's message relays; I failed obviously; perhaps there is still hope of you seeing the true values in life?


God help you! I’ll continue to pray for this daily!

By: Deborah Breuner

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