God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

HOW TO EARN $350,000.00 A YEAR

By now I’d assume most of my loyal followers here on the blog know there is no justice for outrageous federal crimes committed by the financial institutions in this country; against individuals, their properties, trusts or stock accounts. The USA Government sanctions these crimes and refuses to investigate the criminals; this is a fact.

The good news about this is that those of us (victims) who know this truth about financial institutions are way ahead of the rest of society. If we get a second chance to use our creativity and talent we’ll know how to care for the funds. We are privy to the unaddressed federal crimes and therefore can prevent the re-occurrence in our own lives. We can advise others too, on how to protect their assets and finances, if people are listening. I guess you could call this “The silver lining to the black cloud.”

Yes, these federal crimes must be prevented because as it stands today, there is absolutely no recourse if a financial institution embezzles, extorts or launders your money out of any of your accounts or unlawfully forecloses on your property. A good attorney will merely protect the bank against his/her own client!

Well we have found our second chance; a start-up business where the person who merely directs us to a viable private investor can earn $350,000.00 a year, after the first year we’re in business; the number of years this will continue will be decided later. This person doesn’t even have to pitch the idea; just connect us to the viable private investor; we’ll do the pitching.

They are allowed to drop the fact that these recipes have seen the mouths and stomachs of the likes of Bill Ford, (president of Ford Motor Company) Ronald Reagan and a number of others we’d all recognize. They loved the food:>)

We have done the prospectus and financials for BODACIOUS ????????s and the numbers work. If you’re making $350,000.00 a year can you imagine what this business can generate? And, the business will not only be helping us but we have vowed, after what we have seen and experienced, to help others too. For one we are hiring veterans.

Think of our new venture as the McDonald's of the 21st Century; earning as much if not more; franchising as far and wide, yet implementing all the improvements society has demanded along the way. Just a few of these would be; healthier food; more gourmet; less overhead; very entertaining and finally a safe place to invest your hard earned money.

Yes we’re a cross between a McDonald's and an elegant dining establishment; we’re the new Mobile Gourmet Theme Restaurant that owns their own land and offers forty-year old time proven recipes & entertainment.

If you have a serious investor interest, or the ability to find an investor, for our venture and want to review our prospectus and financials please email; debbiebreuner@yahoo.com or larrywaynesam@yahoo.com

Deborah Breuner

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